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David's torment continues

David waits for his wife to come home from the club with a new lover
David hears the front door close as his wife leaves their house to catch a taxi to a nightclub. Without him. Leaving him there in their house all alone after a painful orgasm while watching his wife's homemade porno of her fucking another man. It was a painful but oh-so-strong orgasm. His hands were tied so he couldn't do his normal iron-fist routine on his cock as he spurted. It felt like he was drowning and gulping air at the same time. It was such a pleasurable torment watching his sexy wife, legs spread wide, taking a young, big, hard cock deep inside her married, unfaithful pussy. He fucking hated it. He fucking loved it. Every minute of it.

He was lying on their bed as his cock shriveled back to it's usual small, pathetic size. Lying on their marital bed...the same bed she fucked her young lover on for two straight days while he was away on business, working hard, and earning money that she would spend to turn herself into a slut to get some random cock. He came back from that business trip before she was even done with her young lover. He walked in the house and immediately heard her porn-like moaning and screaming and a constant thumping from the bed upstairs. He stood in the foyer, his cock immediately going stiff as he listened to his wife upstairs getting the shit fucked out of her while her husband was away for work.

His cheating, slutty wife. So many husbands would do the opposite; throw their whore wives out of the house, file for divorce, shame them, etc. But not David. She had complete control over him. Financially, domestically, and most importantly, sexually. It was an itch he couldn't scratch. He was the hungry horse whom the carrot was being dangled in front of...never having the pleasure of having a bite. Sometimes he was lucky to get a lick of that have the honor of being in the same room with his wife when she got fucked by one of her lovers. To watch his wife get pleasured to the point of almost blacking out. To be able to stroke his cock and cum while he watched them, but only if she allowed it. To the point where several times the sex was so mind blowing that they made cracks in the bed frame. And if he was real lucky, he would get to lick his wife's pussy...but only after it was jack hammered by a big, hard cock and dripping with her lover's cum. He would get to taste his sexy wife's sweet, juicy pink pussy...tainted by other men's jizz. Beggars can't be choosers she said.

David was startled out of his tormented thoughts by his vibrating cell phone. It was a text from her. She said she just arrived at the club and there were lots of hot, fit men on the dance floor and at the bar. She told him to stay tuned because she would snag one in no time. His cock twitched.

David leaned his head back on the headboard and closed his eyes, sighing. How did they get to this point? It had slowly snowballed over the past 4 years, no pun intended. It all started when he found an old video of her on her laptop...

Soon after they were married, one afternoon on a hot summer's day, David had noticed his wife left her laptop open while she took a work call in the other room (work that she soon abandoned once she had total control over his money). He was about to put it in sleep mode for her when a thumbnail in a folder caught his eye. It was a vague image of his wife. Looking very sexual. And the clip was labeled XXX. They had never made any sex clips together. David's heart leapt in his throat at the thought of this being a clip of his wife having sex with another man. His heart sunk and he felt sick to his stomach; if that's what it was, why would she keep this clip? She had just married him...David was supposed to be the only man in her life now, in her thoughts, in her dreams. He swallowed hard and without further thought, double clicked on the icon. He turned the volume down low so as not to alarm his wife in the other room. What popped up on the screen next would change his life forever...

There was his wife. His beautiful Amy. In the doggy position in a side-on view. Naked, flushing, sweating...and being fucked by another man. He couldn't see the man's face. He could see all of his glorious, sexy wife's curvy, firm body. He could only see the man from the chest down. The man's hips were pumping back and forth vigorously against his wife's behind, while his big hands clutched Amy's naked hips and ass. Amy was moaning like an animal in heat, hair all mussed, tits swaying, and enthusiastically bouncing her ass back in rhythm to this strange man's fucking. David could see the man's cock go in and out of her pussy from this angle. It was huge. And thick. And Amy loved it. She panted, "Ohh Adam yess, fuck me harder! Fuck me deeper with that monster dick of yours! Oh my god, it feels sooo good in my tight pussy....does my horny little cunt feel good on your cock baby? I want you to shoot your spunk deep inside me baby...pound me faster Adam yesssss!!!" Her words were half broken by Adam's strong thrusts as Amy fucked back hard and deep onto his cock.

David was frozen in place, staring transfixed at his wife's computer screen. He didn't even notice his cock was rock hard until his pants felt suddenly tight. His mouth was as dry as sand. He looked down at the tent in his pants. What the fuck? How in the world was he turned on by seeing his wife being fucked by another man? Only two months ago they had exchanged vows...vows to be faithful to one another, forever. And two months later here he was with a raging boner at the sight of his wife being a total slut with someone else. He checked the date that the video was made. It was three years ago. Before they even met. He breathed a sigh of relief. But there was still a painful erection sticking out of his pants and he felt like he would die if he didn't get rid of it. He popped his head out the door to try and listen to Amy's phone conversation, to see if it was ending soon. By her words, she was explaining some new project to another colleague. He knew how in-depth Amy liked to talked about her work. He turned his attention back to her computer and quietly shut the door. He quickly yanked his hard cock out of his pants, having no time to process why he felt so aroused by what he was watching, but feeling that if he didn't find a release in the next two minutes, he would go crazy.

David's intense stare was glued to the his wife's ass humping back onto her lover's cock. Watching her tits and long blond hair sway back and forth as she got fucked. Watching a strange cock plunge deep inside his wife's pussy over and over. David's hand had an iron grip around his cock, jerking steadily, as he panted quietly. His cock was throbbing, dripping precum, and harder than it ever was. Rock-fucking-hard at watching his wife get fucked and pleasured by another man. Amy's orgasm was starting to build as she moaned louder and more intensely. She resembled an animal in heat, humping to save her life. David stood there in his wife's study, furiously jerking his horny cock to the homemade porno she made with another man. As his wife started to cum on the strange man's cock, David grunted. He shot a wad of cum forcefully from his cock as his wife screamed her orgasm. David kept jerking it like a teenage boy, milking his cock in his iron fist at the sight of his slut wife getting pounded by a big hard cock other than his.

He collapsed back in her chair at the force of his cum. He sat there, dumbfounded, over what just happened. Not having time to process it before he came, he now felt a mixture of emotions. Confusion, shame, guilt, envy...but nothing more stronger than arousal. He was dazed and confused but he knew he had to clean up before Amy came back. He stood on shaky legs, grabbed a tissue from a box on the desk, and wiped his cock clean. He wiped up the spurts of cum that shot on the floor. He closed the video. He made sure everything was how she left it. Whew...he was safe. Or so he thought; until she later looked at the security camera she had set up after they had hired a house cleaner.

David's thoughts were once again interrupted at another vibration. He opened the text and there was a cell phone picture of his wife french kissing another man at the club. He felt a twinge of jealousy while his cock stirred. The sight of his wife's tongue going into a stranger's mouth both hurt him and made him hard. It was so long since they shared a deep, passionate kiss...that didn't involve her snowballing another man's cum into his mouth. And now to see her making out so eagerly with a man she only knew for five minutes...David cursed his cock for betraying him. Another message binged into his phone and this time it was his wife's hand down the man's pants. He couldn't see his cock but the insinuation that she had this man's cock in her hand made David's heart beat faster. What he wouldn't give for Amy's hand to be in his pants now instead of this stranger's at a sleazy club. The following text said "a cock opposite of yours lol...big, juicy, and manly mmm!" He briefly shut his eyes in envy at the cock that was graced by his wife's hand.

His phone started to ring in his hand and it was Amy. He swallowed, bit his lip, and pressed answer. He heard the pounding techno music of the club and Amy's laughter.

Without waiting for him to answer, she said, "Hey baby! Hope you're holding up back home. I'm dirty dancing right now with a very fiiiine hunk named Josh who is making me very wet at the moment. But I'm after having a few drinks and I accidentely let it slip that I'm married. But I told Josh it's ok, that I'm allowed to fuck other men. Well not so much allowed haha but I fuck them whenever I damn well please and that my hubby just looooves it! Isn't that right cucky poo?" He could hear a man's snickering in the background.

David flushed red even though he was by himself and gulped. He quietly agreed.

"Say it to Josh here baby, he wants to know for sure. He wants to know that some big tough guy isn't gonna beat the hell outta him if he fucks me. Hahaha like that would ever happen, cause you're a total cucky wimp. Tell him..."

He could tell she had given the phone to Josh. David swallowed.

"Yes, she can fuck you Josh. I hope you'll enjoy her and please her as much as she deserves." He knew Amy was listening too and he knew he had to give the appropriate response. They both laughed at him as his cock twitched.

"Oh baby you don't have to hope anything, there's a good damn chance Josh will be coming home with me in a few hours. To fuck me hard on our marital bed while you watch like a pathetic loser hahah. But I'm not ready to go yet, I might see if I can suck some cocks here while I can. Josh has some very hot friends that he'd be willing to share me with mmm. Stay tuned my lil cucky!" Click. She was gone.

David's cock was once at full attention again while his stomach rolled. She was probably back making out with Josh and grinding against him or they were both laughing at what a loser of a husband she has. Both possible scenarios sent another rush of blood to David`s cock.

He got up and rifled through their laundry hamper. He found a few pairs of her worn silky panties. He held them to his nose and inhaled. Heaven. His wife's sweet, fragrant pussy engulfed his senses as his cock surged. He wrapped one pair around his throbbing dick and held another pair to his nose while he sniffed like a dog. He jerked his cock in his wife's silky, dirty panties while he inhaled and exhaled into another pair. He did that for 15 minutes, slowing down when he got too close, and making his balls blue.

His phone dinged again, about 4 times. Four different picture messages from his wife. He opened them as he grunted in response while still jerking his cock in her panties. In the less than twenty minutes from their phone call, she had secured three guys (Josh's friends he assumed) to give head to. He couldn't tell what part of the club they were in, probably the bathroom or at the end of a hallway or something. But his wife was on her knees, thighs spread, a cock in one hand and a cock in her mouth and other hand, while another cock was pointed at the action trying to get in. The next pic was her sucking the other cock she originally had in her other hand. The next picture was her sticking her tongue out to him while jerking a cock in each hand. And the last one was her mouth stuffed of cock while she pointed her two middle fingers up at him to the camera. A big "fuck you my cuckold hubby, look at how much cock I can get!"

His cock throbbed harder and he gripped his wife's dirty panties tighter around his cock as he panted. He wanted to cum so bad looking at those pics and jerking himself off with her panties. But another text came through, this time saying "DON'T YOU DARE CUM YET YOU FUCKING LITTLE CUCK! YOU WAIT FOR ME TO COME HOME...and remember I have cameras in the house lol so I will fucking know if you come without my permission."

He almost broke down in response. His balls hurt like they never hurt before. Aching, paining to be drained. Forced to look at pics of his cheating wife out on the town, sucking random cocks. Waiting for her to come home with another young buck. Would it be another hour? Or two? Or three? David thought he would go insane not knowing when she'd be home.

Until then, his cock would have to painfully wait in limbo...

This is a continuation of my linked story below, please check it out. More stories to come on David, Amy, and her lovers...
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