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Cuckold Short Stories, Volume 1

A series of bite-sized cuckold and hotwife stories written to tempt, tease, and arouse.

Walking in on interracial cuckolding

Normally you announce your arrival when you get home from work. Today you can hear your wife moaning before you open the door so you keep quiet. She’s either having sex or masturbating, and as she usually masturbates in the bedroom, you suspect there’s another man in your house enjoying her pussy.

It’s so much louder when you open the door. Her moans are loud and beautiful. You can hear the sound of flesh slapping together as another man fucks your wife. You’d guess doggystyle from the sound alone. At this point, most men would run into the living room in a fit of rage. You’re not like most men, though. You’re a cuckold, which is why you pull out your cock.

You’re already hard. The mere sound of your wife getting fucked is enough to make you stiff. It feels so good to stroke slowly as you listen to the rhythmic pounding she’s taking. You know what else: She knows you’re home, cuckold. Your wife knows what time you get home every day and she planned this special treat for you.

Maybe she heard the door or maybe she just wants to talk dirty, but as you stand there and stroke, your lovely wife lets loose a string of filth.

“Fuck me. Give me that big black cock. Fuck my white pussy!” Your cock jumps and your balls tighten. You love watching your wife with a black man. You love seeing a big black dick slide into her pink pussy. The black guys always fuck her so aggressively, like they own her pussy, and you love to watch.

You know she wants you to watch. Your wife doesn’t expect you to stand around the corner and masturbate while she’s getting laid. She wants you to step into the living room and see her taking that big black dick into her slippery white pussy. Go ahead, cuckold. Go ahead and watch.

There she is. There’s your blonde wife on her knees taking black dick from behind. She looks perfect, doesn’t she? She did her hair and makeup for her lover and for you. She wants to look pretty when she’s stuffed with another man’s erection. Her big tits are mesmerizing as they bounce with each thrust inside her. 

“Come here, honey,” she says with a smile on her face. You move to the back of the couch and get on your knees. “I love you,” she whispers before pulling you close for a tender kiss. Her tongue invades your mouth as his big black cock invades her pussy. “Fuck, that feels so good. Fuck me., fuck me,” she says after breaking the kiss. She’s close to cumming, cuckold.

“Do you want him to cum inside me, honey?” your lovely wife asks. Do you want a black man to cum in her wet white pussy? It’s up to you, cuckold.

Sloppy seconds sex with your hotwife

You’re in a beautiful hotel room. You’re naked and sitting in a surprisingly comfortable chair you’ve pulled close to the bed. The sounds of sex fill the room. You hear lusty moans, exhortations of pleasure, and the sound of flesh smacking together. Those sounds are coming from the bed and what’s happening on top of the white sheets have you transfixed.

Your hotwife is in the bed with her lover. His cock is inside her. Bareback. It’s the first time they’ve had unprotected sex (don’t worry, everyone got tested and she’s on the pill). You’ve watched them have sex before, but this is different, and so much better. 

You can tell she likes it more, too. She’s a little bit louder, a little dirtier when she tells him to fuck her. She’s already cum twice, too. Their bodies look as though they belong together as they meld in the bed. Her legs wrap around him effortlessly and her hands move over his muscular back as he thrusts into her with relentless rhythm.

You prefer to watch from the side of the bed. You want to see your wife’s face as he thrusts into her. You want to see your beautiful wife react to having sex with another man. You love to see how much she’s enjoying it. It turns you on to see her experienced such pleasure.

You’re going to do more than watch tonight. Your turn is coming soon. He’s thrusting faster now. He’s grunting a little louder. He’s about to cum. There it is. He pushes deep into her pussy and stops as he groans incoherently. He’s just filled your wife with his cum and now he’s going to make way for you.

As her lover steps into the bathroom to clean up, you move between her legs and rub your cock around the entrance to her cum-filled pussy. Tonight, for the first time, you’re going to have sloppy seconds sex with your hotwife. You look into her eyes. She wants it. She wants you to add your seed to the mess inside her.

It feels so much different. He shot a massive load and it’s all inside her as you slowly push your cock in to mingle with it. A vision of your dick surrounded by another man’s cum fills your head and you shiver with pleasure. Your wife’s hand reaches around the back of your neck and pulls your lips to hers. She slips her tongue into your mouth as you fuck her cum-filled pussy.

She begs you to cum inside her. She knows you’re worked up from watching her fuck someone else for so long and that you won’t be able to last long. She’s desperate to feel your seed inside her. She doesn’t want you to wait. She wants you to ejaculate in her pussy and make her feel like the hotwife of your dreams.

Sloppy seconds sex is everything you wanted it to be, cuckold. It’s beautiful and blissful in every way and you need to cum inside her. Fill her perfect pussy. Be the second man to cum in your wife tonight.

You’re not bisexual; you’re submissive

Cock doesn’t turn you on. Being told to suck cock turns you on. A man’s tight balls don’t make your dick hard. Being told to take his balls in your mouth makes your dick hard. Bisexual. Straight. Gay. None of those labels matter. Submissive. That’s the label that matters. 

Your wife and cuckoldress, has trained you as her submissive and as such you’re willing to do anything she tells you. If she demands that you get on your knees and fluff her bull, you do so without hesitation. You suck his cock eagerly and passionately because you want him to be rock hard for your wife. You want him to slide into her pussy with ease and fuck her in the way you’ve so often failed to do.

When she hops off his cock and tells you to suck her pussy juices off it, you do so eagerly. You want to taste her cunt on his cock. You want to taste his pre-cum. You want to bring him a little closer to orgasm before she gets back on her bull and rides him. 

When you’re ordered to suck and lick his balls while he’s fucking your wife, you do so without question. It feels good to pleasure him because she asked you to. It feels good to lick the sweat off his sack. It feels good to be helpful. It feels good to be involved in your wife’s sex life like this. 

If she wants you to take his cumshot directly into your mouth, you’ll open wide. If she wants you to give him a rimjob as he’s pounding her doggystyle, you’ll do it. You might hesitate, but if your wife wanted you to bend over and take it up the ass, you’d do it. She fucks you with her strapon all the time so it’s not like you’ve never been sodomized.

You’re a submissive. It’s what turns you on more than anything. You’re bisexual. You’re straight. You’re pansexual. You’re whatever she wants you to be; making your dominant wife happy is what really gives you pleasure.

You waited. Now you can clean her up

You waited. You waited like she told you. You wanted to masturbate so badly, but you waited. You waited while she was fucking her boyfriend, while his cock filled her pussy like you’ve never been able to. You couldn’t stop thinking about it. You imagined your wife on her back, her legs wrapped around him, his ten thick inches plunging into her over and over again. 

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, you heard the garage door open. Her car pulled in. Your heart started pumping in your chest. Your cock got hard. The moment you’d been waiting for was almost upon you.

Without a word, she walked past you and to the bedroom and you followed. The exaggerated sway in her hips caught your attention as the tight fabric of her miniskirt accentuated her perfect ass. You knew his cum was inside her and you wanted to taste it. You knew she was going to let you.

You followed her into the bedroom and watched her sit on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. Without prompting, you fell to your knees in front of her and looked into your wife’s beautiful blue eyes.

“Were you a good boy tonight?” she asked as she reached out to caress your hair.

Beaming with pride you answered, “Yes, my love. I didn’t touch myself once.”

“Then you deserve a reward,” she said as she spread her legs and invited you to move closer.

“Kiss my panties, cuckold.” 

You leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss against the wet spot in her panties. The slightest hint of saltiness stayed on your lips as you pulled away. You licked it up greedily.

With love in her eyes, your wife looked down at you once again and gave your permission to do what you had been fantasizing about for hours.

“You may clean my pussy, cuckold,” she said.

You pulled her panties aside and dove in voraciously. You drove your tongue into her cunt and found a thick dollop of her boyfriend’s cum to swallow eagerly. The thickness of it coated your throat as it moved to your stomach. Another man’s semen was inside you and you loved it.

“Good boy,” she whispered, pulling you closer to her well-fucked pussy.

You dined on her cunt for as long as she would let you. You dug deep to extract every bit of his cum, to eat another man out of her cunt and receive your reward. Only then were you allowed to masturbate to orgasm.

Date night tease from your hotwife

It’s date night, only you’re not the one taking your wife out. That honor goes to her boyfriend. He’ll take her to a nice dinner and then back to his place, where he’ll spend the night fucking her in ways you’ve only dreamed of doing. His big cock and take-charge attitude in bed are exactly what she needs to cum.

Part of your cuckolding ritual is watching her get ready. She calls you into the bedroom as she carefully chooses the lingerie she’s going to wear for him. She wants to look her best for the man that makes her orgasm, after all.

“Do you think he’ll like this, honey?” she asks.

You nod.

A devilish grin crosses her face before she says, “Do you think it will make him want to fuck me? Do you think it will make his cock hard?”

You nod again, but that’s not good enough for her. “Say it.”

“Yes, it will make him want to fuck you,” you answer.

After putting on her lingerie she invites you to follow her to the bathroom and watch as she does her makeup for her boyfriend. She never wears lipstick for you, but there she is applying a heavy coat to her lips.

“I like to wear lipstick when I suck his cock, honey,” she says, noticing your jealous stare.

You haven’t felt her lips around your cock in months and you can’t help but miss it. You know you don’t deserve it though. Only a man that can make your wife cum when he fucks her deserves to feel her mouth on his dick. You’ve never really been able to make her climax during sex. That’s why you’re her cuckold.

“Come here, baby,” she says and you move next to her.

“On your knees,” she commands and like a good boy, you drop in front of her.

Her body looks perfect in the stockings, bra and panties, and garter belt. Your cock is hard because you’ve been denied release all week. 

“I want you to get me nice and wet for him,” she says, pulling her sexy black panties aside and presenting her freshly shaved pussy.

You worship her, licking her labia and the pink flesh between before venturing to her clit. You’re not to make her cum, though. Your job is to get her nice and wet for her boyfriend’s cock. She wants to be aching for him by the time his erection slides into her pussy. You’re doing your part, cuckold, and you’ll get a tasty treat when she comes home later tonight.

Your wife enjoys her first black cock

The moment has finally arrived. Your wife has a big black cock in her hand and soon it will be inside her. You spent months searching for the perfect black bull, and after false starts and disappointments, you found the right guy. 

He made it clear he’d fuck your wife like she deserves. You love her and you’re very good with your tongue, but you’ve never quite measured up below the waist. It feels good, but she needs something more. She needs it to feel great. She needs to feel overwhelmed with pleasure. She needs a big cock pressing against her cervix and stretching her pussy as it fills her, and he can provide that.

She looks so beautiful on her back like that, doesn’t she? Normally, you’d be the man between her legs, but you’re sitting this one out. Your cock is certainly hard though, as you’ve been fantasizing about watching her fuck a black man for years. In fact, you can hardly believe how turned on you are. Soon his BBC is going to slide inside your wife, her head is going to roll back, her eyes are going to close, and she’s going to feel true sexual bliss for the first time in her life.

Much to your surprise, she wanted to go bareback. She’s a black cock slut before she’s even been fucked the first time. He was happy to wear a condom, but he’s not going to put up a fight if your wife insists that he go without. It feels so much better to fuck a married woman’s pussy without any protection, after all.

With his cock inches from her pussy and throbbing with lust for her hole, your wife turns to you and says, “Do you want him to fuck me?”

She wants you to say it, to confirm your desire to be cuckolded by a black man. The answer is easy.

“Yes, I want him to fuck you,” you say as your hand slowly moves up and down your rock hard shaft.

She turns to her black lover, the man that will become her bull, and tells him, “Fuck me.”

He’s inside her in a moment. Her head rolls back. Her eyes close. She moans as a cock far bigger than yours slides into her pussy and offers instant satisfaction. Soon the first of several orgasms will wash over her and you’ll have to try hard not to cum.

He’s got the sort of stamina that you’ve always lacked, and as he works over your wife’s white pussy she cums repeatedly. Soon it’s as if she’s forgotten you’re even in the room as she gives herself over to taking black dick and being the slut that he desires. 

A creampie will fill her before long and you’ll get a beautiful cuck’s view of it leaking out of her. You can clean it if you want.


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