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Journey into Cuckoldry - Seventh Heaven

When her lover can't join her - what does a Hotwife do?
It was quite early on Saturday morning when I woke to find the bed next to me empty. My head ached from the previous night’s drinking and dancing so I was somewhat dopey as I entered the kitchen in my boxer shorts and drank two long cool glasses of water.

The sun was gleaming on the surface of the pool and as I stared at its bright reflection, I noticed two familiar shapes low in the water; my lovely wife Alice and our young neighbour Mitch were doing their first hundred lengths of the day.

As I watched, they finished whatever count they were doing, stopped at the pool’s shallow end and stood with their backs to the side, chatting enthusiastically. Alice’s face was bright and beaming as her young athletic friend kept her amused and impressed.

“They’re getting on well,” Carmen said coming up silently behind me, a habit she seemed to have developed deliberately to unsettle me, “but not as well as last night if I recall correctly.”

I grimaced. She certainly was correct. Apart from a great deal of close, slow dancing at the nearby bar-restaurant, I had watched Mitch - partly following an example set by Carmen herself - fondle my wife’s firm buttocks through her dress as they had slow danced in front of me until Alice eventually moved his hands back to her waist.

Her resistance seemed to have taken much longer that it might and afterwards I had watched her unconsciously rubbing herself against his thigh as they had danced through the last remaining songs of the evening.

They had also briefly kissed with mouths accidentally open and tongues in each other’s mouths as we had said our ‘Goodnights’ later.

You won’t be surprised to hear that it hadn’t crossed my mind to intervene at any point to prevent my wife being touched sexually by this young man or to hear that I found it all extremely erotic.

To my surprise, at her instigation and to encourage Mitch, I had fondled Carmen’s rounded, curvy bottom for the first time - though of course nothing like to the same degree as my wife’s buttocks had been enjoyed.

“When shall we tell her?” I asked, coming out of my reverie and referring to the bad news Carmen had told me the previous afternoon that Steve, her husband and my wife’s lover had been so delayed in his business that he would now only arrive in the resort after Alice and I had returned home.

He had first been delayed for two days, then a third, depriving Alice and me of three of the four days and nights of amazing sex and shuddering orgasms that she had been so looking forward to enjoying and I had been looking forward to watching.

We had both been very disappointed by this. I suspected that her current cheerfulness because she expected Steve would arrive in a few hours and that if we were both lucky, before the sun went down he would have fucked her beyond sense and rationality before my eyes.

“We’ll tell her over breakfast,” Carmen insisted, ‘”let’s not spoil her fun now.”

She nodded at the pool where a race was clearly in progress. Alice was half way through a length, swimming quickly with a great deal of splashing and as I watched, Mitch launched himself after her. There was no contest, even with half a length’s lead and with a few powerful strokes Mitch caught up with her and grabbed her legs under the water.

Alice squealed in delight, Mitch grabbed her around the waist, Alice turned towards him, her arms and legs flailing, Mitch pulled her towards him, her legs wrapped themselves around his waist so her bikini bottoms were resting on his swim shorts…

For a moment they froze, staring into each other’s eyes, adjusting their positions, Mitch’s midriff pressed hard against my wife’s bikini clad vulva.

And then Carmen called across the terrace that she and I were starving and that was quite enough exercise for one morning.

Mitch held my wife in his strong arms while she unwrapped her legs from around his thighs and lowered herself into the water. For a moment they both straightened their swim clothes awkwardly, Mitch’s impressive erection impossible to hide under the skin tight material, then climbed the steps out of the pool and crossed to the terrace.

“Will I see you later?” the young man asked as he turned to go into his mother’s villa.

“I hope so,” I heard my wife reply, smiling sweetly as she joined Carmen and me at the table.


Later that morning, the three of us walked slowly through the smart marina a short drive away, staring open mouthed at the lines of sleek, expensive yachts that ostentatiously lined its walkways and their even more ostentatious owners and hangers-on. I loved boats, especially large ocean going yachts and occasionally dreamed of owning one if my lottery numbers ever came up.

Normally I would be transfixed by the multi-million pound line up before us but that lunchtime my attention was fixed on my lovely wife who had taken the news of her lover’s non-arrival in almost total silence – an unusual state that persisted throughout breakfast and she had exchanged very few words with either me or Carmen since.

I was sure I had seen tears rising in her pretty blue eyes too and my heart ached for her though she hadn’t uttered a single word of complaint, perhaps knowing my own disappointment wasn’t far behind hers.

Despite this, she had automatically dressed sexily for the day’s excursion – one that was originally intended to end with the collection of Steve from the airport – and when she came into the lounge from our bedroom I was gobsmacked!

My sweet wife and the mother of our two kids was wearing a pair of shorts cut off so high in the leg that, had she possessed any, her pubic hair would have been clearly visible at the crotch - certainly there was no possibility that she was wearing panties underneath. Added to that were a tight vest top cut just under her breasts which showcased her nipples alarmingly and revealed what was now very nearly a six-pack tummy to match Mitch’s. On her feet she wore a pair of white trainers and short cotton socks, her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore large designer sunglasses.

“Sorry I’m late,” she smiled as I closed my gaping mouth, “Will I do?”

“Wow!” was all I could reply.

Presumably she had intended to arouse Steve from the moment he had arrived and entice him quickly into bed, possibly even enjoying some extremely intimate contact in the back seat of the car as they had when he had first seduced her.

Dressed like that, she would most certainly have been successful and, given her extreme state of arousal and frustration, I would not have expected to see either of them for at least an hour after we had arrived back at the apartment.

As it was, with no lover to collect, I had ample opportunity to watch and admire my wife’s slender body to the full. I wasn’t alone in this as the glances and outright stares from most of the men we passed clearly showed. Alice herself was a little subdued, but still the bright, lovely woman I knew.

“She’s taking it well,” Carmen said eventually as Alice paused to look into the window of a designer clothing store, “at least we didn’t have tears or tantrums.”

“She would never do that,” I chided, “but I feel so bad for her - she’s so frustrated,” I said, “after all the build-up we both gave this holiday, for him not to be here at all...” I let the words hang in the air.

We continued along the quay until lunchtime when we enjoyed a few tapas and a long drink in a waterside restaurant. Then Alice and I strolled along the nearby private beach while Carmen went to buy another new sun dress – there had been a sale in one of the designer shops – and as we walked by the water’s edge I felt my wife slip her arm through mine.

“I’m really sorry about Steve...” I began but she interrupted me.

“No, I’m sorry!” she insisted, “I’ve been selfish all morning. We’re having a great time and I’ve been… distracted… it’s spoiling our last day.”

I squeezed her hand.

“No it isn’t,” I protested, “you’re just disappointed, that’s all. It’s only natural. I’m badly disappointed too. I was looking forward to watching and… afterwards…”

I ran out of words, embarrassed, but Alice hadn’t finished.

“I’m sorry I was mean last night too. I know you only wanted to help. To be honest, in the night I wished you’d given me that orgasm after all. It was such a sweet thought but by then…”

I chuckled. “Well you’d given me what I needed the night before... I just thought…”

“It was a good thought,” Alice smiled and squeezed my hand back. “and we might just have to do something about it and about you later tonight, Cucky Boy,”

I beamed at the thought. “I did bring the condoms…”

“The ribbed and studded ones?” she asked. I nodded. “I thought you might,” she said softly. “You’re a very special person.”

“You’re pretty hot stuff yourself,” I added, a little embarrassed.

Alice grinned, “Then we’re an ideal couple,” she laughed, “if not a very conventional one!”

Her fingers entwined with mine and for a few minutes we walked along the waterline, feeling the cool sea between our toes. I felt so proud of the wonderful, sexy woman by my side; proud that so many men wanted her too.

“I suppose we just built it all up too much,” she continued pensively, “I just got much too excited...”

There was a long pause.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Well...” she sounded hesitant, “well, to be honest, I’m getting a bit... uneasy... about just how much I needed it... just how desperate I felt last night... what I’m turning into...”

“You’re falling in love with Steve?” I asked, worriedly.

“NO!” she replied emphatically, “it’s not that at all! I’m not in love with him! In lust with him maybe but you’re the only man I’ve ever loved! The only reason I can enjoy being fucked is because I know you’re there for me and happy for me.”

I smiled, relieved and took her hands in mine. “So what is it then?” I asked gently.

“It’s... it’s the way he makes me feel... when he...” she looked around as if seeing if anyone could overhear us and her voice became passionate, “when he… he fucks me... it’s just so incredible... so overwhelming... like nothing on earth... I know I just have to have it again... and again! It’s not love; it’s purely physical but… I don’t know…!”

There was a silence.

“Have I shocked you?” she asked anxiously.

“Of course not,” I insisted, “I’ve been there! I’ve seen what it does to you. To be honest it makes me green with envy; I’ve never had an orgasm like that and probably never will! Maybe men can’t feel that way!”

“But it feels like I can’t live without it now! What if I’ve become addicted? Could you live with your wife being addicted to sex?” her voice was low but earnest, “Especially if it’s not always with you?”

For some reason the answer came quickly and automatically.

“Our sex life has never been as exciting as it is now and we’ve seldom been closer,” I replied truthfully, “as long as we’re honest; as long as you don’t fall in love with someone else; as long as our marriage stays strong and we don’t hurt the kids, I can live with you and your addiction!”

“You really mean that, don’t you?” It was more a statement than a question.

“I want you to be happy,” I whispered, “right now, watching you dressing sexily, being seduced and fucked senseless makes me happy too. Very happy in fact. It doesn’t matter if that’s unconventional, it’s our business.”

To my surprised delight she kissed me full on the lips, open mouthed, her tongue reaching deep into my mouth. My arms went round her waist and her arms went around my shoulders. For a long time she hung from me, kissing deeply before finally coming up for breath.

“There aren’t many men who would say that and mean it,” she grinned, “I do love you Cucky Boy!”


We returned to the apartment, changed and went back onto the terrace for a last afternoon of sunbathing. Mitch had clearly been waiting for our arrival because within a few minutes of the girls stripping off and lying topless on their sun beds, he joined us dripping water and full of smiles.

His powerful swimmer’s body looked amazing; the water reflecting the sun’s early afternoon rays. Unsurprisingly the girls both welcomed him warmly despite his apparent inability to look at anything other than their naked breasts.

Carmen pulled a sun bed between hers and Alice’s though he seemed only to have eyes for my wife. For the next few hours his contagious boyish enthusiasm and obvious admiration for her improved the atmosphere still further and the pair of them were soon chatting, giggling and every so often breaking off for sessions in the pool, many of which involved horse-play and a fair amount of shrieking and splashing.

“Kids could always cheer her up,” I said cheerily to Carmen as she lay beside me in the sunshine, but she wasn’t really listening. Instead she just sipped her gin & tonic and watched the two frolickers in the pool with a strange smile on her face.


We had planned a special ‘farewell’ meal for that evening in a Michelin-Starred restaurant about half an hour’s drive away and had booked a table well in advance.

That was when we were expecting Steve to be the fourth person in the party; that he would have spent the evening seducing my wife in front of me and that on our return, the two of them would have had a long and spectacular final mating which Carmen and I would watch and enjoy.

And then afterwards, while Carmen was being fucked senseless by her husband, I had been looking forward to enjoying the increasingly familiar taste of his semen mixed with my wife’s juices - a dish best served fresh from between her lovely sticky thighs.

Of course, now Steve wasn’t going to be present but the lure of this restaurant was simply too great for us to cancel the table so Carmen asked Mitch if he would take his place.

At first, the boy was very anxious about the cost of the meal but she assured him that dinner would be ‘on us’ (meaning on me) and he accepted the invitation with delight.

The table had been booked for eight o’clock - very early by Spanish standards but it was the only slot available and anyway, as Carmen had said when the two of us had originally booked it, an early finish meant there would be plenty of time afterwards for the ‘happy couple to enjoy themselves’ – and of course I had hoped to enjoy myself a great deal too.

For such an event, it was of course necessary for both the girls to spend ages preparing themselves and my job became one of keeping them supplied with the fizzy Cava they both loved for the hour or more they would both need to look their best.

I of course thought they both looked stunning anyway but my opinion didn’t seem to count so I happily assumed the role of butler.

Alice seemed a little subdued but even in disappointment, could not bear to go out looking anything but her sexy best.

“You know I’m happy to help if you need... well, a bit of release. There’s still time,” I offered, placing a refilled glass on the dressing table as she sat in a fluffy white towel and prepared to dry her hair.

She smiled indulgently. “I know you are. Maybe I’ll take you up on the offer later. Have the condoms ready just in case!” the humour in her voice was very sexy.

“Well at least we’ve got a great dinner tonight,” I said enthusiastically, “from what I’ve seen, you’ve been looking forward to the restaurant almost as much as you were looking forward to spending time with Steve...”

She grinned at my obvious exaggeration.

“Nice try, Cucky boy, but I had planned on having both!”

“Having your cake and eating it too?”

“That’s about it!” she chuckled.

I smiled; at least I could still make her laugh.

“And Mitch is coming too, now. He seems to make you smile easily enough,” I hazarded. To my surprise, Alice went a little quiet and blushed.

“He’s funny and he’s good company, but he’s just a boy.”

“He doesn’t look like one or swim like one,” I challenged, “he’s got an incredible physique... and he’s very keen on you.”

“Don’t embarrass me,” she said, her voice telling me she wasn’t really cross, “He’s just being polite. I’m old enough to be his mother.”

“You’ve seen his mother. You’re not a bit like her, my little Hotwife!”

“Isn’t it time to phone the kids?” she frowned pulling a face at me, “You talk to them while I dry my hair.”

Five minutes later my father put the first of our kids on the phone. From the tone of all their voices, it was obvious that both Grandparents and Grandchildren had been having a great week with visits to museums, the seaside, arcades, cinemas, theme parks and more. It was also obvious that our kids would be handed back to us exhausted and utterly spoilt.


It was well past eight o’clock when I paid off the taxi outside the restaurant as the girls chatted happily with Mitch, straightening their dresses and hair before passing through tall wrought iron gates and into the large, white-walled lobby.

We looked good, though I say so myself, and after several drinks at the apartment, were feeling good too. Alice’s good mood had returned and Carmen was positively glowing with energy.

The She-Devil had reverted to the short black figure-hugging dress that showed off her womanly curves to best effect and suited her mischievous personality to a tee. She had tied a thin red sash around her waist, wore high black and red heels on her feet and a red ribbon in her thick black hair. Add some simple but expensive gold jewellery and she just oozed sexuality.

The effect was not lost on our young friend Mitch who had dressed simply if a little old for his years in chinos and a tight polo shirt that seemed designed to show off his muscular build.

If this was his intention then it had certainly worked. Since Alice’s descent into Hotwife status, I had spent many more hours in the gym and had ‘beefed up’ to a physique I hadn’t possessed since my rugby-playing days. But in my tailored white shirt and dark trousers I couldn’t come close to the body Mitch was displaying and which was attracting the attention of both Alice and Carmen and indeed most of the women in the restaurant. I felt a little out-classed.

Alice herself had really made an effort. Dressed again in the simple short red dress that I adored and which had featured before in her infidelities, her newly tanned figure was perfectly if modestly displayed. Framed by a high hemline above and red patent heels below, her tanned legs seemed impossibly slim and improbably long and simply merged into the smooth lines of her slender, boyish hips and waist as the dress’ smooth lines hugged her flat, athletic tummy and equally flat chest, which as usual was unencumbered by a bra.

Her long blonde hair had been curled for a change, hanging loose over the unbroken tan of her shoulders and she wore a red Alice band which matched her dress, shoes and handbag. Though far less overtly sexual than Carmen, my lovely wife looked simply stunning! For that evening at least, we were ‘the beautiful people’.

The night was warm but not oppressive and we were ushered through to the restaurant’s courtyard and sat alongside a shallow pool with a soft fountain. The table was rectangular rather than square or round and for a few moments the English dilemma about who should sit where kept us giggling but eventually Carmen and I sat next to each other on one side of the table while Alice and Mitch sat side by side facing us. No Englishman would expect to sit next to his wife at table; I sat opposite Alice which wasn’t quite ‘de rigeur’ but I couldn’t have asked for a more attractive vista.

And the food was extraordinary, very much living up to the place’s Michelin starred status in both quality and price! Fortunately by the dinner arrived we were all feeling mellow and the fabulous gin and tonics and equally wonderful wines helped cushion the shock when the check eventually arrived - at my place.

Aided by this tipsiness, the conversation flowed freely and Carmen, to my surprise, became extraordinarily flirty, directing her attentions a little towards Mitch but to my surprise mostly in my direction. Before the starters had been served, her chair was so close to mine that our thighs were touching and at many times during the meal I felt her hand on my thigh or even higher, squeezing gently – or not so gently – as the mood took her.

Across the table, Mitch was quiet, as if rather over-awed by his surroundings and his older but stunning female companions, making him appear younger even than his twenty years. This seemed to bring out something of the mothering instinct in both Carmen and Alice who began to try and draw him out of his reticence by asking bolder and bolder questions about himself.

Well, Carmen asked the questions in her rather forceful manner and after a while I noticed my wife was holding his hand under the table in a reassuring, almost protective way.

Once the food had been ordered and the excellent if over-priced wine had been poured, the Carmen Inquisition discovered a great deal about our young friend.

Yes, he enjoyed being at University;

Yes, he found the academic side hard work;

No, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do afterwards but it would be something to do with sport;

Yes, he had a girlfriend at University;

Yes, he missed her;

No, she wasn’t a swimmer;

Yes, he was excited about the prospect of swimming for England!

There was a pause in the interrogation as we ate our starters, which apart from being excellent gave Mitch a chance to draw breath. I noticed Alice smiling indulgently at him and squeezing his hand – having suffered Carmen’s interrogations ourselves on many occasions, she and I could sympathise with his discomfort but in truth were interested too.

Between courses, and as the second bottle of wine was drained into our glasses, our inhibitions loosened a little more and Carmen managed to discover that:

Yes, he was upset at his parents’ separation;

No, he didn’t like his mother’s young boyfriend;

Yes, they did have a lot of loud sex;

Yes, it did embarrass him terribly;

Yes, it did make him miss his girlfriend more;

Yes, they did sleep together (he blushed visibly at this confession);

Yes, he thought having a strong fit body was very important;

Yes, he enjoyed training and helping others to train better;

Yes, he had thought of becoming a coach;

Yes, he thought Alice was really sexy and had an amazing body!

As Carmen extracted this last piece of information, Mitch’s face froze when he realised what he had said and who he had said it in front of! There was a sudden icy pause in the conversation during which he didn’t seem able to look either Alice or me in the eye.

But then Carmen laughed that, if he fancied with Alice, he’d better take his place in the queue with all the other men she had met this week and we all broke out laughing, including Alice who I noticed slipped her arm through his and rested her blonde head playfully on his strong shoulder. Through the glass table top I saw her rub her bare thigh against his leg and his hand slipped silently downwards onto her knee.

She didn’t move it away.

The light hearted atmosphere continued throughout the main course and dessert, all of which were superb; a little over-fancy for my tastes but the girls loved it all. By the time coffee was served and a third bottle of wine finished, Carmen’s chair was pressed so close to mine that she might almost have been sitting on my lap. Certainly her bare thigh was pressed full length against mine and her hand kept straying from my knee to my groin and back as she chatted animatedly.

Across the table, Alice and Mitch were being more reserved despite both being noticeably ‘squiffy’ as Alice put it, but even their chairs were very close together and I could see their legs touching through the glass table top. I could also see the way in which they held hands under the table from time to time, especially when Carmen’s questioning of Mitch became intense or personal.

I also noticed how in response, Mitch had begun to stroke my wife’s thigh and that far from removing his hand, she had perhaps unconsciously allowed her knees to part slightly giving him better access.

Our taxi arrived a little late so after paying the alarmingly large bill, I joined Mitch and the girls for a brief walk around the garden in the cooling night air. Carmen immediately slipped her arm through mine and steered me firmly along the pathway towards the fountain, leaving Alice and Mitch to follow, slightly awkwardly.

“If you’re going to be my date, you might look as if you’re enjoying it,” Carmen whispered, her words slurred.

“I am enjoying it,” I insisted, “but I think you’re up to no good!”

“Then just go with the flow, Mister C,” she replied, “I think you and I can make something of the evening yet!”

She slipped her arm around my waist and we strolled for a few minutes then, reaching the end of the path, turned to re-trace our steps. As we turned, there was a sudden movement in front of us and I noticed Mitch rapidly removing his arm from around my wife’s shoulders then pretending to be pointing at something in the sky.

I smiled inwardly as I escorted Carmen to the waiting taxi.

It was a tight squeeze for Mitch and the two girls in the back seat but interestingly, none of them complained as the taxi drove rather too quickly along the coast road back to the apartment. From my position in the front I could direct the driver to the right block, but was amused to see my wife’s slightly tipsy head resting on Mitch’s shoulder, her eyes closing. I was also surprised to see his hand on her bare thigh, stroking it up and down. The boy was getting bolder.

When we arrived at the apartment block, I paid off the taxi while Mitch and the girls unfolded themselves from the back seat and straightened their clothes once again.

“Well, goodnight and thanks for a really great evening...” I heard Mitch beginning to say behind me. I turned.

“You can’t just leave us now,” Carmen insisted. “It’s only eleven thirty. I’m not nearly ready for my own bed yet!”

I’m not sure whether Mitch caught or understood her use of the word ‘own’ but he smiled.

“Are you sure it’s ok? I don’t want to overstay my welcome… ”

“Certain!” Alice insisted, “We can’t let our last night fizzle out this early!”

I smiled. My wife’s good mood was evident, even if a little alcohol-assistance had been needed. The four of us meandered and wobbled our unsteady way into the apartment and while I opened a bottle of Spanish brandy and passed round the bowl-shaped goblets, Carmen slid the glass terrace doors wide open, letting the refreshing night air into the room.

“Cheers!” she smiled, raising her glass to mine. “To a great meal and… to new friends!”

The four of us clinked our goblets together and sipped the strong coarse liquor. Surprised by its burning, Alice began to cough, her eyes wide and laughing as she bent over. In response, Mitch came instantly to the rescue, patting her unconvincingly on the back then putting his arm around her waist to steady her as she gradually stopped choking and giggling.

“Water!” Carmen commanded, waving me away to the kitchen, “and we’d better get the coffee on too,” she added, following me so closely that she almost pushed me out of the room.

“Don’t worry about that,” she said as I began filling a glass at the kitchen tap, “let’s get the coffee on.” I reached for the tin of ground beans but before I could touch it, Carmen’s hand was on mine. “There’s no hurry, Mister Cuckold,” she said, looking me straight in the eyes, “let’s give them a little bit of privacy.”

The wine and brandy must have taken a bit of a toll on me because it was a good few moments before the implication of what she had said reached the front of my brain.

“Carmen!” I gasped in amazement, “You’re trying to get Alice and Mitch to…” but I couldn’t finish the sentence.

Carmen said nothing but her dark brown eyes sparkled and gleamed in the low kitchen light.

“But he’s so young!” I protested, “Jesus Carmen, he’s almost young enough to be…”

“To be by far the best bet she’s seen in a month!” she cut right across me, “he’s young, fit, gorgeous, quite experienced and, in case you haven’t noticed, the two of them are completely smitten with each other!”

Could it really be true? They had certainly been getting on well but had it meant anything more? Alice had dismissed the idea because of his age but then what about the dancing, and all that holding hands beneath the table at dinner tonight?

Suddenly the idea wasn’t crazy. I picked up my brandy and sipped it deep in thought while Carmen slowly began to make coffee. When she had assembled four small cups and the coffee pot on a tray, she turned to me and whispered.

“You can carry this through to the lounge but go quietly. If things are going well, I don’t want to put him off. He’s still young and might not have the confidence to make love to an older woman. He doesn’t know what a pushover your sweet wife actually is.”

She opened the door and we crossed the hallway in near silence, our feet padding softly on the marble floor. The lounge door stood open and I could see the two potential lovers framed against the large glass windows. They were talking animatedly, facing each other as if to exclude the rest of the world, their bodies so close that their arms and occasionally legs kept brushing against one another. My wife’s face was raised towards Mitch’s, her eyes bright and gleaming with attraction and interest and she kept touching his strong forearm as they chatted.

“For God’s sake… can’t he see she’s desperate for it?” Carmen whispered impatiently in my ear. “Come on, Mister Cuckold!”

She led me into the lounge, still carrying the tray which I placed on the low table. Alice and Mitch paused in their conversation as we arrived and accepted a cup of coffee each from Carmen and a refill of their brandy from me. I noticed Mitch looked a little unhappy at the interruption and that they were careful not to move any further apart but their hands were no longer actually touching.

“I think that brandy has gone to my head a little,” Carmen suddenly announced, taking my arm as if for support, “will you bring my coffee out on the terrace?” she asked me, “I need a bit of fresh air.”

My eyebrows rose sharply, Carmen was quite obviously inventing this but I felt compelled to go along with her plan, whatever it was.

“Of course,” I smiled, “here, take my arm – it’s all right, I can carry that!” I quickly said to Mitch who was about to pick up Carmen’s coffee for her, “she’ll be fine in a while.”

And with that, I led the slightly unstable Carmen through the large glass windows and onto the terrace, leaving my wife and the boy together in the lounge. As we reached the open end of the terrace, Carmen casually directed me to one side as if following the path to the pool but once out of sight, she turned back on her tracks and drew me to a spot hidden from the secluded end of the terrace by the large, aromatic bougainvillea hedge.

“Look!” she hissed, pointing through the hedge.

I looked and realised that the whole of the secluded terrace, the lounge and its occupants, though hidden from prying eyes in other apartments and the pool, were clearly visible to us but that we ourselves were completely hidden from them.

“Wow!” I gasped, surveying the scene, my eyes fixed on Mitch and my wife still standing talking in the lounge. I couldn’t hear their conversation because they had nearly closed the large glass windows but their body language was still as it was before, close but not yet intimate.

“He’s awkward,” Carmen whispered, “she’s telegraphing that she’s available but he hasn’t got the message yet,” she grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet, “Come on, Mister Cuckold!”

I followed her obediently back onto the terrace, puzzled. As we set foot on the tiles, her arm was through mine and her body pressed close as she steered me carefully into a pool of light where Alice and Mitch couldn’t fail to see us then turned to face me and pressed her body full on against mine.

I looked at her, puzzled but before I could open my mouth she slipped her arms around my neck and hissed,

“Kiss me!”

“Wha…?” I stammered.

“For fuck’s sake, Kiss me!” she hissed, pulling my head down to meet her rising lips, “He’s watching!”

In an instant Carmen’s lips were on mine, her mouth open, her tongue forcing my teeth apart and plunging into my mouth seeking mine. At first, this assault shocked me but my body responded instinctively and within a few seconds I had thrown myself into the embrace.

Carmen’s arms gripped my neck more tightly and she pressed her body hard against mine as she sucked on my tongue. I felt my rapidly growing erection pressing hard into her upper belly and my hands fell to her lower back, where they pulled her body hard against mine.

“That’s better, Mister Cuckold!” She whispered, releasing my tongue and sliding her cheek alongside mine. “Now show me you’re not as useless a date as I thought you were. Give me a good groping!”

My hands dropped from her lower back to her buttocks and I obediently began to knead them through her tight black dress, feeling their smooth softness – so unlike Alice’s firm, athletic cheeks that I knew so well. Pressed against mine, Carmen’s whole body was different; softer, sexier and with an aroma so distinctively hers. I inhaled deeply, feeling increasingly aroused by this extraordinary woman who had wreaked such pleasurable havoc in our lives.

As we kissed, I felt Carmen guiding me gently but firmly, her body pressed hard against mine as we slowly turned on the terrace’s edge. My cock was suddenly very hard indeed and pressed into her shapely belly where she deliberately moved from side to side against it. She felt hot, soft and incredibly sexy.

“Careful!” she whispered into my ear, resting her head on my shoulder, “We don’t want any accidents down there, do we?” Her timing was indeed good; I was certainly becoming very aroused. “Let’s see if he’s taken the hint.”

For a second I wondered what she meant and then realised that the She-Devil had simply been manoeuvring me so she could watch Alice and Mitch over my shoulder as wee kissed. I mentally kicked myself for my stupidity but then to my surprise found her lips back on mine and her tongue in my mouth once again. I massaged her buttocks firmly through her dress, feeling their soft femininity under my fingers.

“That’s the way…” she whispered, her mouth breaking free of mine. “Look!”

She carefully turned me round until my face was towards the window. Her lips were still on mine but over her shoulder I could see the action now beginning to take place. Mitch had put down his drink and taken Alice’s fingers in his. He was leaning towards her and, gradually, she was leaning towards him… closer… closer…

As if in slow motion, their lips met, very gently at first as if unsure what was happening; their mouths parted for a second and I saw my wife staring downwards at the floor. Mitch looked anxious and said something to her. Alice raised her head suddenly, her eyes open, her face anxious too.

There was a long pause then their mouths came together again, this time much more passionately. Moments later I saw my wife’s jaw drop and realised that the boy’s tongue must have entered her mouth or hers entered his and they began to kiss with a passion that built and built, still only holding hands but with mouths deeply united, tongues clearly visible as they came up for breath.

“Yesss!” Carmen hissed into my ear, then kissed me again as passionately as my wife and Mitch were kissing before pulling me into the shadows at the edge of the terrace and breaking kiss but not our embrace. “Now watch!” she whispered in my ear

Despite the low light in the lounge, I could see that Mitch and Alice were now finally in full embrace, her slim body wrapped in his powerful arms, her small hands between his shoulder blades, her mouth wide open as his tongue delved deeply. She was rubbing herself gently against his groin where I pictured a massive erection growing.

They kissed for a long time, eyes tightly closed, hands stroking each other’s arms, shoulders and backs but there was no sign of anything further about to happen.

“This is almost painful,” Carmen chuckled, “time for another little nudge!” she said enigmatically, drawing me back onto the terrace and into Mitch’s line of sight again, swaying casually as if we had just been for a short stroll, holding my hand playfully as a lover might.

She paused by the table and turned, placing us in the low light where Mitch couldn’t possibly miss us then pulled me to her and, arms around my neck once again, kissed me full on the lips. She tasted wonderful and my hands automatically went to her waist where I stroked her soft curves with my fingers.

“Get your hands on my butt, quickly,” she whispered. My fingers quickly found her soft buttocks and began to knead them. “That’s right,” she sighed, “now fondle me some more… that’s nice…”

I began to realise just how much I was enjoying being Carmen’s plaything but even now something told me not to take what was happening at face value.

“Lift my dress!” She suddenly hissed in my ear.

“What?” I whispered back.

“He’s not going fast enough and she’ll go off the boil. Lift my bloody dress for Christ’s sake.”

My hands quickly worked their way down to the hem of Carmen’s tight dress and insinuated themselves underneath. Her bare legs were warm and incredibly soft to my touch. I raised the hem further until I felt the elastic of her panties against my fingertips. A wriggle or two more and suddenly her dress was around her waist, her paper thin panties under my fingertips.

“He’s seen us!” she whispered, “Now get your hands in my knickers,” she commanded.

I kissed her more lightly now, my mind struggling to keep up with the fast moving scenario. Obediently I slipped my palms down over her soft buttocks and under the elastic of her panties to cup her bare cheeks. She breathed softly in my ear.

“Mmm that’s nice. I think he’s getting the idea… Now do you really need me to tell you what to do from here?” she chuckled.

Remembering the first time Steve and Carmen had conquered us in our own MPV all those months ago, I kneaded Carmen’s buttocks for a few moment more then slowly ran a finger along the cleft in between. She moaned softly and pressed herself harder against my erection.

“I can’t see…” I protested.

“Mmm that’s nice, Mister Cuckold… mmm… he’s doing ok… they’re still kissing… he’s slipping her straps off her shoulders… her top’s falling away… mmm that’s really nice… he’s bared her boobs now…. Christ! She’s got tiny tits… my God those nipples are hard… mmm don’t stop Mister C… he’s got his hand on her left tit… Oh Hell, you might as well see for yourself!”

She turned me slowly round, my hands still deep inside her panties, until I could see into the window once again. There stood my sweet blonde wife, her red dress hanging loosely round her waist, her breasts totally naked and exposed. Mitch’s fingers were toying with her dark pointed nipples, her chest was rising and falling and her mouth, firmly pressed to his, opening wider as she became more and more aroused.

“Don’t stop!” Carmen growled and I realised my hands had frozen within her panties. I began to knead her again in time with Mitch’s massaging of my wife’s breasts, my fingertips running along her cleft, over her most private places before delving towards her vulva from behind.

As my long middle finger brushed against the base of Carmen’s slit, I saw Mitch’s hands drop to my wife’s bottom where they gripped her buttocks firmly for a moment making her rise on her tiptoes in pleasure.

My hands froze as I watched, dimly aware of low moans coming from Carmen’s mouth while her hips gyrated ever so gently against my probing fingers. Then, before my eyes, Mitch’s fingers began to travel further down my wife’s dress until, like mine, they found its hem.

As if in slow motion, Mitch began to raise the back of Alice’s dress, higher and higher, tentatively as if expecting her to stop him at any moment, until it had almost reached her waist, revealing an impossibly arousing glimpse of her firm, bare buttocks and the red thong panties she was wearing beneath.

My heart thumped as he exposed her bottom for a surprisingly long time, his palms now pressed against her bare skin squeezing and parting her buttocks so that the red thong stood out clearly against their paleness.

“Has he fingered her yet?” Carmen asked in my ear, her hand now fondling my groin as she continued to rub herself against my hand. I quickly told her and she let out a grunt of exasperation.

“Slip my knickers down,” she ordered quietly but positively.

“Are you sure?” I asked stupidly, my palms still inside her panties, her moistness on my fingertips.

“Come on, Cucky Boy! Strip me - before she changes her mind!”

With a deftness I had forgotten I possessed, I flicked my wrists backwards and Carmen’s panties slid down the backs of my hands to rest in the crease at the top of her thighs. Her pubic hair was now uncovered but still pressed to my waist.

“Keep my dress high, stupid…”

I scooped her dress high up over her waist then slipped her panties further down her thighs until they rested around her knees. She turned me round so my back was towards the couple, her own bare buttocks now exposed to the night air.

“He’s got the message… he’s let her go… kneeling in front of her… he’s kissing her tummy… now her boobs… Oh wow! She likes that… his hands are on her bottom… God! He’s sucking her tits… Jesus she likes that too!”

The commentary was incredibly arousing and unbelievably frustrating at the same time. I tried to manoeuvre Carmen so that I could see better but she kept kissing me and grinding her slit against my fingers as she continued, my brain trying to understand which words were about my wife and which were about Carmen herself:

“She’s got her fingers in his hair… his hands are under her dress… Christ! That feels good… she’s staring at the ceiling… looks like he’s trying to finger her now… Oooh, she loves that… she’s opened her legs a bit… now he’s … Yes, down come her knickers… and up go his fingers… mmm don’t stop… he’s fingering her… deep inside her cunt… she really likes that… she’s rubbing against his fingers… he’s lifting her dress right up… his face is on her cunt… Hell, she’s shaved herself… he’s licking her…”

I couldn’t bear not seeing any longer and roughly span the pair of us round until I could see the performance for myself. There they were, exactly as Carmen had described; Alice’s dress was nothing more than a thick red band around her waist now, her small boobs with their hard, pointed nipples totally exposed. Her panties were around her ankles, her legs were slightly parted and to my amazement, Mitch, still fully dressed, was kneeling in front of her, his handsome face pressed firmly against her hairless vulva as his fingers thrust upwards into her vagina.

Alice’s head was thrown back and her fingers were tightly entwined in his hair as he tongued and lapped at her bare slit, the sound of low moaning was clearly audible through the small gap in the large glass windows and her knees were wobbling visibly.

I stared open mouthed, my fingers slipping away from Carmen’s damp slit. For a second, she seemed to object then I felt her take me by the hand and lead me back across the terrace to our hiding place behind the bougainvillea where she stood directly in front of me, her dress raised around her waist, her bare buttocks pressed against my midriff. Automatically my arms slipped round her waist until my hands were in her groin, my fingertips were placed on her damp slit again, and I began to stroke.

In the lounge, Alice’s wobbly knees had folded beneath her and I watched Mitch’s strong arms guide her trembling body to the edge of the couch, laying her back against its cushion. He swiftly slipped her red thong over her heels and away, then placed a hand on each of her slender knees and parted her unresisting legs. For a moment, my lovely wife lay grotesquely displayed, her legs wide apart, her hairless vulva almost obscenely offered, its puffy outer lips parted, the red slit at it its core wide open.

I saw Mitch unfasten his belt and lower his zipper. I watched his trousers fall to his ankles, revealing his long, athletic legs then his hands went to his waist and he wriggled his shorts down over the huge bulge between his legs, which sprang forcefully free.

“Jesus!” Carmen gasped and I concurred. The boy was simply huge!

He dropped to his knees between my wife’s thighs, temporarily unsighting us. Alice stared at his groin, her eyes wide, her mouth half open while he fumbled his way into position.

I saw her face grimace as if he had missed his target, then she reached down between her thighs as if guiding him. A second later her head flopped back on the cushion, her eyes closed and a strange half drunk look came over her.

And then it happened! Mitch’s slim, athletic buttocks tightened suddenly, his body thrust powerfully forward and Alice’s eyes burst open wide as right in front of me, the boy drove his huge erect penis hard into my wife’s eagerly waiting vagina.

“Yes!” Carmen hissed triumphantly by my side, her voice hard and clearly aroused, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Mitch had penetrated her! His young, almost teenage cock was now deep in my wife’s body. My sweet, pretty wife was about to be fucked by a boy almost young enough to be her son and there was nothing I wanted to do about it other than watch!

My fingers fell from Carmen’s vulva as I stared at the scene before me. She took my hand in hers and pressed it back between her thighs as together we watched Mitch’s tight, naked buttocks rise slowly back before being driven forcefully forward, thrusting his young cock deep into my wife’s vagina again.

There was a faint gasp. Alice’s head rose sharply as the shock of the penetration hit her and I watched amazed, wondering just how big Mitch’s cock actually was. Alice was used to Steve’s monster cock by now but this, only the second adulterous cock to fill her vagina seemed to have taken her by surprise.

“Ohhhh! That looks good!” Carmen growled aggressively, pressing my fingers hard against her hot vulva.

Once again his buttocks rose then slammed forwards. This time my wife yelped loud enough to be heard through the almost-closed window.

“That’s some cock he’s got,” Carmen whispered in awe, “I’ve seen it through his trunks but now… Jesus! She’ll remember this fucking for a long time!”

I felt Carmen’s hot labia swell under my fingers as Mitch began to thrust in and out of my wife’s vagina in slow, measured thrusts, long and deep, each one driving her hard into the couch. Alice’s head turned sharply from side to side in time with his thrusts as he fucked her, her hands first on his shoulders, then on his waist, then reaching for his buttocks as if to pull him still deeper into her body.

“Look at her! She wants him so badly, the little Slut!”

Carmen was right; the last few weeks of near-abstinence were clearly paying off for both of them. Alice’s hands were grabbing at her young lover’s toned body as if in a desperate effort to draw him even deeper into hers and he was trying his hardest to penetrate her.

“Aaah! Aaah!” we could hear Alice panting through the glass, along with the knocking sound of the couch being thrust inch by inch across the marble floor.

The pace of thrusting grew faster and harder, Mitch’s tight buttocks clenching with every stroke, his thighs muscles bunching as he drove himself into my wife’s body. Alice’s legs were flailing as his muscular hips hammered into her bare mound, forcing her thighs as wide apart as I had ever seen them, even under Steve’s expert ministrations.

“Fuck her, boy. Fuck her!”

My fingers were crudely shoved away from Carmen;s vulva and I was dimly aware of some frantic activity taking place in her crotch.

“Oooooooohhhhhh!” Alice’s voice rose in pitch and volume as a small orgasm washed over her, drowning out the soft wet sound coming from between Carmen’s thighs.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhyyyyeeesssssss!” Alice’s moaning grew louder as a second, more intense climax overtook the first. Her hands were clenching and unclenching now, grasping the air as Mitch pummelled her vulva in rapid but deep thrusts.

“Nnnn! Nnnn! Nnnn!” a third shattering orgasm wracked her body.

Even with Steve, I had never known my wife reach orgasm so quickly or so intensely. Her sexual frustration had been almost unbearably high but even so, Mitch’s cock must have been something very special – its effect on Alice was profound and as a fourth wave of orgasm surged through her, I saw her eyes lose focus and her head roll as if she was about to pass out.

Mitch appeared to have noticed this too because he slowed his thrusts to a halt, then paused, his cock still buried right to the hilt.

Carmen paused in her masturbation too as, before our eyes, Mitch’s drew himself out of Alice’s vagina then turned her easily round so that she was on her knees, her upper body resting on the couch and her vulva, already red and puffy, presented towards the window where we sat.

Alice’s body was like a rag doll in his strong hands as Mitch slid around behind her, forcing her knees apart and positioning himself between her legs. His bottom obscured our view a little but we were very soon treated to the sight of a huge contraction in his athletic buttocks as he rammed his cock deep into my wife’s vagina from behind.

“Fuck yes!” Carmen exclaimed.

Despite her dizziness, Alice gasped and her hands shot forwards in shock at the violent penetration, then flew back as if to try and push Mitch away; as if he had taken her too roughly or too deeply.

Mitch simply swept her arms aside and continued to thrust powerfully into her from behind and after a few seconds of half-protest, I saw her arms relax and her fingers sink deeply into the sofa’s cushion again as his body slammed into hers.

Mitch truly was giving her a fucking to remember! Alice’s voice rose in a muffled wail and he pulled her head roughly back by her hair, arching her back as he drove himself into her faster and faster.

“Oh God!” I heard Carmen moan alongside me, her fingers merely a blur between her thighs.

I turned back to the window where Mitch had now drawn my wife’s arms back and was holding one hand in each of his, pulling her into an arch, lifting her head from the cushion and forcing her bodily even harder onto his thrusting cock.

Alice’s head was thrown back too, her mouth wide open in an orgasm so noisy and powerful we could hear it echo off the apartment block opposite; a wail of agony, or ecstasy, or both! I had never seen her cum as hard as this before and despite myself, envied her the incredible pleasure she was enjoying at Mitch’s hands.

Now his hips were almost a blur, the slapping sounds of his waist against her battered buttocks clearly audible above her moans; the pained, wide-eyed expression on my wife’s usually sweet face showing just how hard he was making her cum.

“It looks like… you’re married… to a real Slut now.” Carmen growled at me as her own passion rose, “I reckon… your sweet Alice… will take… any cock on offer… from now on.”

I stared at the mating couple open mouthed, my cock now rock hard but no match for Mitch’s youthful monster as my wife’s devastating multiple orgasms made abundantly clear. Her head was sagging from her repeated climaxes, her legs trembling as Mitch’s thrusts grew faster and faster.

Carmen was right! She really had become a Slut; remarkably easy to seduce once again and now merely putty in this young man’s hands, letting him take her any way he wanted.

“Look…at her… cumming,” Carmen growled, the fingers of her right hand between her thighs, her left hand suddenly gripping my groin, “How does that… make you feel... Mister Cuckold?”

I couldn’t respond because at that point Mitch’s thrusts became wild and random as almost without warning, his own orgasm began; his body barely under control as he climaxed inside her. Dropping Alice’s hands, he grasped her roughly by the waist, his fingers digging deep into her skinny flesh, and hammered himself repeatedly into her body, driving her head hard against the sofa cushion, her hair a disorganised blonde fan over her sweaty back and face as his very obvious ejaculation began.


I heard Carmen hiss under her breath in triumph, one hand between her thighs, the other suddenly digging sharply into my bulge making me yelp in surprise. “She’s taking his load! And begging for it. Listen!”

Alice’s cries were clear and loud as she came massively, one final time. I stared wide eyed at the fornicating couple; the boy continuing to inseminate my wife; his body still in spasm; his buttocks tightly clenched and twitching.

Carmen’s grip on my erection became so tight I had to stifle a cry of pain.

“Jesus! He’s… he’s filling her,” she gasped in admiration, “your sweet wife’s cunt’s taking a real hammering this time, Mister Cuckold!”

She was right. For an extraordinary amount of time I stood frozen to the spot, pressed close to Carmen’s hot, sexy body, totally incapable of intervening while Mitch pumped his semen into my wife’s unresisting, entirely compliant body.

Alice let out a new, low moan and I pictured his pale sticky seed cascading into her, spattering her cervix, filling her vagina then – I hoped – dripping slowly down her inner thighs ready for me to...

“Christ! That boy can cum!” Carmen gasped.

After a longer ejaculation than I had imagined possible, Mitch’s thrusts finally ceased and he knelt panting, trying to catch his breath, his cock still embedded in my wife’s vagina, his hands still gripping her hips. Alice’s head lay flat on the couch’s cushion, her face bright pink with the intensity of her orgasms, her arms hanging limp, her back heaving with laboured breaths.

I had never seen her so thoroughly fucked, not even by Steve; certainly not by me.

Mitch’s fingers began to gently stroke the skin of her back then he drew her limp body towards him. Alice was like a rag doll, completely pliable in his hands as he slid her from the couch until she sat back on his strong thighs, her back leaning against his chest. I saw his softening cock slip silently from her spent body and a wet trickle of fluid followed it onto the marble floor, pooling beneath her swollen vulva.

In sharp contrast to the violence of their mating, Mitch then began showering the back of her blonde head, her neck and her shoulders with small soft kisses. Alice stirred in her stupor and automatically turned her head until his lips could reach hers.

They kissed lovingly and deeply for a long time, his hands stroking her slender arms and thighs in gestures of adoration.

Carmen and I stood motionless in behind the hedge for what seemed a long time, our breathing loud and heavy, my head full of the smell of her perfume and the aroma of her well-masturbated vulva. It was incredibly erotic.

Then Mitch rose to his feet rather clumsily and quickly and kicked off his trousers, pants and shoes before dropping to his knees and slipping his arms underneath my helpless wife’s limp body. He lifted her effortlessly and carried her across the lounge to the door behind which lay the hallway and bedrooms.

He opened it, carried her carefully through and I watched it close slowly behind them.

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