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Encouraging My Innocent Wife to Cuckold Me

My innocent wife unknowingly reads my cuckold stories and fucks her Indian boss' black cock.
It is interesting how sometimes our hobbies and other personal pursuits that seem to have no tangible benefits, except for our own personal pleasure, can turn into an amazing opportunity. This was the case for me when my secretive hobby of writing pornographic stories resulted in my wife and me enjoying a full and erotic cuckold life style.

I am a mid-level manager in a small manufacturing company in the Birmingham, Alabama area, and I travel out of town overnight an average of four times a month. I enjoy getting away from the repetition of the factory, and these trips give me a chance to adjust my perspective on things. The only problem is that my wife Brit and I are accustomed to having sex every day, even though we have two children and were thirty-two years old at the beginning of this story. My dick is small at four inches long when hard, but I was the first and only man to fuck her so she didn’t know the difference. I am always very lonely in the hotel rooms, and usually watch the soft-porn channels to masturbate and then go to sleep.

On one trip I was in an Atlanta hotel for a two night stay, and when putting my clothes in the drawer I came across a tattered copy of an old Penthouse Letters paperback. It is basically a republication of dozens of stories that had been in the Penthouse Letters magazine, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to read it. Many of the stories were about cuckold couples, and although I had heard the term cuckold, I never really knew what it meant. I learned that the simple definition is that a cuckold is a man with an unfaithful wife, but the stories expanded the definition to men who actively participated in their wives fucking other men, cleaning the cum from their wives’ pussies, and becoming submissive to the wives and their lovers.

I stayed up most of the night reading half of that book, and then read the other half the next night. I masturbated two times each night just from reading those stories. For the first time in my life the idea of other men fucking Brit was becoming very arousing to me, but I knew that it would never happen. She was a virgin when we married, and despite the active sex life we have, she didn’t allow oral sex or even use profanity or talk about sexual situations, much less entertain any conversation about fucking other men.

When I got home I searched on the internet for porn story sites that included the cuckold genre. I found a few sites that were pretty good, and learned that the quality and eroticism of the stories depended on finding the best authors. I settled on some favorites that I went back to read time after time, but many of the other stories were disappointing to me. I was looking for enticing, realistic story lines that allowed me to explore my fantasies about other men fucking Brit. Many of them just rushed to very boring and sterile fuck scenes that left me wanting more. I wanted to be able to feel, taste and smell the action through the author’s words.

After several months reading those stories, it dawned on me to try writing some myself. Most of the story sites encouraged amateur authors like me to write, so I thought that I should give it a try. I wanted to write about my favorite fantasies as a way to excite myself sexually, and I used a ghost name as the author. I got some opportunities to write at home and when I was out of town, and I even tried writing in my office at lunch and after work. The first couple of stories I wrote were very mechanical and forced, and I received a lot of critical and valuable feedback from other site members. The main thing I learned was that I needed to provide abundant descriptive detail so that my desires, passions, and even perversions, would come through to the readers. They said this would give the readers an emotional attachment to the characters and allow them to experience the evolving action as if they were one of the characters.

I kept writing and posting stories and discovered how hard it was to write in a way that others would find readable and stimulating. I was primarily writing to explore my own passions and fantasies, but it is a big thrill when readers give me good feedback on my work. It usually takes me a full day to get my story lines down, and another day to edit the text to make it more sensual. I like to allow the reader to feel the emotional tension as the characters explore their feelings and learn that they have desires for sex with other lovers. The sex scenes can get a little redundant and stale, so I like to focus on the emotional journey of the characters, and then make the sex scenes raunchy if the story allows it. The software helps a lot with the spelling, but good word flow and connective material also helps to keep the reader’s interest and excite them. One key is to put the story away for a day and then read it a couple of more times with a clear head, to identify and correct any errors or flow problems.

By the time I was thirty-five years old, I had published dozens of stories on various sites, and was getting reasonably good feedback. About half of them were cuckold stories, but I also wrote many about bisexual cock sucking, and only recently started writing about incest. The incest stories were just for a change of pace, and the bisexual cock sucking stories were kind of an off shoot of cuckoldry in my mind. I usually had the cuckold husband character (who I fantasized as being me), sucking the cocks of his wives’ lovers. My cock is four and a half inches long and thin, and most of the lovers I write about have much bigger cocks.

Brit and I are still having frequent and enjoyable sex, and I sometimes feel like a real asshole and pervert to be getting additional sexual enjoyment from writing my stories. I judge my own stories by how easily they make me cum, and I almost always masturbate when writing them. I was feeling pretty good about my writing, and then something happened that made me feel even more confident that my stories are erotic and tantalizing, at least to some readers.

One Friday evening Brit had gotten home a little later than usual from work, and I was also late. Truth be told, I was finishing up a story at the office, and lost track of the time. The kids were busy with homework and watching television, so I went upstairs to find Brit. Our bedroom has a little alcove with a desk that Brit uses as her office at home, and I noticed that the screen on her personal computer was black. I walked over that way since my dresser is on that side of the room, and I accidently bumped into the desk, which jarred the mouse and woke up the PC. I glanced quickly at her screen and was stunned by what I saw. She was on one of the story sites where I publish my stories, and she was reading one of my recent posts. It was a story about a wife who is fucked by her husband’s black boss, which is a popular theme in cuckold literature.

I wanted to move away so she wouldn’t know that I saw what she was reading, but then she came out of the bathroom and startled both of us. She realized that I was looking at her screen and she asked, “What are you doing over there looking at my computer? Oh shit Ed, I never meant for you to see me looking at that filth. I’m so sorry honey, and I can explain.”

Brit was creating all of the drama on her own, because I certainly wasn’t upset about this. But at the same time she would get suspicious if I was too nonchalant about it. I quickly thought of a way to deflect her anger and worry and said, “I accidently bumped the desk and the screen lit up, and it just happened before you walked in. What is it that you’re looking at that has you so upset baby?”

She ran over and turned off her computer and was sobbing and her tears were flowing. Then she said, “I guess I’ll have to show you in a minute, but first let me explain. I had to work a little late at the office this evening, and after I packed up to leave, I stopped by Linda’s desk to say goodnight. Forgive me for saying this, but she was sitting at her desk with her hand up her skirt, and it looked like she was masturbating. I startled her and she apologized and explained that she was reading some cuckold stories on one of the porn sites she visits, and they really aroused her.”

Brit paused to catch her breath and wipe away some tears, and continued, “I had never heard about the cuckold thing before, so I sat down next to her and read a little of the story, after she removed her hand from her skirt of course. Please forgive me Ed, but the little that I read was kind of arousing to me, and I made a mental note of the website and story name so I could read it at home. I didn’t want Linda to know that I was reading that stuff or that I had any interest in it. So I just got a little way through the story when I had to go to the bathroom. When I came out, I found you standing here, and that’s the whole story. I’m really sorry honey.”

I could see great potential in exploiting this situation to introduce the full, erotic concept of cuckoldry to Brit, and even make her aware of my interest in it. I hugged her tightly to calm her down and said, “Don’t be upset honey, it’s not the end of the world. You’re a grown woman and you don’t have to be ashamed about reading that stuff. And now I’m a little curious about it too, so maybe we can sit here and read the story together if it’s that arousing. It might even be a great prelude to our sex tonight.”

She seemed a little relieved, but still apprehensive at my offer. Brit was already in her underwear so I took off my shirt and pants and pulled up another chair at her computer. I wanted to be in my underwear too so she would be able to see my arousal at various points in the story, and get the idea that it was alright for us to get excited this way. We started from the beginning of the story, and since I was intimately familiar with it, I was able to observe Brit in my peripheral vision to see which parts excited her.

The first place she squirmed in her chair was during the scene where the boss and other black men were dancing with the wife and rubbing her ass and tits as they kissed her. I waited until she glanced my way and openly rubbed my hardening cock in my underwear. From that point on Brit’s senses remained heightened, and when we got to the first sex scene, describing the boss fucking the wife and stretching her white pussy with his huge, black cock, Brit started rubbing her pussy. She usually never did that in front of me, so I knew that she was getting aroused. She looked over at me again, and I had my hand in my underwear, slowly stroking my dick, with a wet spot of precum on my underwear.

We continued reading to my favorite part of the story where the husband was told to suck the boss’ big load of thick cum out of his wife’s pussy. At that point Brit was openly fingering her own pussy, and when she glanced at me I had pulled my underwear down and was actively jacking off. When she saw me like that I heard her mutter under her breath, “Oh shit”, as she had an orgasm. I was close to ejaculating, but held off so I’d be able to fuck her in bed after finishing the story. The last scene that we read in the story that night was when the husband then sucked the boss’ big, black cock clean of his cum and the wife’s juices. I moaned out loud when the husband took the boss ’thick cock into his mouth, and then said, “Damn Brit, let’s go to bed right now.”

It only took us a minute to lock the door, strip off our underwear, and get into bed. I shoved my rock-hard cock into Brit’s very wet pussy, and she wrapped her legs around my thighs and flexed her legs to pull me rhythmically into her cunt as I fucked her. Brit was moaning and thrashing with a passion that I had never seen before, and it only took me a couple of minutes to lose control and shoot a huge load of cum into her pussy, just as she was also having an orgasm. Brit had never before allowed oral sex of any kind, but I knew that this was a perfect time and situation to initiate it with her. So after she released her legs from around my thighs, I quickly moved down and covered her cum-soaked, hairy labia with my mouth before she could stop me.

This was my first time sucking her pussy, and it was oozing my big cum load. I had written about sucking pussy like this dozens of times, but the smell, taste and texture of her wet pussy was better than I ever imagined. I was hungrily sucking and tonguing her labia and she reached down with her hands to give me token resistance, and then she moved her hands behind my head and pulled my mouth tighter against her cunt. Just then she moaned out loud as she was having another orgasm and her juices and my own cum flooded my mouth. She breathlessly said, “Oh fuck Ed, keep sucking my pussy baby. That feels so wonderful. I can’t believe that we have never done this before, and you are really eating your own cum.”

We were then hugging and cuddling on the bed in the after-glow of our orgasms. She was leaning partially on my chest as I rubbed her big tits and she was casually stroking my soft and still-wet cock. She had never previously been willing to touch me that way until I had cleaned up. We were kissing passionately and I could tell that Brit was still aroused. We broke the kiss for a minute and she said, “I would never have imagined how stimulating it could be to read stories like that, and I know that both of us got carried away. You have an aftertaste of my juices and your semen in your mouth, and I don’t even mind kissing you. And I saw you get very excited when the story described the husband sucking the boss’ cum from the wife’s pussy, and again when he sucked that big clock clean. I had no idea that you would get aroused imagining something like that.”

I was so happy for the change in attitude regarding sex that Brit was experiencing, and I wanted to make comments that would encourage her more liberal way of thinking. So I said, “I don’t know what got into me honey, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed that story. And I especially enjoyed sucking you after we fucked. And quite frankly, I can’t wait to do it again and again. And what about you honey? You started rubbing and fingering your pussy when the woman was being fucked by the boss’ huge, black cock, and then again when the husband cleaned her cum-filled pussy with his mouth. It might be hard for you to believe, but when I was sucking your pussy, I almost felt like I was that husband in the story.”

Then Brit said, “It’s surprising to me that you would get turned on by such disgusting things, but I guess I’m not much better. I got so immersed in the wife’s character in the story that it felt like all of those things were happening to me. I’m sorry baby, but it felt like that big, black cock was fucking my pussy.”

We had sex again that night and then agreed to continue reading the stories together each night before bed. Over the next several weeks we read many of my stories, but I also selected stories from other authors that I knew were equally or even more titillating. Our sex was getting better and better. In addition to demanding that I always suck her pussy clean, she also started sucking my cock, even after we fucked when it was wet with our fluids. But no matter how good the other author’s stories were, Brit always requested my stories, having no idea that I had written them. It finally occurred to me that she felt some familiarity with my stories that made it easier for her to fantasize about herself as the wife characters.

I always tried to be careful to make my stories completely anonymous by changing dates, locations, names and character descriptions so no one would be able to identify me or the other characters. But I guess it was impossible to avoid having some of my life’s experiences filtering into the stories. For example, many of my stories involving bosses fucking cuckold’s wives were somewhat loosely based on situations that Brit and I knew about from places we had worked. We knew of several bosses who were total assholes who cheated on their wives with married women in their offices. We were also in a church where the pastor was caught fucking several of the parishioner’s wives. Other familiar examples were cabins in the woods or other situations like friends and neighbors that I changed the details on, but who were still familiar because of the overall themes.

Another aspect of my stories that was familiar to her were my descriptions of my wife characters. I tried to vary the hair and eye color and other bodily features in my stories, but if you read enough of them, all of Brit’s features were mentioned at one time or another. She is 5’5” tall and weighs 120 pounds, and has round and firm DD-cup breasts that look amazing on her trim body. Her shoulder-length, dishwater-blonde hair is silky with a stylish cut, and perfectly complements her brilliant blue eyes. Her ass is also heart shaped and firm, and looks fabulous in skirts, dresses, or pants. But the best thing about Brit is her pleasing and caring personality that all of our family and friends adore.

Brit was taking some of the familiar themes to heart and visualizing herself as the cuckold’s wife in those stories. Then one night after we finished fucking she said, “Ed, I’d like to discuss something with you, and please don’t be upset. You know that some of the stories have themes where the couples fantasize during sex, and the husband plays the role of a well-hung friend or boss, and the wife imagines that she is fucking that other man. I’d like for us to do that if you don’t mind.”

I had been waiting for and was elated with her request, and before answering I thought about how I could show a little resistance, and also plant the seed for a future cuckold encounter. So I said, “Are you sure about this honey. I would enjoy playing a role like that with you, and it would be a lot of fun. But it could lead to us wanting more, just like in the stories. Are you willing to take that risk? Do you already have someone in mind?”

She replied, “Don’t be silly Ed. We will be able to control our emotions and just enjoy the sex with each other. We can pick men that we both know to make it more exciting, and you should know that I have no intentions of really fucking other men.”

We incorporated fantasizing into our love making, and had some fantastic fuck sessions, always starting with reading a cuckold story together. We selected many different men that we both knew, including my good friends, husbands of her friends, some of our coworkers, and even married men from our church. Brit really got into it and soon began calling their names when she was having her orgasms and talking more raunchy and explicit than I ever thought she would. After experiencing these very erotic fantasy sessions for several months, Brit started limiting the list of men we imagined fucking her to a couple of my friends, a really handsome older man from church, and her new boss from work. This was a sign to me that she was much more involved in her character in the role play, and was restricting her fantasies to men she could really visualize herself fucking. She also admitted to me that she was reading some of the stories at work during her lunch time, and masturbating.

I knew that Brit’s fantasies were starting to overcome her when she first added her new, married, Indian-American boss Naresh to the list. She added him in only the last two weeks because of rumors she heard about him at work. Naresh is a handsome, forty-five year old man with a dark complexion, and is of average height and weight. Her coworker Linda told her that she heard he made sexual advances to several of the other married women in the office, and has actually fucked two of them. She even heard that he has a very large, black cock that those women loved. I have done research on the Indian culture for stories in the past, and know that some Indian men have a reputation for being assertive with other men’s wives. They especially liked to assert their authority, dominance, and control over employees, and make both the wives and their husbands submissive to them.

After another month of our role play during sex, Brit was almost exclusively using Naresh as my fantasy replacement. She was apparently enthralled by the novelty of having an interracial encounter with a dark-skinned, Indian man, and from what she heard about his big, black cock. I was even more curious because she came home a little late several nights each week. One night when we were cuddling after fucking, I asked her, “Brit, it’s become apparent to me that you have been focusing our fantasies on Naresh, almost to the point of an obsession. Is there something going on that you want to tell me about?”

She seemed to be fearful to tell me about it but finally said, “I’m so sorry that I haven’t told you about this before Ed, but I was afraid you would overreact. Naresh has given me assignments that caused me to work late and alone with him for the last couple of weeks, and he has been touching me and trying to get me to have sex with him. He keeps complimenting me on my beautiful hair and eyes, and I know that he favors blonde-haired and blue-eyed women. He also talks to me about how fantastic my big tits are, and he has come up behind me on several occasions and rubbed the sides of my breasts before I could resist.”

I was so excited inside hearing about Naresh’s advances, and I tried to console her saying, “Well Brit, that doesn’t sound all that bad, especially since you are able to resist him. But is there more you’re not telling me?”

Then Brit continued, “There is definitely more, and this is the worst part. He has most recently been telling me about how big his cock is and how so many white women just loved to suck it and be fucked by him. He said that they just loved the contrast in skin color as his thick cock slides into them. He even described his cock and balls in detail to me and offered to let me look at and hold it. I of course refused, but then he surprised me. I was at my desk concentrating on my work and I felt his hand on the side of my right breast. I turned to tell him to leave me alone, and found him standing there with his pants and underwear around his ankles. I don’t know how he was able to sneak up on me so quietly.”

This was the moment I had been hoping for and I said, “Damn Brit, that sounds just like some of our fantasies. Here you are a married woman, and he was showing you his big cock. Tell me honey, what did you do?”

She said, “I didn’t like the idea that he was forcing himself on me that way, but on the other hand it was the realization of so many of the fantasies we have shared together. I stared at his cock and balls for the longest time, and couldn’t believe how big he is. He was still soft and his black, uncircumcised cock was hanging down about eight inches, with a thick foreskin that was dripping with precum. His balls are the size of plums and hang down as far as his cock does in his hairy, black scrotum. As I looked at his genitals, I thought about how excited you get during the parts in the stories where the cuckold husbands suck the lover’s cocks.”

My dick was now hard and also leaking precum and I said, “I admit that those types of stories excite me, but please tell me what you did.”

Brit continued, “After staring at him for at least a minute, I looked up and saw Haresh smiling down at me. He lifted his cock to my mouth with one hand as he placed the other one behind my head, and pulled my open mouth onto his cock. I’m sorry honey, but I just couldn’t resist his strength and assertiveness, and I have to admit that I really did want to suck him. His cock hardened almost immediately, and I was soon sucking on his fully-hard 10 inch cock that was very thick. His foreskin and huge cock head felt so good in my mouth, and his precum tasted a little tangier than yours. As he held me and started fucking my mouth, his big, hairy balls were swinging freely and slapping up against my chin and throat.. He must have been very turned on from pursuing me, because in just another minute his big cock started throbbing and spraying his thick cum into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but some of his slime still leaked out of my mouth.”

I was so excited and said, “Holy fuck Brit, you actually sucked his big cock and swallowed his cum. Shit baby, I’m so happy that you got to have that experience.”

Brit continued, “After I swallowed his cum, I continued sucking his cock as he softened, and then he lifted his balls to my mouth to suck. You and I have never done that, and I just loved the taste and feel of his huge balls and scrotum in my mouth. It was so erotic feeling his testicles moving in my mouth. Naresh was in complete control and I loved feeling his strength and boldness. Before he walked away he told me how much he enjoyed having white sluts like me sucking his big cock, and he was looking forward to fucking me. He even said that he wanted to show you how a big-cocked man could satisfy his wife. I have sucked him several more times since then, and I can’t seem to get enough of his thick cum. Fuck Ed, now that I know what a cock that big looks, feels and tastes like, and not just from those stories, I have to feel it in my pussy. I’m sorry honey. I know you warned me that this could happen, but I just have to feel his big cock inside of me.”

Then I reminded Brit of one of the scenarios in the stories saying, “Damn baby, if you have your mind set on fucking Naresh, maybe we can discuss some ideas on how to do it from the stories we’ve read. You could possibly invite him to dinner at our home on an evening when our kids are over at friend’s homes. He could come over early so his wife doesn’t have to be involved or get suspicious. Then we can let things take their natural course. I’m sure that Naresh will accept the invitation, and we’ll soon have that big cock in your pussy, and maybe even my mouth, soon enough.”

Brit talked to Naresh the next day at work, and invited him over to dinner on Friday, when the kids were sleeping over at friend’s homes. She didn’t tell him about our intentions or that I was aware that she had already sucked his cock. We wanted to see how the evening would evolve, and we didn’t have any plans for how we would let him know that it was okay to fuck her. Naresh accepted the invitation, and we started making plans for the evening.

Brit took off work early on Thursday so she could prepare dinner, and I got home at 6:30 pm, about 15 minutes before Naresh was scheduled to arrive. He arrived right on time and brought a bottle of vintage red wine, which perfectly complemented the prime rib that Brit prepared for us. He was a perfect gentleman at dinner, and I didn’t see any of the aggressive behavior that Brit said characterized him at the office. We finished the bottle of wine by the time Brit served dessert, and then we left all of the dishes on the table and went to the living room with our mixed drinks.

We were all relaxed and continuing to talk about our kids, the office and other things, when Naresh moved things along saying, “Ed, you are a very lucky man to have such a beautiful and talented wife as Brit. She is very valuable to me in the office, and I want to discuss something important with both of you. I know that employee loyalty is a cherished trait in companies in the United States, and it is even more important in the culture from my native India. In fact, many of the male bosses there are very generous with some of the more lovely ladies. They expect these women to be loyal and then go one step further for extra compensation, and show the boss their appreciation for their jobs in very intimate ways.”

I knew that Naresh was full of shit about that aspect of Indian culture, but didn’t see any benefit to challenging him on his efforts to fuck Brit. Our goals were the same, but I didn’t want to yield to his desires to easily. So I delayed his comments briefly to ask, “I’m a little confused Naresh. I don’t know what you mean about showing appreciation in intimate ways, and as far as I know Brit hasn’t had a raise or bonus in two years. So what is this extra compensation you are talking about?”

Naresh smiled and continued, “I have been waiting for a personal meeting like this with both of you to tell you that I am prepared to offer Brit a cash bonus of $10,000 a year from a secret fund that I control, if both of you agree with my proposal. Everyone would know if she got such a big raise, and it will cause less turmoil in the office if this is paid in cash and not as a part of her normal compensation. And the part about intimacy should not be a big shock, at least not to Brit. My IT supervisor has informed me that Brit has been going to porn sites on her lunch break, and reading cuckold stories. This tells me that she has at least some interest in fucking other men. And Ed, Brit probably hasn’t told you this, but she has already sucked my cock and swallowed my cum in the office many times. My proposal includes you being a willing participant as her cuckold husband, and all that entails.”

I was jumping for joy inside, but still didn’t want to appear too eager, and was hoping to get at least $15,000 a year out of Naresh. I decided to be a little disagreeable with the proposal and also make Brit commit to this decision. I tried to act uninformed and irritated for effect, as I said, “Holy fuck Brit, you never told me that Naresh fucked your slut mouth in the office. And shit baby, what about those cuckold stories. I just barely know what a cuckold is and here you are reading those kinds of stories at work. I’m not sure that I know you anymore, and I definitely don’t know how you feel about his offer. I don’t even know what my role would be, but I’m not willing to let you whore yourself out to Naresh for less than $20,000 a year.”

I winked at Brit when Naresh looked away, so she would know that I was just negotiating with him. Then she stated sobbing and said, “I’m so sorry honey, but we were in the office that night and it just happened. Naresh had his cock out right next to me, and it is so big, thick and black. Your dick and balls aren’t nearly as big as his, and I just had to taste him. After I swallowed his cum he told me that he wanted to fuck me too, but I had no idea that he would approach us this way. I have learned a little about what your role in this would be from those stories, and I can understand why you think we need more money. But I do want to fuck him.”

Naresh was looking down at the floor for a few moments thinking, and then he looked up and said, “Brit, you are truly a beautiful and sexy woman, and I am willing to go as high as $15,000 a year to seal this agreement and to be able to fuck you whenever I desire. And Ed, I think you will enjoy being a cuckold husband to Brit. There must be something deficient in your sex lives that would cause Brit to be reading those stories and sucking my cock anyway. You might discover that you have submissive desires when it comes to big cocks like mine. I can’t afford any more than that for one white pussy, so you guys decide. And if you do agree, I expect Ed to do everything I ask, no matter how disgusting it might seem to you. I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy your role as a cuckold husband to Brit.”

Brit looked at me and smiled, and without saying a word stood up and took Naresh by the hand. She led him up the stairs to our bedroom as I followed behind. She then stripped off her blouse, skirt and underwear, as Naresh took off all of his clothes. Brit was certainly right about his huge cock, and I could hardly believe how long, thick and black it is. I have written about this many times, but none of my words to do it justice. My cock is circumcised and I had never seen a big, uncut one like his, and the foreskin is thick and was already dripping with precum.

Then Naresh said, “I’m so happy that you two have accepted my offer, and I want Ed to enjoy his first cuckold experience up close. So Ed, get on the bed under Brit in a 69 position, and I will fuck her tight pussy from behind. That way you’ll have your face right in the action and be able to see my thick, black cock stretching and sliding into your wife’s cunt. And you need to get undressed too so I can see what Brit has been fucking all these years. But Brit, I don’t want you sucking his cock because I want to kiss you later tonight, and won’t do it if you have sucked his cock.”

We got into position and I was looking back as Naresh rubbed and held Brit’s ass, and moved his cock towards her pussy. The wet foreskin was dripping precum on my face and he pressed his cock head between her labia, and his big, black scrotum pulled over my forehead and settled against my mouth. I instinctively began sucking his balls as he slowly pressed his thick cock into Brit. The contrast in skin color was so erotic, as his black cock disappeared into her creamy white labia. She was struggling to take his thickness but he kept pressing as inch after inch of his cock slid into her very wet pussy.

I was surprised that he was so gentle with her, and I soon could tell that he was pressing against her cervix and still had two more inches of cock to go. Then he said, “Just relax Brit, and I am going to keep pressing into you until you have taken all of my cock. Your cervix will shift upward with the pressure, and I’ll have the joy of having my entire cock in your little, white cunt.”

It was so enjoyable sucking Naresh’s balls as his cock slipped the rest of the way into her pussy, and then he started taking long, slow strokes. I licked his balls on each stroke, and even leaned up and licked the base of his cock as he paused at the bottom each time. I was feeling so submissive to Naresh and my wife, just like I had written about so many times. Brit started breathing hard and gasping, adding to my degradation as she said, “Oh fuck Naresh, I can feel your foreskin sliding in me and every vein on your cock. I never realized what I was missing with Ed’s little dick. Fuck me and make me your little whore, and then I can watch Ed suck your big cock.”

Naresh continued fucking my wife for another 10 minutes, and then I could see the base of his cock flexing and knew that he was ejaculating while pressed right up against her cervix. His cock kept throbbing for almost a minute, and I knew that he must be shooting a huge load of his Indian semen and seed into Brit. Then he said, “Fuck that was good. I always look forward to fucking a new white cunt of the first time, and Brit’s tight, little blonde pussy is still gripping my cock. Your pussy is worth the money, and this next part is arousing as well. Brit, when I pull out of you, I want you to sit up on Ed’s face and feed him my big load. I want for him to show his appreciation for the pleasure I gave you by swallowing my semen and sperm. Most of you white cuckold husbands just love the idea of tasting and swallowing my Indian seed.”

Naresh pulled his cock out and moved back a little to watch as Brit sat up and I covered her cum-filled pussy with my mouth. Their fluids were flowing into my mouth as I sucked on her swollen labia. The taste and consistency of his cum was everything I hoped for, and the nastiness of eating another man’s cum just added to my submissive feelings. After cleaning her pussy, she rolled off to the side and Naresh moved back up and pressed his cock to my lips. As I opened my mouth to suck his cock, he looked down at me and smiled as he said, “That’s it cock sucker. Clean my cock and suck it for me. This will show Brit how much little-dicked men like you enjoy worshiping a big cock.”

His thick cock head felt so good sliding into my mouth, and I pushed my tongue into thick foreskin that was still oozing with his their fuck juice. I caught glimpses of Brit smiling down at me as Naresh’s cock moved in my mouth, and knew that our relationship was forever changed. I knew, or at least hoped, that she still loved me, but it was clear that she would never look at me the same again. Even though she was eager to fuck his big cock, I am still her husband, and I willingly yielded her body to him.

We sat around and relaxed for a while after Brit’s first fucking, and Naresh had me between his legs sucking his balls, as Brit looked on. Then he fucked her again, and I cleaned his cum from her pussy and sucked his cock as I had done the first time.

This was the beginning of a long cuckold relationship with Naresh, and I willingly accepted my role as Brit’s cuckold husband. After a while she became obsessed with fucking more big cocks, and she started fucking some of my well-hung friends and other men that we knew from church. It was embarrassing the first time she fucked my friends, but then I got over the humiliation and just enjoyed their big cocks and cum. I am now experiencing many new situations that I can write about in my stories.

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