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Country Cuckold 2

Rachel has a night planned for us
When I got home from spending the day working down the road to install the new back deck, I was not expecting what I got. Frankly, I was expecting nothing more than to grab a tall glass of ice water, and maybe sit on our back porch and while away the Friday evening hours slowly. Maybe I would get the chance to make love to my wife, or maybe I’d just sit and do nothing. Both would be nice, I thought with a small sigh as I opened the door to the house.

Instead, I found my wife Rachel sitting at our dining room table. My jaw fell opened as I stared at her. She was wearing a huge smile. And very little else. “I’m in a mood,” she announced to me. Her smile was positively evil.

I was too stunned to offer much more than token resistance. “But...I’m…”

“Shhh,” she said quietly to me. She stood up, and I was taken in completely by her attire. The red bra, cut low, offering a seductive view of her firm breasts. Her panties were the thong variety, also red, and the stockings that so wonderfully encased and showed off her legs were likewise a red color. Hell, even the stiletto heels she wore were bright, shiny red.

She walked up to me and softly placed her index fingers over my lips. I stared into her big, brown eyes and saw the intelligence, wit and ardor that I’d fallen in love with those many years ago. My loins sprang to life even though my body was aching and ready for relaxation. “It’s been a long, difficult week for you,” she said. “That deck - such a big job!” she marveled while keeping that finger over my lips. The wicked smile returned. “ You've been working so hard that you have neglected me!” she announced. “That obviously needs to change.”

“You’re right,” I mumbled through her index finger. There was little else for me to say!

“I’m pleased that you agree,” she nodded. She dropped her finger from my lips, and clasped her hand into mine. She began walking, and I obediently followed. We went into our master bathroom, where she had already drawn a tub of hot water. “First, a shower,” she said. “I can’t have your sweaty, grimy body getting into this tub!” she said. She pointed and I went.

I showered quickly, feeling my heartbeat increase as I contemplated the evening’s entertainment. Obviously, Rachel had something in mind, and I suspected that I would love it, yet hate it. Finally after vigorously washing my body and rinsing off, I stepped out. She was waiting and held out her hand for me, and led me to the tub. “Get in,” she said quietly, and I slipped into the large tub of steaming hot water.

It was good that I had kept a high temperature in the shower, because the water was very hot, on the edge of being too hot. She took a bottle, and dropped two drops into the tub. Soon, the room was enveloped by the wonderful aroma of lavender. She inhaled deeply, and then sat behind me. She began to rub and knead the muscles of my shoulders slowly.

“Just relax, hon,” she advised me as she worked on my shoulders. It did not take long before I moaned with good pleasure. It was sensual, and I truly enjoyed her strong hands as they massaged my upper shoulders.

She stopped, and knelt next to the tub. She reached over and got a shaver, and handed it to me. It was one of hers, a new, pink one. The grin was back. “I am going to leave you to shave,” she said quietly, and pointed, looked at the water to where my erection was visible. “I want your body soft and clean-shaven. It will be...better,” she continued. “Just your privates. Not your legs,” she added. “When you are done, get out and come into the bedroom.”

“Alright,” I agreed easily enough. I set to the task, using copious amounts of shaving cream. I had to sit on the edge of tub. The task was difficult, as I had to reach into places I could not see, and use slow, careful strokes with the razor. The multi-blade head quickly did its job, however, and after about ten minutes of steady work, I turned and saw my reflection. I judged my work critically, knowing Rachel would do the same. I ran my hands over it, marveling at how differently it felt, and how it made my erection look somehow larger. I did a final check for remaining hairs, and then I got out and drained the tub. Rachel had left a terrycloth robe for me, which I donned and then went into the bedroom.

She had reclined luxuriously on our bed. Her body was propped up by pillows, and she idly flipped through a magazine. She saw me, and waved me over. I stood as she inspected my work, and finally, she graded me. “Good job.” She gestured that I should remove the robe, so I did.

“Now, I am in desperate need of a good, long thorough massage,” she told me, and handed me a bottle of her favorite massage cream. “Toes, feet, ankles, legs, calves, fingers, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, back, the works,” she said. She closed her eyes almost dreamily. “Make it a good one.”

I climbed onto the bed, still naked, and gathered the bottle and her feet. My hands are large and strong from the years of labor, and the cream was as protective as it was necessary. The callouses on my hands are unpleasant for her. I began slowly, and really worked the foot until she began to purr figuratively. Then I moved onto the next. The massage was slowly done, and it quickly became very erotic for me. This did not surprise me, as many times I have been powerfully aroused by the act of massaging Rachel. I think she knew this, and factored it into the night’s game.

Slowly I moved up her legs, until I had massaged her thighs - inner and outer - long enough for me to see that she was quivering. Her tremors of pleasure matched my throbbing hardness. And then it was time for the hands, and they too were slowly, expertly done. She kept her eyes closed during the session, all the better to focus on the immense pleasure I was giving to her.

“Do you know how good this is making me feel?” she asked me as I had lifted her up to work on her shoulders.

“Good, I hope,” I replied.

“Very,” she nodded. “And it’s making me very wet,” she said in a conspiratorial tone. “My pussy is just soaking wet right now. Did you notice?”

“When I was massaging your thighs, yes,” I admitted.

“Lick my pussy,” she ordered next. “Get down there between my legs, get settled in, and start licking me as slowly and carefully as you just massaged me. When I come, I want it to be a mind-bender!” she challenged me.

“I can do that,” I said confidently. I felt my erection sway wildly with the movement of my body. I laid, prone, between her legs, and simply gazed for a moment at the damp cloth that covered her sex. Not for the first time I contemplated the power of her sexuality. I didn't mind going down on her, and the direct nature of her control of the situation added a strong erotic flavor for me. But she didn't really need to guide me; I knew all too well that once my cock was hard and aroused, and my brain matched my body’s needs, that the pussy-power was all-controlling. And then my lips touched against the soft fabric, and as they say, I was lost.

The taste of her was delicious and perfect and strongly arousing, and the scent invaded my nostrils and destroyed thought and defense. The slickness of her natural juices quickly covered my chin as my lips and tongue worked slowly, licking from asshole to clit, making her moan and writhe on the bed. When I sensed that she was growing impatient with the slow, long licks I focused hard on her clit. When she gasped and groaned from that, I dove down, forcing my tongue into the constricting, steamy folds of her sex. And then slowly from ass to clit once more. Back to her clit, where I pressed hard with my tongue over her sex-button, and ran it back and forth with deliberate slowness. That’s when she reached down and grasped a full head of hair, and held me tightly against her body. I sensed that her orgasm was coming on fast, and perversely, I slowed down. I wanted this to drag out, for her to savor the pleasure for longer, and let that release build until it was a fever pitch. That was the plan; a sharp yank of my hair suggested that I might get her off. NOW.

Rachel is not often a moaner and screamer. Sometimes I think she does it either to amuse herself or to turn me on further. This evening I didn't get that, however. Instead, I heard her gasp wildly for air as the orgasm pummeled her, making her body convulse with powerful muscular movements that she could not control. The gasps, coming harshly and violently, matched the spasms of her body and the writhing of her hips. She finally pushed me away, her gasps trailing into a long, low groan that told me I had succeeded at making her come, and come hard.

“Good boy,” she moaned weakly. She sat up, and I saw the wild hair, parted lips, unfocused eyes and the flushed face. She looked exactly like a woman who had just enjoyed a very powerful, physical orgasm. I was pleased that I had succeeded. She waved at me. “Lie down, on your back,” she said weakly.

I did, and she climbed on top of me. There are few visions in life for sheer eroticism that beat a woman’s splayed ass resting on your chest. She rested there, and I felt a very new, and somewhat unsettling, sensation. She began to run her hands up and down my body, slowly down as she slipped her fingers over my newly-shaven pubic region. She slid her hands over and then around my erection and balls, down to between my legs. The result of this slow, sensual teasing was to make my stiff prick try to get that much stiffer. I was kind of jumping around a little. It was tickling me, a little, and the arousing nature of it hard to deny. I found myself soon trying to move my hips to press my cock against her hands, but expertly she prevented that from happening.

“Awww,” she asked playfully, “is your cock all hot and bothered?”

“Yes,” I half-moaned my reply. It was true; the physical arousal was nearing the most I could take.

“Good!” she said in a triumphant tone. And slid backwards…

She began working her hips in a familiar up-and-down method, as if she was fucking my tongue with her body. All it did was to slap her pussy against my face, and ensured that my tongue was pressed often against her hot clit. She kept her hands on my bared pubes when she did this, and if she found displeasure in my oral servitude, she flicked my erection with her fingernail. That was more than enough to keep me busy properly. She began gasping for air again, and pressed the full weight of her body backwards and down, completely trapping me under her. I rode out her second massive orgasm as best as I could without passing out from the lack of oxygen.

She moved forward again, and after a moment of recovery time, resumed that slow, teasing massage of my body. “Oh damn,” I could not stop myself from moaning. The full mind-and-body arousal had been achieved.

“Ooh!” she giggled. “Is someone all hard and desperate to cum?” she asked.

“Yes!” I moaned as I found myself once more bucking my hips to try and get her slow massage of my lower body to get more direct contact.

“Sadly, this is not to happen…yet,” she added, or I really would have cried. Maybe. “Instead, I have something else in store for you!” she laughed, and climbed off of me.

I laid there and looked at her. She giggled, and I’m sure the expression on my face was quite needy and desperate. She went over to the bedside stand and opened the top drawer. “I have something for you,” she said.

“What’s that?” I asked, trying to get myself back under some form of control.

“This,” she said.

I stared, open-mouthed once again.

She raised her other hand. “And these.”

“But…” I began to protest weakly.

“You told me how much it aroused you to taste another man’s semen on my body, didn't you?” she asked.

“Yes, but-“

“And you’re so fucking hot and horny right now that if I said you have a choice…either cum my way or cum not at all, which are you going to pick?”

I gulped. I stared. And replied. The answer, I’m sure she already knew: “Your way.”

She nodded slowly. She got back onto my body, and delivered a sharp, expertly-placed slap to the side of my cock. SLAP! I groaned aloud from the sharp, stinging pain that exploded at the side of my cock. The trouble was I didn't grow soft, so I got another. And another. She kept doing it until I finally grew soft. She had practiced, I realized, because I was slipped into that cock cage too quickly and too expertly for this to be a first time. But as soon as I was encased, I wanted to get fully hard again, but the damn plastic thing prevented that completely. “Noo!!!!” I moaned, fully comprehending my plight.

“Legs up!” she told me. With another whimper, I did as I was told. I watched as she slid the bright pink, satin panties over my legs and towards my encased cock. She adjusted the panties over my body, and then patted the package held inside of those panties lightly. “Just think,” she said, turning around and again putting her ass towards my face, “how fucking turned on you’re going to be when you are in this position,” she said, and slid backwards and made me eat her again. My tongue began to work harder than before on her gaping, steaming wet pussy. She moaned and writhed a little, wiggling her hips back and forth as she enjoyed my work.

“Oh, by the way? He’ll be here…”

And the damn doorbell rang!

She hopped up and adjusted her lingerie quickly. “Stay put!” she told me.

About twenty minutes later, Rachel returned to the bedroom, a glass of white wine in her hand. Following her was a young man, a total hardbody. He was already naked, and sporting a cock that made me moan aloud when I saw it. Whether it was arousal (as I knew that I was going to be sucking it) or from outright jealousy…I’m not sure which. That erection was full, long and thick, I bet seven, maybe eight inches. He had thick, heavy balls that I’m sure were full of cum. He looked at me, and grinned. I’ll admit to hating him right there…a little bit.

“Move over,” Rachel told me coldly. “Devon here has some work to do!” She got on all fours, and grinned hugely at me, winking once at me. “Devon?”

The boy didn't need any further encouragement. He positioned himself behind her, and held his cock as he guided his monster cock into my wife’s hot, wet, tight pussy. “Shit you’re hot and wet!” he moaned as he slipped himself inside of her with ease.

“God you’re big!” Rachel moaned herself. “Fast, Dev, do it fast!” she urged him.

Mr. Six-Pack-Abs didn't need to be told twice. Some men, I marveled, have all of the luck in the sex department. He picked up speed, and soon my wife was again gasping for air, an expression of utter delight on her face. Devon was red-faced and showing signs of sweating heavily from the physical activity.

“I can’t wait any more!” Rachel cried out. She grabbed me and positioned me to turn around, still prone, but my feet towards the headboard. She got on her all fours and positioned herself over me. I was looking up at a sight I never thought I would see – the sight of another man’s really big cock sliding easily into my wife’s pussy! Her pink lips opened easily to allow the man’s tool to slide inside. Even though it meant his balls slapped me on the head, I leaned up to lick her pussy while he fucked her. I thought that her scream was probably audible down the street – and this wasn't faked at all. She was completely lost in the sensations of that big cock slamming into her while her sissy husband licked her clit.

The heat and hardness of his cock was right there, and my mouth watered because I wanted to suck him. I had never felt that way before, but that cock in front of me just entranced me. I wanted it. Almost on cue, Rachel fell forward with another huge orgasm. “S-suck him!” she urged me. Devon needed no assistance, and pushed that beast down and penetrated my open mouth with the same force he’d used on my wife.

That made me gag, so he backed it out a little, and I was treated to the deliciousness that is a huge, hard cock in your mouth. The cock was huge, male, and had impossibly soft, silken skin over that complete hardness underneath. I reached up to stroke him, and did it at the base, up and down hard, as I found my lips encasing his head and my tongue swirled over his bulbous cockhead. It was delicious, and I squeezed the base and savored the taste of his pre-cum. That made me moan again, and I wondered if the vibrations in my throat pleased him. I stroked him and gauged his own closeness to orgasm, and within moments he was gasping and close.

“Wait, fuck, not yet!” Rachel cried. “In me, dammit!” Devon pulled his cock out and slammed it back into Rachel. Well, my oral pleasure to him followed by her tight, slick pussy triggered his orgasm. He roared, a deep, masculine growl as his cock began to spurt its hot, slick cum into my wife’s cunt. She screamed again as his triggering orgasm fired off another one of hers. But Devon held onto her hips tightly, and kept pushing himself deeper into her, pumping her sex full of his seed. But it was over quickly, and with a long, ragged groan he pulled out.

I looked up, and saw the large stream of milky, white cum streaming from her pussy. Without thought I opened and sucked hard, making Rachel cum once more from the sudden pleasure of my lips greedily sucking his cum from her pussy. It tasted wonderful, salty and erotic and male and perfect. I sucked until she was dry, and then I fell back onto the bed.

When Rachel returned from escorting Devon from the house, she had a smile on her face. “How was it?” she asked me.

“Amazing,” I said. “But can I come now?” I basically pleaded.

“Yes,” she said, and released me from my plastic prison. She began to stroke me slowly, and it didn't take long before I was moaning and gasping as my own orgasm neared quickly.

She made me get up on my knees, and aimed my cock at her ass. When I came, it was with a force that almost made me pass out. I shot a huge amount of cum all over her ass. Of course, I cleaned it up. With my tongue.

That weekend I wore the pink panties the whole time. I came again. Rachel came many more times. But it cemented a new phase to our relationship. And I can’t wait to have a repeat visit by Devon!

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