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Bob Comes for a Stay at Jack and Sally's Part 2

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Bob stays in the master bedroom with Sally while Jack sleeps in the guest room.
That evening Bob took Sally and Jack out for dinner and dancing. “It’s a black-tie evening,” Bob told Jack. When Sally came out of the bedroom dressed only in the black slip dress and the black thigh-highs and her black heels, Jack thought Sally was dressed way to sexy for an evening out. He could in the light just make out her nipple through the dress and the black lace t-back Bob had bought. Bob had dressed her, so Jack would know he possessed her, at least for now. She looked good enough to eat. She looked easy. Bob is dressing my wife so he can undress her, he thought. Then, the afterthought. Undress her where.

Jack drove. Sally and Bob sat in the back seat. Bob gave directions. It was only a fifteen minute drive to a place on Dexter Street called Menages. How appropriate, thought Jack. And he wondered what kind of place this might be as the valet gave him a ticket and drove the car away. He figured things out pretty quickly once inside. It was dark, but about a million spotlights lit up every table, the dance floor, the many couches in corners. Along one wall was a row of kingsized, round beds with canopies. The curtains could be closed, but they were sheers. The waiter took them to a table next to the dance floor.

They ordered some light hors d’oeuvres from the menu – bacon-wrapped shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, crab and avocado dip. Jack read in the menu about the club, and it was clear Bob had not brought them here for the food: “Ladies, Ménages is one of the few places where you can dress as playfully as you dare! It is not uncommon for ladies to wear see-through clothing, slits that venture oh so far, or next to nothing at all.” Sally was reading the same little paragraph. She knew what it meant. She knew Bob wanted her to see that little paragraph that gave her permission to be as sexy, as easy as Bob wanted her to be. She knew why Bob had brought her here.

Jack was making his way through the crowd when he spotted a handsome man who looked like Daniel Craig. He was pretty sure Sally would like him. What was it Bob had told him to do? “Jack, let me tell you the rules for tonight’s sexual adventure.” As Bob spoke, Jack was looking around at all the scantily clad women. These are not professionals, Jack thought. They are the wives of these men. Wives or lovers. Sally was both, Jack thought. She was one of the scantily clad women dressed for sex at Menages this night. He was pretty sure she would not have dressed like that for him, and he was pretty sure she would not have come to a place like this for him either.

“Wait, what am I supposed to do?” Bob was kissing Sally, and he looked irritated that Jack had interrupted.

“Your job tonight is to find men to dance with your wife,” Jack said again. “You get to choose. Find three or four men you like and invite them to dance with your wife. It is up to you whether you tell them she is your wife. Don’t come back till have three or four partners for your wife.” Bob was helping Sally out of her seat. “Send them over to the couches in the corner over there. Oh, and one other thing. You do not get to touch your wife tonight. You can watch, but no touch. Every man in this place can feel up your wife except you, Jack.” Bob put his arm around Sally’s waist, turned her toward the red couches in the corner, and then they were lost in the crowd.

Now, Jack was looking at a guy who very much looked like the new James Bond, Daniel Craig. Jack knew that Sally thought Daniel Craig was hot, so he thought she would enjoy dancing with this guy.

“Hey.” Jack said.


“My first time here.”

“Mine too.”

“I brought my wife.”

“Here by myself. From out of town. Business.”

“You dance? She would enjoy a couple of dance partners.”

“Sure. Where is she?”

“See those red couches over in the corner? That blond over there is my wife. And that is our friend Bob with her.”

“Great. Thanks. I’ll go check her out.” The Daniel Craig lookalike maneuvered through the crowd. Just a few minutes later as he was looking for a couple more guys, he saw Sally on the dance floor with Daniel Craig. The music was hip hop, and Sally looked so sensual as she danced. While she danced with Craig, Jack saw a good-looking young man join himself to Craig and Sally. Jack found one other very handsome African American. He pointed out Sally on the dance floor, and he seemed interested in her. For what seemed like an hour or so, Jack watched as these men took turns dancing with Sally. Finally, he went to look for Bob.

“Ah, it is about time you showed up,” Bob said as Jack sat down on one of the couches next to Bob. “I was saving this beer for you.”

Jack took a long swallow. It was still cold. “Last time I saw her, three guys were dancing with Sally,” Jack said.

“Good. Good. You and I are going to watch the party tonight, Jack. Sally is so sexy. Do you know the difference between a beautiful woman and a charming woman? You notice the beautiful woman, but woman is charming when she notices you. Some politician said that. Probably the best thing he ever said. Sally is the best of both. She is attractive, and so men notice her, especially when she is naked. So tonight you and I are going to pay attention to her naked charms, especially when she finds herself the center of attention. The men she is with now will find her most charming. I am tempted to say she will charm the pants off them before the night is over. She is a pleasure to watch when she is naked and aroused. Don’t you agree?”

Jack hardly knew how to respond to Bob. He never knew what to say when Bob talked with him about his wife. Bob talked so openly and frankly about Sally, about her nakedness, about sexing her, about her cumming. Jack had never talked with anyone so openly about sex and especially never his wife.

The light that had been shining down on Jack and Bob faded, and they sat in darkness. The spotlight over the couch just in front of them grew brighter. Jack wondered if Bob had a control for the lights. The couch in front of them was not a couch. At least, not a couch with a back. It was more like a bed, flat and big enough for two, maybe even three, people. The minutes passed. Jack was starting to worry about Sally. But just as he started to go look for her, he saw her. Daniel Craig and the Black were with her. The third guy had disappeared. They led her to the couch that was a bed. The Black picked her up. She put her arms around his neck and turned her face up to his. He kissed her tenderly and lay her down on the couch-bed and lay down beside her. She had no idea her husband was sitting only a few feet from her. Craig lay down on the other side of her. The two men lay on their sides, and she on her back. Their bodies pressed against her. Jack thought she had to be feeling their hard cocks even though they were clothed. They began to caress her and kiss her – on the mouth, on her neck, her shoulders, her arms, her hands. Sally cooed with pleasure. Her movements were so sexual, so inviting that Jack felt his own cock try to harden. The plastic case was almost painful, and his cock went limp. But he could not take his eyes off his wife. They would want to fuck her. She was lost in the sex unaware that he was so near. The Black reached down and began to caress her bare thigh.

Wait, Jack thought. What happened to her thigh highs? Jack and Bob sat in the dark at Sally’s feet, not even a couple of yards from the end of what Jack now knew was intended to be a bed. It was almost like a dream to Jack as he watched the Black’s hand slowly caress its way up Sally’s bare white thigh, her dress going up with his hand, revealing more and more of her bare legs to the gathering crowd. She was eager, wanting his touch. When his fingers touched her most sensitive parts, her legs parted. Jack watched as the Black man gathered his wife’s wetness on his fingers and began to caress her clit. He watched as she spread her legs wider to give him access to her sex. His fingers went inside her. Sally had given herself permission to enjoy the sexual energy surging through her as though this man had turned on a sexual switch inside her between her legs. It was what Bob wanted, she was thinking. Sally’s dress was bunched around her waist, and her nakedness from the waist down exposed. Jack saw the eager response of everyone as they enjoyed her nakedness on display. Wait, Jack thought.

Her shoulder strap was off her shoulder. Her breast was exposed. And Craig was licking and sucking on her nipple. Both men caressed her pussy lips, and both men slipped fingers inside her. Sally drew in her breath. Her eyes were shut and her breathing ragged as she began pushing up against their fingers.

Bob whispered to Jack. “How long till she cums?”

“What?” Jack said.

“How long till she cums?”

“I … I … don’t … You think she is going to cum?”

“No question, and soon I am thinking. I love to watch Sally get so hot she has to cum.”

Jack watched as the two men he had talked to about his wife lay with her in the light. A crowd of twenty or so people had gathered around them, but Jack, along with Bob, had a front row seat where he could see everything that was happening to his wife. He knew by the movements of her body, by the expressions on her face, by her moans that she was going to cum.

“Isn’t it great to see your wife so turned on,” Bob asked Jack. “Don’t you just love to watch her?”

Yes, he did, he thought. Jack was very aroused, but the cock cage was a hard reminder that others could, but he could not. The cage would not let him get hard. Then, Sally was cumming. It was like she was in a sexual trance. The men took turns burying their faces in her pussy. Jack always knew when she was about to cum because her legs would tense, she would hold her breath, she would point her toes straight down, and then she would cum.

She came over and over, and each time the crowd ohhhed and ahhhed with her. She never knew that Jack was sitting with Bob a few feet from her watching her enjoying herself, watching her being enjoyed.

Sally spent the rest of the evening on the couch with the two men, and they kept her at a fever pitch of arousal. Jack had never seen his wife so aroused or with such an almost insatiable desire to be sexed. As Bob had said, Sally did charms their pants off and their underwear too. She held two very large cocks in her hands. As they kissed her nipple and breast and neck and mouth, she rubbed both cocks against her thighs, her mound. Precum ran like water into her slit. Both men came. All over her legs and pussy and stomach.

A little before two in the morning, one of the staff came by and began dispersing the crowd. It was time to go home. The crowd began to scatter and seemed disappointed.

“They wanted to see Sally get fucked,” Bob said.

“I thought she would.” Jack said. “Why didn’t they?” Jack nodded toward the men on the bed with his wife.

“House rules,” Bob said. “The sex act has to be in the private rooms.”

Jack was thinking that Bob must have known that before they came. But how did the men know? The house lights came up so everyone could see to find their way out. The Black, his fingers still inside Sally, his palm cupping her pussy, gave her one last, lingering kiss and got up from the bed. He came over the Bob, and Bob and Jack stood.

“Your wife?” he asked Bob.

“His,” Bob said, nodding in Jack’s direction.

“She has got to be one good fuck,” he said, not to Jack but to Bob.

“She is,” Bob said.


“Bob.” Henry shook Bob’s hand.

“What’s her name?”


“Her slim little body is a pleasure to hold. I like how easy she cums. I wanted to fuck her in the worst way. Any way I can get on your list?”

Bob pulled out one of his cards and told Henry to give him a call. Henry pulled out his card, wrote on the back of it, and gave it to Bob. Bob handed the card to Jack.

“I’ll give you a call tomorrow morning,” Henry said to Bob. Henry started to leave. “Oh, mind if I keep her panties?” He pulled them part way out of his pants pocket.

“Sure. Go ahead,” Bob said.

At least I know what happened to her panties, Jack thought. Jack looked at the note Henry had written. “Sally, you are one hot little slut. Love your ass and pussy. Thanks for a fun evening. I want to fuck you soon.” “Slut” and “fuck” was underlined several times.

Bob took the card and read. “Ah. He wants to fuck your wife. Bet that makes you hard.” Then, Bob smiled. “Oh, yes, well I’m sure it would.”

The Daniel Craig lookalike turned out to be Ferrell. He too wanted to see Sally again. Sally went naked to the restroom to clean up a little. They never did find Sally’s thigh highs or her heels. The hot little black slip-dress was all she had to wear home. Outside as they waited for the valet to bring the car around, Sally leaned against Bob, reached down to feel his cock, and whispered, “I need you to fuck me.”

“Take the long way home,” Bob told Jack from the back seat as Bob pulled away from the club.

Jack looked in the mirror but in the darkness could see nothing. It was not too long before the sexy little slip dress was tossed into the front seat. Jack took it in his hand and pressed it to his face. It was full of Sally’s scent. He could hear kissing. He could hear the movement in the back seat as they shifted positions.

A few minutes later, he heard Sally. “Oh, Bob, you are making me cum.” He looked in the mirror. He could just tell they were kissing, a long, passionate kiss.

Sally is naked in the back seat, he thought. Naked with Bob. Making out with Bob in the back seat of our car like a horny teenage girl. How could she possibly want more sex now? Jack tried to glance back. It was so dark, but he could see enough to see they were lying down. Bob was on top of his wife. Jack could see her knee up against the back of the front seat. Her legs were spread, and Bob was inside her. Hope the cops don’t stop me, Jack thought. He slowed down as he drove up Broadway the opposite direction from home in the heart of the downtown district. The bright city lights lit up the backseat as though it were a stage. Though it was early morning, the traffic was still heavy. The whole city must be out partying tonight, Jack thought, as he listened to the sounds of sex coming from the man and woman in the back seat of his car. Jack seemed to get caught by every red light on Broadway, and every time he stopped, the car was surrounded by cars and pickups full of people. And nearly always someone would see what was going on in the back seat and point. Bob and Sally were clearly enjoying each other, and again Sally had an audience. It occurred to Jack that his wife had been growing more and more horny the week before Bob came. He was beginning to understand why.

Jack was surprised at himself. The thought of his wife in the back seat with Bob, he found, turned him on a lot. It was a pleasure, he thought, to take Bob and Sally through town on a pleasure drive. He had the pleasure of hearing his wife being sexed. Bob had the pleasure of sexing his wife. And Sally had the pleasure of Bob in her. Yes, a pleasure drive, Jack thought. And he found himself hoping they might be able to do it again. Maybe next Friday or Saturday night when Bob was getting ready to go home, he thought, as he listened to the sounds of sex coming from the back seat.

Once again they were stopped at a red light, and the couple in the back seat of Jack’s car were indeed fucking. The people in the cars on both sides were watching the show. Sally was naked on her back, her legs spread, and he on top of her. But the space was cramped, and he could get no leverage to push into her. So they shifted around to try spooning. He was able to get inside her again, but the seat was not big enough, and he kept falling off the edge. So she got on her hands and knees, and he got into her from behind. When the light turned green and Jack pulled away the other cars stayed right with him. Sally’s pussy was soaking wet now, and though Bob was big and long her body took all of him, and she groaned the pleasure he was giving her.

“Oh, yes, Bob. Fuck me.” Jack heard Sally and though he knew she was naked, he could not know how naked his wife felt in the back seat with Bob or how aroused she was. He could not know how completely she had given herself to Bob or how much she wanted Bob to fuck her.

Bob thrust into her and reached under for her breast. “You feel so good, Sally.” And Jack knew Bob would be cumming in his wife soon.

Jack heard every sound of their love play. He could hear Bob thrusting into his wife. He heard everything they said, every noise they made. They are so lost in the sex, he thought, they are not even aware they are being watched. He thought about how unaware Sally was back at the club. She could be fucking in broad daylight in front of a crowd, and she would not even know the crowd was watching. And he remembered his wife had done that.

Then came the noises of orgasm as Jack pulled to a stop at another red light. Sally ohhhhed her way through hers, and Bob groaned his release into Sally. She could feel the throb of his cock inside her and his cum spilling into her. She pushed against him to take all of him into her. The light turned green. Jack could hear the faint sound of applause as he pulled away into the intersection. Okay, show’s over, Jack thought. His cock throbbed in its plastic sheath.

Jack pulled into the drive and to the garage at the back. Sally did not bother to put anything on, nor did Bob, as they walked naked, their arms around each other’s waist, back up the drive into the backyard to the deck to the back door. Jack unlocked, and they went in.

Bob and Sally went to the master bedroom and took a shower together before they went to bed. Jack went to the guest room. He got out his laptop and was checking out the pictures on tumblr. Then, on his dashboard a picture of Sally came through. She was wearing the slip dress and her thigh highs. It was taken before they left the house. Then, another – no dress, no thigh highs, no panties. Bob was posting new, naked pictures of Sally on his tumblr page. Jack thought the photos were for him, but anyone could see them.

For the next three days – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – Bob could not get enough of Jack’s wife. He seemed always to be fucking her. Jack was amazed at Bob’s stamina. Sunday afternoon, the three of them watched an NFL football game. Denver and Dallas. Bob lay with Sally on a blanket on the floor, and every time someone scored, Bob scored with Sally. They were playing an elaborate sexual game, and Jack did not understand the rules. Manning threw a touchdown pass. Sally would get on her knees, and Bob’s hard cock would slip easily into her pussy. He would stay in her through the commercials, the next kickoff, and the next round of commercials. Romo threw a touchdown pass. Sally lay on her back and spread her legs. Bob lay down on Sally and fucked her. Jack could not get over how high scoring the game was. 51-48. Bob was fucking his wife through the whole game which made it hard for Jack to concentrate on the football game.

Monday night, late in the night, Jack awoke and came downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink. He heard voices and found the front door open. Bob and Sally were sitting in the porch swing talking. He tried to hear, but they were talking quietly so he went back up the stairs to bed. Jack did not see they were naked as they sat talking in porch swing. Bob was talking with Sally about her going back to his place when it was time for him to go. Sally was leaning against Bob’s chest. His arm was around her, and he had been massaging her clit for a good half hour. Sally quietly told him he was going to make her cum if he continued. He continued, and a few minutes after Jack had gone back upstairs, Sally, naked on her front porch for the first time ever, came on her front porch for the first time. She buried her face in Bob’s bare chest and held onto him until the spasms of her climax passed.

Tuesday Bob kept Sally in bed the whole day. They only got up to take a shower together and to go to the bathroom. Jack brought them breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed. Bob sent Jack out to restock the groceries and to buy something sexy for Sally to wear. “Buy something sexy for Sally for me to fuck her in,” Bob told Jack. Jack went to Victoria’s Secret. And while he was gone, they fucked and came and fucked and came until Sally was dripping Bob’s cum all over the bed.

Jack changed the sheets on the bed while they spent an hour in the hot tub. Jack was not sure when the last time was that Sally had on clothes. Jack’s cock throbbed as he changed the sheets. I don’t even know how many times Bob has fucked Sally any more, Jack thought. For sure, he has fucked her way more than I have. He laughed to himself. When he had changed the sheets on the bed, Bob and Sally came back in. Sally came to Jack and curled herself around him as he stood there. She took hold of his caged cock and reached her face up to his to kiss him. “Thank you, sweet hubby. I am having a wonderful time with Bob.” She smiled lovingly and then went back to the bed. She lay on her back, and looking at her husband, she spread her legs for Bob and lifted her arms to him.

“Come fuck me,” Sally said.

Bob would not resist such an open invitation. He climbed onto the bed and between Sally’s legs. His cock was long and hard. How can he still be so hard? Jack thought. Bob lay on top of Sally and his hard cock slipped easily into her pussy. Sally pushed up to take him deep into her as she kissed him. Jack watched the rise and fall of Bob’s hips as he went into Sally. The rhythm of sex.

“Is Jack still there?” Bob asked in Sally’s ear as he lay on her, felt the warmth of her naked flesh, felt the heat of her pussy sheathing is hard cock. He pushed himself deep into her.

Sally looked at her husband standing at the door of the bedroom. “Yes, he is watching you fuck me.” She could not resist pushing up to take him into her body.

“That makes fucking you even better,” Jack said, kissing Sally and thrusting hard into her.

Jack was mesmerized as he watched Bob and Sally fuck. Jack’s cock ached with arousal for his wife. He dripped pre-cum onto the carpet, but it was Bob who came into his wife, and it was Bob who made his wife cum. How could Bob have any cum left? Jack thought as he went down the hall and up the stairs to the guest bedroom to dream about fucking his wife. But that night his dreams would not cooperate. It was always Bob fucking his wife, making her cum.

On Wednesday, Jack did not see Sally at all. That morning he had one of the meetings over on campus that he could not rearrange. He was gone a couple of hours. Early afternoon, Bob said to Jack, “Let’s go play some tennis.”

As the two of them went out back to the car, Jack asked whether Sally was going to tell them bye. “Oh, she’s tied up just now. She said for us to have a good time playing tennis.”

As Bob and Jack drove down to the end of the street on their way to the tennis center another car came from the other end and pulled into Jack and Sally’s drive and parked back by the garage.

Jack and Bob went over to the tennis center on the other side of campus, got a court, warmed up. Jack was a good tennis player and was confident he would beat Bob.

The young man in the car in Jack and Sally’s drive got out and went to the back door. Under the mat was the key. He unlocked the door and went quietly into the house. He went down the hall to the master bedroom. When he went into the master bedroom, he saw Sally lying naked in bed. She was blindfolded. She was tied down spread-eagled to the bed. She had ear buds so music was playing in her ears, and she did not know the young man was in the room enjoying her nakedness. The young man got very hard when he saw her.

Bob served first and held serve. As they played through the first set, Jack saw that Bob could play, and they played evenly.

The young man could hardly wait to get out of his clothes to play with Sally. She looked so very good with her wrists and ankles in leather restraints. Bob had left her tied down securely. The young man took a few photos of Sally.

On one of the changeovers, Bob’s cell buzzed. He got his cell out of his bag and saw a picture of Sally tied down to her bed just as he had left her. He put his phone away.

“Just a note from a friend,” he said as they went back onto the court.

They finished the first set. Jack won 7-5. It took almost an hour. They played hard and worked up a good sweat.

Sally did not realize someone was in her bedroom until he got on the bed between her legs and went down on her. His mouth covered her pussy. He sucked her clit into his mouth. She was startled. The young man licked Sally’s pussy, tasting her sex. He sucked on her pussy lips and on her clit. She began thrusting up against his mouth. Every time she was so close to cumming, he would stop sucking on her clit and kiss her thighs and her pussy lips. Then, he was sucking her clit again, and she was moaning. “Please. Let me cum.” But he teased her, bringing her to the edge of orgasm over and over, but he would not let her cum. She was writhing on the bed in her restraints. She tried to push her pussy hard against his mouth so she could cum, but he would not let her. He laughed at how aroused she was and how she was trying so hard to cum.

She did not know how long this pleasant torture went on, but it seemed like a very long time, and she was fucking his mouth with her pussy. She needed to cum. “Please,” she cried. She pushed up into his mouth. He felt the rhythmic rise and fall of her arousal against his mouth and he knew she was close. “Don’t stop,” she cried. “I’m going to cum,” she said. And she did. More than once.

He caressed her breast and nipple. He sucked on her nipple. He caressed her pussy and her clit. He caressed her whole body until she was begging him to fuck her. He got on top of her. His cock went into her. He lay his weight on her and thrust his cock deep into her. And he removed one of the ear buds and as he licked her ear whispered her name. “Sally.”

“Jesse!” Her startled reaction let his cock sink even deeper into her.

Bob ripped a cross-court backhand winner for the last point of their match. Bob won the second 5-7. Again it took almost an hour to play the set.

“Great shot,” Jack said.

“Let’s go get cleaned up,” Bob said.

Jesse slid Sally’s blindfold up off her eyes. Sally looked up into his eyes as he lay on her and in her. He kissed her. He thrust into her. She groaned at the pleasure he was giving her. She pushed up to take him in as far as she could. She hardly needed to be tied down, she thought. And she strained against the restraints. She gave herself to Jesse and to the pleasure of being taken by him.

At the tennis club, Bob and Jack showered, cleaned up, got dressed.

“Let’s go get something to eat,” Bob said.

It was already 7:00, and Jack was getting hungry, so he said okay. But he was surprised that Bob was not ready to get back to the house to fuck his wife. They went to an old hamburger joint called EZ. “My treat,” Bob said.

While they were eating, Bob said he had something for Jack to think about.

“I want Sally to come back to my place with me for a week. How does that sound to you?”

Jesse was thrusting hard into Sally. She had already cum several times with Jesse inside her.

“Baby, I love to fuck you,” Jesse said as he thrust his very hard cock into Sally.

“Yes, fuck me, baby. Cum in me.”

Jesse tensed. “Baby, here I cum.” And he released, and Sally felt him shoot his cum deep into her body. And she loved the feel of him cumming in her.

“Jack, this is about the best hamburger I have ever had,” Bob said. They had come to an agreement. If she wanted, Sally would go back with Bob on Sunday for a week. “We can probably go home now.”

When they got back to the house, Jesse’s car was gone. In the house, Bob told Jack he could go on to bed or watch television or whatever. Bob went down the hall to the master bedroom where Sally lay on their bed still tied spread-eagled. Jack had not seen Sally since Tuesday evening when she had thanked him for such a great time with Bob and lay down on their bed. He had watched Bob as he got on the bed, got over Sally. Watched Bob slip his cock into her wet pussy. Watched Bob cover her. That would be his lasting memory of Sally from this sexual adventure along with the image of her lying naked on the couch/bed as Henry and Ferrell lay with her. He could still picture her sexual ecstasy.

Thursday morning, when Jack came into the kitchen, Bob and Sally were already up. Bob’s bag was sitting by the back door. “The plans have changed, Jack,” Bob said. “We are going this morning soon as I finish my coffee.”

“But I thought you were staying till Sunday?” Jack said. Sally stood and was amazingly sexy. She wore the Tiani and her red heels. If anything, she was more beautiful in these few days then she was last Friday before Bob arrived. Jack sucked in his breath at the naked beauty of his wife.

Bob finished his coffee. “Are you ready, baby?”

“Yes,” Sally said.

“At least wear something to go out to the car.” Jack said.

Bob handed her the negligee Jack had bought for her as Bob had told him. Sally slipped it on. It was so sheer, Jack thought. It hid nothing.

Sally came and kissed Jack. “I’ll be back, sweetheart.” She smiled. Neither of them could understand what a different woman Sally would be when Bob brought her back.

Bob and Sally went out the backdoor. Jack followed. “Where’s your bag?”

“Bob says I won’t need one, sweety.” Sally might as well have been naked. Jack could see all of her.

Bob opened the passenger door, and Sally got in. Bob went around to the driver’s side, got in, started the car. They backed out of the driveway and started down the street. Jack followed them down the driveway and watched them pull away. They were almost to the end of the block when Jack remembered.

“The key,” Jack waved. But they did not hear or see. Jack saw the negligee fly out the window in the wind and float softly to the street. Bob’s car turned the corner onto Portland, and they were gone.

Jack ran down the street and picked up his wife’s negligee. As he walked back to the house, he looked at the windows of his neighbor’s homes wondering if anyone had seen.

At the coffee shop around the curve, Bob stopped just long enough for Jesse to get in the car. When Sally saw Jesse, she jumped out and scrambled into the backseat with him. They drove down Belmont toward the loop.

“Did you get a hold of the team? Are they coming?” Bob asked Jesse.

“They will all be there,” Jesse said as he and Sally were kissing.

They turned onto the access road at 440.

“I think I have two new team members,” Jack said.

Sally smiled at the thought. But then she gave all her attention to Jesse. Jesse put one arm around Sally and slipped his other hand between her legs. Sally opened her legs for him to enjoy her charms. Anyone might have seen them kissing as the car picked up speed on the on-ramp and merged into the oncoming traffic.

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