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Confessions Of A Spurned Housewife, Chapter 1

Confessions Of A Spurned Housewife, Chapter 1

When a husband isn't enough, what's a girl to do?
My name is Cindy and I am a married woman with a serious problem. I am a nymphomaniac. Yes, that's right I love sex. I love all types of sex. I love pussy sex. I love anal sex. I love oral sex. I love lesbian sex. I even love Internet "cyber" sex. I love having sex, watching sex, and reading about sex. When I'm not having sex, I am thinking about having sex. Now you may not think this is a problem, but let me explain further.

Being married has really cramped my style. My husband was more in love with his job than he was with me, which left me unfulfilled and horny. At first I took care of my needs myself; I got to be real good with my plastic boyfriend and had several electric lovers to choose from. But batteries don't keep you warm at night and you can't really have an intelligent conversation with a vibrator. So I was still left bored and lonely - a bad combination for someone like me!

I played the good wife for a few years, always hoping that someday my husband would notice what he had right beside him. But shortly after our fifth anniversary, I had reached the point that I had to do something or go crazy. A nymphomaniac like me left sexually deprived is a woman who is desperate. And that is when I met Mark.

It started when I was online one day doing my regular bill paying chores. I had finished paying everyone that I needed to at that time, so I went looking for a sexy story to read. I enjoy reading sexy erotic stories to charge up my imagination. Then later, when me and my toy play, I can mentally picture myself doing those things or getting them done to me and it helps me to get off.

I found a couple good sites and started looking around for stories, when I noticed one of the story sites had a personal ad bulletin board area attached to it. Just out of curiosity, I popped in to see what was happening. I began reading through the ads, checking out what people were saying in them.

Most the ads said pretty much the same thing; a guy or girl looking for a good time - blah, blah, blah. Pretty much what I expected. But just as I was about to leave and go find something else to read, one last ad caught my attention:

I'm a dominant, seeking my submissive. I'm looking for a real girl, who knows what it truly means to be a submissive.

You should like to be controlled, but still want, and know, that being a submissive is about love and affection. You should be willing to submit in all areas of your life and serve obediently, knowing that it is in your service that you are truly free. You should be able to derive pleasure from serving, and understand that it is your obedience that pleases Me and that My pleasure is your reward.

In return for your obedience and submission, you can expect the full measure of My support, care, and protection. You will be treated well, nurtured, cared for, and loved to the best of My ability. Your submission is My treasure and it will be guarded with all that I am.

About me... tall, white, and well-built, I am handsome, intelligent, funny, and a lot of fun both in and out of the bedroom. I'm adventurous, love the outdoors, I'm athletic, and looking for something long term. Tired of the bar scene, and of hook ups with no emotional attachments, I am looking for something real and substantial. I do not want just a quick sexual game, I am looking for a relationship, not a fuck. I'm kinky, but not over the top.

You should be a single white, Latina, or Asian. Thick is okay, just be in decent shape. You should be 18 or older. Submissive, looking for something long term. You can be a first timer to Dom/sub relationships, or semi-experienced. You must be real, and be serious about this. Do not waste my time, I will not waste yours...

If your real, serious and like my ad, get in touch. Be sure to include your name, best way to contact you, and a few pics. Include a little about you in your email, what you want, are looking for, where your from, what turned you on to my ad and made you get in touch etc.

Reading the ad, my pussy began to tingle. I had never thought much about the whole BDSM thing and didn't know too much about it. Yet the idea of a man controlling me and making me do all sorts of lewd and degrading sexual acts really got my pussy going. I was pretty open-minded and free about sex and how people expressed themselves, so just about anything was cool with me so long as everyone had a good time.

I decided to pursue this further and see where it went. I know it was wrong, but I wasn't happy with the way my life was going. A change was definitely in order! So I answered the ad not sure what was going to happen, but excited that something was. For safety's sake I had set up an alternate email. I didn't want to get caught for one thing and for another, if this guy turned out to be a creep or worse, it would be easy to drop out of sight and ditch him.

I checked my email every day, sometimes twice a day, but I heard nothing. I was beginning to think it was just a waste of time and was feeling pretty down. But after about a week and a half, I checked my email one day to find a message waiting there for me! Excitedly I opened it up - the only thing this email was used for was the ad so I knew what the message was about:

Hello Cindy2012,

I received your reply to My ad - thank you for responding. I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, but I have been out of town on business.

Your reply intrigues Me and I would like to get to know you better. I was also quite impressed with the pic you sent as well. I understand it was just a quick cell phone picture but from what I saw, you look very pretty. I was pleased. I would like to meet with you at a place of your choosing, and discuss this further.

If you care to move forward with this, let Me know the time and place that we can meet and have coffee and talk or whatever.


Reading the email, my heart was racing. Part of me, a big part, wanted to write back right away. But when he talked about meeting so soon, it kinda of made me nervous. I knew all the horror stories and the news about Internet meetings. And meeting someone took this whole personal ad thing I had going into reality. Somehow I justified what I was doing as just a fantasy. But if I was to actually meet someone it would be more like... cheating.

I logged off my email and shut the computer down. I had housework to do anyway. But as the day progressed, the email kept coming back to haunt my thoughts. As I swept and mopped the floors in my house I pictured myself as a domestic girl, cleaning up my Master's large mansion. As I started dinner, I fancied myself cooking and serving my Master His food submissively as I knelt beside Him.

As the day progressed I thought about him more and more. And the more I thought of him, the more turned on I was getting. By the time I had dinner started I was dripping! My husband Paul wouldn't be home for another 30 minutes at least, so I left dinner in the oven while I went into the bedroom to take care of a different type of "simmering"!

I shut the door to the bedroom and laid back on the king-sized bed. reaching into my nightstand, I pulled out one of my favorite toys, an 8 inch long, 2 inch thick pink jelly vibrator, shaped and textured to look and feel like a real cock. It not only vibrated but it would rotate as well and at the base it had a delightful little buzzer in just the right place to hit my clit. My pink lover never failed to send me into orbit!

As hot as I was at the moment thinking about Him, I knew it wouldn't take long for me to relieve all this pent-up frustration. So I laid back to enjoy my work. Sure enough, in about 15 minutes I was on the verge of a howling orgasm. I pictured myself performing in front of Him, doing for Him what I was doing at the moment for myself. Fantasizing about "being made to perform for His pleasure" was just the ticket to cure my current state and it brought me to a thunderous orgasm. When I finished and had calmed myself down, I went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit before Paul came home.

As was usual, Paul arrived right at 5:30 and grumbled some about work being tough and his boss being a jerk. We sat down and ate dinner pretty much in silence and then I got up to start clearing the table. And, as usual, he announced that he was going down to the club for drinks with the guys. Pretty standard fare for me these days.

But unlike all the other times that I was left to entertain myself while Paul went out, this night I had someone else on my mind. So instead of vegging in front of the TV, I decided to email back this guy who had so effectively held my thoughts lately.

As I opened my email and re-read His letter, I started getting wet all over again. What was it about this guy that enraptured me so? I began typing and telling him how He had been on my mind and how excited I was to be talking to Him. I confessed to Him that I had played with myself and thought about Him while doing it. I told Him that I was picturing myself laying on the floor in front of His chair fucking myself with my vibrator while He watched, giving Him a private show.

I don't know why I was so forward with Him, I'm not like that usually. But writing Him, it just seemed to come out. As I re-read what I wrote, I could feel the heat in my cheeks as I blushed. I must have been cherry red!

After telling Him what I had done, I wrote telling him that I would like to meet and I told Him about a little coffee shop that I knew would afford us enough privacy so we wouldn't be caught. I asked Him to meet me there tomorrow at around noon and we could have lunch. Paul never came home for lunch, saying it was just a waste of gas to come home. He normally just ate downtown at a little place close by his work. So I knew that I would be safe leaving the house. I finished up the email and as I pressed "send" my heart jumped. There, it was done. I was going to meet a strange man to discuss the possibility of serving Him sexually!

The next day after Paul went off to work I got busy. I wanted to be perfect for my meeting so I showered and shaved my legs and underarms. I thought about shaving my pussy but wasn't sure what He liked, so I just trimmed it up a bit. I looked through my closet and found a little black knit dress I hadn't work in ages (why would I... where did I ever go that I could wear it?) Hoping against hope that it still fit, I put it on. It was a bit snug, but that only made it slinkier and I liked how skintight it was. I sure wasn't going to be able to eat much though! I put on my best black CFM shoes, a pair of strappy six-inch stiletto-heeled sandals. Then I went into the bathroom to put on my makeup.

As I got my face made up just the way I hoped He liked it something caught my eye. My wedding ring. Oh shit! I thought about it for a second, then took the ring off, pulling out the drawer of my vanity and putting it under the drawer before replacing it. That way it would be safe, yet Paul wouldn't accidentally find it before I could put it back on. I felt a little bad about taking the ring off. It felt cheap and sleazy to be meeting a strange man without my ring on. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Hubby should have taken better care of his nympho wife!

Finally the time had come to go meet Him. I took one last critical look at myself before grabbing my pocketbook and heading to the coffee house. I got there a few minutes before our meeting time and sat there. I had a cup of coffee to help steady my nerves... I was shaking like a dog shitting peach seeds!

"Hello Cindy," a deep voice said from behind me. Startled, I turned around. There He was... and He was fucking gorgeous! My breath caught in my throat.

"H-hi," came a squeak from my mouth. I blushed hearing my own voice like that.

In front of me was the most handsome, sexy, hunky guy I had ever seen. He was six foot four and very muscular, like a football player or a weightlifter. He had black wavy collar-length hair and green eyes that seemed to look right into my soul. A firm chin with a stubble beard and a smile that took away my breath all over again. He was impeccably dressed in a tailored three-piece suit and looking at him I could feel my pussy getting damp.

"My name is Mark. Nice to meet you. Mind if I sit down?" He asked. How stupid of me!

"I'm sorry, yes please. It's nice to meet you too," I said, mentally kicking myself.

He took a seat across the table from me and we began talking. He told me what He was looking for and I listened intently, trying to find a way that I could fit the bill. I very much wanted to be what He was wanting and as He told me of His desires, I checked them off in my head. I could deal with most of them but there was one in particular that I would have a problem with. He wanted a single woman, because he wanted a long term relationship.

"Damn," I thought to myself, "I like just about everything He wants except for this."

"Sir, everything you have told me are things I to enjoy. And I am open to just about everything so long as we both enjoy ourselves. And while I admit I don't know a lot about BDSM, the idea of serving has become of great interest to me. I would love to explore this further with you and see if it is indeed something I would enjoy. However, I have a confession to make."

"And what would that be?" he asked.

"Well Sir, I am married. However, my husband does not satisfy my needs and that is why I started this whole thing. You see I am a nymphomaniac and I crave sex. But my husband pays more attention to his work than he does his wife. And that has left me to find my satisfaction elsewhere. Up to this point that elsewhere has been my toys, which while they do get me off, leave a lot to be desired in the relationship department.

I know you are looking for a long term thing, but I am desperate Sir. I can't go on like this. And my husband is too wrapped up in his work and his precious status with his friends to pay me any mind. I need something more than just a roof over my head. I need affection. I need sex. I need a relationship that involves more than a silent dinner and watching TV.

I don't know why I am telling you this. I guess it's because you are the first person that actually listened. Or maybe it's just the fact that we don't know each other so I don't feel I have anything to lose. But I have to do something or I'm going to go crazy, Sir," I told Him, as tears filled my eyes and rolled down my cheek. I spoke to Him honestly and without holding back. I didn't know if it would do any good, but as I told Him, I had little to lose. Either He would understand and accept me, or He would walk away and I was still in the same situation as before.

When I finished speaking I sat back, wiping my eyes so I could see His reaction. For the longest time He had none, He just sat there looking at me and thinking. As I sat across the table with my heart laid open to him and dying, he pondered the situation. My heart was pounding and I was a bundle of nerves. Finally He spoke with his decision.

"Cindy, I understand and sympathize with your predicament," he said. "And yes, I think we could make a pretty good pair. You do seem to be sincere and serious about wanting to learn more. But as my ad stated I am looking for a single woman in which to build a long term relationship with. I don't want to get involve in any marital drama between a husband and a wife. I don't want to be involved in any divorce cases or be the reason anyone leaves their spouses. I am not a home-wrecker."

"I understand Sir. I am sorry I wasted your time," I said lowering my head and trying to hold back my tears. I knew it was a long shot going in, but it didn't make me feel any better knowing that I had blown this chance.

"Hold on a moment, I am not done. I said that is what I am looking for. However I have not had much luck in my search. I have had a couple responses but neither of them have worked out. You, on the other hand, seem to be more like what I am interested in and your little story about playing with yourself while thinking of Me made Me smile. You intrigue Me, which leaves Me in a dilemma. So I am going to ask you a question and I want an honest answer, understand?"

"I will try Sir," I replied.

"If I decide to take you on, do you promise to not bring a lot of drama and marriage difficulties with you? Do you promise to leave your marriage outside the door and not drag Me into the middle of a divorce or any other disputes between you and your husband? I do not wish to become involved in your relationship with your husband in any way. This will be between you and I."

"I promise, Sir," I said, my heart skipping a beat.

"Then so be it. I will give you a chance. But the first hint of marriage trouble or drama and I will cut you loose, understand? I have been very careful not to mess with married women up to this point and it has served Me well. Don't make My regret My straying from that policy!" He said sternly.

"I won't Sir. I promise," I told him happily. I was being given a chance to serve this man! I was delirious!

"And now that you are going to be My submissive and serve Me, you will start calling Me Master. I am Master Mark."

"Yes Master," I said. As I said the words, my pussy instantly got wet and I almost came right on the spot!

"Now let's discuss how you will serve Me. You have already told Me that you have no children. This is good, it makes things less complicated. So tell Me what your daily routine is like," He said.

"Well, I get up around 6 am and get breakfast ready. Paul and I eat breakfast together sometimes and he is off to work no later than 6:45. Then I am home all day until 5:30 when he gets home. We have dinner and then he goes off to be with his buddies at the local bar a lot of the time. Or he'll be so tired he just goes to bed. It's a lovely life!" I said sarcastically.

"I see. And when he goes out with his buddies, when does he usually come home?"

"Oh he could be gone until one or two in the morning, depends on how much fun he is having and whether he works the next day. On a good night when there's no work the next day, he can come home as late as 5 a.m.," I told Him.

"Well that will give us some time to work together at least a couple times a week. We will start out with that and see how things go. Will twice a week work for you, at least to start?" he asked.

"Yes, Master. Twice a week is fine," I said.

"Good. We will begin with getting together twice a week. But I will want you to email Me the other days of the week. I want to hear from you in some form or fashion every day, do you hear Me? You can email Me, you can call Me, or you can meet with Me, but every day I want to hear from you and I want to know how your day is going and what you have been up to. As your Master it is My responsibility to keep tabs on you and I want to make sure I do that."

"Yes Master," I said.

"Now I want to get started as soon as possible. How does tomorrow look for you? Do you think we could get together tomorrow for a couple hours and go over some rules and other things you will have to learn?

"Yes, Master, tomorrow is fine. I don't have anything special going on," I said.

"Good. I will email you with instructions then," He said.

"Yes, Master I will be looking for your email. Thank you, Master for this opportunity. I hope I can be a good submissive for You," I said.

"I hope so too Cindy," He said, "Until tomorrow then." and with that he got up, and went up to the counter to pay for our lunches and then came back and got me. He walked me to my car and opened the door for me. Once I was in, he shut the door and then turned to get in his own car.

I drove back home in a fog that afternoon. I was in training to become a submissive. A servant to a gorgeous man. And we hadn't even talked about sex yet!

That night, after Paul had gone off to his evening with the boys, I went to the computer and looked for an email from my Master...

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