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Cuckold Via Video

A husband is cuckold watching his wife fuck 2 men via home security video
I love technology. From my office I logged onto my new remote security system video feed. I had the system installed a few days prior and was playing around with it. The guys installing my new flooring were to be at the house so I figured I would use the system to check their progress.

I clicked on the camera that covered my living room. There where the two men finishing the final touches on the floor as my wife, Lydia, walked in from being at the gym. She was wearing her black yoga pants and only her sports bra. The clarity was amazing as I could even see her body still had some glistening sweat remaining on her chest. Lydia always liked showing off her sexy body to anyone who was around. She stood at five foot nine, had a firm set of C cup tits and her form was curvy. Lydia constantly worked out, keeping her forty five year old body looking fifteen years younger.

The two men took notice of Lydia and they ogled at her round firm ass showcased in her tight yoga pants. Even I could see the outline of her ass cheeks in the back and her raised camel toe in the front. I didn’t have the sound working so all I could see was the men talking and my wife smiling back as they moved closer to her. I began to feel nervous as the body language of the men became sexual in nature. I was in shock as Lydia reciprocated the body language. My nervousness turned to anger as one man reached out and fondled her sweaty round ass.

I picked up my cell phone and called Lydia’s cell as I watched her peel off her sports bra. Her bronzed and freckled tits fell below with several bounces as she tossed her bra off to the side. The second man drove his head in between my wife’s tits licking and sucking her as the second man began to peel her yoga pants down her thick toned legs. Lydia’s phone rang and rang and I realized it was probably on vibrate and in her purse. I was glued to the computer monitor helpless as I watched my slut wife entertain those two men.

Both men were about mid twenties, dark haired, and decently built. The second man had pulled off his shirt as he feasted on Lydia’s breasts as the first man pushed his face between Lydia’s sweaty ass cheeks. I could see that Lydia was moaning and I knew the man was licking her asshole and her pussy from behind. While he tongue fucked my wife’s ass he slipped off his shirt and his pants. He slowly stroked his huge thick cock as he licked up Lydia’s ass crack, up her back and to her neck. The second man had also dropped his pants and my whore wife began stroking his hard shaft. My heart sank even further as the man behind her bent her body forward. The other man guided Lydia as she was bent over. My anger faded fast and my cock began to pulsate in my underwear as I set my cell phone down.

I could have rushed out of my office and to the house but instead I stayed put. Without thought my hand slipped down to my crotch and I pulled my cock out and slowly rubbed my growing cock. Lydia knew I had the security system installed and wondered if she forgot about it. Her body was bent over in a way I could not see her ass and pussy but by the way her eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth hung open, I knew the man behind her had pushed his big cock into her smooth wet pussy. The man at her head rubbed his long shaft along her lips I watched my wife look up at him as she licked and kissed the tip of his cock. His hands fondled her hanging tits as she sucked his shaft into her mouth. I began jacking my cock harder as my wife was getting fucked from both ends.

Not a shred of anger possessed my body as lust coursed through my veins. I masturbated as Lydia was cuckolding me with two younger well hung men in our own home. I was close to cumming all over my pumping hand as the man behind her slammed his cock slow and deliberately into Lydia’s dirty cunt. I could tell he was shooting his cum up inside my wife by the way his face contorted and his hips held against my wife’s ass cheeks. My cum shot up onto my shirt as the man pulled his dripping cock from Lydia’s pussy. I could see his shaft glistening with the marbled juices.

The man at Lydia’s mouth pulled his cock from between her lips. My wife was taken over to our couch and the second man sat holding his raging hard cock straight up for my wife. Lydia needed no coaching as she straddled the man and slowly brought her pussy down on his shaft. That go around I had a perfect view of my wife’s spread ass and I could see her pussy lips stretched around the young man’s thick wet cock. Streaks of the first man’s cum were coated on the second man’s cock as Lydia slowly rode him. I kept milking my cock as I watch her work her body up and down on the stranger’s cock. I was getting aroused again and lucky I had lotion in my desk drawer.

My eyes stayed glazed over with dirty desire as the first man sat next to my wife as she rode the second man’s cock. His hand rubbed his buddies exposed shaft gathering the mixture of cum. That kinky act alone surprised me and completed the revival of my formally flaccid cock. The first man’s cum covered fingers traced up from his buddy’s shaft to Lydia’s exposed asshole. I froze as I knew what was coming next. Lydia’s head shot back as the first man’s cum lubed finger pushed into her asshole. He used his other hand to stroke his growing cock as he added a second finger to my wife’s asshole. I worked my lotion filled hand up and down my cock as the first man worked his fingers in and out of Lydia’s dirty ass.

I let out a moan as the first man removed his fingers from Lydia’s ass. The man stood and aimed his cock at Lydia’s lubed asshole and gently he smeared his cock head against her puckered hole. My wife’s ass cheeks were held open as the man’s shaft began to work up into Lydia’s ass. I felt quite deprived as I had never fucked my wife’s ass. That stranger was pushing his cock into Lydia’s taboo hole forever taking her anal virginity and it was making me melt. The two men worked in unison as they fucked my debauched wife making her orgasm over and over.

I continued to stroke my cock to the view of two stranger’s balls pressed up against my dirty wife’s holes. I was about to cum but I let go of my cock and pulled up my pants. I could see the man fucking her ass was cumming has his balls pulled up and his thrusting halted leaving his shaft deep in Lydia’s bowels. Within second’s I could see the second set of balls tighten up and I knew his seed was flooding her womb. Cum was leaking out of her holes as the two men withdrew their shafts. The last thing I saw before I cut the video feed to finally rush home was Lydia slipping down to her knees on the carpet taking the ass and cum stained cock in her mouth.

To be continued....

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