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Cuckolded by Her First Love

I lied about her first love, she wanted revenge.

“My God, I’ve found Tommy on Facebook,” Margret squealed.

All I could do was groan; since she went on Facebook, eighteen months ago, all she did was find people from our past. Then, their lives would be clinically compared with our own and, a decision made about where we had done better, or worse, than them.

It would be like this with Tommy; but, with the complication that Tommy had been my closest rival for Margret’s affections. That was nearly fifty years ago, but it would make no difference.

There was half an hour of feverish messaging, then, like a school girl, she grabbed her mobile and bolted into another room.

My wife emerged nearly an hour later, and started to give me the full download on somebody I couldn’t care less about. Apparently, he did marry Rosie, but, she got cancer a few years back, now he is on his own. They had two children, were very happy… I zoned out until the last part.

“It will be so good to see him on Friday,” Margret giggled.

My wife giggled, sixty-five years old and she was giggling like a teenager. This was going to bad.

Friday arrived, and so did Tommy; Margret had bought another new dress, buttoned up the front, its neckline was low and her large breasts were very much on display. Nearly fifty years of marriage and she is dressed for a date with another man.

We all sat on the sofa, but I may as well not been there. 

Tommy couldn’t keep his eyes off Margret’s cleavage, at first she just preened herself at the attention, then, she finally commented on it.

“If you hadn’t two-timed me with Rosie, they would still be yours to play with,” Margret told him.

“I never two timed you, Margo, Rosie and I were only friends. We didn’t become an item until long after you broke off with me,” Tommy whined.

“Sandy said he had seen you kissing,” Margo said.

Tommy just shook his head.

 “You lied, you bastard, you lied about Tommy and broke us up,”  my wife said.

Margo rounding on me, her eyes on fire, and nostrils flaring; I had no answer.

My wife hugged Tommy longingly, as if her life had been second best. Then she got up and left the room, I thought for the bathroom, but I was wrong.


Margo’s father had been a policeman, and had taught her a few self-defence moves, some of which I knew; the next one caught me completely off my guard.

She calmly walked up behind me, in an instant, she had pulled my arms behind my back and handcuffed them together. Then, a blindfold completed my betrayal.

I sat stunned, not knowing what would happen next or what I should do.

“Your health alright, Tommy? Heart, blood pressure, etcetera?” Margo asked sweetly.

“I’m fine Margo, but don’t you think you are being a bit hard on Sandy?”

“Don’t you worry about Sandy, this is just us catching up, now swallow this,” Margo schmoozed.

I sat there in the dark, literally and metaphorically; the sound of groans, slurps and passionate kissing assaulted my ears. Then, Tommy said something I did understand.

“Bloody hell, what did you give me Margo, rocket fuel? I haven’t been this hard for twenty years.”   

“One of Sandy’s special tablets, it’s the only thing to get him up these days,” Margo's voice was jeering.

“We shouldn’t do this to him, Margo,” Tommy protested

“Forget he is there, honey. It might make him more attentive in future,

 The grunts and moans continued to filter into the dark space into which Margo had put me.

Tommy let out a loud groan.

“Tommy, you naughty boy, I should have made you wear a condom like the last time you did that to me,” Margo giggled.

The next thing I realised was my wife wrestling me until I was kneeling on the floor, then she pulled the blindfold off. Her dress was opened and her knickers discarded on the floor, her white pubic hair was matted with sweat and juices. From her still gaping fanny, Tommy’s sperm was beginning to drain out.

“Now we have some cleaning up to do. Clean me, you lying bastard. Make that dirty mouth of yours do some honest work," my wife snarled.

She grabbed my head and pushed it into her crotch. It tasted of piss, her cum and Tommy’s spunk. I know I should have been utterly disgusted, but I found enjoyment in the depravity of it.

“That is too much Margo,” Tommy pleaded.

“Why?  This dirty bastard has had affairs, he doesn’t think I knew. But I had to ignore the taste of another woman’s cunt under his foreskin,” Margo replied angrily.  “Make me cum,” my wife commanded.

She held my mouth hard against her pussy; all I could do was lick and tongue her clitoris. With a grunt, she reached an orgasm. A tide of juices flowed into my mouth; I had no choice but, to drink them.

Margo took Tommy by the hand and led him to bed; I didn’t know what to do, so I followed them. I was still handcuffed so my wife undid my trousers and pushed them to the floor. I knew my own prick was stiff, and closed my eyes waiting for the abuse.

“Look at that Tommy, Sandy’s got a stiff prick without tablets. He must like drinking your cum. Now suck Tommy hard again,” she mocked.

She pushed my face towards his flaccid member; unable to move my arms and steady myself, I fell into Tommy’s crotch. Margo reached between us and pushed the end of his prick into my mouth.

I told myself it was just a piece of flesh and tried to ignore the reality of the moment, but I found having another man’s penis in my mouth excited me. I sucked and licked, almost wanting him to cum in my mouth, rather than my wife’s fanny.

“He’s good at that,” Tommy mocked.

Margo pushed my head away from Tommy’s crotch forcing me to relinquish the now stiff member.

“He’s got some uses then,” Margo said to Tommy.

I lay watching them fucking. Unable to relieve the tension in my own stiff prick, it jutted, unused, beside them.  I was just there to clean up the mess.


Tommy left after breakfast. Margo and I got on with the normal chores of the day, shopping, washing, tidying. Nothing was said about the night before, but I still wanted some redress.

I knew where Margo kept the handcuffs, I took one of my blue pills and waited for my chance; it came mid-afternoon. I stood behind her showing some affection; as her arms pushed back to reciprocate, I locked them together with the cuffs.

“You bastard!” She shouted.

I manhandled her towards the sofa and lent her over it. Down came her white jeans and knickers, my prick was hard from the tablet, and I wanted revenge. There would be no foreplay with her, just my pleasure. I put my end against her used fanny and pushed hard.

“Bugger you,” she moaned.

“Wrong thing to say right now, Margo,” I snarled.

I wetted my thumb, and pushed it deep into her anus; she gasped, then whimpered. I had never done anything like this to her before, but she obviously enjoyed it.

Margo had been right; I had had a couple of affairs, one of those girls loved to be buggered. She said her husband only checked her fanny for signs of adultery, so he never knew about the cum in her ass.

“Then you told me about Tommy and Rosie, all those years ago, I knew you were lying,” Margo panted between my thrusts.

“You still made me lick his cum out of you, and suck his prick,” I said.

 “That was such a turn on,” Margo groaned as another orgasm took her.

“I’ll make a deal with you; I will suck his prick and lick his cum. But, if you ever have another woman’s cunt in front of you, I want to see your tongue deep in it,” I told her.

She nodded her consent, and I dumped my biggest load for a long time, into her.

I started to pull her knickers and jeans back up.

“I need a tissue,” Margo said quietly.

"Tommy's not here to help you, so drip into your knickers,” I told her, and wrenched the white cotton back in place.

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