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Black Bullies from High School Fuck My Wife

I suck two black bullies' cocks in high school, and they fuck my wife and cuckold me later in life.
Most of us have probably had experiences in our younger years that we would just as soon forget. I had some experiences like that in my junior and senior years in high school, and they were all but forgotten until chance reared its ugly head.

My name is Walter, and I’m a pretty average 62 year old married, white man at 6’ tall, 185 pounds, with grey hair and beard, and hazel eyes. But I started out as a skinny kid who had a hard time defending himself. My wife Sheila is a 60 year old white woman who is 5’6” tall with brown hair and blue eyes. She weighs about 160 pounds and has nice, full 38C breasts, and is full around the waist, with a big, soft ass.

Sheila carries her weight very well, is not sloppy, and I consider her to be very voluptuous and beautiful. She has an attractive, sexy look about her, and men stare at her whenever we’re out in public, even though she doesn’t normally dress provocatively. She was a virgin when we married 38 years ago, and as far as I know she had never been with another man. Later in our marriage, when we were having sex, we sometimes fantasized about her fucking other men, but we never acted on it.

This story begins when I had just turned 16 years old and was going into my junior year in high school. My father was in the Army and we moved every two to three years, and this time we moved to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We rented a house in a suburb of Fayetteville, and I was all set to start my classes at the public high school at the beginning of the school year.

Our neighborhood was mixed with about half whites and half blacks, and it was just my luck to live fairly close to two black brothers named Randall and Jerome. Randall was 17 years old and had been held back one year, so he and his 16 year old brother Jerome were also going into their junior year. These boys were tall and muscular, and it didn’t take long for the other kids in the neighborhood to warn me about them. They apparently liked to bully weaker, white kids who couldn’t stand up to their strength and aggressiveness.

I was used to being picked on in all of my other schools because of my size, so I thought I’d be able to handle them okay. It was usually just a matter of finding out what it was that a bully really wanted, and then trying to appease them as best I could. A lot of times just being friendly and showing a little respect to bullies was enough to stroke their egos and get them to leave me alone. In other cases I would help them with their homework since I was pretty smart and made good grades.

Since we moved in just a few days before school started, I had not had the misfortune of being confronted by the brothers yet. But on the first day of school at the bus stop, they identified me as the new kid to abuse. They sat behind me on the bus and taunted me all the way to school, and when we stepped off the bus they pushed me to the ground and threw my notebooks all over the ground. That didn’t seem too bad based on what other bullies had done to me in the past, but on the way home things got worse. We got off the bus at the end of my street, and while the other kids headed home, Randall and Jerome held me there.

Randall looked at me and said, “What the fuck you doin’ living in our neighborhood white boy? Don’t you know you have to ask our permission to be on these streets? If you ask us real nice like, we might not kick your scrawny ass for you.”

I decided to play their game, and thought for a minute before I replied, “Please guys, give me a break. I’m asking now for your permission to…”

That’s when Jerome slapped my face and pushed me to the ground saying, “You need to speak up faster than that white boy. Now get your skinny ass up and run home before we really give you a beating.”

The next day and for the rest of the week those boys kicked my ass either before or after school, and sometimes both. None of the other kids would help since they didn’t want to be a target either. They weren’t doing anything to leave obvious marks on my face or body, but it was still painful. I really couldn’t figure out what was motivating them or what would make them stop. So on Friday afternoon after I picked myself up off the ground I said, “Come on guys, there has to be some way I can get you to quit kicking my ass every day. Would you at least meet me on the corner tomorrow at noon so we can talk about it?”

Randall looked at me menacingly and said, “Okay boy, but you better be on time or we’ll come drag your ass out of your house.”

I was very nervous going to meet those boys that way, but I had to try to find a solution to this problem. I got to the corner a few minutes early, and they soon showed up. Randall looked at me and said, “It’s a good thing you were here early boy. Now follow us to our house where we have a good place to talk.”

It was only a five minute walk to their home, and we went in through the garage and out into the back yard. They had an old shed that must have been previously been used for garden tools and storage, and the boys had converted it into a kind of clubhouse getaway where they hung out with their friends. There was an old couch, a couple of chairs, a table, and even a small refrigerator. We went in and closed the door, and Randall said, “Okay boy, you wanted to talk to us. So what do you have to say?”

I gathered my thoughts for a moment and then said, “You have been roughing me up and tearing up my books and note books every day since I met you. I don’t know what you have against me, but maybe there is something I could do for you to show that I’d like us to be friends. But if it’s just because I’m white, then I can’t do anything about that.”

Jerome laughed and said, “You wimpy little white boys do piss us off. But just what the fuck do you think you could do for us that we would want?”

I replied, “I do pretty well in school, and I’d be willing to help you with your homework and even write your papers and do your projects for you. I think that would be helpful to you.”

Randall must have been extra sensitive about being held back a year. He glared at me and said, “Fuck you boy. Do you think we’re stupid or something? We don’t give a shit about school anyway, and don’t want your help.”

Then Jerome smiled at Randall and looked back at me saying, “If you want to know what would help me, you can give me your lunch money and suck my big cock for me. I’d like to have a pretty little white boy like you wrap his lips around my dick.”

Randall started laughing when he heard that, and I got the feeling that Jerome was just throwing the cock sucking thing out there to be funny. I had never even thought about doing something like that, but surprisingly, the idea wasn’t altogether disgusting to me. I had heard that black boys had big cocks, and I figured that Jerome was just trying show off for his older brother.

I didn’t usually have much lunch money, and I didn’t want to risk pissing them off by flat out rejecting his cock sucking comment, so I said, “Sorry guys, but I never have much money, and I’ve never sucked a dick. There must be something else I can do for you.”

Randall must have seen some potential in my lack of an outright refusal to suck Jeromes’s cock as an opportunity and he said, “Not so fast Wally Boy. Just because you’ve never tried sucking a dick, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like it. Some of my friends tell me that there are a lot of white boys like you who just love sucking big, black cocks and swallowing the cum. Why don’t you at least give it a try?”

I knew that I could flatly refuse to suck them and it would be over, but from the way he described white boys liking to suck black cocks, it was a little intriguing to me. Even though it was embarrassing to me to think of myself as a cock sucker, I suddenly had a desire to try it. And besides, that was at least something they wanted that I could probably do. I didn’t want to appear too eager, so I said, “Well, I guess I can try it if you really want me to, but I’ll stop if I don’t like it.”

This now wasn’t about being bullied or forced to do anything. I wanted to try sucking them, and just thinking about it was making my dick hard. Randall sat back on the couch and spread his legs and said, “Come on over here and take it out for me and we’ll see what you can do.”

I got on my knees in front of him and unfastened his belt buckle and button. My hands were shaking when I pulled down his zipper, and opened his pants wide exposing his tight, white underwear. The big lumps of his cock and balls were clearly visible, and his soft cock looked huge to me. My dick is a respectable five and one half inches long when it’s fully hard, but his was still soft and already looked longer and thicker than mine.

Randall lifted up his ass slightly as I gripped his pants and underwear and pulled them down below his knees. Then I got my first look and smell of his genitals. His cock was still soft and about six inches long and as thick as a toilet paper tube (about five and one half inches in circumference) lying on his thigh. I had never seen an uncircumcised cock close up before, and I was fascinated with the foreskin that covered the tip of his big cock head. And his odor was strong and musky, but somehow very desirable to me. His balls were also big and hairy, and hung down over the edge of the couch.

He was getting impatient and said, “Go on and suck it white boy, don’t just stare at it.”

I lifted his cock to my mouth with one hand, while I fondled his testicles with the other. That first taste of his wet cock head and foreskin was wonderful, and as soon as he felt the warmth and wetness of my sucking mouth, his cock started to harden. It was so arousing feeling his cock expanding in my mouth as I started sucking him and moving up and down on his shaft. The thick foreskin was sliding back and forth, and I was trying to focus on doing a good job on the first cock I had ever sucked.

After just a few minutes sucking his cock that way, he held my head with his hands and started thrusting rapidly into and out of my mouth. His cock felt like it was almost nine inches long and probably six and one half inches in circumference, and I was hard just from sucking him. He then slowed his thrusting to long, slow strokes, and held still as his cock started throbbing, pulsing, and shooting his big load of cum into my mouth. He held my head tightly and immobile as I continued sucking him and he moaned, “Aahhhh fuck, keep sucking boy, and swallow every drop of my precious nut.

I was still licking and swallowing down the remnants of his tasty cum as his dick softened, and then he said, “Damn, you did a good job on me white boy. My girlfriend doesn’t suck me that good or swallow it all. If this was really your first time, then you are a natural-born cock sucker. Now get down there and clean up my nuts for me.”

Randall pushed me off of his cock and farther down until I took his scrotum into my mouth. His balls were so big that I could only suck one at a time, but I enjoyed sucking his hairy, black and soft nut sack as his balls shifted and moved around. I sucked his balls for quite a while until Jerome said, “That’s enough of that for now boy. Come get a taste of my cock. I’ve got another big load of black-boy cum for you to eat.”

Jerome sat down next to Randall and already had his pants and underwear down, and I sucked him without hesitation. His cock and balls were about the same size as his brother’s, and he was also uncircumcised. I sucked his cock to completion and then sucked his balls, and by the time I finished sucking both of them an hour and one half had passed.

I still don’t understand to this day why I enjoyed sucking those boys so much. Maybe it’s because that was my first sexual experience, other than masturbating. Or maybe it was because their cocks and balls were so big and my smaller dick was inferior. But whatever it was I knew that I had found a way to appease the brothers and arouse myself sexually, all at the same time. And as much as I liked the taste, texture and smell of their cocks and balls, I liked eating their big loads of semen and sperm even more.

We talked for a few minutes and agreed that I would suck their cocks whenever they wanted me to, and they would not only leave me alone, but would also protect me from other bullies. I ended up sucking those boys almost every day, and sometimes twice. They even invited a few of their friends to fuck my face, and started taking pictures of me sucking them.

All of the boys wanted their balls sucked too, and I became accustomed to them fucking my mouth in a variety of positions, including sitting on my face feeding me their balls and asses. Some of the boys even made me take off my pants and show them my smaller dick, so they could laugh at me and humiliate me. They even took some pictures with my dick right next to their cocks to show the contrast in size. The funny thing is, I can still remember how much I enjoyed being sexually submissive to those bigger and stronger boys.

I continued sucking all of those black cocks until my graduation from high school, when my father was transferred to Fort Bliss. I went away to a college in Georgia, and it was hard to quit sucking cocks cold turkey, mainly because I enjoyed eating the cum. I found a few black boys in my dorm to suck, but by my junior year in college I had stopped completely and was dating girls. It took me that long for my body to finally mature physically and I then had a strong interest in girls.

After college I got a good job with a defense contractor and met my wife-to-be Sheila. Since then we raised a boy and girl, and when I was 60 years old my company transferred me to Fayetteville to be an instructor at Fort Bragg on some special weapons systems. We bought a small, older home in a mostly-white suburb of Fayetteville, with the intention of fixing it up slowly.

After such a long hiatus from there and not having sucked any cocks in over 40 years, I wasn’t even thinking about those experiences in high school with Randall, Jerome, and the other black boys.

We completed most of the remodeling over a two year period, and by the time I was 62 everything had been completed except for new carpet. Shelia was handling most of the contractors since she wasn’t working at the time, so she selected the carpet and made arrangements with a subcontractor for the installation. The crew was already gone when I got home the first day of the installation, and I saw that they did a nice job. They would be coming back the next day to finish the downstairs.

When I got home from work the next day, the contractor’s truck was still in the driveway. The name of the company was simply Brothers Carpet Installation, and they had a big, script logo on the side of the truck that read BCI. When I walked in the front door there were two, tall black men about my age sitting on the couch with Sheila, and they looked vaguely familiar to me.

Shelia looked up at me and said, “I’m so glad you’re home honey. These men installed our carpet, and after seeing the pictures in our home yesterday, they thought that they knew you years ago in high school here in Fayetteville. You might not remember them, but this is Randall and Jerome, and they are the brothers who own this carpet business. We’ve been having a nice chat, and they said they had some pictures they’d like to share with us when you got home.”

I stood there speechless for a minute, as the memories from high school came rushing to current awareness. I had sucked these guy’s cocks, and now they were here to show us who knows what kind of pictures. For the moment I didn’t remember them taking pictures of me sucking their cocks, so I finally regained my composure and said, “Sure, sure, Randall and Jerome. I did go to high school with them all those years ago. You guys did a great job on our carpet, and it looks like you’ve built a good business for yourselves.”

Then Randall said, “Yeah, yeah Wally, it’s good to see you again after all these years. We sure had a lot of fun back then, didn’t we? After we met your beautiful wife and saw those photos of you on the walls, we thought you both might like to see some old pictures we saved from high school. Come on over and sit next to Sheila while I get them out.”

It seemed pretty aggressive of him to tell me to sit next to my wife on my own couch, and it reminded me of how dominating all of those black boys had been when I was sucking their cocks and balls, and how I enjoyed being used by them and swallowing their thick and delicious cum loads. Even though I was not a skinny little kid anymore, they were still tall, muscular and imposing, no doubt from all of their years installing carpet. They had grey hair and were a little over weight, which was no surprise since we were now all in our 60s.

Jerome and Randall were sitting on either side of Sheila, and Jerome scooted over so I could sit next to her. Randall reached into his tool bag and brought out a thick, old, stained and crinkled manila envelope, and pulled out a stack of pictures. My heart sank when I saw that the photo on top was of me on my knees sucking Randall’s cock. That’s when I suspected that Randall and Jerome weren’t here to just talk about old times.

Sheila had a bewildered look on her face when she saw that photo, and at first couldn’t make out what it was. Then she sat up tall and looked shocked when she realized that it was a photo of me sucking a big, black cock. That’s when Randall spoke up saying, “Sheila, we thought you might enjoy seeing what Walt did for us in high school. He became obsessed with sucking our cocks and swallowing our cum, and we are hoping that you might find it arousing. From the moment we met you yesterday, we felt like you might be the type of woman who would enjoy what we have to offer. You are voluptuous, full-figured and beautiful, and we like our women that way, especially white women.”

I started babbling and trying to explain, but Sheila cut me off saying, “Damn Walter, in all of our years of marriage, you never told me about this. And even with all the times we fantasized about other men, you never even suggested a scenario where black men were fucking me.”

Then I got a chance to speak and said, “I’m sorry honey, but that was over 40 years ago, and by the time I met you this was all an old, faded memory. That was something that just sort of happened that I hadn’t planned on doing, and I grew out of it long before the end of college.”

Randall continued flipping the photos, and Sheila looked with interest at me sucking so many different black cocks and big hanging balls. She seemed especially intrigued seeing those black boys sitting on my face while I sucked their asses and balls. Then she said, “Did you always suck those boys bare? I haven’t seen any condoms in these pictures, and no smears or globs of cum anywhere. Damn Walt, Randall was right. You really were swallowing all of their semen.”

My face felt like it turned red with embarrassment as I admitted, “Sheila, I have to admit that at the time I did enjoy the taste and feel of their cum. But that was so long ago, and I haven’t done anything like that since.”

Sheila laughed and said, “No so fast Walt. You have eaten your own cum from me plenty of times during our fantasies. I always wondered why you had a taste for that slimy stuff.”

Randall kept flipping the photos and soon came across a few of them that showed the black boys comparing their cock sizes with mine. Sheila looked closely at those and said, “It was hard to see just how big those cocks were with them in your mouth, but these pictures really tell the story. My goodness honey, those black cocks are almost twice as long and thick as yours. And I’ve never seen foreskins before. No wonder you enjoyed sucking them so much.”

That must have been the moment Randall was waiting for; having Sheila make a positive comment about me sucking them. So he turned to look at Sheila, while ignoring me and said, “If you want Sheila, we can let you see our big cocks in the flesh and even watch Walt sucking them for us. I’m sure that he wouldn’t mind showing you his excellent cock sucking skills.”

Sheila giggled and said, “Sure, why not. Come on Walt, show me how you took care of these men’s cocks.”

It was so degrading having my wife tell me to suck these men’s cocks. But somehow that humiliation was stirring old feelings of how I enjoyed being obedient to the black boys back in high school. Randall must have seen those submissive feelings expressed on my face, and he stood up to unfasten and drop his work pants. Then he sat back down with his big cock and balls bulging in his underwear, as Shelia looked on with her mouth hanging open.

I felt like a teenager again as I got up and then moved to my knees in front of him. When I pulled his underwear down to free his cock, his soft meat looked even bigger to me than in high school, and his thick, kinky pubic hair was now almost totally grey. His strong, mucky aroma was enhanced from working all day in the heat, and I leaned down to take his oozing cock into my mouth. He hardened almost immediately, and I was impressed that he could get so hard so quickly at his age.

Shelia was watching us intently as I sucked his big cock and more and more of it pushed into my mouth. I kept going down on him until his pubic hairs were tickling my nose. Sheila was squirming on the couch and said, “Fuck baby, look at the size of that black cock, and you have swallowed the whole damn thing. I bet Jerome can hardly wait for his turn.”

I was busy sucking Randall when Jerome said, “Sheila, I wouldn’t have to wait for Walt if you wanted to take care of me.”

Sheila must have nodded a positive response because the next thing I saw was Jerome standing up to take off his pants. And then out of the corner of my eye I saw Sheila leaning over his lap and moving down towards his cock. She tentatively tasted his damp foreskin with her tongue, and then sucked the big cock head and foreskin into her mouth. She had never shown much interest in sucking my cock, so I knew that the size, blackness, and wetness of the foreskin had turned her on.

Her mouth was stretched to the limit on Jerome’s cock, and she was now actively sucking him. At the same time, he rubbed the side of her breasts before moving his hands down her back to her ass. She was wearing a skirt, and he was kneading and rubbing her ass and leaned over a little to press his hand between her cheeks. I knew when he reached her pussy when she started sucking harder and squirming as he finger-fucked her cunt.

I was so aroused at sucking Randall again and seeing my wife being used by Jerome that I wanted to watch these men fuck her. Sheila was humping back hard against Jerome’s hand, and in the heat of this new and wildly erotic experience she had an orgasm. I didn’t know what was happening when she stood up until she started removing her clothes and said, “I’m sorry Walt, but I just have to feel this big cock in my pussy. Be a good boy and keep sucking Randall’s cock, while I enjoy a real man’s cock fucking me.”

Sheila stripped totally naked and I was so proud of her curvaceous body. Her big breasts were swaying in front of her as she straddled Jerome’s lap and lowered herself towards his rock-hard cock. I stopped sucking Randall for a minute to watch while she slowly lowered her vulva onto his big cock, as he leaned in suck her tits. I watched inch after inch of his black meat disappear into her as she moaned, “Fuck honey, his cock is so thick that it hurts and feels so good, all at the same time. How could you have kept these thick, black cocks a secret from me for all these years?”

I started sucking Randall again as Sheila fucked Jerome, and it only took him a couple of more minutes to shoot a huge load of cum into my mouth. I was surprised that he could still produce so much semen and sperm, and the taste and texture of it was just as I remembered. After his ejaculation I leisurely sucked his balls as we watched my wife fucking his brother.

Sheila was having orgasm after orgasm as she impaled herself again and again on his big cock, and he finally pushed one last time and held her in place as he unloaded his cum into her cunt. He was still breathing hard when he said, “Fuck, what a nice, tight piece of white pussy. Walt’s dick must never have been this satisfying to you. Your vagina was like a vise on my cock. Now Walt, get over here and clean up your wife’s pussy for us, like a good boy.”

She swiveled off his cock and onto the couch, and I moved between her legs. The hair on her labia was matted with his cum, and more was running out of her pussy. I covered her pussy with my mouth and sucked and swallowed the big load of semen that Jerome had pumped into her. When I looked up, with my mouth on her cunt sucking out the cum of another man, I could tell from the expression on her face that she would never see me the same way again. In the span of a half hour I had gone from being the only man to ever fuck her, to being her cuckold with these big-cocked black men.

After I cleaned her pussy I sucked Jerome’s cock clean, and that was just the beginning of our evening. We got some refreshments from the kitchen and went to our bedroom, where the fuck fest continued. We relaxed for a half hour or so until Randall was ready for his turn at Sheila’s pussy, and I sucked Jerome’s cock while they fucked.

They stayed there for another two hours as we fucked and sucked those men, and by the end they had both cum four times. I just loved watching their huge cocks fucking into my wife, and the contrast of their black cocks and balls and her lily-white cunt was amazing. Her inner labia would pull out of her on those strokes, and it was amazing that she could even handle those big cocks.

It was impressive that men that age had such strong libidos, and after the last ejaculations, and me cleaning them up, we rested on the bed and talked. I asked, “After all these years, what made you guys think that you’d be able to seduce Sheila with those pictures and get me to suck you again?”

Randall laughed and said, “After our experiences with you in high school, we realized just how obsessed some white people are with black men and their cocks. Then when we started our carpet installation business, we found that we were often in homes during the daytime when the wives were home, but the husbands were at work. You might be surprised at how many of those white wives wanted some black cock, and how many husbands wanted us to fuck their wives. Some of the white couples we fuck are so horny for it, that we have introduced them to some of our friends to fuck them too. Walt knows some of them from the old days sucking their cocks in the shed.”

Sheila smiled and asked, “So you two have been fucking white wives the whole time you’ve been in business?”

Randall responded, “Not exactly just fucking white wives. We thought it was too risky to just fuck cheating, white wives. We wanted to make sure that the husbands were involved since that would lower the risk for us. It would be a major problem if black men like us were caught fucking white wives, unless their husbands were involved. So when we realized that Walt was back and had a gorgeous wife like you, we thought we had a good chance to fuck your pussy and his mouth again.”

Then Sheila asked, “So do all of the husbands suck your cocks and enjoy it like Walt seems to?”

Jerome replied this time and said, “We really enjoy it when a husband is being submissive to us in front of his wife. Just like today. Here we are in your home, and Walt has gladly surrendered your pussy to us. And there he was on his knees and in your marriage bed, sucking our potent black cum from your cunt. Walt is a good example of all of the other husbands, but he seems to enjoy being humiliated more than most men. We could probably get him to wear panties and bras while he sucks us if we wanted to.”

Sheila seemed to be more than a little interested in the whole humiliation dynamic, so she asked, “Well what makes a man like Walt be this way? He was always a normal, macho man until you two showed up.”

Randall replied, “I’ll be fucked if I know. But some men seem more comfortable in a dominant role, while others like Walt enjoy being submissive. I can never understand how a white man with any self respect could give his wife up to other men to fuck and inseminate, and especially black men in the South. But I’m grateful that some of them are like that.”

Then Shelia asked, “But what about your wives? Do they know what you are doing?”

Randall continued saying, “Fuck no, our wives have no idea about this, and they don’t want much dick anyway. We have grown kids, but we have fucked much more white pussy over the years than black. And we have these wimpy-ass white husbands to thank for that. It might just be that they like seeing our big, black cocks fucking their pretty wives, knowing that their little, white dicks could never satisfy them like ours.”

Following that first night, Randall and Jerome came to our home at least twice a week to fuck Sheila and my mouth. I even went out to lunch to meet them on some of their job sites when the owners weren’t home and they wanted a load of cum sucked out. Sheila also started fucking some of the other men that I had sucked as boys. And I was happy to be involved in my role as her cuckold husband, and human douche bag.

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