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I Knocked On Her Back Door

while her lovers entered from the front!
I suppose it even happened to cavemen. You come home from a hard day of hunting dinosaurs with a club and find your woman in the back of the cave getting boinked by another caveman.

Of course, being a sensitive, considerate caveman with a tiny dick, what else can you do except sit out in front of the cave and let them finish.

It wasn't the first time a girlfriend had cheated on me. But I didn't think Mary would. And not in my own bed.

I was twenty-nine, she was twenty-two. She'd had only one boyfriend before me, and one drunken screw at a party. She was pretty, though not in a sexy way, with long dark hair and big brown eyes, small but round breasts, and a gorgeous perfect behind.

She wasn't all that great in bed. Mostly, she just laid there. If she got excited she might moan a little, usually while I was licking and sucking her love button. If she was really turned-on, she might go "Oh, yeah," a time or two as she came. But she did let me fuck that glorious ass whenever I wanted to, which was all the time, and I had no complaints.

That Saturday morning as I let myself into my apartment she was practically screaming, "Oh, yeah! Oh, Yeah! OH, YEAH!"

I sat on the front porch swing, waiting to see who would emerge. A guy she'd been recent roommates with in college? One of her step-brothers, whom she'd admitted to sucking off naked a few times?

About ten minutes later, my landlord came out with another guy. A handyman, a carpenter, maybe, or a plumber.

"Hey, Greg," I greeted him.

"Hey," he said. "How's it going?"

I waited another ten minutes. The guy must have left through the basement and out the back door.

Mary was standing at the kitchen sink, in the short silk Japanese robe I'd given her to wear when she visited, washing a few coffee cups.

I kissed the back of her neck.

"Hi, Honeybuns," I said.

"Hi, Guy," she said. She always called me "Guy" when she was feeling friendly.

Maybe she had been masturbating, which she claimed she never did, anticipating my arrival.

I knelt and lifted the back of the robe and kissed that incredible ass. She gave me a little coo of appreciation. Juice was oozing down her inner thighs, some of it obviously another man's seed. She smelled like cunt and cum and raw fuck.

I covered her buns in kisses, then licked my way down her asscrack and tasted her back door. She was agreeable, so I stood and whipped out Junior, all three inches of him rock hard and ready, and plunged him into her chocolate. About five seconds later I came super hard, as I always did.

I knelt again and licked her clean, then turned her around and began sucking her clit. It was like giving a blow job, though neither of us had ever acknowledged it. I kept sneaking my tongue down to taste her wetness. I guess I still wanted to believe I was wrong, but I could taste him. The guy didn't even have enough respect to pull out and squirt. A minute or so later, she rewarded me with a little "ooh" and came.

"Thanks, Guy," she told me. "What do you want for lunch?"

I didn't know what to say. When she got out of the shower, I asked, "How's Danny?"

Danny was her step-brother. He'd been going through a bad divorce and she'd let him play with her pussy a few times while she blew him. She didn't consider that sex, just a silly favor to ease his anguish.

She looked embarrassed. "He's fine," she said. "I think he has a girlfriend."

Did that mean she wasn't blowing him anymore? Or was she the girlfriend?

I waited for her to confess, but she didn't. Instead, we had lunch.

As I said, she wasn't the first girlfriend to cheat on me. I always blamed it on Junior. He wasn't much in the Fuck Department, though I tried to make up for it with my talented tongue. I'd given Mary her first orgasm. Right after I'd made mad passionate love to that perky pooper of hers the first time.

I didn't want to lose Mary. For the first time, I decided to let a girlfriend cheat. She would get over it or dump me. Either way, I would have to live with it. I didn't want to live without her. Maybe I was falling in love.

The next Saturday morning, I managed to get off early again.

She was lying on my bed, on her belly, the sheet over her. Naked. Again, I began with that sweet buttinski. She got up onto her knees and stuck it up in the air for me. I could smell fuck perfume again. This time I got Junior wet in her cream pie before I dipped him into her chocolate. Her cunt was big and wet. She'd been fucked, alright. And someone had a big one.

When I turned her over and went down I could see how open and red she was. She'd been fucked ragged.

"Do you ever hear from Jeff?" I asked when she was done. Jeff was her old roommate.

"Not since graduation," she said.

Was she lying? I didn't think so.

The next Saturday she greeted me at the door. Naked. With her pussy shaved bald.

This was 1977, and you didn't see that, not even in magazines. We had joked about it. I'd told her she would look cute like that. She'd said I was a dirty old man, because her chest was flat. It wasn't, but close.

"Do you like it?" she asked, giving herself a feel.

Even just standing there it was apparent she'd just had her bald beaver stuffed. I dragged her into the bedroom, and not by her hair. I spread her legs wide and dove in, licking and sucking the love goo from her ripe steamy fucker. With no hair to hide it, did she really think I couldn't tell she'd been fucking like a mink behind my back, in my own bed?

A few hours later, she called me from home.

"Is it okay if I show it to Danny?" she asked me, shy.

Would she call to ask that if she was secretly fucking him every Saturday morning? I didn't know what to think.

"Are you going to suck him off?" I had to ask.

"Don't talk dirty," she said. "He really needs it. You said it was okay."

"Okay," I said, with a sad sigh. I had to wank, thinking about what they were doing. She never sucked me. Lucky Danny.

The next Saturday I called in sick. This time I hid on the roof of a nearby building, where I could see the front and back doors. The only people who came and went lived there. Greg, the landlord, arrived with another handyman. It was an old building. Something was always going wrong.

I waited an hour and saw nothing unusual. This time, however, if she was with someone, I wasn't going to leave. A caveman needs to know.

I let myself in as quietly as I could. I could hear her going at it in the bedroom. She wasn't there yet, just up to the "Oh, yeah" stage.

I opened the bedroom door.

Greg was sitting on the bed, naked, legs apart, his big cock stuck in Mary's mouth. The handyman was behind her, pounding her puss like a Neanderthal. His dick was even bigger.

"Come on in and join the party!" Greg told me.

Mary glanced back at me, a little guilty, then went back to eagerly blowing him.

"She still has one hole that ain't occupied!" Greg said, laughing.

It was true. She did.

And it was my favorite one.

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