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It’s my decision to stay. She makes it worth my while
Tammy got up from the breakfast table and went to the back door of the house. I felt my stomach sink, knowing what was coming. She opened it and stepped aside, her arm extended to the outside, palm up. She looked at me and my heart began hammering.

"Get out," she said plainly. Her voice was soft and even, and I instantly measured it against the first time she had said them, the harsh way she'd spat the words. "Get out now, or stay," she finished.

It was the choice. The same choice she gives me every time. I love her for it, that she would offer the option and never assume. I lowered my head in shame as I do every time now, no longer scared or bitter or afraid. Jealous? Definitely. Humiliated and embarrassed? Without a doubt. Excited? Beyond all reason. The butterflies fluttered and my heart raced and I felt the beginnings of my erection pulse and swell.

"Well?" she asked.

"I'll stay, please." She likes when I say please. I lifted my eyes to see her smile.

"Good," she said. "I'm glad. You know I love you."

And there it was. Her love for me, as undying and eternal as mine for her. A love so deep I could never stand to leave.

So much has changed these five years since our honeymoon. We've grown into our relationship together. And part of that relationship is her offer of the choice, and my decision to stay, every time.

Early on, of course, I entertained the idea of leaving. But I imagined life without her, minus the close companionship, minus her supportive friendship, her easy familiarity with me. Her acceptance of me for who I am, and my acceptance of her. I tried to see myself without the love I feel and was unable. I tried to see myself living without the thrill and excitement she provides and find I am unwilling. So even in the early days, when there was bitterness and rebellion, anger and hostility, I would stay. Back then I would sometimes sulk and pout, or at least try to. But she always won me over.

She closed the door and came to my chair, running her hand through my hair, caressing my head and cooing soft soothing sounds.

"Who's my dirty boy?" she asked, kissing the top of my head. "Hmm? Who's my perverted nasty boy? Who loves his dirty wife?"

"Me," I whispered, "you know it’s me."

Our conversations hadn't always been this way. There had been months, at the beginning, when they were filled with recrimination and anger, hostility and resentment and jealousy. The jealousy lingers, of course, and she makes certain that my shame remains sharp and intact, honing it like a fine blade, maintaining the edge with her vivid imagination whenever it becomes dull.

"I know," she sighed, pulling my head to her chest. "I have something special for you today," she whispered above my head.

I trembled with anticipation. God, how she knew me, sensed that I was becoming comfortable after her last few events and that I needed to be pushed further. It wasn't like it was at first, when I'd sat dumbfounded, immobile and entranced as she'd fucked another man, a war of emotions raging through me. God, the power of that image was nearly overwhelming. The fact that she'd done it on our honeymoon made it more so. I was frozen, rock hard and snarling mad as I'd watched her take that cock inside her, smiling at me the whole while.

But I hadn't left. We'd only been married two days.

Later, after the screaming, she'd explained to me that one cock would never be enough, that although she had been faithful during our engagement she’d had frequent lovers before me, and that she would now begin again. She had explained that she didn’t love them, that she loved only me, both as a person and husband.

And she’d explained in graphic detail her desire for new cock, big thick hard cock. That she needed it. That she would have it. That there would be rules, rules I had to follow. And that I had a choice.

I hadn't left then. And I wouldn't today.

True to her word she continued to take lovers after our return home. While she was mostly discrete, doing it in our house while I watched, she was sometimes overtaken by her urges, coming home late with her hair mussed and clothes disheveled, and she would tell me about it while masturbating her cum-filled pussy. The jealousy would boil inside as I watched and stroked myself. But mostly she would bring them home, fuck them in our bed, our den, our living room. At first she was happy to let me watch, treating me as a non-entity. My jealousy and desire would battle for supremacy while she writhed and screamed as she fucked each new man.

Over time she grew as tired of me sitting there like a humiliated statue as I felt and she sensed I needed more. She began to increase my shame and embarrassment. At first she just acknowledged my presence with a laugh, or would call me names. Eventually she allowed her men to join in, torment me, tell me how good it was to fuck her, how hungry she was for their cocks. When she saw how it excited me she allowed me to jerk off while they fucked and ridiculed me.

Inevitably those interchanges led to further humiliation. She would make me ask them, and later to beg them, to fuck her. And then to encourage them as they laid the pipe to her, making me stand naked next to the bed, jerking my cock, telling them to fuck her harder, to ruin her cunt, make her unable to walk. All of which I did with relish and abandon, feeling every word as a deeply arousing and erotic wound.

It's weird, because ever since that first day, as angry as I was, I never failed to be aroused by it. She was so filthy, so wanton and nasty, letting them cum in her mouth, in her cunt, on her face, sucking their cocks, fucking them for hours. She was slutty and and disgusting and so beautiful and gorgeous, all at once. I could never tear my eyes away.

I think part of the attraction for her became that I got off on it. She could never really describe why it made her so hot, any more than I could describe why watching her have sex without me was so arousing. And no matter how far she pushed me, when the door opened and she offered me the choice, I never left. And she never stopped loving me for staying.

She kept pushing, extending my boundaries, finding new ways to humiliate me with her lovers. She made me undress her and offer her to them. She made me hold and fold their clothes when they undressed. I brought them drinks, made them dinner. A few times we had gone out and she had dragged a guy out to the parking lot, fucked him on top of a car, making me tell the crowd watching that I was her husband and that I liked her fucking other guys. For the last few months she had made me hold her legs open for them while I begged them to fuck her. And a few times she'd made me hold her lovers cock and put it inside her, jerking myself off with my free hand while they laughed.

So I couldn't imagine what she had planned for tonight. I remained jittery and half hard the rest of the day. Tammy spent a few hours getting ready, soaking in the tub, shaving, prettying herself for her date. She'd told me to have everything ready for seven o'clock, so I ran out on my errands, making sure the bar was stocked and we had plenty of ice, making sure there were snacks for before and something light and sweet for afterwards. I straightened up the house and took a late shower. When I came out of the bathroom I found the bedroom door locked with a note for me, telling me she'd laid out my clothes in the guest room. I got a little nervous, I'll admit. She'd made me read some cuckold stories and I dreaded the day she would make me wear panties and a dress and makeup. But I found simple black casual trousers and a collared shirt and heaved a sigh of relief.

I dressed and groomed and went to the kitchen to start the food preparations, keeping a sharp eye on the clock and one ear tuned for the sound of the door. Around five to seven the doorbell rang. I wiped my hands and headed to receive her date.

He was young, tall and well built, like so many of the recent guys. Tammy had taken to cruising some of the nearby college bars for well-hung adventurous studs. She often complained about how few men, even when offered easy pussy, would back off at the idea of fucking her in front of me.

This guy apparently had no such qualms.

"Hey there, cucky," he grinned at the door, "I'm here to fuck your pretty wife!" He strode past me without an introduction as if he owned the place, glancing around, assessing and evaluating. He stopped in the middle of the den, put his hands on his hips and turned to face me.

"Well?" he asked insolently. "You gonna get me a drink?"

Shame ripped through me as I took his order and scurried off to the kitchen where I'd set up the liquor, close to the food. When I returned, Tammy was there with him and they were making out like teenagers. I waited patiently until they'd finished and handed her date, Kyle, his drink.

"Red wine, please, dear," she said sweetly, sitting next to him. She was gorgeous, dressed in a tiny white and pink baby doll nightie with nothing underneath. When she sat I could see her beautiful shaved pussy glistening. She saw me looking and took the opportunity to torment me.

"Are you looking at my cunt, you pervert?" I blanched and felt my cock stiffen and twitch. I heard Kyle chuckle. "Need a better look?" She sat back on the couch and lifted her feet to the edge, spreading her knees wide apart. "You wanna see where Kyle's big cock is going, is that it? You wanna see the hole you won't have tonight while he fucks me senseless and you watch?" I felt my face redden deeply as the anger and jealousy tightened in the pit of my stomach, the sensations warring with my swelling erection as it tented my trousers.

"I guess you do, judging by that bulge in your pants," she giggled. And she was right, of course. I loved looking at her cunt, open and wet for her lover, knowing I'd get to see his cock plunging into her soon. Fuck, she's such a slut for me. "Go get my wine, sicko, and hurry back," she sneered, reaching over and rubbing Kyle’s crotch. "If you're a good boy I'll give you your surprise."

I nodded, watching wedding band glistening as her hand rubbed the growing mound that extended down his pants leg. Fucking guy must be huge, I thought. I fetched her wine and returned, standing silently as they kissed, open mouthed and tongues swirling, his hands all over her ass and tits, hers rubbing his crotch. I waited until they finished.

"Good boy," she said, standing and offering her hand to Kyle. "Freshen up Kyle’s drink and bring them to our bedroom." She didn’t take her wine. They started for the bedroom, walking with arms around each other. His hand was playing with her ass and she giggled. I took his glass, freshened it with ice and topped it off and headed to join them.

By the time I got there she was already naked and lying on the bed. I put the drinks on the bedside table, using coasters, of course. I hated when their drinks left rings on the furniture. Kyle stood next to the bed and began disrobing. I dutifully took each discarded garment and folded it neatly. When he undid his pants his swelling cock bulged inside his boxer briefs, a twisted confined snake of a tool, poised to strike.

"Dear, could you help him with that?" Tammy asked from the bed. This wasn't the surprise, she'd made me do this before. Stacking the folded pants on top of the neat pile on the dresser, I went to Kyle and knelt next to him. "Slowly, please, if you would," she reminded sweetly, "I do so love seeing a nice big cock exposed." Swallowing my shame, I reached up with both hands and pulled at the elastic waistband from the front and back, sliding them off slowly.

His cock popped out at about three quarters full, and it was a wonder to behold. Thick, veined and with a giant head, it hung there like a threat, a fleshy smelting fire sucking the oxygen from the room.

"Ooh, it's wonderful!" Tammy chirped. "Isn't it wonderful, you filthy perv?" I silently admitted that she was right, and the thought of it made my cock strain more, made my breath catch. The idea of this fat monster fucking Tammy was indescribable.

"Bring it over here, you useless husband," she ordered, and Kyle chuckled above me. "And ask him nicely, like I taught you."

I stood and straightened my spine, swallowing my shame and embracing the humiliation and excitement. I reached out a trembling hand and wrapped it around Kyle’s dangerous cock. I felt it throb, felt the heat penetrate my fingers. Fuck. I took a few deep breaths and looked him in the eyes as he grinned in amusement.

"Please come this way, sir, so that I can escort you to my wife's eager cunt," my recitation sounding thin and needy. It was broken by Kyle's coughing laugh.

"Fuck, you weren't kidding," he said to Tammy.

"Wait, he's not done," she answered with a grin.

I approached the side of the bed as Kyle climbed on, feeling his cock stiffen to full rigidity in my fist. "If you will allow, sir," I finished as he knelt between her legs, "I would like to guide your cock into my wife's cunt so that you may fuck her." He gaped at me in astonishment as I tried to control my excitement. "And please, if you would, fuck her hard. Punish her cunt with your formidable cock. Please make her cum, screaming, over and over," I recited with a tremble in my voice. The words were hers, but the emotional desire and passion was all mine. "Fuck her until she can't walk, fuck her until she begs you to stop, and then fuck her some more," I pleaded, speaking for me, now. "And I would be very grateful if you would allow me to watch as you defile her and fill her married cunt with your hot cum." My remaining dignity vanished as I finished my honest confession. I thought I might cum in my pants without ever having touched myself.

He shuffled closer to her parted legs. She had her knees pulled apart and up to her chest, her thighs outside of her breasts, the glorious image of a slut who needs a fucking. Reaching my free hand to Tammy’s shaved pussy and using my fingers in a practiced motion, I spread her lips wide, exposing her wet horny opening. With a tug on the mighty cock in my fist, I pulled it to her opening, lined up the head, and let it slip through my hand as Kyle pushed inside my wife.

Fuck, he stretched her. Wide first, then deep. I knelt there, transfixed and silent as I watched him slide deep inside the woman I loved and adored. I kept my hand on him until he squeezed my fingers between them, breathless at the sight of her taking his full length and width. When he was fully inside I pulled both hands away and watched him wriggle his hips, seating himself deep in her cunt. She groaned and pulled her legs higher. I looked at her face, saw the rapture in her expression and fell in love all over again.

She caught my eye. "Don't jerk off, perv," she ordered breathlessly. "Wait till I tell you." My cock strained of its own accord, wanting my fist, wanting to be stroked, to spew its load while I watched the debasing of my wife. But I obeyed, that was the choice. Stay and do what I'm told, or get out. And if I left, I'd never see this again.

Kyle adjusted his position and began stroking his cock out and back in, emerging slick and glistening from her wetness. Her cunt stretched around his shaft as he pulled back, clinging to his fat meat stick, then folded in on itself as he pushed back inside. My brain swam with the images and I felt lightheaded. I tried to catch my breath, kneeling next to them, watching her married cunt welcome his cock.

He hissed and picked up his pace, fucking her harder, faster. The wet slapping of their flesh assaulted my ears, and I could smell her arousal. Between my legs my cock ached for attention, but I fought against it, waiting for the moment she told me I could relieve the pressure.

He grabbed her shoulders then, pulling her down onto his cock as he began to thrust furiously, pounding her hard, smashing himself deep inside. She shrieked and bellowed a cry, urging him harder, grimacing as she curved her back, forcing her cunt up onto his cock, a wet splashing hungry pit of lust.

She came, screaming.

He kept fucking as her pussy clenched him, spasming around his pistoning wonder shaft. He slowed as she rode the lightning, then sped up again. In a few short minutes she was cumming s second time, just as hard, just as loud. And then Kyle began grunting and his rhythm broke and his body began jerking violently, plunging his cock inside her.

He was cumming in her.

Normally, if I hadn't already cum, this would put me over the edge. I wriggled my thighs, creating a friction inside my pants that stimulated my erection. God, I wanted to cum as he filled her, as he painted her insides with his hot load! I was panting, watching his fat tool pulse as it spilled her reward, filled her. His hips slid his cock just an inch or so, in and out. My heart hammered.

Kyle leaned back and his cock half emerged, slick with his cum. He slid in and out again slowly, allowing a white creamy border of cum to form around his cock where it met her labia. It was disgusting and lewd and I couldn't turn away. Tammy's cunt was filled with his semen, and it leaked out as he after-fucked her slutty married cunt.

"I made you wait," she said to me, but I couldn't turn to face her. I just stared at the red gash, rimmed in cum, swollen with arousal. I nodded.

"You ready for your surprise?" I nodded again, watching his softening rod slip from her open gash. As the head cleared the opening his cum flowed out in a torrent. He pulled away and I dove in.

For months now I had been ordered to cleanup duty, licking her lover’s cum from her fucked cunt, and I didn't dally or delay. I pushed my face between her spread legs and shoved my tongue deep inside, lapping up her offered treasure. She was a slut for her lovers, and I was a slut for her. I licked the cum that had dripped down her ass crack, I sucked it from her hole. I swallowed it all, feeling it slick and grainy and bitter in my mouth. I felt her hand on my head, heard him laughing. And she talked to me, teasing.

"That's right, my cucky cum whore, suck me clean, get all my lover’s cum from my slutty cunt," she cooed, stroking my hair. “Make me nice and clean and fresh, and you'll get your surprise." I shoved my tongue deep inside her, felt her squeeze and push and was rewarded with a fat glob of cum. I sucked it up loudly and swallowed.

"I have a special treat for my dirty husband, yes I do," she teased. Without looking up from my duties I could hear the smile in her words. "I want Kyle to fuck me again, baby. That's right, you get to watch me take that cock a second time." She pulled on my ear. "So do a good job, because Kyle said he's not fucking a sloppy wet cunt full of cum." I burrowed and sucked. "And I'm going to let you help. Would you like that, my dirty cum whore? You want to help me get fucked?" She pulled my head up by my ear and made me look at her.

Kyle was behind me, still laughing lightly to himself at my debasement.

"If you help, I'll let you jerk your cock, baby. You want to help? Will you be a good boy and do as you’re told?"

I looked at her, deeply ashamed, incredibly aroused and beyond any sense of reason.

"Yes," I managed, "please, let me help, please." I needed to cum so badly I was almost in pain.

"Good boy. Take off your clothes." I leaped from the bed and was naked in a flash, my erection preceding me onto the bed. "No, no, off the bed, dear. On your knees, there, next to the bed, if you want to help."

I slinked off and knelt on the floor, eyes desperate, cock throbbing and leaking. She motioned with a single finger in a swirling motion and I turned, sideways to the bed.

"Good hubby," she said. "I'll let you stroke yourself in a minute. But you said you would help me. I want to fuck Kyle's big cock again, and he wants to fuck me. But he needs help getting hard." She pulled my hair, turned my head to face her. Her eyes were dark and her expression sinister. "Make him hard, you disgusting pervert."

I stared at her. Her eyes widened and her brows lifted impatiently. I felt movement as Kyle got off the bed.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" she demanded with irritation. She released my head with a shove and then I was staring at Kyle's wet, soft snake, dangling in front of my face. I began to tremble, panicked indecision gripping me as my chest tightened and my stomach roiled with fear and terrifying excitement.

"Go ahead, cuck boy! Make him hard! Suck his cock!" Her words rippled through my body, an aftershock of the earthquake of my choice. I watched his thick tool, shrunken and soft but still half fattened. It twitched, calling to me. I could smell him. I couldn’t move. I could feel his heat. Against my will I salivated.

"You want to jerk off, you pig?” Tammy had lifted onto one elbow and was hissing at me. “Jerk off while you suck him, go ahead, do it! But don't you dare touch your cock until his is in your mouth!" I stilled my hand which was already halfway to my crotch. Kyle's cock glistened with streaks of his cum and Tammy's juices. Clearly I had no reservations about the fluids coating his member, I could still taste them. But I hesitated anyway, terrified of taking this step, this new step, this…cock.

I knelt there, hand poised over my own throbbing shaft, my mouth inches from the cock that I had held, had guided, had watched as it fucked my loving wife, made her cum, spilled itself. In my ear her goading buzzed behind the pounding of my blood. In front of me was the cock of no return, the dick of destruction.

I wanted to jerk off, needed to. I wanted to cum, desperately. I wanted to watch Kyle fuck Tammy into submission, to hear her beg for more. I thought of the door, of Tammy, offering me the choice. I turned to look at her, unable to make myself do it, unable to deny that I was willing to do it, uncertain whether I wanted to do it, paralyzed by my confusion.

Her eyes caught mine. They shone with all the beauty and warmth I had ever felt for her. Her lips moved silently as she mouthed the words, “I love you.” My breath caught in my throat as the chains of my indecision fell away, clearing my path, my vision, my will.

In a second my mouth was open and I was leaning forward, sucking his fat tool for all I was worth. And fuck if it wasn't wonderful! The glorious flavor was a feast for my taste buds, the feel of my mouth, filled with flesh, throbbing, sexy flesh…it electrified me! I grabbed my own cock and stroked in time with my lips on Kyle’s cock, waves of passion rocking me, linking my own satisfaction with the sensation of sucking cock… And oh, the wonder as his shaft filled and stiffened in my mouth! I closed my eyes, slipped my tongue over my lower lip and stroked his full hardening length with my slut mouth from base to tip, and receiving a fat drop of pre-cum as my reward. I kissed it off and took him back into my mouth.

I was sucking cock for my woman and loving it! This cock that had given her so much pleasure was all mine now, mine to enjoy, mine to please, for her. For me. I filled my mouth, swirled my tongue. I licked and sucked and stroked, feeling the delicate thin skin across my lips, the fat spongy head against my tongue. And in a moment of uncontrolled passion I pushed harder, forcing his bulb into the back of my mouth, into my throat, gagging and choking, tears spilling from my eyes as I coughed spittle onto his swinging ball sack.

And for all that I was focused on sucking his cock I was stroking my own furiously, urgently. My erection, furious and angry for so much of the night had dwindled in my moment of panic but now had returned with a vengeance! I was stroking my fleshy pole as I sucked Kyle’s, smeared my pre-cum as I swallowed his, tugged my shaft as I sucked his head. I was getting off on blowing Kyle's cock at my wife's bidding. I think she goaded me throughout my efforts but I honestly didn't hear a word she said. There would be a next time, and then I would listen as she shamed and humiliated me, but tonight I was intent on cumming and sucking Kyle’s great cock.

I felt the familiar rise in my balls. I squeezed and stroked as I sucked him, and in the back of my mind was the realization that Tammy wanted me to cum as I sucked cock for her in an ultimate act of perversion. But it was Kyle who pushed me over the edge. I heard him say something, heard Tammy retort.

And then he grabbed my head. I heard Tammy laugh. He pushed and his cock pushed hard into the back of my mouth. I inhaled and he pushed again and my throat opened and he slid inside me.

Kyle fucked my face like a bitch cunt.

I gagged and choked on his big cock, my nose pressed into the slight line of hair that ran down from his navel. Panic and excitement launched through me like an explosion. I couldn't breathe, but I could cum like a bursting dam! Semen launched out of my cock at turbo force, striking me under the chin. Subsequent blasts painted stripes up my chest and belly before drooling in globs down my shaft and over my fingers as I struggled for air, my head jammed onto his cock like a gaffed fish. My entire body jerked and spasmed and when he finally let go and pulled out I collapsed, trembling in ecstasy on the carpet.

When I regained my senses it was to the sounds of vigorous fucking above me. I sat up like a catapult to see them back at it. My face appearing at the bedside caught Tammy's eye. She was on top of him, sitting erect on his cock, her boobs bouncing and her ass jiggling as she impaled herself.

"Back from dreamland, cocksucker?" she sneered. Kyle avoided my eyes. "He's nice and hard for me," she teased, riding up and down is shaft. "M-mmm, you did a good job, you cocksucking slut. You liked it, didn't you," came the inevitable prod. She saw my face and her mouth dropped open. "You did! Didn't you!" she glowed. "And not just because I made you do it! You actually liked it, you whore!" She slapped Kyle lightly on the chest and slid off his cock. In a couple of quick motions she had me on my back with my head at the foot of the bed, and she climbed over me, settling her pussy above my face. I had a close up view of Kyle’s wet cock as it pushed back inside her.

She slapped my balls. "Lick us, whore. You like his cock more than my cunt, I think," she taunted as Kyle resumed his fucking of my wife. "I wonder if it's his cock in particular? Or is it all cocks you like?" My tongue was already extended, licking the joining of their flesh, tasting her on his shaft as he stroked in and out. I sucked her clit, licked his big balls, and then held my tongue flat and still at the top of her gaping slut hole, allowing his thick vein to rub across my mouth.

She continued her taunts and my cock grew. Mercifully she stroked me, her hand moving in time with the motion of the fat meat pushing inside her, as though passing on the sensations of her fuck through her hand to me.

Kyle pulled his cock out suddenly and shoved it into my mouth. It was coated in her juices, but I barely noticed as he pushed deep into my throat, fucking my mouth as though it were Tammy's pussy. My mouth is a cunt for her lover, I thought, and my hips twitched up into her hand.

He switched back and forth several times, and my heart leapt in my chest every time he deigned to fuck my mouth.

The last time he plunged back into her he began grunting. I saw his balls pulled up tight and knew he was close. I'd seen enough guys fuck Tammy to recognize the sign. I sucked her lips, tasting her cum, feeling his cock push inside her. I tried to push my tongue inside next to his cock but I couldn't squeeze in more than the tip. I held it there, pushing, mouth open as he edged himself.

To my surprise he suddenly extracted his cock and before I could move he was pushing the fat spurting head between my lips. I panicked as his first blast coated my tongue, but as the realization struck me I was overwhelmed with desire. A wave of euphoria swept me even as I heard Tammy ridicule me. To my shame I sucked his fat spongy head as he unloaded, swallowing his juicy cum like a slut. I felt the first spurts fill my mouth, felt the pulses in his cock, heard his grunting laugh, echoed by my wife.

I blushed deeply but never stopped, stunned by my desire, my willingness, my unabashed need for his load. I swallowed repeatedly, feeling the slick slimy globs sliding down my throat, hot and salty, untainted by my wife's juices. Straight and warm from the faucet, coating my tongue and sliding down my slut throat to form a steaming pool of hot humiliation in my belly.

My head was swimming and I was panting breath through my nose. I felt my cock, wet and slick, and realized I'd cum while taking his load. I felt my face heat and burn with shame. Kyle pulled his cock from my mouth and I rolled onto my side, dizzy and elated.

As my head cleared I heard the laughing and Tammy's taunts.

"You fucking cum whore!" Her hand, slick with my semen, slapped my ass. I rolled onto my stomach and pressed my slick spent cock against the sheet, fucking the bed with my cum, a whimpering fool of a husband. "It's not enough you suck his load out of my cunt?" I felt her finger, gooey and wet at my ass and pushed back against her. "You sucked it out of his cock? And you liked it so much you came?" Her finger slipped inside me, and I groaned. "Fucking greedy cum slut!" She slipped a second digit inside me and I lifted my ass, taking the fingers, coated in my own load.

"Look at you! I bet you want him to fuck your ass for you!" she laughed.

"That's not in the cards," Kyle chuckled.

"Who fucking asked you for your opinion?" Tammy snapped at him.


"Shut up, Kyle, you're done here. Get your shit together and go, you've had your fun."

"Wh- what?"

"You heard me!" Tammy screeched. "Go! Get the fuck out! Leave us alone!"

I kept my face pressed to the sheets as she derided him some more, listening as he gathered his clothes and left the room. We waited in silence until we heard the front door close.

I lifted my head and turned to look at my Tammy.

She sat up, cross-legged, and extended her arms wide to me. I smiled sheepishly and her expression became tender and soft, as it always does. I crawled to her and settled into her arms, my head pressed to her chest. One hand stroked my hair and she made cooing sounds over my breathing.

"Oh, baby, thank you," she said, her words soothing and soft and assuring. I snaked my arms around her torso and held onto her, the taste of fresh semen in my mouth, my jaw and ass holding the physical memory of everything I'd done. "Such a good husband, baby," she said, stroking my forehead. "You'd do anything for me wouldn't you?"

I nuzzled my face between her breasts, kissing, tasting the sheen of sweat on her fine skin, and made a satisfied comforted moan.

"Did you like your surprise, baby?" she asked, all the tease gone now, her voice sensitive and caring. "Did my little whore like the treat his slutty wife brought him?"

I looked up at her, saw her honest, loving expression and fell for her all over again.

"Yes, honey," I confessed. She smiled, and leaned down to kiss me, softly, tenderly, our lips meeting in gentle agreement and mutual desire. She made soft sounds of pleasure and contentment, and I echoed them. We kissed a long time, squirming against each other, fitting our naked used bodies together like matching puzzle pieces, ending with her head on my shoulder, my arm around her, holding her close as she stroked my chest.

"Don't ever leave me," she murmured.

"I'm not going anywhere," I assured her. "Ever." I kissed the top of her head and closed my eyes, and we drifted off to sleep.

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