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Courtesan Ch. 01

A young husband fears that his beautiful wife has fallen in love with another man
As we become increasingly certain that we have finally discovered the truth, we tend to forget that there is still, almost always an alternate explanation.

Jason Mathews, Attorney at law

It was 7:30 on a blustery night in late October. The sun had gone down over an hour earlier. A light drizzle and the bitter bite of the frigid north wind made it a miserable time to be outside. Sadly I had no choice. I was waiting for my wife.

I stood huddled in the doorway of Smithson's Jewelry Store making a futile attempt to stay warm by pulling the collar of my coat up over my ears and blowing on my hands. It was a Thursday night. The store had closed at six. The sidewalk in front of me was deserted and dark. The only illumination came from the street light on the corner and the lights surrounding the main entrance to The Whetmore Building directly across the street.

The firm of Jackson, Tyler and Reynolds occupied the entire fifty-second floor of the fifty-four story Whetmore Building. My wife, Kelly Mason worked for Jackson, Tyler and Reynolds.

JTandR as it was commonly known to it's employees was an elite investment firm. Kelly was an administrative assistant to Martin Jackson, the senior partner and Chief Executive Officer of JTandR. Martin Jackson was an extremely wealthy man. He was also one of the city's most influential power brokers.

My name is Timothy Jamieson. Everyone who knows me calls me Timmy.

I guess you could say I was a writer of sorts. I worked for one of those local advertising newspapers. You know what I'm talking about, they're those skinny little publications that get stuffed into your front door a couple of times each month. The one I worked for was called The Southwest Crier. I edited advertising copy. The job didn't pay very much, but the hours were good. I also got a lot of extra time to work on my novel.

Oh yes, I was one of those guys who had a dream. I still have it. Someday I'm going to write a best seller, or at the very least a book that gets published.

My wife earns a lot more money than I do. Actually the disparity in our incomes makes mine nearly inconsequential. The Crier pays me just over two thousand dollars a month. During her first year at JTandR Kelly earned nearly a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. This was her second year. She was now on track to make almost double that.

Kelly's rise in the firm has been meteoric. JTandR hired her right out of college. She started as an assistant to one of the corporate analysts. Apparently she made an immediate impression, because four months later she was working as an assistant to the three partners and the following December she was made a special assistant to Martin Jackson. As I already mentioned, he's the head honcho.

My wife is a gorgeous 5'4" fireball with naturally blond hair.

There's an athletic club located on the third floor of the Whetmore Building. JTandR provides a membership for Kelly as part of her compensation. She makes daily use of the exercise machines. Those regular workouts help my wife maintain a trim athletic figure that draws admiring glances from every healthy adult male she encounters.

Of course those glances may also have something to do with Kelly's most notable attribute. Maybe it would be more accurate to say attributes. My wife is well endowed. I mean spectacularly well endowed. We're talking about a pair of double D's on a five foot four inch, one hundred and fifteen pound frame.

Kelly laughingly refers to her breasts as both her gift and her curse. While she freely admits that since the age of fifteen her bosom has garnered her privileges, male attention and special treatment that other girls didn't get, she's also quick to point out that her huge breasts and blond hair have made it very difficult to get people to accept her as anything other than a mindless bimbo.

I suppose that was one of the reasons that Kelly was attracted to me. Ironically, I'm not a breast man. I happen to be an avowed butt man. Now my wife does have a very cute little bottom, but it's no where near as spectacular as her bust.

Actually I was originally attracted to Kelly's brain. We met as Sophomores at Kelroy College. We were enrolled in the same creative writing class. My wife loves to write poetry and she's very good at it. About three weeks into the semester she was asked to read one of her poems to the class. The poem she chose described a little girl's feelings as she chased a butterfly through a rose garden on a sunny summer afternoon. It took my breath away.

After class I waited in the hallway for Kelly. I really don't know where I found the courage to do it. I was a pathetically shy, slightly effeminate, scrawny little wimp. Kelly was gorgeous and very popular. Kelroy was a small private college. Everyone knew everything about everybody. I was well aware of the fact that Kelly only dated handsome fraternity guys and muscular football players. She was way out of my league.

When she stepped out of the classroom I walked up to her and just barely managed to stammer out the words, "Kelly I thought your poem was one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I've ever heard."

I'll never forget her response. My future wife stared at me for a moment and then she started to smile. "Really? Do you mean that?"

Encouraged by Kelly's smile, my confidence grew. I smiled back and said, "Yes I do mean that. When you were reading it I actually felt like I was in the garden with the little girl."

"I have lots of poems. I write them all the time. Would you like to hear some more?"

I nodded. "Yes, I'd like that very much."

"Are you doing anything right now?"

I shook my head. "No, but..." I was starting to get scared.

Kelly noticed my distress. In the softest most gentle voice I've ever heard she said, "There's nothing to be afraid of. I promise I won't hurt you." She took my hand. "Come on, let's go to my dorm room. I'll make us some hot chocolate. I'll read some of my poems to you and then maybe you could read something you've written."

We became immediate friends and it wasn't long before we were best friends. We wrote poetry together, studied together, read novels together, watched movies together and listened to music together. Two weeks after that first meeting we were nearly inseparable.

The only thing we didn't do was date. Kelly continued her habit of exclusively going out with handsome fraternity guys and muscular football players. To make matters worse she had a reputation for being easy. The campus rumor mongers all called her the blow job queen of Kelroy College. On Friday and Saturday nights I not only had to sit at home alone, I had to do it knowing that there was a high probability that the girl I was madly in love with was getting fucked by another guy.

I never complained, but one afternoon I did gather enough courage to ask Kelly about it. I'll never forget that day. We were studying in her dorm room. I'd already fallen desperately in love with her and I had to know if the rumors were true.

I set my book down and nervously watched Kelly. She was engrossed in her own book and didn't notice me. I made a little noise. She looked up. When she saw me staring at her she asked, "What is it?"

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Timmy, you're my best friend. You can ask me anything."

"It's very personal."

Sighing, Kelly set her book down. "I suppose you want to know about the rumors?"

"Yes, but you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

Kelly shook her head. "No, I meant it when I said that you could ask me anything." She took a deep breath and then she quietly whispered. "I'm sorry Timmy, but they're all true. I love sex and I especially love sucking cocks. I probably am the blow job queen of Kelroy College."

I stared at the floor. Kelly's frank admission had stunned me. I didn't know how to respond.

Reaching over, Kelly took my hand and said, "Timmy, I'm sorry if I shocked you, but you're my best friend. I think I'm falling in love with you. I don't want to lie to you. I don't ever want to lie to you. Do you hate me now?"

Looking at Kelly, I shook my head and answered, "I'm falling in love with you too. I could never hate you."

She kissed my cheek and then she pushed me down on the bed. Once I was lying on my back she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and pulled out my tiny cock.

I'd seen enough other guys in locker rooms after gym classes to know that I had a small penis. I looked at her with an embarrassed expression and said, "I'm sorry, it's not very big."

Kelly smiled at me. "I get to play with plenty of big cocks. This one is yours and because it's yours it will always be my favorite."

She leaned over, kissed the tiny head of my erect penis and then she put it in her mouth and started sucking it. Kelly had caught me completely off guard. Even in my wildest dreams I'd never imagined that something as wonderful as this might happen.

I came immediately. I tried to warn Kelly, but there really wasn't much time. As it turned out, it didn't actually matter. Even after she realized I was ejaculating Kelly kept my cock in her mouth and greedily sucked up all of my semen.

As soon as I was finished ejaculating Kelly looked up at me and smiled. "It's okay Timmy, you can always cum in my mouth. I love the taste of a guys semen."

She sat up and pulled her sweatshirt over her head exposing her huge breasts. Tossing the shirt onto her dresser, she asked, "Timmy, do you like my big boobs? Lots of guys on this campus would give anything to be able to touch them and now you get to play with them anytime you want. All you have to do is ask."

I didn't say a word. I couldn't speak.

Kelly laughed. "You're absolutely speechless aren't you baby?"

I nodded.

Kelly unfastened her jeans, pulled them down to her ankles and kicked them off. All she was wearing was a tiny pale blue thong.

I took a deep breath and whispered, "You're beautiful."

"There isn't another boy in the entire world that I would rather have looking at me." Kelly lay back on her bed, hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her panties, pulled them down to her ankles, pushed them off with her feet and lasciviously spread her legs. She was shaved.

I stared at her cunt. I couldn't help myself. I'd looked at lots of pictures of naked women in magazines and on the Internet, but this was the first time I'd ever seen a naked pussy in real life.

Noticing my fascination, Kelly laughed, "This is the first time you've ever seen a girls cunt, isn't it Timmy?"

My mouth dropped open in shock. Kelly was my goddess. I'd never imagined that she could use such a coarse word.

Chuckling at my dumbfounded expression, Kelly said, "You'd better get used to that Timmy, I love to talk dirty when I'm making it with a guy."

I was completely befuddled. I didn't move. Actually I was paralyzed. I couldn't move. I just sat on the foot of the bed and continued staring at Kelly's naked sex.

She started laughing. "You could spend the rest of the evening looking at my pussy, but I was sort of hoping you might want to try licking it."

I gasped when I heard her suggestion.

Kelly misunderstood the gasp and frowned. "Don't you want to lick my cunt? Don't worry, it's not dirty or nasty, it's fun." She smiled at me. "I did something for you, now I think it's only fair if you to do something for me."

I had to pull myself together. Kelly was getting the wrong idea. I not only wanted to lick her pussy, doing it was my ultimate fantasy.

Quickly shaking my head, I said, "No, I want to do it. I want to do it more than anything in the entire world."

She giggled. "That's a lot. Well what are you waiting for big boy? Go for it."

I positioned myself between Kelly's parted thighs, took a deep breath and tentatively kissed the lips of her already moist sex.

"Oh yes Timmy, that's right. Just kiss me for a minute. That feels so good."

Kelly's response gave me confidence. I kissed her again, only this time I was more aggressive. Kelly quivered. I closed my eyes and kissed her even harder. Now it was her turn to gasp. I felt her moisture on my lips. I knew that girls got wet when they were excited, but this was the first time I'd ever felt that moisture.

"Timmy use your tongue, give my pussy a French kiss."

I pushed my tongue into Kelly and for the first time in my life tasted a woman's sex. My entire body tingled with excitement.

"Lick me Timmy. Lick my pussy like it's a big lollipop." She giggled. "That's what I always do when I start sucking a cock."

A willing, eager student, I did exactly what I was told to do. As soon as I started licking her, Kelly responded by tittering with delight. I quickly realized that I got a thrill from giving pleasure to this beautiful woman. I began to experiment. Kelly held her breath when I licked her with long slow strokes and she started giggling again when I licked her quickly.

I decided to try teasing Kelly. I placed my tongue at the base of her pussy and began a tortuously slow climb through her cleft to the peak of her cunt.

When she realized what I was doing Kelly started giggling and said, "Timmy that's cruel."

I looked up at her. "Do you want me to stop?"

She burst out laughing. "Absolutely not!"

I pushed my tongue back into her sopping pussy and continued my climb. When I reached the top I found her engorged clitoris. I'd read enough erotic stories on the Internet to know exactly what it was. I kissed it.

Kelly shrieked. I got scared and pulled back.

She sat up. "No baby, don't stop. That was wonderful. Please kiss me there again."

As I said earlier, I'm an excellent student. I dutifully follow directions. I kissed Kelly again only this time I used my tongue when I kissed her. She shrieked again, but this time I didn't stop. This time, while I kissed her I also flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue. Kelly started laughing hysterically. I kept flicking her clit with my tongue. She went wild and responded by grinding her hips against my face.

Suddenly, without any explanation or warning, Kelly stopped laughing and grinding her hips. I felt all the muscles in her body tighten. She took a deep breath. For a moment she lay perfectly still and then, after taking another deep breath she shrieked.

Disconcerted, I pulled back.

Kelly's entire body shook and she started laughing again. Quickly realizing that she was having an orgasm I relaxed and watched her. Several seconds passed. Gradually her body stopped shaking and her laughter turned into low cries. The cries became soft whimpers. Several more seconds passed and then she was quiet.

Kelly lay perfectly still for almost a minute. Finally she sat up and smiled at me. "Timmy you just gave me an orgasm. Very few guys are capable of doing that. Sweetheart, you just became my favorite lover."

I knew that her words were meant as a compliment, a wonderful compliment, but there was also subtle message in those words. It was a message that made me feel sad. When Kelly told me that I'd just become her favorite lover she'd also implied that I wouldn't be her only lover.

I couldn't help myself. I bit my lower lip and stared sadly at the floor.

Kelly studied me. After a moment she asked, "Timmy, what's wrong? We just had wonderful sex."

I looked at her and quietly said, "If I'm your favorite lover, it also means that I won't be your only lover."

Kelly thought about that for a second and then she sighed. "Timmy you're my best friend and I think I might be falling in love with you. Baby I promise you that you're the only guy who has my heart, but Timmy honey, I'm afraid you're going to have to share my body. At least for now." She smiled at me. "Sweetheart, I love sex. At this point in my life it's a huge adventure for me." Holding up her large breasts, she giggled and said, "You have to admit that I'm built for fucking." She picked up my hand and held it to her breast. "Baby, before I finally settle down I want to experience as many different men as I possibly can." Kelly leaned over and kissed my cheek. "But I do promise you that you'll always be my number one man. Can you live with that?"

I considered what Kelly had just told me. After a moment I smiled and said, "Yes, I think I can."

Kelly sighed with relief. "Timmy, thank you for being so understanding." She kissed me lightly on the lips. It was a tender kiss, not hot and passionate, but filled with love. She reached down and wrapped her fingers round my penis. It was sticking straight up.

Giggling, Kelly said, "It looks like somebody is ready for round two. How would you like to eat me again and after I cum maybe you'd like to try fucking me."

I stared at her. I couldn't believe what I'd just heard.

She grinned at me. "If you're going to be my number one lover you're going to have to fuck me once in a while."

"Is it safe? I don't have any condoms. I don't want to get you pregnant."

Kelly shook her head. "Timmy you might just be the nicest boy in the entire world. Yes, it is safe. I'm on the pill, but thank you for asking. Most guys aren't so considerate. It should also be safe for diseases. You're a virgin so I'm not worried about you and I always make the guys I date wear condoms." She poked me in the stomach. "You're the only guy who gets to fuck me bareback." She giggled again. "But you'd better not let me catch you fooling around with any other girls."

"You don't have to worry about that. I won't ever play around with other girls. I promise."

Kelly stared at me."Timmy that's silly. I was just teasing you. You don't have to make that promise to me. Especially after I just got done telling you I'm going to keep dating other guys."

I shrugged. "It's not exactly like there's a crowd of girls lining up to go out with me."

Kelly laughed. "When the other girls on my floor find out that the scream they heard a little while ago was me having an orgasm because you were eating my pussy, you might just find yourself overwhelmed with invitations."

Suddenly a little thrill rippled through me. At the time I didn't know why the idea excited me so much, I just knew that it did. Later I figured out that it was the first of my submissive cuckold fantasies coming to the surface. I kissed Kelly on the cheek and said, "I give you permission to freely date as many guys as you want, but I promise that I'll always remain completely faithful to you."

Kelly stared at me. "Timmy are you being serious? Do you really want to make that promise?"

I nodded.

She took a deep breath. "Baby that is so hot." Kelly smiled at me and then she lay back on the bed and spread her legs. "Eat me Timmy. Give me pleasure, make me cum."

I buried my face between Kelly's thighs. At that moment I longed to give this wonderful woman all the pleasure she desired.

I brought Kelly to two more orgasms with my tongue. After she recovered from her second orgasm she lay back on the bed, spread her legs and wiggled her finger at me. "Come on studman, it's time."

Wildly excited, I climbed on top of Kelly, pushed my tiny erection into her sopping pussy and started pumping away like a madman.

Kelly giggled. "Timmy honey, you have to put it in me before you start doing that."

I stopped moving and looked at her. "I am inside you." Suddenly I realized the implications of her comment. Humiliated, I rolled off of her and buried my face in my hands.

Kelly sat up, put her arm around my shoulder and whispered to me. "Timmy I'm sorry, I didn't..." She stopped. I think she realized that there was nothing she could say that would make the situation better. Instead she just held me. After several minutes she whispered into my ear, "Timmy you're still my favorite lover and your cock is still my favorite cock."

I laughed. It was a sarcastic laugh. "Oh yeah? You can't even feel it when I'm making love to you."

"No Timmy, you're wrong. When you're making love to me I do feel it." She sighed. "Yes, it is true. You have a tiny penis and maybe it doesn't feel as good as it does when a guy with a big cock is fucking me." She stared into my eyes. "Timmy those guys are just fucking me. They pump their big cocks in and out of my cunt until they shoot their load and then I go home. Sure it feels good. No, actually it feels wonderful." Kelly smiled, "But Timmy, tonight you made love to me. I had three magnificent orgasms with you. You're the first guy who's ever been able to do that for me."


"Yes, really."

I smiled. I was starting to feel better again.

Kelly sensed the change in my mood. "All right cowboy, it's time to get back in the saddle and start riding again." She grabbed my arm and tried to pull me back on top of her.

While I was starting to feel better, I was still bothered by self doubt and insecurity. I resisted her. "Why? Those other guys are much better at fucking you than I am. Why bother with me?"

Shaking her head in exasperation, Kelly said, "Because it's you dummy. I love you and I want you to fuck me. Yes, there are other things that you do better and there are other guys who are better at fucking me than you are. That still doesn't mean I don't want you to fuck me."

I thought about that for a moment and then I said, "Okay, but you have to promise that you won't laugh while I'm doing it."

Kelly rolled her eyes. "Okay, I promise."

It was wonderful and afterward we cuddled in Kelly's bed until it was time to go to the dining hall for dinner.

I smiled as I stood freezing in the doorway of Smithson's Jewelry store. That evening was one of my fondest memories.

My thoughts drifted to the first time Kelly went out on a date after we'd become boyfriend girlfriend. It was the Friday night after that wonderful Tuesday when we first made love. A fraternity guy named Wendell Foster was taking her to dinner at the Kensington Grill. The Kensington Grill just happened to be the fanciest restaurant in our city.

When Kelly told me about the date she said, "Wendell's just taking me to that fancy restaurant to impress me. He thinks it'll give him a better chance to get into my panties." She winked at me. "A hunk like Wendell could buy me a hot dog at a convenience store and still get into my panties."

We both laughed at her joke.

The night of her date I sat on the bed in Kelly's dorm room watching her get dressed. After she finished putting on her makeup she turned to me and asked, "Timmy are you going to be jealous tonight?"

I thought about her question for a moment and then I answered, "I'll probably be envious, but I don't think I have to be jealous."

Kelly stared at me. After a moment she said, "I don't understand."

"Kelly Mason, you're an English major. You know the difference between jealousy and envy, don't you."

"Of course I do." She took a second to think and then she smiled. "I get it. Envy means that you wish you had something someone else has. Tonight you're going to wish I was with you rather than Wendell."

I nodded.

She continued. "But jealousy is the fear that someone you love is falling in love with someone else." Kelly stood up, walked over to the bed and kissed me. "Timmy Jamieson, you never have to be jealous. You're the only man I'll ever love."

As she kissed me again, Kelly glanced at the clock. Her relaxed manner suddenly changed. "Look at the time! It's seven o'clock. Wendell is probably already downstairs waiting for me."

Kelly kissed me once more, checked herself in the mirror and grabbed her purse. As she was opening the door to leave she paused. Turning back to me, she said, "Timmy will you please stay here. I would love to be able to see you when I get home tonight. I don't think I'll probably be too late. As soon as we finish dinner we'll go to Wendell's apartment. After we're done fucking I'll make him take me home. The only question is how often can he get it up." She giggled. "If he turns out to be a real animal I'll give him a blow job to slow him down a little. They don't take much time and I've never met a guy who doesn't love them."

I smiled at Kelly. "I would love to wait here for you."

She leered at me. "Will you eat my pussy when I get back? I promise I'll make Wendell wear a condom."

I laughed. "I'm already looking forward to it."

Kelly smiled and then she sighed and said, "Timmy I really do have to go. I should be back around midnight."

As I nodded to her she blew me a quick kiss and ran out the door.

Once Kelly was gone I tried to study, but I couldn't concentrate on biology or European History so tried reading a novel. That didn't work either. I couldn't stop thinking about Kelly and Wendell. In my mind I could picture every second of their date.

I saw them walking into the restaurant holding hands. I imagined them flirting with each other during dinner. Kelly hung on every word Wendell said and laughed at all of his jokes.

After dinner I pictured Kelly taking Wendell's arm. Pressing her body against his, they walked out to his car. When they got to his car...

I shook my head. Enough! I was going crazy. I closed my eyes and rubbed my forehead. I didn't know what I was going to do. Sitting in Kelly's room waiting for her to come home was turning out to be unbearable. Suddenly a solution popped into my brain. It was obvious. I sat down at Kelly's desk, turned on her lap top computer and started typing.

The title of the story was "Kelly and Wendell". It was almost midnight by the time I finished it. I hoped that Kelly might want to read it when she got back from her date, so I left her computer turned on.

Tired, I decided to lie down on Kelly's bed and take a short nap. As I was closing my eyes she opened the door and walked into the room.

As soon as she saw me, Kelly smiled. "Timmy I'm so happy you're still here. I was worried you might have gotten bored and decided to go home."

I shook my head. "No, I told you I'd wait here until you got back." I shrugged. "That's just the way I am. I'll always wait for you."

Kelly grinned at me. "And that's why I'm falling madly in love with you Timothy Jamieson."

"So how was your date?"

Sighing, Kelly said, "It was wonderful. Wendell is an absolutely magnificent fuck..." Suddenly she stopped. Looking at me with apologetic eyes she said, "I'm sorry Timmy, that wasn't very sensitive. Does it bother you when you hear me say that?"

I shook my head. "Not if it's true." Then smiling at her, I asked, "So tell me, why was he so good?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"I think I do. This is a big part of your life right now. I want you to be able to share it with me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I think I am."

"Okay, but promise that you'll stop me if it bothers you."

"I will."

"Timmy, Wendell got three erections tonight. Most guys can only get it up twice. On his third erection I thought he was going to go all night long. I'm not exaggerating Timmy. The last time I think he fucked me for over a half hour." Kelly giggled. "I'm a little sore down there right now."

"Would you rather wait until tomorrow night to fool around?"

Shaking her head, Kelly said, "Oh no, right now I think your sweet little tongue is exactly what I need to soothe my poor abused little pussy."

Kelly sat down on the bed next to me. Resting her hand on the inside of my thigh, she asked, "So what did you do while Wendell was busy fucking my brains out?"

We both chuckled at her crude comment and then I smiled and proudly said, "I wrote a story."

Kelly's eyes lit up. "Really? What's it about? Where is it? Can I read it?"

"It's called, Kelly and Wendell. It's on your computer and yes of course you can read it."

"Kelly and Wendell? Really? I can't wait to read it. An impish glint appeared in Kelly's eyes. "Could I read it aloud while you lick my pussy?"

I laughed.

"Can I?"

A little embarrassed, but very excited, I nodded.

Winking at me, Kelly pulled up her skirt and sat down on her desk chair. She wasn't wearing panties. I was certain that I saw her put on a pair when she was dressing for her date so I asked, "What happened to your panties?"

"I let Wendell keep them as a souvenir." Kelly shrugged. "I thought it was the least I could do. The dinner at the Kensington Grill was really expensive."

I laughed. "You shouldn't feel too guilty, after all you did let him fuck you three times."

"Let him? Sweetheart, when I saw Wendell's great big dick I would have begged him to fuck me." Giggling, Kelly spread her legs, snapped her fingers and pointed at the floor near her feet. "Now get over here and start eating my cunt. I've got a story to read."

My entire body tingled with excitement as I got off the bed, crawled between Kelly's parted thighs and pressed my lips to her recently fucked sex.

That started a tradition for us. Whenever Kelly was out on a date I passed the time she was gone by writing a story. When she returned home she always read it aloud to me while I kneeled on the floor between her legs licking her pussy.

As I stood huddled in the doorway of Smithson's Jewelry Store an overwhelming sense of sadness flooded my soul. I tried to tell myself that my low spirits were caused by the cold wet rain and the dark deserted street in front of me, but I knew that wasn't true. I understood exactly why I was suddenly feeling so blue. It was the horrible task that I was facing. I wasn't waiting outside my wife's office so I could meet her, I was hiding in that doorway so I could follow her.

About a year ago, the demands of Kelly's job increased dramatically. After she was promoted to the position of administrative assistant to the three partners she had to start working longer hours. Her new work schedule included many evenings and some weekends.

At first the longer hours weren't a problem. I was pleased that Kelly enjoyed her work and of course as her salary increased we both reaped the material benefits of her efforts. Kelly was also careful to make sure that when she was home we always had an opportunity to spend some quality time together.

During this time our sex life continued to flourish. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to pass myself off as some sort of Don Juan. Believe me, I'm not. I already told you about our first sexual encounter. I have a tiny penis. When I try to have normal intercourse I tend to cum quickly.

Because of that Kelly and I developed a rather unorthodox sexual relationship. In the bedroom she became increasingly assertive with me. Actually, dominant is a more accurate term. I didn't resist this change. To be perfectly honest, I encouraged it. I'd discovered that I had quite a submissive streak.

Kelly continued to teach me how to please her orally. It wasn't long before she was spending hours on her back enjoying orgasm after orgasm while I licked and kissed her pussy and eventually her ass.

While it was true that Kelly became the dominant partner in our relationship, she still loved me. Once she was well satisfied she always finished off one of our lovemaking sessions by giving me the sweetest blow job you could possibly imagine.

By the time we were married we were only having intercourse on special occasions. It really wasn't a conscious decision on either of our parts. The truth was, my tiny penis made intercourse frustrating for both of us. We both had a much better time pleasing each other orally. I do have to admit that I spent a lot more time pleasing Kelly than she did me, but I didn't care. I loved eating her pussy and her ass.

Kelly's ass, yes I do lick my wife's asshole, or at least I did when we were still making love. I'll never forget the first time I did it. It was about a month after we started having sex. Kelly didn't have a date so we were spending the evening studying together in her dorm room. Once we were finished we decided to find a hot story on one of the cuckold Internet web sites so Kelly could read it out loud while I licked her pussy.

I'd discovered these sites one night while I was waiting for Kelly to come home from a date. I was still writing stories about Kelly and her lovers while she was out, but she was popular. It wasn't unusual for her to have as many as four dates in a week. I was writing a lot of stories and they were starting to get repetitive. I needed some fresh ideas. One night I decided to search the web. I found a veritable treasure trove of stories.

I showed the sites to Kelly as soon as she came home. They got her so excited that we stayed up until dawn reading stories. We quickly fell into a wonderful routine. Kelly would read a story out loud while I kneeled between her legs and licked her pussy. She sometimes had as many as four orgasms during one of our story sessions.

On this particular night we found a story in which a dominant wife made her husband kiss and lick her asshole before she left for a date. Kelly was sitting on the edge of her bed. Her laptop computer was propped up on her night stand. I was kneeling on the floor between her legs. We were both naked. My face was buried in her very wet cunt.

As soon as she read the passage where the husband first kissed and then licked his wife's asshole Kelly grabbed me by the hair and lifted my face out of her pussy. "Timmy did you hear that?"

I nodded. "Yes I did."

Breathless with excitement, Kelly said, "That is so hot. I don't know how she could get her husband to do that for her. He must really love her."

I'd been licking Kelly's pussy for about fifteen minutes. I was excited and feeling extremely submissive. Looking up at Kelly, my face glistening with her moisture, I said, "I love you that much."

Kelly stared at me. After a moment she said, "Timmy are you saying that you'd be willing to do that for me?"

"Yes I am."

Kelly gasped, but she was also grinning. "When?"

"How about right now."

"Timmy are you serious?"


Kelly was silent. After a moment she said, "I'm sorry. I don't think I can do that for you. It's not that I don't love you, but..."

I patted her knee. "It's okay, I don't think you should do it for me. I wouldn't seem right."

I watched Kelly while she thought about what I'd just told her. Finally she looked at me and said, "I think I understand. It's sort of the same as when you told me you still wanted to be faithful to me even though you knew that I was going to continue dating other guys."

"Yes, I think that's right."

Kelly considered that for a few seconds and then she said, "It doesn't seem like it's fair, but I think that might be what makes it so much fun."

I grinned at her. "I think so too."

Giggling, Kelly lay down on her stomach with the side of her face resting comfortably on a pillow. My entire body was tingling with excitement as I got up on the bed and positioned myself between her thighs.

When she felt me spreading the soft cheeks of her gorgeous bottom Kelly breathlessly said, "Timmy this might be the most exciting thing I've ever done."

I slowly lowered my face to Kelly's rear. When she felt my lips touch her tiny anus she shivered with excitement. At first I just kissed her. Neither of us said anything. We didn't have to. We both understood exactly what was happening. I was pledging myself to my goddess.

Finally I extended my tongue and tasted Kelly's asshole for the very first time. It excited me. I wanted more so I pushed my tongue into her.

As soon as she felt me exploring her Kelly got up on her hands and knees to give me freer access. I pushed my tongue even deeper into her. She responded by grinding her ass against my face.

Still kissing and licking Kelly's asshole, I reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit. That put Kelly over the edge. She gasped. I felt all of the muscles in her body convulse and then she screamed. It was a volcanic orgasm.

Afterward we searched for more stories that featured ass licking. It wasn't long before we encountered the term, anal worship. Kelly thought it was an apt description. From that night on, whenever we made love Kelly would roll over onto her stomach and say, "I think it's time for my boyfriend to express his love with a little anal worship."

I'm not sure which of us enjoyed it more, but I did know that the roles each of us were destined to play in our relationship were gradually becoming more clearly defined.

We got married shortly after we graduated from college. On the morning of our wedding day Kelly informed me that she intended to be faithful to me. She told me that she was grateful that I'd allowed her to sow her wild oats, but now it was time for her to settle down. She wanted to be a faithful spouse. I told her that it wasn't necessary. I enjoyed my role as her cuckold. She was adamant. During our wedding ceremony we both made the traditional vow of fidelity to each other.

That summer Kelly went to work for JTandR. The spring of our senior year they'd aggressively recruited her. Just before we graduated Kelly received an irresistable offer from them. She accepted the offer and began her meteoric rise in the firm.

That fall Kelly received her first promotion. When that happened I assumed complete responsibility for the household chores. The shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry all became my duties. I didn't object. In fact I enjoyed it. It also made sense to both of us. My job was much less demanding than Kelly's and while neither of us had ever actually voiced this opinion, I'm quite certain that we both saw it as appropriate. My wife's dominance was slowly moving out of the bedroom and into the rest of the house. Bit by bit she was assuming the role of the dominant bread winner while I was becoming the submissive homemaker.

Kelly enthusiastically embraced her evolving role. She loved being the dominant partner in our marriage and she played her part to the hilt. When I served her a dinner that she especially enjoyed or she came home and found the house particularly clean she would joke that I'd become the perfect housewife. My wife would giggle and tell me that I was the ideal mate for her. I could clean, cook and give wonderful head. The most amazing part is that I found her praise both gratifying and exciting. I loved my submissive status every bit as much as Kelly loved her dominant position.

Our life was still something out of a storybook. It maybe wasn't the typical storybook of our culture, but it was one that worked well for us. Kelly worked hard at her job and supplied us with an ample flow of money. I kept the house and diligently tried to support her by attempting to meet her every need.

As I stood freezing in that Jewelry store doorway those memories made me smile, but then I thought about how everything had changed and my mood darkened.

It was last winter when I first began to notice the shift in Kelly's attitude towards me. Now, as I looked back, I realized that while the changes had been gradually occurring for almost a year, they accelerated when Kelly was promoted to the position of special assistant to Martin Jackson. That was just before Christmas. Still, I wasn't forced to actually acknowledge that we had a problem until the first Friday in February. That evening the situation finally reached a point where I couldn't deny it any longer.

Kelly got home from work at about six. I was happy. On the three previous Friday's she'd had to work until ten or eleven o'clock. As soon as she walked into the house she kicked off her shoes and called to me, "Timmy honey, bring me a martini."

I was already making it. I knew my wife and I prided myself on my ability to anticipate her needs. Once her cocktail was ready I put it on a tray. Kelly always seemed to be pleased when I brought things to her on a tray. I set the daily newspaper next to her drink and carried the tray into the living room.

My wife was sitting in her favorite chair. I set her cocktail and the newspaper on the table next to her and bowed politely. Kelly smiled at me and said, "Thank you Timmy, what's for dinner?"

"I made a marinara sauce this morning. On my way home from work I stopped at the store and bought a chicken breast. I plan to dice it, saute it in olive oil with mushrooms and shallots, blend it into the marinara sauce and serve it on angel hair pasta. I'll make a small salad to go with it."

"How long will it take you to prepare everything?"

"About twenty minutes."

My wife picked up her newspaper. "I'm tired, why don't you start cooking now." She unfolded the first section and began to peruse the front page.

For a moment I stood next to Kelly and waited. I was hoping she would change her mind and invite me to get a martini for myself so we could read the newspaper together and discuss the events of the week. Friday nights used to be special for us. We'd have a cocktail, share a bottle of wine while we ate a nice dinner and then retire to the bedroom for several hours of sex.

That night my wife disappointed me. She took a sip of her martini, focused her attention on her newspaper and ignored my presence.

I left the living room feeling dejected. Once I was inside the kitchen I leaned against the counter and took several deep breaths. I told myself that Kelly had to work hard at her job and I tried very hard to convince myself that I shouldn't take it personally when she came home feeling tired and aloof.

I quickly prepared our meal. As soon as everything was ready I set the dining room table and told Kelly it was time for dinner.

My wife took her usual place at the head of the table. I sat in the chair next to her. Kelly had been working such long hours that we really hadn't seen each other for several days. I was hoping we could spend a little time talking about our daily lives. I was curious to hear about Kelly's new duties at work. When I asked her, she frowned and said, "Timmy I really don't feel like talking about work right now."

We ate our dinners in silence. As soon as we finished eating I stood up and started clearing the dishes. As I was taking them into the kitchen Kelly said, "Timmy the firm is just finishing an important project. This weekend I'm going to have to work on both Saturday and Sunday."

I stopped, turned around and looked at Kelly. Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday. While Kelly and I weren't actually football fans we enjoyed the pageantry and commercials of the super bowl. We always watched the game together. It had become a special evening for us.

"Will you be home in time for the game?"

Shaking her head, Kelly answered, "I don't think so Timmy. You'd better plan on watching it by yourself. The firm is on the verge of completing a big merger. If the deal goes through everyone, including me, is going to get a nice bonus. There's an important meeting on Monday morning. All of the paperwork has to be perfect. I'm certain that I'm going to have to work very late on Sunday night."

I stared at Kelly. I was incredibly disappointed. "Why can't you get everything done on Saturday?"

My wife sighed. "Timmy I don't have the energy to argue about this." She stood up. "I have to work this weekend. You're not going to see much of me. Live with it!" Kelly stormed into the bedroom and slammed the door behind her.

I finished clearing the table and cleaned up the kitchen. By the time I was done I was feeling very petty about making a fuss because Kelly had to work during the Superbowl. This was her job and she made an excellent income for us. Working long hours was difficult enough, she didn't have to listen to me complain about it.

As soon as I was done with my chores I tiptoed to the bedroom, opened the door and peaked inside. The lights were off, Kelly was already in bed. I quickly undressed, slipped under the covers and put my arm around her shoulder. As I gently kissed the back of her neck I whispered. "I'm sorry that you have to work so hard this weekend. Please forgive me for being cross with you earlier."

Kelly ignored me, but as I lay next to her in the dark I was quite certain that I could hear her crying.

Things were better the next morning. When Kelly got up I was making French toast. It was her favorite breakfast. The moment she walked into the kitchen I turned to her and said, "Kelly, I'm sorry about last night. I shouldn't have pressed you so hard about being home for the Superbowl. I know that your job is demanding. I was being selfish."

Kelly shook her head. "No Timmy, it was all my fault. Last night was Friday night. That's always been special for us. I may have been tired, but I still should have taken some time for you." She sighed. "Baby I know I've been neglecting you lately. I'm sorry, things should get easier after we finish this merger."

After breakfast Kelly led me into the bedroom so we could make love. I went down on her and gave her two orgasms. As soon as she recovered from her second orgasm she gave me one of her wonderful blow jobs. When I finished ejaculating we cuddled up together and slept in each others arms until the early afternoon.

Kelly had to go back to work at three. When I asked why she was going in so late, she smiled at me and said, "Everyone wanted to spend Saturday morning with their families. Now I understand what they were talking about." She kissed me. "Timmy it was a wonderful morning. Thank you so much for being so understanding." She turned. As she was walking out the door she said, "Baby I'm probably going to be very late tonight. You shouldn't wait up for me."

She was right. That night my wife didn't get home until 1:00 AM. The next night, Super Bowl Sunday, she didn't get home until 2:30.

Still, for awhile things were better. Kelly's mood improved and when she was at home, she tried to be a little more attentive.

The improvement was only temporary. By early March Kelly was working late on at least two and sometimes as many as four nights a week. When she was at home her foul mood had returned and our sex life was dead.

Kelly also started traveling in March. Her first trip was to New York City. She left on a Tuesday morning and was home again by dinner time on Thursday. She explained the trip by telling me that the three partners were meeting with an important Wall Street investment firm. They were bringing her along to keep track of the paperwork.

Four weeks later she had to go to Chicago and three weeks after that she accompanied the partners to Los Angeles. All of these trips seemed credible to me. The cities were all major financial centers and my wife did work for a firm that invested capital and bought and sold businesses.

It was in early May that she took the first trip that aroused my suspicion. Kelly and all three of the partners spent a week at a private estate near a well known golf community in South Carolina. When she told me about the trip I asked her why they were going to a golf resort.

Kelly explained that the firm was about to attempt a hostile take over of a large well known corporation. The purpose of the trip was to get everyone together in a place where they wouldn't be disturbed so they could put together a strategic plan for the take over. Kelly's explanation made sense. I had to accept it.

After that her trips became more frequent and appeared to be increasingly less business oriented. In late May she spent several days at a luxury resort in Jamaica. In early June she went back to Evergreen. That was the name of the estate in South Carolina. At the end of June she spent a week in Hawaii. She took her first trip to Las Vegas in early July and by the end of the summer she'd made two more visits to that gambling mecca and four more to Evergreen. She spent the Labor Day weekend on Cape Cod and in September she made another trip to Las Vegas and flew to South Carolina three more times.

When I asked her why she was traveling to vacation destinations rather than business centers, Kelly explained that they were trying to raise capital and it was easier to persuade potential investors to meet with representatives of the firm if they held the meetings in places that were fun to visit.

Again her explanation made just enough sense to make it plausible. Still, my wife was gone more than she was at home. When she was at home, she was crabby, aloof and often stayed out until the middle of the night. It was clear to me that our marriage was falling apart.

On the last Monday in September Kelly spent a rare evening at home. We ate dinner in silence. After dinner I cleaned the kitchen while she sat on the couch reading a magazine. As soon as I was finished in the kitchen I joined her in the living room.

When I sat down on the couch next to her Kelly didn't even bother to look up from her magazine. This was the final straw. I decided that I couldn't live like this any more. Something was wrong and I had to know what it was.

I took a deep breath and said, "Kelly we have to talk."

My wife set her magazine down. In an irritated tone of voice, she asked, "What's wrong now?"

I shook my head. "What's wrong? Can't you see what's wrong? You're rarely at home and when you are at home you barely acknowledge my presence. Kelly honey we haven't had sex in over two months. You used to love sex. You used to live for sex. Baby I'm worried, there's something drastically wrong."

Kelly bristled. "Timmy your constant whining about my job and our life is really beginning to annoy me. I'm working my tail off trying to establish some financial independence for us and all you seem to be able to do is harp at me about it. Well I'm getting sick and tired of hearing your petty grievances." She stood up and glared at me. "If you were a man and had a decent job, maybe I wouldn't have to work so hard. Now I'm tired. I'm going to bed."

Kelly turned and started to walk towards the bedroom.

I called to her. "Kelly we have to talk about this. We can't ignore it anymore. Our marriage is falling apart. Baby I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable."

She spun around. "Timmy I don't want to hear another word out of you tonight. Do you understand me? Not one more word." Kelly turned her back to me, stormed into the bedroom and slammed the door behind her.

For a little while I sat on the couch in silence. I couldn't make any sense out of this situation. Before she went to work at JTandR Kelly never really cared much about money. Writing poetry, listening to music and taking the time to cook a nice dinner, those were the things that used to motivate her. Oh and of course sex. She always loved sex. Kelly lived for sex. It was the greatest joy in her life.

I shook my head. We hadn't made love in over a month and Kelly claimed that she was still being faithful to me. If that was true, then she was living a celibate life. Could a person really change that much in two short years? I didn't think it was possible.

I decided that my wife had to be having an affair. It was the only reasonable explanation for the radical change in her behavior.

The problem with that theory was that it really didn't make any sense. Why would she bother to hide it from me? She'd dated other guys right up to our wedding day. I chuckled to myself. Her girlfriends told me that she'd had quite a bachelorette party. Apparently there were a half dozen very handsome men in attendance and my bride started the festivities by sucking all of their cocks while everyone else watched. I gather that things went down hill from there.

I never asked my wife to stop seeing other men. In fact on our wedding day I'd made it clear to her that if she wanted to continue dating it would be perfectly all right with me. I explained that I actually got a thrill out of being her cuckold.

Giving up other men was entirely Kelly's idea. She told me that she was grateful that I'd given her the opportunity to sow her wild oats, but now that we were married she wanted to try to be a faithful wife.

If she'd started dating again, why wouldn't she just tell me? She had to know that I wouldn't care.

Suddenly the answer became clear. It was the only scenario that made any sense. My wife must have fallen in love with another man. It explained everything; the frequent trips, Kelly's foul mood when she was at home, her late nights, her lack of interest in having sex with me and most of all her reluctance to tell me about her lover. It all fit together.

When I realized that it was likely that I'd already lost Kelly my stomach churned and then I buried my face in my hands and started to cry.

As I stood huddled in the doorway to Smithson's Jewelry store the memory of that awful night once again brought tears to my eyes. I loved Kelly so much and I was now certain that I'd lost her forever.

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