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Courtesan Ch. 08

Timmy meets Tonya
Kelly patted my knee. "Are you ready to go up to my office?"

"Yes I am."

"Let's go." Kelly opened her car door and got out.

I followed her.

Kelly's parking spot was on the third floor of the parking ramp. We took the elevator down to the street level. When we walked out onto First Avenue I couldn't stop myself from staring at the doorway to Smithson Jewelers across the street. I sighed as thought back to the previous Thursday night and remembered the cold, miserable hours I'd spent huddled in that space waiting for Kelly to come out of the Whetmore building.

Noticing my distraction, Kelly asked, "What are you thinking about?"

I pointed at the jewelry store. "Last Thursday night I froze my butt off standing in that doorway waiting for you to come out of your office."

"Timmy I'm sorry you had to do that." Kelly smiled. "But I'm glad you did. My secret life was slowly destroying our marriage. I'm terrified to think about what might have eventually happened to us if you hadn't intervened."

I took Kelly's hand. As I held it, I said, "Whether it happened this week, next week or next month, it was a matter of time before I finally figured out what was going on. I think today we've done a pretty good job of establishing the fact that I still love you and you still love me. Our love for each other is strong. I don't think either of us would have let our marriage collapse."

Kelly didn't say anything, she just squeezed my hand. That was enough. That little squeeze spoke volumes.

We walked into the lobby of the Whetmore Building and rode the elevator up to the fifty-second floor. I smiled as the elevator doors opened and we stepped into the oak paneled alcove. While it had been less than seven hours since the first time I'd entered that alcove, so much had happened during those seven hours that it actually felt like days.

I opened the glass doors that led into the headquarters of JTandR and looked around. I was shocked. It was just after six o'clock on a Wednesday. I was expecting that the premises would be deserted, but that wasn't the case at all. The office was bustling with activity.

I glanced at the front desk. Janet Collins was gone, but there was another woman sitting there. She was about the same age as Janet, and just as attractive. It appeared the partners had a strict criteria they followed when they hired a receptionist.

Kelly called to the woman. "Hi Colleen."

She looked up and smiled when she saw my wife. "Hi Kelly, it's nice to see you. Everyone misses you."

Kelly nodded. "I miss everyone too."

"What brings you to JTandR tonight?"

"I'm meeting Tonya. She told me I could keep some of my clothes."

"I don't see why you shouldn't. They're going to throw them all out on Friday." Colleen picked up her telephone. "I'll call Tonya and tell her you're here."

"Tell her I'll be in my old office."

Colleen nodded.

Kelly grabbed my hand. "Come on Timmy, my office is this way." She pulled me down the corridor that led off to the right. When we reached the end of that corridor Kelly stopped and opened a door. It led into another much shorter hallway. There were three doors on each side of this hall. Kelly went to the second door on the right. As she opened the door she said, "This is my old office."

We stepped inside. Kelly left the door open.

I looked around. It was an unusually furnished office. It looked more like an elegant boudoir. The walls were painted a light shade of pink and the carpeting was the color of French vanilla ice cream. In one corner there was a small wooden desk and a padded desk chair. A large overstuffed brown leather chair similar to the ones I'd seen in the lobby and in Martin Jackson's office sat in front of the desk.

In the opposite corner there was another larger wooden desk and another padded desk chair. This desk was pushed up against the wall. A large mirror had been mounted on the wall above the desk and another mirror, this one full length, occupied the space on the wall next to the desk. The desk was covered with an assortment of ornate cut glass bottles and several delicately carved and decorated wooden boxes. I assumed the bottles were filled with a variety of perfumes and the boxes contained the cosmetics and jewelry that my wife wore on her dates.

There was a door on each end of the wall across from the door we'd just come through. Between these two doors was a large, very comfortable looking brown leather couch. Above the couch there were two elegantly framed paintings. Both of them were classical full length portraits of nude females.

The masculine feel of the brown leather couch and the chair in front of the desk made them seem out of place in this otherwise overtly feminine room. I suspected they were here so the three partners could relax in comfort while my wife entertained them.

Kelly walked over to one of the doors. As she opened it she pointed to the other door. "If you need to use it, there's a full bathroom in there."

I shook my head. "No I'm okay."

She nodded and went through the other door. I followed her and found myself in a large walk in closet. A closet rod extended for the entire length of the wall opposite the door. An assortment of dresses, women's suits and long filmy negligee's hung from this rod. A rack of shelves that extended from the floor to the ceiling had been built on the wall next to the door. These shelves were filled with a collection of expensive looking women's shoes. At each end of the closet there was a large dresser.

Kelly walked over to the dresser at the right end of the closet and opened one of the middle drawers. It was filled with sets of lingerie. She was just starting to sort through the lingerie when I heard a voice behind me.

"Oh your in here."

I turned. A gorgeous middle aged blond was standing in the closet doorway.

Kelly set the lingerie down and turned around. There was a warm smile on her face. She glanced at me and the warm smile turned into a devilish grin. She walked over to the woman, put her arms around her neck and kissed her full on the lips. The older woman put her arms around Kelly and returned the kiss with passion.

I leaned awkwardly against the rack of shoes and watched as my wife and this older woman lasciviously made out with each other right in front of me.

When they finally broke apart they both took a breath and then the older woman said, "Well that was quite a greeting."

Kelly laughed. "I wanted to be certain my little pussy husband understands the full scope of our friendship."

Looking at Kelly with a puzzled expression, the woman said, "Pussy husband? That's an interesting name for the man you generally describe as the most wonderful human being on the face of the planet."

The woman turned to me. "I"m Tonya Lewis. I assume you're Tim Jamieson."

I nodded.

Extending her hand, Tonya said, "Tim it's a pleasure to finally meet you."

I shook her hand and said, "It's a pleasure to finally meet you too Tonya. Please call me Timmy."

She smiled at me. It was a wonderfully endearing smile. "Very well."

Tonya turned to Kelly. "Let's go back into your office and sit down on the couch. I want to hear about everything that's happened in the past week, but first I want you to explain that hot kiss you just gave me and why you're referring to the man you've always described as the love of your life as your little pussy husband."

I followed Tonya and Kelly out of the closet. Tonya sat down on the couch and patted the spot next to her. "Timmy why don't you sit here between Kelly and me."

I sat down next to Tonya and Kelly sat on the other side of me.

As soon as all three of us were settled Tonya looked at Kelly and said, "All right Kelly, what's going on?"

Kelly thought for a moment and then she sighed. "Tonya I've kind of been neglecting Timmy for a while."

Tonya shook her head. "Neglecting him? I don't understand. For the past year you've spent every day at work describing this man as the greatest husband in the entire world. How could you have possibly been neglecting him?"

"Well I've been a little distant from him lately. I guess you could say I've been emotionally and physically unavailable." Kelly paused and took a deep breath. "And I've been lying to him."

Staring at Kelly, Tonya asked, "Are you telling me the rumors are true?"

"What rumors?"

"You created quite a stir last Friday when you came into the office and suddenly resigned. After you left the partners spent a full hour in a private meeting with the firm's lawyers. Everyone was dying to know what was going on. A rumor started circulating that your husband didn't know you were working as a hostess. I told everyone the rumor had to be nonsense. I didn't believe you would ever do that to Timmy."

Kelly whispered. "I was very stupid."

Tonya looked at me. "You really didn't know?"

I nodded.

"Kelly, how could you have possibly been that stupid? You're a smart woman. You went to Kelroy. Keisha, Mandy and I would give anything to have a man like Timmy and now it turns out you've been lying to him for the past year!" The volume of Tonya's voice had been gradually increasing. By the time she'd said the last few words she was yelling.

Tonya stopped and took a deep breath. That calmed her. In a quieter voice, she asked, "What do you mean when you say you've been distant and emotionally and physically unavailable? Are you telling me Timmy hasn't been getting any sex?"

Still whispering, Kelly answered, "Yes."

"Kelly! For the past six months you've been boinking at least four different guys a week and now you're telling me you were not only lying to your husband about it, you were also leaving him high and dry during that time." Tonya patted my shoulder. "You told all of us you loved this man. How could you possibly have been that cruel to him?"

Kelly burst into tears.

Tonya ignored her and turned to me. "I imagine you're going to divorce her."

"No I'm not. In fact, I've already forgiven her."

Kelly looked at me with tears running down her cheeks, but she didn't say anything.

Slowly shaking her head, Tonya said, "Timothy Jamieson, you certainly are a prince." She laughed. "If you ever get tired of Kelly, look me up. I assure you I know exactly how to treat a man like you."

I laughed. "Actually that's kind of what I'm hoping for, but first let's finish filling you in on everything that's happened."

I put my arm around Kelly and kissed her cheek. "My wife has already done a pretty good job of beating herself up about what she's done. I don't think we need to add to that. As I just said, I've already forgiven her and we're moving on."

Turning back to Tonya, I said, "Kelly considers you to be her best friend, so I want you to understand what's happened and why we think she acted the way she did."

Tonya nodded. "All right."

For the next half hour I described the circumstances that led up to Kelly's resignation. I started by telling Tonya how, while we were in college, Kelly had dated and slept with other men with my full knowledge and approval. I went on to talk about the vow of fidelity that Kelly made to me on our wedding day, and tried to explain the reasons that prompted her to make that vow.

After that I outlined some of the key events of our life together after Kelly went to work for JTandR. Tonya was particularly attentive when I told her how my wife had gradually evolved into the dominant partner in our marriage and I had become increasingly submissive to her.

It became more difficult for all of us when I started describing the deterioration of our relationship that had occurred during the past year. Tonya was a good friend. It was clear she wanted to chastise Kelly, but she resisted the urge. Instead she listened in patient silence.

I went on to tell Tonya about the events of the past week. I mentioned my meeting with Martin Jackson that morning. I didn't include any details other than to tell her that he was the one who'd finally told me that Kelly had been working as a hostess and what that meant. I finished by recounting the key points of the discussion Kelly and I'd had that afternoon. I wanted to try to help Tonya understand why Kelly had acted the way she did.

When I was finished Tonya looked at Kelly and said, "Your mother and sisters really did a number on you, didn't they?"

Kelly nodded. "Yes, I guess they did."

Tonya turned to me. "And you're ready to forgive Kelly for all of that?"

I shrugged. "I love her and I want to be with her. Forgiving her is the only course of action that makes any sense to me." I chuckled, "Besides, I want to forgive her."

"Timmy you are a prince." Tonya turned to Kelly. "And young lady, you are a moron, but you're a lovable moron. Please promise me that you'll never ever lie to this wonderful man again."

Kelly smiled. It was the first time she'd smiled in almost an hour. "I promise."

Tonya looked at both of us. "All right, so what are your plans for the future?"

I laughed. "We're still working on coping with the past. Right now I think we're trying to live from day to day."

Kelly giggled. "It's more like hour to hour."

I nodded. "The only thing I know for certain is that I have to be at work at six o'clock tomorrow morning."

Looking at me, Kelly said, "Six o'clock tomorrow morning? When did the newspaper start making you come in that early?"

"I didn't tell you, did I? When I moved out of the house I realized I'd need more money than I could earn at "The Crier" so I took a part time job at a convenience store."

Kelly shrieked, "A convenience store!"

"Yes, that's right. It's called Kirby's Quick Stop. I work from six until ten every morning."

"Well you can quit right now! You're back living at home again and we have plenty of money. You do not need to work at a convenience store."

"Yes I do. I promised the owner I'd work there and I intend to keep my word until he can find someone to replace me."

"But a convenience store? You might get killed in a holdup."

Tonya reached across me and patted Kelly's knee. "Kel, this is why you love this man so much and it's why I'm quickly falling in love with him too. He's true to his word and completely trustworthy. He made a promise and he needs to keep it. Don't try to prevent him from doing that."

Kelly sighed. "You're right Tonnie." Turning to me, she said, "Just promise me if someone comes in to rob the store, you won't try to be a hero. Please tell me you'll just give them all the money."

I laughed. "All right, I promise."

Tonya looked at both of us. "I think it's time for us to get back to my first questions. What was that hot kiss all about and why were you calling Timmy your little pussy husband?"

Kelly answered, "I feel bad about neglecting him and I'm beginning a concentrated effort to make up for it. That's why I'm here getting the lingerie. Timmy feels bad that I've been wearing all this sexy clothing for other men, but I've never worn any of it for him. I agree with him. Tonight I intend to put on a lingerie fashion show that will blow my sweet little man's mind."

"Kelly honey, that's a wonderful idea. If I didn't have to work tonight I'd offer to join you and give him a double show."

Kelly reached over and squeezed my hand. "I think my baby might like that. Maybe on your next night off you could come over for dinner. Timmy is an outstanding cook."

"I'd like that. Now let's get back to the questions. The fashion show is a wonderful idea, but it doesn't explain the kiss or the pussy husband remark."

"It is related. I'm trying to be totally honest with Timmy. Before I brought him up here to meet you I told him you and I had been lovers."

"Considering everything that's happened, I think that was a good idea." Tonya looked at me. "Did that upset you?"

"At first it made me nervous. I was afraid Kelly was telling me she'd become a lesbian and was planning to leave me so she could be with you."

"You know that's not true, don't you?" Tonya's voice was soft and soothing.


She looked at Kelly. "So why the hot kiss? Were you trying to scare the poor guy to death?"

"No, after I was done reassuring Timmy that I loved him and I wasn't going to leave him I started to worry that he might hate me because I occasionally played with women. When I asked him about it he hesitantly admitted that he not only didn't hate me, he found it exciting."

"That really shouldn't surprise you Kelly. Think about some of the parties at Eagle Lake and Evergreen. Watching two women make love is a pretty big fantasy for a lot of men."

Kelly's expression suddenly changed to a look of fear. "Tonya, I haven't told Timmy about the parties."

"Well I think it might be time."

I put my hand up. "No, she can tell me when she's ready."

"Thank you, but no, I can do it now." Kelly took a deep breath. "Sometimes the partners hold sex parties at Eagle Lake and Evergreen. Usually there will be five or six men at these parties, sometimes a few more. Both estates have special rooms set up for sex shows. The rooms have a king sized bed in the middle, with about a dozen comfortable chairs placed in a circle around the bed." Kelly hesitated for a moment and then she whispered, "Sometimes Tonya and I were the show. We'd make love on the bed while the men watched." She buried her face in her hands. "Timmy, I'm so sorry."

I leaned over and gently kissed the back of Kelly's neck. "It's okay, I still don't hate you. In fact, I still love you and I still want to be married to you."

Kelly sat up and looked at me. "Timmy are you sure?"

"Yes, but I don't think we should tell your mother or your sisters about this."

All three of us burst out laughing.

Once we settled down again Tonya smiled at Kelly. "Okay that explains the hot kiss. You were putting on a show for Timmy."

"Yes I was." Kelly poked me in the ribs. "If you're interested, we can do a whole lot more than kiss."

I blushed.

Tonya laughed. "Kel, he is absolutely adorable. I think I might try to steal him from you."

"You can't have him, but I might be willing to share him with you."

Tonya leaned over and nuzzled my ear. "Did you hear that Timmy? Your wife might let me borrow you once in a while. Believe me, I know just what to do with a cute little guy like you." Her voice dropped to a seductive whisper. "Kelly told me you eat pussy better than anyone she's ever met. Is that true?"

Totally flustered by Tonya's aggressive teasing, I barely managed to stammer out, "I ah, I don't..."

Thankfully Kelly intervened. "Tonnie, you're scaring him to death."

Tonya patted my thigh. "Sorry sweetie, I was just having fun. I didn't mean to frighten you."

I nervously answered, "It's okay, sometimes I'm a little shy around women."

Tonya looked at Kelly. "He really is priceless, isn't he?"

Nodding, Kelly answered, "I've always thought so."

"You said he has a small penis. Can I feel it?"

"Tonnie! You're going to make him have a heart attack."

Tonya leaned over and kissed my neck. "Timmy honey, you wouldn't mind if I touched your little dicky would you?"

I looked at Kelly. She was grinning, but as I studied her I realized it wasn't a malicious grin. She was just happy. I understood. As we gradually became more and more estranged over the past year, Kelly had to find another source for emotional support. Tonya Lewis was one of the people who provided that support. I was beginning to realize that she was not only a lover and friend for Kelly, she also filled the role of a mother or a sister who would not only condone her lifestyle, but would actually support her in it. Now Tonya and I were getting to know each other. I think Kelly was hoping that two of the primary sources of emotional support in her life would become close friends. Of course for Kelly, sex was an essential part of any close relationship so she was not only not offended by what she saw Tonya doing, she was hoping it would go farther.

Deciding that I might as well relax and go with the flow, I smiled at Tonya and said, "If Kelly doesn't mind, it's okay with me."

Tonya looked at Kelly.

Kelly studied me for a moment and then she asked, "Timmy are you sure?"

"It's important to you, isn't it?"

Kelly considered that. After a moment she nodded. "Yes, I think it is."

Turning to Tonya, she said, "Be careful with him. He's a little insecure about the size of his penis and he doesn't have very good control. Don't make him mess up his pants."

"I'll be careful." Tonya laid her hand on my crotch and gently traced the outline of my erect penis with her fingertips.

Kelly was the only person who had ever touched me like that. I was both nervous and excited.

Tonya looked at Kelly and asked, "Can I take it out?"

"I think that might be a good idea. It's less likely he'll mess up his pants that way." Kelly opened her purse, took out several tissues and handed them to Tonya. "You'd better keep these handy."

Tonya set the tissues next to her and then she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled them open. I had an erection. She grinned at Kelly. "He has a little stiffy."

"What did you expect? I haven't touched him in two months. The poor guy is probably on the verge of dying from frustration."

Tonya stared at Kelly. "You mean you haven't had any makeup sex yet?"

Kelly shook her head. "We haven't had time. That's what the lingerie show tonight is all about."

"Shouldn't you be the one who's doing this right now?"

"No, tonight he's going to get to enjoy me in every way possible." Kelly giggled. "I fully intend to wear him out. Tonya, you and Timmy are the two most important people in the world to me. I think that after Timmy and I have reestablished our marriage, I'm going to start dating other men again. Timmy is already encouraging me to do that. He enjoys being a cuckold. He won't have that same privilege. That's an important part of that fantasy for him. "

Tonya looked at me. "Is that true Timmy? You want your wife to be free to fool around with other men, but you want her to demand that you stay faithful to her?"

While having to make that admission to this woman I'd just met was embarrassing, I understood what Kelly was doing so I nervously answered, "Yes, that's right."

Tonya shook her head. "Isn't that kind of masochistic?"

Kelly answered. "Yes it is. Do you remember a little earlier when Timmy told you that as our relationship developed I gradually became more dominant and he gradually became more submissive."


"Timmy is also a masochist. It hurts him when I date other men, but he enjoys that pain."

Tonya looked at me. I nodded. The admission was both exciting and humiliating. Of course the humiliation made it even more exciting. She gasped. "Oh my, that is exciting."

"That's why I gave you that hot kiss this afternoon and then called Timmy my pussy husband. When we were talking in the car before we came up here he didn't only tell me he was excited because you and I were lovers, he told me he was excited by the thought of being dominated by two lesbians."

Tonya burst out laughing.

Kelly snapped at her. "Tonnie, don't embarrass him!"

Tonya immediately stopped laughing. She gently patted my cheek and then she leaned over and kissed my forehead. It was an almost maternal kiss. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh at you." She shook her head. "I was only laughing because we share the exact same fantasy."

Staring at her, I asked, "What do you mean?"

"I would love to play a game where Kelly and I are lesbian lovers and you're our little bitch slave." Tonya firmly grasped my chin with her hand and turned my face towards hers. Staring into my eyes she said, "Would you like that pussyboy? Would you like to kneel on the floor and watch while I make love to your wife?"

At first the sudden change in Tonya's demeanor shocked me, but I quickly understood. She and Kelly were both professionals. I remembered what Kelly had said earlier. Fulfilling a man's fantasies was her business. Clearly it was Tonya's too. Play acting was part of their job.

Excited, I nervously tried to stammer out an answer. "I ah...maybe. I mean yes, I think it would be fun...."

Kelly interrupted me. "Tonya before we start playing I have to tell you there's another reason I want you to be the one who makes Timmy cum right now."

Tonya released my chin and turned to Kelly. "What is it?"

"I feel awful that I've so callously neglected him during the past few months. I know my desperate need to hide my secret life from him was the major reason for that neglect, but I'm not sure it was the only reason."

Surprised by that statement, I asked, "What do you mean?"

"Timmy you are the love of my life. You always will be, but when I'm dating other men it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment. When that happens I'm afraid I might inadvertently start neglecting you again."

Kelly thought for a moment and then she said, "I think it's also likely that we're going to start incorporating more of the cuckold hot wife lifestyle into our marriage. I suspect that I'm going to become more overtly dominant and you're going to become increasingly submissive. That will make it even easier for me to neglect you."

Taking a deep breath, Kelly continued. "I'd like to try to include to Tonya in our lives. While I realize how important it is for you to remain faithful to me, I would like you and Tonya to become lovers. Actually, I'd like all three of us to be lovers. That way Tonya can be there to support you when you need it and she can jerk me back to reality if I start neglecting you again."

I looked at Tonya. "Do you want that?"

Tonya smiled at me. "More than anything in the entire world. Timmy, I'm a middle aged whore. I've never been able to keep a man because I've never been able to remain faithful to one. I've lost every boyfriend I've ever had because I cheated on him. When I was a senior in high school my prom date stormed out of the hotel ballroom an hour after the dance started because he caught me giving another guy a blow job in the men's lavatory."

She shook her head. "I've never had children, I haven't lived in a home since I left my parent's house and I don't know what I'm going to do when I finally get so old that men lose interest in having sex with me."

Tonya picked up my hand. Gently squeezing it, she said, "Timmy, I don't expect you to fall in love with me, but I am hoping we can become close friends. If Kelly really is comfortable with it, I would very much like to have you as a lover." She giggled. "I have a soft spot for submissive men with tiny cocks."

I turned and looked at Kelly. She smiled at me. I asked her, "Are you sure this is what you want?"

She nodded. "Yes, I really hadn't considered it before we came down here this afternoon, but I think it would be good for all three of us."

I wasn't exactly certain how this was going to end up, but it was clear to me that Tonya really did need us and I could also see that we probably needed her too.

Smiling at Tonya, I slipped her hand down the front of my briefs. She wrapped her fingers around my erect penis. At the same time she leaned over and pressed her lips against mine. I responded. It quickly became a passionate kiss filled with mutual need. She pushed her tongue into my mouth. We tasted each other and our arousal grew.

As we kissed, I remembered my vow of fidelity to Kelly. It had been a serious pledge, one that I was hesitant to break, even when aroused. I was torn. Tonya's embrace was not only exciting, it was also comforting. I sensed a fundamental goodness in this woman and I felt safe in her arms. It was a sense of security that I was reluctant to give up. I also realized it was a mutual need. Tonya wanted to be able to take refuge in my arms every bit as much as I needed the security of hers.

I thought about what Kelly had just told us and I understood. I realized what she was trying to do and I sensed she was right. The three of us needed each other. Together we would be stronger and our collective strength would make it nearly impossible for anything in this world to ever hurt any one of us again.

Behind me Kelly whispered, "Timmy, I want you to put your hand on Tonya's breast."

I hesitated, not because I didn't want to do it, I did. I hesitated because I was nervous.

Kelly picked up my hand. As she placed it on Tonya I closed my eyes and for the first time in my life, intimately touched a woman other than Kelly.

Tonya responded to my touch by squeezing my erection and kissing me even harder.

Emboldened by Kelly's encouragement and Tonya's response, I found Tonya's nipple and rubbed it with my fingertips.

As soon as she realized what I was doing Tonya broke off our kiss and said, "This would be a lot more fun if I took off my blouse and brassiere."

As Tonya started unbuttoning her blouse Kelly said, "Tonnie, I think Timmy would like it if we were a little aggressive with him."

Tonya looked at me. "Is that right? Do you want Kelly and me to make you our little bitch right now?"

My entire body started to tingle with excitement. Tonya and Kelly were talking about bringing one of my most secret fantasies to life and they were offering to do it at that very moment. Realizing this was not the time to be bashful I took a deep breath and whispered, "Yes please."

Next to me Kelly giggled. "This is going to be so much fun. Timmy, Tonnie is a skilled dominant. I've watched her put on some sex shows at Evergreen that were absolutely breathtaking."

I turned and looked at my wife. "How many different kinds of sex shows have you two put on?"

Tonya patted my cheek. "A lot and we promise to tell you about everyone of them, but let's do that later. Right now it's time for us to play. This afternoon we're going to put on a sex show just for you, only in this show you get to be one of the players too."

She looked at Kelly. "I need to explain some rules to Timmy."

Kelly nodded.

Tonya said, "We want everyone to have fun, but in order to do that Kelly and I have to be able to push your limits. We want to be able to take you right to the edge of what you can tolerate. We'll go a little slower today because this is your first time, but I suspect the three of us are going to start playing this game on a regular basis. As we get more comfortable with each other Kelly and I are going to push you harder, but we don't ever want to hurt you and we don't ever want to make you submit to something you don't want to do. That means you have to be able to tell us when you need us to stop. To do that we have to have a safe word."

I nodded. I already knew about safe words. During the past six months I'd spent many hours on the Internet reading stories about dominant women and submissive men.

"The safe word were going to use is check. If at any time you start to feel uncomfortable about what we're doing, all you have to do is say, check. We'll stop and discuss what's happening. Do you understand?"


"If we're doing something you find particularly exciting we want you to beg us to stop doing it. For dominant sadists like Kelly and me..."

I gasped when I heard the word, sadist.

Noting my reaction, Tonya smiled. "Oh yes, your wife and I are both dominant sadists, although unlike me, Kelly does get an occasional thrill out of submitting to a powerful man." She paused for a moment and then she added, "Or a woman."

Tonya studied me. It must have been obvious to her that I was getting very excited. After a moment she continued. "Anyway, dominant sadists like Kelly and me get a real thrill out of hearing a sub beg us to stop what were doing and we get an even greater thrill when we can callously ignore those pleas and continue tormenting our slave. Of course we would never be able to do that without a safe word. Kelly loves you and I think I might easily fall in love with you too. Neither of us would ever want to do anything that would actually hurt you. Do you understand that?"


"Good, now give me a kiss and then give your wife a kiss. In a way, you're kissing us good bye, because for a little while, the two of us are going to become very different people."

I leaned over and kissed Tonya and then I turned and kissed Kelly. After that I anxiously sat with my hands folded in my lap. Every nerve in my body was tingling with anticipatory excitement.

Tonya looked at Kelly and asked, "Are you ready?"

Kelly nodded.

Tonya turned back to me. Her warm smile became a menacing sneer. Without warning, she drew her hand back and slapped me across the face. It wasn't a playful slap. It stung. She'd hit me hard.

I rubbed my cheek.

"That's just a taste of what's in store for you if you fail to please us. Now what the fuck is your sorry butt doing on this couch?" Tonya laughed. "Kel it almost looks like your little pussy husband thinks he's our equal."

Kelly grabbed me by my hair and turned my head so I was looking at her. "You're not pussy boy. We only let men sit on this couch with us, not little sissies like you."

Kelly stared at me with an excited smile. Suddenly that smile changed to an expression of concern. Gently placing a hand on my shoulder, she whispered into my ear, "Timmy I love you so much. Please don't get confused about this."

"Kelly stay in character! He knows you love him. That's why were doing this. Don't worry, as soon as we're done playing were both going to love him up and make him feel like a king."

I looked at Tonya and said, "Check."

She nodded. "What do you want to say?"

Turning to Kelly, I said, "Tonya's right, relax and let yourself go. I understand that right now you're a little more sensitive about hurting my feelings than you might usually be. You don't have to worry. You're not going to hurt my feelings. We both know this is a game and we both know we love each other. Besides, Tonya is here. I realize that I still haven't gotten to know her very well, but my first impression of her is that she's one of those people who is totally trustworthy. I don't believe she'd ever let any harm come to either of us."

Tonya stared at me. "Timmy that was a maybe the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. I think I might start crying."

I patted her knee. "Isn't that a little out of character for a ruthless dominatrix?"

Rubbing her eyes, Tonya smiled at me. "You're the one who said check."

I laughed. "All right everyone, get ready. It's time to get back to work." Suddenly I remembered something. I stopped. Looking at Tonya I asked, "Didn't you say you have to work tonight? How much time do we have before you have to leave?"

"There's a party at Eagle Lake. The associates are going to arrive at 9:00. Mandy, Keisha, Antoine and I all have to be there by 8:30." She glanced at the clock on Kelly's makeup desk. It was 6:45. "I have about a half hour before I should start getting ready."

Kelly asked, "Why is Antoine going to be there? Is one of the associates a woman?"

Tonya shook her head. "No, they want a show, the usual one. Since you're not working anymore, Mandy is going to have to do it tonight."

"Oh." Kelly paused for a moment and then she said, "Mandy can do it."

"She can, but you know it's harder for her."

Kelly nodded. "I know."

I understood the part of Kelly and Tonya's conversation about a sex show during the party, but their comments about Mandy confused me.

Tonya noticed my puzzled expression and said, "I'm sorry Timmy, that was rude of us. We were talking shop and ignoring you. Antoine is a host."

"Yes, Kelly told me about him. He's a black guy with a big cock."

Tonya laughed. "Yes, that's right."

"And Mandy and Keisha are the other hostesses, correct."

"Yes, that's also right."

"what does Mandy have to do tonight because Kelly's not going to be there and why will it be harder for her?"

"Timmy, earlier Kelly and I told you we sometimes put on lesbian sex shows for groups of associates at Evergreen and Eagle Lake."


"We put on other kinds of shows too."

I smiled. "I think I understand. The show tonight is a black guy and a white girl."

Tonya nodded. "Yes, it's a popular show."

"I imagine it is, that's a pretty common fantasy on the Internet web sites."

"If Kelly was still working she'd be doing the show this evening, but since she's no longer employed by the firm, Mandy has to take her place."

"From what you just said I gather that's a problem for Mandy. Earlier today Kelly told me Mandy's not very big. Is Antoine's cock too much for her?"

Tonya nodded. "Yes, but not in the way you're thinking."

"I don't understand."

Kelly said, "Timmy honey, during tonight's show Antoine isn't going to fuck Mandy, she's going to give him a blow job. While she's doing it she has to deep throat him."

Tonya said. "All twelve inches of it."

"And I gather she doesn't like doing that."

Kelly said, "Actually she enjoys deep throating a guy and she's very good at it, but you remembered correctly. Mandy is slender and petite. She has a little trouble swallowing that much cock."

I looked at Tonya. "Why don't you do the show?"

"I would, but we're entertaining a group of older white businessmen who are a little kinky. They want to see a young white girl sucking a huge black man."

I nodded. "Now I understand. That means Keisha can't do it either."

"That's right and since your wife isn't working for the firm anymore that leaves Mandy."

I turned to Kelly. "Can you deep throat a cock that big?"

Kelly smiled. "Easily."

"When did you learn to do that?"

"While we were still in college. Actually I already knew how to do it when I met you."

"How come you've never done it for me?"

Shaking her head, Kelly said, "Honey, your cock isn't big enough to reach my throat."

"Oh." I started chuckling. "I guess that ends that conversation."

I glanced over at the clock on the makeup desk. It was 6:50. We'd just spent five minutes talking. I said, "Tonya has to go to work in twenty-five minutes. If the two of you still intend to teach me the meaning of the word respect before it's time for her to leave, we'd better get crackin"

Kelly giggled. "Get crackin? Packin? Sweetheart, where are you coming up with these words?"

"My dear, have you so quickly forgotten? I was an English major at Kelroy."

"I was taking the exact same classes as you and I never learned those words."

"I don't want to be critical, but there were times when I think you might have been paying better attention." I was grinning at Kelly.

Kelly rolled her eyes. "Timothy Jamieson, you know very well that every time we had an examination you had to borrow my class notes so you could study."

Pretending to be indignant, I said, "That's because I was spending all my time building my vocabulary."

"Ahem! Would the two of you please focus. I'm in the mood for a hot domination scene. I would love to feel Timmy's tongue in my pussy and ass before I have to go to work tonight." Tonya was shaking her head, but she was also laughing.

I turned to Kelly. "Your wise friend is correct. We'd better get down to business. I'm going to say, uncheck and then it will be your turn to slap me. After that you should make some demeaning comments and boot me off the couch."

Tonya started laughing.

Kelly looked at her. "What's so funny?"

"Your husband is the first sub I've ever met who does the dominating for me."

Giggling, Kelly said, "He is a cooperative fellow, isn't he."

I shook my head. "Now it's the two of you who are having way too much fun."

Tonya started laughing again. "Kel I am having too much fun. I think I'm going to call in sick so I can spend the rest of the evening playing with you two."

Kelly chuckled. "Tonnie honey, you can't call in sick. You're already at work."

"Oh that's right. Well then, to quote our sweet little pussyboy, we'd better get crackin."

Realizing that we were running out of time I said, "Ahem." Once I had Kelly and Tonya's attention I said, "Uncheck!"

Kelly nodded to me and then she took a deep breath, cocked her arm and slapped me hard across the face.

It stung. I rubbed my cheek. "Ow! That hurt."

Grinning at me, Kelly lifted her foot up and pushed me off the couch. "It was supposed to hurt. Now get those clothes off. Our slaves serve us naked."

The tone in the room had changed. All three of us were back in character. I quickly shed my clothes.

As soon as I was naked, Tonya kicked off her high heels and held up her foot. "Get down on your knees wimpboy and start kissing my toes."

A shiver of excitement rippled through me. Kelly and I had played some exciting domination games, especially during the first few months after she started working at JTandR, but this was different. This was the first time I'd ever been forced to submit to two people at the same time. For a submissive masochist, being dominated and humiliated by one person is exciting. Having two women simultaneously gang up on you is staggering.

I dropped to my knees, carefully picked up Tonya's foot, closed my eyes and reverently kissed her big toe. She was a goddess.

Tonya sighed when she felt my lips touch her toes and then as I kissed her feet she giggled and said, "He is an obedient little wimp, isn't he."

"We can make him do anything we want." I was certain I detected a hint of pride in my wife's voice.

Suddenly I felt movement on the couch above me. I looked up. What I saw made me stop kissing Tonya's feet. She had her arms around my wife. They were locked in a passionate embrace. Tonya's lips were pressed against Kelly's and her right hand was under her sweater.

Tonya must have noticed that I'd stopped kissing her feet because she glanced down at me and said in a stern voice, "Keep kissing my toes pussyboy. What we're doing up here doesn't concern you."

I obediently returned my attention to Tonya's feet, but I continued to sneak an occasional covert peek at the lovers above me.

The sound of rustling clothing caused me to openly look up again, only this time I was careful to keep my lips pressed against Tonya's toes. The two women were busily undressing each other. The skill and efficiency with which they opened clasps, unfastened buttons and lowered zippers suggested to me that this was not the first time they'd ever done this.

In a matter of seconds both women were completely undressed. Once they were naked, they started kissing again, only this time while they were kissing Tonya pulled Kelly's knees apart and began massaging her bare cunt. I watched with fascination as this older woman played with my my aroused wife's glistening pussy.

Kelly responded to Tonya's fondling by reaching over, grabbing her lover's nipple between her fingertips and pulling on it with vicious intensity.

Gasping, Tonya pushed two fingers into Kelly's cunt. Kelly shivered in response to Tonya's probing fingers and then she removed her hand from Tonya's breast, slipped it between her legs and massaged her engorged clitoris.

Obviously excited by Kelly's fondling, Tonya sat up. Staring down at me with a menacing grin, she said, "Look up at me sissyboy."

I did as I was told. Our eyes met.

She slipped her fingers out of my wife's cunt and held them up to my face. They were coated with Kelly's wetness. "I understand that it's been awhile since you've been allowed to taste your wife's pussy." She smirked. "You'll have to forgive her, she's been too busy enjoying herself with other men."

I took a deep breath. Tonya was pressing me, she was pressing me hard.

She pushed her fingers into my mouth. "Here, have a little taste. It will help you remember."

I closed my eyes and sucked on Tonya's fingers. It was humiliating, but it was also unbelievably exciting.

"Does her pussy taste different now wimpboy? I would imagine that it must. There have to have been at least thirty different cocks in there since you last tasted her. Can you taste those cocks cuckboy? Can you taste all the different men who have enjoyed your wife during the past few months?"

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and bit my lower lip. Tonya was pushing me very hard. She was trying to find my limit.

"Tonya Stop! That's enough! This is all still too fresh." It was Kelly. She was staring into my eyes. She was trying to see if I was all right.

I smiled at her. She sighed with relief.

Reaching down, Tonya pulled me up on the couch and kissed my cheek. "Was I too rough on you babydoll?"

On the other side of me Kelly rubbed my back and said, "She was just trying to push your limits. Sweetie I love you. Tonight I'm going to put on the hottest fashion show you can possibly imagine and it's going to be just for you."

Grinning at both of them, I said, "I like this. You two really are a couple of ruthless doms."

Tonya started laughing.

Kelly punched my arm. "Hey, I was worried about you. I thought Tonya was getting a little too close to an issue that just a couple of hours ago made you awfully upset. Baby I don't ever again want to make you feel bad."

I patted Kelly's knee. "Thank you, I appreciate your concern, but I'm okay."

Kelly stared at me. "You are?"

I smiled at her. "Yes I am. Please listen to me. Earlier today, when I lost my temper and stormed out of the house, I was a reacting to the neglect and indifference I've been feeling from you for the past several months. We've discussed that and I now think I understand how and why it happened. I also believe that you truly regret letting it happen. The last several months were painful for me, but they were painful for you too."

I sighed. "They weren't painful for either of us because you were sleeping with other men. They were painful for me because you weren't loving me and they were painful for you because you were plagued with guilt about what you were doing."

Kelly started to say something. I put up my hand to stop her. "Don't worry, I know you love me. You proved that today when you came to the park. You proved it by quitting your job last Friday. While we were in college you proved it every single day we were together. You even proved it during the past year. You tried to be a perfect wife."

I smiled. "It is true that your attempt to be a perfect wife was what got us into this situation and your idea of what it took to be a perfect wife was something that neither of us cared about or wanted, but that doesn't matter, you still tried."

Leaning over, I gently kissed Kelly's forehead. "I do know that you love me and because I know that, Tonya can taunt me about anything she can imagine. That includes all of the men who were fucking you during the past few months and the sexy clothes that you were wearing for them. She can ridicule my tiny dick and remind me that I'm a lousy fuck. She can even tease me about the fact that over the past year you've done things for other men that you haven't done for me. She can do all of that because I know you love me. Kelly, that's all that I care about."

"I think I'm going to cry." It was Tonya. She wasn't being sarcastic.

Kelly and I both looked at her.

"I'd give anything to have a man who loved me that much. Kel you just might be the luckiest woman in the entire world." Tonya shook her head. "And you almost fucked it up."

I patted Tonya's knee. "But she didn't fuck it up. We're going to be fine and you just helped us."

Kelly looked at me. "What do you mean?"

"We got into trouble because you were trying to hide your involvement with other men. The real solution to our problem is for you to be open and straight forward about your dating. It needs to be part of our sex games. It needs to be part of our life, not just your life. That way I can enjoy your fun too. Kelly, I'm a submissive masochistic cuckold. We've both known that for a long time. I want to hear about your affairs, I want to hear about them in minute detail. I want it to be the way it was before we got married, only now I want it to go farther. I want you to torment me with the intimate details of your affairs. I want you to taunt me about them just like Tonya was taunting me about them tonight."

"But Timmy, won't that make you feel bad?"

I smiled at Kelly. "Of course it will, but that's the point. I'm a masochist. I'll enjoy it."

Sighing, she said, "This is all very hard to understand."

"No it's not!"

Kelly and I both turned and looked at Tonya.

"Kel, you're an incurable slut. Any handsome man who takes a moment to wink at you can get into your panties. Please don't be offended by that observation, I have the same problem. We're both sluts. We love sex and we both want to enjoy it with as many handsome men as we possibly can. Your sisters and your mother could never begin to understand us, but that doesn't make us wrong. It just makes us different. Your wonderful husband gets excited by pain and humiliation. You and I aren't submissive masochists, so it's difficult for us to understand him.

Tonya paused for a moment and then she said, "Before you judge him, think about this. It's just as hard for your sisters and mother to understand why you're willing to spread your legs for every good looking guy you meet as it is for you to understand why Timmy enjoys hearing about your parties with other men."

Smiling, Tonya continued. "Timmy is telling you that he's willing to accept you for who you are. Actually I think he always has. All he wants from you is for you to accept him for who he is. He not only doesn't want you to lie about your affairs, he's asking you to share every tiny detail with him. Kelly honey, tonight when you're putting on your fashion show for Timmy, you can spice it up for him by telling him about the different men you wore the lingerie for during the last few months."

She winked. "And if your a little arrogant about it, he'll enjoy it even more."

Kelly looked at me. "Timmy is that really what you want?"

I nodded. "Yes, I think it is, but maybe we need to wait a little while before you start getting arrogant about your affairs. I think we might need a day or two where we just love each other."

Kelly smiled. "I'd like that very much."

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