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Ingrid, Willem and Jan: Happy or Unhappy End?

Ain't she sweet?

I was lying on Ingrid’s couch, completely exhausted with sexual and emotional tension. I had wanted to go home, but it had been too late to catch the bus, so Ingrid allowed me to stay overnight. After reminding me, with a naughty grin, “But please don’t forget our little agreement! You’re not to come while you’re under my roof!” But she and Willem had gone upstairs, to her bedroom.

And there I was. Horny and desperate. As long as Ingrid was with me, looked at me, smiled at me, said sweet things to me, it had still been bearable. But now she had left me, black despair struck in full force. Oh God, such a beautiful woman! And then seeing her climax in someone else’s arms, before my very eyes!

It had been a real comfort that she had enjoyed my admiring gaze so much during her hot sex, but now she had gone. Out of reach, and now out of my sight as well. Tears welled up in my eyes.

And I was still so horny. Desperately horny. All that sperm that had accumulated during that long hot evening, and couldn’t get out now, because I had promised not to relieve myself if she wouldn’t choose me … It even didn’t seem worthwhile if I couldn’t release it with her.

But it burned and tormented my balls, and Ingrid’s face burned in my memory, contorted with pleasure as it had been during her orgasm. And the memory made my seed burn even more in my loins, and tortured with unrequited desire.

My glans touched the seat of the couch, and involuntarily I moved it to and fro a bit. My cock shivered with pleasure. Why shouldn’t I go on with that? With fucking the couch in the place where her divine ass had been? I had promised her I would not masturbate. But I was beginning to feel that promise was becoming untenable. Why should I still keep it, when she payed no attention to me anymore? Heartless bitch! Why should I not empty my balls on her couch, if I wasn’t allowed to empty them in her?

Then I heard footsteps on the stairs. Ticking woman’s heels. And I heard them tick on the floor in the corridor.

I sat up breathlessly. It could only be Ingrid. Would she finally come to me then?

And yes … the door opened and she entered the room.

Here starts:


She looked at me for a moment, and said softly:

“How do you feel, darling?”

“Horny and desperate!”, I said truthfully.

“I can see it. It looks as if you’ve been crying!”

She sat next to me on the couch and caressed my arm and my cheek, and stroked my hair.

“Now I feel less desperate, now you’re touching me,” I said.

“You are crying again! Poor darling. I won’t torment you anymore!”

She took my head between her hands and kissed my lips softly but passionately.

“I love it you’re so horny! But I don’t want you to be desperate. It’s only a game, Jan. An unbelievably hot, kinky game, I never came so intensely before! And I found it really very, very sweet of you that you were willing to play it with me. But it should remain a game, it should not become bitter reality. It seemed the ultimate hot humiliation to leave you alone, but then I remembered your face, and I felt I was really to harsh on you. Willem said it too: ‘I think you are really breaking him up now, you mustn’t do that, Ingrid’. So I got up and came to you.”

“Oh Ingrid, everything’s fine already! You’re not only the most beautiful woman on earth, but you’re also super, super sweet!”

Meanwhile, Willem had also entered the room and stood by, with a broad grin on his face.

Ingrid looked at me tenderly and smiled.

“I really noticed you during that hot sex with Willem. I felt exquisitely caressed by your male look! But I’ve got my stiletto heels for love and pleasure, not to wound and torment men.

To show you what I mean, I want to relieve you of all that sperm you’ve built up in your balls this evening! I find it very sweet of you that you’ve not already satisfied yourself, for now I can still do it. Where will you take me?”, with her most alluring smile.

I said, “May I really say it? Then I want you in your mouth! But please, let me do the same for you first.”

Ingrid said laughingly, “Oh Jan, haven’t you done enough already for my pleasure?”

But Willem said, “We guys really love your orgasm, Ingrid! Jan even loved it when I was giving it to you. Isn’t that true?” I agreed. He went on, “So, please allow him to give you one, too!”

Ingrid smiled and said, “You’re both so sweet! Allright, eat me first, then I’ll eat you!”

She sat on the couch and I knelt before her. I asked, “How do you like it best?” “Please, make your tongue broad and caress my clit with it! But softly, please. And when you move up, can you put the tip of your tongue between my labia, before you reach my clit?”

I did as she asked. Very soon she uttered quivering sighs. “Oh! This is so delightful! Please don’t stop now!” She dug her fingers in my hair and het sighs turned into moans. “Oh Jan, your tongue is so sweet!”, she groaned. I looked at her face, insofar as I could see it from my position, and I saw she had opened her mouth and I heard her panting with pleasure.

“Oh Willem! Please suck my nipple again!”

I saw him doing that, while I caressed her pussy with my tongue as lovingly as I could. Her sighs and moans became little cries now. She really tugged at my hair now and I felt her body tensing all over …

And then with several loud screams, she came again. I felt her woman’s cum wetting my lips.

She sighed once more and said, “You can stop now, darling.” Willem said, “You almost pulled out his hair! You were grasping it as if he were your slave!” “Oh my God, did I really do that? Oh Jan, I’m so sorry!”

But I said, “You don’t have to apologize! When a woman does that, I’m sure she really likes what I’m doing.”

She laughed, “Thank you very much, you’re completely right! Now let me do the same for you. But what’s that wetness on your face?” “It’s your woman’s cum! You had quite a lot of it.” She was a bit startled, but then she said, “Nice! Please kiss me, with my juice on your lips!” And we kissed, and I almost felt I’d faint for joy.

Then she squatted between my legs and stroked my hard cock. She licked the yearning red glans and took it between her full lips. I shivered with pleasure.

She asked: “How do you like it best?”

“Please put your lips just over my glans, you don’t have to take it in any deeper, and move them softly up and down. And please tickle the tip of my cock, at the backside of my cock, with the tip of your tongue.”

And oh God, she did! Oh, what bliss after all that pain. Shivers of pleasure went through my cock. Her fingers softly caressed my balls.

This couldn’t possibly last long after all that sexual tension during the whole evening. I asked if I should warn her when I’d start to come.

She looked up and laughed. “Won’t I notice that myself? I want you to think of nothing anymore, just to feel what happens in your body. And I want to hear you scream like a beast when you come in my mouth!”

My God, what a woman! The tingling feeling in my cock and my balls became stronger and stronger. And stronger. And stronger. I couldn’t possibly stop it anymore if I had wanted to. It grew and grew, became more and more fiery AND MORE FIERY, BECAME OVERWHELMINGLY UNBEARABLY DELICIOUS!!

And I screamed like a beast, as she had told me to do, while my sperm surged in hot spasms through my cock and squirted into her divine mouth. I heard low sounds coming from her throat as she tried to swallow it.

And I kept coming and coming, wave after wave continued to squirt from me. I had produced so much sperm during that long hot evening, that it seemed to take an endless time before my balls had finally emptied themselves.

Exhausted and panting I laid down on the couch. Ingrid stood up and looked at me, smiling softly.

“Did I give you some compensation, after I made you suffer so much you were in tears?”

“Oh Ingrid! Your stiletto power is overwhelming!”

And Ingrid kissed my lips softly and tenderly.

“This is the beginning, Jan, the struggle continues! In high heels!”

And Willem beamed at me and said, “Isn’t she amazing? We’re the luckiest guys on the planet, you and I!”


So this is the Happy End. Now, if you like to read the Unhappy End, start again from the beginning up to the beginning of the Happy End, but skip that and continue right here. If you’ve got the nerve.


She looked at me for a moment, but then went on to the little closet under the TV. She rummaged in a drawer (leaning forward a bit, her delicious buttocks a bit backward) and took something from it.

It was a big vibrator. She smiled at me and said:

“I’ve got that downstairs to use when I’m bored with TV. But now I need it with Willem!”

“Oh Ingrid! I thought you came for me!”

She looked at me searchingly.

“Can you still handle it, here on the couch?”

“I am horny and desperate!”

She again looked at me searchingly, but her smile positively mocked me now.

“You’re a bit late in realizing that! It was your own idea, remember? You proposed yourself I’d choose one of you, then only one man would remain unsatisfied, but otherwise all three of us. And that’s how we agreed to do it. The one I wouldn’t choose would have to give up his chance of an orgasm. And I didn’t choose you, so you know very well what’s your part of the deal now. You knew that from the beginning, didn’t you? I’m sure you already knew when you made that awfully hot proposal!”

“I didn’t really know, but I felt something between you and Willem.”

“Your head didn’t know, but half consciously you knew very well. Your Freudian Id knew it, the consciousness of your cock and your balls. They felt my cunt longed for Willem’s cock, and they found it a horny idea to be present. To be there when Willem’s cock and my cunt would finally meet. And my cunt found it horny too, so your cock and your balls have had things their way. Just admit it!”

“It was really super horny, the tension of our game.”

“And there was another moment like that. When you were doing my dishes, and encouraged me to go dancing with Willem again. Then your cock and your balls made you step aside for my pleasure. Your cock and balls are true gentlemen! And my cunt is very grateful to them. Your cock and balls know more about sex than you do. And when you saw Willem en me fuck-dance, you suffered but you found it terribly exciting too. Just admit it! So be a gentleman again now, Jan, and keep your part of the deal. My cunt will be eternally grateful, let that be your consolation.”

“I’ll do my best. Please, why did you come to get that vibrator?”

“Oh, my cunt just loves to tell your cock and your balls. Willem wants to fuck my ass. But then I also want something nice in my cunt!”

“And I can’t be there?”

“Can you bear to watch that too, then? Well, my ass would be as grateful as my cunt to you! But I don’t want to overload your balls!”, she said with a positively satanic smile. “Are you sure? Really, really sure? Well then, come upstairs with me!”

And so I followed her on the stairs. I was mesmerized by her heels ticking on the steps, her shapely calves firm thighs wiggling ass …

I noticed her neck was still bare. Some locks of het hair had come loose, but she still had it pinned up, as I had asked her at the beginning of our game. And she still had it up after all that hot sex!

She entered her bedroom. Willem was waiting for her expectantly. She knelt before him on the bed and said, “Now fuck my ass! Jan must help with the vibrator.”

And I saw Willem slowly pushing his cock’s head into her tiny hole. Ingrid gasped. Willem pushed his thick shaft further in, and then rhythmically moved it in and out of her, almost leaving her ass, then pushing it in almost to the hilt.

Ingrid moaned gruntingly. “Oh! Oooh! Oooh this is so heavy … Ahh … Oooh!” Willem asked, somewhat concernedly, “I hope I’m not hurting you?” “No you’re not! Please go on! But this is so intense … Oooh! Your cock is stretching my ass so much! Ahhh …”

Then she handed me the vibrator. “Put it on and stick it into my cunt! But do it without touching me.” I did as she said. Her cunt was all wet and dripping, a clear sign she really enjoyed feeling Willem’s shaft in her ass, moving in and out, stretching her.

But the vibrator really drove her crazy. She began to utter quivering sighs that soon changed into little screams.

We went on for a few minutes. Her face was all aflush now, grimacing with pleasure, sweaty as it had been when she came the first time, fuck-dancing with Willem. But now she had his cock in her ass and the vibrator in her cunt.

Then her body tensed all over and with several loud screams, she came again. Her woman’s cum was so plentiful it squirted all over my left hand that held the vibrator. It went on and on, and I began to wonder if she’d stop coming.

But slowly her face and her body relaxed, her screams turning to sighs. “Oooh! Willem, please come too!” And Willem screamed again as he had done the first time when he had squirted his sperm into her cunt, but this time into her ass. Ingrid grunted contentedly.

My poor balls still ached all over. Yet I didn’t feel so bad anymore. She had let me help her come with the vibrator, so things were moving between us after all! Allthough I had no idea how far they would move.


The next day I received a message from her on my telephone. I read, “Hello darling, I find it really very, very sweet of you that you were willing to play my hot game really to the end! Look at the image below for a description of my feelings.”

Below the text I saw an image of a red heart, like on a Valentine’s card. But in the heart there was a big moist cunt, also quite red, with sex juice oozing out of it.

“I hope you can believe me, but I never came so intensely as with Willem and you! I can hardly wait for our next evening together.”

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