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Did I Really Cuckold My Hubby?

Wife Revives Her Sex Starved Love Life With a Younger Man
One sultry late spring evening after chatting with an out oftown girlfriend on the internet I accidently stumbled onto what you might call an interesting adult site. It had all kinds of sexual adventures of men and women in various situations. Intrigued I came across a very erotic article about a middle aged couple who were interested in spicing up there marriage by bringing in a much younger man for the wife’s sexual pleasure. I was so aroused after reading the story I raced upstairs, undressed and dabbed perfume on my most private parts. Going to our closet I chose a semi-sheer, light pink baby doll nightgown and matching panties which modestly displayed my legs and pert 36 inch b-cup breasts. I was hoping my husband would respond to my sexy attire. Unfortunately when I entered the bedroom he was fast asleep so I pulled out my dildo and worked myself into a very satisfying orgasm. Don’t get me wrong I love my dildo but like most women I surely prefer a hot, hard cock in my pussy much more. So after an exciting climax off to dreamland I went.

I should introduce myself. My name is Ann I’m 45 and a stay at home wife. My loving husband Todd is 47. We’re empty nesters and been married for over 25 years with two grown daughters Beth and Donna ages 22 and 24. My husband’s libido like most men his age has diminished somewhat over the last few years. I have been a faithful wife throughout my marriage if you don’t count lusting in your heart when I see a cute man walk by. Lately I caught myself daydreaming about other men when I’m home and especially when I’m out and about. I’ll even go so far as to admit my eyes have wandered a lot lately especially at young hard bodies, although I not approached any. If Todd had known how many times in the last month I fantasized about the cute bartenders and waiters in the restaurants and bars we have frequented he might have thought differently.

When we do have sex he loves watching me suck on my dildo and pretend it’s someone else. He says that’s his biggest turn on and if anything he wants to see me do that with another man. I thought he was testing me but after seeing him get off to it I knew it was only time. We even have gone so far as to making rules if and when any encounter was ever to take place. Everything sounds great when you talk about it but taking the next step, let’s say we’ve been hesitant even more so on my part. I’ve just been so confused about the whole thing and cannot help think about what might happen after. I’m willing but worried about when I’d be in bed with another man what I would actually say and do. 

The next few days I became deeper in thought and came to the conclusion that if Todd thinks he’s ready then I’m just going to do it, not look back and what happens, happens. I don’t want to hurt him and like most women can’t figure out what can be so enjoyable watching me fucking another man. But it’s not everyday that a married woman gets the okay from her husband to have sex with another man and it’s still another thing to have their husband know and actually want it to happen. Thinking about it and chatting online with other men, it did sound incredible. I was ready I just had to find that special guy.

The next day I was thinking when and how I could make this happen. I have to confess at times I feel like I’m doing something wrong, sort of like when I’m out somewhere and see a man I’m attracted to. I automatically start to think could I be with this guy, would he be a good kisser, what he would be like in bed and how big is his cock. All this before I even meet him or know who he is. I do know one thing; younger men seem attracted to me. Maybe the perfect place would be at the health club. I set my sights on Mark. 

Mark was a 23 year old professional I met a few weeks earlier at one of the club’s social events. He was cute, six foot two with dark brown hair and a chiseled look that usually makes women weak in the knees. That night Todd was working late so off I went by myself. As it turned out it was a good idea. I wore a short cotton sundress with heels showing those younger women I still had gorgeous legs. I’m proud to say my figure is pretty much identical to when we were married 25 years ago. I can still turn heads, my boobs don’t sag and my legs are firm and shapely. When introduced to Mark I felt an immediate attraction, at least on my part. I guess I needed reassuring, besides a girl needs a compliment or two sometimes and he was very complimentary. Then a thought occurred to me, why not Mark, he’s young, single and gorgeous. That was my plan.

Later the following week I arrived at the health club as usual dressed in my work-out attire and walked upstairs. I saw many familiar faces and one in particular. Mark and I made eye contact as soon as I walked in. Now that I think about it we did innocently flirt that night of the social. At the time he seemed so nice I had thoughts of setting him up with my youngest daughter. In the next few weeks I saw Mark quite a bit at the gym chatting occasionally but only in small talk. 

This particular early morning when I entered the weight room I was on a mission. Today was altogether different, Mark was in my sites and targeted. Let my daughter find her own man. The next step was to convince him and get hubby to agree. Not what you call an easy task for any girl.

That night after dinner I actually surprised myself by saying to Todd, “You know how we have been talking about bringing another man into our bedroom?”

“Ah, well yeah it has been discussed, what’s on your mind Ann?” Todd stumbled.

“Well my days at home have been somewhat lonely lately. To be honest I’ve been fantasizing about a certain guy I met at the health club,” now beginning to worry about what I was telling him. “Well his name is Mark he’s young about twenty-three I think. I should also tell you I’m quite attracted to him too. Sorry if I’m being bold I’m just being honest with you.”

He became very quite. It became apparent that he might not want to talk about it. 

The room fell silent for what seemed like minutes.

Then Todd finally spoke. “My god Ann he’s almost the same age as our two daughters! How long have you known him? How many times have you masturbated thinking about this guy? Have you ever thought about Mark when I was fucking YOU? ”

There he said it, he actually said Mark’s name. An unusual feeling came over me as if I just confessed to my husband I was having an affair. But in reality I wasn’t.

It was then I became honest in my answers and let him know everything I was thinking and how I felt about pursuing this with Mark

“Yes I did but I never intended to hurt you.” I slowly told him.

Todd looked quizzical but then asked, “Did you masturbate today thinking of Mark?”

“No not today,” quietly blushing with a wry smile.

“Well would you be in a playful mood and masturbate for your loving husband while he watched?” Todd asked.

I felt kinky but couldn’t have jumped up any quicker. “Of course baby, my pleasure.” Smiling I took his hand and walked to the bedroom.

I slowly undressed stripping down to just my panties then seductively turned and looked in his direction. As I sat on the bed Todd slowly slipped them down my legs, inhaling there aroma. He then placed them around his erection before sitting down on a nearby chair to watch me. Masturbating with my vibrator I called out Mark’s name pretending he was inside me. Within moments I exploded while Todd masturbated with my panties wrapped around his cock happily witnessing my orgasm. I have to confess my husband’s sex drive isn’t as active as it once was but that day he came hard. Don’t get me wrong Todd has a very nice size cock but just hasn’t the stamina or drive he once possessed. Still I love watching him masturbate as much as he loves watching me. It’s weird but at the same time erotic as hell.

Afterwards he held me close and we kissed. Todd told me to go ahead with my plan and see how things work out. I smiled and could feel a glow surround me.

The next day I could not have gotten to the gym quick enough. I made sure I was there at or around the time I knew Mark would be. When I saw him I immediately felt moistness in my panties. I openly flirted with Mark. I never got in much of a workout but my flirtatious nature must have worked, Mark looked interested. We talked a lot and just as I was going to ask him if he wanted to go for coffee or breakfast he asked me.

“Would you be interested in meeting for lunch or breakfast later this week?” Mark said.

I almost died right on the spot and not wanting to look too eager I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Yes we could but you do know I’m married.”

He smiled and nodded saying he knew the first moment we talked. Oh my god did I look that married? Easy girl I said to myself, don’t make it appear you’re too interested. After chatting for a few more moments I slipped him my phone number. Smiling I walked out of the club a happy girl.

On my way home I decided to shop for something intimate that night to wear for Todd. I don’t know if it was guilt or just wanting to have great sex with my hubby. I’ve always been a sucker for frilly and sheer under clothes and knew just the store. It sold mostly vintage lingerie which I love to wear. You know the kind women wore in the 1950’s not skimpy but very feminine fuller cut ruffled panties, lace garter belts and corsets, silk stockings and such. I bought what I knew Todd would like.

Later that afternoon I got ready and waited for him to come home. When he arrived I called him into the bedroom. I was spread across our bed dressed in only a French lace garter belt, stockings, heels, no panties with my naked, pink nipples staring directly at him. Todd just stood there smiling and staring amorously at my near nakedness. I could tell he certainly liked the view. I then began to ask him questions about Mark.

Putting one hand on my hip posing I began to speak, “So Todd do you think Mark would like this on me? Would you want me to wear this for Mark? Think Mark would like to undress this from me?”

All of the questions getting more and more involved with things only with Mark.

“Yes, baby yes!” was his reply as his dress pants started to tent.

“Oh my sweetie you do love getting off when you think of me in the arms of another man.” I quipped looking down at his half hard shaft.

Getting more to the point I continued to probe more into Todd’s psyche. 

“Do you want me to fuck Mark wearing this? Do you want him to bend me over and fuck my ass in this?” I exclaimed.

“Answer me,” I insisted.

“Yes Ann I want Mark to do all those things to you and I want to watch!” he said.

At this point Todd was getting so hard I told him he’d better undress before he cock would burst through his pants. I walked over to the nightstand took out my dildo and gently placing it down by my clit. I then moved it ever so slowly with an up and down motion getting my pussy nice and moist. By now Todd’s pants were down around his ankles, he was rock hard and began to jack off.

“So baby, do you want Mark to fuck me like this?” inserting my dildo into my now soaking wet pussy screaming out Mark’s name in the process. 

Todd now shouted, “Oh, god YES, YES cum HARD for me! FUCK Mark’s big cock, NOW, I love watching you FUCK MARK!” 

My breathing became so hard I thought I’d hyperventilate. Within moments both of us came hard. Fantasizing of being with Mark and having my husband watch made it all the more exciting. I knew this turned him on totally. As I lay motionless on our bed I looked over at my now spent husband exhausted with one leg draped over the bed, his cock dripping with cum. I softly giggled and said to myself. “Oh he’s ready.”

“I guess you really do, don’t you, you really want me to fuck Mark.” I insisted.

I seductively whispered to my loving husband how I wanted to fuck Mark, how I was going to suck his cock and if Mark wanted he was going to fuck my ass. Todd kept saying yes to all those things and became insistent about it. So was I.

The next day Mark called and we set-up a luncheon date for the following day. I felt like a little school girl, I guess you could say I was excited. We met and Mark looked great. He had on a blue suit with a silk tie; he looked older than his years. His maturity amazed me. I wore a short little sundress with sandaled heels showing off my tanned legs and wore my hair up. Mark told me how attractive I looked. He confessed when we first met that he hoped I would be available but when he glanced at my hand and saw my wedding ring he backed off. He questioned me on my intentions and how happily married I was. I confessed that I had been attracted to him since the day we met. I was honest and told him I loved my husband totally and respected my marriage vows but after twenty-five years we needed to spice it up a little.

“If you don’t want this I fully understand your reasoning. We’re not a kinky couple and I haven't ever done anything like this before.” I said.

“Well I’m flattered you chose me it could be somewhat interesting and how could I turn down that body!” Mark said looking me up and down with his gorgeous blue eyes.

“Now you’re embarrassing me but don’t stop on my account.” I blushed with excitement.

I was certainly glad I had panties on underneath my sundress because my pussy was soaked. After lunch we talked and laughed, you would never believe I was twice his age. I wanted him. We made a date for that Saturday night. Mark would come over about seven for drinks and the plan was to play it by ear, no promises. He then leaned over to me and we kissed for the first time. It was nice, it was better than nice. I felt all tingly.

The next forty-eight hours seemed to drag on. Todd got home from work that Friday and was in a very somber mood. I sensed he was nervous about what was to take place the following evening so I tried to make him feel special. Maybe he was getting cold feet; really I could not blame him, my thoughts were all over the place as well. We cuddled on the sofa and began necking like teenagers. As we walked to our bedroom I sensed the possibility that our lives might change.

Saturday afternoon rolled around I flitted about the house cleaning as Todd was out golfing. The phone rang and it was Mark, I held my breath thinking maybe he had cold feet. He wanted to confirm we were still on for seven o’clock; I breathed a sigh of relief and went upstairs to pick out my wardrobe for our rendezvous. I wanted my look to be sexy but not obvious. I definitely did not want Mark too eager or my husband too jealous. A light blue, chiffon dress with spaghetti straps looked appropriate. I felt with that outfit I could go without a bra and still wear stockings and a garter belt. I’d wear moderately high heels maybe 3 inches that matched my dress. I leisurely took a long hot bath, shaved my legs and decided to shave my pussy bare. I knew it would surprise Todd as he begged me to shave it all off many times. I never did for him but I wanted to for Mark. 

When Todd arrived home I greeted him at the door with a martini in just a sheer pair of white panties and heels. Looking down he noticed immediately my now shaved pussy showing through my panties. 

I winked and said, “No, no sweetie that’s not yours tonight, its Mark’s.”

He agreed and said, “Well dear it looks as though I better take a cold shower before your date arrives. I don’t want to get too aroused beforehand.”

At precisely seven the doorbell rang, I felt my stomach start to churn. I opened the door and there was Mark in slacks and a dress shirt, he looked gorgeous. I greeted him with a kiss on the cheek as he walked into the foyer. We stepped into the living room. Todd soon entered and introduced himself. It felt like a friend we had known for years had just come over not a potential lover. Still I had in the back of my mind this question, was I truly ready for this? The boys shook hands and I told them to sit while I made drinks. When I returned Todd had put on some mellow music and was sitting in the lounger while Mark was seated across from him on the sofa. I handed Mark his drink then walked over giving Todd his martini and sat down on the arm of his chair. 

After making small talk for about ten minutes I whispered to my loving husband two words, “It’s time,” kissing his forehead in the process.

I then got up from the chair and walked over to Mark putting my drink down on a nearby table. I sat next to Mark placing both arms around his neck we smiled at each other and began to kiss. Feeling a hand on my thigh I slid closer. Mark put one hand on my breast as I nuzzled his neck smelling his cologne. As I got up to sit on his lap I looked over at Todd as he sat expressionless realizing his wife was now in the arms of another man. As we kissed our tongues intertwined. For the next few minutes my husband intently watched us passionately make out.

Finally I broke off our kiss got up off the sofa and walked over to my husband. 

“This is what you really want isn’t it? Tell me you want this to happen.” I almost felt he was in my power at that moment.

Todd simply nodded.

I walked over to Mark lifting my long locks over my head with two hands. Turning I asked this question, “Help me with this zipper?” 

He quickly obliged slowly unzipping me. As my dress dropped in a puddle to the floor I kicked it away from me and turned. I was now revealing my shaved pussy to someone other than the man I married 25 years ago barely hiding it under a garter belt which tightly held up my stockings. My pussy along with my bare tits felt the open, cool air. I heard a muffled groan in the direction of my husband. I didn’t look over as my eyes became fixated on my new lover. Mark stood up, loosened his pants and removed his shirt. I pulled down his pants and briefs quickly he was erect and it looked delicious. Still standing we kissed for few moments as his cock brushed back and forth gently touching my belly. I felt pre cum oozing out of its head. I told Mark to sit down as I knelt in front of him taking his manhood in my hand; my ass straight up in the air facing my husband across the room. I heard the sound of my husband’s zipper come undone and I knew he was preparing to jack off watching me suck another mans cock. I took Mark’s now hardened member licking it like a lollypop while playing with its head with my thumb. I continued to lick the underside of his shaft and gently massaged his scrotum. He was about the same size as Todd but thicker. I sucked on it and tongued him taking him totally into my mouth. If I learned anything in my years it was how to give a blow job. My husband loved it as much as I loved giving it and by the way Mark was moaning I knew he liked how it felt as well.

As I continued to suck on Mark I heard my husband shutter and then cum hard. He seemed to go on forever with his moans and groans. I wanted to take a quick peek but I was too involved with Mark’s lovely dick. My pussy dripped as I sucked Mark to orgasm. I drank all his milky fluid and kept sucking until all his protein was consumed. I looked up at him and we both smiled.

Right at that moment Todd was still cupping his flaccid cock which was gleaming in the light his right hand covered in cum. I took Mark’s hand and we stood up together and walked over to Todd. 

“Now I want you to give Mark and me some time alone?” I asked Todd. 

“If you insist, I suppose,” sighed my husband.

With that I took Mark’s hand and guided him upstairs leaving our bedroom door slightly open. As I lay down on my marriage bed with Mark he took me into his strong arms. We embraced as he kissed the nap of my neck sending shivers down my spine. He then kissed and sucked my nipples until I felt them painfully grow hard. I slowly spread my legs opening up my vagina to let his cock enter me. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel wonderful, my inner walls gripped his cock tight as my legs flew straight up. Our bodies linked now as one only parting briefly as his lower body rocked me back and forth. In and out his rock hard cock probed my inner pussy lining sending waves of electricity through me.

“Oh my god, I want more, Mark you feel incredible, HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER! ” I screamed while on the verge of an amazing orgasm. 

I felt naughty still in my stockings and garter belt fucking this man, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Totally I came another two times with my new lover’s young cock. We fucked for what seemed like hours, knowing there was a shadowy presence of my husband just outside the bedroom door diligently viewing his wife being taken by another man. I felt guilty of my lust for Mark but completely content sexually as a woman.

Mark finally left around five that morning. I awoke later when a gentle kiss found my forehead, it was my loving husband. Nothing was said his eyes told it all. Todd told me how emotional and erotic it was watching me in the arms of another man. I could tell he was jealous but his love for me was genuine.

“My cock sprung to attention seeing your hot ass up in the air when you were downstairs stroking him for the first time. Then when you put him in your mouth I wanted to erupt,” he confessed. 

“I know dear and you did, I heard you,” I chuckled. The rest of the day was just a blur. Mark was on my mind all afternoon and into that evening.

The following week I arranged a meeting with Mark at his place. Sex with him is unbelievable, maybe because it’s new and exciting, but it’s absolutely amazing. The second time was much better, I was more relaxed and at ease and we were alone. Mark made me feel that way. If I would have known it would be like this I never would have waited so long. When I returned home that night I could see Todd was a mess emotionally but very turned on by all this. Sex with him became much more intense in the following weeks. 

As for Mark we were meeting at least once a week, sometimes for sex and other times just to talk or have lunch. He became a friend as well as a great lover. I have caught myself many times with a smile from ear to ear. He knows all the right things to say, I can’t believe it was only a month ago that I dreamed of moments like this.

With my birthday only a few days away my youngest daughter Beth surprised us staying for a few days. Beth is an avid health nut like me and wanted to go work out. I cringed but decided it would be okay to go to the gym, Mark usually is at the gym early and it was now after ten that morning. I finally relaxed after 30 minutes. We were both on the stair master when Mark unexpectedly walked through and glanced over in our direction.

“Hi Ann, how are you today,” he said with a quick smile and then left the premises.

I should note that when Mark and I are working out we have both agreed it would be better to just say hi and keep pretty much separate so it wouldn’t draw attention. I could feel myself blush a deep red but looked straight ahead and kept my work-out pace. 

On the way home Beth asked me about him.

“Who was the cute guy that said hi to you earlier?” Beth questioned.

“Just a guy I see working out occasionally, everyone is very nice and friendly here.” I said.

“Yes, I can see that. Do you know if he has a girlfriend? Is he single and available? Love to meet him sometime what a hunk!” she said.

“Well dear I don’t really know anything about him other than he’s a member here,” quickly trying to change the subject. Luckily we were home by then so I quickly jumped out of the car. Talk about your awkward situations, if she only knew! 

My birthday was that Saturday and I looked forward to what surprise my husband had in store. He always seems do the unexpected and this year was no different. I shopped that week and bought this very sexy, strapless black dress, I love bare shoulders. I choose my sexiest underwear a quarter cup bra matched with a sheer garter belt and pantie. Off black stockings with black, strappy sandals completely the outfit. I love dressing pretty my husband is definitely worth it and he loves men looking at me as well.

That night Todd treated me to a wonderful dinner and a play. Then we checked into an elegant hotel down by the beach with champagne chilling in the room. Privately up in the room I slowly gave my hubby his own private strip show keeping on just my high heels as I danced around the room. We sipped champagne and kissed. Todd was rock hard so I wrapped my mouth around his cock giving him my best blow job and he returned the favor by eating me out. He has an amazing tongue and my pussy loved the attention. Since I’ve been shaven it has become much more sensitive too. During sex with Todd he talked about Mark. I was a little surprised but in truth didn’t mind. Mark was in my thoughts as well.

“So baby, you like your new boy toy? I bet you could fuck Mark this instant if he was here.” he said.

“Yes I could but you’re here now and he’s not.” was all I could muster as my loving husband climbed on top of me and continued to fuck my brains out. 

He continued to talk about Mark telling me what I would like for him to do to me. It was kinky but I saw how it turned Todd on. I’ve never seen him like that but it was sensual and somewhat naughty and it aroused me.

“I want him to put his cock in your mouth while I watch. I want you to masturbate for him like you do for me. I want him to suck on your clit and fuck your ass!” It was something I’d never seen in my husband; a total animal fervor. 

With that he pulled me down on the bed and fucked me again and came very hard. After kissing and cuddling for awhile Todd got up and said he needed to get more ice for the champagne bucket. He put on his robe and walked down the hall to the ice machine. After a few minutes I heard a knock on the door thinking Todd had forgotten his key. Figuring it was Todd I went to the door naked, opened it and there stood Mark. He handed me a card and one red rose. I was shocked and truly didn’t know what to say.

“Open the card and read what it says,” Mark said.

I quickly ripped open the card and it was from my husband.

It read:

To my loving wife Ann,

I love you more today than when we first met. I can’t begin to tell you how empty my life would be without you. You’ve given me your unconditional love every day of our marriage. You complete me. Please accept Mark as your birthday gift from me by spending the rest of the night in his arms.

I’ve purchased the adjoining room and will keep the door unlocked but closed, open it when you are ready. Have a wonderful birthday.

Always your husband,


I looked over at Mark and smiled. I felt on fire. I was now convinced my husband really wanted to share me with another man! 

Seeing me naked with only heels Mark quickly had ‘risen’ to the occasion. He quickly undressed and we got into bed. His big cock entered me and for the third time that night I got fucked hard. Oh my god was I enjoying this birthday! 

After a short pause in our lovemaking we were ready to go at it again. That’s when I opened the door to the other room. I assumed Todd would come in and watch us from the door and I was right. I have to say I did what I could to make it all Todd wanted or at least what I thought he would want. I lay spread eagle and opened my pussy for Mark as I sensed Todd’s presence. As he entered my cunt I looked over to see Todd jacking off. That night I let Mark submit me to anal sex for the first time. My virgin ass propped, positioned and spread wide. Mark never mentioned anything about wanting to fuck me in the ass but I figured if I told him there would be no objection on his part. I made sure Todd was there watching and hearing everything. Mark bent me over the bed and it was an awesome experience, Todd got into the act when I motioned for him to come over. I grabbed his cock and sucked on it until I tasted his hot cum squirt in my mouth.

All told that night I fucked my husband twice then Mark came in and fucked me in the missionary position and then doggie style while Todd watched. Next Mark bent me over the bed and fucked me in the ass while I was giving hubby a blow job. Todd pulls me down on the bed and fucks me again this time while Mark watched. I was very vocal all night long and both men loved me screaming out there names. I think everyone on our floor heard me.

Todd awoke the next morning to my screaming as Mark and I fucked one final time. After listening to Mark and I fuck again Todd waited for Mark to leave. He said he became so hard he wanted to jack off listening to Mark fuck me but wanting to fuck me more, he patiently waited in the other room.

“Now I want to eat you out,” Todd aggressively ordered me.

“Oh god baby, take me, anything for you! Eat your wife’s pussy, NOW.” I moaned.

With that Todd went down on me and for the first time he ate Mark’s cum out of my filled vagina. He was like an animal licking me until every drop was consumed and I was empty.

“Now fuck me!” I said. We fucked for what seemed like forever. I haven’t felt lovemaking like this with Todd for years. I was sore but a happy woman.

We got home around one o’clock that Sunday and Todd nearly ripped off my clothes before we got in the door not even making it to the bedroom. We fucked on the living room rug. Later that afternoon I walked out to the kitchen wearing just a tiny pair of panties. I glanced at Todd’s sitting on a stool. I saw a growing hard on in his sweatpants so I obliged him one final blow job. 

“Oh baby I’m so exhausted. You men took everything I had! Thank you for a great birthday I’ll never forget what you did. I guess I’m now a hot, slut wife.” I quipped.

“Yes and you love it don’t you! You’ve got a sore mouth and pussy to prove it!” Todd said smiling.

To sum it up I’m as happy as can be, my husband is as wonderful as the day I married him and has regained his sexual prowess, I’m on cloud nine and my young lover is incredible. 

What more could a woman ever want!

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