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Did I Lose? Or Did I Win?

Lucy finally cuckolds Josh fully.
"They're here baby." Lucy's angelic voice rang out down the hallway. I pulled myself slowly off the sofa and made my way to the front door to see my gorgeous wife off, assuming her friends had arrived to take her out for the night.

The peeling varnish on the front door was not a suitable frame for the masterpiece that stood before me. The strapless silver glittery dress hugged her beautiful curves perfectly, sitting tightly against her small frame. Her perky b cup boobs were accentuated by the lack of neckline and impressive bra, making them look about to spill out. Her shapely legs shone beautifully in the bright hallway lights, ending in a perfectly matched pair of heels, that showed off her well pedicured feet. Her hair stood high on her head where she had back combed it, allowing it to frame her cute round face. Her make up as always was perfect, with her bright blue eyes shining beautifully. She look absolutely perfect.

I had forgotten about Emily's birthday. Only to be reminded as soon as I got home from work by an incredibly excited wife. Her and three friends out in town for the night, and it had also stupidly agreed I would pick her up afterwards. This was going to be a long night.

She pecked me swiftly on the lips, telling me she loved me and reminded me she would call when she wanted picking up as she swept out the door. I watched her hurry down the drive to her waiting lift. Her pert bottom wiggling as she went, barely covered by the thin shimmering material.

As she pulled away, I closed the door and reflected on this opportunity. I had the house to myself for a few hours. The TV, the computer, the peace and quiet.

I settled myself on the sofa, and stuck on a film. Imagining what she might be up to tonight. And how tonight might be different when she comes home after a few drinks. Our sex life was great, but after a drink it improved even more.

I must have dozed off halfway through the film, awaking to find all night news on the telly and a couple of texts from Lu telling me what clubs she was in. As I read them the text I had been waiting for arrived.

"Hi honey, I'm ready to come home now, can you give a couple of the others a lift home as well? Emily has drank too much and doesn't want her mum to see her like this."

A quick text of approval and within minutes I was on my way, playing my music in the car whilst I still had a chance. I pulled up to the car park where we had arranged to meet and switched the engine off, rolled down the window and lit myself a cigarette, watching the drunken revellers stumble and trip down the street on their way to get in their taxis.

As I flicked my finished cigarette out the window, a flash of sparkles caught my eye. Lu and her friends were trudging across the car park. Well, Lu and one of her friends. Who was being supported by six foot of tight chequered shirt, bulging arms and chest of not friend. As Lu opened the passengers door, she must have noticed the confusion on my face.

"Hi baby, I told you she was pissed!" She giggled. Clearly, she had drunk well herself by the glazed look in her eyes. "This is Chris, by the way, he's a friend from school. You're still okay to give us all a lift?"

I sat there perplexed. "I agreed to you and your friends, not some randomer!" I exclaimed.

"Well, luckily Chris is a friend, and besides I've already told him you would. You're good like that," she smiled her cheeky smile that she knows will make her get her own way. Reluctantly I conceded.

"Great, well Emily will need to sit in the front because we won't be able to get her in the back," Lu informed me matter of factly.

"Brilliant," I mumbled. Not only do I have to give this knobhead a lift, but I'm likely to be spewed on by the birthday girl.

Once Emily was safely stowed away, sick bag in place. I got out of the car to allow my girlfriend and my new unwanted passenger into the car. Lucy went first to clamber over the seats into the back. In the process catching the hip of her dress and flashing Chris and myself a slim slither of black thong as she squeezed in.

Chris almost bowled me over as he attempted the get in the car, his perfectly styled brown hair scuffing on the door frame as he pushed Lucy into her seat with a hand on her hip.

Finally, fully loaded and thoroughly pissed off, I pulled the car out of the carpark. As is polite when you have company, I turned my music down to enable conversation. The politeness was wasted however, as Lucy and this muscular clown seemed to be having a whispered conversation fraught with giggling fits in the back, whilst my other passenger's head lolled feebly with every bump as she slept.

Finally, we reached the birthday girl's house, and Lucy managed to pull herself away from her conversation long enough to help her friend to her front door. In the meantime, Chris had shuffled over and thanked me for the lift, continuing the conversation, asking how long me and Lucy had been together, and explaining how they knew each other.

Once Lucy returned, I was shocked to see that she opened the passenger door, slid the seat forward, and proceeded to slip onto the back seat. In the process, sliding herself across Chris's lap to take up the seat behind me. His hands holding her gorgeous hips as she took an eternity to pass over him. His face cracked into a wicked smile as he saw me watching

With my anger building with every passing mile, we continued on, me sitting in brooding silence whilst they continued their whispered discussion.

The infuriating silence continued until Lucy said, "Do you want to come back to ours for a drink?"

"Yeah, I'd like that," was Scott's sly reply.

"It's late Lu." I said through gritted teeth.

"That's okay, I'll catch a taxi home afterwards. It's not far," was the reply from the man I couldn't despise more if I tried.

On the remainder of the trip, I was forgotten. An easy to ignore chauffeur, whilst they continued their quiet discussions, only breaking them off as we pulled into our driveway. I pulled myself out of the car, furious, yet relieved to be home. 'One drink, and then he wil be gone,' I told myself, as I pulled the chair forward to allow Lucy out of the car. She bent her head forward excessively, no doubt allowing her dress to ride up. The look on Chris's face made it clear my concerns were well justified. He licked his lips and raised his eyebrows.

'I can't wait for this prick to leave,' I thought.

Once safely inside the house, they seated themselves on opposite sofas, whilst Lucy switched the TV to music channels. Now I felt stupid. Was I just imagining the flirting, and the fun? From the scene in front if me everything seemed as if they were indeed, only friends. Hating myself and my jealousy, I asked them what they wanted to drink. Despite them only being friends, I still hated this idiot. Slouched on my sofa. He sooner he left the happier I'd be.

A beer for him, and a glass of water for her. With the club music following me through to the kitchen, I hurried along to get these drinks, hopefully if I was quick Lu might still be awake enough for some fun tonight.

Upon my return, nothing much had changed. They sat apart, although we're laughing a joking together. I took the opportunity to plonk myself down next to my gorgeous, very drunk girlfriend, and plant a loving kiss on her lips. It felt incredible. I was so relieved, I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

She stood up and crossed the room, seating herself next to Chris, leaving me alone on the sofa. His extended arm slipping down from the back of the sofa, to rest across her shoulders. The anger inside me rose, but I bit my tongue. I was not going to give him the satisfaction of knowing he was getting to me. Lucy's lack of reaction riled me all the more.

After a number of minutes of silence, it was broken by Chris. "You look really bored over there mate. Would you like some entertainment?" He grinned.

"What are you on about?" was my feeble reply.

"Well, Lucy was telling me some very interesting things in the car on the way here. And I just want to see if they are true." The grin on his face visibly growing.

"What do you mean?" Again, a pathetic response. I had a feeling I knew what Lucy had said. But all of me hoped she hadn't betrayed me.

"I want to know if this gets you hard." The grin was suddenly lost from view, as he pulled Lucy by the back of the head to lock their lips together. The animalistic noise that left my girlfriend as he pushed his tongue past her willing lips.

I was frozen. Complete shock had overtaken my body. I just sat there and watched his hands explore her body. Running down her chest to squeeze her pert boobs as their kissing intensified. Seeing his hand slide up her thigh tickling and causing her to moan as he squeezed her plump ass. As their passionate embrace continued, I felt the second betrayal of the night. My cock began to twitch, pushing against my jeans as it stiffened against the material. My body was proving him right.

I looked on in shock, horror and disgusted arousal as his hand slipped down her dress, revealing one hard nipple, and then another. All the while Lu fumbled with the buttons to his shirt. As the final button popped loose, exposing a thick muscular chest and toned rock hard abs, she let out a moan of approval. His head then stooped and took her nipple into his mouth. Grasping the rest of her boob in powerful hands. While his tongue flicked across it, Lucy opened her eyes and stared across to me. A huge smile crossed her face before she bit her lip. She looked deep into my despairing eyes whilst hers overflowed with lust. She was loving the fact that I was watching, and wanted me to know it.

The spell was broken as he pushed her onto her back. Her boobs glistening with his spit as he parted her legs. A large rough hand covered the thin black fabric she had revealed earlier causing her breath to escape her lungs suddenly. When he began to rub harder she began to pant heavily, he arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him down onto her.

"Fuck, your almost as wet as you were in the car!" Chris moaned into her neck, his hand still expertly applying pressure to her hidden treasure. In response to this revelation, my cock twitched again. Bringing me out of my trance. I gently placed my hand on the bulge in my jeans and gently rubbed the head on my cock through the material. My cock twitched again out of approval. I'd always wanted this and now I was getting it.

Whilst I was distracted, the action on the sofa had moved on. Lucy was now straddling Chris. Her dress pulled up to her waist showing the thin strip of material that disappeared into her ass. Chris was mauling her breasts like a hungry animal, as she ground down hard into his lap.

"Let's go upstairs," moaned Lucy, already breathless with excitement. "I want you cock now!"

"No need, baby. I want to fuck you right here on the sofa in front of him." Their dialogue excited me incredibly. I squeezed my shaft through my clothes and felt a small patch of precum appear in my underwear.

Chris stood, holding Lucy close to his body with little effort. His powerful arms supporting her petite frame as if she were nothing. He sat her down on the edge of the sofa, with her drenched pussy suspended over the edge.

"Josh, come here, I want you to get your girl ready for me. Lick her pussy until it's nice and wet. It'll need to be if it's going to take me."

I obeyed without argument. Crossing the room I could smell both of their bodies. And feel the passion between them. I felt intimidated, yet disturbingly aroused. My walk was cut short when Lucy gave her first order of the night.

"Take off your clothes honey, it's going to get hot and sweaty," she said sweetly.

I stood next to Chris and pulled my t-shirt over my head. I'm not the tallest of people, but I'm certainly not scrawny. Unless I'm stood next to a monster like Chris. He towered over me and his ripped chest out mine to shame. I continued to undress, pulling my jeans down revealing the tent I had created in my underwear. I quickly dropped my boxer shorts to the floor, the release of pressure was incredible. It felt so good, another large drip of precum began to leak from the tip of my throbbing cock. This only brought a bark of laughter from Chris.

"No wonder you want some fun Lucy, you can't enjoy that thing much. Now do as I told you and get her ready for me." The humiliation was painful, but still it made my cock harder still. I got myself down on all fours in front of the girl I love and looked deep into her eyes for a moment, before she placed her hand on the back on my head and pulled me closer to her glistening puckered lips. "Get me nice and ready baby".

I heard Chris's jeans slip to the floor behind me before I heard Lucy's gasp and squeal of excitement.

"It's so fucking big! How will I ever fit hat inside me!" she exclaimed with delight.

I attempted to turn my head, to see what she meant, but as I detached my tongue from her delicious lips she instantly jerked it back into place. I felt Chris's legs appear either side of me and felt Lucy lean forward, giggling again. Before long, the only sounds I could hear were the blatant sounds of oral sex. Me slurping noisly on Lucy's pussy whilst she was clearly moistening his shaft with her mouth. Occasionally, they would both moan aloud in pleasure. But the majority of the time there was only the unmistakable slurp of mouths on sex organs.

"Ahhh, baby, I think you must be ready by now, lay back." Chris's gruff voice broke the sweet music. "Josh, get up and hold her legs apart, I want you to help me fuck your girl."

Eager to obey, I quickly placed myself next to Lucy and held her thighs. As I did, I got my first look at his huge powerful rod - nine inches long, as thick as a deodorant can, cut with a well shaped head. It glistened with Lucy's spit as he ran it between her lips. The touch of his member against her sopping pussy was enough to make Lucy shudder and she eagerly placed her hands on his shaft to guide it into her sweet hole. It quickly found the mark. With a few shallow thrusts Chris had manage to ease half the length of his massive tool inside my girlfriends tiny pussy. Her lips rested beautifully against his shaft, ready to suck the full length in. Her deep moans and the gentle squelch as he slid in and out were the only noises in the world. I was completely fixated on the device that was squewering my girlfriend.

"You know that she's mine now, Josh, don't you. You know that now her pussy has hugged my cock she's not going to need you to fuck her anymore."

I nodded slowly, still unable to take my eyes off the view. Once Chris has bottomed out inside her, he leant forward and kissed Lucy passionately. It was almost as if I was no longer there. They fucked each other rampantly. Chris's heavy balls slapping rhythmically and powerfully against her ass, getting them coated in her juices too. Lucy's legs wrapped around his waist meeting every single thrusts just as energetically as hey were delivered.

"O fuck, Chris, o fuck. I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum soo..." Her body tensed hard, and her legs locked him tight inside her. Neither could move as her back arched off the sofa and more of her juices clearly flowed down his shaft. As her orgasm receded and she lay there panting hard, desperate to catch her breath. Chris picked her up and sat himself down pulling Lucy on top of him. He continued his mauling of her breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth in turn whilst his hands roughly kneaded her ass. Spreading her pussy to allow his full length back into her. As soon as she had accepted him again, Lucy began to slide herself up and down his length. Allowing the base of his head to appear, before quickly swallowing it deep into her body again.

I took up a position behind them, kneeling and enjoying the spectacle. Finally allowing myself an occasional stroke of my cock which was fit to burst. But not yet, that would be the biggest insult, cumming quicker in my hand than he was in her tight wet hole.

Before long, another long scream, arched back and flood of woman juices over those large balls told me my girl had now cum twice with this man. This time, he allowed his cock to fall from her pussy, sticking straight up into the air against her trembling ass. As her body shook, he repositioned her on all fours on the carpet

"Come here, Josh. Taste all the cum I've caused to flow from your girl's delicious pussy," Chris commanded. "Lay underneath her and taste her." I crawled under her and got my head in between her legs and began to lap at her sweet juices. Her lips were red hot and slippery. I slurped noisily and hungrily until Chris pushed me forcefully aside. Again, he placed his huge cock head at her opening and pushed forwards with vigor. Her well used hole gratefully accepted it this time, taking him all the way on the first stroke. I watched as his large testicles rested against her clit before he began to pick up his pace. They slapped rhythmically against her just inches from my face. Her juices running down his shaft and off his balls in waves into my waiting mouth.

A pool of my precum had collected on my stomach where it had dribbled from the end of my throbbing cock. Lucy's grunts of pleasure were a perfect harmony to the wet slaps of his balls pounding into her. Finally, his staying power began to wain. His strokes quickened, forcing his shaft deeper inside Lucy's sopping pussy. His own grunts became deeper and more animalistic. And finally, I watched as his huge wrecking balls tightened in their sack. His shaft pulsed as he forced himself as deep as he could. Spraying his huge cumshot inside my girl.

Pulse after pulse of cum must have been spewing forth into her womb as his balls seemed to never stop twitching. After what seemed like an eternity, his cock came to rest, still nestled deep inside her. He held it there for a moment whilst they both recovered their breath, before slowly easing his softening cock from her entrance. A string of thick cum stretched and broke whilst his rod glistened with a mixture of both of their juices. Suddenly, the realisation set in.

"What the fuck, you just came inside her without a condom?" I panicked.

Chris merely laughed in response, whilst Lucy giggled sweetly. "Well, honey, me and Chris were talking about this whilst you were driving. We decided that we didnt need a condom. You're going to be our contraception!"

The puzzlement on my face must have been clear, as Chris placed a hand on each ass cheek and spread Lucy's Pussy wide. "You had better lick all of my cream out of her pussy quickly, we don't want her to get pregnant." He said, not unkindly.

I screwed my face up in disgust. I had never thought of this, and the thought repulsed me. But before I could protest, Lucy began to lower her pussy to my face. The smell of raw sweat was stronger than I had ever known. The smell of a man and woman's cum mixed together into a dirty sexual cocktail. I don't know why, perhaps it was my own personal horniness, or just my desire to please. I opened my mouth and greeted her well fucked lips with my tongue. I felt her whole body twitch as I flicked my tongue lovingly across her hole. Her nails brushed down the length of my shaft, from balls to head. I could hear her and Chris openly laughing and kissing as I attempted to clean his seed from my girl.

Finally, as if her body was finished with it, a huge wave of semen poured into my mouth. The salty musty taste of the two lovers cums pushed me too far. As I lapped hungrily at the fluid that was flooding my mouth, my own cock let go, pouring my own seed onto my stomach. This drew more hoots of laughter from them both and finally completed my humiliation. Still, I finished my duties as my own cum ran down my sides. Finally, Lucy stood up and kissed me on the cheek. Her and Chris stood there completely naked, embracing each other bodies still entwined, whilst I watched on with cum running down my body.

"Chris is going to be staying the night. He will stay in our bed with me. You don't mind sleeping on the sofa do you? We wouldn't want to disturb your sleep." Accepting my fate, I conceded our bed to my girl and her new boyfriend.

I slept well that night, only waking once to be greeted by the pair of them, Lucy's tits shining in the dim light. Without a word, I took one nipple, then the other into my mouth, and cleaned the remainder from her perfect breasts.

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