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Michigan Snowmobile Adventure

Wife accompanies husband on a snowmobile trip where things get out of hand.
My buddy Brandon and I had planned our snowmobile trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan for weeks in advance. We planned to drive to the upper peninsula of Michigan and be there a week. I had reserved six nights at a small bed and breakfast complete with a guide to take us for some off trail riding and we were eagerly looking forward to a great time. But three days before we were to leave Brandon came down with the flu. This posed a dilemma as I put a non-refundable deposit down on the room and guide. I called some other friends, but no one was able to go on such short notice.

"Why don’t I go in Brandon's place?" my wife asked.

"The kids will be at my parents all week and I don’t have any commitments. I would love to go," my wife added.

My wife and I have been together since high school and have been married for ten years. We have two wonderful children. My wife and I have gone snowmobiling around where we live a few times so she had some snowmobiling experience. Finally, I was persuaded I thought it would be fun to be alone together on a snowmobiling trip with my wife and to rekindle our sex life. We worked on getting our gear together as we bought some additional clothes and things that my wife would need for our trip. We were finally ready and my wife was especially thrilled to go.

It was a long drive to the upper peninsula of Michigan. When we arrived at the small bed and breakfast we were 100 miles from the nearest town. All the snow made it look beautiful. Our host and guide Tom was waiting for us as we arrived and he helped us haul all our gear to our room. He was pleasantly surprised to see a woman with me as I explained the circumstances. Then we agreed to meet Tom downstairs in the dining room for dinner in an hour. 

My wife and I showered and dressed for dinner before we settled into our room. My wife was dressed in a sweater that showed a little cleavage and jeans that hugged her hips nicely. We then met Tom in the dining room for a couple of drinks before dinner. The dining room was large with a fire in the fireplace. Then we had a very good dinner prepared by Tom which we had with a bottle of wine. When we finished dinner we sat around in front of the fire and talked with Tom. Tom filled us in on the trail conditions and what we might expect. 

I noticed Tom glanced at my wife throughout dinner and the evening, which was understandable as she was a very attractive woman. My wife is 29 years old, 5' 6" tall, 125 lbs and curves in all the right places with large breasts and a gorgeous ass. She would receive many admiring glances whenever we went out. So it wasn’t unexpected that an older man who spent much of his time working in the wilderness would appreciate having an attractive woman around. Tom seemed to be captivated with my wife and more than once would compliment my wife on her beauty. 

"Don’t get any ideas she’s already spoken for," I said jokingly.

However, I noticed my wife glanced his way a few times. Tom was an attractive older man and a solid build. I estimated that he was in his mid-forties. It was a long day and Amber and I decided to bed.

"Tom seemed to enjoy looking at you as he spent quite a bit of time doing that. I noticed you seem to enjoy looking at him," I said while Amber and I were snuggled in bed.

"Well, he is an attractive older man in a rugged sort of way," Amber replied.

"Don’t enjoy the attention too much. I don’t want him to get any ideas about you," I answered as we kissed each other good night.

We were up at dawn the next day. After a great breakfast prepared by Tom we headed out on the snowmobiles. The trails were great and it was a beautiful day in the upper peninsula of Michigan. We were surrounded by a lot of snow and the scenery looked amazing. We stopped for lunch at small restaurant along the trail. Then we returned to the bed and breakfast late in the day utterly exhausted from riding 200 miles. 

My wife and I went to our room to shower and change clothes while Tom started dinner. When my wife exited the bathroom her hair framed her lovely face as she looked amazing in her blouse and tight jeans. 

"Let's skip dinner," I suggested as I squeezed my wife's amazing ass. 

"There will be plenty time for that later," my wife said as she started to walk out of our room.

We joined Tom for dinner who whistled when he saw my wife. She blushed as Tom gazed at her, obviously pleased at the attention. We had some drinks and another great meal as Tom payed more attention to my wife which she seemed to enjoy. We sat in front of the fire talking and laughing as Tom regaled us with snowmobiling stories while we enjoyed our after dinner drinks. We were pleasantly intoxicated while we continued listened to Tom's stories. Tom continued to pay a lot of attention to my wife while she enjoyed his stories.

Tom looked at us then he asked if we ever thought about where a man would share his wife with another man. 

"I heard about swinger parties, but it was the host who shared their wife with another man," I replied.

"That’s right, but sometimes when there was only one woman it would be reasonable for the men to share her," Tom replied with a laugh.

I knew where this was leading, but I refused to bite as I looked at my wife who looked stunned by the conversation.
"That it not our way of life," I said as Tom laughed.

Then I took my wife's hand and led her to our room. The attention from Tom and the conversation must have stimulated my wife as we enjoyed some great sex. I’m sure Tom heard us from his room.

"I think you were fantasizing about Tom while we were doing it," I said to my wife afterwards.

"I could not’t help it. I did enjoy his attention and he is very handsome," my wife admitted.

"Do not to get any ideas," I said to my wife, but I did enjoy the spin off sex.

The next morning I awoke with a small hangover alone in bed. I got out of bed and went downstairs to find Tom and my wife at the kitchen table drinking coffee and talking. Then all three of us had another cup of coffee before Tom made breakfast. When we finished breakfast my wife and I went up to our room to get dressed.

Then we went for another snowmobile ride. The trails were in great condition and Tom led us on some new trails. While riding on the trail Tom stopped and pointed to a waterfall. Tom then turned off the trail and rode towards the waterfall as my wife and I followed him. We pulled up to the edge the water and looked up at the amazing waterfall.

Tom had got off his snowmobile and walked down river as my wife and I got off our snowmobiles and walked closer to the falls. The river was flowing a little fast and Tom cautioned us to be careful of the footing near the river. I must have got too close to the water and lost my footing as the snow gave way. The next thing I knew I was floating downriver and unable to regain my footing in the fast moving water. I could see Tom as he waded into the river and caught my arm as he held on to a limb of a tree just before I was about to hit the rapids.

Tom helped me to the shore as my wife hugged me. Tom had saved my life and I was very shaken by the experience as was my wife. My wife and I both thanked Tom profusely for rescuing me as we decided to return to Tom's house. When we arrived at Tom's house my wife and I went up to our room to put on dry clothes as Tom said he would start a fire in the fireplace.

We sat in front of the fireplace enjoying some much needed drinks. The day would have been disastrous without the intervention of Tom and we thanked him again. By the time dinner was ready we were all feeling our drinks. Then Tom opened a special bottle of wine which we enjoyed with our dinner. When we finished dinner we sat in front the fire as we sipped on our after dinner drinks and enjoyed the evening. We were feeling pretty good as we finished another bottle of wine.

"I would like for you to let your wife be with me tonight?" Tom asked.

I was startled and my first response was one of shock that he would ask to have sex with my wife.

"I saved your life today. The least you could do is let me be with your wife," Tom went on to say.

"I do owe you for saving my life, but that does not mean that your reward is to have sex with my wife," I replied as I looked at my wife who was wide-eyed with her mouth hanging open and startled by this conversation.
"I work and live alone out in the wilderness and I have not been with a woman for a long time. I don't want to take her from you, just for tonight," Tom added.

Then I looked at my wife and she looked as if she was considering the proposal then I grabbed her arm and led her to our room. When we arrived in our room I closed the door. 

"Why not? We do owe him, and it’s only sex that he wants," my wife said as I looked at her in disbelief while we stood in our room.

"I suppose that you find him attractive has nothing to do with it," I replied.

Then at that moment there was a brief knock on the door and Tom entered. He walked over to my wife without saying a word and took her arm as he lead her towards the door. My wife turned and looked at me with pleading eyes, but I said nothing as Tom led her to the next room and closed the door.

I could hear the murmur of their voices then I heard my wife moan. I then walked over to the door and slowly opened it to where I could see them standing next to the bed. Tom caressed my wife with his hands as he kissed her neck. Then Tom slowly lifted her sweatshirt over her head while my wife reached behind her back and undid her bra. She let it fall to the floor and stood topless in front of Tom. Then Tom slid my wife's sweatpants and panties down as she stepped out of them. This seemed so unreal but I did not stop it. My wife let out soft moans as Tom squeezed and massaged her breasts while my wife reached down and undid Tom's pants and pulled out his cock.

"Oh my," I heard my wife say when she looked down at Tom's oversized cock.

Tom then removed his pants before he lowered my wife to the bed and lay down next to her. Tom began to caress my wife's hip and suck on her erect nipples. My wife moaned again when Tom began to rub her pussy and gave a little cry as Tom pressed a finger into her. My wife really responded to him as her body trembled and surrendered to him. Tom then moved between her legs and lowered his head to my wife's pussy. Soon my wife began to buck and moan as Tom brought her to an orgasm with his tongue.

"Oh my God," my wife moaned as Tom moved up her body and laid next her to began to suck her nipples again.

Tom then laid on his back with his huge hard cock pointed at the ceiling. I estimated his cock at least nine inches in length and thicker than average. My wife moved on top of him facing away from me and took Tom's stiff cock and pointed it at her pussy opening. Then I thought about birth control. My wife did not use any birth control as I had a vasectomy after the birth of our second child as we felt two kids was enough because of our careers. Then she slowly lowered herself onto Tom's huge cock. I just stood there and watched as my wife's impossibly stretched pussy swallowed Tom's cock. My wife was now sitting on Tom's cock deep inside her pussy as she began to gyrate her hips back and forth.

"Oh my Tom, you are deep," my wife cried.

Then my wife leaned forward and kissed Tom. I could see her pussy stuffed with Tom's cock and her round ass cheeks flared apart making the delicate rosebud of her asshole more pronounced. My wife's thighs were spread wide apart as she rode Tom's cock. My wife occasionally arched her back as Tom squeezed her tits and pinched her erect nipples. I felt helpless as I continued to watch while my wife bounce up and down on Tom's hard cock.

"Oh, Oh Amber your pussy is so amazing," Tom stammered.

Then my wife lowered her breasts to Tom's face as he began to suck on them. The room was filled the sights and sounds of sex as my wife writhed through the throes of lust. I was glued to the scene before me as I became aroused. Then Tom lifted my wife off him and laid her on the bed while his still erect cock shined with my wife's juices.

My wife laid on her back as Tom moved between her legs. Then Tom pressed his large cock against my wife's waiting pussy and began pressing into her as she groaned. Tom slowly slid his cock back inside my wife's pussy again. My wife bent her knees up and spread her thighs more as Tom buried is cock inside her.

"Oh my God," I heard my wife scream.

Tom began to move back and forth in long slow strokes as my wife moaned and groaned. Tom repeatedly buried his cock inside her pussy as he began to thrust faster while my wife moaned louder. My wife's body would jerk each time Tom thrust into her and her groans became louder as she neared another orgasm. My wife wrapped her long beautiful legs around Tom as her climax was upon her. I could tell Tom was close to his own climax as he let out a groan. Then he ejaculated inside my wife and he stayed inside her as they kissed and held each other. Then Tom rolled off my wife as she lay there with her legs spread wide and their juices leaked from her gaping pussy.

My wife then got up off Tom's bed and grabbed her clothes as I went back to our room. My wife walked into our room and she looked exhausted as she clutched her clothes in her arms. Then she got into bed naked with me and she was surprised to find me erect. My wife gripped my erection and began to stroke me.
"I know you watched us from the door. I could see you. It seemed you enjoyed watching me get thoroughly fucked by that stud," my wife said as she continued to stroke my cock.

"I could not help myself. I never thought I would be aroused watching you with another man," I confessed.

Then I mentioned birth control.

"Oh shit, I did not’t think about that," my wife said.

"I think today I am just entering my fertile period. I hope he did not get me pregnant," my wife said as I ejaculated before I could mount her.

I laid in bed thinking about my wife and what just happened before I finally fell asleep.

The next day my wife and I met Tom in the kitchen for breakfast. He acted as if nothing had happened, but smiled when he looked at my wife. I mentioned that my wife and I would be leaving due to the events of last night. Tom said that over 18 inches of snow fell overnight and that the roads were impassable. We were snowed in and could not leave.

My wife and I sat in our room and watched TV for most of the day while Tom worked outside.

"What if Tom wants you again tonight?" I asked my wife as we watched TV in our room.

She did not respond as Tom called us down for dinner. After dinner we drank more than we should have as Tom went into the kitchen to clean up while my wife and went to our room for the night. Then I got my answer when Tom knocked on the door and walked in. Tom walked over to my wife and took her hand. She looked at me, and I did not object as Tom led her away, taking her to his room this time.

When I heard the door to Tom's room close I got up and went to Tom's room. I slowly opened the door and I observed through partially opened door. Tom slowly undressed my wife as he admired her naked body again. Then I watched as my wife undid Tom's pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. Then my wife got down on her knees and put Tom's cock in her lovely mouth. She began to suck and lick Tom's shaft until it was rock hard as Tom took off his shirt.

"Oh Amber, you sure know how to suck cock," Tom moaned.

Then Tom pulled my wife up and kissed her on the lips as he laid her on the bed. Tom moved between my wife's legs and lowered his head to her pussy. He buried his face in my wife's pussy as she let out a scream.

"Oh God, that feels so good Tom," my wife moaned as she pushed back against Tom's face.

"Oh God Tom, I can't stand it," my wife cried out some more as her body jerked in an intense orgasm.

"I love the taste of your pussy," Tom stammered.

Tom did not relent as he grabbed my wife's legs by the backside of her knees and pushed them up and apart even farther lifting her ass off the bed.

"Oh my God Tom," my wife cried out again as I started to get aroused again.

She was in the most exposed position possible as there was no way she could make her pussy any more vulnerable to Tom.

"Oh God," my wife cried as her body jerked.

My wife began to sit up as Tom continued licking her pussy for a few seconds more as she rose.
"Oh Tom, I need your cock inside my pussy," my wife said as she lay back down on the bed with her legs spread open wide.

Tom put his hands on my wife's hips and turned her over onto her stomach as she got up on her hands and knees.

"You have a very sexy ass," Tom said as he moved on the bed behind her.

Tom stared at my wife's wonderful ass as he moved closer to her. My wife turned her head and smiled as she saw me while I watched from the door. She remained on her hands and knees as Tom stroked his cock while he moved behind my wife. My wife let out a sigh as Tom entered her from behind. Then he started to thrust in and out of my wife's pussy as she put her face into a pillow and screamed.

"Ah, yes," Tom managed to moan as he held his cock inside my wife's pussy.

I could see Tom's cock move in and out of her pussy as he began to thrust again.

"Oh my God Tom," my wife cried out.

Tom continued to fuck my wife from behind while he would reach down and squeeze her tits.

"I'm cumming," my wife cried out.

“Yes cum on my cock," Tom pleaded.

Then Tom slammed up against my wife's ass and grunted as he flooded her unprotected pussy with his sperm. I continued to watch as my wife's orgasm unfolded along with Tom's.

"Oh, Oh, Oh," my wife cried out.

My wife pushed back against Tom as her orgasm took hold. Then Tom pulled his spent cock from my wife's pussy and collapsed on the bed. My wife was spent as she lay on the bed next to Tom. Once again I was aroused as I went back to our room and climbed into bed naked and waited for my wife. My wife climbed into bed and I moved to take her, she refused me.

"I have had enough for one night," my wife said as she fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke alone in bed as I wondered where my wife was. I had my answer when I heard moans coming from the room next to ours. Tom seemed insatiable. I suppose it was because he had been without a woman for a long time. Tom came for my wife sometime during the night. I laid in bed and listened to them as Tom fucked my wife again. My wife began to beg for Tom to cum. I heard my wife scream like she never screamed before as Tom grunted and once again he emptied himself into my wife's unprotected pussy. I got out of bed and walked to the room next door which the door was left open. I gazed at my beautiful wife as she slowly gyrated her hips while she sat on Tom's cock. Her lovely firm breasts shined with perspiration and her slim waist descended to gorgeous rounded hips and ass, which Tom stroked as my wife moaned.

I returned to our room when shortly thereafter my wife walked in.

"I saw you and Tom fuck again and you really enjoyed riding his cock. Tom probably has knocked you up," I said to my wife.

"I could not help it. The size of Tom's cock and the multiple positions he did it to me in... I never felt so full. Also the possibility of getting pregnant added to the excitement. I could feel Tom's cock swell more each time he came," my wife replied.

Later that morning after breakfast my wife and I packed our bags. Tom helped load bags into our truck but said very little. Tom just waved good-bye as we drove down the long driveway. My wife and I did not talk much on the drive home as Amber had a dreamy, far off gaze in her eyes, and I know she was thinking about Tom.

When arrived home we were so tired from the long drive that we went straight to bed.

A few weeks went by and we didn't talk much about what happened as we tried to get back into our normal daily routine. Then one night Amber and I were in bed watching TV as we discussed what happened. We both came to grips with the emotional experience. My wife talked about what she felt. How his huge cock filled her and stretched her while her whole being centered on his huge cock, how it felt and brought her to wrenching climaxes. Then she directed the conversation towards how I felt as I watched another man fuck her.

"You know that I was excited as I saw Tom doing it to you. I never believed I would respond that way as Tom had his huge cock inside you it was totally erotic. I was mesmerized while I watched him fuck you so thoroughly with your legs wrapped around Tom and him coming inside you. I won’t forget those images," I confessed.

A couple of weeks later my wife learned that she was pregnant and she wanted to have the baby. The next few months past as I watched my wife's abdomen swell. I recalled the erotic scenes of Tom servicing my wife with his huge cock and fucking her in a way that I never could. I know my wife relived the experience also.

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