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Cuckold Via Video Part II

Hubby rushes home to confront his slut wife
I left my private office and told my secretary I would be gone for the day as I rushed to my car. The drive home was 15 minutes but it felt like an eternity. My shaft ached in my pants as I recalled every dirty depraved thing my wife did with those two strange men.

Finally, I arrived at my house. I noticed the flooring truck was gone as I pulled into my drive way. I burst through the door slamming it behind me.

Lydia came out to the living room with a startled look on her face. She was wearing only a thin robe that parted open in the front. I held my conflicted emotions of my new cuckold status but as I could see trickles of semen leaking from my wife’s pussy. I rushed to her taking her in my arms.

As far as Lydia thought, I had only returned home for a mid-day fuck. She fondled my cock through my pants and told me she was just about to shower. I pressed on with my oral assault on her neck as Lydia tried to push me off insisting she needed a shower after her workout.

I knew she desperately wanted to get to our shower to wash away the dirty evidence of her indiscretion. There was no fucking way I was about to let her go. I could sense her nervousness as I ripped off her thin short robe. I could smell the scent of the other men on her as I pulled her hair and sucked the top of her tits.

Something inside me snapped as I ran my fingers through her smooth pink pussy lips. The seed of two other men smeared across my fingers. Lydia moaned nervously as she had never seen this aggressive side of me. I released my wife’s hair and took her lips upon mine as I pushed two fingers up into her slimy pussy.

She moaned in my mouth as she submitted to my forceful touch. I was high on my control over Lydia. I wasn’t quite ready to tell my slutty wife I knew how she spent her morning. I only smiled knowingly as I re-grasped her hair and forced her down to her knees.

Lydia’s hands shook as I ordered her to open my pants. I began to tell her what a slutty girl she was as she worked my pants and underwear down to my ankles. My wife looked up at me with an uneasy expression on her face as I rubbed my sweaty cock along her whorish lips.

Looking back down at Lydia I dropped the bomb on her. I told her to suck my dick just like she had done earlier that morning. The look of shock on her face was priceless. She had been rubbing her pussy since I put her down on her knees to suck my cock. At that moment she knew somehow she was busted.

Lydia moaned out pleading for my forgiveness as I slapped her lips with my swollen shaft. I cut her off as I ran my cock between her lips. I held her head with both hands as I began to fuck her dirty mouth. She held my thighs as I thrust my shaft deep into her throat.

I began to tell her what a slut she was letting two strange men fuck her holes. I pulled my cock out of my wife’s mouth and asked who the fuck she thought she was cuckolding me in our own home. I again called her a dirty whore and I yanked her hair.

She yelped under my control and I told her that I was going to truly make her a dirty slut. My dirty wife’s hand had slipped down to her wet pussy and she was rubbing herself as I abused her dirty mouth. I moaned as Lydia looked up to me softly sobbing and she said she did it because she in fact was a dirty slut. I just about melted.

I pulled Lydia up and bent her over the back of our couch. I slapped her ass and commanded her to spread her legs. Lydia jumped and yelped as she felt my hand come down on her fat round ass cheek. I could tell this was driving her crazy.

I yelled asking my dirty wife if she loved being a dirty slut. Lydia just moaned a long low yes as I toyed with your spread pussy. Her pussy began to drip more and more as I delivered another swat on her ass. I held her dirty body as I slammed my cock into her dirty cunt.

I let out a sigh as I felt the other men’s cum squish around my invading shaft. I looked down and saw my slut wife’s asshole spasm as it pushed the pearly white globs of man cum out. I smeared my thumb over her asshole pushing the entire length inside her. All of this was only making me hotter.

I held Lydia’s hips and drove in deep, bottoming my cock out in her cum filled cunt as I asked her who else she spread her dirty pussy for. My wife hesitated in answering me. I spanked her bubbly ass cheeks again demanding her answer. Lydia let out a few sobs and I knew she was truly feeling the shame of her lecherous nature.

Another swat on her reddened ass opened my little slut’s mouth as she moaned out the name of her personal trainer, Todd. Instead of anger and rejection, desire and lust filled my body and soul. Lydia’s mouth opened and she began to admit to sucking off Todd after their workouts before he would fuck her in his office. My cock throbbed as I fucked my dirty wife’s used pussy.

I kept spanking Lydia as I slammed my hips into her ass cheeks. Her tits were swinging wildly, smacking into each other and the back of the couch. She never stopped cumming and moaning as I ravaged her pussy.

I turned the topic back to the young men that had fucked her senseless that morning. I continued my rampage on Lydia’s pussy as I told her how I watched her give herself freely to their hungry cocks. I pulled Lydia’s head up pointing to the small security system camera in the upper corner as I told her how I watched her ride one cock as the other one pressed into her puckered ass. She whimpered as she listened to my admission.

Then I told my wife that I masturbated as I continued to watch the men use her. Lydia turned her head and looked back at me with lust glazed eyes. I pulled my cum soaked cock from my dirty hot wife as she turned to me. We fell onto the couch as we kissed as her legs wrapped around my hips.

My dirty shaft pressed firmly against my Lydia’s dirty cum leaking asshole. She looked me in the eyes and she knew what I wanted.

Her hands steadied my hips as the wet tip of my cock kissed her puckered hole. I asked my wife how it felt to give her anal virginity to another man. She moaned admitting she came several times as he fucked her ass while her pussy was stuffed with a hard cock. She asked me how I liked watching that man fuck her ass along with the cock in her pussy.

I whimpered as I admitted to Lydia that it made me melt and almost cum all over my computer key board. She smiled and kissed me and she begged me to fuck her dirty asshole.

I was pretty hard just from talking about my wife’s dirty fling, but as I felt her cum lubed anal walls stretch around my shaft I almost exploded inside her. I broke from kissing Lydia as I leaned up holding my wife’s leg up and together. I slowly sawed my dirty dick in and out of Lydia’s asshole as I looked down.

I moaned as I could see another man’s cock spill out around my invading shaft. It felt so amazing and taboo and I rubbed my exposed shaft collecting the dirty mixture. I could smell the strong scent rising to my nose. I then admitted to my dirty wife that her scent was driving me wild.

I pressed my dirty fingers to my wife’s lips ordering her to suck my fingers and taste her own ass mixed with semen and sperm. Lydia’s open mouth accepted my fingers and I felt her tongue swirl around cleaning my dirty digits. I withdrew my fingers and pulled my cock out leaving just the tip inside her.

I grabbed my cock collecting more of the kinky mixture on my hand. I slammed my cock back up inside my Lydia’s asshole making her grunt and I knew she was cumming again. Then I smelled my dirty hand looking down at my slutty wife. Lydia moaned for me to do it, to lick her ass and cum off my hand. I didn’t need too much encouragement; I was curious to taste the taboo mixture. Seeing those men and their hard cocks dripping with their milky white seed and Lydia’s cum stirred a curious desire in my loins.

Her eyes widened and an evil grin crept across her face as I tasted the cum of another man mixed with my wife’s anal juices. The salty tangy taste filled my mouth and I knew why my whore wife fell to her knees and sucked the cock that was in her ass. I felt very strange as I found myself enjoying the taboo taste. Lydia then took my hand and cleaned the rest of the residue off my hand as I concentrated on fucking her back door.

I was on the edge and had been for some while. As Lydia told me how hot she was watching me suck the cum off my hand, I whimpered and began to shoot my cum up into her bowels. I had worked up a huge load taking my sexual aggression out on my wife. I pushed deep making my pubic hair crush against Lydia’s soft ass cheeks as several ropes of my creamy load began to splash inside her ass.

It felt like I was cumming forever as my balls kept contracting and my cock kept squirting my seed into Lydia’s dirty hole. My wife was rubbing her clit faster and faster as she told me she could feel every dirty jet of my come vibrate in her bowels. Lydia groaned and two long streams of her essence squirted from her pussy.

I slipped out of her asshole in shock that I had just helped my dirty slut wife squirt. I fell off the couch and laid out on the floor for several minutes until Lydia helped me up and lead me to the shower.

I trailed my sexy wife into the bathroom watching my cum leak from her ass. As soon as she bent over to turn on the shower water I fell behind her and began running my tongue from her pussy to her ass and back collecting three different loads of cum on my tongue. Lydia held still and called me a dirty boy and she groaned to me to clean out her dirty pussy and asshole. I held her luscious round ass cheeks apart as she began to contract and push the off white drops of the mixed cum into my mouth.

We finally showered and made out between soaping our bodies up. My wife apologized for fucking around behind my back. I stopped her and made her promise she would do it again but only in our living room where I could watch and record her dirty affairs. Lydia smiled and stroked my cock as she promised to be a good dirty slut wife.

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