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His hot wife and her younger lover

Hubby watches his wife be pleasured by younger cock

He watched her slide the tube of red lipstick across her full, luscious lips until they were painted blood red. She pressed them together, rubbing, and puckered them in front of the mirror. Real cock sucking lips. His cock twitched in his pants. But it didn't twitch at the thought of his wife sucking his cock with those red lips. Nope. It twitched thinking of her red lips wrapped around another cock. A cock bigger than his. A cock more worthy than his. A cock that would provide her ten times more pleasure than his ever could. A cock that would be picked up in a bar or club later that night and reap the pleasure of his wife's luscious mouth and juicy pussy. A mouth and pussy that he hadn't felt on his cock in over 4 years.

David's pulse started throbbing quicker as he watched his wife from their bed. She was in their adjoining bathroom with the door open so he could see her get ready. Doll herself up. Slut herself up. Doing her makeup and hair impeccably, which would be mussed up badly several hours later from the studs she would be fucking. Wearing her sexiest, shortest skirt with no panties, lowest cut blouse, and highest stiletto heels. He knew she wanted to get fucked tonight...hard...and not by him. She only dressed like that for other men. Men who were worthy to fuck her. Men with firm muscles and big cocks.

He shifted in his position: hands tied behind his back. Even if he averted his eyes from their TV screen, he couldn't ignore the sounds. The sounds of his wife on camera from her last encounter. He was away on a business trip for only 2 days but she had been fucked raw by one of her lovers. She had taped it all for him to watch when he came back. He tried looking elsewhere because he was longing with desire for her; to be the one on camera whose cock was deep inside of her. To be the one making her make those heavenly sounds. Sounds of her pleasure by being pounded by such a big, hard cock with lots of stamina. Saying how much she loved his cock and what it did to her. But it wasn't his cock. It was Paul's, one of her boytoys. A young stud, a decade and a half younger than him, with ripped abs and a 9" cock.

It was a perfect view on camera. Watching his big hard cock pound his wife into oblivion as she panted to the camera how much she loved his cock and how big it was, and how David would never, ever be able to come close to pleasing her like this. How his cock was useless to her now. It was too small, too boring, too laughable. She was a beautiful, sexy woman and deserved so much better than him. If his cock was as big as his wallet, there wouldn't be a problem. She stopped her moaning for a few seconds to laugh and tell him that she bought her $3000 outfit on his credit card and look what it snagged her; a young stallion whom she could ride all night.

She then switched positions on camera and got on top of Paul with the camera facing her ass and his big, young cock pounding deep into her wet, horny pussy. David's eyes were fixated on the screen before him as his cock was at full, painful attention. His wife's firm, round ass bouncing and riding hard on her young lover's big fuck stick. Moaning like a total porn star, like the horny slut she is. The rich man's housewife who doesn't need to work; who can spend her rich, but sexually insufficient husband's hard earned money all on herself and on things she can use to pick up other men. The trophy wife who can blackmail her hubby from ever divorcing her, lest she reveal his dirty, pathetic fetishes. She has the pictures to prove it.

Precum is dripping down his cock as he watches his wife's beautiful pink pussy being stretched to the max by a 24 year old's 9" cock. She is glistening in juices. Tits and ass bouncing up and down hard, mouth open wide, and moaning loud. Looking down at him in a POV position, knowing he would love to have his face a few inches away from their genitals fucking hard. So close he could smell his wife's pussy, hearing the splat of her juices on her young buck's big cock, and see her pink folds suck at his cock in hunger. She looks down at the camera, panting, and says she's about to cum. Telling David to get his face in there and lick her asshole and Paul's cock, back and forth, over and over.

"Lick my pussy off his cock you pathetic little cuck, that's as close as you'll ever get to my pleased pussy. Look how big his cock is! It's 3 times the size of yours. Your cock will never please me dear hubby. I need young, thick, hard cocks in my ripe pussy. And I will get them. I will fuck a new cock every week and you will know and see all about it. Oh fuck yes Paul! Pound me with that meat! I'm coming!!!!"

David watches his wife scream and buck in orgasm, all over Paul's cock. His own cock can't take it anymore. It twitches uncontrollably and starts spurting everywhere at the sight of his beautiful wife cumming all over another man's cock. A bigger, harder, younger cock. A cock that is shooting spunk deep inside his wife's pussy. A cock that has used his wife's pussy and had the pleasure and honor to come inside it. David clenches his teeth, panting, torn between uncontrollable arousal and a deep seated envy and longing. His wife and her young lover laugh on screen, at him. They laugh at her pathetic hubby at home who is not only watching, not only allowing his wife to fuck other men whenever she wants, but who is having the hardest orgasms of his life at being his wife's cuckolded little bitch.

She climbs off Paul and spreads her pink, well-fucked pussy open in front of the camera. David watches some of Paul's cum ooze out of her pussy, dripping down her puffy lips. She fingers it as she lays back, legs spread, panting, sweating, and utterly satiated. She pushes her fingers inside her pussy to scoop out more of Paul's cum, telling David to lick it up. Lick her pussy clean of another man's cum. Do your duty as a cuckold husband and clean your wife's pussy. It's the only time you'll ever get to lick your wife's pussy...when another man's cum has drenched it.

He snaps out of his painful porn orgasm as he hears his wife's stilettos click on the hardwood floor of their bedroom. She's finished getting ready and sees what a mess he's made. She laughs cruelly and calls him pathetic names. His cheeks flame red. She wipes some of his cum up on her fingers and sticks it in his mouth, asking him how it tastes. How does his cum taste, the cum that shot out of his cock without any physical stimulation...the cock that came at the sight of his wife being fucked by another man. She laughs before he can answer and she slaps him, while calling him pathetic once again and untying his wrists.

"Ta ta my little cuckold hubby. Enjoy your pornos tonight...and in the closet at 1am for when I come home with another hot stud to fuck. You won't wanna miss that little peepshow!"

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Note: you can tell by my profile and my other couple of stories that this subject is very different for me. 95% of what I'm into is the D/s and Daddy/sub thing. However there is a small but strong part of me that is intensely attracted and aroused by the whole "cuckold" thing. This is my first time writing about the fantasy and I hope to write more. I hope you like it.
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