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Last night of freedom

A man learns that it's not always bad luck to see the bride the night before the wedding...

I don’t know who first came up with the notion that a groom shouldn’t see his bride-to-be the night before the wedding, but it was a bloody stupid idea. 

It’s a nerve-racking experience knowing that in just a few short hours you’ll be dedicating your entire future to someone else.   What if you’re not worthy - or worse, what if they’re not?  It’s enough to keep a man awake the night before the biggest day of his life, worrying.  But still, my fiancée insisted on following tradition. 

“It won’t hurt you,” Vanessa said one night in bed during the run up to the wedding, pushing my objections and my erection to one side.  “Besides, it’ll give you time to figure out how much you love me.”  She leaned over, squeezing my cock hard until I gave in, desperate to fuck her.  “And how much you want me,” she added.

So Vanessa got her way, spending the night at our apartment, whilst my family block-booked themselves into a luxury hotel near the venue.  For extra punishment, and on the basis I wasn’t allowed to use the honeymoon suite before the wedding, I was exiled on my own to a mid-priced B&B on the outskirts of town with strict instructions to stay sober.  But, I reasoned, dialling her mobile, not being allowed to see her didn’t mean not contacting her at all, did it?

“Hey babe,” I say, when she finally answers.

On the other end of the line, Vanessa sighs.  “David! You know the rules!”

 “It’s just a phone call,” I argue.  “I missed you.”

“I miss you too.  How’s the B&B?”

“Pretty crap, but I’ve got the laptop so figure I’ll watch YouTube for a couple of hours, and get some sleep if I can.  What about you?  Any plans for your last night of freedom?”

 “Thought I’d get an early night myself since it’s going to be a big day tomorrow.  And hopefully, a big night too,” Vanessa says, giggling.  “Lee and Will said they’d be over to pick you up at ten, so you’d better be ready.”

Lee and Will had been Vanessa’s house mates back at Durham University: Lee, the local boy; Will, from Liverpool; and Vanessa, down from Edinburgh.  As a Londoner, to them I was the southern softie but after graduation the four of us had stayed in the North East, Vanessa and I renting an apartment just around the corner from the boys.  My initial jealousy of them had evaporated over the years to the point where we were now firm friends - the three of us would go to football matches together, and of course both men would be present at the wedding. 

“Tell them I’ll be waiting,” I say.  “Tell them to bring coffee and a bacon sandwich, too.”

“I will.   Have you checked the store?”

“Hold on,” I reply, opening my laptop to view the list of wedding gifts we’d requested, browsing through the usual crockery and cutlery sets, checking on the one item Vanessa knew I particularly wanted.  We’d just about managed to afford our dream honeymoon in the Caribbean, although it had more or less eaten up our savings, and I’d listed a cave-diving experience that we were both keen on but now unable to afford, hoping that some of our friends and family might chip in together to help bring it within reach of our meagre budget – but so far, no one had.

“No change.”

“Well, the list closes at midnight and it’s only eight, so there’s still time.”

“Yeah, maybe.”   For some reason, seeing the unclaimed gift deflates my mood and I’m suddenly anxious to be off the phone.  “Look, I’ll see you tomorrow.  Love you.”

I hang up, flopping down onto the bed.  The laptop is still on and I open a fresh tab, looking for something to distract me.  Without thinking my fingers type in the URL for a webcam site I sometimes use when Vanessa’s working late.  Well, maybe some self-relief would help me relax.

Filtering for UK-based cams to narrow my choices, I skim the first page, find nothing, and move onto the next.  Suddenly, I stop and stare at the screen.

A new user has just started broadcasting, although there’s nothing particularly interesting in that by itself - new users come and go all the time.  But what draws my attention to this particular user is the thumbnail image, taken from their profile page. 

It’s Lee.

I grin to myself.  As tired as I am, this is way too good to miss - not that I want to see my friend exposing himself to the world, of course; but this is a great opportunity to tease him about it at a later date.  Would I ever get a chance like this ever again?  I click the link. 

The page loads to a close up of Lee's face as he fiddles with the webcam until he’s satisfied and steps back a couple of paces, revealing his bare chest.  Both Lee and Will are keen rugby players, and the hours put into the gym clearly show in his lean torso.

“Can you hear me all right?” Lee says the cam.  “Is sound coming through?”

I glance at the chat box as a couple of the room’s dozen or so users reply.

XXX_LuckyBoy1982:              Yes. Sound coming thru ok.

MrRealJonny:                          ok 4 sound.

A shadow flickers behind Lee's left shoulder, and Will’s face hovers into view.

OK, this is slightly weird.  Lee and Will are close but they’re definitely heterosexual, right?

“Cam sorted?” Will asks, his Scouse accent making the word ‘cam’ harsher: k-am sorted?

 “Aye,” Lee says, pushing a stray lock of hair away from his eyes.  “Got a few viewers in already and the sound’s working.”

“Let’s get cracking then!”  Will looks directly into the cam.  “Show starts in a few minutes’ lads, so get comfy.”   He reaches out and pushes the cam back further to expose more of the room behind them.

Holy shit.

I stare at the screen, hardly believing my eyes.   I recognise the sofa that Lee is now sitting back on.  I recognise the coffee table in front of it, where the webcam and a laptop are positioned.  I recognise the wallpaper, and the potted plant in the corner of the room. I recognise everything – but then, how could I not?

They’re in my fucking house!

Oblivious to my disbelief, Will settles into his own position on the couch at the opposite end to Lee.  Will is also topless – thanks to African heritage he’s slightly stockier than his friend, with more muscle around his chest and a tribal tattoo that runs diagonally from his ribcage across to his right shoulder, down to his bicep.  Somehow, I’m relieved to see they’re both still wearing jeans, and...



If Lee and Will are half-naked in my house, then where’s...?  

The profile name has been nagging me, and I finally pay it some attention.



... as in... Vanessa..?

Right on cue, Vanessa enters the screen, cutting across Lee to sit down in the vacant seat between them.  Unlike either of the guys, Vanessa isn’t topless but that’s not to say she’s fully clothed either, dressed only in a matching dark-green lace bra and panty set that I haven’t seen before.  Her shoulder-length auburn hair has been straightened for the evening, and her makeup is restricted to a simple dark-red lipstick, the effect making her pale skin and light sprinkling of freckles stand out on screen.  Just shy of five-foot-nine, she ran track at university and, like the two guys either side of her, works out regularly at the gym, giving her a perfectly flat stomach and an athletic pair of legs that most supermodels would kill for.  Even accounting for fiancé bias, she’s absolutely gorgeous - a fact not wasted on me nor, it seems, all the other viewers who’ve suddenly been drawn to the room, flooding the chat box with comments.

XXX_LuckyBoy1982:   fuuuck! v.nice u gonna show?

Big_Luke_90:              show us ur body bb

JohnnieBareback:       take of bra babe 

bigMeatMan:               wow! show more to cam!

MrRealJonny:              show more! how much for pvt? PM for pvt

Vanessa leans forward slightly.  A natural 34C, her athletic figure has always made her boobs seem bigger, but even with that the bra is working overtime, making her cleavage look mouth-wateringly fantastic.  She grins slightly as she reads through the comments, clicking something on the computer.  A timer pops up on screen, counting down from five minutes.  Vanessa settles back onto the sofa making herself comfortable, still staring directly into the webcam.

“OK, boys,” she says, “Show starts now.”

The numbness in my head is fading, and I feel as if she’s addressing me directly and, by default, also directly addressing the hundred or so horny bastards from around the globe who have gravitated to the show and are now salivating, throbbing cocks in hand, over my bride-to-be.

And dear God, I realise with a start, feeling my cock start to stiffen, I’m one of them.

On-screen, Vanessa continues: “We’ve set a clock on the screen to give you all a five minute preview.”  Predictably, there’s a flood of comments in the chat box which Vanessa ignores.  “What you get to see in those five minutes depends on how long we have to spend answering your questions, but once the clock reaches zero we’re going private and access will cost you a hundred tokens each.  After that, requests in private will be considered and charged depending on what you guys want to see.”

The chat box overflows with yet more comments that Vanessa ignores.  Instead, she moves in closer to Lee, putting her lips to his, tongues darting in one another’s mouths as they share a long, sensual kiss.  After a few moments, Vanessa breaks off and turns to her left, repeating the action with Will whilst Lee leans in to nuzzle her neck and shoulder, his hand moving across her chest, stroking her tits for the viewers before sliding his fingers out of sight under the material to play with her nipples. 

I realise I’m holding my breath, and exhale in a rush.  Inexplicably I’m waiting for – no, I want to see– more.  The rational part of my mind argues that this is wrong; that I should put an end to it, now.  But the rest of me somehow needs it go further and this is the part that I give in to.  My cock is rock hard now, harder than I can ever remember it being as I finally free it from the suddenly too-tight confines of my jeans.

 On-screen, Will continues kissing Vanessa as he traces a lazy line hand down her stomach until his fingers nudge the edge of her panties.  She moans lightly, gently pushing her hips up until his hand slips into the waistband and down to her sex.  The webcam captures the movement of his fingers beneath the fabric, making it obvious that Will has at least three fingers working their way in and out of my fiancée’s cunt.

Vanessa moans again, louder this time as her friends play with her body, hips bucking faster as she pushes herself onto Will’s fingers, and I stroke my cock slowly, watching her.  Comments flicker up and down the chat box faster than I can read.

b00bl0ver5_95:            luv dat accent babe! Cum 4 us!

bigMeatMan:               show us pussy bb!

JohnnieBareback:       show us fingerz

brasilboy:                   show more! open bra, show tits!

I glance at the timer in the corner of the screen.  Two minutes left.

Reluctantly, Vanessa wriggles free of her lovers’ embrace, sliding off the couch to kneel on the floor, closer to the cam.

“I think it’s time we saw a bit more of these gorgeous boys, don’t you?” she says, addressing her unseen audience.  As if scripted, Lee and Will rise to their feet, standing either side of her and making it clear from the bulges in their pants that they’re as excited as the rest of us.

As before Lee goes first, Vanessa unbuckling his belt and yanking down his jeans letting his stiff cock spring free.  He’s just shy of six foot, so I guess everything’s proportional, but I was still shocked at the size of the weapon he was packing which looked to be about eight inches long and maybe two inches thick, the head circumcised and the pubic area neatly trimmed to help enhance his impressive length.

“Mmm,” Vanessa says, smiling at him.  “Very nice!”

She turns to face Will who can’t wait, practically tearing his own trousers off in a bid to stop his erection punching its way free by itself.   If anything, it’s an even more impressive sight.  Like Lee's, Will is circumcised, and although his penis perhaps half an inch shorter than his friend’s, it’s even thicker in girth.  His bell-end looks swollen and angry on cam, and his cock gently bobs up and down in time with his pulse.

“Wow!  Now that’s impressive!”

Vanessa reaches up, wrapping her hands around their erections, noticeably struggling to fully close her fingers around Will’s shaft as she slowly tugs up and down, Will giving off little gasps of pleasure as she jerks him, the end of Lee's cock already glistening with pre-cum.

“Oops,” Vanessa says, smiling directly at the webcam as her hands move in steady rhythm, pleasuring the two men.  “Free time’s almost up guys, but if you want to join us for some more fun then we’ll be in private.  Just a hundred tokens.”

Wait... What? Already?!

Even as I shift my eyes from the action to glance at the timer, the screen goes black and a message box pops up:


Cursing, I click on the link.  Another pop-up message box appears.


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Frantically, I fish my credit card from my wallet, entering information as fast as I can, desperate to top up my account.  A hundred tokens translates as ten pounds but just to make doubly sure, I purchase an extra four hundred before retracing my path back to the room, waiting for my purchase to be accepted.

C’mon, c’mon!  Fuck – c’mon!

Finally, the page refreshes and the cam comes back online.  Vanessa is still in the same position as she was when I left, only one of the guys has now removed her bra, exposing her full breasts to the cam.  Will is on his knees behind her, snuggling in close as he kisses her neck and shoulders, one of his hands pulling and squeezing Vanessa’s left nipple in the way I know she likes, the other hand back inside her panties, fingers working away between her legs.  Lee stands in front of her, and I watch Vanessa reach upwards with her mouth to meet the end of his erect penis, licking and kissing the shaft gently before taking half the length into her mouth to suck his cock, cheeks bulging like a porn-star as her head bobs up and down taking him deeper and deeper each time.  The speakers capture the soft, wet sounds of Vanessa’s sucking, and Lee's moans of pleasure as he face-fucks my fiancée.

Alone in my room, I squeeze my cock hard, playing with myself as I watch my future bride take another man into her mouth on the eve of our wedding day.  My rational processes are screaming that this is wrong on so many levels; yet some primeval urge has taken over and I’m transfixed.  All I know is that I want them to fuck her as hard as they can, and I want to watch them doing it. 

In an effort to avoid cumming too soon I slow my masturbation down, and take a quick glance at the room’s users.  To my surprise, about twenty out of the eighty or so guys who’d been watching the preview have bought into the private session, which is pretty impressive for a debut show.  The entry fee alone meant that some decent cash had already been generated, but I noticed that the tip jar was also up another two-hundred tokens, which probably explained how the action had escalated so quickly between the screen going private and now.

On-screen, Vanessa finally comes up for air.  “You boys enjoying the show?” she asks with a grin.  “Want to see more?”

Joker_boyLover:         wow ur stunning

MrRealJonny:              make him cum babe

boogieBond:               show us pussy bb!

JohnnieBareback:       show pussy!

 Lee helps her to her feet, Vanessa stroking his hard cock whilst they kiss again.  Still on his knees, Will winks at the camera.

“Forty tokens if you guys want to see her pussy.”

The words are barely out of his mouth before there’s a pinging noise indicating a tip has been made, and the amount and tipper’s name flash on screen.

“Thank you, boogieBond,” says Will.  He reaches up, hooking his fingers into the waistband of Vanessa’s panties either side of her hips and mesmerizingly slowly, slides them down to about mid-thigh, revealing my second surprise of the night.

Normally Vanessa trims her pubic region, leaving a neat strip of hair just above her vagina but tonight, it’s been shaved completely.

Bitch!  I’ve been trying to get her to do that for years!

Oblivious to my jealousy, Will pulls her panties down to her ankles, and Vanessa daintily steps out of them, kicking them behind her under the sofa.  She breaks away from Lee's embrace and faces square on to the cam, pushing her hips forward and giving her viewers an inhibited view.  Her labia look puffy, slick and glistening with her juices from where Will has been playing with her clitoris.  Vanessa reaches down with both hands to spread her pussy wider, giving us a look inside her vagina before sliding two fingers deep into her hole.  She withdraws them slowly, holding them up to the webcam so we can see her sticky juices running down both fingers before bringing them up to her mouth to suck them clean, licking her lips.

“Tastes good,” she says with a grin.

Dear God! I’d always thought Vanessa to be somewhat reserved, and our lovemaking usually consisted of some light oral followed by one or two positions.  She’d never even so much as talked dirty to me - and yet here she was, taking on two guys at once and exposing herself to the world via webcam!

Even more excited now, I began playing with myself again.

“Think it’s my turn to get sucked off now,” Will says to the webcam.  “Another hundred tokens if you want to see it.” 


“Thanks, Jonnie!”

Will hauls himself onto the couch, half-laying on it with his legs spread, his stiff cock pointing upwards to his stomach.  Vanessa takes his place, kneeling down with her bum facing the cam, legs parted slightly to show us her pussy from behind, the delicate rosebud of her arsehole just peeking into view.   She inches forward between Will’s legs and takes his erection into her mouth.  From what I can see it’s a noticeable squeeze, her mouth barely stretching to accommodate his thickness, but she eventually manages, her head bobbing up and down as she sucks him.  Will groans and takes a fistful of her hair, forcing her mouth down deeper onto his penis until she gags, letting her back up for air only briefly before forcing her head back down onto his shaft.

Take it!  Oh God, take it, bitch! I think, stroking my cock in time with the bobbing of her head.

Now it’s Lee's turn to kneel down, and he half leans over Vanessa’s body, spreading her arse cheeks wide for the camera before bending forwards, wiggling his tongue around her anus and then down to her already moist slit and back up again.  Vanessa’s little moans of pleasure filter through my laptop’s speakers, nearly sending me over the edge.

DiamondDickDonnie:  That is fuckin awesome, dude!  Eat her pussy!

JohnnieBareback:       eat her pussy!

bigMeatMan:               fuck her! Are you both going to fuck her?

Lee glances at Vanessa’s head still bobbing up and down, Will’s shaft glistening with saliva as she deep-throats him, then shrugs for the audience.

“Guys, you know the routine by now.  You want to see us do more, keep the tokens flowing otherwise you’ve had your fun, and we close the cam.”


There’s a sudden flurry of activity from various viewers and the tip jar jumps from three-fifty to a more than respectable five hundred tokens in a matter of seconds.  In response, Lee buries his face into Vanessa’s pussy and asshole, probing at both with his tongue and fingers.  Even with her head still glued to Will’s crotch, I can hear Vanessa go wild as Lee sucks at her clit.  He shifts position, and I watch her hips buckling as Lee pushes three fingers deep into her pussy whilst simultaneously jabbing at the rosebud of her arsehole with the tip of his tongue.  Lost in her own pleasure, Vanessa abandons her sucking of Will’s cock although he doesn’t seem to mind, manually keeping himself stimulated with one hand whilst softly stroking her hair with the other.  Vanessa’s pussy is absolutely soaking, and the insides of her thighs shine from her juices as she approaches her first climax of the evening.

“Oh Jesus.... Yes... Yeeessss!” Vanessa moans, pushing her arse upwards, and Lee removes his head from her cunt and stimulates her clit.  To my surprise, she squirts when she comes – something she’s never done with me in the five years we’ve been together – her orgasm firing quick sprays of pussy juices onto the coffee table from relatively short range until, finally satisfied, she sags down against the couch, Will still stroking her hair.

 DiamondDickDonnie:    fuckin awesome!

Joker_boyLover:            amazing! Great girl!

Will looks over at the screen and grins.  “Well since she’s had her fun, I guess we can have ours.  I’m going to fuck her stupid, so if you guys want to see it...”

Ping! Ping! Ping-ping-ping!

The tip jar shoots up to twelve-hundred.

Between them, they haul Vanessa upright and Will adjusts his position, sitting up so that he’s facing the cam direct.  Vanessa spins around so that she’s facing us too, and eases down into Will’s lap.  I’d initially thought that the guys would have used protection since Vanessa and I are due to be married in less than twelve hours, but even as I watch, I know that they’re going to fuck her bareback. 

And, God help me, I want them to.  I want them to fuck her.

My cock is so hard that it almost hurts.  Pre-cum leaks from my tip like it’s flooding, and I pinch my shaft just below the head, desperate for release but wanting to make the most of every minute of watching my fiancée’s infidelity.  And tomorrow, when we say our “I do’s”, I want to know that she’s still got their seed deep inside her womb, maybe even getting a head start on my own plans for our wedding night.

On-screen, Lee picks up the webcam and moves it closer, angling it upwards to capture an extreme close up of Will’s erect cock as Vanessa positions herself above it.  As wet as she is, there’s no hesitation – she sinks down and takes his full length in one movement before rising up again, leaving just the tip of his cock inside her pussy.  Even this soon, Will’s cock is already sticky from her juices and he groans softly as she sinks down onto him again, the audio picking up the slap of his balls hitting her cunt as he fills her up.  Vanessa has an extremely tight pussy and excellent muscle control  (I’ve always thought of it as being more akin to being milked rather than fucking) and from the sounds Will is making as Vanessa slides up and down on his length, I know that he’s enjoying the sensation too.  As for Vanessa...  I’m not that insecure that I can’t admit when a man’s bigger than me.  Will’s cock is much thicker than mine, and his girth is stretching Vanessa’s pussy far wider than I ever could.

Webcam still in hand, Lee slowly pans out and moves upwards to Vanessa’s chest, filming her tits jiggle with each thrust of Will’s cock into her tight, wet cunt.  After a moment’s pause to savour the view, Lee continues traversing upwards, settling on Vanessa’s face. 

The once-pristine lipstick has been smeared by the two cocks Vanessa has swallowed for the cam.  The hair that had been especially straightened for the night is mussed up, hanging limp around her shoulders, and her pretty face is screwed up with pleasure as Will continues thrusting his thick cock into her, off-screen for the moment.  Her hazel eyes roll back in their sockets as she rushes towards climax number two.

“Yess.... yesss!” she moans between gritted teeth, and the chat box fills up with comments.

Joker_boyLover:         fuck her, dude! fuck her harder!

b00bl0ver5_95:            take his cock u fuckin slut!

Joker_boyLover:         fuck her! make her cum 4 us

JohnnieBareback:       zoom out, let us  c her get fuked

Lee obliges the last comment, setting the cam back down on the table to give us a full-length of view of Vanessa cumming again as she buries Will’s shaft deep into her pussy, whilst alone in a hotel room just a few miles away from where my fiancée is busy screwing one of our friends on my sofa for the benefit of strangers, I’m frantically stroking my own cock as I watch.  Despite everything, I’m impressed at how long both Lee, and especially Will, have lasted.  The show’s gone on for almost an hour now and neither man shows any signs of slowing whereas if it’d have been me, I’d probably have cum within about five minutes of sliding into Vanessa’s wet hole.

DiamondDickDonnie:  she do anal dude?

JohnnieBareback:       fuck her asshole

Cougar-chaser92:       yeah, anal!

“So you guys like a little bum fun, eh?” Lee says, reading the comments.

“Hey, I don’t mind,” Will says from the comfort of the sofa, his hard cock still plugged into Vanessa’s now stilled body.

Hah!  Good luck with that one, guys!  Vanessa won’t even let me suggest it to her, let alone let me stick my cock in her ass.

“And what have we here?” Lee says, picking something up just off-screen and holding it up to the cam.  “Looks like our sweet girl here came prepared!”

It’s a tube of KY.  Jesus, it’s a fucking tube of KY! She’s actually going to do this!

Somehow, the thought turns me on more than I could have thought possible.  After all these years of me trying, Vanessa’s finally going to get her asshole violated – and it’s not with me!

“You know the drill, fellas,” Will says.

JohnnieBareback:       aw, c’mon – we’ve already paid! Why pay more?

“Because you’ve paid for what you’ve seen, not for what’s coming,” Lee points out in a reasonable voice.  “Plus you’re paying because you don’t want to get kicked from the room and miss all the fun.”

The tip jar pings to eighteen-hundred.

Lee hands Will the tube of KY, and he pops the cap but it’s Vanessa who pours it onto her fingers.  She reaches down to pull Will’s stiff cock from her well-fucked cunt and he moans appreciatively as she smears it with the gel.

“Oh, baby,” he says, reaching up to fondle her tits, “keep rubbing like that and I won’t be able to stay hard for longer!”

“You’d better,” Vanessa replies, taking the tube of KY from him and handing it back to Lee. “These boys have paid for a show, so I’m going to give them one.”

b00bl0ver5_95:          this fuckin slut is awesome

“Damn right, I am,” Vanessa says, winking at the comments on screen.  She raises herself slightly, positioning the bud of her arsehole just above Will’s very stiff – and very wide – cock.  I’m practically drooling by now, unable to move my eyes from the sight of my beautiful fiancée about to take one of the fattest cocks I’ve ever seen into her virgin arsehole.

On screen, Vanessa slowly sinks down onto Will’s lubricated length, and I watch the fat head slowly push into her hole.

“Goddamn, that’s tight!” Will groans through gritted teeth as Vanessa sinks down a couple more inches.  By now, more than half his shaft is wedged into her arse and Lee picks up the webcam again, moving it in closer to give us a better view.  Predictably the chat box fills with comments, though I’m surprised that any of them are managing to type coherent sentences with one hand occupied – I know I can’t.

“Mmm,” Vanessa moans off-screen.  “Jesus, that feels good.  Reminds me of L.A. all over again!”

My ears prick up making me pause, one hand on my stiff cock, as I process what’s being said.  L.A.?

The only time I know Vanessa had ever been to the States was during her gap year at university, when she’d done a nine-month placement at a tech firm based in Hollywood.  And I knew for a fact that neither Will nor Lee had been there at the time – in fact, Lee had been placed at the same firm as me, in London.

“You saying he’s hung like those other guys, Nessa?” Lee asks.

Wait... What?  Were they saying that some other guys had fucked Vanessa’s ass too, when she’d never even so much as let me suggest it?

“He’s.... uunff! Yeah, like that!... Yeah, he’s pretty good...” Vanessa moans as Will thrusts upwards, burying his cock all the way up to his balls inside her anus.

“Wow.  Well, Will – what’s it like to finally be fucking a genuine porn star?” Lee asks.

“It’s... mmm... it’s really... fuckin’... awesome....” Will says, between thrusts.

What the...?  Porn star?!

“Does Dave know about the films?” Lee continues.

“No... ooh, harder!... No, he doesn’t...” Vanessa manages to gasp out.  “So don’t... uunff!.. Don’t either of you... ooh!.. say a fucking... mmm!.. word!”

“Our lips are sealed,” Lee said, and right there and then I knew that as soon as I could, I was finding out more about that damn placement year in California!

But not right this instance, though... Right now, I just wanted to finish watching Vanessa get the fucking of her life, blow my wad, get some shut eye and be ready in time for tomorrow’s wedding.

Lee moves the cam closer to the action, sharing a delicious moment where Will has his entire length deep inside Vanessa’s anal canal, then slowly pulls out again, Vanessa’s arsehole gripping him every inch of the way so tightly, that for one second I’m not sure he’s going to be able to withdraw – but he does, his shaft slick from the lube, before burying it back again to Vanessa’s moaned enjoyment.

Cam still in hand, Lee travels up their sweating bodies, lingering on Vanessa’s dark, erect nipples, still being tweaked by Will’s hands as he pumps away for all he’s worth, before settling on Vanessa’s face mid-orgasm, as she bites her lips and rolls her eyes with each alternate thrust and withdrawal of Will’s thick cock.  Finally, he turns the cam on himself, pouting for the benefit of the room’s audience.

“I’m feeling left out here, guys,” he says.  “Looks like Will’s having all the fun!”

“Hey,” says Will, panting as he fucks my fiancée, “She sucked you off first!”

“Yeah, but you got to fuck her cunt, and I didn’t.  Now you get to fuck her arse, and I don’t!”

DiamondDickDonnie:  can I make a suggestion, dude?

Lee shrugs.  “Yeah, whatever.  Just remember, if you have a request, you need to tip.”

DiamondDickDonnie:  just sent u a PM. check messages

Lee clicks something on screen and gives a low whistle.  “Not so sure that’s something Nessa will go for.”

DiamondDickDonnie:  didn’t recognise her til u mentioned it but i’ve seen her films b4

These damn films again!  The whole world and his dog seemed to know more about Vanessa’s sexual past than I did.  I’d always thought she was fairly tame when it came to that sort of thing – our lovemaking was certainly ‘vanilla’ – but now it seemed there was a whole dark side that had been kept hidden from me!

DiamondDickDonnie:  ask anyway? Have PM how much $$ willing to pay

Lee checks his messages, gives another whistle, then leans over to Vanessa and Will, saying something in a low tone that I can’t quite catch.  After a brief exchange, Lee comes back on screen.

“Nessa says double it, and it’s on.”


I stare at the screen.  As the tipper, DiamondDickDonnie’s name flashes up, of course, followed by the tip amount: six thousand tokens.

Six... thousand... tokens.

I do a quick conversion to cash.  Donnie has just tipped Vanessa six hundred pounds sterling, and you don’t just give that sort of cash away for something ordinary.  My heart is pounding and I’m slightly concerned that I might be having a heart attack, except that my penis has retained its blood supply and if anything, is even harder than before, as if it knows something my rational mind doesn’t.  I decide to give in and enjoy the show, stroking my engorged erection as I wait for the action to begin on screen.  It doesn’t take long.

Lee puts the cam down on the table, although he’s careless about positioning so that all we get is a view of my open living room door and the corridor that leads to the bedrooms.  I hear a grunting noise, and the rhythmic slap of flesh on flesh that tells me Will is still fucking Vanessa’s arsehole, and then the cam is picked up again and we’re treated to a close up of Lee's cock covered in something sticky.

Gel, maybe?  Odd.

The cam moves again, and this time it closes in on Will’s cock still stretching Vanessa’s tight arsehole.  Lee's own cock comes back into view, and for a second my heart stills and I realise that they’re both going to fuck my fiancée at the same time.

Holding my breath, staring at the screen, I’m expecting Lee to push into Vanessa’s cunt.  But if that’s the case, why bother with lubricating gel?  Vanessa’s still soaking wet – at this close angle, I can practically see her juices oozing out of her, and it’s clear that she’s far more turned on fucking these two well-hung men than she ever is with me.

Then Lee says: “Hold still a minute, Will.  Let me get into position.”

Obeying his friend, Will ceases his movements.  Lee runs the fat mushroom-head of his cock up and down Vanessa’s moist slit, eliciting a moan from my fiancée, and then he lines it up alongside Will’s.  There’s a second’s pause then Lee grunts as he thrusts forward, and the head of his cock slowly pushes into Vanessa’s already occupied anus.

My heart pounds so much that I’m scared even Vanessa will hear it, but of course she doesn’t.  Instead, she lets out a contented sigh as Lee continues to push forward until his entire length is enjoined with Will’s inside her now fully stretched rectum.

Through some deft manoeuvres, Lee manages to keep the webcam in hand, pointing it directly at the action, and we’re treated to a glorious close up of both guys deep inside Vanessa’s arsehole.  After a few seconds the two men get into rhythm, alternating their thrusts so that one of them is always has his entire length buried inside my fiancée’s rectum whilst the other is almost withdrawn, leaving only the head inside to keep her fully stretched.  And she is stretched! I’m confident enough with my own manhood not to worry about being exposed in the gym, for example, but individually both Lee and Will have much thicker cocks than I do, and together they’re really widening Vanessa’s anal hole to its limits.  Not that she’s complaining, to judge from her contented moans and demands that they fuck her harder.

Slowly, Lee brings the cam back up her body, through the tangled mess of limbs that is three people fucking, pausing on Vanessa’s pert tits, her nipples stiff and red from where both men have been pinching and biting them and onwards, up to her face.  The once-neat lipstick is completely smeared now, and her pale skin is flushed as she closes in on orgasm number three. 

“Ooh, fuuuck.... fuuuck!.... uunff!.... Yes,  yeeeesss!” Vanessa moans, arching her back into Will, clawing at Lee to pull him closer to her, almost knocking the cam to the floor.  “Oh, shit!....  uunff!.... I’m cumming!  Harder, fuck me harder!”

And from behind, almost hidden by her thrashing body, I can hear Will moaning too.  “Uh.... Oh, shit.... I’m going to cum.... “

With great presence of mind, Lee quickly lowers the cam to give the audience a close-up view of the final action, just in time to catch Will’s ball-sack tightening.  He grunts, and gives one last thrust up into Vanessa’s anus, suddenly holding himself very still, and I know that he’s pumping his cum deep into her anal canal.  He certainly must have needed it because even with both men plugging her up, it soon starts leaking from her arsehole.

After what seems like an eternity, Will sighs softly and slowly withdraws his now deflating penis from Vanessa’s rectum, more of his cum flooding out as he does so.  With cam still in hand, Will’s withdrawal is followed in short order by Lee's still erect cock, covered in a thick coat of his friend’s semen.  Without even waiting to ask for tips, Lee scoots up onto the sofa and pushes it straight into Vanessa’s mouth.

“Clean me up,” he demands.  “I want to be nice and clean before I cum.”

Compliant from the double fucking she’s just had Vanessa pulls herself off Will, who slumps into a contented heap in the corner of the sofa, and enthusiastically obeys his instructions, sucking and licking a mixture of spunk and anal juices from his dick as the cam chat goes wild.

DiamondDickDonnie:  that was fuckin awesome!

JohnnieBareback:       fucking amazing! Love this slut!

Cougar-chaser92:       awesome! cum on her face!

With cock licked clean, Lee turns the cam onto himself.  “Who wants to see this little slut swallow a mouthful of cum?” he asks, which turns out to be a rhetorical question since we all do – me especially, as I’m still waiting to cum myself.  “Then I guess I need to see some tokens...”

DiamondDickDonnie:  C’mon, dude – think I gave enuff for you to double stuff her!

“True,” Lee concedes.  “OK, Donnie, you’re covered.  How about the rest of you?”

 JohnnieBareback:       man, I’m tokened out!

Joker_boyLover:          me too – I’m in for 400!

b00bl0ver5_95:          we’ve given all I had!

There’s a moment’s pause.

Joker_boyLover:          I ain’t seen Gamerdave89 tip

JohnnieBareback:       me either – we’ve given enough, he should tip!



That’s me.


Lee fixes the cam with a glare, talking directly at me even though he doesn’t know it.  “You know, they’re right - everyone’s tipped in this room except you, Gamerdave.  From your profile, it looks like you’ve got about four hundred tokens in your account so here’s the deal: I’m going to give you about five seconds to tip everything you’ve got, or you get kicked from the room. Permanently.”

Shit. Shit. Shit.


Shit. A permanent ban means I’ll never be allowed to watch these guys in show ever again – assuming they do another show of course, which I suddenly realise is something I’m kinda hoping for...


On the other hand, do I really want to pay them for the privilege of watching Lee blow his wad on my fiancée’s face?


Shit.  Shit.  Shit.


Lee's finger hovers over the kick button.


Fuck it.  I press the button releasing all my funds, watching my user profile and tip amount light up the bottom of the screen accompanied by the familiar ping!   

“Good choice!” Lee says with a wink.  He puts the webcam onto the coffee table and stands back, giving us a full-length shot of his naked body.  Vanessa pushes herself off the couch and kneels at his feet, tongue out and her face up-tilted to his as she watches him stroke his thick cock.

Alone in my hotel room, I grab my own throbbing erection and start to jerk off frantically, eyes glued to the screen, wondering which of us is going to burst first.  Turns out it’s Lee and after only a few moments he tenses, giving a grunt as he tightens his grip on his cock before shooting  thick ropes of cum onto Vanessa’s waiting face – one, two, three long sprays – coating her face and hair before he gets himself under control to fire the rest of his sperm into her open mouth.  Sated, he then grabs the cam from off the coffee table and captures a close up of my fiancée wiping his jism off her face and sucking her fingers clean, before showing us that her mouth is filled.  She winks at the cam, takes a big gulp, and opens her mouth again to show that she’s swallowed the lot.  It’s all I need to tip me over the edge and I flood my hand with semen, enjoying the best orgasm I’ve ever had having watched my wonderful bride-to-be play out all the slut fantasies I could ever have dreamed.

The screen suddenly goes black, and a pop up message appears.


I close the tab and realise as I do so, that the store tab that I’d originally been looking at is still open and an icon is flashing in the top corner telling me I have a new message.  I click on it, and it opens.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Spencer!  Your wedding selection of Harrison’s Cave tour, Barbados has been purchased for you by [anonymous]

As I read, and re-read the email, my phone beeps and I pick it up to find a message from Vanessa.

--->>>>   Hi hun – was struggling to sleep (figure nerves b4 2moro!), so I checked the wedding list and guess what – looks like someone bought us the cave diving experience I know you wanted!  Told u good things would happen!  Love u xx can’t wait 2 c u 2moro and become ur wife xxx

I stare at the text, and then at the email from the online store, putting it all together, realising how blessed I am to have such a loving wife and great friends willing to do anything to help turn our honeymoon into a vacation I know we’ll never forget.

And an evening I know I’ll never forget, too.

I glance at the clock, and then at the laptop screen.

The online gift register closes at midnight.  There’s still time.  And of course, what would a trip to the Caribbean be without a sightseeing tour by helicopter?

I bring up the webcam site again, and upload more tokens to my account. 

It’s going to be a fun night.



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