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Flip, Sip, or Strip

Jerk used a game to seduce my girlfriend
My first girlfriend, Stacy, had great tits. She always got a lot of attention from guys. She loved to mention that her friends asked if she let her boyfriend fuck them, and she would tell them with a big smile, "Of course!" I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed them while I was dating her.

Her friend Steve kind of annoyed me. It was clear he had a thing for her. He would be hanging all over her whenever he was around. I told her I didn't like it, but she said that he is just friendly that way. One time he invited her to a party.

Stacy asked, "Can I bring Garret along?" We had been dating for a year by then and were pretty inseparable.

Steve said, "Sure," with a warm smile I didn't completely trust. I wish we had never gone to that party.

There were lots of guys and girls at the party, mostly Steve's friends. I didn't know many people there. There was music playing and alcohol flowing freely. Eventually Stacy and I found ourselves in a room with two other girls, two other guys, and Steve. We all got wrangled into playing a drinking game. Steve had us sit boy-girl-boy-girl. I had Stacy on my right, but because the numbers weren't even, there was some dude on my left. Steve sat on the other side of Stacy, which I pretty much expected.

The game had all sorts of rules, which in my inebriated state I had a hard time following. It involved bouncing quarters into glasses. If you missed you had to take a drink. If you missed twice you had to take off an item of clothing. If you made it twice you could make someone else drink, and for three times make someone take off clothing. There were also times you had to kiss the person to your left or right. At some point you could make someone do a dare, but I'm not sure how that worked. I swear Steve was making up rules on the fly.

It wasn't long before he was making Stacy drink. She was doing pretty well at first, but Steve was focused on her like a laser. All three guys were getting kisses from all the girls, including Stacy but I didn't mind. It was just a game. Stacy was sitting on my lap, and always chose to kiss me, and I always chose to kiss her. The other girls didn't want to ask my girlfriend to move to give me a kiss, so they chose the other guys.

The first chance he got, Steve told Stacy to take her top off. This didn't surprise me in the least. I didn't mind my girlfriend sitting there in her pink lacy bra. I would kiss her breasts once in a while because they smelled really nice, and I'd see Steve watch me do it with longing in his eyes.

At some point, Steve sank three quarters and told Stacy to take her bra off. She shrugged and smiled and undid her bra, folded it up and handed it to me to hold. As she sat there, all the guy's eyes were ogling her bare breasts. The other girls were slowly being disrobed, but Stacy's tits were the best by far. The guys were losing their clothes too, and I caught Stacy looking at their junk with a little smile.

After Stacy's bra came off, I swear Steve lost on purpose so that he had to take off clothing. By the time his underwear came off, the two other girls and guys were nearly naked and had pretty much paired up, making out and not really paying attention to the game anymore. Even before Steve slid his undies down I could see he had a raging boner. It was long and thick and when Stacy got a look at it she subconsciously squeezed my knee. I was a little uncomfortable with how much she was staring at it.

Then came another round where the girls had to kiss a guy. The other two girls were already hooking up with the guys, and one couple even got up and went into another room for more privacy. Before Stacy could even decide who she wanted to kiss, Steve leapt forward and attacked her with his tongue. She was still in my lap, which made it quite awkward, and I had a close view of him groping my girlfriend's bare tits as he shoved his tongue down her throat. She gave in to the moment and threw her arms around him and they made out on top of me for longer than I was comfortable with.

When he pulled back, he said, "Okay my turn, I dare you to let me put my cock between your tits." I was pretty drunk at this point, but I'm pretty sure he never even tossed a quarter or anything related to the drinking game. I figured it didn't matter because I was expecting Stacy to say no.

It was a shock to me when she giggled and said, "Okay," a little too eagerly for my taste. Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, I realize this was the point I should have pulled Stacy aside and told her I wasn't comfortable with her doing something so sexual with him. But I was young and naive, and very drunk, and I was afraid of looking like a jealous boyfriend ruining a silly game.

Steve pulled her off my lap and had her kneel down in front of him. With a smile he looked at me and said, "Don't you just love this game!" and then proceeded to slide his large erect cock between my girlfriend's beautiful tits. She squeezed them together around his sausage and looked up at him with a big grin as he began to pump his hips and slide his meat up and down her deep cleavage. Seeing it between her tits, I had to admit that Steve's cock was significantly larger than mine. I was so mesmerized at the sight of this guy titty fucking my girlfriend that I didn't even realize the other couple had moved a little away from our circle and were writhing naked on a couch together.

I heard Steve say, "It's a bit sticky, we need more lubrication." then he picked up the bottle and poured alcohol over her breasts and licked her nipples before sliding his cock back in.

As he was titty fucking my girlfriend, Steve looks up at me and says, "Hey man, could you go get us some more rum? We are almost out. There should be more in the fridge." He pointed out the door. I just looked at him. When he saw me hesitating, he smiled and said, "Don't worry. Its your turn next," and pointed to one of the girls who had all but passed out on the couch. I'm not sure why, but I got up and headed into the kitchen to look for more rum, and of course there wasn't any more.

The house had mostly cleared out by this point and was nearly empty. Just a few people chatting quietly here and there, or finding some secluded place to hook up. I grabbed a few beers and made my way back to the room, but got a little lost because I was buzzing heavily. I managed to amble through a doorway and saw Steve sitting on the couch and Stacy kneeling down in front of him. Her head was bobbing up and down, and it took me a few seconds to realize her lips were around his cock, making quiet slurping sounds.

Steve had his hand on top of her head as he looked over at me with a huge smile on his face and said, "She lost another bet. Oh you brought beer! Toss me one." The way he was so casual and nonchalant made it seem as if there was nothing out of the ordinary going on. I walked over and handed him a beer and sat at the other end of the couch, watching my girlfriend suck this guy's dick like a whore trying to make rent. Steve opened up his beer and drank it down and then sighed deeply as he enjoyed the wealth of cock-sucking experience my girlfriend had gathered practicing on me for the last year.

This whole scene seemed so surreal and dreamlike. It didn't help that I was very drunk. I knew I should do something to stop what was going on, but my inebriated brain couldn't figure out what. As I was pondering what I should do, suddenly my bladder was screaming at me that it needed to be emptied. So I got up to look for the bathroom, figuring I'd put a stop to this stupid game when I got back.

I searched around for a while until I finally found it. When I turned on the bathroom light it hurt my eyes. I fumbled around in my drunken stupor trying to take off my pants, only to be greeted with a massive hard on. I didn't even realize I was hard until this moment. I couldn't pee with my penis erect, so I had to wait for it to ease down enough so that I could point it at the toilet. This took a bit of time, because it didn't want to go down, and even longer for my bladder to empty, what seemed like an eternity in my alcoholic haze. By the time I flushed the toilet, I had nearly forgotten that my girlfriend was in another room performing a sexual act on a guy I didn't like very much.

When I turned off the bathroom light, I was temporarily blinded by the relative darkness of the hallway. I felt my way along the wall until my eyes adjusted and made my way back to the room they were in. When I got there the room was empty. I don't know how long I was in the bathroom, and it felt creepy that I was in a strange empty house. I wandered around from room to room, looking for them and I eventually stumbled into a bedroom on the second floor. What I saw was so shocking, for a second my brain wouldn't accept what it was seeing.

Stacy was butt naked, laying ass up on the bed, gripping the comforter with white knuckles, as Steve rode on top of her, ramming her from behind. The whimpers and moans coming from the room were similar to the sounds I was used to hearing every time I had sex with my girlfriend, but they seemed to be more intense, like she was enjoying it quite a bit more than usual. I found this very unsettling.

She didn't notice me enter, but Steve did. He just locked eyes with me, dropping all pretense, not making any excuses, just fucking my girlfriend right as I watched. As he stared at me, he doubled his efforts and fucked her even harder, and she let out a blissful "ooohhhh". I was frozen. My mind just locked up, and for many minutes all I did was just stand there and watch. How did this happen? How did this jerk manage to seduce my loving girlfriend right under my nose?

When Stacy looked up and saw me standing there watching her get pounded from behind, she gave no indication that she might be ashamed of what was going on. Her eyes went from my face, down to my crotch. I then realized that my jolly roger was at full mast. And she saw it too. I then saw an expression on her face that I had never seen before. A smirk. She tossed her hair and began gyrating her hips back into Steve as she stared at me, showing me how much she enjoyed his enormous cock bashing into her sweet pussy.

"Oh god yes Steve, fuck me harder. Oh god, I can't get enough of your glorious cock!" Upon hearing this, Steve grabbed a fistful of her hair and slammed his hips into her so hard and fast it sounded like a Gatling gun, and my slutty girlfriend cried out in ecstasy and I knew she was cumming hard. When the orgasm faded, she breathed deeply and stretched out on the blanket.

I noticed her head was at the end of the bed, and I was rock hard and aching to get my dipstick wet, so I dropped my pants and walked over to the bed and shoved it in her mouth. She smiled and had her mouth open and waiting by the time I got there, and she began sucking like a hoover immediately. When I put my hands on her head and fucked her slutty mouth, I noticed her face was dripping with Steve's cum. I had only cum on her face once before, because she said she didn't like it.

Steve didn't look too happy sharing her with me. His former cordiality had now evaporated. He pulled her back and flipped her over and straddled her waist, his beefy cock glistening with frothy juices as he slid it between her tits. Stacy obediently squeezed her large breasts around his now slippery cock as he began to fuck them once again, but this time like a raging madman. Her tits jiggled, and the whole bed rocked as he slammed his hips into her bosom. I tried to put my dick to her lips, but she was jostling around too much to even lick it.

This time it wasn't long before Steve was moaning and arching his back and then he stopped and pulled out and exploded all over my gorgeous girlfriend, splattering her luscious melons with his thick ivory cream, giving her a filigree pearl necklace of sticky goo, all over her round mounds, with jets landing across her face. He gave his meaty poll a couple more jerks and then slapped her tits with it. Being this close to it, I was amazed at how massive it was

Steve saw me ogling the fleshy weapon he had just used to assault the love of my life, and his smug smile was full of condescension. He stood up and walked to the adjoining bathroom and closed the door. Stacy just laid there on the bed, playing with the rivulets of cum and licking it off her fingers with a big smile on her lips.

I was horny as hell, so I climbed between her legs and sank my dick into her juicy pussy, and I immediately felt the warmth and gooeyness of another man's cum coating my cock as I fucked my girlfriend. I thought to myself, "Damn, how many times did he cum?" It was so slippery and loose, I'm not even sure she noticed I was in there, but it felt heavenly. She just laid there, rubbing the lotion over her pale skin, giving me no notice while I fucked her.

Steve came out of the bathroom and leaned over Stacy and kissed her lightly on the lips and then whispered in her ear. She giggled and nodded as she glanced at me quickly. He stood up and said to me, "See ya, bro," and then left the room. Stacy beamed as she watched his bare ass leave. I didn't want to think of the implications at that moment. I was too focused on busting a nut in her velvety snatch. It wasn't too long before I was erupting inside her pussy, adding my cream to the mix. I collapsed on top of my well used girlfriend and kissed her.

She wrapped her arms around me, slid her tongue into my mouth and swirled it around as we kissed. I could taste the slight aroma of Steve's jizm in my girlfriend's mouth, but being drunk softened my disgust. Stacy whispered into my ear, "Suck on my tits."

Having just watched Steve cum all over them, I shook my head and said, "No."

Stacy whispered, "Oh don't be that way. Come on, it will be really sexy. I've always fantasized about having you lick cum off my tits. Please make my fantasy come true."

I looked at her giving me the pouty face, and sighed, exasperated, and muttered, "Fine," and slid down to her breasts, which were pooling with rivers of semen. I started tentatively kissing and sucking on her nipples. It wasn't so bad, because most of it had run down into her cleavage. Then a felt a hand on the back of my head pushing me down to where most of it had coalesced, until I had my face deep in cum. I licked it up because I still loved my girlfriend and wanted to please her. The taste was bitter as were the emotions I was feeling.

Then I heard her whisper something. I couldn't understand what she was saying, so I lifted my head and placed my ear to her lips. Stacy, my girlfriend, whispered into my ear, "I want you to go down on me."

I looked at her and said, "What?"

Stacy whispered with a little pouty whine, "Eat my pussy Garret. Pleeese." I just stared at her, but she didn't relent.

My willpower was all but gone, so I sighed and said, "Okay."

As I slid down her luscious body, I felt her hand on the top of my head, pushing me down until my face was buried in her slimy gaping slit. Usually I love to eat my girlfriend's pussy. It's something we do on a daily basis. So I just let myself go on autopilot and started licking at the outer labia, immediately tasting the strong pungent aroma of semen. I just ignored it and let my tongue work its way around my girlfriend's pussy, and I couldn't help but notice it was gaping open much wider than normal.

After I flicked her clit with my tongue for a few minutes, making her writhe in agonizing bliss, I thrust my tongue deep into her love canal and was immediately greeted at the entrance by thick white magma that oozed out. By this point I was desensitized to the taste, so I lust lapped it up like creamy yogurt. My face was getting covered with cum, so I went back up to pay more attention to her pleasure button.

I began sucking on her clit and flicking it with my tongue, until I had her wriggling and squirming on the bed. Her hips bucked and her vulva quivered, and I could feel her explosive orgasm anoint my face with her sweet nectar. I ate out my girlfriend's cummy pussy for longer than I'd like to admit. Eventually, we got dressed and went home. She fell asleep in the car. I had to actually pick her up and carry her into the house and lay her in bed. I figured that we would talk about what happened in the morning.

But we didn't. She was up and gone early the next day. Whenever I tried to bring up the subject when we were together, she would quickly shift the topic. At the time I didn't think she hooked up with Steve again after that, but now I realize how naive I was. I wish I could say that I refused to put up with it and simply moved out. But she was my first real girlfriend and I was in love with her, so I forgave her. Even though she never asked for forgiveness. After about another year, we drifted apart and broke up amicably. We stayed friends for years afterward, but eventually lost touch.

If I had that night to do over again, I'm not sure if I would change anything. If I had stopped them that night, they probably would have hooked up without me knowing. I'm much more jaded about love now. I realize what happened and why and how it happened.

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