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Internet Cuckold

Husband talks his wife into signing on to Lush with spectacular results
Internet cuckold co-authored by LustyLynn

“It’s your own fault, dumb ass!” my mind screamed, as I wiped another load of cum out of my belly button. “How did it get to this?” I asked myself as I looked at my wife of twenty years lying across from me with a huge dildo sticking out of her pussy. She lazily played with her swollen red clit. The half hour is almost up and I’ll have more work to do.
I was the one that talked her into getting an account on Lush. I had even created it for her. I also encouraged her to read many stories, especially the cuckold stories, and chat with strangers.

My wife, Lynn, and I are in our early forties and have let kids and work take over our sex lives. We met in High School and were each other’s first, and only, sexual partners. Sex had become infrequent and routine. It didn’t help that neither of us took care of ourselves. Thus, a few extra pounds made my wife shy about showing her 36DDs and fantastic curvy body. However, it was not a surprise when she began to gain confidence with all the encouragement from Lush members.

It was a thrill when she posted her first pictures, exposing her self to anyone who looked at her profile. Her avatar started with as a un-descript picture, which she changed to one that showed her naked breasts. Her friend list quickly grew with mostly middle-aged men. However, there were quite a few women and younger guys too.

It was oddly exciting to watch my wife sit with her laptop, chatting with strange men. She would giggle at their comments and politely decline their propositions for cyber sex. That is, until she accepted a friend request from a member who went by the name “teninchblkbull”.

His profile showed he was from Jamaica. He was well educated, played several musical instruments and was very athletic. It was also evident he had a huge, uncut black cock and had a penchant for white women . . . married white women. He had several images of white women getting their pussy stretched by his enormous cock.

His dark skin made a striking contrast to their white bodies. Each picture seamed to have a wedding ring glinting as they gripped some part of his masculine figure. Additionally, there was an album on his page titled “White Trophies” with several pregnant ladies standing next to him holding his massive tool in their left hand.

He asked my wife if her husband had any problem with her chatting with him, she told him, that I had encouraged her. He said, "A lot of older men enjoyed the thought of a powerful black man fucking their wife."

The next thing I know my wife unbuttoned her top and began to squeeze and pinch her nipple. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“He told me to,” she replied.

Next, she unbuttoned her jeans and stuck her hand down her pants. She had a little trouble typing with one hand, but kept at it. My wife surprised me when she stood up and removed all of her clothes.

Naked in our living room, Lynn sat down and spread her legs. She glided her hand down to her dripping wet pussy. Then slowly started to slide her fingers inside, massaging as she came out, she was really starting to get a good rhythm going.

I released my hard, six inch, member from my jeans and stroked up and down slowly as I watched her chat and finger fuck herself. I don’t think she even noticed as I quickly ejaculated onto my stomach.

It didn’t take long for her breath to become ragged. My wife shuddered and bucked in the throws of her orgasm and cried out “Oh James!” as she came. A chill ran up and down my spine because my name is Scott. She hasn’t called out my name during sex in a very long time.

Surprisingly, I was hard again and ready to take my rightful place between her legs. I wanted to lick her to another orgasm and then slide my hard dick into her hot oven. But my wife of twenty-five years pushed me away and said, “That’s not for you.”

“Not for me? What the fuck?” This was not what I expected when I encouraged her to spice up our sex life.

“Hey, this was your idea.” She retorted, rather curtly.

“James doesn’t want me to cum until next week, when we chat again.”

Did I just hear you say, “James doesn’t want you to cum?”

“Yep, I had to give him control of my pussy for a month to keep chatting with him.”

“You can jerk your little dick off this month, while I play with James.”

Dejected and a little hurt, but still hard as a rock, I got up to go jerk off in the bathroom. I passed my wife and saw the laptop that had a picture of what I can only assume was James. He is about 6’4” with an athlete’s body and a black monster of a cock that looked as thick as her wrist. His plum sized testicles hung low and heavy between his thighs. He was a striking male specimen, powerful and confident.

After jerking another load into the toilet, I emerged from the bathroom to find my wife dressed and cleaning the kitchen.

“What was that about?” I asked.

You wanted me to chat with men on Lush,” she fired back.

“Yeah, but I didn’t know you were going to cut me off!”

“James and I are only playing around. It won’t be forever.”

“Well I hope not,” I whined.

“I’ve got some shopping to do before my "chat date" so I’m meeting up with Jen tomorrow.”

The next day I watched some football and puttered around the house. Lynn and Jen were gone about four hours. They entered the house laughing with several plain black bags. I wondered what they had been up to. They walked past me, grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses, went into the bedroom and shut the door without saying a word to me.

There was a lot of laughing for about an hour before the door opened again. My wife came out wearing an incredibly sexy outfit that I had not seen before. Heels, stockings, garter, and push up bra that left her nipples exposed.

I stood up and before I could even comment she said, “Not for you!” grabbed another bottle of wine and went back in the bedroom.

Still in shock, I crept to the door and could swear I heard moaning. I kept listening and then heard a low, wet buzzing sound. The next sound I heard was a scream and not my wife, so Jen must have been having an orgasm. My prick was suddenly hard as a rock and leaking pre-cum into my underwear.

I heard Jen say, “ It’s too bad you can’t cum for a week Lynn. Are you going to be able to resist?”

Lynn said, “James doesn’t want me to, so I won’t.”

I wondered how this guy gained so much power over my loving wife so quickly.

The next few days dragged on. Any sexual advances I made were quickly shut down. Lynn got ready for her date put on makeup and her sexy new outfit. She sat down in the living room and signed on. I was surprised when she opened Skype. I made sure I was standing so I could see the screen, but could not be seen by James.

“Hi sexy.” Lynn said, as James’ picture came up.

James had his shirt off and I could tell Lynn was impressed with his muscular body. James told her she looked fucking fantastic and that he was pleased that she had followed his orders. He asked her if she bought the black dildo he told her too.

“Yes, it’s magnificent,” she cooed

“Is your husband watching?”


“Good. Tell him to get on his knees in front of you.”

She didn’t need to tell me. I dropped to my knees in front of her spread legs. Her panties were already getting soaked with her anticipation. As they talked, she began to rub her sticky pussy under her panties.

“My god James, your cock is so big. That will never fit inside me.”

“Honey, that won’t be a problem,” he said

“I see by your wimpy husband’s picture that his dick is barely average, even for a white guy.”

“It’s always been big enough for me,” she complimented.

That's the one thing she's said since this relationship with James, that actually made me feel good.

“Not for much longer," James said with confidence. That good feeling was starting to fade. He was so sure of himself.

“Have him strip, put on his outfit and go get the dildo.”

“James wants you to get naked and get the new dildo I bought. It is in my nightstand.”

“There is also an outfit for you on the bed.”

Without thinking twice, I lost my clothing. Lynn giggled at my hard bouncing cock as I nearly ran to the bedroom. There was a sexy pair of woman’s panties and ‘fuck me’ pumps that were too large for my wife.

I opened the drawer of Lynn’s nightstand and was confronted with a large, realistic black dildo with huge balls staring back at me. I pulled it out and cradled the weighty black beast. My cock strained against the panties I had just put on.

Lynn giggled and said, “Oh My God, he’s wearing them!” as I clumsily entered the room.

“How did you know James?”

“A lot of husbands are sissies deep down, babe.”

“I never would have thought Scott would wear panties and heels!”

“What a sissy boy you are,” Lynn chided.

I took my spot at her knees holding the large phallus. At nine inches, it was about three inches larger and thicker than my now inadequate prick. I could see her juices lubricating her cunt as she played with her swollen outer lips and clit. I wanted to eat her juicy pussy.

James said firmly, “Tell him to suck my dick to get it lubed up for you babe.”

I heard my instructions and tentatively licked the tip of the large black dildo. My mouth was barely able to accommodate the black beast and I wondered how it was ever going to fit in my wife’s tight pussy. My prick tried to burst through the panties as I salivated all over his cock. My mind could easily imagine this was real.

Lynn exclaimed, “Oh my God James, he’s loving this!”

“I told you he would.” “Now, guide that prick into your wife’s cunt, wimp.”

I pressed the black dildo to the entrance of her juicy vagina. I barley got the head in before Lynn started moaning. Obviously she had no problem imagining it was real. Inch-by-inch she took the cock in. Her pussy lips stretched and gripped at the thick intruder as I pulled out and shoved back in.

“You’ll never satisfy her with your tiny dick again, sissy boy,” James mocked.

The massive dildo bottomed out and it still had an inch or two left. She cried out for James as I began rhythmically fucking her. The orgasm that suddenly shook her body took me by surprise. Her bucking and thrashing about caused enough motion to make me explode in my panties without even being touched.

I had never seen fluid pour out of her like that. She had just ejaculated for the first time. I had to lick the sticky sweet substance from her cunt and the dildo.

“Fuck James, that was amazing!” she said breathlessly

“I’ve never cum like that. I’ve never had that much come out of me.”

“Just think what my real cock is going to do to you.”

“Wait, what?” I perked up

“This isn’t going to happen for real!” I said trying to muster all the manliness I had. “We’re just playing around, remember.”

“Oh, it will happen, wimp. Just wait and see,” James said confidently.

Just then Lynn saw the cum stain in my panties and burst out laughing.

“He’s cum in his panties without even being touched!” she blurted out.

“Fucking wimp. I told you he would get off on this.”

“Switch over to chat babe.”

The cum in my panties didn’t do much for my manliness. They continued to chat for a while as I cleaned up the sticky mess and washed my wife’s new fuck toy.

When I came back in the room I questioned Lynn, “What was that all about?”

“Oh, James has an idea he wants to try. He said, ‘we seem like the perfect couple.’”

“What is this ‘Idea’ he has?”

“You’ll find out in a week or so.”

Over the next week, Lynn continued to put off any sexual advances. She would tell me to think about the other day and then watch me jerk off. To add to my humiliation, she posted pictures of me dressed like a sissy. The hard prick sticking out of the panties and stockings proved to everyone that I liked my new role as a sissy.

The week went glacially slow. I jerked off everyday. I was going crazy wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. The day Lynn and James were to meet online, a strange package with dry ice arrived. Lynn put it straight in the freezer and wouldn’t tell me what it was.

We got ready for the “date” Lynn dressed like a slut and me like a sissy. I was completely shaved from the neck down. Lynn helped me with fingernail polish and make up. I donned black stockings with garter belt, sheer panties, a red corset and high heels. What a sight I was, almost like a woman, yet still a man.

Lynn took the package out of the freezer and told me to get the dildo with the realistic balls. I got the black dildo out of the nightstand and there was a plastic syringe with a tube attached that wasn’t there the first time.

By the time I got out to the living room, James was already online with my wife. He had told her to take the bag and put it in some hot water. The bowl had a bag in it with about a half pint of milky white substance in it. I knew it had to be cum.

“There’s so much James!” Lynn exclaimed.

“I’ve been saving that since we’ve started chatting,” James said.

“Get that dildo ready, sissy,” my wife said.

Without hesitation, I started licking and sucking the realistic cock. I had become a dildo-loving whore for him so quickly. Lynn lay there watching me squeezing her nipples and playing with her pussy, which began to drip in anticipation.

“That bag should’ve defrosted by now. Make a small opening and fill the syringe with my cum.”

It was then that the plan became clear to me. This was his cum and he planned to impregnate my wife by proxy. I didn’t even know if that was possible, but my cock sprang to full attention immediately. I wondered to myself, “Why would I get excited if some random black guy from Jamaica impregnated my wife?” It was so dirty and nasty. Why was I painfully hard?

“Stick the syringe in the base of the cock,” James demanded.

“Okay, ready,” I said

“Now stick it in your mouth. You get the first taste of my cum!”

I had never tasted cum before. I could never overcome the post ejaculation blues, but this was different. I hadn’t cum, so my desire was still high. I wanted to please my wife and strangely James, so I excitedly put the tip to my lip. Lynn giggled as I began to lick and suck the rubber phallus. I began to inject the creamy liquid into my mouth.

It tasted tangy and salty at the same time. I savored the texture and squeezed the syringe. James’ cum shot into my mouth with a surprising force. The silky liquid coated my tongue and the back of my throat. The taste just about overwhelmed me.

“He loves it James!” my wife exclaimed.

“Swallow it bitch!” James demanded.

Down it went without hesitation. I immediately missed the feeling of it in my mouth and wanted more.

“He’s your bitch now, James.”

“Yeah, I thought so.”

“Re-fill the Syringe.”

“Ready,” I said triumphantly after filling the reservoir with sperm.

“Now fuck your wife with my cock.”

My head was swimming and I was high on lust. The cum had started coming out of the tip of the cock and I licked it to make sure it was moist. Lynn was already wet enough to take the dildo without much resistance. I slowly pushed until it was buried to the balls. Lynn groaned with pleasure as the toy filled her completely.

Her pussy gripped the cock as I pulled it out and shoved it back in.

“Fuck that pussy with my black cock, sissy boy, fuck it hard.”

I began fucking her in earnest. Lynn moaned her encouragement.

“When she’s ready to cum, shove it balls deep and squeeze.”

Lynn began screaming obscenities and cried for James to fuck her harder. Her body let me know she was about to cum, so I shoved the cock as deep as it could and squeezed. There was resistance at first, but then I felt the baby making sperm blast into my wife’s unprotected womb. Squeeze after squeeze I emptied the syringe contents into her.

Lynn continued to buck and shudder for at least thirty seconds.

When she calmed down, James said, “Now leave that in her for a half hour.” “I want to make sure my spunk stays where it can work its magic.”

I got up, set the timer and moved to the recliner to get my head around what had just happened, but I couldn’t concentrate because my cock was painfully hard. I had to release it and stroke away my burning desire. My load quickly shot on my chest and stomach and pooled in my belly button.

So here I sit, wiping my spillage out of my belly button. I had to taste myself, just to see if we tasted different. Lynn is lying there playing with her clit, the large black cock still in her freshly fucked pussy. James’ sperm were on their way through her fertile womb to find an egg to fertilize.

The ding of a timer brought us out of our daze.

“Clean her out sissy!” James commanded.

I had more work to do so I moved between my wife’s spread legs and slowly withdrew the thick toy. Her pussy stared back at me, gaping open. Very little cum leaked out of her at first, but then it ran down to her ass so I began to lick it up.

We did taste different and with Lynn's cum mixed in it added a musky flavor. Lynn giggled as she flooded my mouth with their cum. I licked, sucked and swallowed as fast as could. I hardly had time to savor the feeling or taste. I sat back when I was finished and admired my handy work.

“See you next week?” asked James.

“Yes, of course.” Lynn agreed blew him a kiss and signed off.

This went on for a few weeks . . . and yes, it did work. I had a vasectomy, so I knew James was about to be the father of her child.

My wife is going to be one of those white trophies on James’ profile. She’s been pregnant for almost five months now and we have tickets to Jamaica to meet James.

What have I done?

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