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My Brother's Girl

He asked her out first, but I ended up winning.
My brother and I are best friends. We do everything together. We even went to work for the same landscaping company after we graduated from high school and continued to do so when we came home from college break every summer. It's not all perfection, though; there is a degree of rivalry to our relationship. Sibling rivalry, male rivalry, whatever you want to call it. We're always trying to one-up each other, but we laugh about it. That rivalry was never as intense as it was over Maddie.

Last summer, my brother and I were working together doing the landscaping at this client's house. It had a huge backyard, so it took us a while. It was a hot day and we'd both been working our asses off, so we'd taken our shirts off and were downing water like there was a drought coming. We were just about finishing up when the client's daughter came out of the house with a tray and three glasses of lemonade.

I don't know if I can even find the words to describe this girl. She stood 5'1", with long chestnut hair down to her waist that had been streaked gold by the sun. She had an all-over tan that left her a golden bronze color, which made her piercing blue eyes stand out even more than they already would have. Her coke-bottle curves were the most perfect I'd ever seen.

She had a pair of DDs that stood out on her petite frame; they were obviously fake but nobody looking at her could possibly give a shit about that. And to cap it all off, the part that really revved my engine - a firm, round peach of an ass that could bring the most stoic man to his knees. Her almond-shaped eyes were perpetually half-lidded, giving her a sultry, seductive look. At that moment she was wearing a loose t-shirt and bikini bottoms and I was very, very glad that I was wearing my baggy work jeans.

She headed over to us with the lemonade and gave us the most seductive smile I'd ever seen. "It's a scorcher out here, and you boys are working up quite a sweat. How about some lemonade?" How could we say no?

We got to chatting as we drank our lemonade. Her name was Maddylinn, "Ugh such a millennial name, but my friends call me Maddie." She was a college freshman, like us, who was home for summer break, like us. Unlike us, she didn't have to spend her summer working her shapely little ass off to pay for books in the fall.

Both my brother and I were flipping over her. We were trying our best to make her laugh, to impress her, and we both knew that one of us would walk away with this girl. It was at that moment that our boss called. He had told us he'd be calling around the finish time to see how the job had gone. And of course, with my rotten luck, he'd decided to call me.

Nobody could say my brother couldn't see an opportunity when it presented itself. While I was trying desperately to get our boss off the phone as quickly as possible, he was getting Maddie's number. By the time I'd gotten the boss off the phone, he and Maddie had made a date for that night. Opportunistic bastard.

As the weeks went by, my brother and Maddie saw a lot of each other. I resigned myself to the fact that I'd lost my chance with her and decided to simply make the best of the situation. Making the best of the situation, in my mind, meant scoping her out whenever she was at the house laying out in her bikini by the pool and fantasizing about her at every opportunity. A couple weeks ago, though, came my chance to seize an opportunity.

My brother and Maddie had gone out for a run. I always liked it when they did that; Maddie favored these tiny little nylon running shorts that hugged her delicious ass and showed off the jiggle it made when she moved. I was in the kitchen grabbing a snack when they came jogging down the driveway. They had a quick conversation, kissed, then my brother turned and headed back up the driveway. I heard his car start and pull away while Maddie grabbed a towel and spread it by the pool. She pulled her t-shirt up over her head, revealing a small bikini top that just barely contained her massive tits.

I stared, eyeing her hungrily, as she lay on the towel on her stomach and untied her bikini. My eyes roamed over her perfect body, the curves of her legs, the amazing round ass hugged tightly by her little shorts. I started to get hard, and as nobody else was in the house, I decided to indulge in a little voyeuristic fantasy. I pulled out my cock and started to stroke it while eyeballing my brother's girlfriend.

I'd closed my eyes, picturing what I wanted to do with that body, when I heard the back door close. I looked out and Maddie was gone. She was coming inside! I quickly stuffed my hard-on back into my pants and sat down at the table as she came into the kitchen.

"Hey Dave," she said with that sultry little smile. "Mark went out to the store to get some beers and some burgers for the grill," she told me. "Looks like it's just you and me for a while."

"Lucky me," I said with a grin. She giggled. She knew we'd both been interested in her, and she knew I'd been pissed that my brother had gotten to her first. She got a big kick out of that.

"Hey Dave," she said in a more serious tone. "Can I talk to you about something?"

'Uh-oh,' I thought. "Sure," I said.

"Mark and I have been dating for a few weeks now, and everything's going really great. But there's something I've been a little worried about, and I don't know what to do."

"What is it, Maddie?" I asked.

"Well, I really like your brother. He's a great guy, and a great boyfriend. But I have a little problem. See, I'm a... well, I'm a sexual person. I have needs. I have urges. But I don't want to rush into doing anything physical with your brother. I don't want to ruin what could be a great relationship by moving too fast."

"I can see how that would be difficult," I said, in as even a tone as I could manage. She was sitting there, not two feet from me, in her little bikini top, and the hard-on in my pants was not going away. I shifted in my chair, hoping she wouldn't notice. As I did so, I realized with a shock that I hadn't zipped my pants! All she'd have to do would be to look down and I'd be found out.

"Yeah, it is difficult. I don't know what I could do, I can't talk to Mark about this. You know how he is even better than I do, he'd want to just jump right into bed and I don't want to do that yet. I just don't know what to do. I guess I just needed to tell someone. Thanks for being here to talk to me."

I smiled.

And then she looked down.

"Well. It looks like I'm not the only one with a bit of a problem," she said, staring at the bulge showing through my open zipper.

"Uh, Maddie," I said, trying to find the words to explain myself. "I was just, um..."

"Checking me out and jerking off?" Her smoky blue eyes met mine. "Dave, I know how you feel about me. I know the only reason I'm not with you is because Mark asked me out first." She stood, reached over, took my hand, and guided me to my feet. "I also know how bad you want me." She drew closer to me, and my pulse quickened. "I don't want to move too fast with Mark," she said in a low, throaty voice. "But I need what I need, Dave." She pulled even closer, looking up at me with her beautiful eyes, her breasts just faintly resting against my chest. "And I think we just might have the answer to each other's problem."

I couldn't say a word. My heart was caught in my throat. She reached down, her small hand disappearing into my jeans, and pulled out my throbbing hard cock. She stroked it slowly, her lips mere inches from mine. "I know how much you love my ass," she breathed. "You don't know how many times I've caught you staring at it." She turned around, presenting her back to me, and pressed her nylon-clad ass against my cock. I moaned out loud as she pushed herself against me.

With her ass, she backed me up against the wall. She pulled her little shorts down and they hit the floor. Her bikini bottom followed, so my aching rod was pressed against the smooth skin of her naked ass. She untied her bikini top and pulled it aside, freeing her mouth-watering tits. She reached around, took my hands, and guided them up along her body until they were resting on her breasts. I cupped and squeezed them, pinching her nipples and rolling them between my finger and thumb, eliciting a quiet moan from her parted lips.

She began rubbing her ass up and down the length of my cock, reaching back to squeeze the firm, round cheeks of her bubble butt around my shaft. I leaned my head back against the wall and moaned out loud as the precum started oozing from the tip of my cock, coating her ass. I let one hand trail down her stomach, coming to rest on the curve of one hip. One of her hands moved down between her thighs. She gasped slightly as her fingers slid between her thighs, tilting her head back to rest against my chest as her fingers found her clit and started stroking. She began fingering herself in earnest as I pumped my hips, humping against her ass. Without thinking, I lifted her ass up and let my cock slide in between her thighs.

Her eyes went wide and she looked up and back over her shoulder at me as she felt the hot, hard shaft of my cock pressing against her slit. I could feel the heat pouring out of her, and her juices made my shaft slick. She closed her thighs tightly around my cock and worked her hips, grinding her pussy back and forth on my cock. Again I slid my hands up to her breasts, toying with them and playing with them. One hand found its way to her chin, tilting her beautiful face up to mine, and my lips came down until they were just a hair away from her own. Her lips were parted and we were both panting, staring into each others' eyes. I wanted for all the world to move down that extra millimeter and kiss her.

Her body started trembling and her hands tightened on my arms. Her eyes closed and she moaned out loud as her orgasm hit her. I could feel her cunt twitching as she came hard. Her cumming sent me over the edge. I pulled my cock out from between her thighs, grabbed her hips, and once again nestled my dick between the cheeks of her ass. She bent over, arching her back, and moaned in her sultry voice, "Cum for me, Dave, cum on my ass!" I pumped my hips once, twice, and then groaned between gritted teeth as my cock spasmed and blasted a long, hot, sticky load of cum out over her ass and up onto her back. Two, then three blasts later, and my load was spent.

Maddie straightened, turned to face me, pressed herself against me, and purred "Ohhhh thank you baby, that is exactly what I needed." "Me too," I whispered in her ear, again feeling the overwhelming urge to kiss her full, soft lips.

I was saved by the sound of a car door closing in the driveway. Maddie's eyes went wide. "Mark's back!" We dressed in a hurry, me pulling up and zipping my pants, Maddie re-tying her bikini top and yanking her shorts back up. She didn't even bother to wipe my jizz from her ass or back, just pulled her shorts back up and threw her t-shirt back on.

Later on that night, after the barbecued chow had been eaten and the beers had been drunk, Mark got up to take Maddie home. As I said goodbye, I couldn't help but notice the wet spots on the back of her shorts and shirt and took a great deal of perverted pleasure in knowing that I had put them there. As Maddie hugged me goodbye, she whispered in my ear, "Can't wait 'til next time..."

Neither can I.
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