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He Never Shut Up

He sat there talking as I fucked his wife within earshot
Elaine and Rob have been neighbours of mine since, let’s see, it must be at least eight years now. When they moved in we had the usual new-neighbour get-together for a barbeque and a few drinks but since then there hasn’t been a lot of social contact, other than the across-the-fence chat about gardens, home maintenance, and the like. We have had a few dinners together which were enjoyable enough, but only up to a point.

When we first met I couldn’t help but notice the physical differences between the two of them. He was basically a slob. A heavy equipment operator who sits on his ass all day and gets jostled around by his bulldozer, insists on eating meat every day for dinner, drinks a lot of beer during his free time, and, as a result has noticeably developed a large belt-overhanging gut that is repulsive to look at. Aside from all that he’s a decent enough guy, willing to lend a hand or a tool when necessary, it’s just that when he settles into a chair with a beer in his hand he talks, and talks, and talks. It’s never about anything that might be of interest to anyone else because it’s almost exclusively about his job. How long it takes for him to drive to work and back, hydraulic problems with his equipment, a tough area he had to rip through with his Cat. You know the type. Infinitely interesting to himself but basically a crushing bore to almost everyone else.

She on the other hand has a great body, has a certain amount of charm and does show an interest about what others are doing or saying. Her only shortcoming, as far as I can see, is that she talks too much, but compared to him she’s acceptable. Perhaps that’s a defensive mechanism to his endless blathering. Perhaps it isn’t. Regardless, she’s a pretty pleasant person to be with and a treat for the eye. She likes to dress, in the summer at least, in great looking tops which show off a goodly amount of cleavage and particularly when she doesn’t wear a bra it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Her breasts are large but they don’t protrude far. They just sort of seem to spread out and look full and inviting. When she works in the garden she wears old light cotton shirts, tied off at the waist and unbuttoned well down past her breasts. It’s always made for a worthwhile happen-chance over-the-fence chat when I noticed her like that. In spite of that I’ve never had much of an attraction to her because of the ongoing relationships I’ve had with other women.

As for myself ... endlessly single it seems. There’s never been anyone that’s charged into my life, swept me off my feet and made me want to give up the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to and very comfortable with. Sex to me is a huge driving force and I’ve never had a problem satisfying my urges with a large number of very pleasant and, to me, very attractive women over the years.

During one very hot stretch of summer weather I had stopped to talk with them over the fence one morning when it was still relatively cool, more for the opportunity of looking at her than anything else, and during the course of our conversation they asked me over for dinner that evening. A ‘come early for a few drinks’ type of thing.

I turned up around four-thirty and we sat on their deck having a pleasant enough time except for his droning on about himself. We sat at a table with the three of us seated on three sides facing the same way to enjoy the view of the valley and mountains beyond. I sat between them. She was dressed in tight shorts, one of her trademark tops and no bra. I was hard pressed not to stare at her.

In the summer when I’m relaxing I hate to feel encumbered in the way I dress so my choice is to wear loose fitting short pants of a quite short nature and no underwear. As you can appreciate, and no doubt know well, it’s of a great cooling effect to have my cock and balls hanging free for air to circulate around. I’m also something of an exhibitionist but very discreet in how I go about it in order not to offend female eyes of a perhaps prudish nature that may happen to glance on my just-in-view private parts. While I know I’ve had many a receptive set of eyes see my visual offerings I’ve always exposed myself in a way that they truly felt it was unintentional and it never resulted in a negative reaction or an outburst of indignation. I guess that’s part of the fun and the satisfaction. We all have our little indulgences don’t we?

While we were sitting with our drinks I decided to see if I could attract Elaine’s attention to a view of what was hanging so freely in my shorts. I shifted around a number of times, crossing and uncrossing my legs, each time adjusting my shorts so that eventually I was positioned in such a way that I was completely, but innocently-seeming, exposed to her. She had been up and down numerous times doing the hostess thing and had started to prepare dinner and was now wearing an apron. One time as she sat down I could see out the corner of my eye that she had glanced down at my shorts. She suddenly sat bolt upright with a wide-eyed rather shocked look on her face. Rob was droning on in his usual self-absorbed manner, consuming yet another beer, and didn’t notice her. I did and couldn’t help but wonder what would happen next. I was semi-engaged in talking to him but my attention was fully on her, but not in a way so as she would notice. My sunglasses acted as a perfect shield for my eyes.

The excitement of knowing that she had seen my cock and balls had a predictable effect on me and my cock started to swell, not to the point that it was hard but it had become considerably larger.

She fidgeted with her drink for a minute then settled back into her chair. Still out the corner of my eye I could see that once again her gaze dropped to see that what she had seen in her first glance a minute before had somehow perhaps been in error. I knew, and she now found out, that it hadn’t. She took a quick drink from her glass, ran her hand through her hair a couple of times then settled back in her chair for what I could only assume would be an extended inspection of what was being presented to her.

After a minute I broke away from the monologue I was having with Rob and turned fairly slowly towards her to talk for a bit. She had time to raise her look before I fully faced her so she didn’t feel that she had been caught snooping. Then Rob asked me a question and I returned, for all intents and purposes, my attention to him. Her eyes immediately returned to my cock and balls. This game of cat and mouse went on for at least fifteen minutes until she got up to start setting the table for dinner.

When she returned she placed the stuff on the table but in the process dropped a spoon which fell beside me.

“Ooops. I’ll get it,” she said and she knelt down to retrieve it. A moment later I felt her hand wrap itself fully around my cock and balls. I jumped a little then looked down at her. She was looking up at me and she was giving me the ‘bedroom eyes’ look. Rob was droning on while she fondled me, completely oblivious to what was going on not more than a metre away.

She released her handful and stood up to return to the kitchen and in the process she gave me another ‘look’.

“Elaine, let me give you a hand with what you’re doing,” I said after her, and I stood up and followed her into the kitchen.

She turned around and stood close to me. “I haven’t strayed since I married Rob,” she said, “but we don’t have a sex life anymore. His gut’s too big for that for one thing. For another he snores so damned loud that I sleep in another room. Watching your beautiful cock just now has awakened a lot of feelings in me. It’s the first cock I’ve seen and felt in years. I’m so damned horny right now I’ve got to have it. I want you to fuck me now!”, and with that she placed her hand on my crotch and gave it another squeeze.

“Hang on a moment,” I said and I grabbed another beer and took it out to Rob. He had stopped talking when I had left but he gave me the “Hey, thanks buddy,” with a big smile and as I went back to the kitchen he started talking the usual drivel to me in a voice loud enough to be heard in the kitchen.

Elaine had been watching through the kitchen window and was facing me when I came in.

“That was clever. Now I’ve got something for you,” and with that she turned away from me, placing her hands on the window sill. She had taken off her shorts in the meantime but because of the apron you wouldn’t know it if she was facing you, and now her beautiful ass was there in front of me.

“Come on. I want it now.”

I became fully hard almost immediately and slipped the front of my shorts down to release it. Moving up behind her I pressed it between her legs and I reached around her to finally touch those breasts I had oggled these many years. They felt wonderful.

“Now,” she said and spread her legs apart. “Fuck me now!”, and in one smooth push I buried myself inside her. She was soaking wet and ready for sex.

“Oh god,” she grunted in a muted voice. “Oh god, I need this,” and she started to push back at me, catching the rhythm of our fucking immediately.

While we were going at it both of us were watching Rob through the window, ready to pull apart the moment he might get up, but he was still talking as if I was sitting right beside him, except for the volume of his voice which covered the noises of our fucking. She came quickly, pushing hard back at me and dropping her head between her arms, and letting out a quiet hiss between her clenched teeth. I came a moment later with what felt like an explosion of cum.

We stayed coupled for a minute then I pulled out of her. As I did my cum dripped from her pussy, ran down the inside of her leg and splatted on the floor. She grabbed a dish towel and wiped it between her legs then brought the wet towel up to her face, took a deep sniff of the mix of her juices and my cum and said, “I want more of this tomorrow. Think we can manage it?”

Rob droned on in the background.

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