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Bob Comes for a Stay at Jack and Sally's Part 1

Bob visits Jack and Sally and sleeps with Sally, but Jack sleeps in the guest bedroom.
As he drove south on Interstate 24, Bob was whistling a happy tune. He could not help but be excited. And hard. He was on the outskirts of the city, and another 30 minutes he would be pulling into Sally and Jack’s drive. Tonight, he would be sleeping with Jack’s wife.

It was only 30 minutes flying time, but adding in the hour or so for check-in at the airport, and the time it took to get from the airport to Sally and Jack’s, well, he did not mind the not quite four hour drive from his house to theirs. He wanted to drive down because he was hoping he could talk Jack into letting Sally come back with him to his place for another week or so when his stay at their place was over. Jack had let Sally go to the nude resort with him a couple months ago. That was a good time, he thought. She was a good time.

Bob was glad he had asked Sally to go with him on that trip. She and Jack were empty nesters, but Sally worked out at the gym and had maintained the bloom of her youth. She was a bubbly blond, fun to be with, with a great figure. At 5’7”, she couldn’t weigh more than 120, and Bob knew from experience that she looked great naked. She reminded him of Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut or maybe Helen Hunt in The Sessions. The difference of course was the difference between cinema and real life. Sally was flesh and blood woman, and the sex with her was real and very good. Bob adjusted his slacks to give room to his hard on.

Jack and Sally were preparing for Bob’s arrival. She had showered, and he had given her a fresh shave. Bob had asked that she be nude “down there.” Bob had called last week to say he had a week available coming up and he wondered if he could come spend the week with them. They knew what Bob meant.

They were able to rearrange a few things on their schedule, but a couple of meetings Jack was not able to change. Not that Bob would mind Jack not being there. Jack knew it was Sally he wanted. Sally was looking forward to the week – actually ten days over two weekends. She was anticipating a lot of sex. She had enjoyed very much the trip to the nude resort with Bob, and she found herself thinking about it almost every day. Bob’s invitation had come out of the blue, and she was surprised Jack had agreed to let her go but so glad he did. Glad because she discovered she liked being with Bob. She discovered she liked Bob’s sexual imagination. She liked how sexy Bob made her feel. She liked the feel of him when he was inside her. She was looking forward to having Bob inside her again this evening. She smiled at the thought as she rearranged again fresh-cut flowers in a vase by the front door. Jack was not sure what he thought about Bob’s visit. He thought back to the time they had stayed at Bob’s farm when on their last day he had watched from the bushes as Bob and Sally skinnydipped in the pond. He had enjoyed Sally’s free and easy way with Bob. Who would have thought, Jack thought, where that rather innocent sexual play would lead.

“There’s the doorbell,” Sally called to Jack, who was on the back deck, adjusting the temperature of the hot tub. Sally looked at herself in the mirror by the door, and quickly unbuttoned the two top buttons of her shirt. She felt butterflies in her belly as she opened the door.

“Hi, Bob.” Sally smiled. She was thrilled to see him again. The butterflies became yearning deeper down. She flung her arms around Bob’s neck and clung to him. Bob dropped his bag on the wooden porch that ran the width of the old house and held Sally.

“You are so hot. You look fantastic. I could undress you right here on the porch.”

The neighbors could have seen him kissing her – a long, lingering kiss that told her I missed you, I need you, I want you right now.

“I missed you,” he said into her mouth.

“I’m so glad you have come,” Sally said as Bob’s tongue sought hers. Sally pressed her body against Bob, and she could feel his hardness pressing against her belly. She could feel her body responding, and had anyone been there to observe carefully, he would have seen the wet spot in the crotch of her shorts.

Bob shook Jack’s hand heartily, when Jack came to the door, gave him a hug, and then gave his attention back to Sally taking her hands and looking her over. Bob thought Sally looked fine in her loose fitting denim short shorts that highlighted the curves of her ass and legs. The shorts were frayed in the legs and so short they showed off her bare legs to her crotch and only barely covered her pussy lips. And Bob did see how Sally’s shorts had the wet blue look down between her legs. Bob liked that Sally’s shirt was unbuttoned halfway. No bra. This is good, he thought. She looked every inch female, a mature Daisy Mae, and Bob’s maleness was every inch ready to have her. Bob reached inside her shirt and caressed her breast, felt her nipple harden under his touch. She looked down demurely and did not resist his touch. He held her tight, and kissed her again. Jack picked up Bob’s bag as Bob slipped his hand into Sally’s loose-fitting shorts. Sally happily submitted to Bob’s caress, and he felt the wet slickness of her slit. He could not stop kissing her. Jack looked up and down the street past the old Sycamores that grew along the street. He did not see anyone.

“Come on in, Bob.” Jack nudged them in their embrace into the doorway. “No need to stay out on the porch all afternoon.” No need, Jack thought, to show all the neighbors the friendly terms you are on with my wife. He was glad to get the front door shut.

Jack took Bob’s bag down the long hall into his and Sally’s bedroom at the back of the house. That was the arrangement Jack had agreed to. Bob would sleep with Sally. Jack in the guestroom upstairs in the front of the house. Bob and Sally followed Jack.

“What a great view.” Bob was looking out on the deck and the backyard through floor-to-ceiling windows that ran across the back of the bedroom and curved around to the right, looking out onto the deck. Glass doors opened onto the deck. They had remodeled the master bedroom after they had moved in a few years back. The house, on 18 th Avenue, was very old, built in the early 1900s in an old, well-established neighborhood a few blocks from the university.

With so much natural light, the bedroom was light, airy, almost like sleeping outdoors. A place where one wanted to spend much time, Bob thought. And he looked at Sally. She would soon be naked, he undressed her in his mind, and he figured he would not be spending too much time looking out the windows. But Jack, on the other hand, could well be on the outside looking in. Bob smiled.

“You want something to drink, Bob? We have iced tea,” Jack asked.

“Sure, a glass of tea would be great.”

When Jack came back with the iced teas, Bob took a sip. He turned to Jack. “Show me.” Jack dropped his shorts and his underwear, and already in place was the clear plastic cock cage Bob had bought for Jack when Jack had come to see his wife and Bob for the day at the nude resort back in July.

What a great time Bob had with Sally on that trip. He had “borrowed” Sally for ten days for that trip to the nude resort. And the day Jack came out, he had worn the cage, so even on that day, Sally belonged to Bob. To make sure Jack understood, Bob had fucked her while Jack watched. Jack could do nothing but watch Bob take his wife, and Bob enjoyed that a lot. Two weeks later they had gone back, she and Bob, for the regional nude volleyball tournament. It was too bad their team lost in the finals of that tournament. Had they won they would have gone back again for the national nude volleyball championship. Maybe this next year, Bob thought. But what a great time he and the five fellows he recruited to be Sally’s teammates had with Sally. They had been Sally’s teammates in every conceivable way except conception.

Especially Jesse. For Jesse, it was more than great sex. He seemed head-over-heels for Sally. Bob did not learn until later that he had never had sex before he had Sally. How could a guy get to be in his late twenties, Bob thought, and still be a virgin? And Bob remembered every time Jesse had been with Sally at the nude resort and thought he really should get him and Sally together again.

Jack knew, of course, they had all had her. He had even watched Jesse take her during that erotic massage session that day at the resort. But he would never know how many times they all had her over those two trips to the nude resort. Sally had wanted to tell him everything, but some of the things they had done with her she kept as her womanly secrets. There was much about his wife’s sex life now that Jack would never know.

Now, for the next ten days Jack would be locked in his molded plastic shell. He would be very aroused no doubt, but he would be unable to do anything about his arousal. All he could do was watch. For the next ten days Sally would belong to Bob, and Bob could fuck Jack’s wife as much as he wanted, and he wanted her a lot. Bob turned to Sally. She held up the key. Bob took it and put it on his key ring.

Bob opened his bag. On top of his things was a gift for Sally. A vibrator. A remote controlled vibrator.

“Jack, why don’t you go out and sit on the deck. You can watch for a while.” Jack let himself out, and Bob locked the bedroom door behind him. Jack settled himself down in one of the lounge chairs beside the deck table. Jack could see Bob with his wife, but the afternoon glare off the windows kept him from seeing everything clearly.

In the bedroom, Bob and Sally were already quite comfortable with each other again. They picked up right where they left off at the nude resort. Bob unbuttoned the bottom two buttons of Sally’s shirt and slipped it off her shoulders. He unbuttoned her shorts and slipped them down to her ankles, revealing her nakedness. With her hand on Bob’s shoulder, she stepped out of the shorts and stood naked before him.

“Naked is how I like you best, baby.”

She was still as slender as he remembered. She had a perfectly-shaped ass, and her breast just fit into his open palm. She was soft, and feminine, and sexy, and she made him very hard. He reached between her legs and caressed her. She opened her legs for him. She was smooth and still slick. She looked into his eyes, and he saw the invitation there. He kissed her on the mouth, pulling her close and slipping his fingers inside her. She moaned, and he felt the shudder of her surrender. Bob saw that Jack was watching as he was enjoying Jack’s fine wife. It was a double pleasure.

Bob had planned to wait till after dinner and they were going to bed for the night. But he could not wait. His plan was to slip the vibrator into place to see how it worked. But he could not wait. Instead, he bent Sally over the desk, making sure Jack could see. Bob did not realize the glare in the windows made it almost impossible for Jack to see anything. Not the vibrator but his hard cock he slipped into Sally’s very wet slit and with his cock covered in her wetness he grabbed her bare hips and pulled her back onto himself. She moaned and arched her back as he filled her. He had not been at her house fifteen minutes, and he was already fucking her. Great way to begin this visit with Sally and Jack. Oh, yes, she feels so good, he thought, as he sunk full length into her. He was so hard inside her. It had been way too long since he had had her, he thought, thrusting into her. The pleasure he had in her showed in his face.

Jack strained against the glare, but he could just barely make out his wife bent over the desk and Bob standing behind her. He did not see the arousal in Bob’s face or the arousal in his wife’s face, nor did he hear the moan that escaped her lips as she pushed herself back onto Bob’s cock to feel him deeper inside her. She molded her back into Bob’s stomach and chest, her ass into his groin. She leaned her head back onto his shoulder. But all Jack saw was the brilliant glare of the light off the windows as Bob was taking his wife. Jack could not hear the sounds of sex on the other side of the windows. He did not hear Bob’s grunt as he felt the pleasure of Sally’s pussy surrounding his cock and her naked body pressed against him.

Bob was thinking he had all week for foreplay, but now he could not wait, and he thrust into Sally. He plowed her like he plowed his fields back home, going deep into the rich earth, turning it over, planting seed that would bear rich fruit at harvest time.

He reached to cup her breast in his hand. Her flesh was soft and supple, her nipple hard. His groin pressed against the soft, hot flesh of Sally’s ass as his swollen cock throbbed inside her. Once again, she was his. He needed to do this more often, he thought. He looked at Jack sitting on the patio on the other side of the glass wall shielding his eyes.

Bob took full possession of Jack’s wife and was overwhelmed with the feelings that Sally was his for the next ten days. He looked at Jack locked in his cage, pushed deep into Sally, felt his climax rising, and he lost all control and released his cum into in her. When she felt him cumming in her, Sally gasped, and feeling his cum filling her and running down her legs, she did not hold back and came on Bob’s throbbing cock.

Leaving Jack to his own devices for the time, Sally and Bob took a shower together. They washed each other in preparation for the evening. When they came into the kitchen, Jack was at the counter, preparing a green salad for supper. He looked on his wife naked except for the vibrator Bob had brought as a gift for her. A very intimate gift, Jack thought. But Bob had become a very intimate friend. The vibrator was called the Tiani 2. It was shaped in a rounded V, the larger prong fitting inside Sally and the smaller prong pressed against her clitoris. It fit snug which was good because the tight fit meant she would feel it more when he turned on the remote. Bob had on shorts and a t-shirt.

They set down at the table, and Jack brought them margaritas to sip as he finished up supper. Jack had smoked a couple of chickens in the smoker on the deck, and they ate by candlelight the chicken along with Szechuan-style green beans and the green salad with avocados sliced on top. As they ate, Sally would occasionally get this dreamy expression on her face. Bob would smile as she would smile and touch his hand. As they sat at the table after dinner, sipping a fresh margarita, Sally leaned back and closed her eyes. On her face was the look of sexual arousal. Jack thought he could just hear the drone of the vibrator. His wife’s movements were those of a woman ready for sex. As her breathing deepened, Jack could tell she had opened her legs like a woman who wants to be fucked. This opening of her legs was something Jack liked, something that was never all that much a part of her sexual behavior before she went with Bob to the nude resort. Bob increased the intensity of the remote, and Jack watched his Sally, naked, came under the spell of Bob’s vibrator.

Her eyes were closed, and she leaned back in her chair. “Do you want me to cum?” she asked Bob.

“Do as you please,” he said.

Sally began to caress herself, running her hands over her breast, pinching her nipple. Her body writhed as the pleasures of arousal spread through her body, and Jack watched Bob make his wife cum at the table. Jack’s cock throbbed in its cage. As Sally was cumming, Bob was thinking how much he enjoyed Sally’s nakedness. He thought about how he would soon be in Sally on her bed, and he got very hard. But Jack felt only his hard plastic restraint.

While Jack cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, Bob and Sally went into the great room, put on some music, and danced. Sally undressed Bob, and they danced naked. When Jack came in, they were dancing a slow dance, Sally’s arms draped around Bob’s neck, his arms around Sally’s bare waist. His hands caressed her bare ass. They were body to body as they kissed, slowly swaying to the music. Bob’s cock was between Sally’s legs. Jack saw he was rock hard.

Bob let Jack dance with his wife. They took turns for a short time. Each time Bob took Sally in his arms Bob’s cock was hard between Sally’s legs, but Jack, of course, was caged in that hard plastic sheath which would not allow him to get hard or to feel the soft flesh of his wife’s pussy lips. It aroused him no end to dance naked with his wife, and it aroused him no end to watch her dancing naked with Bob, knowing that Bob could take her whenever he wanted. Bob had already had her, and Jack was surprised that he would be ready for her again so quickly. But he saw so well that he was.

Sally excused herself to go to the bathroom, and Bob sat in the large easy chair across from Jack. He was rock hard and ready.

“I am going to take Sally to bed in a few more minutes,” he said.


“Your wife really is a great fuck.”

“Thank you,” Jack replied.

Sally came back and went to Bob and knelt down on the floor between his legs. She did not say anything, but she took Bob’s cock in her hands and began licking him. As her tongue came up from the bottom of his shaft to the head, her mouth closed over the head of his cock and she went down, taking the length of him into her mouth. She caught Bob by surprise, and he groaned his pleasure. After a few minutes of her sucking him, he pulled her up and kissed her hard on the mouth.

“I need to fuck you again,” he told her. "A long, slow, all-night fuck."

They stood, and Sally came over to Jack. She smiled and gave him a kiss. “See you in the morning, baby. Sleep good.”

Then she took Bob’s cock in hand and led him down the hall to the master bedroom.

Jack went to the front hall and up the stairs to the guest room. He sat on the edge of the bed. They were at the other end of the house, and it felt strange to him to know what they were doing. In his imagination, he could see Bob fucking his wife.

As Jack was alone with only his thoughts of his wife, Bob was alone in bed with his wife. She lay naked on her back, her legs open for Bob. He sucked on her toes, and she squealed with laughter. He kissed his way slowly up her legs, caressing her as he went up, and as he got closer to the top of her legs, she was breathless with anticipation. He licked her lips, kissed her lips, tasted her. He covered her clit with his mouth, and she moaned. She opened her legs wider for him. “Oh, yes! That feels so good.” He licked and sucked and ate her until she came – several times. He turned around, and they lay in the diagonal of the bed. She turned over on top of him and felt the pleasure of his mouth on her pussy as she went down on him and took him deep into her mouth. It was great sex, but he made her stop because he wanted his cum in her pussy rather than her mouth.

She lay on her back again and spread her legs. She was a fine looking M-woman. A picture, Bob thought, to post on tumblr. He came up between her legs, pressed his hard cock into her wet slit. She took his cock in her hand and slipped it into her opening and took him deep into her body, and he lay on her. She took him in, took the full weight of him. They were so naked and so lost in the giving and taking of sexual pleasure. Afterwards, they curled up like spoons. His arm over her, his hand holding her breast, his cum inside her. It was Friday night. Ten more days to sleep with Sally, Bob thought. He kissed her neck. Sally rubbed her naked ass against Bob. Ten more days, Sally thought, and she wondered what sexual surprises he might have in store for her. They were satisfied and asleep long before Jack. Only the first day, the first afternoon, and he has had her twice, Jack thought as he finally drifted off into a fitful sleep. In his dreams he was watching Bob fuck Sally.

Saturday morning, when Bob woke Sally was still sleeping. The sun was already well up and shining brightly. Deep shadows from the trees in the back fell across most of the deck. Sally was lovely lying naked in the bed. For a while he enjoyed her nakedness as she lay there, but he had a busy day planned out for Sally in his head, and he needed some coffee, so he slipped out of bed, brushed his teeth in the master bath, and went into the kitchen. Jack was putting on coffee.

“Morning.” Bob smiled.

“Morning.” Jack smiled back. “Did you guys sleep well?”

“Yes, we did. Sally snuggled up against me, and after that last time we went sound asleep. It is a pleasure to sleep with your wife, Jack.”

That last time? Jack thought. Had he fucked Sally more than once after they had gone to bed? Bob did not explain, and Jack would never know.

“The coffee is almost ready.”

The Saturday morning paper lay on the breakfast table, and the television was tuned to CNBC. Bob drank his coffee black and hot. They sat down at the breakfast table. Bob was semi-hard, and Jack felt the restraint of the cage that would not allow him even that pleasure. On CNBC, they were reviewing a very good up-week in the stock market.

“Like me with your wife,” Bob said. “She turns me on so much, and we had a good tumble in your bed. For sure it will be an up week.” The bull and the steer, Jack thought.

A few minutes later, Sally came in, naked. She kissed them both, made herself a cup of coffee with cream and sweetener. Jack was amazed at how comfortable she was being naked with Bob. “Time for breakfast,” Jack said. Jack prepared a breakfast of bacon and eggs with hash browns and toast.

After lunch, Bob took Sally shopping. “I want to get her some intimate things,” he said. “Bras and panties. Something sexy to wear out tonight.” Bob wanted to take them out for dinner and dancing in the evening, and he wanted Sally to wear only things he had given her. He took her to Victoria’s Secret at the mall. Sally did not wear much for this trip to the mall – a button up shirt, no bra, a pair of loose fitting shorts, no panties. And the Tiani. Jack thought she looked really hot as she and Bob left the house. At Victoria’s Secret, a young sales clerk asked Sally if she was looking for anything in particular. Bob said they were going out in the evening. It was a special occasion. The girl took them to evening dresses.

“Let’s begin with bras and panties,” Bob said. “Something sheer.”

“What is the special occasion?” The sales girl asked.

“She is the special occasion,” Bob said. “I want her to know how special she is to me.”

The sales girl smiled. “You are a lucky woman,” she said to Sally.

“I know,” Sally said.

Bob and Sally were browsing through the panties. He showed Sally a black sheer t-back.

“Baby, I don’t like to wear the t-backs,” Sally said.


“Because they get in my crack and are uncomfortable.”

“Ah. You need a chance to get used to them.”

Sally made up her mind that if Bob wanted her to wear them, she would get used to them. Bob had several pair of panties in his hand, and he was holding up another pair and asking Sally if she liked them when they heard, “Sally?” And two women came up to them. Friends of Sally. Sally introduced Bob, and they looked at Bob suspiciously, but they wanted to talk with Sally, so Bob stepped away and gave the appearance of looking at some sexy, little slip dresses.

“Where’s Jack?” one asked.

“He’s home,” Sally said.

“Who is this man?”

“He is a longtime friend from out of town. He came to visit for a few days.”

“He seems a lovely man. Is he married?”

As Sally conversed with her friends, she felt the Tiana begin vibrating. She could feel it inside her and on her clit. The longer Sally’s friends talked with her the stronger the vibrations got. Sally looked over at Bob. He was smiling.

“You remember our luncheon is next week,” one of the women said.

“Yes, I ….” Sally shifted her weight from one leg to the other. Her body was not interested in the conversation. Her body convinced her mind to focus on her sex. She could not help it. She was being remotely aroused. “What were you saying?”

Sally was trying to stay in the conversation, but she felt a weakness in her knees. She kept glancing at Bob, pleading in her mind for him to turn off the vibrator. He smiled at her and increased the intensity. She closed her eyes.

“Sally, what is wrong with you today? Pay attention,” one of the friends said. “We were talking about the luncheon next week. Will you be there?”

As Sally tried to speak, Bob turned the power up all the way.

“I … oh … oh … I am not … uh.”

“You are not going to come? You are not making any sense, Sally. Are you coming or not?”

“Oh … yes …” she said perhaps a little too enthusiastically. “I am coming.” And she held onto a rack of sheer negligees. Her eyes closed.

“Sally, you are acting very strange. Are you sure you are okay? It is like you are in a dream.”

After a little pause, Sally said, “Yes, I am fine. I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Well, we have to go,” the women said. “But it is good to know you are coming.” They turned to Bob. “It was a pleasure to meet you, and we hope you enjoy your visit with Sally and Jack.”

“Thank you. I’m sure I will,” Bob said.

As Sally’s friends walked away, Sally whacked Bob on the arm. “You are so mean,” she said. Bob laughed. Bob thought this week will be over far too soon.

Bob picked out a couple of dresses he wanted Sally to try on. She took them into the changing room, and as she tried them on she would come out and show Bob. He settled on a black slip dress that left little to the imagination. She put it on in the changing room and stepped out to show Bob. The sales girl had come back to check on them and was standing with him. Sally’s nipple stood out through the dress, and in the store light, it was easy to see the shape of Sally’s slim legs and her tummy. And inbetween. One could just make out the vibrator as it snugly fit into Sally’s slit.

The sales girl smiled.

“You look fabulous,” Bob said.

“Yes, she does,” the sales girl said.

“Good enough to eat. If this young lady were not standing beside me, I would eat you right here.”

The clerk blushed. Sally blushed.

“You would let me go out for the evening in this?” Sally asked.

“Yes, this is just what this evening calls for,” he said to Sally, and then to the sales girl, “This, along with the bra and panties and thigh-highs I picked out, is what we want.”

The clerk rang up the sale, and said to Sally, as she handed the Victoria’s Secret bag to Bob, “I’m sure your husband will enjoy you.” Sally blushed again in the pleasure of the knowledge of her secret.

As they walked out of Victoria’s Secret, Sally said, “She thought you were my husband.”

“Yes, she did,” Bob said. “And this week, I am.” And he gave her ass a playful squeeze. She jumped, and brushing his hand away from her ass, she said, “No PDA.” He grabbed her right there under some trees in the mall and held her tight and kissed her. He put his hands on her fine ass and kissed her until she put her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

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