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Cuckolding The Boyfriend

Cuckolding The Boyfriend

Cuckold Is The Only Way
When my boyfriend of just a few months broke up with me, I told myself I was done dating. I didn’t need the hassle of it any more: I was tired of the emotional turmoil I went through. Even though it had only been a few months, I put so much of me into the relationship. My heart was broken. I didn’t think I’d ever allow myself to love again.

My best friend took me into his arms, holding me close every night and let me cry endlessly. I was a complete wreck. Ryan and I have had a weird friendship since, well, always. But, it wasn’t long after the break up, that he and I started fooling around. I think it started out with just being a comfort thing, but soon turned into something we both craved.

I loved my best friend and I knew he loved me. We never considered dating; it was just merely friendship and sex. We always knew it was more than that, but it was so hard to even begin to describe what we were. We both wanted it, so we didn’t try and understand it, we just went with it. We weren’t hurting anyone.

Over the next many months we continued to be whatever we were. We hung out every night. Most of those nights involved having sex and just being together. It wasn’t just about sex, because we were, after all, friends as well. He helped me heal from my broken heart, or so I thought.

Those months I allowed myself to act like I had a relationship with my best friend. It gave me time to build a wall up. I didn’t even think of wanting to be with anyone else. I was getting everything I needed from Ryan, without worrying about the strings that are attached to a relationship.

That’s what went on for a good part of the year, living my life and getting what I needed from Ryan. It didn’t help that he and I are perfectly matched sexually, we had the best sex! He’s a very dominating type and I’m a very submissive type, at least I am with him. He brings it out of me like so few ever have before.

However, in the summer I bumped into a friend of my most recent ex. David wasn’t super close with my ex and had no idea that we even broke up. I filled him in and we started talking. We hit it off so quickly, I was surprised how much we got along. He told me about how his ex had broke up with him at the start of the year and he was hurting. We both knew what it was like to be broken.

He asked me out on a date and I agreed, not really thinking anything of it. The date went well and many more followed. I could tell he fancied me a lot more than I did him, not because anything was wrong with him, though. I was just so focused on what I had with Ryan, it was safe. Though the more I hung out with David, the more I wanted from him.

One evening he brought up the idea of us dating. I told him I wasn’t sure but in the end we agreed we’d date. I didn’t say anything, but I knew I couldn’t give up what I had with Ryan. I knew I should, but even the idea was hard. I’ve always been the faithful type, one to never cheat or even think of cheating…

That was four months ago. I’ve been with David for a few months now, and though we get on wonderfully, there is something missing. I know exactly what it is: It’s the sex... It’s not that we don’t have it, it just isn’t what I need. I really like everything I have with David, but the sex, is very vanilla. Even when we try to spice things up, it goes back to vanilla very quickly. I often imagine I’m back with Ryan.

I’m still close with Ryan. We hang out every chance we get. I tell him about my issue, part of him teases me, taunting me to play with him. The other half tries to help, as a best friend would do. It just seems like nothing I do with David helps, and it’s not for a lack of trying on either end. It just got to the point where I don’t even ask, or hint for sex. That’s not like me, being the sexual little creature I know I am.

Tonight I’m hanging out with Ryan, he’s full of conversation. He’s telling me what happened to him today, but I can’t help it. Out of nowhere, I lean in and begin to kiss him. We are in his living room, the TV is on, not that either of us were watching it. The kiss catches him off guard, but he soon quickly recovers, gripping the nape of my neck tight. He lets out a low moan, kissing me back with passion.

His tongue is possessive, controlling, just how I like it. I let out a moan, feeling him lean into me, until he’s on top of me. The weight of his body pins me down against the sofa. He slowly begins to grind into me. I can feel just how rock hard his cock is for me. I know he wants this as much as I do. Our kiss lasts for so long, grinding into one another.

Finally when he breaks the kiss, he doesn’t waste a second moving to take our clothes off. Nothing needs to be said, because we both know what we want. He pulls my panties down last, opening my legs wide and moves between them. His face is between my parted lips in seconds, sucking hard on my clit and making me dripping wet. My moans grow higher, trembling with need. It’s been so long since someone has been so aggressive with me. Ryan always knew how much I liked it rough and with utter need. He’s the same way.

I lift my hips towards him, his hands slip under my arse, squeezing me tight, pulling me closer. He buries his face into me, moaning against my already excited pussy. His tongue slips down into my entrance, tongue fucking me; all the while his nose rubs perfectly along my clit. I grip the sofa, moaning louder, feeling the need to come. He senses it too. He knows my body as well as I do at this rate.

Grinding my hips, allowing the movement to be just a little bit rougher, deeper, I begin to come. He never stops, his tongue darting inside my pussy. The warmth of his tongue is so inviting, coming hard, he brings his mouth to my clit. He sucks on it with a hungry need, slipping a finger inside me, fucking me with it. I can feel my pussy clutch his finger, the orgasm pulsing hard around him.

Out of breath, head spinning, heart slamming, I want more! Ryan knows it too, helping me to my knees. I lift my arse, offering myself to him like a gift. He growls, loving how perfectly round my arse is. He spanks it hard. He keeps going, telling me I’m his little slut, that I’ll always need him. I can’t disagree. I know how much I need him. As much as I want to be with David, because I was falling in love with him, Ryan gives me something he can’t.

The snap of his hand making contact with my flesh makes me whimper out. I love the way he spanks me, making me tremble with need. His fingers are purposely getting all the right spots. Ryan slowly finger fucks me from behind, still spanking me with his free hand. I work my hips, rocking back and forth, to feel him go deeper inside me. It’s not long before I’m begging to come, which he allows. He loves how tight I feel around him, even his fingers.

I can see how hard he is, a tiny bead of pre-cum glistens from the tip of his cock. We both need and want it, moving to get right behind me, he slides in. We both groan out, shaking with lust. Even though it has only been four months, it feels like forever. He just feels so right inside me. Slowly we begin, working every inch of his cock inside me. I lean back into him, he pushes into me. It’s when I feel my sore, tender arse against his stomach that makes me cry out. It hurts, but feels good at the same time. He slaps both arse cheeks for good measure, before he starts fucking me hard.

Ryan fucks me where I’m moist and desperate, needing him. Thrusting with possession, hard pulse of his arousal is evident deep inside me. I can feel him throbbing so deeply inside me. He reaches around, dancing his fingers over my clit with one hand, the other in my hair. He pulls hard on my hair, flicking to life every nerve ending I have, my clit screaming in delight. I whimper out his name, making him move deeper within me. I know how much he loves when I moan his name.

Thrusting deeper, I know I’m not going to be able to hold back much longer. I lean back into him more, the pounding getting harder inside me. He keeps hitting my g-spot. Once, twice, thrice more, I can’t hold back any more. I come, I come so hard it takes my breath away. I pull in a deep breath of air, trying to breathe but it doesn’t seem to work. I clutch around his cock, coming hard. He feels me squeeze around him. He growls out and fills me with his seed.

Leaning over me, he kisses my back lightly. I can feel the warmth of his lips on me, making me quiver and moan. We stay just as we are for the longest time, but I know how late it’s getting. I should be getting home. Moaning and rolling over to face him, we kiss softly, I smile up at him. I know I can’t give what I have with him up, so I’m not going to.

Over the next month, Ryan and I have been sneaking around. David is clueless, as nothing changes between us. Life is good, our sex very vanilla, doing not a whole lot for me. Ryan gives me what I need though, so we don’t argue about it, like we once had.

It’s Tuesday night, and Ryan has come over to watch a film. Though, that isn’t what is really on our minds. We’re fooling around on the floor, in the living room, our clothes nearly off. Ryan has his hands all over me, caressing my breasts, biting at my neck. My moans are growing at a steady pace, shaking in pleasure.

The sound of the door turns, before either of us can react, David walks in. He just stands there as we begin to scramble to cover up. With half his clothes on, Ryan gives me a look and quickly leaves. At first I’m unsure what to say, never thinking I’d get caught, but I knew it would, more than likely, be known sooner or later. I know still I can’t and won’t give Ryan up.

David sits down, looking at me. “What in the hell, Leah? What in the fuck is going on?”

I stumble over my words, trying to get them in the right order. “You know as well as I do our sex is lacking, even when we do it, it leaves me needing more. Ryan can give me something you can’t. It’s not that I don’t want to be with you, I do. But, I won’t give Ryan up.”

I know that David won’t break up with me. He loves me and wants to be together. He fell for me hard, which was what made me like him. I never had such an intense relationship before. It’s just the sex is just so lacking. I can’t do it, I need more, but I want to be with him.

“So, you think I’m just going to be okay with you fucking someone else, cheating on me?” His voice gets louder.

“Do not fucking shout at me, you’re the one who can’t please me! I love you, David, but Ryan is staying. I refuse to give him up, if you want to stay with me, that’s what you’ll have to deal with. It’s not like we won’t have sex any more. I’ve been fucking him for over a month now. We still fuck don’t we?”

The shocked look on his face means he was completely clueless. I figured as much, but the look said it all. I can tell though, he isn’t going to leave. He doesn’t like the idea of this, but he doesn’t have much of a choice. If he wants to stay with me, I get to keep Ryan as well.

“And just how long is this going to last, Leah? Forever?”

“Unlikely, Ryan will eventually find someone, and want to move on. It works for now, it suits all our needs. You’ll just have to get used to it, or walk away. I’m not changing my mind.”

Suddenly David looks a wee bit submissive, taking in all that is being said. He knows he wants to stay with me, wants to be with me forever. It makes me love him more, but I won’t change my mind. I cross my arms over my chest, waiting for him to tell me what he wants, officially.

“Fine, as long as it doesn’t affect us, then fine, Leah.”

I couldn’t hide my smile, before climbing up onto him. Though he is vanilla, I’m still horny, and wanting to be fucked. My lips meet his, for a moment he resists, knowing that Ryan’s hands were just all over me, but it makes me even hornier at the thought. I let out a soft moan, encouraging him. I know his weaknesses, using them against him.

Slowly, I begin to grind on him. I’m naked except for my panties, which are soaked with wetness. He can’t help but run his hands over my backside, gripping me. I do the same with his hair, kissing him with need. Before I know it, we’re stripping him out of his clothes, as I bring him to my bedroom. I push him onto the bed, his cock standing tall, wanting to be fucked. I grin, slipping over him; I slowly lower my pussy over him.

“Do you want me, David? Do you want me to fuck your cock, to please you like I please Ryan?” I see the anger flash over him, but the need for me as well. “Well, do you?”

“Yes, please, fuck, yes, just please,” he moans under me, begging.

“I thought so.”

I lean forward, taking his wrists. I tie him to the bed. He doesn’t even know they were there, as I had put them there for when Ryan comes over. Once I know he’s in place, I leave the room. I’m naked and horny but I have the perfect idea. I quickly grab my phone, calling Ryan.

“You still close by?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’m down at the bar, waiting to hear from you. Is he gone?”

I tell him what happened, he laughs and I tell him it’s not all. I tell him my plan. He loves it immediately, telling me he’ll be right over.

It takes him all of about seven minutes to show up. David, every so often calls out to me, but I don’t answer. The poor guy has probably gone soft by now, but he’ll deal with it. When Ryan knocks, I let him in, and he begins to kiss me.

We’re giggling, stripping him of his clothes once more. We walk into the bedroom, where David lies, tied and indeed soft.

“What the fuck is this?” David growls. He looks between me and Ryan, trying to understand what might be happening.

“It’s simple, I figured if I showed you what I want, I might get more pleasure from you when we do fuck,” I answer, with a slight giggle.

Ryan turns me, kissing me deeply, as if on cue. I hear David let out another growl, seeing another man kiss his girlfriend. But, we ignore him. Ryan’s hands begin to roam over me, turning the heat up inside me higher than it was moments ago. The idea of my boyfriend watching me as my best friend fucks me makes me so horny.

It’s Ryan who finally speaks. His voice is low but loud enough for all to hear. “You’re going to be my good girl; you’re going to let me fuck you hard, aren’t you, my good little slut?”

The entire thing makes me weak, my lust for him growing higher. I whimper, looking towards him then at David. “Of course, Sir, I always want to be your good girl.”

He smiles at me, kissing me again. Our lips meet, tasting him, the beer he had at the bar and the need I have for him. Before I can keep enjoying it, he breaks our kiss. Ryan has me bend over the bed, facing towards David. It gives me a full view of him, Ryan steps behind me, slapping my arse again.

Letting out a moan, I lean back into him. He places the tip of his cock inside me, thrusting hard fully into me. I let out a long moan, watching the expression of David. Ryan begins to own me from the inside out, fucking me hard. He takes complete control of the situation, which turns me on even more. I grip the bedding, my eyes locked on David.

No matter how angry he is, I can see he is becoming turned on. His cock begins to swell, growing harder with each passing moment. It’s as if each thrust Ryan gives me, makes him harder. I moan out, begging for him to fuck me harder. He does, making David begin to breathe heavier.

He starts begging for us to stop, which just makes Ryan fuck me harder. I begin to come. I come so hard for him. I pull faces, moaning out, my back arching hard, pushing my hips back into him. David’s cock is twitching, listening to me moan. My moans have always made him crazy.

“Go on, slut, suck his cock. Give him a little bit of relief,” Ryan demands.

“Yes Sir!”

I get up on to the bed, still at the edge, giving Ryan my pussy and allowing me to suck on David’s cock. I swallow it into my mouth quickly, wasting no time, wanting to suck on him. Ryan goes back to fucking me just as hard, demanding that I suck David like he is fucking me. I do as I’m told, making David whimper out. Ryan tells David he can’t come, when Ryan is about to argue it, David tells him he’ll have me stop sucking.

This shuts David up, taking what we’re allowing him to have. I suck on his cock deeply, my teeth running along his shaft. He squirms under me, as I squirm for Ryan. We’re all moaning, feeling utterly used, I love it. I come again and again. Each time I do, I make sure that David’s cock is deep in my throat.

Ryan begins to spank my arse hard, making it nice and red, bringing himself closer to an orgasm. I know he wants to come deep inside me. I whimper out, sucking David’s cock out of my mouth. I begin to beg him to.

“Oh, come for me, Sir. Come deep inside your good little girls’ pussy. I want to feel you come for me. You feel so good inside me when you come,” I moan through each word, grinding my arse back into him.

This urges him on, until he suddenly goes rigid, coming hard deep inside me, he growls out. I feel jets of his seed fill me, making me moan out. I truly do love when a man comes deep inside me. It’s so sexy!

When he finishes, he pulls out, slaps my arse and grins, “Now you can finish David off,” he stands back, watching me.

I can’t help but smile, “Yes, Sir.”

I move to climb up, sliding back down into a crouching position over David. This time, I give him what he wanted all along. I slowly move down him, he moans out, writhing with pleasure. My pussy filled with Ryan’s seed coats over David’s cock, I begin to fuck him hard. I take him deep inside me, moaning out, feeling Ryan’s gaze burn into me. I know he’s watching me.

Bouncing a little faster, he goes deeper inside me. David lifts his head back, moaning, I quickly begin to play with my clit. He’s close, and I want to come with him. The need to orgasm close, we both moan out, together we begin to come. Our orgasms are hard. He fills me with his seed, pushing deep inside me. I grind down on him, coming around his shaft. I milk him dry as he comes for me.

When we’re done, I stay where I am. Ryan comes to me, gripping my hair and kisses me deeply. “That’s a good girl, you’re my good girl. You made me proud, doll.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I answer back proudly, cooing softly up at him.

I feel my pussy twitch around David’s cock, which is slowly getting soft inside me. I let out a soft moan because of it.

“Can you untie me now?” David suddenly asks.

“You look good like this, but I suppose I can, once I say bye to Sir.”

I slide off him, taking my robe, I put it on. Ryan and I both go into the living room as he dresses, giggling again. He kisses me deeply, squeezing me close into him. His controlling ways make my heart thump hard.

“Be a good girl, go take care of your man,” Ryan tells me.

“Yes, Sir, as you wish,” I tell him. “See you tomorrow, handsome.”

“Goodnight beautiful girl.”

I shut the door, listening to Ryan go down the stairs. I head back into the bedroom and help David out of his ties.

“See, that isn’t so bad, now is it?” I tease him. “Don’t worry. It won’t always be like that. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing,” I tell him, as I curl into his arms.

I’m rather surprised he holds me close, kissing my forehead. I let out a soft sigh, enjoying the warmth of him holding me. Yeah, I like this guy, I want to keep him. But, now I get to keep Ryan too!

And that’s how I cuckold my boyfriend…

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