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Lynn finds a Boyfriend, Part II

Husband's perspective of the beginnings of his wife's affair with a younger man
(In Part I, Lynn meets a handsome younger man at a party. Their flirtations lead to a date and discussions between Lynn and I about where this might go.)

The rest of the week is largely routine. The pressure of jobs and day to day chores fill our time. Lynn spends a couple of evenings shopping so I have to pick up some of the slack around the house. We don't talk about the upcoming weekend. Overall, we get along great. As is typical for us, we don’t make love during the week. However, both of us are more affectionate than usual: our kisses have more feeling, we hug and touch more often, we snuggle longer in bed at night before going to sleep. It is nice. It seems like when we were newlyweds.

Finally, Friday arrives. As I get out of my morning shower, Lynn is standing naked in front of her sink. After I dry off, she comes over and gives me a kiss and hug with her naked breasts pressed against me.

"Do you remember what is happening, tonight?"

Lynn reaches down and feels my cock which is responding to her body against me and the reminder of her date.

"Yes, you have your date with Jim."

"Do you still want this? If you want me to call this off, just say so."

My dick is rock hard. Lynn is lightly running her fingers up and down my shaft.

"Yes, I do."

"This is your last chance to call it off. Do you still want him to take me out to dinner and then fuck your wife in your bed?"

I pull her close to me and she smiles wickedly at me.


"Tell me that you want Jim to be my lover."

"Yes, I want Jim to be your lover!"

Lynn grabs my dick, pulls me over to the bed and has me lie on my back. She climbs on top of me with her pussy over my face and her mouth teasingly close to my dick.

"Eat the pussy that Jim is going to fuck tonight!"

She lowers her pussy onto my face. I start to alternate between licking her clit and fucking her pussy with my tongue. Lynn wraps her hand around my cock, but does not move it. I feel her warm breath on my cock. It is such a tease that I try to move my dick against her hand, but she takes it away.

"I want Jim so bad! Make me cum!"

I have a moment of anger and jealousy that she is having me eat her so that she can orgasm thinking about Jim. Those feelings pass and I feel like this is the right place for me. I continue my efforts to pleasure her clit. I am so turned on that my hips involuntary hump the air.

"Yes! Yes!"

Lynn's body tenses and then relaxes as she enjoys the orgasm I have given her. She lies on top of me for a couple of minutes and then rolls off.

"Finish getting ready for work. When you get home from work, I will be up here getting dressed for Jim. I expect my privacy. Just hang out downstairs. If Jim gets here before I am ready, I expect you to entertain him until I am ready."

I am disappointed that our intimate time together is over, but I recognize the need to get on with the day.


Lynn gets her robe and heads down to the kitchen to make her morning tea while I finish getting ready for work. I try to focus on work, but the image of Lynn’s naked body and the taste and smell of her pussy fill my mind. Am I crazy to share that with Jim?

My day at work finally ends and I get home around 5:30. It feels weird that my bedroom is off limits because my wife is getting ready for a date with another man. I spend some time distractedly preparing a light dinner for myself and putting it in the oven. It is now a few minutes until 6. My heart is pounding in my chest in anticipation of Jim's arrival. The humiliation of my situation is palpable. I will soon be greeting the man who will take my wife out for dinner and then bring her back here to fuck her. What sort of man am I that I will allow this? What kind of man am I that I actually want it even more than I dread it?

I can't sit still and find myself checking on my dinner needlessly and constantly checking my watch. 6:01 and he is not here yet. I continue to pace. It seems like forever, but my watch just says 6:03. I hear a car. I want to go to the window and check, but I restrain myself. Soon, the doorbell rings and I go to answer it. I open the door and Jim is standing there looking even more handsome than I remember.

"Hi, Jim. Lynn is not down yet. Why don't you come in and wait for her?"

"Thanks, Stephen. Sorry I am a little late. Your house is a little hard to find."

I show Jim into the living room. We make casual small talk for a couple of minutes. I hope that Lynn will not be much longer because awkward is an inadequate description for making small talk with the man that will be your wife's new lover. Lynn is usually very punctual, so I suspect that she is making us wait to add to my humiliation. That thought should make me mad, but the reality is that it turns me on.

Finally, Lynn comes down the stairs in a sexy new dress. I feel a pang of jealousy because she does not like to wear dresses for me, but she is wearing one for him. The dress is a lovely burgundy that sets off her coloring well. It is shorter than she typically wears. What I immediately notice is that the top shows off her cleavage. She wore clothes like that when we were dating, but she has been more conservative in recent years.

"Lynn, you look lovely!"

"I hoped you would like it. I bought it just for you!"

Jim gets up and they immediately hug. After a minute, Lynn turns her face up to Jim and they kiss. The desire between them is obvious. As he is exploring my wife's mouth with his tongue, Jim's hand roams down to her ass. He freely caresses her bottom in front of me. Eventually, they break off their kiss.

"We better get going so we don't miss our reservation."

Jim takes Lynn hand and starts to lead her out our front door. Lynn stops and turns back towards me.

"Stephen, after you finish your dinner I expect you to vacuum and mop the floors. Now that I am dating Jim, you are going to do more of the housework!"

I see a smug grin on Jim's face as he and Lynn turn away and walk out to his car. I am mortified that Lynn ordered me around like that in front of her boyfriend. It is not that she expects me to do chores, I guess I expected that. It fits the role that I am rapidly moving into. It is just humiliating for her to flaunt that in front of Jim and to see him amusement.

I head back into the kitchen and eat my dinner. I try not to think about Lynn and Jim, but I can't get the image of them holding hands as they walked away out of my mind. After I eat and clean up the kitchen, I start cleaning the floors. As I work through the various rooms of the house, it occurs to me that it is probably a good thing that I have some chores to occupy me instead of just sitting around wondering what Jim and Lynn are doing. When I am about to start on the bedrooms, I get a text.

"Jim is such a handsome gentleman! My pussy wants him sooo much!"

I imagine Lynn hanging on Jim's every word the way that she used to with me when we were dating. The image fills me with a combination of jealousy and happiness for Lynn. I force myself to get back to the task at hand. When I am starting to put all the cleaning stuff away, I get another text.

"Your wife is flirting with me shamelessly! I am going to fuck her long and hard tonight!"

I feel a surge of anger towards Jim as I read this. How dare he?!? After this passes, I know why he dares. It is because I am allowing it. It is because in my deepest heart I know that I can't fuck Lynn long and hard the way that she wants and deserves. I see in my mind Jim pounding Lynn doggie style the way I used to be able to do. My cock gets rock hard as I imagine Lynn's moans as she shoves her ass back onto Jim's hard cock. I start to rub my engorged cock, but manage to restrain myself. I turn on the TV to find something to keep my mind occupied. Time seems to just creep along.

“We are heading home. Lock your dick in its cage, light the candles in my bedroom and wait for us at the front door with the keys.”

I head up to our bedroom. From time to time we play with tease and denial. I bought a cock cage a while ago for those times. When I got it, Lynn insisted that I agree to put it on whenever she says so with no questions asked. She especially enjoys locking me up when she knows that I am very horny. She often has me watch her pleasure herself and then leaves me to ‘think about it’ for a couple of days. As frustrating as it is, I actually really enjoy it when she takes control that way.

I have very mixed feelings about being locked up tonight, though. I am very horny and was looking forward to jerking off while Lynn and Jim enjoy each other. On the other hand, my submissive side is excited that Lynn is taking control. The humiliation that Jim will know about the cage just adds to my excitement.

I get to the bedroom and see that Lynn has prepared it for a romantic evening. The bed is turned down, there are fresh flowers and candles around the room. The sight drives home the reality of the situation and my cock immediately gets rock hard. I go into the master bath and take my cage out. I have to get a cold washcloth and put it on my hard cock so that it will shrink enough to allow me to get the cage on. When I click the lock shut, it feels more ominous than usual. I slip both keys into my pocket and light all the candles. I keep thinking that I should be furious about this. My wife is planning to spend a romantic night with another man in my house. However, it feels like it is my place to be helping her get the sexual satisfaction that I know I cannot provide her anymore.

As I finish lighting the last candle, I hear a car pull into our driveway. They must be home already. I hurry down to the front door to wait for them, glad that I do not have to wait a long time. When I see them coming up the front walk, I open the door for them.

“See, Jim, he is welcoming you into our house!”

I feel myself blush. After I close the door behind them, Jim turns Lynn to him and they kiss passionately. Jim’s hands roam over Lynn’s back and then down to her bottom. He squeezes it playfully and pulls her against him. As they break their kiss, he pulls her skirt up revealing a sexy garter belt and thong. I feel a pang of jealousy that she does not wear sexy items like that for me anymore. Suddenly, he spanks her soundly on the ass cheek.

“Later, Jim!”

“I bet she doesn’t let you spank her, does she?”

“No, she doesn’t.”

I feel very small as I tell Jim that he can do things with Lynn that I can’t. Lynn turns to me and leans back against Jim who puts his arms around her possessively.

“Stephen, give me the keys.”

I hand Lynn the keys. Jim has a smug look on his face.

“You will stay down in the basement until I text you in the morning. Don’t you dare interrupt us by coming upstairs or texting me!”

With that she starts up the stairs holding Jim’s hand. I am disappointed that I will be banished to the basement. It is not that it is a bad place. It is finished with a pool table, big screen TV and a bathroom. I was hoping that I would be able to at least overhear some of their love making, but that won’t happen in the basement.

I head down to the basement and find myself wondering what to do. Since I am going to be there all night, I inflate the blowup bed we keep down there for guests and make it up. I turn on the TV and surf the channels trying to find something to distract me. It does not work. I keep thinking about the way Jim played with her ass with complete confidence. I wonder whether they have made love yet. After a while, I get a text from Lynn.

“You are now officially a cuckold! I loved spreading for him and feeling his wonderful cock erupt in my pussy!”

I envision Lynn lying back on the bed and spreading her legs wide for Jim. I see her reach out for his cock as he climbs between her welcoming legs, grabbing his hard dick and guiding it into her wet pussy. She wraps her legs around his ass and uses them to pull him into her as she begs him to pound her hard. I imagine Jim obliging her by pumping into her with all his might. He is a stud and keeps it up hard and strong. I am sure that Lynn begs him to come in her and he eagerly complies as his ass clenches with each load of sperm that he deposits in my wife.

These thoughts arouse me and fill me with jealousy. I remember when Lynn and I used to make love like that and my cock strains within its cage. I desperately want to jerk off as I think about Lynn giving herself to Jim. The frustration is painfully intense, but that just arouses me even more. I revel in the feeling of being submissive to my wife, letting her take a virile lover while denying me even the satisfaction of jerking myself off. Most men would be furious, but I find myself feeling even more drawn to my strong dominant wife.

Eventually, I calm down and try to refocus on the TV. I am not sure why I bother, since I keep thinking about them. After what seems like forever, my phone signals another text. This one is from Jim. It is a close up picture of Lynn sucking his cock with the message,

“Your wife says she doesn’t like sucking you, but she really enjoys sucking me!”

This hurts me deeply. Lynn will blow me if I beg for it, but I know she is not into it and that makes it hard for me to enjoy. I can see from Lynn’s eyes that she is into pleasing Jim in this way. As I look at the picture, I see that Lynn has both hands stacked around the base of his cock while the head is in her warm mouth. He must be huge! Is that why she enjoys sucking him so much more than sucking me? Is it the excitement of a new lover? Is it that she is just more attracted to him than me? I want to believe it is the newness that excites her, but I fear that he is a better lover than me. Have I made a horrible mistake? Will I lose her?

Again I try to think of something else to calm my caged cock and sooth my fears. I set up a rack for pool, but I can’t relax enough to shoot a decent shot. How can one shoot pool when the image of your wife with another man fills your thoughts and you are almost in a panic with fear of losing her to a better man?

My phone signals again with another picture from Jim. It shows Lynn on all fours with her now bright red ass in the air.

“Since Lynn is such a naughty wife, I spanked her but I am afraid she enjoyed it!”

I am about to go crazy with a mix of intense emotions. I find the idea of Jim spanking Lynn to be surprisingly arousing. I am jealous that she lets him treat her that way while she gets mad if I pat her bottom a little too hard. Beyond that, I realize that I am jealous that Lynn was spanked while I often fantasize about being spanked by Lynn. She tried a couple times but never got into it. She was way to gentle. As I dream of a intense spankingby my wife builds, my cock strains in its cage. I imagine myself bent over while Lynn repeatedly smacks my ass with a paddle while Jim encourages her and laughs at my pain. I want to jerk off so much that I grab my caged dick and desperately try to rub it but to no avail. After a few minutes, I finally calm down and slouch back down in front of the TV.

I try to find something of interest on the TV, but my mind can’t focus on anything besides the various erotic images running through my head. I decide to crawl into bed and hope that I can get some sleep. I close my eyes and then my phone signals again.

“You are no longer the only man to have fucked my ass!”

Even though I expected this, it hurts to know that it happened. I had introduced Lynn to anal pleasures and was the first and till now the only guy to have enjoyed her that way. It felt good to know that I was special in that way. Lynn discovered that she really liked being taken from behind, but it has been a long time since I had been able to perform well enough to give her that pleasure. I am glad that she can enjoy that again, but it hurts to no longer be special. I bury my face in the pillow and shed a few tears. I remember the glorious feel of my dick buried in her warm tight ass. I remember her bent over taking it, loving it. I can’t help it, but I soon imagine Jim pounding her ass, Lynn shoving herself back to take as much of his dick as she can. I almost hear Lynn whimpering in pleasure and begging for more. These sensual images blot out my pain and I find myself horny and aroused again. I dry hump the bed, but I get no satisfaction with the cage on.

I close my eyes and try to not think about Lynn and Jim. It is no use, though. My perverted mind puts them in all sorts of sexual positions. My fears are stoked by the thought of them cuddling and kissing lovingly. This is scarier and more painful than the thought of them having animal sex. I know Lynn. She will want tender time with Jim between fucks. I alternate between being horny and frustrated when I think about them fucking and being scared when I think about them kissing and caressing tenderly. It seems like forever, but I do eventually fall asleep.

I am awakened by the signal on my cell phone. There is a picture of Lynn tied spread eagle on our bed. There are clips pinching her nipples and her favorite vibrator is buried in her pussy. From the look on her face, she is clearly lost is sexual arousal.

“I am using your wife as my sex toy!”

I can’t take my eyes off of the picture. My cock responds by straining in its cage. When Lynn and I play with bondage, she ties me up except for one time early in our relationship. I lie in bed and remember that time when we rented a condo and I tied her to the bed. I enjoyed fingering her pussy and teasing her clit, bringing her to the edge and leaving her frustrated, playing with her wonderful tits for as long as I pleased. As I recall how powerful it felt to fuck her while she lay helpless beneath me, my dick aches in its cage. I come back from these memories to the reality that Jim is now enjoying similar pleasures with my wife. I am overcome with jealousy. I feel an overwhelming urge to stop this. I get out of bed and start up the basement stairs. When I get to the top, I stop myself. I think about how much Lynn enjoyed it when I treated her this way. I know that she needs and deserves all the erotic pleasure that Jim can give her because he is more of a man than me. I want Lynn to have that. I know that Lynn needs it and I can’t give it to her. As much as I am jealous, I need to put her pleasure first and accept my new place. I slowly go back down the stairs and crawl back into bed.

I try to put them out of my mind, but I keep imagining the various ways that Jim could be using Lynn’s helpless body for his pleasure. Though I feel more moments of jealousy, I am very aroused and my caged dick is pointlessly dry humping the mattress. I curse the cage, but know that it is part of Lynn’s control over me that I crave. Eventually, I finally fall asleep until I wake to morning light coming in through the basement window wells and the sound of my cell phone.

“I LOVE JIM’S COCK! I need it one more time before he leaves!”

I don’t want to think about the two of them, so I decide to get up and take a shower. It helps to be doing something, but I can’t help wondering how they are making love: missionary, doggie, cowgirl? I envy Jim’s stamina. I am barely able to stay hard long enough these days for a quickie, but apparently he has been able to please her all night. As I think this, my dick gets hard in its cage. Why can it get hard when it is locked up, but is not up to the task when Lynn wants it? I wish I was a virile lover like Jim, but I fear those days are behind me. Will Lynn leave me for Jim? Would Lynn leave me out of frustration if I didn’t let her have other lovers? I find myself shedding a tear as I think about how inadequate I am.

I finish my shower, but still no text from Lynn. I take the sheets off the airbed, deflate it and put it away. Still no text. They are clearly savoring their last coupling. I turn on the news to control my thoughts. After about a half hour, I get a text from Lynn.

“Jim just left. Come up to our bedroom.”

I head up to our bedroom. When I get to the door, I pause not sure what to expect. I open the door and walk in. Lynn is sitting on the edge of the bed in her robe. She looks like a woman who has just had a wild night of sex: makeup ruined, hair disheveled and face flushed. The heady aroma of sex fills the room.

“Strip and lie down on the bed! Don’t say anything until I tell you to.”

I am not used to Lynn using such a commanding tone with me, but my dick responds to it. I take my clothes off quickly and lie down on the bed. Lynn grabs my right hand and secures with a cuff at the corner of the bed.

“I am going to tie you down like Jim tied me down last night.”

Lynn moves around the bed securing my other wrist and my ankles to the four corners. She then gets the key off of the dresser and unlocks the cock cage. It takes her a couple minutes to get it off since my dick is rock hard.

“I don’t remember the last time your dick was so hard. I guess you like your wife being another man’s fuck toy!”

She runs her fingers lightly up the length of my cock and I struggle to suppress a moan of pleasure. She stands by the side of the bed where I can easily see her and she takes off her robe. She cups her boobs and shows them to me.

“See the hickeys that Jim left on my tits. I loved it when he bit them!”

I am desperately horny. My hips start to move as I try to fuck the air. Lynn sees my desperation and grins before turning around to show me her ass.

“My ass is still a little red from Jim’s spanking. It was such a turn-on to be spanked by a strong virile man!”

Lynn now climbs onto the bed and kneels with her pussy over my face.

“Kiss my unfaithful pussy!”

She lowers her swollen cunt down to my mouth. I strain my head up so that I can kiss her pussy lips. I gently run my tongue up and down the length of her cunt. It looks so different. It is redder and swollen. It tastes different, too.

“Yes, Jim filled my pussy with lots of cum. Eat it!”

She rubs her used pussy back and forth on my mouth. I find myself reveling in the humiliation of tasting her lover’s spunk in her cunt. A voice in my head says that I should be furious, but I am too caught up in the eroticism of my submission to her. She gasps as I run my tongue over her clit.

Lynn pulls herself away and turns around. She lowers herself back down with her ass in my face as she spreads her ass cheeks.

“Worship my ass! Worship the ass that belongs to Jim’s dick now!”

I am momentarily hurt when she said it was Jim’s ass, but I know that I am no longer man enough to take her that way. I kiss her anus and run my tongue all around. She shoves her ass hard down on my face. I use my tongue to fuck her hole.

“Yes, you get to fuck my ass with your tongue. Jim gets to fuck it with his dick!”

After a couple of minutes, Lynn pulls herself and moves into position like she is going to ride my dick. She lowers herself down and my cock head is near the entrance to her cunt. She lays down on top of me with her pussy just out of reach of my cock. She kisses me passionately for a couple of minutes.

“Tell me how last night felt.”

I try to explain all the feelings I had during the night, the jealousy, the arousal, the anger, the resignation. I tried to explain how it feels good to submit to her though I know my words sound stupid. I talk about my reaction to the texts that I received from both of them. As I explain these things to Lynn, she kisses me from time to time. I see her smile when I talk about my jealousy. At times, she moves back and teases the tip of my cock with her warm wet slit. When she does that, I stop talking and moan in pleasure. I can see that she revels in teasing me.

Eventually, I finish telling her about my night. She kisses me lovingly before whispering in my ear.

“Thank you for letting me enjoy the best sex of my life.”

This comment is a stab to my heart. Even though I am hurt and jealous, my dick responds my twitching with desire against her pussy lips.

“Was it what you expected, Stephen?”

“Yes, but it was so much more intense.”

Lynn sits up with her pussy poised above my straining cock. She lowers herself so that my dick is pressing gently against the entrance to her cunt. She smiles at me while she plays with her tits. I want her desperately, but am helpless to take her.

“Do you want me to keep seeing Jim?”

Lynn drives her pussy down around my cock. I gasp with the pleasure of her loose warm cunt around my frustrated dick. Between the image of Lynn and Jim together that comes to my mind and the intense pleasure of her pussy, I immediately come harder than I can remember. My body takes over and I repeatedly thrust into her as I shoot my own cum to mix with Jim’s. Lynn is looking down on me with a contented grin.

“I will take that as a Yes!”

“Yes, Lynn, I want this! I need this!”


We lay there for a few more minutes while my cock gets soft and plops out of her cunt.

“I love you, Stephen!”

“I love you, too, Lynn”

Lynn climbs off and unties me. We head into the bathroom and share a long shower.

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