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from Iris' point of view

Wifey brings a surprise...

I can’t believe it. Here I am in our car driving home to my husband Steve.

I’d just spent the last two hours at a hotel with Ridge. I had a hard week at school and I needed to unwind and he definitely made sure that I did. He fucked me so well I had two very strong orgasms. Just the kind of unwinding I needed. But that’s not what’s so hard to believe. My husband Steve knows that I fuck him and he’s fine with it. Steve used to want to always be there to watch and join but lately, due to my request, he’s given me the okay to fuck him whenever I choose, with or without him being there. So spending a couple of hours after work having wild sex with him isn’t out of the question.

What is different this time is that I let him fuck me without a condom and he came inside me. I mean I practically begged him to cum in me. It was so intense, so slutty, taboo, and so incredibly naughty! We’ve been married for over 30 years. During all that time, my husband is the only man that has penetrated me without protection. I think it is a husband’s right and I’ve happily reserved that privilege for him. After all he is my life mate and he should be entitled to some exclusivity.

Let’s say that for the past 30 years that it was his right, now with the semen of another man leaking from my pussy I can attest to the fact that Steve is no longer the only man who gets to cum in me! And I loved it!

“Oh wow I can’t believe how much I just came.” He said as he kissed me afterward, sending the thrill of awareness through me: awareness that this man, whose spent dick is still semi-erect and inside of me, now “knows” me in about as intimate a way as you can, awareness that I’ve now broken about every rule of fidelity that there is, and awareness that I will gladly and without hesitation do this again.

“Mmmm…and it felt so good baby” I said as I kissed him back. I meant every word.

Now, driving home, I can feel his hot cum leaking out of me, through my panties and soaking into the crotch of my new pants. I probably shouldn’t have worn white pants I think to myself as I imagine what the combination of mine and his cum is doing down there. Oh well, it was worth the extra cleaning I’ll have to do. Worth it knowing I just let another man cum in my pussy. I dial my husband:

“I’m heading home now .”

“OK, so how did it go?”

“Great, really great.”

“Really? better than usual?” He asks.

I answer with one word: “Yes”

“Did you do something different this time?”

“Oh yeah, that’s what made it so great.”

“Was it what we talked about?”

“I’ll tell you when I get home I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I’ll be home soon.”

That was my way of telling him it was private, naughty private, not the sort of discussion a wife should have with husband on a cell phone- but much better in person.

Lately we had been talking about creampies and I asked him what he would do if I ever came home with one.

“I’d lick your naughty little pussy, just to show you how grateful I am to have a hot, cuckolding, wife.” he replied.

Well tonight I thought to myself we’re going to find out how true my dear hubby was to his word. I hope he is because the thought of coming home to have my husband eat my lover’s cum out of me--well, let’s just say it has me aroused.

At about 8:30 I arrived home and walked in the door.

“I’m back” I state the obvious and give him an deep open mouth kiss.

“Did you have a good time?” he asks. Hugging me close, looking deeply into my eyes.

“I sure did, can you taste him on my breath? I think swallowed an awful lot of his cum.” I say as I break the kiss.

“So, what made it great?” He asks curiously.

“I did it.”

“Did what?” He answers back.

“I let him fuck me without a condom.”

“Did he cum?” He asks.

“Twice” I say as I kiss him again, “Once in my mouth.”

“And?” He asks.

I smile and say it: “And once in my pussy.”

“You let him cum inside of you?”

I look him in the eyes and smile again “Mmm…Hmm…I asked him to”. “Once he put his cock in me I was amazed at how good it felt all veiny with that big swollen head. I was thinking: ‘Now I’ve fucked my husband lots of times like this but, it’s not as hot as this’. Fucking him bareback, it just took it to another level! All I could think of was that another man was completely bare inside of me, experiencing me in exactly the same way you do. I loved that.”

“Loved what?” My husband asked me

“Hmm…that I was doing it. That another man was ‘knowing me’ just like you do. That I was craving another man’s uncovered cock so much. Soon I was telling him I wanted him to cum in me and I surprised myself how much I meant it. He didn’t have to be told twice, he loved it. I have to admit, I loved it too, every thick and musky drop of it!”

We walk each other to our bedroom arm and arm in deep anticipation of what is to come.

I strip down to my camisole and see-through panties, which are soaked, and wait in bed while Steve undresses. I have a grin on my face as I watch him.

“So, you like that I let Him put his naked dick inside of me?” I ask, feeling like every bit of a tease.

“Oh yes and you know it,” he says in a low whisper.

Hubby begins to caress me, running his hand up to my torso, cupping my breasts and playing with the nipples another man had had made so hard with his mouth just a short time before. “Hmmm” Steve says as he pulls up the camisole and begins to kiss my breasts. He runs his hands down into my panties and begins to slowly pull them down my legs.

“What do you like about it?” I ask curiously wanting to hear him say it.

“What do you?” He replies.

“No, I asked you.” I tell him.

“Well, it’s a very big step” He says “and I find it very arousing”

I know exactly what he means but I want to hear it from his lips. “What do you mean?” I ask again.

“Well you’ve had sex with him before. But each time we’ve always insisted he wear condoms. In fact, you’ve even told me that not wearing a condom is something you reserve for me. But if we really want to fully experience the Cuckold/Hotwife thing then I have to remain completely faithful to you while you give another guy of the sexual privileges you give me. By letting him fuck you bareback you’ve broken all the barriers. Now there’s nothing I do with you that you don’t do with him. It’s hot for me. Plus it’s safe, we know you can’t get pregnant (I’m in my 50s) and we know that he is disease free (he always uses condoms and he gets tested regularly). “Now how about you?” he presses.

“Well I definitely liked the ‘taboo’ part of it. I mean a “good” wife isn’t supposed to let another man fuck her— and I’ve done that. She isn’t supposed to let another man put his unprotected dick in her-did that too. And she certainly isn’t supposed to come home to her husband with a pussy full of another man’s cum. But that’s what I did isn’t it? Feel how wet he made my pussy. Oh honey, it was so hot! It was like we didn’t care. He was rubbing his dick against my opening and I was moaning and rubbing back against him then he just pushed forward, he just had to have his dick in me and I was like ‘Yes! Don’t stop.’ So he continued fucking me, just like you do. I came twice while he fucked me, the first time when he put his dick in me. I mean I can’t figure it out, you and I fuck without a condom all the time but when he put his unprotected dick in me, it felt so illicit…I just went way over the top! ”

“You like being a naughty wife” Steve asks.

“I really do. I really never thought I’d be saying this but I really love getting fucked by another man, it’s like I’ve come full-circle. Years ago I couldn’t have imagined fucking anyone other than you. Now I can’t imagine ever going back to just fucking you, those days of being a “faithful” wife are way behind us. This is way too good to give up. And I really can’t believe how much I loved knowing that He was going to cum in my pussy. It was like the first time I ever had sex. I was so horny: I knew I shouldn’t but there was no way I wasn’t going to do it. He was fucking me and telling me how great I felt, how wet I was, and how excited my pussy made him. Then he started fucking me fast and furious and told me: ‘Do you want me to cum inside of you?’ I was moaning by then but he says: ‘say it, say you want my cum inside of you’—and believe me I sure did. So I say ‘Yes , I want your cum, please cum inside of me’ and he starts thrusting and swelling and I can feel him spraying my insides and that just sends me into another orgasm! I felt so sexy, like my pussy was milking the cum out of him! It was really, really great.”

“You’re really turned on by this?” He asks me.

“I really am. I loved it. I don’t know why but I love the fact that he did that to me. In the car driving I was thinking about the fact that I was coming home to you but that his cum was inside of me and it made me feel, I don’t know, wicked and desired and just…complete. Like I am a woman who has it all. All I kept thinking was ‘You’re married and you just let a man ten years younger than you cum inside of you’ --I love that, it’s so hot.”

By now, my husband’s dick is about as hard as it’s ever been.

“How about you, my husband? How do you feel knowing that his cum is inside of me? Do you love having me this way? All satisfied and wet, and filled by another man? Still excited because I finally did it? Do you like the fact that your wife is a little bit of a slut for another man?”

Steve doesn’t answer me, instead he kisses up my legs and spreads them wide. Slowly, he begins to kiss closer and closer to my pussy. I’m so excited knowing what’s going to happen I can’t stop from moaning with anticipation. Then it happens, he begins to lick my cum-filled pussy. I can’t believe how hot this makes me. I’ve read creampie stories before and thought they were OK. But believe me, to actually have another man cum inside you and then to have your husband willfully lick your cummy pussy. It’s unbelievable! Soon I was moaning and thrashing about:

“Hmm” yeah, do you like that? I sure do…do you like tasting another man in me?” I say. “I sure hope you do because I plan on getting regular sperm deposits from him whenever I can from now on. Just think about it, now I’m a “sure thing” for him. Every time he sees me he will be leaving his spunk inside of me …and you’re going to get to taste what he did to me. Oh yeah…put your dick in me and cum just like he did. I want to fall asleep tonight with the cum of two men inside of me.”

Needless to say he did, and then I came for the third time that night, my pussy filled with the semen of two very good lovers.

And I loved it!

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