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Memoirs of a Bull - Part I

A man recalls his experiences with couples in cuckold relationships
It was by pure chance that I went into that Hairdresser’s salon that evening. Normally I prefer to go to the Gents Hairdressers. Call me old fashioned, but I think men are better at cutting men’s hair than women. That evening, however, my regular barber was on holiday and I was in desperate need of a trim. I had a meeting with some investors the next day and I wanted to look my best. A few yards down the high street I caught the sign that said, ‘Ladies and Gent’s Hairdresser’ and I put prejudice aside and went inside.

She was about to close up for the night but I told her that I was desperate for a cut. She smiled and picked up the shawl that she had already neatly folded and put over the back of the chair and then motioned for me to sit down. She was quite a pretty woman; shoulder length black hair, perhaps in her mid to late thirties and was what I would call cuddly; neither skinny nor plump. I watched as she walked across to the door and turn the ‘Closed’ sign around. She wore a top that came down to cover her bottom and a pair of black leggings. Her top rose a few inches, just enough to give me a look at her bottom. It was what I would call 'just right'. Something that you can get hands under to give you plenty to grip when fucking; I also could not detect any panty line. I wondered if she was wearing a thong.

I felt quite horny as she clipped away. Her top rose and fell with her arm movements and I was becoming mesmerised by her hips. I was getting glimpses of the outline of her mound every now and again; the leggings were quite figure hugging. She also had nice breasts; what I would call a good hand full without spilling all over your wrists, if you get my meaning. I noticed too that she wore no wedding ring; I couldn’t believe that no man had snapped her up yet. Maybe she was single or perhaps she was divorced, I didn’t know, but I had already decided that I was going to ask her out a drink.

After she had finished and gone through the ‘look in the mirror from the rear’ routine, I took out my wallet and handed her some money. I started to speak after I thanked her, “I was wondering if you...”

Suddenly the door opened and a man poked his head around the door. He was in his forties and looked quite a rugged guy; from his appearance I guessed that he was a builder or something like that.

“I’m off home now,” he told her, “I’ll switch the oven on, shall I?”

“Okay darling,” she told him, “I’ve nearly finished now. I won’t be long behind you.”

My heart sank. She had a man in her life and he didn’t look the type that you would want to tangle with.

“You were saying?” she asked as the door closed.

I smiled. “I was going to ask you out for a drink,” I told her, “but I see that you are already spoken for.”

She laughed. “Yes, I am married.”

“I didn’t realize. Lucky guy,” I told her looking down at her left hand.

She smiled, “I take my rings off when I am working.”

I gazed into her eyes.

“It doesn’t mean to say that I can’t accept your offer though.” She suddenly said, taking me by surprise.

“W...when?” I asked, feeling more like a nervous teenager than a forty year old man.

She shrugged her shoulders, “You tell me?”

“Tomorrow night?"

She nodded in agreement and we arranged for us to meet outside her salon at eight pm the next evening.

Now I am the kind of guy who likes first dates, there is always something more exciting that first time. They can also be nervous occasions too; you never know what to expect to begin with. Yes, it’s true that if you are taking out a married woman or one in a long term relationship, then they are going out with you with sex in mind. But you still don’t know if you are definitely going to have sex until it actually happens. She can always say ‘no’. Maybe there is something about you that she doesn’t like after all, or maybe she has even changed her mind. On that first date, only the woman knows for sure if sex is going to place.

I was quite nervous that night as I waited for her outside in my car. Normally there is always something nice about fucking another man’s wife or girlfriend. It’s a kind of conquest thing, taking another man’s wife. Ploughing another man’s field and sowing your seed there, as they say, adds an extra thrill to the sex. And there is also the fact that a wife will do things with another man that she perhaps won’t or can’t do with her husband. I didn’t feel that kind of excitement on this occasion. Sure, I wanted sex with her, but I was a little wary of her husband having seen him.

She stepped out of her salon, all dressed ready and got into my car. She wore a loose, low cut, black dress that accentuated her curves and she smelled good. Whatever perfume she was wearing, it was intoxicating. I glanced down at her legs. They were shapely and I wondered whether it was black stockings or tights that she was wearing. There is always that excitement on a first date when you manage to get your hand under the hem and start to explore. There is nothing nicer than encountering the lacy top of stockings half way up the thigh and then the warm soft flesh above.

She caught me looking longer at her legs than I should have. I felt a little embarrassed. I must have looked like man starving to death, salivating at the sight of food, but she smiled.

“I’m Mary, by the way,” she told me, holding out her hand.

I shook it and introduced myself.

“So where are we going Bill?” she asked me.

I thought for a moment, “I take it that you haven’t eaten?”

She nodded.

“I know some quiet, out of the way restaurants,” I said. “What do you like?”

“I’m not fussy.”

“Italian then?” I asked.

She smiled and nodded.

We chatted about our lives as we drove away and we continued the conversation when we sat down and ate. She was thirty-eight and had twin daughters who had just left home to go to University. She had been married since she was seventeen. Jim was her childhood sweetheart and he had his own building business; she, of course, was a hairdresser. I told her about myself, including my failed marriage and two sons from it. I told her that there was no one special in my life at the moment but that I had a few lady friends. She gave me a knowing smile at that.

One thing that I was dying to know was why she out on a date with me. She seemed to speak well of her husband. They had been together a long time. I was getting drawn to her though. She had a nice personality and had a cute, sexy smile. I was getting horny thinking about her in that was.

I don’t have many bad habits but one that I have tried to give up is smoking. I am not too bad during the day in staving off the cravings but after a meal it is really hard for me. I excused myself and went outside to smoke in the special designated area that most public places have these days. I gazed idly across the car park and saw him. He hadn’t spotted me yet but I had seen him, sitting there in his white builders van. I tossed my cigarette down and quickly stubbed it out and rushed back inside to tell her.

There was no shocked look on her face when I told her that he was outside, it was almost as if she knew.

“I...I know,” she told me, “he’s just looking out for me.”

“Looking out?”

“I am sorry. I should have told you. husband knows that I am out with you.”

I was dumbstruck. Mary went on to explain that Jim had this fantasy about her with another man. He had had it for years, she explained, but it was only since the girls had left home that they had talked about it more seriously. Up until recently it had all been part of bedtime fun. She used to make up stories about being out with another man during the day and having sex with him. It excited them both and added something extra to their lovemaking.

“I...I suppose you think we are perverts?”

I shook my head, “No. No,” I told her. “I have read about cuckolding. I know it goes on. Hell, I have cuckolded a few husbands myself over the years.”

“But not with them knowing?” She said as she looked away from me.

I shook my head, “Not that I know of.”

“I guess I had better go now,” she said getting up to leave.

I reached out for her arm.

“Please stay?”

She sat back down.

“Look, I am more than willing to be part of your fantasies,” I told her, “At least there is no irate husband to look out for.”

She smiled and shook her head, “That’s for sure,” she said. “I had better ring him and tell him that it’s okay for him to go home. You’re not going to be dragging me off somewhere and having your wicked way with me, are you?” She laughed as she reached for handbag.

I patted her on the thigh, “Oh, but I am!” I laughed, feeling a suspender strap in the process.

She laughed again and then began to dial. I heard her tell him that I was okay. He must have asked her some questions because she told that she didn’t know and then she told him that she couldn’t really speak.

“Everything okay?”

She nodded.

“He was wondering what time I would be home and what we would be doing?”

Thinking of having sex with her was making me quite horny.

“And what time are you going home?” I asked.

She smiled shyly and shrugged her shoulders.

“This is something you want to do isn’t it?” I asked her. “I mean, you are not doing it just to please your husband?”

She shook her head, “Oh no. It is something I have thought about seriously. I have always wondered what it would be like with another man.”

“And what do you expect to happen?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. Never done anything like this before.”

She was nervous and looking away and so I took her hand and rubbed it gently. “What is Jim expecting to happen?”

“I...I think his idea is that I take you back home and we spend the night together while he sleeps in the spare room.”

“Could Jim take that?” I asked her. “I mean things are great in fantasy, but in reality things are different. Will he be able to take hearing you enjoying yourself with another man in his bed?”

She shrugged her shoulders as she began to rub my hand.

“I don’t know,” she replied, “but I did make it clear to him last night, in getting his agreement, that if I liked you I would go ahead with it. There would be no pulling out.”

I laughed, “No pulling out, hey!”

She laughed, “You know what I mean.”

I leaned forward and spoke quietly in her ear, “I will have to pull out sometime.”

She gave my shoulder a playful slap, “You’re disgusting.”

“But I will make sure that you will be fully satisfied before I do pull out.” I told her.

She looked up at me. I could see that glazed look in her eyes.

“Perhaps we should go now?” I suggested.

She nodded in agreement. I started to rise but I suddenly realised that I had quite a bulge in my pants. The restaurant was quite empty but I would still have to negotiate past the few that were there.

“I’ll have to wait a minute.” I told her.

She looked puzzled.

“I’ve got quite a hard on.” I told her quietly.

She looked down and then looked up across the room again before she reached down and held my bulge. It was only for a few seconds but those seconds seemed like an eternity. They were a blissful eternity too. There is nothing like a woman taking the initiative and taking hold of you like that.

“You’re very big.”

It’s what every man wants to hear from a woman but I knew that in my case it was true. I was gifted with a penis that went to ten inches when fully erect.

“It’s all yours tonight Mary,” I told her.

“Come on, let’s go.” She said as she stood up and led the way out.

I walked behind her and spoke to the waitress as we passed her, telling her that the payment and tip was on the table.

As soon as we got into the car she leant over and we began kissing. Her hand went back to my bulge and she began to gently squeeze and move her hand up and down. I reached and cupped her breasts and began to gently fondle her.

“May I take you in my mouth?” She asked.

“Mary, you can take me anyway you want.” I told her, quite shocked by her boldness.

The car park was not very well lit and there were only two other cars parked. Not that I gave a shit who was watching. I had never done dogging before but anyone was quite welcome to stand and watch Mary unzip my pants and extract my cock.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured as she ran her tongue over the tip of my cock and began to clean up my precum. “You taste good.”

I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through her hair and began to groan softly. It is quite a wonderful experience having a woman take you in her mouth. Not many are willing do it, especially at the first time of meeting, and not many do it with such eager tenderness as Mary was. I let her continue for a few minutes and then I had to gently lift her head away.

“I am getting close to cumming Mary.” I told her.

She looked up me as her head rested on my lap. “I would like to have you cum in my mouth please.”

I nodded and her lips enfolded my again. This time there was fervour in her sucking. Her head began to move faster up and down and her hand movements moved in motion. Minutes later I groaned loudly as my cum began to spurt in her mouth. Mary swallowed every drop and then cleaned me up with her tongue before slipping my limp cock back inside my pants and zipping me up.

We kissed again and I could taste my cum on her lips.

“I bet you think I am a slut don’t you?”

I held her by the shoulders and looked her directly in the eye, “Mary,” I told her, “a woman has every right to enjoy sexual freedom in the same way men are.”

She kissed me.

“I want you to use me like a slut tonight,” she told me, “and so does Jim.”

I could feel myself stirring again.

“Jim would love to hear you tell him how I touched you first tonight and how I gave you a blow job.”

She reached for me again.

“He will also want to know how you felt when you discovered that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I took them off when I went to the loo earlier.”

“Fuck!” I uttered.

I glanced down at her dress; it had risen up a little. I reached and pushed the hem back. Mary sat back as it rode up and opened her legs wider. She was right. She wasn’t wearing panties. She was also shaved. Oh, how I loved a naked pussy. I reached and touched her. Mary just sat back and spread her legs very wide so that I could explore her at will.

“Jim shaved me last night especially for you.”

I said nothing as I fingered her. She was very, very wet.

“You need some cock Mary,” I told her. “I’m taking you to a quiet place I know.”

I knew a lay-by a short distance away. I had fucked a few lady friends in the back seat of my car there. As I drove Mary just sat there with her dress pulled back and legs wide open. Now and again I would reach over and touch her. All the while I drove though Mary’s hand held my bulge.

It wasn’t an epic fuck by any means but it wasn’t meant to be. We both got into the back seat and I pulled my trousers and shorts down and sat back. Mary straddled me with her back to me facing the windscreen. She did all the work. I just sat back and let her take me. She screamed her head off all the time as she bounced up and down on my lap. Afterwards we sat and cuddled for a while and then she took her knickers out of her handbag and put them on for the journey home.

It was now time for me to formally meet the man whose wife I had just fucked: It was also my first official meeting with a cuckold.

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