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Confessions Of A Spurned Housewife, Chapter 2

Confessions Of A Spurned Housewife, Chapter 2

Tags: cuckold, bdsm
She meets her Master and learns to serve...
Hello Cindy,

As promised, I am writing you with instructions for our meeting tomorrow. Because we are just starting on our journey together, I thought it wise that we meet in a neutral area so I have gotten a hotel room for our first session. We will be meeting at 11:00 am at the Hotel Marriot. You will come to the hotel and wait in the hotel lobby. I will pick you up there and take you to our room. You will come dressed in something that is sexy and shows off your body, but that is not slutty and whorish. You will learn to be a lady in public, yet you will be My whore in private. So dress nicely, but do not wear any panties. We have a lot to discuss so we will probably be spending most the day together.


That was what Master's first email to me said. I read it a couple times to make sure I got all the info I needed. I smiled as I read how He wanted me to dress. Lady-like but with no panties... the very thought made my pussy tingle. It had been such a long time since I'd had a real cock between my legs. I can tell you the anticipation was driving me crazy! That night I had dreamed all manner of sexy situations where my new Master had used me for His pleasure. I had been such a slut - nothing but a cum dump for Him to use as He saw fit. I woke up that morning feeling so horny I didn't think I could make it until our meeting! All morning long I could feel the burning itch of needing to be fucked hard and yet I didn't want to do anything about it, for fear that I wouldn't be ready for Him when the time came. I had no idea what He would want of me this first session, but I wanted to be ready for anything.

Finally, mercifully, the time approached for me to go meet with Master. I had already gotten dressed in an outfit I hoped He would approve of, and had done my hair and makeup. I sat on the kitchen table tapping my fingers nervously waiting for the last few minutes to tick off before I could leave. At 10:45, I left the house and drove to the hotel. As I arrived, I found a parking spot not too far from the door, yet in a spot where it couldn't be seen from the street. I didn't need someone spotting the car and then asking me or Paul about it.

I checked my face once more in the rearview mirror, and then sat for a moment trying to calm the butterflies that had come to nest in the pit of my stomach. "Here goes..." I thought to myself and got out of the car. I had to lean on the car for a second because my knees were wobbly, but I gathered myself and walked to the hotel lobby.

I passed through the automatic doors into the lobby and looked around. Good, He wasn't here yet! I was thankful that I hadn't kept Him waiting. I took a seat where I could watch the door and waited for Him to arrive. It was only a couple minutes - promptly at 11:00am, that He walked into the lobby. He spotted me right off and walked towards me. He was dressed just as flawlessly as He was in the coffee shop, and as he got closer I had to admire the man. He was the picture of class and tastefulness. He came up to where I was and looked me over for a second before speaking.

"Come," He said. A simple one word command, but was the first He gave me as my Master. My pussy twitched and as he held out His hand to me, I took it and began following him to the elevator. We stepped into the elevator and the doors closed. As we rode up to our floor, He stood across the elevator eyeing me critically. I stood there nervous and too intimidated to even look at Him. I wanted so badly to know what He was thinking, to know what was going on behind those piercing green eyes. I felt like he was stripping me bare and examining all my flaws and imperfections. Ok yes, I wasn't a Victoria Secrets model. And yes I was nervous and apprehensive about meeting Him like this, but hey, this was the first affair I had ever had! Still He looked at me like He was eyeing a prize cow at a cattle auction. It was the longest elevator ride of my life!

DING! The elevator reached our floor at last. The doors opened and I waited for Him to step out before following Him. We walked down the hall a few doors before we reached our room. A swipe of the card He held and the door opened and we stepped inside.

The door to the room no sooner closed then He spun around and pushed me back against it, catching my gasp in his mouth as he pushed up against me and crushed me into the most passionate kiss I had ever known! His tongue forced its way into my mouth to explore and found mine waiting for it. His body pressed up against mine, my rock hard nipples poking him in the chest while the bulge in His pants told me He wanted me just as much as I wanted Him. He placed a leg between mine which was a smart move on His part, since I was melting and my knees no longer had the strength to hold me up.

Just as I ran out of air, He released me stepping back slightly and spinning me quickly around to face the door and pushing me back up against it. He raised My arms straight up over my head and made me keep them up while his hands explored my body. He slid His hands down my arms to my neck. He grabbed my hair, showing me He was in control now. His hands then went down my sides, past my breasts and down to my hips. He caressed my ass and then he went down my thighs before moving back up to my hips once more. He pressed up against me and I felt His hard cock in the crack of my ass.

By now I was moaning and writhing against the door, The man was driving me mad with desire! I was already so horny that I could have jumped Him right there in the hotel lobby, but the silent elevator ride and now His pawing me like this - it was almost more than I could stand!

"Ohhh God!" I cried as I felt His strong hands roaming over my body. His touch set my skin on fire and sent electrical sparks throughout my body. I was nervous and scared but I was also so fucking hot for this man! I wanted him more than I wanted anything else at that moment.

"Please, Master..." I moaned as His hands moved around to maul my tits. With His hands working my tits and His bulge nestled in the crack of my ass, I was on fire. I wriggled my ass back against Him as I set my forehead on the door. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the feelings.

"Are you having fun, slut?" He hissed in my ear. His voice burned in my brain and only added more fuel to the fire in my pussy. "Do you like My hands on your body slut? Playing with your tits and toying with those hard nipples?"

"Ohhhh," was all I could muster for a reply.

Then He grabbed my hair and hauled my head back pushing me harder up against the door. "So you think you want to be My slut do you? You think you have what it takes to please Me? To serve Me? We shall soon find out," He growled. Then, still with a handful of my hair, He pulled me away from the door and half walked/half dragged me across the hotel room.

"On your knees slut," He commanded when he reached the chair in the corner of the room. I knelt on the floor as He took a seat.

"Now to begin with, remember this position. You will be using it many times over your training," He said, looking down at me.

"Yes Master," I panted, still very aroused.

"I can see the lust in your eyes, slut. I can see you trembling with need. The smell of your passion fills My nostrils. This hypersexual need of yours will work well for Me. It will be the tool I use to train you and to control you. You will learn how to obey Me and how to please Me. In return, I will see to it that these needs of yours are met. If you follow My commands and serve Me well, you will be well rewarded. If you do not... well we will deal with that when the time comes."

"Yes Master," I said.

"Good. There is a lot to learn and this will undoubtedly be the most challenging - and the most rewarding - journey of your life. Are you ready to begin?"

"Yes Master. I am ready," I said, the anticipation building even as He spoke. Master sure knew how to keep me in suspense!

"Very Good. Now stand," He commanded. I got to my feet immediately and stood in front of him.

"The clothes you picked to wear please Me, but now I want you to take them off," He said. I looked at Him for a second as if double checking if I heard Him right. He noticed my hesitancy and repeated the command. "Your clothes, slut. Remove them."

I began undressing, first removing my blouse and setting it on the bed beside me. Then I looked at Him and removed my bra. I stood in front of Him searching His face for a reaction, trying to figure out if He was pleased with what He saw. But He showed no emotion - His "poker face" remained absolutely unchanged.

I sighed softly and removed my skirt. I had not worn panties as He had said so once the skirt was off, I was essentially naked save for my heels, garter belt, and stockings. I had worn the garter belt and stockings thinking that if something did happen today, it might please Him that I wore them.

"Good girl. Come closer," He said holding out His hand. I smiled and stepped forward between His knees. He touched my thigh and a gasped slightly. His hand began slowly sliding up my thigh and as it did my fire raised with it. His fingertips lightly grazed my stockings, then when they reached the top they continued across my naked flesh. His touch was like liquid fire! He reached the crease of my V and teasingly traced it down to my pussy but didn't touch it - rather he moved across to the other side and up the crease there. I was going crazy! I wanted Him to touch me. To touch my poor neglected pussy and rub my tormented clit. I whimpered quietly my frustration.

Master must have heard me somehow because He smiled "Such a greedy slut! You wish for something more than My caress?"

"Y-yes Master," I said, my voice trembling.

"Spread your legs. Show me that pussy," He said. I spread my legs and he pulled me closer to Him. sitting forward in the chair He put his face close to My now dripping pussy and inhaled deeply, taking in my musky aroma. Having His face so close to my aching pussy made me moan again

"Please Master..." I whimpered.

"Ahh yes, the hungry pussy," He chuckled. He slipped a couple fingers into my pussy and my knees buckled slightly. He held me up though and then began slowly pumping the fingers in and out of my slick pussy, churning them inside and curling them up to make sure to hit my g-spot.

I was in heaven! Masters fingers knew just where to touch and just how to do it to send me ever higher. I was moaning and twisting, impaled on His wonderful fingers. I reached up to grab my tits and play with my aching swollen nipples when somehow through the lust-fog I heard the words "Hands down." I put my hands down without thinking... I couldn't think anyway and His hand continued churning my pussy into molten butter. I was bobbing up and down on His hand, twisting and grinding on the fingers, trying everything I could to reach my peak and plunge headlong over it.

"Ohhh Master! Oh please I need to cum... please make me cum. Please, please please..." I begged.

"And if I do allow you to cum, what will you give Me in return slut?" He asked.

"Anything," I said, "Anything Master, just please, please make me cum." I pleaded, more vehemently.

"Very well then, but you may regret this bargain!" He said. And with that He increased the intensity of His fingering and added the thumb on His other hand to massage my swollen throbbing clit. The combination proved much more than I could handle. It was only moments before I was screaming out my release! I came so hard I almost fell, my legs unable to support me. I had to lean on Master's shoulders to keep me up. My pussy gushed as I came, pouring out its sweet juice as My body spasmed and bucked with the force of the orgasm. My head began to spin and I was having troubles breathing. I couldn't speak - all that came out was one long howl and a bunch of unintelligible gibberish.

The next thing I remember, I was laying on the bed, drenched in sweat and my brain was buzzing like a hundred bees had set up a hive in it. As the fog in my head cleared, I saw Master sitting on the bed next to me.

"Welcome back," He said with that gorgeous smile of His.

"Did I go out?" I asked, still not sure of what happened.

"No you didn't go out, but you did get pretty lightheaded. It must have been some time since your last good cum."

"Yes," I said, "Quite some time. I have gotten myself off a lot, but it's not the same."

"No it isn't. But that's not going to be a problem anymore is it?" He said.

"No, Master, it isn't. Thank you for my orgasm... it was wonderful," I said smiling broadly.

"You are welcome, slut. But from this point forward you will have to earn your orgasms. You earn them by following orders and by pleasing Me. You will find Me a generous and benevolent Master, however I can also be strict and harsh when My anger is provoked," He said.

"I will try not to provoke you Master," I said.

"Good girl. Now since I am using your sex drive and orgasms as a reward and tool for your training, rule number one is that you are not to pleasure yourself without permission. You are not to use your toys or anything else to pleasure yourself unless I tell you to, understand? If you can pleasure yourself anytime you want, then I will not be able to use it as a motivation for your training."

"Yes Master, I understand. I won't pleasure myself without Your permission," I said.

"Good. Now rule number two is that on the day we are getting together, I do not want you wearing panties. I will not go so far as to tell you to never wear them, but on the days we are together, no panties. I expect that pussy to be open and available to Me and do not want to be hindered by unnecessary clothing. Also, to that end, I do not want you wearing pants on our days either. A short skirt is acceptable, a mini skirt is better. Your choice to wear a garter belt and stockings was a good one and it is appreciated. Just remember, you are to be pleasing in all ways. Dress to impress and to please."

"Yes Master," I said, smiling that I had chosen the garter belt and stockings and that it pleased Him.

We continued talking for a couple more hours. He explained what BDSM is and what it isn't. He explained each of our roles and responsibilities. There was so much to learn! I listened carefully, wanting to absorb as much as possible so I could do well. I was surprised at what I learned that day - I had no idea that BDSM (or D/s as I was corrected in terminology) was so involved! The only thing I knew about it was that some people enjoy being tied up and fucked. But as I was to learn there are much deeper feelings and meanings to it.

Our time together was getting close to ending and Master finished my "lesson" for the day. I was thoroughly enjoying His teaching when He pulled one last thing on me.

"So, slut, did you enjoy your time here today?" He asked me.

"Yes, Master. I enjoyed it very much," I replied.

"I'm glad. But now you have one more task to perform for Me."

"Master?" I asked, wondering what I might have forgotten.

"Well yes, you didn't think you were the only one with needs here did you?" He said smiling. That damn smile of His - my heart melted all over again!

"Oh Master! Oh how thoughtless of me! Of course, my Master," I said. I dropped instantly to the floor in front of Him. Looking up into his beautiful green eyes, I quickly unbuckled and unzipped His trousers, fishing out His hard cock and admiring it's size and texture. I looked to Him for permission and as He nodded, I began.

I started by licking around the swollen mushroom head and teasing the tiny peehole. then I moved down to the base and took long slow full laps up the shaft, feeling the veins and ridges of the glorious member. His cock tasted so good! I could have licked it like candy forever. I wrapped my tongue around it and slid up and down the length of it. Once I was sure the whole thing had been lovingly attended to, I put the tip to my lips and slid ever so slowly down the meaty pole as far as I could take Him. I wanted so much to show Him my cocksucking skills. I began bobbing and sucking Him the very best I knew how. I cradled His cum-heavy balls in my hand, coaxing them to release their precious load as I massaged them. I used every trick I knew to bring Him to orgasm. As I worked, I kept my eyes on Him, judging my work by His reactions.

He laid back in the chair and closed His eyes. I could hear Him moan every so often and when He did I moaned myself. Apparently He enjoyed the vibrations my moans caused because His cock would twitch when I did. The poor man must have been as sex starved as I was because it didn't take long for Him to reach His peak to. He grabbed My head and forced me down harder onto Him and moved my head faster as He neared his peak.

Suddenly He gave a great moan and shoved His cock deep into my throat and he burst forth, spurting His hot seed down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could but I couldn't keep up. His cum trickled past the corner of my mouth and down my chin. He must have shot off a gallon of the white sticky stuff before His cock quit pulsing. As I felt Him shrinking back I sucked harder, wanting every drop He had to give. Finally He plopped out of my mouth and I licked Him clean. When He was spotless, I gently replaced Him in his pants, kissing His cock through the underwear and thanking it for it's gift.

He opened His eyes and smiled again. He pulled Me up into His lap and I cuddled with Him for awhile as He stroked my hair and told me I was a "good girl" God I could have stayed right there for the rest of eternity! But far too soon we had to leave. I had to get back home before Paul came home and He had to get back as well. We got up and finished getting dressed and then He walked me out to my car. A goodbye kiss and I turned to go.

"Wait a minute. What is your phone number? I may want to call you sometime." He said.

Smiling, I took His pen and wrote my number down on the palm of His hand. I kissed the palm carefully and then I headed for home...

Master Mark and I met many times over the next few months. Each time we met was better than the last. I had finally found a way to satisfy my insatiable sexual drive. While we started out meeting twice a week, it wasn't long before we both wanted more time together. He wanted more time to teach me what I needed to know, and I wanted more time for... well for sex! So we decided after the first month or so to try making it three times a week. That was better, I would only have to wait at the most two days between visits.

I was looking forward to my next visit with Master when Paul came home with what I thought was wonderful news.

"My boss wants me to go over to Buffalo to help out the office over there. They are having some re-organization troubles and he thinks I can help get them straightened out. I'll be over there for two or three days probably - they have a hotel room set aside for me already," he said.

I tried not to let on, but this was a dream come true. I would have a whole three days with Master! I tried very hard to contain my elation.

"Well I hope you can help them," I said calmly as I could.

That weekend I packed his bags and made all the necessary arrangements for his trip. I also emailed Master and told him the great news and we made plans to spend those few days together. Monday morning came and He was all packed and ready to go. I gave him a kiss goodbye and watched as he drove off. I gave him about 20 minutes to get out of town and then got myself ready for my own "vacation". I dressed in my Master's favorite outfit and got myself all made up just perfect. I was so excited to be going off to spend three whole days with Him.

I had just left apparently when Paul returned home, having forgotten some important paperwork. Curious why I wasn't home, he called my cell phone. I picked it up and saw that the call was coming from my own home! Shit! I didn't answer it, letting the call go to voicemail. I was afraid that if I answered it, there would be questions I didn't want to answer.

The phone stopped ringing and it didn't ring again. Whew! I continued on to Master's house without thinking much more about it.

Master and I had a glorious three days together. I don't think I have cum so much or so many times in such a short period of time in my life! I served Him in every way I could and loved every minute of it. He showed me a side of life I had never even dreamed possible, even when me and Paul had first met and fell in love. It was an amazing time.

Sadly, however it came to an end and I had to go back home. As was our custom, I kissed Him goodbye and left for home. I was already missing Him when I made the turn into our driveway and was about to pull into the garage when I noticed Paul's car was there! Holy crap! He had come home early! My mind began to race trying to come up with a plausible excuse for not being home. How long had he been here?

I walked into the house timidly, I knew I had been caught, but how deep was the shit I was in? Paul was sitting on the couch when I walked into the living room.

"Where in the HELL have you been?" he said without getting up. He was furious, I could see that from across the room.

"I-I..." I started to say.

"I have been here for over four hours waiting for you to get home. You don't have any bags with you so you haven't been shopping. You are dressed and made up like a whore, is that it? Have you been out whoring around? Spreading those legs for anything with a cock? Don't forget young lady, I know your flirtatious nature and I know that you tend to get too friendly with men. Have you been sleeping around on me? Answer me dammit! I want an answer and I want it now!" He was pissed, madder than I have ever seen him. And it both scared me and made me mad as well.

"Yes dammit! Yes I have been seeing someone. Someone who appreciates me and makes me feel like a woman, not just a maid. Someone who cares about my feelings, my needs, and yes someone who is good in bed as well," I yelled back at him.

Paul whirled around suddenly and put his fist through the nearest wall, then stormed out of the house slamming the door so hard it knocked the pictures off the wall. I sat down on the couch (it was the closest place to sit) shaking like a leaf. I had never seen him so angry and so violent - he simply wasn't that type. Paul was actually pretty easygoing and even a bit on the mousy side. He was not one prone to outbursts like this.

He was gone the rest of the day and didn't come home that night. I went to bed scared and worried for him. The following morning I woke up to find that he had come home early that morning while I was sleeping and had slept on the couch. He was sitting at the dining room table when I came around the corner.

"Sit down," he said, pointing to a chair. I sat down not knowing what to expect but ready for anything.

"Why did you do it? Why did you go sleeping around? Who is it? How long has this been going on?" he said. He wanted some answers.

"Paul, I didn't mean for this..." I started to explain.

"Bullshit! You have always flirted and fooled around with other men. True until now it has been innocent and fun, but now you have taken it too far. You are a whore - no you are worse than a whore... whores at least get paid to fuck other men! You are a fucking slut, Cindy. A fucking slut!"

"Well if you had paid more attention to me and realized that I am more important than your damned job, maybe this wouldn't have happened! I have needs and desires too dammit! I am your wife - I come before any job!" I said, getting pissed myself.

"Not for long you aren't! I am going to see a lawyer - I want a divorce. I am not going to be married to the neighborhood slut!"

"Paul Michael Richardson, if you try to divorce me I will ruin you! Remember my family has the money here and we know a lot of very influential people. I will take you for every penny you have and every penny you ever hope to have! I will crush you in alimony and I will sell everything we own to take you to the cleaners! Don't you DARE threaten Me!" I said, bringing out a wildcat side in me that even I didn't know existed.

Paul knew I was right. My family did have money and we did know enough names in town to put the hurt on him. A few well-placed phone calls and calling in some favors would cost him his job, and all that he worked for all his career.

We fought and we argued for the rest of the day but eventually we came to an agreement. We both had a lot to lose in a divorce... it would hurt our familes, it would ruin his career and it would cost us both dearly as far as respect and position in our community. So we decided to stay married out of "convenience". But it would be a marriage on paper only. Both od us would be free to pursue our separate interests. He would maintain his job and his friends and I would be able to see my Master whenever I wanted to. We would maintain our home just as usual and no one but those involved would know any difference.

It may not sound like the perfect solution, and it probably isn't, but it works for us. He goes off to his job knowing that the house is taken care of, the bills are paid, and dinner is waiting for him when he gets home. Which is just what he had before I ever met Master. He is free to go see his buddies just like before, and he doesn't have me harping on him about never being home. I, on the other hand, have my Master to take care of my needs. He loves me and cares for me more than Paul ever did, and I am so happy when I am with Him. Yes I have to leave to go home, but I know I will see Him again and the freedom we now have to see each other without the surreptitious plotting and scheming makes it even more enjoyable.

At first Paul wasn't too thrilled about the arrangement. He was jealous and would always question me when I was home. But in time, that faded away and he got used to the idea. He found me a lot easier to live with now that I was getting laid on a regular basis and I was more tolerant of his activity too, since I didn't rely on him to fill those needs.

Do I wish I was with my Master always, sure. I feel my place is at His side or on my knees in front of Him. But that comes with too many drawbacks right now. No I am satisfied to be His slut and His whore when we are together, which these days is just about every day anyway. I still have my responsibilities at home, but instead of being a "chore", my Master has made it an "assignment" that I must do to please Him, and thinking of it that way, I do my work at home happily and faithfully, knowing I will be well-rewarded the next time I see Him.

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