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Losing Pounds, Gaining a Cuckold - Chapter One

Wife loses weight and becomes the eye of hubby's friends
Chapter One

I am a married woman, my name is Toni. I will turn thirty-six this August and have two wonderful boys ages 10 and 12. My husband just turned forty-three and I love him dearly. He has always been very mild mannered, easygoing and still very handsome on his stocky but solid 5'10" frame. One of the best things I love about him is if I really want something, he lets me have my way; I guess you could say I'm a little brat at times. My pout is legendary. I usually call the shots at home so you could say I've been the dominant partner throughout our marriage.

Last fall I became unhappy with the way I looked and decided to do something about it. I finally admitted to myself I had gained enough, nothing disgusting, but enough for me to change my routine. So, I joined a local gym last fall, determined to lose the pounds and get back to my "playing" weight when I was in college. Oh don't get me wrong I needed to do this not only for Doug but for my ego too, lets say I loved getting noticed and whistled at when I had my cute little figure back then. Well six months and twenty-two pounds later it happened. Not only did I lose the weight but thanks to my personal trainer, it was distributed in all the right places. I am proud to say I now have a very flirty 34c-22-35 figure. I also let my dark brunette hair get longer, which now cascades down the middle of my back and my legs have gotten back to the shape that I wanted. As spring approached I won my bet with my hubby of losing at least twenty pounds, so he treated me to a whole new wardrobe, including some very sexy lingerie. Yes the timing was perfect for the country club pool party on that Sunday before Memorial Day. But I never dreamed my marriage, my life and my husband would change that warm, sultry evening.

I should add that as I got into better shape my body wasn't the only area that was changing. I noticed my husband of almost fourteen years was more distant not as sexual as he used to be. I hoped that after six months of total pain and agony to get my figure back he would want me more, but that was not the case. I knew he loved me, but it was a comfortable love, the kind older couples have after years of marriage. I sat down and talked to him and that's the first time I heard him bring up swinging couples, fetish parties and cuckolding. I got mad and told him I wasn't ever going to be that kind of wife and the subject was dropped and our sex life continued downhill, that is until that weekend the last week in May.

The pool party attire that day was resort casual and I was ready to push the envelope to be noticed. My husband is old fashioned, but yuppie in his values and dresses that way. On the other hand, I wanted my look to be classy and sexy, but not too slutty. So I went into my drawer of new clothes and picked out my tiniest pair of white short-shorts which zipped in back, a pink cotton tissue tee, low cut with white sandal heels. Underneath I had on a half-cup white semi-shear bra, and matching thong panties. Before I walked out of the bedroom I bend over at the waist to see how much of my butt cheeks were showing (they were ever so slightly) and as I looked in the mirror I saw that my tanned, shapely legs in my white shorts looked hot.

We got to the country club and no sooner did I get out of our car than I heard a whistle coming from the parking lot. It was Bill, a golfing buddy of my husband, who hadn't seen me since last fall.

He immediately said, "My, winter has been good to you sweetheart."

Bill, who is normally very shy, gave me a compliment he normally wouldn't give, along with a peck on the cheek. As we walked in I sensed my short-shorts would probably be the talk of the party as most of the other women were more conservative in sundresses, pant outfits and longer shorts. Doug went immediately to the bar with Bill to get drinks, letting me stand by myself. But that was only temporary. I didn't see anyone we knew until this very good looking new member came over and introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Russ Marquardt and whose little girl are you?" He said. Russ was single, early thirties and was what we girls would call a hunk.

Giggling and batting my eyes I said, "Toni Stevens and I'm his little girl" pointing and smiling to my husband at the bar.

"Well it certainly is nice to meet the sexiest woman at the club" he commented as his eyes surveyed me up and down.

All I could do is blush and say "Thank you."

I saw my husband just standing at the bar with our drinks and not approaching to bail me out. It kind of annoyed me, but after seeing his attitude toward me diminish, I actually preferred Doug to stay put. Both he and Bill were enjoying me squirm a little. I also sensed that Doug liked watching me get hit on by another man.

Then as if it weren't enough, Russ put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. Wow I thought I was hot looking but it wasn't more than two minutes at the club and a guy was putting the moves on me!

Russ then whispered in my ear, "You have the most gorgeous set of legs and ass I've ever seen. Run away with me."

I giggled and felt an immediate attraction to Russ, plus a tingling feeling all the way down to my pussy. Here was this stranger, arrogant but very charming, flirting big time with me, while my husband looked on from a short distance. Finally Doug walked over, handed me my drink and asked sarcastically if he was interrupting anything.

I so wanted to get even with Doug for him standing there watching me squirm and the way he had treated me the last few months. So with seductive, sly grin, I put my arm around Russ's waist and told my husband "Yes you are dear."

"Oh, well I'll leave you two alone", Doug said, winking at me as he walked away. I couldn't believe it, here was my husband of fourteen years allowing me to flirt with a very good looking man probably not realizing how really hot I was for him. We continued our conversation and decided to maneuver around so my back was to my husband that allowed me to put my arm on Russ's shoulder giving him a great view my cleavage. I continued to talk to him moving closer hoping Doug would get just a little jealous. Glancing over my shoulder I noticed my husband sitting down watching me intently. What I also noticed was Doug had a bulge in his pants. I couldn't believe it. He was actually hard seeing me flirting with another man!

I thought back at what we talked about last week, seeing me with another man, and then decided if that's what he wants, that's what he'll get! Another man had his arm around me and I was turned on, we chatted for another few minutes when I saw my girlfriend Marcie come in so I whispered to Russ I better go talk to her. But I did find time to lean over, casually gave him a short kiss on the cheek.

"We'll talk again later, won't we?" I said in my sultriest voice, as Russ nodded and smiled. Finally I turned and strutted over to my husband and our friends.

Doug was sitting on the lounge chair talking with a few of our friends and Marcie, who I consider my closest girlfriend.

Marcie blurted out, "Who's the hunk? He can't take his eyes off you!"

I blushed and everyone laughed, Marcie knew me well enough, as did Doug, to know I was turned on. I wiggled my now empty glass in my hand which was a sign for Doug to get me another gin and tonic from the bar. After he did, we excused ourselves and left.

On the way I put my arm around Doug and asked him if he got jealous of my chatting with Russ. He said yes, he was a little, but at the same time he got turned on by his hot wife flirting with another man. He also fantasized about what it would be like watching me have sex with him. He confessed he was reading some articles about husbands seeing there wives have sex with other men and the thought of it turned him on.

I turned to him and said, "Is that what this is all about? You would want me to have sex with other men while you watch?"

He confessed "Yes baby, I guess your married hubby has become a voyeur."

I was totally shocked but at the same time my heart was beating faster and I felt my panties getting a little moist at the thought. So, my handsome but insecure hubby basically told me I could have sex with another man as long as he could watch! Doug handed me my drink and I told him this was something that I would have to think about, knowing all too well my libido was going a mile a minute having thoughts about Russ. I told Doug I was going to take a walk around the clubhouse grounds just to think and I would meet him back at the table with our friends.

I must have walked and contemplated for a good 20 minutes with mixed feelings of surprise, disgust and arousal all filtering inside my brain. Then all these questions came to mind: Why is my husband of fourteen years asking me such a question? Was he having an affair? Didn't he love me anymore? Was I flirting too much or would he be really turned on by watching me having sex with another man?

Oh my God! I really wanted to do this, but would this ruin our marriage and what about our children? I decided that maybe this is what we needed to kick start our marriage and walked back to Doug with my answer.

When I got back to the table I kissed Doug and whispered in his ear, "Yes I'm willing to try this with another man in fact I really want too, lets do it tonight!" Doug looked up at me and smiled, the bulge in his pants told me he was okay with it.

The next hour or so I was talking to friends but kept glancing at Russ and showing him my best smile, but playing the game of hard to get. I found myself wiggling my ass in my short-shorts more frequently knowing he was watching. I was actually posing for him and even bent over at the waist once to see if he was looking my way. I was being a slut and I loved it, knowing full well other men were watching, including Frank, the recently divorced golf partner of my husband. Frank was a man's man, the men wanted to be like him. The women adored him. He was over six feet, Italian with dark, curly hair and sexy brown eyes. My girlfriend Marcie once said if he ever got divorced, she would be in his bed in a minute. Well Marcie your wish might well come true. But if I have anything to say, the bed he'll be in will be mine, never believing how soon it was to be!

The gin and tonics I consumed were taking effect. As if I were in a trance, I left Doug to walk over to say hello to Frank. Smiling, I grabbed his muscular arms and kissed his cheek.

"Well hello gorgeous, how have you been?" He said with a big grin.

"I've been fine, staying out of trouble I guess," I said knowing all to well he would come back with something witty.

"Darn, would you like to get into some then?"

Winking and smiling, his charm was starting to melt me. Those gorgeous eyes were making my pussy wet.

"Yes, Doug certainly doesn't know what he's got here," Frank said.

"I fully agree that's what being married all these years will do, he takes me for granted much too much," I said, cocking my hips and placing my left hand on it.

"We only made it seven years; you know the seven year itch." He said.

"Yes sorry about that Doug, but you look like your enjoying single life just fine," as I hugged him again.

As we chatted, I learned more about Frank. He was sensitive and caring when he wasn't being so macho like I had seen him many times before. He told me he didn't fully realize he really loved his wife and was sad knowing he blew a good thing with her. He also confessed that he was the first to cheat and was totally devastated after finding out she was having an affair. I was comforting him and getting turned on at the same time. I could tell he wanted me from his gentle touch on my hip to his quick glances of my legs and ass. I could feel my nipples get hard when his eyes locked in on my breasts. Frank and I talked for at over 30 minutes as the combo set up for music on the patio. Frank squeezed my hand, thanked me for listening, pulling me to him, kissing me gently on the lips. I responded by kissing him back and then excusing myself to go to the ladies room to regain my composure.

"Save a dance for me Toni," Frank said.

I smiled and said, "As many as you want."

The warm evening air felt great on my bare legs. A gentle breeze blew on the patio as the combo played very mellow music. My husband was in a conversation with a business partner but still watching every move I made, as Frank came over and asked me to dance.

Of course, I said "Yes."

He took me in his arms and we danced. His six foot plus frame made me look tiny and vulnerable, which at the moment I was. His left hand was on my right one and we danced the old fashioned way for a few moments. As the danced progressed, I released my hand and put both my arms around his neck, "Oh my God." I thought to myself, "I want this man!"

My vagina was raging and my tits were hard as a rock. I honestly haven't had that type of feeling for quite a while. As the dance ended, we embraced and kissed again, but this time with much more passion. Thankfully we were in a corner area of the dance floor away from most people and as our kissing became much longer and deeper I could feel Frank's cock harden between my legs as it touched between them. We danced the next three songs, then proceeded off the dance floor, composing ourselves as best we could before we found Doug. Frank took my hand as we walked towards my husband, who watched every move we made.

"I want to thank you for letting your wife dance with me Doug, I really needed her company tonight" Frank said.

My husband got up and I thought at first he was going to hit Frank. But he just slapped him on the side of his arm and said "No problem, she's a big girl, she doesn't need my okay to dance."

I could feel the blood rushing to my head. Then I tried changing the subject and said, "Frank is a very good dancer."

Doug immediately came back with "Yes, and it looked like you were enjoying every moment, even the dancing."

I looked down and couldn't look my husband in the eye knowing what he just saw on the dance floor. Hubby was a little flustered and unsure by what happened just a few moments earlier. Knowing this wasn't the right moment, but wanting my way just like the spoiled wife that I was, I blurted out "Frank won't you join us for a nightcap at our house?"

The look on Doug's face was total disbelief. But he handled it well. He sarcastically said "Yeah Frank, please won't you join my pretty wife and me too for a nightcap?"

All the way home Doug was very quiet and I wondered what he had on his mind. Finally, breaking the silence, he touched my upper thigh with his hand he told me how he saw us kissing and it made him feel helpless, jealous and confused. I thought after our discussion of a few weeks ago that this occasion would be right up his alley.

I firmly stated, "Well isn't this what you wanted, me to find a guy, flirt with him and then be with him in front of you?"

"Well, I didn't think you would go that far in public, and not with my friend Frank!" Doug said.

"I don't know what to say sweetheart, it just happened." I was caught and red faced, but not nearly as ashamed as I thought I would be.

"Are you as turned on by him as much as I think you are?" Doug said.

"Yes, I'm very attracted to him. I always have been, but I never told you that. Besides, I'm looking forward to what might happen next." I said with a twinkle in my eyes. "So, are you okay with this, if not tell me now."

I brushed my hair back from my eyes and innocently looked at my husband. Smiling to myself, I knew it would be because Doug could never say no when I gave him that look.

Then Doug looked over to me and said "Yes, I guess I have no choice," adding "I'd rather watch and be there when you do, rather than hearing or finding out you have been cheating on me later."

I assured him again that I would never do that to him and squeezed his hand, looked over to him and said "I still love you Doug."

We got to our home and Frank pulled up behind us and parked in our driveway, Frank and I walked into the living room, and Doug went to make us drinks. I asked Doug to give me a few minutes alone with Frank and he agreed. I confided to Frank about how Doug hadn't been interested in having sex with me for some time and he was stunned. My plan of inviting him to our place for a nightcap was only an excuse and that I really wanted him for more than just a quick drink and chat. I explained that Doug wants to watch his wife with another man and said if it's too kinky or you are not into this, I will understand completely and you can leave at anytime. I admitted I was also a little nervous and didn't really understand all that was happening but became very turned on by his advances at the club. Frank put his arm around me and gave me a hug, I knew at that moment Frank was the right man for my first experience and I was very determined to have my husband see me in action.

As Doug entered our living room with the drinks I was already sitting on Franks lap on our loveseat, kissing him as he had placed one hand on my pussy, rubbing it through my short-shorts. Staring at us, Doug put our drinks down and sat down on the chair next to the loveseat watching Frank and I in an engrossing kiss. I knew my husband came into the room, but didn't even acknowledge his presence. I just kept kissing Frank.

We were going at it pretty good for what seemed like more than ten minutes when I heard Doug unzip his pants. As I casually looked over, he was playing with his cock, which was hard as a rock. That's when I got up, winked at Frank in my most sultry manner and turned on some soft jazz. Ignoring Doug, I took Frank's hand and pulled him up off the sofa, put my arms around his neck, and started to dance with him.

As we were grinding slowly, I whispered in Frank's ear that I needed to talk to my husband for a moment.

I walked over and asked him for the last time, "Are you totally sure this is okay with you?"

Doug hesitated and said "Yes....uhhh yes I am."

I kissed him and walked back to my new partner. As I was only a few feet away from Frank I put my hands on the bottom of my t-shirt and slowly removed it. Then I turned around and let Frank unzip my shorts and wiggled out of them slowly, letting them fall to the floor. Both men gasped at the sight of me in just my white half-cup bra with my nipples clearly on display and my tiny sheer thong panties showing my trimmed beaver. For the first time since we were married, I was on display and showing for another man. This was so hot. I felt like a stripper! Frank knew how turned on I was and immediately took me in his arms. I wrapped one leg around his and I kissed him, moaning softly.

In his chair my husband started to jack off. His hot cock dripping with pre-cum out of the tip. Frank was hard, but in total control of the situation. As I unbuttoned and removed his shirt, he quickly unbuckled his belt dropping his pants, standing there in just his tight white briefs. Reaching behind my back I unhooked my bra slowly, letting it slide down my arms, holding it in my hands for a few seconds, then releasing it and letting it fall to the floor. Frank came over and held both my breasts in his hands for a moment before starting to kiss my hard nipples and lick around my areolas. My panties were soaked and Frank's cock was now fully erect and standing at attention.

Taking a deep breath I hooked my thumbs, pulling them down, and out sprung what I longed to see, a delicious looking cock! Both my husband and Frank looked identical in length but when I took it in my hand I could tell he was much thicker than Doug. I started to stroke his cock as he removed his briefs. Now it was his turn, my body was shaking as his hands gently touched around my panty and as he pulled them down I heard my husband come hard as he watched another man see me naked. I embraced Frank, and we kissed for the longest time as his hard cock was rubbing between the lips of my vulva. After the long, hot kiss I dropped to my knees and put his hard cock into my mouth, licking the head and shaft softly with my tongue and stroking it. I heard Frank groan as my loving husband just sat there watching and playing with his now limp cock, with sperm all over him and his pants. Much to my surprise Frank's cock actually got bigger as I sucked harder. I sucked on it for another few minutes while Frank finally put one finger into my wet pussy. 

"Oh my god, Frank that feels so good, don't stop I love this!" I moaned. My husband looking on intently with jealousy in his eye got up quickly. I looked over and gave him a stare that I seldom do and he sat back in his chair like shy puppy. 

I smiled at Frank and said "You hot Italian, lets fuck!"

He then took me into his arms, kissed me again, picked me up and laid me on the floor. When he got on top of me, I grabbed his hard cock and guided it into me. Then with a quite gentleness about him, he entered me half-way, and then pulled it back out. He repeated this a few times. I was so turned on by this, my body was shaking. I came for the first time. After I settled a bit, he re-entered my pussy, fucking me with more intensity. In and out his hard cock drove me into the carpet, giving me carpet burns on my cute little buns.

"Oh, my god Frank, fuck me. Yes fuck me HARD!" I screamed.

I loved the feeling and wanted more, "Oh yes, right there, yes there!" I told him as I came now a second time. He kept pumping it in my pussy as my helpless limp cocked husband could only watch. 

After a few minutes I looked up at Frank and said it was wonderful. "You do know I came twice for you!"

He said "You haven't seen nothing yet my love." 

With that he picked me up and carried me to our bedroom, all the while my husband sat helpless and jealous in our living room chair. When he got me to the bedroom, he closed and locked the door, then said "Now you're going to find out what a real man can do!"

With that I stood up on the bed on my knees and turned around so Frank could kiss my neck, while kissing my neck and shoulders he grabbed my breast with his right hand. Then taking his left arm he went underneath my pussy and started to finger me with two fingers. I was never so turned on and my moaning could probably be heard next door. I could hear my husband by our bedroom door, listening and probably wondering what was happening in our bed. Frank bent me over and placed his erect cock in my hot, wet pussy from behind, and started pumping it into me with more force.

"Oh Frank, Oh my God Frank. FUCK ME HARD!" I screamed. His pumping was so much harder than I was used too with my gentle hubby. I loved having a man take charge, and in a way force me to do things I normally wouldn't do. Frank's groans grew louder with each thrust of his cock inside my now full vagina. 

Finally, I couldn't help but scream even louder, "OH GOD....TAKE ME, I WANT YOU!" With that Frank finally deposited his huge creamy load inside me, pumping every last drop into my cunt. I squeezed my vagina holding his cock inside me until every last drop was out and held it for as long as I could. With cum dripping out of me everywhere, both Frank and I were sweating profusely as we fell onto the bed, totally spent from the last marathon fuck. 

I glanced at the bedroom clock, had we been fucking this long? "Oh my, who cares?" I said. Laying there looking up at the ceiling then rolled over into his awaiting arms, kissing his chest and then a longing kiss to his sexy lips. I heard my husband on the other side of the door stroking his cock and moaning; I looked at Frank and giggled softly. We silently knew what each other was thinking and kissed for a few more moments.

"So shall we let him in?" Frank smiled.

"Yes, I think we better, I don't want to get him too worked up." I told him laughing.

I got up and stumbled to the door, my legs still a bit shaky. I allowed Doug into our bedroom. Frank got up still semi-hard and went immediately to the bathroom as my husband and I talked.

"Well, I take it you are completely satisfied" Doug whimpered.

"Yes darling, was it good for you too?" I said trying to say it with a straight face. "Doug you are now my voyeur-cuckold hubby?" I sternly said to him.

"Yes ma'am I am and will be" he said. 

I was always the dominant person in the marriage but not as much on the sexual side as I now knew I would be.

Frank then came out of the bathroom and looked at Doug, "Well I guess I better let you two alone now, you probably have some issues to discuss."

"Yes we do Frank, you and I will talk soon." Doug said, with a soft voice.

Frank got dressed quickly and I walked him to the door, kissed him good-by and smiled as I closed our front door. I walked back to my husband as said, "Believe me honey, I do still love you, but Frank was an unbelievable lover."

"I know you love me Toni, I just feel a little awkward now, and believe me when I say this, I did like what happened, I love you more than ever!" he said.

Deep inside I knew I still loved him. But doubts crept up inside me as I took his hand and we got in bed. Here was my husband who didn't want to fuck me for almost three months, hard as a rock. I felt very guilt while he put his cock in me and then felt him cum almost immediately. We held each other in our arms as he softly sobbed and told me he didn't know what was happening to him.

The next morning we got up and I made breakfast and we chatted about what transpired the evening before. Doug assured me he was okay and wanted Frank to feel no shame. I was floating all morning, reliving the events of the night before with Frank knowing there probably would be many more ahead, maybe not with Frank, but perhaps with someone new.

That afternoon Doug talked with Frank on the phone and cleared everything up. Getting off the phone, he smiled and walked over to me and said "Frank wants to be with you again, but he's going out of town for two weeks." 

I looked over at my loving husband, smiled and said "That's okay, you know Russ from the club? I just got off my cell with him. He asked me out and I accepted. He's taking me to dinner and then dancing this coming Saturday. Then we're coming back here for a nightcap." I continued, "We'll take the kids to my mother's for the night so Russ and I can have the house to ourselves or do you want to watch again?" 

Slowly my husband sank down on the kitchen chair and could only stare straight ahead. I smiled and kept washing the dishes.

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