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I Impregnate The Lactating, Latina Wife of My Subordinate

I look after a subordinate's wife when he is out of town, and I end up impregnating her.
My name is Matt and I work as a managing engineer for a large oil company in Houston. My wife Sandra and I are in our late-forties. Sandra works for a woman's retail clothing store. We have become close family friends with one of my field engineers and his family. We provide a lot of emotional support for them since their real families live in the Boston area. Sandra and I live only ten minutes away in an adjacent suburb. The engineer's name is Tommy and he is twenty-seven years old. His wife Sofia is 25 and she is breast feeding their six month old daughter.

Living so close, we try to visit one another at least weekly. Even with the age difference, Sofia and Ed affectionately call us by our first names. On a recent Saturday recently when we were at their home, Tommy wanted to talk with me privately about something urgent while we were out back cooking on the grill. He said, “Matt, what I’m going to ask you will sound strange. I’d appreciate your help with something. As you know, I’m going to be away from home for the next two weeks working on our oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. I’d like for you to look in on Sofia for me. My friends are always hitting on her, even right in front of me. I don’t trust them to leave her alone when I’m gone. I mostly trust her, but she is a hot-blooded Latina and gets turned on sexually pretty easily. I don’t want those guys taking advantage of the situation.”

I then said, “You know that I’d be happy to help out. Why do your friends think they would even stand a chance making a move on her?”

Then Tommy continued, “Well Matt, part of that is my fault. As you know, my friends are also married and work at our company. We socialize quite a bit. During some of our parties when we’ve all been drinking, the conversation usually turns to our sex lives. I’m very proud of the way Sofia looks. I sometimes encourage talk about how hot she is. I made the mistake of telling them that she almost turns into a nymphomaniac when I suck her milk-filled breasts. Breast feeding our baby never has that effect on her. And from taking showers after workouts with them, they also know that I have a small dick.

Several of my friends have really big cocks and they are always teasing me about my little one. They say they’d be happy to take care of Sofia for me and show her what a big cock feels like in her sweet pussy. They try to pass it off as teasing, but I can see a seriousness to it that scares me a little.”

Some of this didn’t make sense, and I asked, “What makes you think they would have the balls to touch her Tommy? That seems like a bit of a stretch with them being your friends and work associates.”

He answered, “At our parties, some of my friends flirt with and dance with Sofia right in front of me, even if it pisses off their wives. I have seen them rubbing the sides of her tits and pulling on her ass and holding her tightly against them when they thought no one was watching. When I ask Sofia about it later, she just laughs and says she ignores it since that is the way the men behave in her native Colombia. She even admits feeling their big, hard cocks pressed against her stomach. Please don’t judge me harshly, but I have to admit that it gets me excited seeing the way Sofia affects other men. I have even fantasized about watching her have sex with big-cocked men. But my friends are just too aggressive and cocky. I don’t want them having a dominant position over me from fucking my wife. And the other thing is that we are trying to have another child. So she’s not on birth control right now.”

I could see why Tommy was worried, since Sofia is a beautiful girl with light brown skin, long black hair and the best body you could imagine. She is now a naturalized US citizen, and originally came from Colombia, South America. She has very large, full and round breasts, with dark brown areolas and thick nipples. At five feet and five inches tall and one hundred and twenty-five pounds, she is a voluptuous thing of beauty. Like some Latina women, her ass is big, firm and perfectly shaped.

She has a kind of rugged, sassy cuteness, and looks a lot like the actress Michelle Rodriguez, who usually plays the ‘tough-girl Hispanic chick’ in such movies such as ‘Avatar’, ‘Fast and Furious’, and ‘Aliens’. The main difference is that Sofia has larger breasts and a fuller ass than Michelle.

An article that I previously found on the internet was comparing women’s breast sizes to different kinds of fruit. They suggested that an orange is about a B-cup, and C-cups are like a grapefruit, and are full and rounded. Then they said that a cantaloupe is even fuller and rounder, and is most like a D or DD-cup, depending on the size of the cantaloupe. And due to the sheer weight of D or DD tits, they have a natural, seductive sag. Breasts larger than DDs were just characterized as melons with some very large sized bras.

I would characterize Sofia’s breasts as definitely in the big cantaloupe category, and from what I can see with her fully dressed, they are still firm, full and round without too much sag, even though she is nursing their baby.

It was easy to see from the first time Sandra and I met Sofia that she is a natural beauty and very sexy with a voluptuous Latina flavor. I tried very hard not to have dirty thoughts about her, out of respect and affection for Tommy. But I always found myself staring at those amazing tits and her full, round ass and getting a hard on.

I thought it was best to be honest with Tommy about my attraction to her so I said, “I hope this doesn’t upset you Tommy. I have always thought that Sofia is absolutely gorgeous and sexy. I have to admit that my thoughts are not always pure. And to be honest, I’m not sure if I could keep myself under control being around her alone. I want to help you out, but sure wouldn’t want to be tempted to do something that would ruin our great friendship. And you need to know that I also have a very big cock.”

Tommy then said, “Whoa Matt, I had no idea that you were attracted to Sofia, or even that you have a big cock. Knowing that, I appreciate the way you have never made any nasty comments about her to me, or made it obvious that you were looking at her body that way. I would still be more comfortable knowing that you are checking in on her to keep my friends under control. I really appreciate your honesty. Even if something did happen, that would be better than finding out that my friends had sex with her, and that one of them got her pregnant. Then I’d have to listen to their bragging all of the time.”

I could hardly believe that Tommy was almost giving his tacit acceptance of something happening between Sofia and me. Then I said, “Okay, it’s up to you. You have to know that I can’t make any promises not knowing what situations might arise. What do you have in mind as far as me checking on her?”

Tommy continued, “I’m not going to tell Sofia the real reason I have asked you to stop by; just that you will be able to help her with any problems that might arise in my absence. Since you drive by our neighborhood on the way home from work anyway, I was hoping you could stop by every day and just hang out for a couple of hours. If my friends try to come by, it would likely be about the same time since that would be the best time for them to avoid questions from their wives. If I remember correctly, Sandra usually works the late shift at the store and won’t be home until after 9:30 pm anyway. So I'm hoping it won't interfere with your time together. Then maybe on the weekends, you could swing by at different times just to see how things are going.”

I agreed to Tommy’s schedule of stopping by to check on Sofia. I could tell by the look on his face that he still had something on his mind. So I said, “Tommy, it seems that you have something else to say. What is it?”

Then he said, “For some reason, I'm just surprised that you have such a big cock. I don't normally think of older men as having big ones. And if you don’t mind me asking, just how big is it anyway?”

It was hard to tell why he was asking me that question. I didn’t know whether it was simple curiosity, or if he was fantasizing again about Sofia being fucked by a big cock. And maybe even my big cock. But I thought it would be best to tell it like it is, and said, “Well Tommy, I don't think age has a lot to do with it. I guess I was jut lucky."

I paused for a moment and continued, "As far as my cock is concerned, it is uncircumcised and seven inches long when soft, and grows to about ten inches when hard. It is also very thick at a little more than six and one half inches in circumference. It looks a lot like a thick summer sausage. My balls are the size of eggs and hang low in my scrotum. Why do you ask?”

He thought for a moment and said, “Just curious since you said it is big. And I can tell you that it sounds way bigger than my friend’s cocks.”

Tommy left for on his trip on the Monday one week after we talked. I was excited all day at work just thinking about the possibilities when visiting Sofia. But I also promised myself that I would not make the first move if anything did happen. Somehow it seemed less wrong if she initiated anything. I got to their home at about 6:00 pm. Sofia was just finishing up her chores and getting ready to breast feed the baby. Then just a few minutes later, one of Tommy’s friends pulled up out front. He saw my car and drove away. So at least on this day, it was helpful that I was there.

I had seen her breast feed before from a distance. Now I was going to be watching with a new perspective. She wasn’t the least bit shy about feeding the baby in front of me and said, “Please feel free to stay while I feed the baby Matt. I can use the company and you can watch your news show while I’m doing it.”

Sofia was on the couch and I sat in the recliner chair. With no hesitation she pulled her tight t-shirt up over her right breast as the baby started nursing. She was never that bold when Sandra and I were there together and Tommy was around and usually used a cover-up. I had never seen her bare tits before, except for a lot of cleavage from time to time. The firm, rounded bottom of her tit looked delicious to me.

I tried not to stare, but kept looking back and forth from the television to her. She had to be conscious that I was looking at her, but she didn’t seem to mind. Although I was a little embarrassed and could feel my face getting red. After about twenty minutes of feeding, she pulled up the other side of her t-shirt and switched sides to feed the baby from her left tit. But surprisingly, she didn’t pull down the right side of her t-shirt. I was then able to see her full right tit with the large, brown areola and thick nipple, gently swaying and jiggling as she moved. And even better, there was a little of her milk leaking and running down her breast to her stomach.

She fed the baby for another twenty minutes and then pulled the baby away and got up to take their daughter back to her crib. Happily, she didn’t pull her t-shirt back down until she was half-way across the room to the stairs. I got a fantastic view of both of her tits moving as she walked. She came back a few minutes later and sat back on the couch. Her t-shirt was wet over her nipples where her tits were still oozing milk. She then smiled and looked over at me and said, “You don’t need to be embarrassed Matt. This is a natural thing and I feel comfortable with you being here keeping me company.”

Over the next several days some of Tommy’s friends tried to visit Sofia, but they saw my car there and left without stopping. I continued to enjoy the view. She usually wore a short and loose skirt. It also looked like she wasn’t wearing panties anymore either. She went through the same routine of feeding the baby while I was there. Sofia was becoming more and more complacent about pulling her t-shirt back down when she was finished. Then on Friday night the situation changed dramatically.

I knew her routine pretty well. I could tell that the baby wasn’t feeling well and fed only about half as long as usual on each of her breasts. When she came back to the couch after taking the baby to bed, the t-shirt was still pulled up over her tits and she said, “I need to ask you a favor Matt. The baby didn’t drain me fully like she usually does and my breasts are very painful now. When Tommy’s home he helps me relieve the pressure. I was hoping that you wouldn’t mind doing the same. Would you please come over here and suck more milk from my tits?”

I tried to do my part to resist, for Tommy’s sake, by saying, “I certainly don’t mind and would take great pleasure in helping you with this Sofia. But please be sure that you want me to do it. You are a beautiful and sexy woman and I will try to control myself. But I’ve been watching you all week. I’m only human you know.”

Sofia laughed and said, “Oh come on Matt. You’ll just be helping me with something that’s a natural part of life. I’m not worried about it. So get over here. I’ve noticed how you have been staring at me this week and even before that. I don’t mind a bit if you enjoy yourself while helping me relieve this pressure.”

My cock was already starting to harden just at the thought of holding and sucking her fantastic tits. I got up and sat next to her on her left side, and then twisted around and lay sideways across her lap. She was smiling down at me as I took her big right nipple into my mouth and started sucking. The flow of milk started immediately. It was sweet and tasted so good.

The idea that I was sucking the breast of my subordinate’s wife made it all seem so erotic and nasty. As I sucked her I held, rubbed and squeezed her left breast with my hand, and could see that my handling was causing her to leak milk from that one. After sucking on her tit for a few minutes Sofia started to squirm on the couch. I could feel and hear her breathing and heartbeat getting stronger and louder. Tommy was right about her getting turned on when he sucked her breasts.

After ten minutes sucking her right breast I knew that she was aroused. I got up and moved quickly to her right side before she could calm down too much. Then I leaned over to suck on her left tit, while I massaged the right one I had just drained. Her delicious milk had just started to flow when I heard her softly moaning. She moved her right hand to the top of my thigh and started rubbing me.

As the minutes passed she moved her hand to the inside of my thigh and was getting very close to my now-very-hard cock. I was getting even more aroused and started sucking even harder on her nipple. That extra suction must have put her over the edge. The next thing I knew she moved her hand right on top of my pants-covered cock and started to rub me from the head all the way down below to cup my balls. Then she said, “Fuck Matt, Tommy was right about you having a big cock. I hope you don’t mind me rubbing it like this.”

I was surprised that Tommy would have said anything about my cock to her. I pulled away from her nipple for a moment to say, “Damn Sofia, I told Tommy about my big cock in confidence. I thought that conversation was just between us. When did you two have a chance to talk about that?”

Sofia was now more aggressively rubbing and gripping my cock and leaned down to kiss my forehead as she said, “Shit Matt that feels so good. Just keep up the strong suction on my tit and drinking my milk and I’ll tell you. But please forgive the earthy language I use when I get turned on.

She paused for a moment and said, "One night last week we were in bed having sex. When Tommy was finished sucking my pussy clean after we fucked, he started asking me about some of his friends that I have danced with at parties. He won’t openly admit that he likes seeing them rub me and push up against me like that. But he always wants me to describe what it feels like when they press their big cocks into my stomach. He said that he told you about his little dick and he seems to be fascinated with his friend’s big cocks.”

She paused for a moment as I felt her tremble with an orgasm. Then she continued, “So I don’t know what Tommy has in mind. I’ve started to suspect that he’d like to watch me being fucked by men with big cocks, and maybe even participate. It’s almost like he keeps hinting at it in hopes that I will suggest it or something. Then he told me about your conversation and how he was impressed that you have such a big cock. He didn’t warn me about you either, even though he knew that you and I would be alone like this every day for two weeks while he is out of town.

Sofia stopped talking again to gauge my reaction. Then she said, "He always warns me about his friends trying to take advantage of me. Sometimes I think he does that just to put the idea in my mind, or he assumes that I have already fucked one or more of them. You have to believe that I have never been unfaithful to him, except for that innocent touching on the dance floor. However, I have to admit that I do like feeling those big cocks pressing into my tummy as they rub the sides of my tits. I’ve wondered what it would be like to feel one in my hands.”

I didn’t know exactly what Tommy’s motives were either, and I didn’t want to try to respond to her with a guess. With her luscious tit in my mouth and her milk filling my belly I just wanted to concentrate on sucking her and feeling her rubbing my cock and balls. I continued sucking her for another 10 minutes and was beginning to smell her aroused pussy. Then I heard her almost inaudibly whisper, “Fuck Matt, I just have to taste your big cock.”

Sofia reached up to unbuckle and unzip my pants. I lifted my hips briefly and helped her push my pants and underwear almost down to my knees. Then she grabbed my bare cock and started stroking me as the precum flooded out of the foreskin. My big cock was now hard and sticking straight out and my huge balls were hanging down over my thigh. She leaned over and scooted back to the left on the couch, which pulled her tit from my mouth. As she scooted into place, her mouth was inches from my wet cock head, and her skirt pushed up when she scooted over. Because she wasn’t wearing any panties, I was only inches from her exposed, wet and pleasantly-aromatic pussy.

Her labia were thick and puffy and covered with a neatly-trimmed, thick bush of black hair. The hair was glistening with her natural juices that were just pouring out of her hot vagina. As she covered the head of my cock and sucked my oozing foreskin into her mouth, I covered her labia with my mouth and started sucking and tonguing her. Her clit was huge and as thick as my thumb and about one and a half inches long.

I concentrated on sucking it as she squirmed and pushed herself into my face. We sucked each other in that side-by-side position for at least fifteen minutes. She was eventually able to take about seven inches of my thick cock into her mouth. Then she stopped sucking me for a moment and said, “Fuck me Matt, fuck me with you huge cock. I’ve just got to feel you inside my pussy and filling me with your cum.”

I was all too happy to fuck this luscious woman. My problem was that I didn’t have a condom and I remembered what Tommy told me earlier. So I said, “Sofia, I’d love to fuck you, but Tommy told me that you aren’t on birth control any longer. I don’t have a condom and have never used them. I was able to make Sandra pregnant with Tommy on the first try. We might just have to be happy with oral sex for now.”

Sofia then rolled onto her back and pulled me around on top of her as she said, “Don’t worry about wearing protection Matt. I think I’m in the safe part of my cycle and we should be okay fucking. Come on Matt, fuck me, I want your huge cock in my tight, little pussy right now.”

I leaned down to kiss Sofia as I swiveled my hips until I felt the head of my cock start to part her sweet, wet labia. She placed her legs around my ass and pulled me farther into her wet cunt. I was overwhelmed with lust at fucking this beautiful lady. I could tell that the thickness of my cock was a little painful for her at first. We slowly pressed against one another until I felt myself bottom-out on her womb. I still had two more inches to go. So we continued softly pressing until I felt her cervix shift upward and I was suddenly all the way in her sweet cunt, with our pubic bones pressed together. I then stroked slowly in and out of her as she continued to adjust to my size. After only a few minutes we were fucking hard and fast.

She was having almost continuous orgasms and moaning loudly as I continued to fuck her. I was amazed at how long I lasted, given that I had been sucking her tits and she had been sucking my cock. I had not fucked a pussy this tight since my days in college. It felt like she was clamping down on my cock with her flexing vagina. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply and passionately as we sucked each other’s tongues.

I finally couldn’t resist anymore, and my cock was pulsing and throbbing as I sprayed my semen and sperm right into her cervix. This was my biggest orgasm in years. My cock just kept pulsing and pulsing as I filled her with my thick cum.

I held myself in her for a few minutes as we both recovered from our orgasms. She continued to flex her cunt, milking every last drop of my cum out of me. Then she stopped kissing me long enough to say, “Keep that thick cock in me for as long as you want. I’ve never had a continuous orgasm like that before, and had no idea how much more satisfying a big cock would be. Tommy’s little dick doesn’t even begin to qualify as a fuck after experiencing your huge fuck meat. Promise me that we can do this every chance we get.”

Then I said, “Sofia, you are amazing. I’d love to fuck you anytime. But I don’t think it will be that easy to get together after Tommy gets home.”

Sofia smiled at me and said, “Just let me worry about Tommy.”

We went up to her bedroom and fucked again that Friday night, after resting for a while. As we were recovering from our second fuck Sofia looked down on the bed and said, “Wow, you really shot a lot of cum into me. Look at the size of this wet spot and your thick cum pooled on the sheet. I’m glad we had a cover on the couch. I’ll need to wash it and these sheets. Tommy barely makes any mess on the bed when we fuck.”

It was amazing being with Sofia to have sex at least twice a day until Tommy got back home the following Friday night. We always started out with me sucking her big tits and draining her sweet milk. Then we had oral sex for the longest time. I really enjoyed sucking on her always-juicy, hairy pussy and her large clit. She sucked my cock, but also my big balls.

One night we had a new experience when we were in a 69 position with her on top. She slid down farther to better suck my balls and perineum. In that position her gorgeous ass was right in front of my face. I lifted my head as I reached up with my hands to spread her ass cheeks and pressed my face between them. I then started sucking and licking her damp crack which was wet with her pussy juices from earlier and the sweat of the day. I soon found her asshole and tongued and sucked her there. She was squirming and writhing with lust. She took my balls out of her mouth long enough to say, “No one has ever sucked my ass like that. What a nasty fucker you are.”

Sucking her milk-filled tits always got both of us aroused very quickly. I didn’t know whether her passion had anything to do with her Latina heritage, but I was sure happy for whatever was causing it. Our evenings always ended with us fucking, and she could never seem to get enough of my big cock. She usually held me in place with her legs wrapped around my thighs, just to enjoy the feeling of being stretched that way.

On the Thursday night before the Friday evening that Tommy was coming home, Sofia said, “Tommy’s flight is scheduled to arrive at 7:30 pm tomorrow, and based on his previous trips I expect him to be home at about 8:30 pm, and certainly no earlier than 8:15 pm. I don’t know when we’ll be able to fuck again. So I would like you to come over as usual and fuck me twice, and then leave at about 8:00 pm. Please don’t think I’m perverted or anything. I just want two fresh loads of your cum in my pussy before he gets here.”

I went over there on Friday as she wanted. We had some of our best sex ever. The thought of Tommy coming back home, knowing that I had been fucking his unprotected wife with my bare cock, and filling her time after time with my semen and sperm, was making me more and more aroused. I was a little suspicious of why Sofia wanted to have fresh loads of my cum in her pussy when Tommy got home. I wasn’t really concerned about it as long as I was able to fuck her and ejaculate into her.

On Saturday morning I got a call from Tommy at about 9:00 am, just after Sandra had left home for work. He said, “Hi Matt, I guess you know that I got home last night, and Sofia had a big surprise for me. I was wondering if you could come over this morning so we can talk about it. Just come up to the bedroom so the three of us can talk.”

I couldn’t tell from his voice whether he was angry or upset with me. I knew that I would likely have to face the music for fucking his wife. It was one thing to warn him that I might not be able to control myself around her alone. Now it had actually happened. I not only had oral sex with Sofia, but fucked her. We also had sex many times for over a week, and not just a one-time accident. But in the back of my mind I wasn’t that concerned, especially since he wanted me to come straight up to their bedroom.

When I walked into their bedroom they were both sitting on the bed in their underwear. They were both smiling at me as Tommy said, “Come on in and have a seat on the bed Matt. I’ll try to get through this. When I got home last night Sofia wanted me to come to bed with her right away. She wanted me to eat her out, like we usually start our fuck sessions. But this time I got a big surprise. Her pussy hair was matted with cum and it was still flowing out of her. The aroma of semen was stronger than it usually is when I eat her out after we fuck.”

He paused and looked over at Sofia for a moment, as if to gain his courage. Then he continued, “Well, it was very obvious that she had been recently fucked. And the aroma and sight of her cum-covered pussy aroused me so much that I covered her pussy with my mouth and sucked out all of that cum. Then Sofia told me the whole story of how she had seduced you by having you suck her lactating tits. She said that you two have been sucking and fucking one another for over a week, and without wearing protection. She also told me that your cock and balls really are as big as you told me a couple of weeks ago. I know that you warned me about something happening, and I know that Sofia actually initiated everything. So I’m not mad at you Matt. In fact, I have a request. I’d like to watch you fuck Sofia up close. Please come fuck her right now from the rear while I’m under her in a 69 position. I’ve just got to see your long, thick cock sliding into her hairy pussy.”

They could tell by the smile on my face that I was very happy to fuck Sofia again. I didn’t have to say a word as Tommy and Sofia removed their underwear. I also removed all of my clothes. They quickly moved into position on the bed, and Sofia’s gorgeous, full ass, perfectly framing her fat-lipped pussy, was right in front of me for the taking. I got on my knees behind her and looked down to see Tommy’s smiling face between her legs and just below her pussy. I started pressing my cock head into her wet and hairy cunt. Since we had been fucking all week, I could easily slide into her pussy and was soon all the way in her.

I could feel Tommy’s lips on her clit and labia as I started slowly stroking her, and I held myself still in her for a moment at the bottom of each stroke. My cock slid across his mouth, and each time I was fully in her I could feel him lick and suck my balls and the base of my cock. I was so aroused at this situation that I had to concentrate to keep from ejaculating too soon. Just the thought that I was again fucking this beautiful, big-breasted woman, and also having Tommy suck my balls and shaft, was truly overwhelming.

We fucked for another ten minutes as I could hear and feel Sofia having almost continuous orgasms and Tommy was more actively sucking my genitals. And finally I couldn’t hold back any longer. I held my cock head right against her cervix as I once again filled her womb with a huge load of my semen and sperm. I then pulled out of her sweet pussy and moved back slightly as I watched Tommy close his eyes in lust and cover Sofia’s pussy with his mouth.

He sucked and licked hard to make sure that he got as much of my fresh, frothy cum out of her cunt as her could. Then he looked up at me and smiled, as he reached his hands behind my thighs to pull me closer. His mouth closed around my slimy cock head and foreskin and he began sucking and licking to get our fuck juices and the remnants of my cum that was still oozing from my urethra and foreskin. He even sucked my balls to get them clean. Even after all of the fuck juices were gone, Tommy continued sucking my cock and I started to harden again as I slowly fucked his mouth.

I pulled away and we all lay back on the bed to rest. Then Tommy said, “Fuck Matt, eating your cum and sucking your cock and balls was everything I thought it would be and more. I have been secretly fantasizing about watching another man with a huge cock fucking Sofia, and then sucking her clean and sucking his cock. And when you told me about your big cock and balls the other day, and also that you didn’t trust yourself with her, I was hoping that my first experience would be with you.

I have been in the shower room with a lot of men, but have never seen a cock or hanging balls as big as yours. And damn, your cum-load was just huge too, and tasted much better than my own cum. I know that Sofia wants to continue fucking you. So please tell me that you two will continue making me her cum-swallowing cuckold husband.”

This was the beginning of an intense cuckold relationship for the three of us. And somehow we were able to meet and fuck with Sandra never finding out. One of the good things was that even if there were periods when we couldn’t meet together, Tommy was always willing to give me a quick blowjob in the office. I don’t know how he got this way. Maybe it was submissive feelings from having a small dick. Whatever the cause, I was getting all of the pussy and having all of the ejaculations that I could handle. But then two weeks after Tommy came home, he and Sofia got another big surprise.

Sofia missed her period and we found out that she was pregnant. It was obvious from the estimated inception date that I had gotten her pregnant. Tommy and Sofia were very understanding and just happy that a close friend of the family was the father.

But knowing that she was pregnant caused another change in Tommy. He no longer had to worry about his friends impregnating Sofia. With the experiences he had with me fucking his wife, he slowly became submissive enough to allow some of his friends to fuck Sofia. His only rules were that he got to participate, and only his friends with the biggest cocks could fuck her. For him now, the thrill of watching her be fucked and him cleaning her up was stronger than any embarrassment that he might suffer with his friends. And he also enjoyed sucking their cocks even away from the cuckold activities.

So now that Tommy and Sofia are enjoying having his friends fuck her, I’m not able to get as much of her sweet pussy as I used to. But I know that after the baby is born and Tommy is once again afraid of his friends impregnating her, that I’ll get my chance to be the primary provider of big cock and cum in their lives.

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