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Latin Inferno - The Finale

Latin Inferno - The Finale

Their arrangement takes an unexpected twist as Sylvie takes what she wants.
We had been fucking each other for weeks now, and each time it followed a familiar pattern. Slyvie would dress up for me; she knew now of my predilection for expensive lingerie. She exploited it without compunction and I would be hard as soon as she revealed herself. Our first coupling would always be frantic, two people needing release from their deep frustration. Having her bent over on all fours was my favourite, looking back at me with that coquettish look and the sight of her bare sex glistening was always too much. Impaling her, the enveloping tightness and heat of her cunt soon led to a frenzied fucking and a copious load of cum inside her.

The chance of enjoying the warm glow of any refractory period was always denied to me. She was always insatiable and sought to revive my cock in a multitude of ways. Words, her soft mouth, a sensual grasp of my flaccid cock, I would always respond. She would have me ready again soon enough and we would fuck with the same passion until we both came hard again, breathless and sweating. She would drain all my energy to sate her until we were both physically exhausted and we would declare an uneasy truce – until next time.

We fucked everywhere imaginable, her place, mine, in my car, even in a field, unable to hold back our desire for each other. Sometimes we fucked in the presence of her passive husband, sometimes alone to send her packing with both her holes brimming with my seed. His attentiveness to my cock had not waned; it drove her wild and left us both in a state that would result in us having to abstain for a few days.

We’d even fucked in the changing room of a very respectable ladies boutique on the High Street. One time, sucking me off in the toilets of a local wine bar and then making me cum all over the gusset of her delicate lace knickers. Wearing them to savour the warm damp of my cum all over her cunt, she’d tease me with words and a flash of her cleavage. She knew I would be raging hard for more, helpless to give it to her and I always did.

When we were not together, there were dirty text messages, provocative selfies and her ideas for our next union. She would call and I would lewdly talk her through an intense masturbatory orgasm. It all served to enflame us both for our next encounter. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to her and drunk on the intoxication of it all. In the times we were able to maintain our composure and keep our clothes on, she was witty and engaging. Her worldliness, wisdom and charm made her absorbing company.

It was easy to forget she was a married woman, easy to forget when we were in public; her ring finger exhibited her status and mine too. We did not care much for that, we left it for others to ponder or discover for themselves. Occasionally Slyvie’s overtness would leave no room for doubt at all.

One time as we sat in a bar sipping on glasses of wine, we were smug in the knowledge that her sex was devoid of underwear and she was full of my spunk. Her visage of soft demureness contrasted with her attire - a tight, elastic black dress, short against her stockinged thighs. She smiled with her eyes at me, eased her legs apart in the presence of an admirer and showed him her stocking tops and bare, freshly fucked sex. She told me what she was doing and how he was unable to tear his eyes away. I watched as she sat there revealing herself, it was not a quick flash; it was a lurid lingering exhibition of her wet cunt. My heart pumped ferociously with our eyes locked together, I could feel my face flushed with want for her. Her own eyes aflame and staring into mine, she told me that she wanted me now and wondered if my cock was as hard as his might be. I nodded slowly, necking my wine and grabbed her soft delicate hand. We had to leave and she tipped a wink at him as I held the door for her. In the seclusion of a shaded alleyway, I frantically pounded her in the arse and in mere moments, she purred happily as I pumped another load into her.

She was a deeply sexual woman, a lascivious woman whose husband was incapable of sating her desires. Uncharitably, she would be judged a whore yet I saw it a different way, she liked sex and who was I to judge. Her husband more than approved, and to experience his excitement for myself, I knew this was their happy arrangement. He seldom spoke; we were never going to share a pint and a laugh. I was her paramour, her bull and he was the contented submissive cuckold.


Leaning in for another smouldering kiss, the evocative scent of her perfume was playing havoc with the threadbare fabric of my self-control. This was different, no quickie this time, she was torturing me and my body ached for her. It had been a few days, our previous coupling had been in the presence of her husband and we had fucked all night. I left their house in the watery light of daybreak and the birdsong of the dawn chorus. I drove home with my body sore and stiff, my back covered with a collection of scratches that stung as I pressed against the cool leather of the car seat.

Confessing to her sex being sore with exertion, she had taunted me with more pictures send by text message. One picture of a toy wedged in her peachy arse was too much. I called her and she talked me through to emptying my balls all over my naked, body much to her amusement. Lost with need, we had arranged to meet this night for another passionate night of cuckolding her husband.

I couldn’t conceal this ache any longer and I pulled her close to me. My hardness pressed against the soft flare of her belly as the cloying stickiness of her lips grazed against mine. Her smile signalled her enjoyment of fermenting my passion for her. She was dressed for seduction, her body encased in that short tight black dress again. She had told me in detail what little she had on underneath it. Her hair and make-up was exquisite and she clearly revelled in the attention she was attracting.

The tenderness of the soft music was composed for lovers and there were plenty on the dance floor. The clarity of her engagement ring caught the light as she softly caressed my face. My hands squeezed at her soft waist, I wanted to cup the firm cheeks of her arse and press my hardness fully against her. I needed to do something to make her relent her taunting of me and consummate the evening.

“I want you,” I rasped into her ear.

“I know. Are your balls full for me?”

She kissed me again, her hand playfully squeezing my rigid cock.

“You know they are.”

“You are draining them into my cunt tonight, once you have, my arse is yours.”

I couldn’t help it, a little gasp left my mouth as she smiled into my eyes.

“And your husband?”

“Well, you know how much he likes sucking your cock, I can’t wait.”

“Let’s go Slyvie, I can’t bear this.”

I kissed her again, it was pleading in its attention. I eased the tip of my tongue into her mouth and I felt the moan from her mouth as her tongue met mine. We broke as the lust of her embrace threatened to consume us both. The music segued into something more energetic and I gave thanks at the serendipity of its timing. Granting my wish as she took my hand, her hips swaying provocatively as I watched her lead the way.


Pushing me onto the bed, the elastic of the dress yielded as she shimmied her hips to ease it from her. Naked save for a delicate pair of suspenders and stockings, she struggled with the belt of my trousers, freeing my body from them. Frantically, I pulled my shirt from my body as her hand caressed over the bulge in my boxer briefs. A clink of light spread from the doorway as her husband came into view, naked and sporting an erection, he sat on the dressing table pedestal.

Teasing my socks from my feet, her eyes looked into mine as she tugged at the elastic waistband of my briefs. In the cool air of the room, my straining hard cock was livid with its veins engorged and prominent. She turned to look at her husband who joined us both. Holding my cock, she looked up as our eyes met and her mouth engulfed my shaft.

With a deep groan, I gripped at the thin sheets of the bed as my back arched. Bobbing her head up and down, she held it firmly and took it, squeezing it to measure its strength. I was steely hard as she offered it to her husband and she knelt on the bed watching him take it. Enflamed by the spectacle, she clutched one of her full breasts and dipped a finger into her sex. My gasps at the sight of them both conveyed my satisfaction of his attention on my cock. My opportunity to taste her pussy arrived quickly, she straddled me in reverse and I pushed my tongue deep into her wet musky folds.

“Yes, suck him for me, get him ready.”

The familiarity of it had not detracted from its power, such was the lewdity of the situation it incensed me with lust. My body writhed, heady and groaning airily, his mouth worked over my shaft. It still had the power to arouse her too, I felt Sylvie wetten as she rubbed her sex onto my mouth. Slowly sucking on her hard clit, he worked his mouth tenderly over my cock. Hearing her moans at my increasingly fevered attention to her sex, his mouth made my cock flex harder and harder.

“Don’t make him cum, show it to me.”

His hand slowly wanked me; I flexed it with my muscles and it throbbed in response. It strained against the tight skin and she purred contently at the spectacle of my fully aroused prick.

Straddling me, he held me firmly until she had squat down and taken it inside her. Her tight constriction needed several gingerly taken undulations of her sex to take me fully. Watching her feed it into her cunt, she pulled at her puckered nipples and bit at her bottom lip until I was fully inside.

The spectacle of seeing my cock impaled inside her and febrile heat of her cunt salved my frustrated mind. I lurched up from the bed to clasp her body and suck hungrily on her hard nipple. Yielding a slight moan from her, she entertained me suckling her breast as she ground her sex against the hilt of my cock. The wetness eased over my cock, her moistness warm on my balls.

Pushing me down on the bed, Sylvie smiled as she slowly ground her sex on my pubic bone. I groaned heavily as she assaulted my body relentlessly. Leaning forwards, her breasts hung down as I clasped them with my hands. Watching, she smiled as the look on my face changed feeling her husband’s tongue licking on my smooth tight balls.

“Mmm, you like this don’t you?”

My moans were my only reply as I nodded my fevered head.

“Good, now fuck my cunt.”

I groaned more vocally as she began to grind her body up and down on top of me. Mechanically, she was fucking me with only one intention, to make me cum hard. Taking my hands from her breasts, she squeezed my chest with her hands and dug her fingernails into my skin. My automatic reply was to gasp with the pain and feed my cock hard into her to the hilt and then again with force. Maintaining this tempo, our bodies mashed together at our hips, her expression of determination melting to convey deeply felt pleasure. Soft yelping moans punctuated her need for air as she rode atop of me addressing my body with the respect afforded to a powerful stallion. Her bravado evaporating as she groaned with each thrust of my cock into her.

“You! Enough! Watch him fuck me!”

My balls were tight and hot and with only Sylvie to contend with, my impending climax was temporarily postponed. The velvet warmth of her pussy engulfed me repeatedly made me gasp with each thrust. Focussing my attention onto her, I clasped her body with my strong arms and pulled her down onto me. Crushing her breasts against my body, I rolled her over. Locking my arms by their elbows, her sheer clad legs rose and wrapped around my hips. Her soft body yielded, her pouting lips and eyes half closed conveyed her lust. I pressed my lips against hers, our tongues meeting as air whistled through our nostrils. Eager for more, her soft body responded and attuned to her need, I fucked her firmly with all the force in my hips.

Maintaining this vigorous pace, I could feel her cunt clench on me as her body instinctively squirmed against mine. Finding that familiar rhythm, writhing against me, she was taking what she wanted. Pressing myself fully into her, she pressed her clit against my pubic bone and ground against me. My own body strained against her as she clung to me, pressing my hips against hers. Driving into her, her noise yielded a staccato grunt and as she spasmed against my swollen cock she took an urgent climax.

“Oh fuck!”

Squeezed against me, her sinewy cunt muscles spasmed demanding my seed. My body gave her more, denying her demand as she thrashed on the bed.

No words left her, her eyes rolled back so I kissed her passionately. With her strength waning from her body, she limply clung onto me. Pushing into her violently she sobbed for more air as I kept up this unforgiving pace.

Submissively, she allowed me to fuck her through her orgasm; another passionate kiss revived her body’s strength. Her hands roamed over me, clasping at my strained biceps, gripping at my shoulders as I pushed my cock deep into her in a series of full lunges. Revelling in this second wind, I fucked her hard enough to make her soft body shake; her breasts shuddered as I drove into her.

“Yes, yes, show him how I like it.”

Lowering her legs, her hands gripping the taut gluts of my arse and she dug her nails in to take charge.

The pain made me reel instinctively, “Jesus!”

I pushed my swollen cock into her assertively as her sloppy silken heat drove me on. My hard cock broiled inside her as she demanded deeper and harder thrusts. Fighting back, she pushed against my cock meeting each shove into her by grinding her sex against me once more. I could feel that tension building inside her again. This time, I knew the vice tightness would be unforgiving and it would easily tip me over the edge. She looked at me knowingly as drops of sweat dripped from my brow, my face flushed as I struggled to keep driving my cock into her.

“You’re close aren’t you?”

I could only manage a grunt of acknowledgement, I was edging ever closer to my climax and it would only be a matter of seconds. My cum was rising, boiling in my balls as I felt the clarion call of that sweet tension rising inside me.

“Breed me, breed my tight cunt.”

Her words slammed into me, incredulous I could only register their syntax denying the semantics from my consciousness.

“W… what?”

“Breed me, give me your baby.”

I pushed into her as it hit me, my mind was ringing alarm bells, my body had other ideas and held me hostage. I could not hold back my release; any scrap of rationality had left me long ago. I had to get my rocks off and to hell with the consequences. My cock was so swollen, it was at the apex of its hardness and she knew what it meant, it was the portent of my release.

“Yes, I can feel you; you want to cum… don’t you?”

“Oh Christ!”

“Breed me. I’m fertile, give me your spunk.”

She met every shallow thrust by pushing herself onto me. She was in control and I was helpless as she bucked underneath me. I meekly yielded as she rolled me onto my back. Forcing me down, she pushed me into the bed, I was captive and so close to yielding into her.

“Cum in me, fill me up!”

Grinding her hard clit against me, she rode my hard cock for all she was worth. I moaned loudly as his hand cupped and then squeezed my hot balls. The rising tension in her cunt made me groan vociferously, she had battered me into willing submission. His sublime caress was driving me closer, it melted away my last vestige of resistance as I gave my cock to her.

“Yes, that’s it, give me your baby now!”

The shock of that moment had transformed into deviantly relishing the situation of impregnating another man’s wife. Clearly, I had their approval and I was not going to disappoint. Asserting myself, I cannoned my cock into her hard, as hard as I could and I kept pushing into her. Her fingers found my nipples, she knew what her attention on them would achieve. His hand on my balls was only encouraging me more. As I moaned heavily, I would not stop them both conspiring to release my load from me.

My cock gave its own response and lurched to its swollen maximum, the moment of impregnation tipped her over the edge. With her cunt convulsing, she trashed on me violently, her sex clenched at my cock goading me to release.

As the rapture of her orgasm consumed her, the lack of friction and his soft massaging of my balls overwhelmed me too. Her sex convulsed on me firmly, it was the final straw.

“I’m cumming.”

“Yes, yes, YES!”

Deeply embedded inside her, I felt the most profound and deep lurch from my cock. Milking me, squeezing on me, my cock began to fill her. She must have felt its heat as she shrieked loudly, her body thrashed violently as each deep throb of my cock shot it hard into her. Spasming with release, our eyes met as sat on me firmly, each lurch of cock painting her cunt with cum.

Breathless, she collapsed on top of me as I held her tightly. Feeling the crush of her full breasts press against my straining body, I held her firmly and stuck it to her with all my strength. I could feel the heat of my essence inside her as she meekly gasped for air, the ebb and flow of her climax weakening on my spent throbbing cock.

My body was tingling at such an intense release; I could only just manage a whisper.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…..”

She eased herself from me and lay back on the bed, letting a pearly white stream of spunk leak from her scarlet slit.

With her legs apart and feet planted firmly on the bed, there were no words as he mounted her. He groaned as he penetrated her sex. I watched as I caught my breath, watched as his arse pumped hard up and down, groaning as he violated her cum filled cunt with his own hard cock. She lay motionless looking into my eyes as he relieved his own ardour inside her. She smiled at me as he pumped away for all he was worth.

The scene of watching her being fucked, the fact he had shoved his cock into her cum filled sex stoked the flames of desire inside me. Beckoning to me, she took my greasy semi-hard cock and fed it into her mouth as he fucked her. On her back, he unleashed his frustration between her thighs and his urgency made my cock stir hard. The visual of his cock embedded inside, the sight of her attending to my cock with her mouth was making me hard. Stiffened once more in her mouth, she pulled my cock from her mouth and I watched as she held it for her husband to suck.

His earnest attention to her cunt was matched now by the diligence of his mouth on my cock. Enraptured, she idly played with her clit as I slowly rocked my hips, feeding his mouth to meet each thrust into her sloppy sex. I was stiffening nicely as she caressed my balls, teasing me successfully to make me hard again.

With her body impassive to the last, a muffled moan signalled he had shot his load into her. Easing my cock from his mouth, his leaden body slumped over his prone wife.

“You’ve had your fun, now get off me.”

Full with two loads in short order, my burgeoning cock was rigid once more. Between her legs there it was, two copious loads of cum had left her cunt plastered with a frothy white emulsion. It was not lost on Slyvie and she gestured rhetorically where I was needed next.

“It seems only fair to give him a fighting chance, now fuck me hard and fill me up some more.”

With cum leaking from her cunt, nothing was going to hold me back - not even impregnating her. As I pushed my hard cock into the slimy heat of her cunt, her body arched as she held me as tightly as she could.

“Pound the fuck out of me, breed your whore.”

I gave it to her, purring as she felt me stretching her once more.

Pulling me in for a passionate kiss, she rasped her instruction into my ear, “I want it all in my cunt.”

I did not disappoint and her words only served to continually inspire me. I fucked her all night and each time she took the lot between her legs. Each time, he was there squeezing on my balls and there to clean up my cock. Her cunt was a mess, vivid red, sopping wet, creamed with a mix of her juices and cum.

To the sound of birdsong and the light of dawn leeching through the windows, getting to fuck her tight arse was the cherry on the cake. Splashing mere drops onto her heaving blotchy breasts for my last climax, she knew she had it all inside her. Her look was one of contentment as she absently felt the presence of my seed deep inside her. Smiling wickedly, she pushed a cum covered finger into her mouth to sample it.

The sight of her hard-fucked body seered into my mind, the flare of her curves, her blotchy sweat sheened skin and matted wet hair. I could not tear my eyes away from her creamed glossy sex. I had never seen someone so well fucked; she looked so content and happy at that moment.


In the following days there no more texts, no more lewd pictures and no more phone calls. It had been an intense experience, perhaps too intense for me and for them maybe. I wondered if this was a fantasy they had lived out to their satisfaction or perhaps to use me as a virile fuck to knock her up for real. I thought perhaps that I should go there and find out. Then again, I considered it would be best not to be a nuisance and leave things as they were. I resolved myself to the fact we are all grown-ups, all with our own reasons for what we did and happy in the choices we all made. It was best to leave it there.

As a new woman came into my life shortly afterwards, time eroded away the vivid need to take some kind of action. It became a happy memory, something that made me smile in a ponderous moment alone.

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