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Losing Pounds, Gaining a Cuckold - Chapter Two

Wife continues dating as hubby submits to every whim
Chapter Two

It was now early Sunday afternoon the day after my first sexual encounter with another man since my marriage to Doug. I was alone in my thoughts, lounging at our pool, reliving the intimacy I had with Frank the night before. My husband was out doing errands and picking up our two boys whom we had left with my mother the night before.

Wild thoughts were rushing through my mind. What was I doing? Should I go out with another man even if my husband allowed it? Will Russ call to confirm our date for this weekend? Will it lead to sex?

The moistness in my swimsuit bottoms told me the answer. Yes, I knew what I was doing, and yes, I wanted to go out with Russ, and yes, I hoped it would lead to sex. My body was on fire. I jumped into the pool to cool off both sexually and physically.

Still I had to be open with my husband and dreaded the conversation I needed to have. After dinner that evening we both were sitting by the pool. I was ready to open up to him.

I casually turned to him and said, "Doug, can we talk?"

"Sure, we need to clear the air," he said.

"I want to apologize for the abrupt way I told you about me having dinner with Russ on Saturday night," I said. "I'm still going out with him, but I wanted to let you know I should have been more sensitive to your feelings."

"I see, so you think that's all you need to do is say your sorry and its okay?" Doug pointed out. "You just get through fucking my friend, Frank, and now you want to go out with another man inside of a week?"

Here was my usually calm husband trying to be dominant with me. He put the idea in my head to start with. 

"As a voyeur cuckold hubby, I know this is what you want," I said as I got up, smiled and sat on his lap. Looking at him in the eye, my hand wandered down his lap grabbing his crotch. Slowly taking my husband's hand, I placed it between my legs, "Seriously you want to see this hot pussy with another man, don't you?"

I knew I had my loving hubby right where I wanted him. I got up off the lounge chair, taking his hand in mine. I walked him into our bedroom. In my mind, I knew Doug was aroused and when I stripped down to my bra and panties his hardened cock sprung to attention. He watched as I stripped down unhooking my bra and removing my panties. I saw pre-cum form on his cock tip. It was only minutes before my hubby ejaculated, this time on my belly, even before he could put it inside me. I was disappointed, but I came to realize this was an almost everyday occurrence when we made love. 

As his cock softened in my hand, I glanced over to him and said, "You see, dear, I need more from a lover, much more than you can give me." He nodded in agreement. 

Yes, I am a manipulative woman, but I convinced my husband at that moment if he wanted to keep me, I needed more. I kissed him goodnight and fell off to sleep.

The rest of the week was uneventful except for anticipating a call from Russ on Thursday. The incoming call number told me Russ was calling as I coyly answered my cell. Talking to him I remembered how charming this man was. He was more cute than handsome, a totally different look than Frank who was rugged and tall. Russ stood at 5'9", very fit with long blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes.

I asked where we were going on Saturday and he said a restaurant that had opened a few months ago on the beach. They had dancing and he hoped that I liked seafood because it was about the best he ever tasted. 

"Oh, is that where you take all your women?" I questioned.

"Just the special ones, you know ones with gorgeous legs!" he responded with the cute chuckle I loved hearing.

We talked for over an hour, touching on many different areas. I fully expected he was into talking about himself, but the conversation turned in my direction. He sounded interested and wanted to know more about me. He asked about my sons, their ages, which sports or social activities they were into. He listened to me ramble on about how I love to shop, walk the beach and how well I knew the local sports teams.

Finally he asked. "So, shall we meet at the restaurant say around eight?"

"Well, if it's a date, you're picking me up at my house aren't you?" I said.

He asked if I was kidding and I told him, "No, my husband will be gone and the kids will be at my mother's."

"Now, what time are you picking me up?" I curiously asked again.

"How's 7:30? We have reservations at eight?" he said. 

"Perfect, I'll look forward to it. Bye, Russ," I said as I hung up the phone. Oh, how I wanted it to be Saturday night right then and there. I was so turned on by just the thought of being with him that I wet my panties. 

As Saturday approached, my husband had a late morning golf date with clients. Knowing he would be gone for hours, I took this time to primp for my upcoming date. I took a long, hot soak in the tub and shaving my legs, underarms and delicately trimming my pussy. I toweled off and dried my hair. I slipped on a cotton pair of bikinis, grabbed my robe, put it on and walked downstairs. I opened a bottle of wine, poured it into a glass and read my newest novel, waiting patiently for Doug to come home. 

The boys came in from playing about the same time my husband arrived. I told them take a shower while I ordered pizza. After they ate, I sat down with Doug and we discussed how the evening would play out. He was to take the boys to my mother's at 6:30 so that they would be gone, giving me an hour to get ready. Russ was picking me up at 7:30, so, by the time Doug got back home, I would be gone. I kissed Doug goodbye, giving him a sly wink in the process.

As I watched Doug and the kids drive away, my heart started to beat faster. I choose a white sundress which gathered at the waist, with pink and blue flowers accenting the bodice. I removed my robe and cotton panties, picking out a white lace string bikini. I could feel my freshly trimmed pussy tighten as I pulled it up to my waist. The bra was semi-sheer, with a blue bows on the straps. I slowly put my arms into it and attached the hook in back and adjusted my breasts into the cups. I inspected myself in the mirror and liked what I saw.

Carefully applying my make-up, trying to look hot but still classy, I gently sprayed perfume on the base of my neck, my wrists and finally my panties. I eased the sundress over my head, smoothing it over my body and zipped it in back. My hair was down over my shoulders, the exact same way as when I met Russ. The finishing touches were gold hoop earrings, one single gold bracelet and a diamond necklace.

My heart skipped a beat as the doorbell rang. I quickly put on my heels and walked gingerly down the stairs to await my fate. I opened the door and Russ was holding one red rose in his hand. "This is for you my dear, with my compliments," as he gave me a wink.

Thanking him, I opened the door to let him in. As we walked into the kitchen, I said, "Let me put this in water," placing it into the vase I took from the cupboard.

"I'm having some wine. Would you like some?" I asked Russ.

"I guess we have time for quickie or a drink two," he grinned.

I shook my head and scolded him "Naughty boy! I guess I have to watch what I say around you."

As I poured the wine, I felt liked a young school girl on a first date. I could feel my body quiver as he undressed me with his lustful blue eyes. I wondered if he could faintly see my string bikini panties and somewhat sheer bra underneath my light summer dress. Was this to be the making of a night to remember? I hoped it would.

Walking out the door, I could feel my neighbors staring as I got into his Jaguar. The early evening air was warm and I felt sexier than ever. I had a cute man taking me out, but in the back of my mind I kept wondering if this was right and what was going to happen when we get home. Oh, well, that was still awhile off, not to worry,I thought.

We arrived at the restaurant and the hostess seated us in the only booth that was open. It was one-sided with a table, so the only way to sit was next to each other. I figured Russ planned this so he could be close to me and I liked his take charge approach. Our table faced the window, as we watched the sun slowly disappear over the Gulf. Oh god, this man was romantic. He was charming the panties off me.

Watching the sun set, I became mesmerized by his charm. The local custom is to kiss your partner when the sun disappears from the horizon. Russ took that opportunity, looked into my eyes and kissed me for the first time. As his lips touched mine, I could feel the electricity surging though my body. It only took one kiss from this man to realize I wanted more.

After dinner, we danced to the music our bodies together as one. Every so often, Russ would glance at me with that sexy smile and kiss my lips. My nipples became so hard, I thought they were going to burst through my sheer bra. Needless to say, my lace panties were dripping wet with my juices, too.

As we returned to the table, Russ whispered in my ear, "Let's go back to my place. I want you all to myself." Then he put a well placed kiss to the back of my neck. 

I looked up and said, "That does sound nice but I can't. We're finishing our drinks and you're taking me home." Russ nodded his okay to me. If only he knew what would be in store for him later.

The drive home was quite until I broke the silence and told him the reason I could npt go home with him. 

"My husband is now at home. He was driving our sons to my mother's for the night before you picked me up." I then added, "You see my hubby is a voyeur and knows I'm out with you. It's really okay. He'll explain it all to you when you bring me home."

"I thought he was out of town," Russ questioned.

I laughed and said, "No, dear. Please trust me. He'll explain everything when we get there."

We arrived at my home and walked to the door. Russ was not the only one being slightly apprehensive. I, too, was nervous, but not worried. Opening the door, I walked in ahead of Russ, going straight to my husband and giving him a kiss on the cheek. I introduced Russ to Doug and walked into the kitchen so that they could talk. I could hear both men softly talking as I made drinks, making sure to stall while they could get to know each other better.

Finally, after about seven or eight minutes, I walked into our living room, drinks in hand. I handed my husband his usual scotch and water, while I poured a vintage Merlot for both Russ and myself. Walking over to our entertainment center, I clicked on the stereo and said, "I think this room needs a little soft jazz." 

I walked over and sat next to Russ, placing one hand on his thigh. We clinked glasses and drank. I decided to make the first move, taking his drink from him and motioned for him to get up. I put my arms around him and started to dance as he followed my lead. Soon we both had our arms around each other, gently embracing. 

I whispered in Russ's ear, "Don't worry. My husband likes to watch." With that, Russ pulled me tighter to him as I placed my head on his shoulder. Looking up at Russ, we started to kiss passionately as my husband watched. Again, I felt my nipples get hard as he ravaged my mouth with his tongue. My passion for Russ was higher with every deep kiss as I felt my pussy tighten.

Ignoring my husband, he pulled me down on our couch and touched my now tingling breasts. Smiling, he took me into his arms, kissing me as his tongue fucked my mouth. As we kissed long and hard, his hands explored my legs under my dress, caressing my smooth upper thighs and briefly touching my panties. 

I took a quick glance to see what my husband was doing, but was not surprised seeing his cock at half mast and his pants down to his ankles. There was my voyeur cuckold hubby jacking off, watching our every move.

After a few minutes of heavy kissing, Russ got up from on top of me, handing me my wine. We both glanced over at Doug with his eyes half closed playing with himself. I had to chuckle. Was he imagining Russ and me fucking our brains out?

Russ helped me up off the couch and turned me around, unzipping my sundress in the process. He placed his hand on my shoulders, pulling the spaghetti straps towards him, letting the top half of my dress fall to my waist. His eyes widened as my nipples could be clearly seen though my sheer bra.

"Oh my!" he exclaimed, "What a lovely set of tits your have, my dear."

I blushed deep red. We took turns removing one article of clothing at a time, fondling each other's hard bodies.

Continuing, he pulled my dress down my silky, tanned thighs, revealing my white lace string bikini. We were both down to just the bare facts, panties and bra on me and bikini briefs on Russ. I smiled at Russ who was blushing now. 

As we stood there, he reached around and unhooked my bra. As I wiggled out of it, he cupped my breasts in his hands and gently pinched my nipples. All the time he was grinding his hard cock into my panty covered pussy. Taking his thumbs, placing them on the waist of my panty, he guided them down my legs, taking in every inch of me before dropping to his knees to begin eating me. No man could resist that sight. 

I groaned with pleasure, "Oh god, oh my god, that feels wonderful!" as his tongue swirled in and around my now wet pussy lips. My husband, now naked, continued to jack off standing in front of his recliner watching his wife in another man's spell. I stood frozen in ecstasy as Russ lifted my torso placing me on our granite coffee table.

I could feel his hot breath on my pussy as he rolled his tongue turning it into a miniature cock as he entered my vagina. I screamed out, "Eat me, suck my cunt make me cum!"

On the verge of an unbelievable climax, Russ grabbed me from behind with both hands and stuck his finger up my butt. I howled, "Oh my god, don't stop, fuck I'm going to cum!" As my body shook, I instinctively pushed my hips forward toward Russ's awaiting tongue.

I could not stop coming as Russ kept eating me out and sopping up every creamy drop. Looking over to my husband, he had my panties wrapped around his cock, stroking it hard.

Russ stood up from his kneeling position after draining my hot pussy of every ounce of fluid and lifted my limp body to the nearby couch. I smiled and grabbed his cock pulling his body toward me I said, "You're not getting away from me yet."

"Who says I'm going anywhere gorgeous, we're just getting started," licking his lips.

All I could do was put my arms around this man and give him the biggest kiss I could muster up. As we kissed, I felt his hard cock between my legs and his hands all over my tits and ass. Our tongues wrapped around as our kissing became much more intense. God, how I wanted his cock inside me.

I reached down and guided it into my hole. It slipped straight inside. With one or two thrusts, I felt him deep inside me as I clasped my legs around his waist. Oh god, he felt so good. 

At that moment, I heard my husband cum hard with a grunt. I did not even care. Russ was the only thing that mattered.

I started to scream as Russ pumped his cock into me harder. I was so damn turned on I could not care less who heard me. Russ kept pumping away hard as I thrust my hips in a rhythm that a porn star would admire. Never had I been fucked this hard and I never wanted it to stop. I felt as if powered by a volcanic force and was ready to erupt at any second. My pussy was on fire as his cock dove into places never before touched.

"Yes Russ, fuck me hard, oh god, yes fuck me harder, give it to me HARDER, HARDER, cum inside me!" 

It was too much for one girl to take. I felt a wave of excitement bolt through my hot, wet pussy. My legs flew up in the air and on cue Russ shot an enormous load into my awaiting cunt. 

I felt a continuous wave of cum squirt inside me as the walls of my vagina tightened. I never had one man pump so much sperm into me at one time. We fucked until my own orgasm subsided. As both our bodies finally relaxed, Russ gently kissed my forehead and ran his fingers though my now tousled hair. His soft kisses were the only thing keeping me awake. The room smelled of sex and booze. 

Doug was fast asleep slumped in his chair, naked his hand on his flaccid cock with cum splattered everywhere. I just shook my head and laughed. Putting my thoughts of Doug out of my mind, I slowly got up taking Russ's hand leading him to our bedroom. 

We entered the bedroom. I kissed Russ and asked him to stay the night. He did not argue. As we got into bed, we continued kissing, falling asleep in each other's arms.

I woke early the next morning, still in Russ's arms, to the smell of eggs, sausage and French toast. I put on my robe and walked downstairs to a sight I had never seen. Here was my loving husband making breakfast for me and my lover. 

"Sorry if I woke you sweetheart," as he smiled and kissed me good morning, "I wanted to surprise you both." 

"So, did you sleep well?" I said as I put my arm around his waist.

"Like a baby," said my voyeur cuckold hubby, "I never felt so turned on watching you and Russ fuck."

"Glad you enjoyed yourself. I did too," I gushed. 

"I know you did baby and that's what made it so special for me, too," he said.

He spanked my butt and told me, "Now go back upstairs, It's rude of you to leave our guest alone. I'm serving both of you breakfast in bed." 

I walked up to our bedroom and found Russ sitting up with an evil grin. I knew what he wanted and jumped on the bed awaiting his open arms. In another minute, we were fucking. Doug walked upstairs with our breakfast, casually walked in and sat down on the floor by our bed. 

I glanced down and told him, "That's a good little cuckold hubby, watch if you want but keep our breakfast warm this might take awhile." 

Then a thought occurred to me. It's a dirty job but this girl can handle it. 

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