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Losing Pounds, Gaining a Cuckold - Chapter Three

Wife 'falls' for her Prince Charming
Chapter Three

I gingerly walked back into the living room sipping on a Mimosa my husband had made for me. Sunday mornings are usually my favorite time of the week, sleeping in and just cuddling with my hubby. Well this Sunday I didn't cuddle with Doug but with Russ. I was with my second lover in just seven days. My new cuckold life was getting interesting and I was getting drawn in like a swimmer caught in a riptide. 

I had become the dominant partner and was now a cuckold wife. But I also wanted to slow down and proceed with caution. Here I was almost thirty-six, never cheated in over fourteen years of marriage and in a space of two weekends I had two lovers. 

This was going too fast even though I loved it, I needed a hot shower to think of what to do next. I let the water pulsate over my body warming my already flushed breasts then down past my waist gently caressing my pussy. I stood there soaping up, kneading my nipples and rubbing my pussy with the washcloth removing all sexual scents of Russ. I thought about how turned I was earlier that Sunday morning fucking him in front of my hubby. How I longed for him as he kissed me good-by at the front door of our home. Right then I came to a decision; all this was going much too fast.

Drying my hair with a towel I walked out of the bathroom naked not realizing my husband was in the room. Doug sat calmly reading the paper in that very chair only hours before watching his wife fuck another man.

"Can we talk?" I casually said.

"Well Toni, if we're going to talk you better put something on or I may get distracted." He said as his eyes looked directly at my bare breasts and then down at my freshly bathed snatch.

"Oh yeah, sorry" blushing at my nakedness. "I guess I need your full attention." quickly donning a robe while sitting down on the bed.

"Am I right in thinking this voyeur-cuckold thing is going a little fast?" I said.

"You are indeed, in fact I was thinking just the same thing, my cock is sore from all this excess play!" he laughed. 

With a sly grin I said, "Don't get me wrong, I've have had some great sex and admit I loved getting fucked by both men but maybe we should slow it down a bit."

"I love you watching me get fucked and the pleasure it gives you. It gives me much pleasure as well" I told my hubby.

Your sexual intensity with these men drives me crazy and it makes my cock so hard I just want to jack off watching you!" Doug admitted. 

I smiled back at him. "We have to re-evaluate our thinking of potential suitors. No friends or any man at our country club. I would prefer doing this maybe a little more discreet, maybe a classy nightclub. They're usually lots of hot looking men there." I told Doug.

"You mean go with your girlfriends and pick-up a guy to bring home?" Doug said.

"No, honey you and I would go together. I'll start to flirt with a guy I'm attracted too and that we both think would be a good sex partner. Then you excuse yourself leaving us alone for awhile and we'll see where it goes from there. You know me by now I'm good at flirting with the right guy. And I know just the perfect place, it's a very classy nightclub that just opened I would love to try it." I excitedly said.

"Looks like your ready to go now." Doug told me.

"Oh?" I grinned, "It looks like your more ready than me!" looking down at his erect cock tenting his pajamas bottoms. "I see you like the idea as much as me!"

"Well I'm not going to argue." He responded with much enthusiasm. With that Doug got up and removed my robe pulling me down on the bed. His cock was rock hard in his pajamas as he rubbed my bare pussy with his hand. I stroked him setting it free hoping he could hold out without coming too soon. Mounting me he tried pushing his cock into me.

"Slow down honey, wow I guess this life does make you horny," I said but I need a little foreplay before we fuck. He obliged placing one finger into my dry vagina to lubricate it. Finally his kisses and his finger got me the wetness I needed.

"Oh my god, Doug, you feel good!" I burst out as his cock went in as deep as it could go.

It felt okay, but guilt struck me knowing how much better Russ felt fucking me earlier. The guilt lasted only for a few moments when my hubby came quickly. I could only fake an orgasm. He held out longer than usual but still he didn't please me sexually. I knew I needed much more than he could deliver. We kissed for a moment and got dressed. Not many words were spoken much of that afternoon as I sat tanning by the pool unsatisfied still again by my feeble husband. 

It was now three weeks since my last fling with Russ. As hard as Doug tried he couldn't give me what I needed sexually. I was frustrated and he knew it. The weather got hotter and so did I. Almost every morning after Doug left for work I masturbated, fantasizing about being with Frank, then Russ or a stranger I would meet. Although my husband didn't please me totally I still loved him. Also I was afraid of hurting him so any thoughts of having an affair were out of the question. What I did want was to wait for the right opportunity and soon my patience would be rewarded.

The Thursday before the Fourth of July Doug called and told me he had to work late. I asked if he wanted me to come in and help but he declined and said he could finalize what was needed before the long holiday weekend. So instead of helping my husband I decided to keep busy and clean the house top to bottom so I could have the holiday weekend free.

Sweaty and tired I had just enough energy left to relax by the pool for a few minutes before my sons came home. I fell asleep for only moments before I heard them holler from the kitchen saying, "Mom can you drive us to baseball practice?" 

Clothed with only jean shorts and a t-shirt (no panties or bra underneath) with my hair wrapped tightly in a bun I asked my sons if I could change. 

"Mom, we haven't got time and you know how long you take getting ready." they shouted.

"Okay guys can I at least put on shoes!" I kidded as I quickly slipped on my two inch thong heels. 

As I dropped off the kids at the ballpark I looked down at the fuel gauge discovering I needed some gas and pulled into the local station. "Damn it Doug!" I thought to myself, "You're always leaving me with no gas in my car!"

I hate pumping gas and this time was no different as I slid my credit card into the pump and started to fill the tank. As I finished I noticed that there weren't any hand sanitizers at our pump so I walked over to the nearby pump to clean off the gas smell from my hands. As I walked back to my car only paying attention to cleaning my hands I caught my left heel on a crack in the cement and started to fall. Bracing myself for the inevitable tumble, I put my left hand out as a cushion and hit the pavement hard. There I lay embarrassed and helpless until I felt two large hands on my lower waist helping me up.

"Are you alright Miss?" he asked helping me to my feet.

A little rattled I said, "Yes I think so, thank you for the help and your concern."

I looked up seeing a man tower over me with jet black hair, a mustache smiling but concerned at my predicament. Here was this great looking guy holding onto petite little me. As he released his hold I stood up but could feel my left wrist throbbing. I must have hurt it bracing myself when I fell. 

Immediately I grabbed my wrist and squealed, "Ouch!" 

Without another word he ran into the store and within moments came out with ice wrapped in a towel for my injured wrist. I was impressed seeing this handsome man coming to my rescue.

"Thank you," I said taking the towel and ice, "I'm Toni, and you are?"

"David" he said. "Wow I've never had a woman fall this hard for me before." He smiled.

I grinned and must have blushed because I felt my face heat up quickly. 

"So let me take a look at this wrist of yours," he said examining it if he were a doctor.

"I think you'll live." He acknowledged. I just smiled up noticing how tall and good looking he was. Here I was at a gas station convenience store in some old jean shorts and a partially soiled t-shirt meeting my Prince Charming.

"I must look a mess," I said trying in vain to brush myself clean.

"You look cute standing there mussed," He chuckled.

I was embarrassed but enamored by this handsome guy taking charge of the situation. Oh I was definitely attracted to him!

"Well at least I wore the right outfit for falling down!" I laughed. 

"I think we should walk to the diner across the way it has the best coffee in town and you can get more ice to keep that wrist from swelling," he said then continued "not in any hurry are you?"

"Well I'm waiting for my boys to finish baseball practice down there." pointing at the nearby field. "It should be about two hours I was going home when I realized that my stupid husband forgot to put gas in my car; he's always doing that to me!" 

"Then we have some time and anyway you shouldn't drive." winking at my predicament.

"Okay, why not but the coffee's on me, I have to reward you for your kindness, that's the least I can do." I said.

Walking to the diner I couldn't believe that in these old tattered clothes this good looking man was putting the make on me. We got in and sat in a corner booth David sitting across from me. 

As we conversed he told me he was married, had two son's one twenty-eight and the other twenty-six. David looked about forty or so but admitted just turning fifty. He looked younger than his years. We talked for almost two hours and I looked up and couldn't believe how quickly time had passed. I was flirting with a man I had just met.

With hesitation I needed to go; and my wrist did feel better. That’s when David asked me to have lunch with him sometime.

"Lunch, your married sweetie," I quipped. 

"Yeah, so is my wife and for that matter you are too!" he added, "So do I have to beg?"

"Please don't beg," I laughed, "We can have lunch, I'd like that very much, anyway then you can see me all cleaned up!"

"Sounds good to me," David said. "So can I have your cell number?"

I opened my purse getting out my cell phone giving him my number. I paid for the coffee and he walked me back to my car. As I opened my car door he asked if my wrist was okay and took my hand to inspect it. The true gentleman he was he kissed my hand and said, "I'll call you, lunch this week, okay?"

"Looking forward to it Prince Charming!" I grinned.

As I drove off a warm feeling surrounded me as I picked up my kids and brought them home. Doug was watching television and I scooted both boys to the showers and then to bed. I then told my husband I was taking a shower and to meet me upstairs. He got the hint and was waiting for me as I walked out of the bathroom in my sexiest shear baby doll nightgown. I was horny and wanted my hubby to fuck my brains out. 

Seeing me in the shear nightgown with my tits and pussy on display Doug's cock stood at attention. Sadly it wasn't long before my husband dropped his load. I really needed to get off so he ate my pussy until I came. I wanted more before we both rolled over and went to sleep.

Waking up Tuesday after the Monday holiday I thought about David all day. Finally on Wednesday David called, we decided to meet across town for lunch. 

Here was my dilemma, should I tell Doug or should I just go and see what happens? I decided that I wouldn't tell him and just go have a good time, no harm no foul is what I convinced myself.

As Doug left for work on Thursday I primped and got ready for my lunch date with David. I took a long hot bath and powdered my most intimate parts with perfume. I wore my hair up. The final touch before dressing was to rub lotion on my tanned legs making them shiny for the afternoon sun. 

I dove into my lingerie drawer and picked out a sexy pair of bikini panties. They were pastel pink with white lace around the legs and a white bow in front. The sundress was flirty, pink and dropped only to mid thigh accented with white lace around a scoop neckline; it also showed lots of cleavage. I choose a pair of white sandaled heels which matched perfectly with the hat and tote I had picked out.

Finally a single strand pearl necklace and white wrist gloves completed the outfit. I sprayed perfume on my shoulders and a hint on my panties. My look was right out of a Gil Elvgren pin-up.

Walking downstairs I glanced out at the boys swimming. I told them I had a lunch date with friends got into my car and drove away. All the way to the restaurant I wondered what David had on his mind.

I arrived fashionably late and valet parked the car walking into the restaurant. There was David patiently sitting as I sashayed over to greet him. Being the gentleman he was he got up and pulled out my chair.

"You look great Toni, I think every guy in here was watching your every step." raising his eyebrows and smiling.

"Thank you David I was afraid you wouldn't recognize me, I must clean-up well!" I kidded.

"May I say you are one beautiful lady!" grabbing my hand in the process.

"Stop" I said blushing, "A girl could get used to all these compliments."

"I can see by your expression you're not used to getting them." He said.

"Well not lately, being married for fourteen years makes a husband take you for granted." I quickly came back with.

I was only there for a few moments and this man already had me in his spell.

Outside it was hot and I was getting hotter inside looking at my dinner companion. Nonchalantly I swung my torso towards David crossing my legs in the process giving him a great view of my legs.

We chatted and I discovered he owned a chain of lighting stores around town. He confided in me that his marriage was not going well and was separated. He had two grown sons, one living abroad which his wife would be visiting. I think somewhere in Germany in a town I wasn't familiar with. I wondered if he was waiting for her to leave before asking me for a date.

I questioned him about what his intentions were and being very honest he said he was attracted to me instantly. I couldn't believe how attractive I could have been grubby as I looked that day. He told me what gorgeous legs I have and a rear end he loved watching walk away. I turned red when he told me how nice my breasts looked through the old t-shirt I had on that late afternoon.

He asked what I liked in a man and I told him I preferred tall men with dark features and definitely no facial hair. They have to be gentleman and a sense of humor was a must. I like a man who dresses nicely and wears just a hint of cologne. 

"And yes I'm attracted to you!" I grinned.

"Well I'm flattered." he said winking at me. My heart fluttered.

As lunch came to a close David and I walked to the valet to get our respective cars. Mine drove up first as David took my arm walking me over and opening my door in the process. He tipped the valet and gave me a hug good-by. I waited getting in for a possible kiss but it was not the case. This guy was in total control of the situation and disappointed as I was I loved it. I waved and slowly drove off.

The drive home was not nearly as exciting as it was driving to the restaurant. My thoughts were that David just wanted someone to talk too and then maybe would call after his wife left town. I admit I wanted him to kiss me but it was better that he didn't.

With my husband golfing that following Saturday I sat by the pool until early afternoon. The phone rang, it was David. He asked me if I was able to talk and I said yes. 

"So what are you doing tonight, any chance of seeing you?" he casually asked.

My heart almost stopped as I stumbled with my words, "Ah, well its kind of short notice but I might be able to work something out."

"What if I say I can have a limo ready, champagne on ice and say a candlelit dinner?" he responded.

My head was spinning and my heart was racing. He hit my weekness.

"Let me get back to you David, I'll try my best!" I assured him.

I hung up and immediately my devious mind started thinking of ways to convince my hubby. I called him on his cell phone and he answered. He had just finished his round of golf and appeared to be in a good mood. Now was the time.

"Honey, I was wondering if we had any plans for this evening." I softly said.

"Nothing special and you know I'm usually tired after golf," Doug said, "Why did you make plans to go out with the girls?"

"Well not exactly, but I would like your permission," I shyly said, "I've been asked out."

There was silence on the other end of the phone then Doug asked, "With whom, Frank or Russ?"

"No, David; you remember I met him last week when I took a spill at the gas station. He's the guy who was so nice and got me the ice for my wrist. He's asked me to dinner." I said.

"Yes I remember you described him as a nice guy." Doug stated.

"So you're okay with it?" I asked.

"Yes on one little condition but I'll explain that later!" he laughed. 

"Oh thank you, thank you, see you soon baby!" As I hung up the phone.

I quickly called my mother and asked if she could take the boys for the night. She loved the idea and I told her we would bring them over after supper.

My husband arrived minutes later and I greeted him at the door topless in just shear panties and heels with a drink in hand. I was devious and always got my way! Looking down I could see a tent in his pants staring at my scantily clad body. For the moment all I wanted to do was thank him with the best blow job a man could get. I handed him a drink, took his other hand and marched him upstairs to our bedroom.

I quickly stripped him down and dove directly onto his erect cock. I grabbed it and stroked it gently licking the shaft up and down to his guttural moans. I licked all around his cock head tasting pre-cum. It made my panties wet and sticky. Then taking him in my mouth I deep throated his cock swallowing it as I massaged his balls with one hand. I admit I haven't given my husband a blow job like this in years. I proceeded to suck his cock so hard I thought my eyes were going to pop out. I guess you could say I was thanking my hubby for letting me date David that night.

In minutes my loving husband finally let go with a grunt with me swallowing his cum letting a few drops trickle down my lips and chin. I learned a long time ago every guy thinks the load he drops is so big no woman can take it all. Letting just a bit leak down my lips onto my chin makes a guy think he's special. As was the case with Doug those actions paid dividends.

Holding each other he gently patted my panty clad bottom as our tongues played. I was aroused and kept my hand on his now softening cock. Lying on top of Doug he told me what a nice surprise it was and how beautiful I looked when he walked in.

Enjoying the moment I finally told Doug I confirmed my date and called David. Doug knew the drill, take the kids over to my mom's one hour before and come home after I leave. 

Now dear, here's the deal, "Tell Him I'm playing poker and probably wouldn't be home until morning. Then I'll call you around midnight pretending I'm too drunk to drive and will be spending the night." Doug said with a glint in his eyes.

"Really and where will you really be?" I questioned.

"I'll be here, watching from our closet. David will be at ease knowing I won't be coming home." Doug assured me. Spying on my lover and me is the best possible treat a voyeur-cuckold husband could ever want.

I laughed at first and told him no way. Rethinking it really became an interesting idea. Our walk in closet faces our bed with full length café doors and vertical slats up and down for ventilation. My husband could close the doors sit on a chair and watch us through the slats. Thoughts came to my mind picturing my naked husband in our closet jacking off to us fucking! This was a new wrinkle to our sexual antics a little kinky but sexy as hell.

It was time for my husband to leave. I quickly applied my make-up and fixed my hair. Prancing around in just black lace panties I fastened my garter belt around my waist slowly pulling each stocking up my leg attaching them securely while adjusting the tension. I stepped into my black strapless dress and side zipped it in place while making sure my breasts were tightly enclosed. Checking out myself in our full length mirror I looked and felt wonderful!

I heard a car drive up and looking outside a white stretch limo pulled up with David getting out. He was gorgeous! Dressed in a dark blue suit and silk tie I could tell how successful he was. The doorbell rang and I couldn't get downstairs fast enough. 

As I opened the door I smiled and said, "Well don't we look handsome tonight."

"Toni your beautiful and love your hair down on those sexy shoulders." He said.

I closed the door behind me and walked to the limo. Getting in I noticed a bottle of Dom Perignon chilling with two glasses. As I sat down David poured us a glass each and toasted, "To the start of a lovely evening with a wonderful woman." We clinked glasses and sipped our champagne as our chariot drove off.

As we got to the restaurant David held me with his one arm and we had our first kiss.

Back at the house Doug was getting back from dropping off the kids at my mother's. I knew he was wondering what I was wearing for my date. I assumed he was prepping our bedroom closet for his spy mission. I'm sure he found the panties I purposely left on our bed. I thought of him with a helpless and jealous feeling knowing David and I would be getting more intimate as the night wore on. But also knowing what he would see when I returned home with my lover.

After dinner I excused myself and went to the ladies room to call and make him a little jealous as well as turned on. He answered the phone and I told him we were still at the restaurant. Then we're going dancing. 

"I bet you look red hot tonight too." Doug commented.

"Why yes honey I'm wearing that black dress that you like so much."

"Oh the strapless one that accents those tits of yours!" he sternly said.

"That's the one dear and he can't take his eyes off me." I said, "But I have to go, call me at midnight." I then hung up and unhooked my garter straps and placed them through the inside of my panties and re-hooking my stockings to them. It was a calculated move on my part; it would make it much easier to remove my panties and still leave my stockings on.

We danced then sat and drank champagne. I was getting tipsy. As we gazed into each others eyes I turned to David with a lustful look and he took me into his arms and we passionately kissed. Finally after minutes of kissing David said we should continue this in the limo. I agreed.

As we got into the limo David told the driver to take the long way back to my house. The driver smiled and said Beach Drive would be a romantic way. David closed the curtains for privacy and we began necking. I thought about how his moustache tickled and thought of what it would feel like on my pussy. I was about to find out.

No sooner had the curtains been drawn and Doug had me on my back. The hem of my dress was up past mid thigh when Doug first noticed my stocking tops.

"Lovely, a gal who loves wearing stockings" he muttered. I looked down at my exposure and smiled telling him to enjoy the view. Up went my dress as his hand felt my bare thigh just above my stocking clad legs. I softly moaned as his eyes wandered down to my most intimate area. As my panties came into view his hand moved ever so slightly upward. I felt his hands on my hips as he slowly pulled my panties down first past my knees and then my ankles and finally off. He folded them gently and placed them into his suit pocket.

Then with one sudden move he lifted me upright and went down on me kissing my upper thighs and finally into my pubic region licking my fine runway of hair scarcely hiding my outer lips. I squirmed with passion as Doug continued his tongue fucking of my beaver.

"Don't stop, oh god don't stop," I moaned. "Lick my hot pussy, oh god David eat me!" I was in ecstasy I wanted to cum so bad but held out. With both hands cupped around my ass he pulled me toward his mouth and sucked on my cunt harder. When I felt his moustache tickle my vulva I couldn't stand it any longer and let my juices flow into his awaiting mouth.

"Oh my god, I'm coming!" I screamed hoping the limo driver couldn't hear and fell limp after an explosive climax.

"My god Toni, you've got a beautiful pussy," he enthused. I saw his eyes roaming, and then unzipping my dress slightly to let my pert breasts spill out. Cupping them he first took one then the other into his mouth as my nipples formed bullets.

I maneuvered my hand down past his waist and discovered a pleasant surprise. Yes big hands are a give away, this guy's cock felt massive. I felt it grow bigger as I rubbed it through his pants. Just as he was ready to unzip and display his manhood my phone rang.

"Damn, hold on David, it my husband." I answered the phone and looked at the time, it was midnight and Doug called just as planed.

"Yes sweetie, I understand, you better stay put, drinking and driving is bad I don't want you arrested." grinning. "Anyway I'm on my way home see you in the morning." As I hung up I looked over at David and asked him if he wanted to go back to my house. 

"My hubby is still playing poker and decided he was too drunk to drive and was staying overnight, is that okay?" It was a lie but it didn't matter our plan was in place.

"We now have my house to ourselves;" continuing "and I have something in the bedroom I want you to look at." I winked.

David called to the driver to take us to my place. As we turned onto my street I thought about my husband in the closet patiently waiting. I giggled softly. As we got out of the limo and walked into the house I remembered that I wasn't wearing panties and felt naughty.

"Let's take the champagne in with us" David said as he grabbed the glasses.

I took David's hand I walked him upstairs to our bedroom. I excused myself to go to our bathroom to freshen up. Knowing my husband was watching diligently through the closet door I peeked out seeing David sniffing the panties I placed on the bed before leaving. I chuckled to myself as I unzipped my dress clad only in my heels, garter belt and stockings I walked out.

I lit two candles in our room so my hubby could see and turned off the bathroom light. I walked over and stood in front of David wondering what my husband was thinking seeing me this scantily clad. I stepped forward into his open arms, he put one hand in the middle of my back and the other stroked my bare ass. His index finger traced the indentation between my cheeks as I wiggled for him to put it inside. We kissed as our tongues explored each others mouths. His kisses moistened my already soaked pussy. I was enjoying this knowing my husband was watching helplessly. I told David he was a better kisser than my husband knowing Doug could hear.

"Oh god David but best of all I really loved you eating me in the limo on the way home."
Our last kiss ended breathlessly as I suggested, "How about we get into bed?"

"Love too," David answered as I pulled back the covers. So do you want me to keep my stockings on?" I questioned.

"Yes!" as he got undressed down to his shorts. Then he unveiled the biggest and thickest cock I had ever seen! Nine maybe even ten inches standing at attention. My eyes widened and my mouth fell open. "Oh my god," was all I could say.

Following David's lead I quickly climbed into bed. "I don't know if I can take all of you in me," I said sliding into his awaiting arms. 

"Yes you can every woman expands inside, you'll be alright."

We continued our hot kissing as David got on top of me. My nipples were so hard they hurt. I put my hand around his mammoth tool and guided it to my opening. Slowly he pushed his cock in my wet, receptive passage inch by inch. My mound quivered as I felt it stretching my inner labia lips wider. I took my hand to reach underneath me grasping his shaft to test how much more I could take. "Oh my god, I can't believe it," I gasped "You're only in half way but I still want more of you!" 

So he continued to thrust his thick cock deeper and deeper into my vagina. I lowered my body down as I felt my inner lips grip tightly around his cock. Moaning with lust our bodies moved as one until I could feel his balls against my butt cheeks and knew he was all the way inside. 

"Oh David, it feels wonderful!" I screamed out, "Nobody as ever penetrated me this deep before, don't stop, please don't ever stop!" 

In and out this man's huge cock drove into me. I had the most incredible feelings ever experienced as my walls tightened. I never wanted it to stop and screamed out, "Oh god fuck me, hard, harder, yes right there, HARDER!" 

Then with one swift motion I bucked my hips towards his and started to cum as David kept pumping it into me. I literally couldn't stop coming for what seemed like forever. He was driving this girl crazy as my juices spewed down my thighs into the bed.

As I finally came down from this incredible fuck I embraced David with the wettest, hottest loving kiss. I think my tongue touched his tonsils and I couldn't stop shaking. I looked at David knowing my voyeur hubby would be devastated by my remark and said, "I've wanted a man like you for so long." 

Still eager for more I looked into my lover's eyes and asked, "Can I get on top I'm so ready and wanting more of you!"

"Of coarse you can my dear," David said as his cock still hard, slipped out of my pussy. He rolled over on his back and took my hand to guide me up. As I bent down we passionately kissed as I straddled his body.

I backed up to position myself over his shaft. But it was so big and rose so high as he lay there on the bed that I couldn't get over it by kneeling. I decided that the only way was to lift my body off my knees and place my wet opening over his thick cock head. The view of him was remarkable as I spread open my vulva which opened the flaps of my labia to my juicy, wet cunt. 

I put my hand down between my thighs and adjusted the positioning of his cock. I lowered my body onto his vertical shaft I moaned softly as the tip pushed through my dripping wet hole. I felt his cock tighten as I raised and lowered my body accepting this massive erection into my clinging vagina. My breathing got heavier and more intense. I was actually going to cum in this unconventional position. More strokes followed along with my gasping for breath, I knew it was going to happen soon.

"Cum with me honey," I screamed as his hips kept pushing up, "Oh yes, god yes, fuck me David I want you now!" I actually thought about my helpless husband probably spellbound in the closet jacking off. I came very close to blacking out as David pushed me to the limit as we exploded simultaneously in a huge orgasm.

Our bodies convulsed as I felt David's squirt high into my cunt reaching places I never thought possible. I kept bucking up and down until I collapsed into his awaiting arms totally spent. I expected him to be good but nothing like this, every girl should experience this at least once in her life. 

Then just as it couldn't get any better the most wonderful thing happened. David held me in his arms and we gently kissed. He held me tightly and told me what an unbelievable feeling he had making love to me. I never wanted him to release me from his grasp. "You were right I guess I really did fall for you!" I quipped.

After what seemed like an hour of cuddling and kisses he told me he had to go because the limo had to be returned soon. He couldn't keep the driver waiting too much longer. So I watched as he got dressed. As he put on his suit jacket he reached in his pocket and took out the panties he removed from me earlier. I clasped my hands around his, closing his hand in them, "There yours dear my gift to you for a wonderful evening." He smiled and returned them to his pocket.

I put on my robe and walked him to the door. He took me into his arms kissed me as my Prince Charming walked out into the early morning mist. Slowly I closed the front door falling back on it dreaming of the night I just experienced. When I got to the bedroom my husband was there awaiting my arrival. I walked past him directly to the chair next to our bed as sat down.

With the show over, he wanted to be with his wife and expected me to reassure him. I still loved him in spite of what had just transpired and wondered if he figured I'd be remorseful about how far it had gone. I wasn't. Still a lot of David's creamy sperm was inside my still damp pussy. 

"Well did you enjoy the show?" I asked.

"Yes, I got very turned on watching," Doug said. "But I also felt helpless, confused and especially jealous when you guys got into kissing so passionately." 

"He’s a great kisser!" as I licked my lips.

"So Mistress, are you up for it again?" Doug softly asked. With a half smile I shook my head no and said, "Sweetie, this pussy is for my lover’s but you do know what I expect next?" Doug looked puzzled. 

"Well as a good little cuckold hubby, it clean-up time" as I walked to the bed removing my robe lying down naked on my back. 

At first he was somewhat surprised at what was said but as I spread my legs he obeyed and went down on me. "Now suck hard and taste my lover’s cum." I sternly told him.

"If you want to watch me fucking other men this is what I expect in return." smirking.

I also noticed my hubby's cock was hard. I knew he wanted to fuck me. 

"Sweetheart, is that little thingy of yours hard for me?" I teased, "Well it’s not going to happen, I'm taking a hot soak, a girl needs a breather."

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