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Latin Inferno

Latin Inferno

A reluctant night out leads to fully cuckolding a woman's submissive husband.
I was bored, not just bored but mind-rottenly fed up. I like Cuban music; I like the irony of its optimism and its innate rhythm. This was grating on me like fingernails down a blackboard. The bar was packed out, the lights low; the vibe was hot and heavy. Any other night, I would be having the time of my life. There were almost wall-to-wall women all looking for a man, any man that could dance Salsa.

I couldn’t dance Salsa.

The bar was located in a salubrious and picturesque commuter town full of City types and their progeny; this was a target-rich environment. It was a place so genteel that the door didn’t have a brace of bouncers keeping out the undesirables. As the only town amidst acres of countryside and chocolate-box villages, this was the closest thing to big city nightlife.

As bored funks go, this was a deep one and being honest, I was pissed off too. It was a perfect storm of circumstances that had brought me to this melancholy.

First, it was a birthday party and not just any birthday party but my ex-girlfriend’s. I watched her dance and she could really dance. She was a beauty with long blonde flowing locks and wide blue eyes. The body was hewn with deep sensual curves, shoulders and hips in delicious proportion to her exquisite breasts that made me cry.

When I knew it wasn’t going to work out.

She had a body built for carnal sin, yet she had a demeanour of such wholesomeness, I was certain she could irritate Mother Teresa with it.

Second, I added to my woe by choosing not to drink. I was determined not to make an idiot of myself by making a pass at Miss Goody-Two-Shoes as we shared mutual friends. I was going to be responsible and grown-up about it. What better way than to demonstrate that I did not need a drink to have a good time.

Then again I could have a perfectly bad time by not drinking. This was not my idea of fun at all.

I opted to lean against the bar to keep my downer a safe distance from my friends. Occasionally, a doe-eyed girl would walk past and smile which I would happily return. Paralysed by melancholy, I was happy to remain unavailable and let the clock rundown to closing time.

“Yeah, another coke please.”

The girl behind the bar smiled, I was as sober as a judge.

“Friendly place,” I proffered.

She looked up and threw the empty bottle into a large bin.

“Yeah, you’re getting attention because you aren’t drinking.”

“Excuse me?”

“Do you need her to draw you a map?”

I turned and that came from the lady standing next to me.

“Sorry, you’ve lost me.”

“Buy me a drink and I’ll let you into some local knowledge.”

Responding with a look of incredulity, she smiled in return, “White wine, Sauvignon Blanc please.”

I took my change and she took her drink.

“They are looking for someone to drive them home and let nature take its course. This is the sticks, lots of country lanes and lay-bys for a fumble.”

“I see.”

I wasn’t rising to the salaciousness of her conversation.

“If you don’t me saying, you look bored.”

I blew out my cheeks, she was certainly perceptive.

“Well, that’s because I am, it’s a long story.”

“Why don’t you tell me about it?”

I told her my story and she listened, she was a very good listener too. Most people would interject or take the conversation down a rat hole never to be seen again. I was warming to her already. Her looks were bohemian, dressed in a long flowing linen dress with a thick brown belt loose and lop-sided to provide definition. Slim and tall, she had ruler straight brunette hair, long and cut into a bob and her delicate make-up only accentuated her natural beauty.

As I talked, her face was expressive and warm, pausing only to sip at her chilled Sauvignon Blanc. I admit I was surprised she was here; I wouldn’t put this down as her scene. She looked like she should be worshipping the impending summer solstice.

Like a mid-Atlantic squall that blew itself out, sunshine lit the blue skies in my mind. I smiled relieved of my melancholy.

“Is that her there?”

I looked in her direction.


“She’s just a girl, maybe she will change, maybe not. You are lucky to be so young and yet so certain. That’s why you are bored and not angry; you seek more than this as excitement.”

If that wasn’t a come on I didn’t know what was. Coming to the crunch, I admit I was attracted to her and as she smiled, her eyes betrayed her thoughts. This showed promise indeed and after my self-imposed barren spell, it had been too long. I didn’t need to spend much time wondering what harm could a fumble could do.

“Would you like to dance?”

“Me?” I choked with surprise on the last of my coke; I had two left-feet.

After one pulsating high-energy tune after another, this music was slower, more considered. I didn’t put up a fight, she took my hand and led us to the dance floor. I liked her forwardness and her confidence; she knew what she wanted. The dance floor was packed, a seething mass of couples in close-clinches.

She pulled me in closer by placing her hands on my hips; our bodies grazing against each other. I felt a crackle of sexual energy, she was my type and her close presence was certainly having the right effect.

We moved in time to the music, her hands steering my body against hers. The delicate brush of her body against mine ignited my ardour. My loins were rising and she did not seem to care. Moving with the slow rhythm of the music, she pressed her body harder against me.

“I have a confession to make.”


“I’m married.”

The ire of my arousal overtook any sense of morality; she pressed my hardened cock against her soft body.

“I see. Your husband doesn’t mind you doing this?”

She leant in and I felt a soft kiss on my neck. Instinctively, I tilted my head and she needed no further invitation to kiss my neck again.

“No, he encourages me.”

“So this is ok?”


This time, her hand held my chin and sealed with a kiss, her full lips sucked softly onto mine. It was a kiss to defeat the senses and she achieved her objective in seconds. To the music, our bodies caressed each other. Space was at a premium on the small dance floor as her hand rested against the crotch of my chinos. I gasped quietly as she gave it in a playful squeeze.

“Now would you like me to draw you a map?”


“I want my husband to watch us together.”


“And it would be okay if he took part?”

My head was reeling as my cock had stiffened so easily. I admit I liked the sheer kinkiness of this prospect. I wanted her and to hell with what else might happen.

I needed to introduce a little levity to belie my nerves, “Well, you two are married, it would only be fair.”

She punctuated her reply with a quiet snigger, “He can’t satisfy me, his presence is for my pleasure, and I like him to watch what real men can do.”

My body ignited to her touch, my frustration of being here tonight had been transposed into wanting this now. I wanted to debauch myself and purge my soul of my ex’s wholesomeness, no more having sex with the lights off or getting under the duvet with her underwear still on. I wanted to do something dirty and depraved and reassert my own stultified sexual desire. A threesome with a woman I had just met and their unconventional martial arrangement fitted the bill perfectly.

She squeezed my cock again, “You feel big, are you?”

“I haven’t had a complaint yet,” I muttered.

My response clearly amused her.

“In that case, you are big enough. Are you open-minded?”

Her hand found the runner of my flies and she was slowly fighting with the zip. They were generous in size such was the fashion and her slight hand soon found enough room to disappear into them. Defeating the waistband of my boxer briefs, I felt her heat of her fingers against the turgid heat of my stiff cock.

Fighting to keep it together, I prayed that this slow music would not stop. I was clinging to it like a life raft, the cornet playing and the slow-snared drumbeat.


“He likes to attend to my lovers; he will guide you into me.”

My cock leapt a little with excitement, I could hear her approval of my predicament in her voice.

“I know he’d like to taste my juices on your cock. It makes me so hot and grateful.”

I swallowed a little as another gentle kiss pressed on my clammy neck. She knew I found this prospect exciting as my cock spasmed against her hand.

“Mmm, you know he is very attentive, he’ll clean you up once you have finished inside me.”

I was rampant now, fully hard, and we checked ourselves as another couple bumped into us. Adroitly, she handled it beautifully with an apology and a sweet smile.

“I’m Sylvie, and I have your beautiful hard penis in my hand. You are my bull.”

I had to kiss her fully as a reward for her skilful seduction. She melted into my arms as her mouth opened and I slid the tip of my tongue over hers. Looking into her eyes, she pulled the runner of my flies up. Pressed closely against each other, my hand rested on her clothed breast, I could feel her nipple proud and hard through the layers of material. I caressed it softly as I placed a deep kiss on her pouting lips.

Nuzzling on her ear, I whispered, “I’m Martin, and I’m going to fuck your brains out.”


As soon as the door latch rattled closed, I pulled her closely and kissed her fully. Reciprocating hungrily, she groped at my imprisoned cock as I pressed my frantic hands over her full breasts. Her nipples were hard and prominent, her breathing accelerated with urgency.

“He’s expecting me to come back with someone. He’ll come up the stairs soon enough once he hears what’s going on.”

Using only the uplighters in the bedroom, they cast soft long shadows against the décor and furnishings. Ripping off our clothes, four shoes were sent careening along the floor and she pushed me onto the huge bed.

“Fuck me in our bed, defile it.”

I was down to my boxer briefs, which she removed with ease, casting them into the air. Sylvie was down to a pair of lace panties. Witnessing her firm body with soft womanly curves, my cock had stiffened once more. Her breasts were full and generous, pressed tautly against her chest with small stubby nipples. Biscuit coloured freckles adorned her cleavage as she pressed herself against me.

Her expression was one of lascivious mischief, kissing her, the passion of each one rose as my hands explored her body. I held her with an increasing firmness fighting to have her body do my bidding. Smouldering long kisses were my reward as my hands skirted around her breasts, taunting her body and need. She squirmed against me, wanting me to arouse her more. Relenting, I clasped one breast fully; it filled my broad hand as her tongue eased into my mouth.

Her fingers grazed over my tight balls and then gripped my hard cock. Stroking it, she looked into my eyes as her need seered through them and into me. I enjoyed the vision of her tawdry lust written on her face, her frustration was there for me to see.

“Touch me, please.”

I cupped her lace-covered sex with my hand as I watched her eyes close; my single-minded brain fused with desire. I could feel her heat; the moistness of her juices had left the fabric damp and warm. Pulling her gusset forcefully to one side, she gasped loudly as my fingers spread her wetness. Her lips pressed against me as I rolled her onto her back. Energetic for more, she grabbed at my hard cock and began wanking me frantically.

I stuffed two fingers deep into her hot slit and it calmed her instantly. From the small of her back, her body arched and fell into the bed as I felt her velvet wetness. Her body still, I plunged them urgently into her sex, my mouth flicking on one of her erect nipples.

Panting moans of approval filled the air, “Yes, yes….”

Sopping wet and moaning loudly, I held her against the bed, watching her wanton body squirm. Her hands fought with her undies and relenting for a moment, I eased my fingers from her. Her legs rose, she pushed at them frantically as they snagged against a heel.


I was no position to catch them and in the heat of passion, I had momentarily forgotten where I was.

Sitting on the dressing table stool was the figure of her husband, he was naked and I could see that his hard cock was in his hand. In the relaxed light and long shadows, I could just about make out why he might not be able to satisfy her.

“Come closer.”

With a litany of kisses, her tongue was in my mouth again. She destroyed the last of my self-consciousness and any remaining inhibitions evaporated with it. Demanding my attention, she had taken my cock in her hand and she was slowly stroking me again. I had lost none of my hardness and I felt the bed dip a little as her husband obeyed her instruction.

“Can you last?”


“Do you have plenty of stamina?”

“Yes, yes, I think so.”

Intent on getting a proper seeing to, I was certainly in the right frame of mind to give her precisely what she wanted. I would fuck her hard with absolutely no compunction and revel in being watched as I did so. Her hand worked slowly on my cock and as I looked into her eyes - they were aflame with lust.

Straddling me in reverse, her juicy arse framed her bare puffy vulva and her pink slit glistened with her juices. She had my cock and it jerked hard as I felt it slide into her hot mouth.

My hands were free and I spread her arse cheeks with them. I could hear her moans against me as I pushed my tongue into her as far as it would go. Exploring her wet tunnel with its full length, a series of deep gasps of delight rushed from her. I imagined how it might look, her mouth bobbing down on my hard cock in front of her husband. Engulfing her clitoral hood, I sucked on it deeply, trapping it tightly in my mouth as I flicked against her hard clit.

“Fuck!” came the hastily hissed reply. “Suck his cock!”

I let out another groan to match hers. His mouth was urgent; taking long strokes with his hand as his mouth worked on the glans and then shaft of my cock. The licentiousness of it spurred me on and I sucked hungrily on her captured button. The intensity of the situation, I had to do it, I had to know and with a finger lubed in her juices, I pressed it against the tight entrance to her arse.

“Oh God, yes, yes….”

Fingering her arse with her husband sucking more and more of my cock, her moans punctured the air combined with my own. It was clear that the spectacle of watching her servile husband sucking another man’s cock was making her pussy flood with juices. Lost in the sounds and sensations, my own cock swelled hard as he took it deeper and deeper.

Feeling two tongues on my cock again made it lurch heavily and I had to let out a deep groan. I lingered at the sight before me, smeared with her copious juices, her vulva and labia were swollen and engorged.

As they worked on my aching meat, I attacked her clit with zeal flicking the tip of my tongue against it and its hood. Inspired by their attention on my cock, I pursed my lips and sucked on it hungrily again. My slow finger fucking of her tight arse only made her more animated to my attentions. Her hips began to rise and fall as she slowly began to tremble on top of me. Stuttering with yelps and deep gasps, her body shook with her first orgasm. Shuddering and moaning until her hand reached back to force me away from her sex.

Escaping my attention, she lay alongside me as we watched her husband diligently working on my hard cock. Sylvie’s reaction was awe and intense arousal, her torso was mottled pink. She fed a hard nipple into my mouth as she watched avidly, toying with one of mine. The delicious deviance of another man sucking on my cock had lost none of its sexual magic; I was fiercely hard.

Kissing me tenderly, she smiled at my deeply aroused state, “Let him guide your cock into me.”

My face said it all as she straddled me again. Her naked statuesque body hovered over me, her body glowed with arousal and her tightly trimmed sex was sheened with her wetness. Leaning over, I heard the rollers of the bedside cabinet as it opened and closed. Brandishing a thin blue vibrator, she placed it onto the bed.

Throbbing in her husband’s firm hand, she impaled herself onto my cock. Our eyes locked together as she let gravity do the work, the torrid enveloping heat radiating through my cock. She took the vibe as I watched her working it on her clit. Her full breasts swayed in time, each adorned with a hard erect nipple. Slowly and deliberately, she braced the vibe against her clit and rode my cock. .

“Oh you feel fucking good.”

I smiled, “So do you.”

“You like my arse huh?”

I nodded.

“Good, you are going in there too; first you are going to pound my slutty cunt.”

Turning her body, her breasts silhouetted against the low light, “Watch how a real man fucks me.”

Sat up on her thighs, I had left plenty of room to buck my hips to fill her deeply. Her countenance softened as I drove my cock into her and felt her cushiony soft cunt walls embrace my hard shaft. I watched the look of ecstasy ease over her face; I had to clasp her breasts and knead them. As I bottomed out inside her in a persistent rhythm, her gasps and moans filled the room. Letting our bodies collide together in this way lacked subtlety yet Sylvia was in no mind to chide my youthful exuberance. With her eyes closed and groaning in appreciation, she pressed the toy firmly to her clit.

“Oh he knows how to fuck!”

I pulled on her nipples prompting a yelp of delight, her cunt clasped my shaft and the delicious friction spurred me on. The droning hum from the vibe responded to its frantic application. I was rock hard and light-headed, drunk on the sheer tawdriness and taboo of the situation. Slapping the hilt of my cock against her, I maintained my pace as she savaged her clit with her vibe.

“Oh fuck! Yes, fucking do it.”

Slamming into her, her staggered breathing and her body began to tremble. Up to my balls inside her, I felt the full rage of another climax as she rubbed her clit violently. With one deep guttural groan, she shrieked loudly as I felt her convulse over me.

Her mouth was open as her spasming cunt kept gripping at me. Spellbound I watched her body wracked with her intense orgasm as her body shook.

Throwing the vibe weakly on the bed, she slumped forwards and I pulled her close. With a heavy deep kiss, she yielded to me, the need for air whistling through her nostrils. Captive to my embrace, I rolled her over and eased her legs apart with my own.

Looking down upon her, she looked serene and vacant, my expression conveyed the pleasure of my cock being engulfed again. Witnessing my intense satisfaction, she watched me intently as he sucked her orgasmic juices off my hard cock.

“He’s a good cocksucker isn’t he?”

His mouth maintained a louche and relaxed pace, good was a word I would have chosen myself.

“Tell him for me.”

We both let out a snigger.

“That’s it, keep me hard.”

There was a muffled moan of appreciation.

With a soft nuzzle of my ear, she whispered, “Tell him you are going to cum inside me.”

“Fucking hell Sylvie.”

“Tell him.”

“I’m going to fill your wife’s cunt with spunk now.”

There was another muffled moan of excitement this time. He had my hard length in his hand and coupled me with his wife’s febrile cunt. Filling her, her hands teased on my nipples as her heels pressing into the cheeks of my arse. They dug into me and I responded, they dug into me again and I duly filled her deeply.

Her instructive body created a pace that soon had her breathing laced with deep moans. Her heels demanded a hard and enthusiastic tempo and her body responded rising and falling in time with mine. At the zenith of each thrust, she pressed her cunt against at the base of my cock.

Our mouths pressed together as we sought one deep passionate kiss after another, her tongue lashing against mine as I pressed into her. Pressed up to the hilt of my cock again and again, her legs locked around me for purchase seeking the friction she needed. I gave her a deep hard pounding set of lunges using the full curve of my cock pressing deeply into her. Showing her husband how her cunt was tightly taking my shaft, I pressed myself deeply into her, rendering a vicious deep groan from her mouth.

“Come on, come on, fuck me.”

I groaned, her dirty mouth spurring me on and I rewarded her with a staccato clatter of short stabbing thrusts of her deeply filled cunt. I began to pound her in deep, long thrusts, an exhibition for our sole spectator. Our bodies slammed together, expelling air, panting and gasping, her cunt tightening around me. My own cock swelled as our bodies writhed and ground together. Sobbing and groaning for more, I mercilessly exploited her predicament, taking her body as she had wanted. Full tilt and rampant, my own breathing ragged and short, I kept giving her my full length. The look in our eyes sharing silent words as my cock filled her once more.

“Cum with me, fill me with spunk.”

I needed no encouragement; my muscles were burning, yet the delicious pleasure and the single-minded need for release drove me on. She clasped at my body bearing her fingernails as she dug them into me. The seering combination of her tight cunt and the intense pleasure of my impending climax suffused with its pain. I pistoned my cock deep into her sopping wet hole, my balls feeling hot and tight, close to climax.

“Tell him.”

“I’m going to cum in your fucking whore of a wife!”

It took mere moments to register and my words seemed to tip her over the edge. Her body shuddered violently, her cunt fiercely clasping my thrusting cock. The tightness of her muscles bore down on me; I pushed her hands away and embraced her with all my strength. Locking my mouth around one of her hard nipples, I bit it softly, sucking violently as she howled in a deep, all-consuming orgasm.

Savagely I impaled her, pushing my cock as deep as it would go into her. It flexed and I groaned, in one split-second she clamped tightly around me again. I stabbed her deeply again, pumping my heavy load deep inside her spasming cunt. Writhing together in unison, I painted it into her orgasmic pussy on their matrimonial bed. I pressed my cock deeply into her as each convulsion of our bodies yielded more of my seed. Throbbing with heavy salving heat, her own body weakly still clasping at me, I knew she had milked my entire frustrated load into her.

I had to roll from her in my need for air and respite. My body stung with its exertion, my chest rose and fell wildly and my heart pounded as I listened to her soft yelps for air. I turned to look to her and smiled weakly with a sated look of contentment. Her eyes were wide and her nostrils flared for air, she reciprocated a lewd smile of her own and beckoned her husband.

“Eat his spunk from my cunt.”

A soft moan left her as I looked to see his face buried between her legs.

“Fuck that was good, you put a lot in there. Am I a good slut?”

I smiled, “Yes, with a talented tight cunt.”

She purred happily and looked down, “Eat it all up.”

Her impassive look initially betrayed her real thoughts as she smiled and winked at me with amusement.

“Clean up his cock too and see if you can get him hard again.”

I held her as she rested her head on my chest, her body was hot and her skin soft with damp. Witnessing his efforts, my cock was semi-flaccid as he licked and sucked on me. Mesmerised, her fingers dipped into her wet folds as she watched. She peppered my lips with soft kisses as her hand grazed over my chest teasing my nipples.

The embers of my desire flickered and I could feel my cock stiffen. Her hand took it and began to stroke me again, giving it life. He resumed his perch as I felt my cock hardening in her soft hand.

“Oh good, you are cumming in my arse next.”

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