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Cuckolded by Bedouins

My wife and I take a research vacation in Jordan and I am cuckolded by three big-cocked Bedouins.
I recently received my doctorate degree in Ancient Middle East History, and my wife Lindsay and I moved to the Midwest United States for me to take a professorship at a university there. My name is Ed, and we were both 30 years old at the time of this story. I started mid-year, and would not have a class until after the Christmas break, so the university sponsored a 10 day research vacation for us in Jordan before school reconvened.

My dissertation was on Arabic culture, and I knew that as a new professor I would need to continue publishing if I had any hope of gaining tenure one day. So I planned on writing a book about the history of the Bedouins. Lindsay has a master’s degree in English and would be helpful to me in editing the book, and she shared my fascination with the Arab culture. She also worked at the university.

This special educational tour out of Amman would allow us total immersion in the Bedouin culture. We would leave Amman for two days of travel by camel to one of the few remaining, genuine Bedouin oasis encampments, and would live for six days in the tents as they did anciently. Our three Bedouin guides were said to be well trained in providing the atmosphere and folklore to make this trip as realistic as possible, and there would be one other Western couple from another university on the trip.

I am a decent looking guy at six feet tall and 185 pounds, and Lindsay is a very lovely and sexy woman. She is five feet seven inches tall, 120 pound natural blonde with sparkling, jade-green eyes. He breasts are a magnificent D-cup and her ass is a perfect heart shape. We both knew enough about Arab culture to realize that she should dress modestly in the Middle East, but she has a mind of her own. We had been married for two years, and I usually encouraged her to dress revealingly because it turned me on knowing that other men were drooling over her. But the Middle East was a totally different situation and I didn’t want her to unduly excite our guides.

We were still newly-enough married that we had frequent sex and even tried to spice it up a little. Lindsay was a free spirit and she encouraged us to use a lot of fantasy in the bedroom. We had both read ‘The Arabian Nights’ which has many sexual depictions from the Indian, Persian and Arab worlds, part of which described cuckoldry. She liked us to imagine that an Arab man with a large, dark cock had fucked her and then I would eat his cum from her pussy. Of course it was only me fucking her and I was eating my own cum.

At first I didn’t share her excitement in those cuckold fantasies, but in time I came to somewhat enjoy the submissive feelings I got from those encounters, especially since I do have a small, five inch long and thin dick. That’s one reason that I wanted her to tone it down a little around those rugged, dominant tribesmen, so she wouldn’t be tempted to act out any of our fantasies. She had stopped taking her birth control pills and we were trying to start a family now that we both had jobs.

We arrived at the Amman airport in the early morning after travelling overnight, and met the other couple, Pam and Dave, and our guides Hasan, Mahdi and Yusuf at the van. Pam and Dave looked to be in their 50s and were attractive looking, and I could tell that Pam was in good shape and had a great body for her age. The guides are all brothers, and two of them looked to be in their early 40s and one in his late 20s. They are ruggedly handsome with light-brown skin and black hair, but it was hard to tell their exact ages since they are so weathered from their harsh life in the desert, and they are about five feet eight inches tall.

Our guides were wearing the traditional long, white cotton shirts which no doubt kept them cool in the desert heat. The other couple and I were conservatively dressed wearing knee-length shorts and long sleeve shirts, but Lindsay was wearing shorter shorts which came to mid-thigh and a camisole top with no bra that showed off her full tits, with even her areoles and nipples showing through. Our guides weren’t very good at hiding their interest in Lindsay, but at least they had the decency not to say anything, at least not that we could hear.

It was just a short ride to the depot where we were given lessons on riding the camels before beginning our two day ride to the Bedouin camp. Of course Lindsay got a lot of extra help from the guides, and they weren’t shy about touching her ass and legs as needed to help her up onto the camel. We traveled all day in the burning sun, and made a temporary camp at sundown. Everyone was so tired that after a quick dinner of Bedouin fare, we all fell asleep in our tents. There were obviously no bathroom facilities at this temporary camp, so we made do in the dunes.

We continued the journey the next day and arrived at the main encampment a little before dark. The oasis provided welcome relief from the heat and dust of our journey, and we were able to bath in the cool water and went to bed early again. The several tents allotted to our tour were separated quite some distance from the rest of the tents so we wouldn’t disturb the Bedouins daily lives.

The following day we rose early and had a wonderful breakfast before going on tours of various landmarks within easy walking distance of the oasis. Our guides are very knowledgeable about the artifacts we visited and the lore attached to them. I was busy taking notes for my research, and the day seemed to just fly by. But I noticed that the guides were still giving my wife the most attention, almost to the point that it was embarrassing.

That evening we had a traditional Bedouin dinner in the main tent, following which our guides gave us a strong alcoholic drink that was made at the oasis from date palms. This was the part of our experience I was looking forward to. The guides were going to sit around the fire with us and tell stories about their ancestors, just as the Bedouins had been doing for centuries. The floor of the tent was partially covered with soft pillows and divans of different sizes and shapes, where we were all sitting.

Hasan took the lead and told many stories about their culture and history, and he showed great mastery of the English language. I was again busy taking notes, but the beverage they gave us was soon having its effect. I was getting woozy and I could tell that Pam, Dave and Lindsay were also. The guides didn’t seem to be affected, probably since they were raised on the stuff. Then Hasan changed to a new topic.

He began again, “My culture has been well-known for centuries for helping travelers on their journeys. We have provided escort and safe passage through our tribal territory to the next tribal area, and only asked a small fee. We also gave travelers refuge in our tents to let them rest on their journey for a few days. For centuries Europeans would accept our hospitality on their journeys, and some would show their appreciation in surprising ways. Now that you are feeling mellow from our strong drink, it is time to tell you more about those happenings.”

Hasan continued, “Since you are all somewhat knowledgeable about our culture, you know about the restrictions faithful Arabs have on having sex outside of marriage. But it was not uncommon that when Arab wives were not receptive or were menstruating, men would sometimes relieve themselves orally and anally into other men. This was not seen as a homosexual act in our culture, so long as there was no affection between the men. But, the man taking the seed of the other into his mouth or rectum was seen to be more submissive. This is an area where some of the European travelers were willing to show their appreciation. You must let me know if these discussions make you feel uncomfortable.”

Hasan had a devilish look on his face as he continued, “During those times in history various versions of the ‘The Arabian Nights’ volumes were popular in Europe. Those stories included many depictions of cuckolds and virile Arab men with big, dark cocks and plentiful, potent sperm. These stories stirred the fancy of some of the travelers, and they sometimes came to our tents with strong desires for the women and some of the men to receive the fruit of our loins. My ancestors were happy about that since it would allow them to find sexual relief with beautiful women, many of them blonde and with fair skin, and their cuckold husbands, without breaching their faith. It was not considered a sin to plant our seeds in women outside our culture so long as it was done in private. And Arab men do not like to waste their sperm in other men if a fertile woman is available.”

Even through the haze of my liquor-fogged mind I could see that Pam and Dave were fidgeting and getting uncomfortable with this topic of sexual folklore. But it seemed like Lindsay was enjoying it, and she turned and smiled at me when Hasan mentioned the blonde women cuckolding their husbands with the Bedouins, no doubt thinking about her own fantasies inspired by those volumes. Hasan was just getting ready to continue the discussion when Dave said, “We don’t mean to be spoil sports, but this topic is getting a little bit racy for us. And besides, it has been a long, hot day and Pam and I are very tired. We want to go to bed so we are able to get a well-rested, fresh start on tomorrow’s activities. So good night all and thanks for a wonderful dinner and evening.”

Hasan and the other guides smiled as Pam and Dave left, and it looked to me as if they were happy that the older couple was leaving. In all of my studies I had never heard of this type of sexual activity with European travelers, so I asked Hasan, “Is that cuckolding what actually happened or is this just folklore? It is hard to imagine those travelers would be so willing to whore themselves to those Arab men. And if it is true, how would your ancestors have broached the topic to get things started?”

Hasan said, “Those couplings probably would not have occurred unless the travelers already had some latent desire to do so. But a useful catalyst was the same type of strong drink that we have given you this evening. This recipe has been in our family for centuries. It reduces inhibitions and makes the couples receptive to our overt advances. Our ancestors would start talking about sexual matters in a light-hearted way to assess the reaction of the couples. Then if there was some interest shown, they would quickly change the tone to be very graphic and even rude. If they could see that the guests had a continued interest, then things would escalate quickly.”

I thought about what Hasan said for a few moments and decided that it would be important for my research to learn more about how the Bedouins would seduce the European couples. Then I said, “Okay Hasan, you’ve peaked my interest. I would like you and your brothers to role play that cuckold scenario just the way your ancestors would have done it. I want to make this a big part of my research.”

Hasan smiled at his brothers and then turned his attention back to me saying, “You will be happy that you wanted to continue. Just answer my questions or make comments as you desire, but feel free to let me know if it is getting uncomfortable, and we can stop.”

He paused for a few seconds to gather his thoughts and then said, “Ed you are a very lucky man to have such a lovely wife. Lindsay is not only beautiful with her flawless white skin, blonde hair and jade-green eyes, but her body is also voluptuous and womanly. You must have frequent sex with such a lovely woman.”

Then I said through my fogginess, “Thank you Hasan. Lindsay is a vision of loveliness to me, and I loved her from the moment we met. And yes, we do have sex almost every night, and I can never seem to get enough.”

Hasan then stepped it up a little saying, “I thought that you would want to be with Lindsay at every opportunity. You must be a well-endowed man to be able to keep such a woman satisfied. You must completely fill her womanhood.”

This was getting pretty specific now, but since my inhibitions were lowered I honestly answered saying, “I must admit that I am not huge, but I am always able to satisfy Lindsay with my mouth after I cum.”

Hasan smiled at my answer and said, “It is good that you satisfy her with your mouth and eat your own seed, but that is a nasty way to give her pleasure. Have you ever thought about how a big, dark Arab cock would stretch her vagina and give her constant orgasms? Many travelers in Bedouin lands have enjoyed the big cocks of our men and the big loads of semen that we produce. Are you certain that Lindsay would not like such an experience?”

I was getting the feeling that this was going too far now, but my guard was down from all of the liquor they had given us, and I didn’t have to will to stop this on my own. So I made the mistake of deferring to Lindsay, giving up control of the situation, and admitting, “Well Hasan, we have read many of the ‘Arabian Nights’ stories and are aware that some of the Arab men are well-endowed, but maybe you should ask Lindsay how she feels about having that experience.”

I could see that Hasan and the others were sensing victory and rubbing their cocks through their shirts, and I was impressed by the shapes and the thickness of the cocks I was seeing under those shirts as they gripped them. Then Hasan directed his attention to Lindsay asking, “Lindsay how did you like reading about those big Arab cocks and how well they fucked those beautiful women and filled them with all of that semen? Do you have a desire to try it for yourself?”

Lindsay seemed to be about as inebriated as I was, and I could see that lustful look in her face that she usually got when I was sucking her pussy after we fucked and she was close to orgasm. All of the conversation was getting to her, and I could see that she had her hand between her legs and had been rubbing her pussy. She finally had the presence of mind to answer Hasan saying, “I don’t know Hasan. I have never seen such a big cock. Maybe you can show me yours if you have a big one.”

Hasan smiled and said, “We will all be happy to show you our big cocks, but first I would like to see your beautiful body with no clothes on. Please take off your top and show us your magnificent breasts.”

Lindsay smiled and without saying another word or standing up from the pillows she grabbed the bottom hem of her camisole top and pulled it off over her head. Her D-cup breasts looked amazing jiggling and swaying as they settled down to only a slight sag on her chest. They were white and had light brown areoles and thick nipples. The guides’ eyes were glued to her chest as she took her breasts in her hands and asked, “Do you guys really like me tits? I think they are two of my best features, and I just love having them sucked.”

Hasan continued rubbing his crotch and said, “Those are truly lovely breasts Lindsay, but we would also like to see your pussy. Please take off your shorts and underwear so we can see how pretty you are down there where you are fucked.”

Lindsay then stood up and balanced on the pillows as she unfastened her shorts, lowered them and her underwear, and kicked them off her feet. She was now standing there totally naked in front of those Bedouins and seemed to love having them stare at her. She then sat back down on the soft pillows with her knees up and spread slightly. Then she said, “I have shown you mine Hasan, now I want to see yours.”

Then he said, “Your body is truly beautiful, and your fat pussy lips covered with that thin layer of blonde hair are very inviting to lustful Arab men. Your body is made for fucking and seeding your womb, and your wide hips will make you experience child birth easily. And now yes, I will gladly show you my cock.”

Hasan then moved right in front of Lindsay, who was right next to me, and because of the height of the pillow she was on, his crotch was right in front of her face. Hasan then held his cock through the shirt and we could clearly see the shape of his big cock head and the thickness of the shaft, and would find out that he was still soft. Then he started to lift his shirt saying, “Here goes Lindsay, you will soon be seeing my cock. You will need to stroke it and suck it for me to get it hard so you can see its fullness.”

As he lifted the shirt his cock came into view, and it was magnificent. It was soft, dark brown, circumcised (as most Arab men are) and looked to be about eight inches long and as thick as Lindsay’s wrist. It was covered with thick veins, and the head was truly enormous. I was surprised as Lindsay reached out and took that massive cock in her hand, and it started to harden as she stroked it. Then I was even more surprised when she pulled that big cock to her mouth and started sucking it. She almost never sucked my little dick, but here she was taking this gnarly, dark cock of a stranger into her mouth and sucking it. She continued sucking his cock and fondling his huge balls, which were hanging obscenely half way down his thighs, and he soon reached his full 10 inches of throbbing fuck meat.”

After his cock was hard, Hasan pulled it out of Lindsay’s mouth and said, “Lie back on the pillows and spread your legs for me Lindsay. I am going to fuck your tight, white pussy with my big, brown Arab cock and fill your womb with my potent sperm. I don’t want to waste my first load of seed in your mouth.”

As Hasan was positioning Lindsay so her hips were elevated above her head, it finally dawned on me that Lindsay was no longer on birth control and she was at great risk of getting pregnant if he fucked her unprotected vagina. Hasan had been moving that big cock head up and down the soaking wet lips of her pussy and was just pushing it into her when I said, “Wait Hasan, Lindsay is unprotected and could get pregnant. You must not cum in her pussy.”

By this time he had already bottomed out in Lindsay’s vagina and had started to stroke her. Lindsay was writhing in ecstasy and she wrapped her long legs around his ass to hold him deeply within her pussy, and he was happily sucking her breasts as he stroked her. He pulled away from her tit for a moment and looked over at me smiling and said, “I am going to give you what you really want but may not know it yet. You will get to see me fuck your beautiful wife with my big cock and give her great pleasure, and then fill her with my cum. I will pump my seed right into her womb and hope to make her pregnant for you. But you can suck her pussy clean of my remnants when I am done if you think that will help.”

I was just starting to protest further when Lindsay said, “Oh fuck Ed, I want him to fuck me bare and give me his baby. His cock feels so good in me and I can feel the thick ridges of his veins and cock head. He is also pressing up against my cervix on every down stroke, and I have never felt anything so wonderful. Sorry honey, but I just have to feel him flood me with his semen.”

The reality of what was happening was finally hitting me, but it was too late to stop him from fucking her. And as much as I was afraid for her to get pregnant from this stranger in a distant land, I was also turned on at what was happening. The contrast of her white body beneath his brown body, and the vision of that dark brown and thick cock ravishing her tight pussy were amazing. I hadn’t realized until then that my little dick was hard and leaking precum just from the sights and realization of what was happening before me. This Arab with a huge cock was likely impregnating my wife, and I didn’t even want to stop it. Even I was anxious for the moment when he filled her with his big load of cum.

Lindsay was becoming very vocal and loud as Hasan continued to pound her sweet pussy and suck her tits. She seemed to be having almost constant orgasms and was moaning, “Oooohhhhh, aaahhhh Hasan, fuck me harder with you big cock It feels so good being filled up by your thick cock and feeling it press into the depths of me. Oh fuck, oh fuck….I’m cumming again on your big cock.”

I could finally see Hasan quicken his strokes, and then he held himself fully in her as his big balls pulled up and the base of his cock started pulsing. Then he said, “Aarrgh, aahhhh, I am filling your vagina with my sperm, and I can feel it pumping right into your womb. You Western women are such good fucks and really enjoy big Arab cocks. My brothers will also enjoy fucking you.”

Lindsay held Hasan in place with her long legs for another 10 minutes as he continued sucking her tits, and slowly moving his softening cock in her. Lindsay just loved the feeling of being filled with that cock and the force of his cum spraying into her cervix. But then Hasan looked up at his brother Mahdi who had already removed his shirt and said, “Come Mahdi, take your turn between the thighs of this beautiful white woman. Her wet pussy hungers for more big, Arab cocks. You can fuck her while I give Ed the full cuckold experience of cleaning my cock of our fuck juices.”

I was shocked to hear Hasan talk about me sucking his cock, and I never done or even thought about doing anything so vile. But Lindsay looked over at me with the look of sexual contentment as Mahdi moved into place between her thighs. As he shoved his big cock into her she said, “Go ahead Ed, suck Hasan’s cock clean to show him your appreciation for giving me such a good fucking. That thick cock felt wonderful in my vagina, and I think you will like it in your mouth too.”

Hasan moved in front of me and pushed me back on the pillows. Then he straddled my chest and pushed his slimy cock to my lips, saying, “Come now Ed, show your appreciation and suck my cock clean. Many Western men have sucked my cock after I fucked their wives, and they soon come to enjoy it and even suck me to hardness before I fuck their wives the next time.”

I felt like I was in a daze as I opened wide and felt the softening head of that dark cock pushing into my mouth. I could taste Lindsay’s pussy which I was very familiar with, but there was also the new taste of Hasan’s cum. It was salty and a little bitter, probably because of the spicy food and liquor that he had consumed, but I soon found that I was enjoying the feeling of his thick cock in my mouth, and the taste and nastiness of it all. I continued sucking him as Mahdi continued fucking Lindsay, and soon Hasan rose up on his knees and moved forward, pressing his huge, wet scrotum into my mouth. I instinctively began sucking and licking the remnants of his cum and Lindsay’s juices from his balls. I was starting to enjoy servicing Hasan, but I have to admit being a little embarrassed that Lindsay was smiling as she watched me suck him.

I could see that Mahdi’s cock was about the same size as Hasan’s, and he was also giving Lindsay constant orgasms. Hasan finally moved off of my face just as Mahdi was pumping his load of seed into Lindsay, and she was writhing in pleasure and just as vocal as she had been with Hasan. I had hoped that all of the noise Lindsay was making would not attract attention outside of our tent, but at one point I was sure that I saw Pam and Dave peaking through a small opening in the tent flap.

After Mahdi moved from between Lindsay’s thighs, Hasan pulled me up and started to move me between her legs. Then he said, “You must clean her beautiful pussy of our two loads of semen to get her ready to fuck Yusuf. His cock is very big and he shoots much more semen that Mahdi and I do. He will fuck her even deeper than we have with his 12 inch cock.”

Hasan pushed my face into Lindsay’s crotch and I was overwhelmed with the sight and smell of all of that Arab cum matting the hair, dripping from her pussy, and smeared on her thighs. Her labia were swollen from the pounding she had received from those two big cocks and I quickly covered her pussy lips with my mouth and began sucking. My face was covered with their juices, and I soon felt a heavy stream of their combined cum flow into my mouth. Their cum was plentiful compared to the little loads that I produced, and I really enjoyed the taste and texture of it.

Then Hasan said, “That is enough for now Ed. You will have plenty more cum to eat after Yusuf has fucked her with his big cock. So lie back and clean Mahdi’s cock while Yusuf takes his turn between your wife’s legs.”

I lay back on the pillows, but before Mahdi got into position above me I could see Yusuf moving between Lindsay’s legs with his really huge cock. It did look to be 12 inches long and almost as thick as a beer can, and I was afraid that he would hurt her with that big hunk of meat. But when Lindsay saw it she said, “Oh fuck Yusuf, I didn’t know that cocks could grow that big. Please be gentle with me until I get used to your size. I won’t even be able to feel Ed’s cock in me after being fucked by that huge thing.”

Yusuf started pressing his big, dark cock head into Lindsay’s pussy, and then I saw the head and another four inches disappear between her labia. Then my view was blocked as Mahdi pushed his dripping, brown cock to my lips, and I started sucking. I could tell from the noise that she was making that Yusuf was now burying that monster cock in her pussy with little problem, so I concentrated on sucking the cock in my mouth.

Yusuf lasted for a half hour pounding her with his big Arab cock. Finally he tensed up and pushed himself fully into my wife’s cunt and filled her with an even bigger load of cum. I didn’t know if it was a family trait or just an Arab thing, but I never before knew men could produce such large cum loads. Who knows, but maybe it was the thrill of fucking an unprotected white woman that helped them to produce such large amounts of semen.

After Yusuf fucked Lindsay we all remained naked and lay back on the pillows and rested. Then we started all over again, and those three men fucked Lindsay three time each before the night was over. We were up so late that Hasan decided that we should have a day of rest in the encampment the next day.

Lindsay and I were finally able to get some sleep, and later in the day we were on a walk in the palm orchard when we ran into Pam and Dave. Dave spoke first and said, “Wow, you two surely took that folklore to heart. We saw much of what happened last night, and although we were reluctant to stay in the group when the conversation got so nasty, we were impressed by what we saw. We have never seen such aggressive men with such big cocks, and we really enjoyed watching you two fuck and suck them. We have to wonder if those men would let an older couple join in the fun.”

I had to laugh at the change in Pam and Dave, and then I said, “From what I know about those men, they would be happy to fuck almost any Western woman, and especially someone as attractive as Pam. I’m sure that we can get things going again tonight and every other night that we are here.”

So that night the party got bigger, and Dave and I were cuckolded by those men for the rest of our time on the tour. We even skipped some of the day trips that had been planned, and it seemed like our wives were being fucked all of the time. Dave and I were also becoming experienced cuckolds, and were enjoying all of the cum we were eating almost as much as we enjoyed watching Lindsay and Pam being fucked by those thick cocks. We could hardly believe the stamina of those Bedouins, and they couldn’t seem to get enough of our wives white cunts.

As you might imagine, Lindsay did become pregnant on that trip, and she had to take a sabbatical from her job and live with her parents when she had the baby. We then told our friends that we had adopted our baby boy, which had some of Lindsay’s features, but also obvious Arab traits.

I got plenty of material to write my book on the Bedouin culture, which had several chapters on the sexual experiences of the early Western travelers. Lindsay also used her skills to write a porn book on cuckolding, and it became a hit on the various porn sites. The other thing was that our intense experiences in Jordan gave Lindsay an unquenchable thirst for big, brown Arab cock, and she continues to cuckold me with Arab men that we meet in several cuckold chat rooms. We have learned that all Arab cocks are not as big as we encountered in Jordan, but there are enough that are big to keep us satisfied.

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