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Conrad and Pamela Winston-chapter two

The cuckolders have a plan, but will it work.
"So, you've broken it off permanently with her," said Helena.

"Yes. There's no going back now. At least I can't think of any way," I said.

"You sound like you wish that there were a way," she said.

"We were married a long time. I would like another chance at her if there were some way to guarantee she'd remain faithful. But, well, there isn't," I said.

"You sound like me," she said. "I'd give my left tit to have my Mr. Cross back, but, he kicked me to the curb for some chickee that will be cheating on him right soon if I know anything about such things. So, I guess I'm of a mind to see Mr. Cross on a cross." She laughed.

"Yeah we are a pair," I said. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," she said.

"You horny tonight?" I said. She smiled and then laughed outright.

"Let's go. I need it; you need it; we can help each other out," she said.

"Sounds like a plan," I said.

The sex had been good. We were naked, relaxing, and quiet. Each of us lost in our own little world. She broke the spell.

"Conrad?" she said.

"Hmm," I said.

"I will be moving out of here by the end of the week," she said. "I'm broke. I'll be moving in with a friend. So, if we are going to be doing this anymore, it'll have to be at your place. I hope that's all right because I love doing you." I looked over at her.

"You wanna stay here?" I asked.

"Well, yes, but I can't afford it," she said.

"Forget moving. If you're amenable, I'll move in here and pay the tab. I mean if you want," I said. "I've been moteling it, and that's getting old. I'll take the second bedroom and that way we'll each have a little privacy; well, except on nights when we don't' want any." I was smiling. She looked at me.

"Okay, I guess," she said. "But . . ."

"Don't fret, girl. You can still date anyone you want. I know you're looking for something permanent, and I'm not sure I can fill that bill. Actually, I know I can't right now. Still, if you and I can date some, it'd sure be good for my ego if nothing else," I said.

"Wow!" she said. "Conrad, I'm not sure about the future either. And, you are very right. Down the line I do want to find me a permanent relationship. And, I feel the same way as you; I mean about needing someone near more or less steady to hold on to until I can find mister wonderful."

"Good, then we have an arrangement," I said.

"We do," she said.


Helena and I had been doing our thing for three days before she came at me, no, not Helena, Pamela.

I was looking over some plans with one of my subcontractors when I got a tap on my shoulder.

"Hello, Conrad," she said. I turned.

"Pamela, what are you doing here? And this is a hardhat area; you're not supposed to be here," I said.

"We need to sit down. It's lunch time and there's Cracker Barrel just down the street. Whaddya say?" she said. I looked over at Rory.

"Rory, I'm going to lunch, okay. Call those guys and tell them we need the materials muy pronto," I said.

"Will do," he said.

"Okay, Pam, let's go," I said. "I am hungry." She nodded, and we headed out on foot for the CB.

We settled into a booth with our waters in front of us.

"Nice dress," I said. "New?"

"Not funny," she said.

"Yeah, well you rubbing your tall, dark, and handsome boyfriend in my face wasn’t funny either," I said. She just gave me a hard look.

"I need you to come home, Conrad. I can't make it alone, and you know that," she said.

"Really, and Mr. Pollard gets to use your body but won't pay your way? Is that about it?" I said.

"Mister Pollard is not my husband; you are," she said.

"That figures to be a temporary thing," I said. "Tell him he doesn't get to use your body anymore unless he pays your way. That oughta get him off the dime."

"Damn it, Conrad, we had an agreement. You promised to let me have my little thing on the side. I promised not to short you, and you said okay for me to have him on a part time basis. You did!" she said.

"I changed my mind. And, I never really said it was okay either. What I said was that I would try to live with it, but I sure as hell didn't like it," I said. "And, after I saw you dressed to kill for him the other night; well, I realized that there was no way that I was going to be able to deal with it, not even."

"Did you have to ruin my entire wardrobe?" she said.

"Spur of the moment revenge after you insulted me and commanded me to be in by midnight. Your implied 'or else' killed our marriage," I said.

"I said that stuff in anger because you—and I didn't insult you . . ."

"Yeah, threw up all over you. That should have been a clue to you what you playing around on me was doing to me. But were you bothered by it at all, I mean my state of mind, my emotional state? Not at all. You just got mad at me, threatened me. But, no more, Pamela, no more. I have my head out of my ass now. “So no more! Got it!" I said. "And, you did insult me. You called me a wimpy little shit. Well, I may not be tall, but I sure am not the things you called me, not even."

"Look, I'm sorry, okay. I said those things in the heat of . . .

Anyway, after I had a chance to look at it, the whole thing, and yes I did talk to Ron about it too, I realized that I was being heavy handed with you. Ron, if it matters, agrees with you. Said I was an asshole rubbing your nose in it like I did," she said.

"Hmm, he and I might be able to get along after all," I said.

"Wouldn't that be something," she said.

"Yeah, wouldn't it: he and I comparing notes about how good 'our' woman is in bed," I said, and that about as sarcastically as it could be said.

"I could live with that if you two could get along," she said.

"Not gonna happen, Pamela. Get that! I said.

"Never say never, Conrad, never say never," she said.


After my little face to face with Pamela, I made a couple of decisions. One, I was going to keep my, Helena's and mine, little apartment for the foreseeable future. Two, I wasn't going to go to the trouble of divorcing my wife. Unless I met someone who I did want to marry, there didn't seem to be an upside to actually divorcing my personal whore.

I was just going to be cool and not worry about anything.


Helena and I did the dirty three and four nights a week. Sometimes at home, sometimes in the backseat of my car: it was cathartic for the both of us. We weren't an item in the sense of long term, but we were close. Then it ended.

"Conrad, he's come back to me. He's come back and on his knees. We're going to try again," she said.

"You sure it's what you want, dear heart," I said.

"I think so," she said. I nodded. We kissed, and I helped her pack. I would keep the apartment as I’d already decided; it suited me. She'd be moving in with her Mr. Cross.

"The door's always open, girl. I mean you know," I said.

"I know, and I thank you for everything, Conrad, and I mean everything," she said.

And then she was gone. I was alone once more.

My nights were once again relegated to a kind of lackadaisical hunt for companionship. And as to that, my luck couldn't have been worse. Even the prostitutes in the neighborhood were too busy to see me. I wondered how my wife was getting on. Doubtless a whole lot better than me, of that I was more than certain.


"We have to do something if we are ever going to get him to be my willing cuckold," said Pamela.

"Yeah, well I'm thinking that you're dreaming," said Ronald. "He's never going to be happy with you fucking me or anyone else. Too straight laced for that kind of thing."

"If we could get him to swing . . ."

"Yeah, well as I recall he's already told you no to that idea," he said.

"Yes, but that's because he doesn't think that other women will want him. He's shy of all damn things," she said.

"They probably wouldn't want him. I mean he's short; his dick is marginal, his bedroom skills non-existent; oh and yes, he's a nice guy," said Ron.

"He got me?" she said.

"Yes, when he was much younger and doubtless a whole lot better looking than now," he said. "Look, I like the guy; well, what I know about him. But his confidence level is way too low for him to get many women to want to do him. He's got his fucking emotional baggage hanging on his sleeve so that anyone can see it, not a turn on for any woman. It's the way it is."

"Maybe, but I have an idea, and you're going to help me," she said.


Work work work that was my gig. With my wife history, with Helena gone, I still had the five sisters to keep me company, but after a while they kinda lost their allure. But then, a tiny bit of luck, I guess it was luck: my ex decided it might be time to throw me a leaky life preserver. She caught me on a barstool stirring my beer with a straw, nobody does that; well, nobody who's conscious of the world around himself does.

"How yuh feelin', Conrad," said Pamela, coming up behind me and startling the piss outta me. "What are you doing with that straw?"

"Sweet Jesus, Pamela!" I said.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you," she said.

"What are you doing here?" I said, not unreasonably.

"Basically to see if you've gotten over your snit and might be willing to have a rational sit down," she said.

"My snit? My snit!" I said, my voice rising and octave. "I notice you're dressed real nice. Good 'ole Ronald foot the bill to reinvent your wardrobe?" I didn't quite snicker.

"Yes and yes," she said. I stared at her like she was from outer space.

"Hmm, I guess he makes more scratch than I thought. And as for my snit, it is what it . . ."

"Look, Conrad, you can't stay mad forever, and you had agreed to let me keep my little thing on the side," she said.

"Yes, but as I think I told you more than once, it proved to be just too much for me. I just can't see how . . ."

"Sit down with us, Conrad. And, yes, I mean us, not just me. I love you. I like and need him for some extra relief now and again, but that's all. He plays with other ladies too. That doesn't bother me.” I smiled. My original thought that mister Pollard was likely a Player was a true thing after all.

"Conrad, I'm hoping that, if we can talk, that you'll come home and be my husband again. I'm hoping that you and Ron can be friends. I'm hoping that you can be a little bit more understanding than you so far have been. And, selfishly, I'm hoping that, from now on, you'll leave my clothes the hell alone. Whaddya say?" she said.

"You saying that you want me to sit down with the both of you, not just you? Did I hear you right?" I said.

"Yes." She had stopped me with that one. I could see no upside to sitting down with a man I had viscerally hated. But, did I actually hate him. The answer, as I had come to know in recent days, was maybe no. Still, sit down with him?

"What would be in it for me?" I said. "I mean if I talked with him and you?"

"A much improved sex life for the three of us. And, the realization by you that Ronald is no threat to you whatsoever," she said.

"I don't know," I said.

"Come on, stud, I won't bite and neither will he," she said.

"You know, I'm gonna say yes. When and where?" I said.

"Oh my God! Thank you thank you thank you!" she didn't quite scream. She came to me and gave me a hug that actually hurt.

"Okay okay," I said. "Again, when and where?"

"Tomorrow night at the house," she said. I nodded.

"I gotta go," she said. "I gotta get him onboard with this too. He's not going to believe it.

"Conrad, we are going to make it," she said.

"Hmm, maybe," I said. I was far less sanguine about our chances than was she.


I was two minutes late. So was Ronald. We walked up the steps together. We shared a glance at each the other but nothing else.

The front door was wide open. I went in first. He hesitated. I motioned him to come in; he relaxed and did. At least he didn't have the brass balls to come in without an invite.

"Wow! You two ride together?" she said. She was smirking, but in truth it did kinda look like we'd come together.

"No, no we didn't ride in together," I said. He nodded at my correctitude.

"So, we're all together at the same time and the same place," she said.

The two of us, Ron and me, again nodded.

"I'd like to say that I appreciate what you're trying to do here, Pam. What it will lead to is a mystery to me, but I do appreciate your efforts," he said.

"So what's on the agenda?" I said.

"There's a pitcher of martinis on the dinette table. Let's adjourn to there, okay," she said. We did.

"Honey will you do the honors," she said, indicating that I should pour the drinks. I shrugged and did as she requested.

Seated and sipping, the silence was palpable.

"I guess I should start," she said, finally. "I mean since I called this little meeting."

The two of us males nodded. It occurred to me that we were acting like twins.

"Conrad, I've done very badly by you. I’ve treated you badly and was totally selfish in the way I acted and dealt with you. I apologize," she said.

"Ronald, you are better in bed than is Conrad, but he is my husband and a better one is not findable," she said. He didn't respond, but I thought I saw a hint of irritation in his nod.

"May I ask," I said. "How is he better in bed than me? I mean why couldn't I learn to be enough for you. I mean since it seems that we are laying our cards on the table tonight."

"Some men have staying power, Conrad, and some don't. Ronald does. You don't. Sorry, but that's just a fact. And . . ."

"And?" I said.

"Well, and his dick is twice yours, and make no mistake that's a biggee. I'm not saying these things to hurt you. You do it for me in a dozen ways, just not that way," she said.

"So, I guess this meeting is over then since I'm clearly not man enough to satisfy you. We'll divorce and you can marry Ronald here," I said. He still hadn't said anything substantial, but once again his look did. It was clear that he was more than hoping that she'd accept my offer and go for the divorce. This last notwithstanding, he finally opened up.

"She doesn't love me, Conrad. She does love my dick, and I do satisfy her sexually, while you at best are okay, not great, but okay; and, she has told me that you were. No, you need to keep her for your wife, and she needs to keep me for the occasional liaison only," he said.

"She clearly doesn't want me. My income maybe; I could buy that real easy, but me? No way does she want me for a husband in any real sense of the word.

"You are exactly wrong, Conrad," she said. "I do want you for a husband, for my husband. Your income? I won't lie to you. Your income isn’t exactly last on my list, but it isn't first either. And there are lots of girls out there for whom cock size is not the biggee that it is for me. I guess that's part of why I wanted you to go out too like me and Ronald do. You know to play a little on the side. But, to always come home to me.

"I need you at night to cuddle with me, to hold me, to love me and protect me, and adore me. Yes adore me. I love it that you want me so badly. The sex you'll be getting from me is because I am so grateful to you for being there for me, for being my main man," she said.

"Your main man?" I said.

"Yes, Ron is my man too, but he is second in line to you except for the couple of hours each week that he and I do the dirty. And, I promise to give you twice as much sex as you ever got before if you will kindly stop being such a wuss and take me up on my, our, offer," she said, looking over at her lover.

"A wuss, am I?' I said.

"You have been. But I am hopeful that after tonight you will no longer be one," she said.

"Fantastic," I said, about as sarcastically as I could.

"Conrad, I want to clarify something here because I think I might be giving you the wrong idea. A man, any man, can pleasure a woman. I mean if he takes his time, and is sensitive to her needs and likes. And you are both of those things, Conrad. You are sensitive to my needs. You are sensitive to my likes and dislikes. You do pleasure me. I love it when you do me. Are you as good as Ronald? Hell no. But, you are plenty good enough," she said. "To paraphrase what you guys are always saying about some of us girls, “I'd wouldn't be kicking you outta bed."

"Fucking wonderful. I might be mediocre, but I'm not a complete loser. Gotta love it," I said. "I don't know why I'm still sitting here. I mean if you chop me any lower I'll need to be killing myself since I wouldn't have a whole lot of reason to go on living."

"Look, Conrad, I get to fuck her. You get to fuck her. She gets pleasured all around. And, if you have the sense God gave sheep, you'll do a little playing on the side and find out just how good you are. Hell, maybe you aren't worth a shit as a lover. But, like Pam is saying, you probably are. But, you're gonna die never knowing if you don't get your act together and check it out, the scene I mean.

"We planned on going out tonight. You need to come with us. I think you'll score if you play your cards right. But, if you don't, this lovely lady here will take you home and fuck you into insensitivity and leave you for dead. And, if that turns out to be the case, if you don't score, we'll try again tomorrow.

"But, if you do score, then you'll be making it with whoever it is, and I'll be taking Pam to my place to fuck her. But, and it's a big but, she'll be coming back to you; and I mean tonight unless you call and tell her to come back tomorrow morning after you say goodbye to your little piece of strange. So how about it," he said.

I couldn't help it. All of the talk about fucking and strange and all of it had gotten me horny. I nodded.

"Okay, I'm really not into this swinging scene, yours and Pamela's; but I guess I’m willing to give it a look see. But, Pam," I said, looking over at her, "if I don't' score, don't you be hard to find. Because in that case good 'ole Ronald will have to be employing the five sisters tonight. You good with that?"

"Yes, sir," she said. "So, if you two gentlemen will give me a little time, I have to go upstairs and prepare myself for this little adventure." The two us nodded, and she headed upstairs.

"What makes you so sure that I'll score?" I said, looking straight at my rival.

"You're a good looking guy, Conrad, and Pam's told me about you. She says you're a good dancer, and a good kisser. Not very good at fucking, she says. But I'm pretty sure that's because nobody ever told you what to do. Sexually, Conrad, I'm betting that you're an ignoramus," he said. I sneered.

"Yeah, maybe, but I don't try to break up other people's marriages," I said.

"Is that what you think? That I'm trying to break up your marriage? Nothing could be farther from the truth. I like Pam, and I love fucking her, but I am not in love with her, nor is she in love with me. Get a grip man, and do what I tell you tonight when we go out. Okay?" he said.

"Directions from the master, that it?" I said.

"You could do worse," he said. Just then Pamela came down.

"We'll see," I said.

My wife was beautiful. Evidence of that was the fact that the two of us males had our collective tongues hanging out.


The Elegance night club was my wife's favorite hangout. Had been for years. She and I used to frequent it, and I'd learned in recent times that she and good ‘ole Ronald went there a lot. Well, we were back there now.

It kind of irked me when the bargirl who came to serve us referred to her boyfriend as her husband. I got a worried look from my wife for that one. And, she didn't correct the girl which irked me even more. I was going to let it pass, but she wasn't.

"Conrad, we come here sometimes, Ron and me; the girl was making assumptions that's all," she said.

"Yeah, I guess," is all I said. I surveyed the place. Not much had changed in the couple of years since I'd last been in it. Some new help I thought. It had to be new since all of the bargirls, there were five or six of them serving the clientele, appeared to be recent high school graduates.

"You need to roam a little," said Ron. “When you see a girl you might like, or, that might like you, say something but no jokes."

"Like what?" I said.

"Nice music, like to dance?" he said. "I know you know how, Pam says so. So use what you got."

I actually thought he had a good idea. I was a good dancer. If I couldn't do anything else, I could do that. I decided to improve on his idea.

I waited for a number I liked. And there it was, "Black Magic Woman." I loved to chacha.

Ron pulled Pam out onto the floor. I watched him, them, for a minute. He was sluggish and kinda clumsy looking. I cut in.

"Don't worry big guy. I just need her for a little advertising," I said. I could see a light go on in Pam's brain.

"Yes, that's a good idea," she said to Ron. And Pam and I tore up the floor. I mean we really tore it up; I was on a mission. Three minutes later I escorted her back to her table and handed her off to Ron.

I seemed to have a change of partner for every dance after that. Two of the women appeared to be competing for my favor. I had to admit that it sure as hell did wonders for my ego.

Three hours later I had two phone numbers that were literally foisted upon me. I'd never use them of course, but I did appreciate the fact that they appreciated me even if it was only for my dancing skills.

The night was a qualified success. I was indeed not the loser that my wife evidently, her words to the contrary notwithstanding, thought me.

On the way home I sat in the back seat. Ron wasn't going to get any poontang tonight, I was, but his legs were too damn long for the back seat. Pamela drove.


Arriving at our place, Ronald baby picked up his car, and Pamela and I headed inside for what I figured to be a continued bit of high pressure sales on her part. I was righter than I suspected.

"You did well tonight. You gettin' it now?" she said.

"How do you mean?" I said.

"Clearly you have things to offer women, and especially this woman, that they want and need. And, yet, all or most all of them, have husbands or boyfriends that they will go back to tonight, well, like me," she said. I had to nod.

"Maybe," I said.

"Maybe? There's no maybe about it. You do realize that I only got one more dance with you after the first one all night, don't' you?" she said. I had to think. She was right; I had to smile.

"Yeah, but the way I figure it, that was because I could dance better than the rest of those guys," I said. "If I had to depend on my fabulous good looks, well . . ."

She smirked. We all have our talents," she said. "Ron's tall, dark, and handsome. I'm prettier for my age than most other women. You're a top of the line dancer, a big thing for most women. What I'm saying, Conrad, is that you are no fucking loser. You've got assets quite apart from your paycheck."

"Yeah, but what about once I'm standing naked in front of the woman? What then?" I said.

"You do the best you can. You're not that bad. Your dick's a little on the small size, so you do with what you've got. You use your tongue after you fuck her to finish her off. You treat her like you treat me, I mean with sensitivity. Do all of these things and you'll be fine.

"Jesus! Listen to me. I'm giving you tips on how to make it with other women," she said, "talk about odd."

"Yes, so that you can do it with good 'ole tall, dark, and handsome without me getting overly jealous or dumping your ass," I said.

"Yes, in part, but also because I was a shit before and a selfish shit at that. I've got it together now. We'll swing, Conrad, you and I; but, we'll always come home to each the other," she said.

"Hmm," I said, still not sure of it all.

"You gonna call those girls?" she said.

"What girls?" I said, hoping she didn't see the two that gave me their numbers.

"The ones who gave you their numbers. You should, and you should do it tomorrow. Do not let grass grow under your feet in these kinds of situations, Conrad. Just remember, you always come home to me."

I looked down. I actually felt guilty about not having thrown the numbers away. They were burning a hole in my pocket, but did I really want to call them.

"I don't know. Dancing at a public bistro is one thing. But fucking a woman other than you, even with your permission, I just don't know," I said.

"Do as I say. Call them tomorrow. Set up separate dates for next Friday and Saturday nights. Ron and I will do the same but at different places. We'll use a motel. You should do the same for the short run; until you find out if their worth second dates. But, in the meantime, this week, you will fuck me raw and be my one and only. Whaddya say?"

"I'll think about it," I said.

"Anyway, enough about all of that. I need you to fuck your wife. Now! And, I do want a serious fucking, no sensitivity tonight. Just do me up good and proper. Okay?" she said. "Jesus, I'm horny."

I was too. We stripped. I spun her around and bent her over the couch. I kicked her legs apart and unceremoniously rammed myself inside of her. She was wet as hell; I had no trouble bottoming out inside of her. I screwed her slowly at first until she started to grow impatient.

"Fuck me damn it!" she said. "Hard!" I began pounding her. She grunted with each thrust.

"Goo—good!" she squealed. "Keep—keep—on doing it that way."

She didn’t cum but almost. But I did and in a gusher.

"Fuck!" she said. "I almost made it. Try to last a little longer this time." She dragged me around to the front of the couch and made me sit. She knelt in front of me and sucked me hard once more.

She stretched herself out on the floor, spread her legs, and crooked a finger at me to mount her. I didn't have to be told twice. She pulled her knees back and straightened her legs up and over my shoulders; they were pointed straight up in the air.

"Do me good asshole," she said. "I need to cum." Her tone and her words actually frightened me. I dared not fail her. I drilled her. I pumped in and out of her pussy and I knew she was close: her eyes glazed over. Her jerky movements told me a small cataclysm was taking place inside of her vagina. I finally unloaded my spunk inside of her and collapsed on top of her.

"Roll off of me butthead; I can't breathe," she said. I smiled then laughed. I rolled off of her and lay exhausted by her side.

"Asshole? Butthead? What's with all of the name calling?" I said.

"It heightens the moment, the dirtiness of it all. It turns me on," she said. "Oh, and you're not done." I glanced at her. I knew I was pretty close to being empty, done, in spite of her implied command.

She sat up and swung a knee over me and settled down on my face. "Eat me, chicken shit. See if you can make me cum again. This is your duty from now on. Got it!" she said.

I couldn't really answer her, but I did do my duty and she did cum again. Testifying to that was the way she pressed her pussy and her anus down onto my face as she stiffened in a body wrenching orgasm.

She fell forward and I had a perfect view of her wonders.

Some minutes later we were still doing our best to regain our breath while heading off to separate showers.

A half hour after that we were sitting at the dinette with Tuna sandwiches and soft drinks in front of us. It was almost 3:00AM.

"Helluva night," I said. She smirked.

"And many more just like it to come," she said. I nodded.


I did call the two women the next day. I had to. Pamela was sitting across from me when I did it. I guess she didn't trust me to get it done without her encouragement, even her active participation. I had dates for both Friday and Saturday nights, and those with two totally different women.

Pam and Ronald were going out too, and they'd be going to the Elegance. In my case I'd chosen the Calaboose.


I picked her up at a local Denny's where we had a cup of coffee before heading out. She preferred a neutral location until she got to know me better was the way she phrased it. Well, I could dig it. Single woman, me a man she'd seen but one time at a local bistro and knew nothing about. Like I say, she made sense.

"Well Tanya Mesa, and how are you this evening?" I said, smiling broadly.

"Well, Conrad Winston, quite well, thank you very much," she said.

The ride to the Calaboose was kinda long, so we talked. I learned that she was recently broken up with her fiancé, she was fortyish, she was blond and pretty, and she loved to dance. I knew this last already; she'd been good partner the previous week.

The drinks were good, the dancing was good, the company top drawer: it was a nice date. And, she agreed to a date for the following Friday. I actually wanted to ask her out the following night, but I did have a date with her rival; I would not stand a girl up.

I took her back to the Denny's where she'd parked her car; but I did get her home address this time. The following Friday I would be picking her up there.

I got home late. Pamela wasn't there, but she was fifteen minutes later. She'd been fucked; there was no doubt about that. I'd been in a good mood. I hadn't thought about her and Pollard hardly at all the whole night; my date was that good. But, now I had misgivings.

"How was your date?" she said.

"Good, nothing happened, I mean not like what you and Ronald obviously did," I said. She frowned, but recovered.

"It will. This was your first go 'round. So, anyway, what did you do?" she said.

"We drank and danced and talked and I got a goodnight kiss and a second date," I said. Now, she smiled.

"Well good," she said.

"And you and Pollard?" I said.

"Yes, Conrad, he did fuck me. You knew that. We also did a bit of dancing too; I mean before we went to the motel. He's a better fucker than you, but you are a whole lot better at dancing." She’d thrown me that crumb, I guess, because I looked a little down.

"Look, Conrad, we've, you and I, have gotten it on four times this week. And, you did good too, I might add. This weekend stuff is just fun stuff added to the other fun stuff we do. So, don't be jealous of Ronald. He's just a friend, a toy. You're the man, not him," she said.

"Yeah yeah, okay," I said. I made up my mind. I'd be angling for a homerun tomorrow night. Oh yeah. I needed to get fucked instead of just fucked over. Yes, tomorrow I would be going for broke with my date.


I picked Gloria Billings up at her townhouse; it was not far from the Calaboose. She wasn't as pretty in the face as Tanya, but she was very sexy looking. Short with a mane of black hair and an hourglass figure: she was a walking wet dream. But, on the downside, she was only twenty-two years old, too big a difference for a serious relationship. But, I wasn't looking for one of those anyway; hence, she was good for my purposes, a little fun with no long term commitment. Why she was interested in a man twice her age was a mystery to me. But, I would go with it for the short term.

The early part of the date was pretty much a repeat of the date I'd had the previous night with Tanya: good whiskey, good dancing, and some laughs. Conversation? She was boring. Well, she was too young to know anything. But, she was okay overall. And then she was more than okay.

Around 11:00PM I took her home; well, we were danced out. She did not give me a kiss goodnight. No indeed. She took me by the hand and led me inside.

"Have a seat, Conrad, I'll be back in a minute. It was five minutes, and she was only wearing her black panties. Jesus! Did I mention that she was sexy as hell! If I didn't I should be shot for my error.

She walked, no, swayed over to the mini-bar against the far wall. She poured us two glasses of wine. I'm not into white wine so much, but she could have peed in the goblet and I'd have been happy, actually very happy. We sipped for a moment or two without saying anything, well, I had an excuse, I was damn near catatonic.

"Gonna stay dressed all night?" she said.

"Uh . . ."

She put her goblet down and began unbuttoning my shirt; I let her. She continued by unbuckling my belt, unzipping my pants and pulling them down my legs. She stood.

"I love your red boxers," she said. "You are so the little boy." She giggled. I pushed my shorts down and she eyed my five inch gun with interest. She didn't laugh.

"I've never had an older man before. You going to do me good?" she said.

"If I fail you, I will kill myself in the morning," I said. Now, she laughed uproariously.

"No, no, don't do that. Just give me your best shot. Okay?" she said.

"Damn straight," I said. "This girl didn't have a lot experience in life, but I had the feeling that she was more than competent in the sex department. She was sure as hell more experienced than I was.

I knelt in front of her and kissed her pussy through the material of her panties. She smelled wonderful, womanly. I slowly peeled her out of her panties revealing a completely bald mound and an enslaving slit. I worshipped her.

She turned around and I kissed her butt. I spread her cheeks and kissed and licked her anus. She giggled.

“Taste good, mister?" she said.

"Oh yeah," I said.

She turned around again and I ministered to her pussy lips and then her clit. She was wet now, really really wet.

She laid down on her back and spread her legs for me. I entered her missionary, ramming her mercilessly until I exploded inside of her. I knew I'd been selfish; she knew it too and expected it. But it was no more than ten minutes later with her massaging my balls and penis that I was once again loaded for battle. This one would be for her. And it was.

"Whew, not bad," she said. "You got me off the second time."

"Thank God," I said.

We slept the night away. The sun woke me. She was nowhere to be seen. I headed downstairs. She was sipping coffee. She got up and got me a cup.

"You did good last night, Conrad," she said, "but . . ."

"But?" I said.

"But, last night was a single event not to be repeated," she said.

"Huh?" I said.

"You're too old for me. I let you do me because I really did want to experience an older man. But, well, now I have," she said, "I hope it was good for you." I nodded. Then, I had a bad thought.

"Gloria, can I ask you a question? Oh, and it was very good; well, you can imagine. I mean, as you say, we won't be seeing each other again, well, not in the same circumstances anyway. And, yes, you are right. A long term relationship wouldn't work with us being so different age wise. But, can I ask? There wasn't another . . ." She laughed, and kinda stopped me.

"You men. You're worried about your dick size aren't you?' she said. I looked down.

"You are kinda small. But not totally useless that way. Most women do prefer a dick that's a least six inches. But a four or five incher like yours can do the job okay. Not wonderfully well, but okay. So, is that what you wanted to know?" she said.

"Yes, and thank you very much for your candor," I said. “So it is only the age issue then?"

"Yes," she said. I actually felt better. Gloria wasn't as good looking as Tanya, but she was a hottie, no question about that. I would be thanking my lucky stars that she gave me a tumble.

One week and my sex life and maybe my marriage had turned around. I was still a little jealous of Ronald having so much influence with my wife, but at least now I had options or so I imagined.

A swinging lifestyle? A swinging lifestyle which included medium term or even long term lovers like Ronald? Pamela had her Ronald and I maybe had the possibility of finding someone like she had; well, if I put my mind to it. And, I was considering putting a move on Tanya, for just such a liaison and that if only to get some leverage with my wife.

I had decided that to wimp out would only end in divorce. This way, even if it did finally end that way, I'd be able to save my ego from being totally destroyed. And, after my night with Gloria, I was pretty confident that I could score and save my marriage too. But, as things were about to turn out, I'd discover that I was fooling myself; well, sort of at any rate.


Over the next several weeks I dated Tanya several times. I finally hit a homerun. The night was cool everywhere except in her bed where things were hotter than hell.

She seemed insatiable. And, we were getting along quite well otherwise as well. That to the point where I began to think of her as a fallback position if my wife, unlikely though I now thought it to be, dumped me for good 'ole Ronald. And then, after a period of ten weeks of dating and getting to know each other, she Tanya, came clean.

At first I was so angry I couldn't speak, not to her, not to my wife, not to anyone; well, anyone but my very good friend, Jerry at the Calaboose; he alone was trustworthy. But I am getting ahead of myself. Back to Tanya . . .

"Conrad, we've been kind of an item now for some time. I'd like to say that I consider you more than a friend and more than a short term lover.

"Conrad, I want you to divorce your wife, and, I want you to marry me. There, I've said it," said Tanya. My mouth fell open, my heart stopped, my, uh, bodily functions threatened to embarrass me. I was speechless, well, almost.

"Huh? I mean, I have a wife. She and I have an arrangement. I don't think . . ."

"Conrad, you need to shut up for a moment," she said.

"Huh? What?" I said.

"Your wife, well, she's not what you think, Conrad," said Tanya.

"What? What are you talking about!" I said, raising my voice only slightly.

"Yes, you have an arrangement with her. She gets to screw her boyfriend and you don't get to object because you're screwing me, and that other girl. What was her name, ah yes, Gloria, the kid from the cradle," she said.

"Tanya, yes, that's all true, so what?" I said.

"Conrad, I have an arrangement with your wife too, and with Mr. Pollard. They paid me and Gloria to date you: one thousand dollars each. All we had to do was date you. You'd take us out and have a little fun, and if we fucked you at least once, we'd each get an additional thousand dollars each," she said. "For the record they did pay us; well, they did me. I assume they paid Gloria also."

I know my face had to have turned slate gray. I was certain that what she said was true. It all fit. But I had a thought.

"How many times did you have to screw me? I mean at a thousand for each roll in the hay..."

"Only once," she said.

"But you and I..." I started.

"Yes, you and I have continued to get along quite nicely thank you very much. That's because I've fallen for you. So, back to my question," she said.

"Question?" I said.

"Yes, will you marry me?" she said.

"I—I—I have to think, Tanya. If what you say is true, I need time to get everything straight in my head," I said.

"I know. But, regardless of what you decide, well, I'm here for you," she said.

"Thank you. I do appreciate your kindness here. But I will be talking to her, my wife," I said.


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