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My Friend the Cuck, Part 2

This time I was a cuck too

In part one of this story, I told you how I had discovered my friend Rob's penchant for watching his wife with other guys after a drunken day out ended with me looking through his photos and videos on his phone. For those that haven't read it, he had been quite happy to talk about the idea of it on and off for a while. That day he decided to show me some nude pics of her, which gave him (and me) a bit of a thrill, but he had passed out drunk and left his drunk friend with his phone.

Big mistake. I discovered a folder of their trip to Amsterdam and had watched his wife getting fucked senseless by a black guy they had just met and seen how much they both enjoyed it. After that day we had not spoken for a few weeks, which wasn't unusual, but this time felt different. We had shared nude pics of each other’s wives that day until he passed out, but I had taken much bigger liberties after that (jacking off twice as he slept it off). Although drunk and horny at the time, I still felt a bit guilty.

That said, watching his wife Lianne in action was better than any porno, having known her for so long. She was great to look at and slutty in the happy playful way I like. Also, seeing her pussy get pulverised by a big black cock (which I have often thought about in my own fantasies of sharing my wife) was something that I couldn't get out of my mind. I would masturbate to the memory of frequently in the following weeks.

We reconnected one night over messenger chatting about football and soon enough that day came up, with him wishing he could remember more of it and of having vague memories of seeing the pics I had showed him, adding I would need to give him a repeat showing on our next meet up.

I replied in kind, saying I'd like to see more of Lianne too and stopping just short of saying, "Especially from the Amsterdam trip," and the pics and videos which I was very keen to have a wank over again soon. We made loose plans to meet again but as it was summer our kids were off school, so it was a bit trickier. My partner Asha and I had been keen to have a night out, though, as she hadn't been out for ages, so suggested we all go out together at some point. Asha is great looking with dark hair, blue eyes, and nice lips, very Mediterranean looking despite being eastern European.

She also has a good figure and worked hard to get it back after having kids; she is a stunner and as a boob man her 34F cups are nothing short of spectacular. Her nipples are much larger after children too but I don't mind that at all. I am happy to admit I am punching well above my weight with her but she is quite reserved until you really get to know her, although alcohol does loosen her up a bit.

I am well used to my friends talking about her and what they'd like to do to her, especially Rob, but it never bothered me, and I took it as a compliment; it also gave me a little thrill and reinforced her attractiveness, which turned me on. I mentioned us all going out to Rob and asked if he and Lianne would be free on my next weekend off, a couple of weeks away, so he said he'd have a look at it and get back to me.

A couple of days passed when he messaged back and said he'd moved his weekend off around and would be free, Lianne always had weekends off so no worries there and he'd managed to get his kids bunked up with his parents for the weekend, so we were set. We also managed to Asha's mum to look after our two for the weekend. The days passed by quickly and we were both looking forward to a rare night out, also it meant a trip back to my hometown and a chance to maybe some other folk I knew.

We dropped the kids off mid-afternoon and headed north about an hour's drive, getting there about three. Lianne opened the door dressed casually in short shorts and a vest with her hair up in a towel having not long got out of the shower. She was also minus bra, which I noticed as she leaned in for a hug and her boobs squashed against my chest.

We took our bags in and dropped them in the hall before going through to the dining room for a drink and some food. Lianne had prepared a good spread and took our coats and complimented Asha on her appearance, as she always did and on previous nights out had often complained about how Asha's breasts were so much bigger than hers.

After one drunken night out Asha had informed me that Lianne had asked to see them when they had gone to the toilet together; I asked her if she did and she said she had briefly got them out for her, but Lianne had asked to feel them too. Asha wasn't so keen though it certainly made an appearance in a fantasy or two of mine.

Rob came in from outside, beer in hand, and greeted us both but was clearly eyeing up Asha immediately. She was dressed for going out already in a knee-length pale blue and grey smart/casual summer dress which pulled in tight under her boobs with an under-wire, so she could get just enough support for her large bust that she didn’t have to wear a bra.

The two cups of material holding her tits were separated by a vertical peephole with a button to hold the cups together giving a very sexy view of her cleavage. Also, with her large breasts struggling to be contained there was some nice side boob on show.

It was one of the few things she had that made the most of her assets and something she never normally wore on nights out, but I loved her wearing it, especially as it only had thin straps holding up the whole top shelf which meant her big tits always seemed ready to tumble out any minute. We caught up on news while we ate and drank and chatted general shit before Lianne said she was going to get ready, as it was after six. She asked Asha to go and help her choose an outfit, leaving me and Rob alone.

"Should be a good night mate!" he said, "Guess who might be joining us?" I said I had no idea and he responded, "Ben."

Ben was a friend of ours from school who lived down south but had split with his partner and had been travelling for a few months, and neither of us had seen him in over a year as a result. Ben was always good company, and as younger men, we had enjoyed some crazy times together as part of our group of friends. We had got drunk together and taken drugs together which were mostly to blame for the crazier times.

Rob told me that Ben had come back home to stay with his mum for a bit to get his head together as the breakup had hit him hard, and we talked about the old times and the mad nights we had. These had often involved daft dares or nudity, usually both, and we laughed as Ben was usually the first one to strip off and would get his cock out at the drop of a hat.

At that point Lianne popped her head in the door and said, "Who used to get their cock out?"

We replied in unison, “Ben,” before laughing.

"Oh right, I've heard stories about Ben…" she said from the other room before cackling and whispering something to Asha, who I leaned back in my chair enough to see raise her eyebrows and grin at whatever was said to her.

Knowing Lianne's dirty sense of humour, I can only surmise she was letting Asha know that Ben was quite well endowed, and by quite, I mean hung like a donkey. He was a year younger than us, so we had only really become friends in the last years of school as house parties became a regular occurrence and we would chat and have a smoke together. Once we were at his house having a smoke and he wanted to show me, Rob, and another friend some porn. He'd always talked about his slightly exotic tastes and sure enough, we saw trannies, grannies and all sorts of weird shit.

He opened another folder and started clicking through pictures when suddenly a picture of him lying flat out holding a gigantic, hard, easily 9" cock came on screen. He laughed and tried to quickly click to the next one, but it stayed there for a few seconds and we all burst out laughing. It looked photoshopped we said, but really, we were all envious.

Back to the night in question and we were doing our best to hurry the girls along and eventually they both appeared. Lianne was clearly not wanting to be outdone by Asha and probably realised she better do something to keep Rob from staring at my wife's tits all night.

She had gone for a denim miniskirt, baseball boots and a white shoulderless belly top showing off her stomach and also advertising the fact she was braless. Although no match for Asha in the tit department she did have very nice legs. We made the 5-minute walk to the local pub and as it was a nice evening we all left our coats at home, which meant that as we walked past the dozen or so benches outside the Pub the girls drew several admiring glances from the various groups of lads seated either side of the door.

It looked as though Asha's choice of attire was having a bigger effect than usual and in our early days of seeing each other the unwanted attention would bother me but after a few years and having kids together I felt more comfortable just taking it as it was.

It wasn't any different to how I looked at her anyway plus she'd never given me any reason to worry either so I kind of enjoyed it now. We bought drinks and headed back outside to get a bench, but they were mostly occupied, the girls got a seat on the end of one and me and Rob stood. We'd just about finished the first when we heard a voice say, "Oi Oi folks!" Our erstwhile friend had arrived, and the travelling had been kind to him, he looked slimmer and fairer than last time we saw him and was dressed for the weather in a grey t-shirt and khaki cut-offs.

Hugs and pleasantries exchanged he popped to the bar to get a drink while Lianne commented on how good he looked and Asha who had only met him a few times before nodded and agreed. We stayed outside for a couple more while Ben regaled us with his travelling stories standing between me and Rob as the girls looked up at him laughing along.

I was glancing down at my phone when I first caught Asha's eyes dropping as he spoke, looking very much like she was checking out his crotch as she sipped from her straw. I wasn't too bothered as I thought I was mistaken but soon enough she did it again and again. Although her eyes were at crotch level as she was sitting it did seem they were drawn there.

I suddenly remembered that she would occasionally mention (when prompted by me to talk dirty) during sex that she liked to check out guy’s bulges when she was out with her friends, but I'd assumed it was just dirty talk and hadn't caught her doing it before. I also started to wonder if the changes in our sex life after having kids were playing a part, like the fact she didn't orgasm as easily through penetration and had to stimulate her clit to cum (she'd required stitches after a difficult labour and was no longer as tight as she used to be).

I had mentioned it to her and felt bad that I couldn't stretch her like I used to before, but she told me she didn't care and loved me, so it didn't matter. I know she meant what she said but the lack of regular orgasms can't be easy so was now starting to wonder and maybe she was too.

We moved on to another pub, it was about half ten now and we were all tipsy Ben was still holding court and the girls were lapping it all up, giggling like schoolgirls. We were now sat in the corner on sofas boys on one side girls on the other with a low table in between giving us a great view of their legs. More stories from the old days were shared most of which Asha hadn't heard before but seemed to be enjoying more and more and was really loosening up with all the laughing and alcohol.

One story which involved me, an old girlfriend, Ben, his girlfriend at the time and a couple of others really charged the mood for the evening. Ben would (in a slightly edited manner) recount the evening, talking about how we had all been at the Pub for most of the day and had managed to get some ecstasy from a friend.

After the pubs closed we had gone back to his and set up camp in his room on the top floor of the house. Once the pills had kicked in everybody was feeling a little crazy and a deck of cards got produced with strip poker being the majority choice. Slight difference being it was split the deck, red you took something off, black you kept it on.

Much faster than poker and no arguing over rules. Within half an hour most of us were in our underwear and with the boys praying for the girls to get red. (My ex Laura was first to lose her bra, she was a redhead and had nice but not overly big boobs although she a very sexy pierced nipple. Which Ben clocked straight away and commented on). I was worried Asha might feel uncomfortable when he mentioned my ex and even mentioned the nipple ring, but she seemed to be ok with it.

Ben proceeded to say, "I can't remember who was naked first but once we all were we couldn't do much else except truth or dare haha.”

"First up Dave had to run outside into the street do a couple of Star jumps and come back. He was up for it though so fair play!"

"Then Gemma had to do the same and was not into it at all, but we made her."

"What happened, next mate?” he said to me laughing his head off.

"Yes you, what happened???" Asha said in mock disgust. So I was forced to say how I was dared to helicopter my cock on Laura's tits for ten seconds. They all laughed but Asha's laugh seemed a little forced.

He then sensibly skipped the part (sensing the mood perhaps) where Laura dared Gemma to kiss Mhari the other girl in our group for 20 seconds, which she did admirably. This had the obvious effect on the boys with us all getting semis more or less right away. I remember at this point Ben's semi being as big as me erect and Laura noticed it too telling Gemma she was a lucky girl and pretty much drooling over it (she was a few years younger than us all at 19 and whispered to me later she'd never seen one like it.)

Asha and Lianne were both listening intently as Ben told them about all the boys having to do handstands for the girls as they rated our cocks and balls and he briefly mentioned the girls kissing but left out most of the detail. I could see they were picturing it all and seemed to be shifting in their seats, especially Lianne who was no stranger to fooling around with girls. He then said he couldn't remember what happened after that looking in my direction with a smile and comedy chin scratch.

He was obviously too embarrassed to tell this part himself, so I took over duties as an increasingly tipsy Lianne and Asha started a, "tell us, tell us," chorus.I began. 

"Well as I remember you were slightly engorged from what we'd seen, and I think Laura was pretty wired and just straight up asked you how big your dick was like I wasn't even in the room haha. Gemma answered before you had a chance, saying big enough that he can suck it himself ha ha ha."

“You then went beetroot and we all pissed ourselves. And when the laughing died down you just said you would show us if we wanted." I added.

At this point Ben had his face in his hands and was saying, "No, no, no!" but Lianne was having none of it.

"Did he actually do it? In front of you all?"

I replied, "Well let's just say he pleased himself," with a chuckle.

"No way Ben!" Said Lianne, "you must be really flexible, or really big! ha ha ha."

Ben just shook his head and laughed pretending to be embarrassed. Then from nowhere, Asha piped up, "how big is it?" (Very out of character for her as she would never normally ask such a personal question of anyone let alone someone she hardly knew, something was stirring in her) Before clamping her hand over her mouth looking at me, then Ben and apologising, but laughing at the same time.

"I don't know," said Ben, "about average probably."

"For a horse maybe from what I've heard," Lianne said with a dirty laugh.

At which point Rob who'd been sitting taking it all in just said, "Oh aye, from who?"

"Well, you amongst others darling ha ha ha."

Rob smiled and said, "oh yeah...haha."

The chat ended with Ben saying, "Has everyone just been talking about my cock??"

We all said, “yes,” in unison and he said, "right I'm off to the bar so you can talk about your own genitals now, same again I take it…"

While Ben was at the bar I sat next to Asha, who was clearly drunker than she'd been for some time. I made sure she didn't feel weird about the story we'd been telling (the bit about me and my ex anyway), she just smirked and said no and apologised for asking Ben how big his dick was (drunkenly adding she was just thinking aloud as if that was less likely to upset me) lucky for her it didn't, it made my cock twitch knowing she was thinking about it. We took the drinks through to the dance area and sat down there was a decent crowd there already and quite a few up dancing.

Lianne asked who was up for dancing, me and Rob both said no expecting Ben to do the same, but he jumped up and Lianne grabbed Asha's arm and up they all went. We could see them pretty well from our seat and they were having a good time occasionally leaning in to speak in each other's ears before laughing. Asha looked great as she moved, and Ben was looking at her more than Lianne as they danced and clearly couldn’t keep his eyes off her chest.

At one point the dance floor became crowded and Ben moved behind Asha getting close and she seemed to be pushing her bum backward, but I couldn't be sure. Either way, when they returned I realised why Ben and others had been staring at her chest, the button peephole of her dress had popped open giving an even better view of her deep cleavage.

I quietly mentioned it to her, but she just batted me away and said her dress was too tight anyway. Again, this was very unlike her so clearly she was liking the attention it brought her when she was dancing. I must admit I was getting more than a little turned on by her new-found confidence in her body. I wasn't alone either as the girls went back up to dance they were quickly circled by a group of lads ogling them. Ben and Rob were also quick to comment both saying they had never realised how blessed she was up top with Ben adding I was a lucky man and she reminded him of the pornstar Busty Buffy.

The girls returned, no doubt disappointing all the young lads swarming around them as they had been indulging in some light grinding and pretend kissing as they danced. Ben asked what the plans were for after, Rob saying we were all going back to theirs and he was welcome to join us.

He said he wasn't sure as he had stuff to do and it was at this point Asha left me in no doubt how she was feeling about Ben as she leaned forward drunkenly and with head tilted and half her rack popping out coquettishly said, "come on Ben we will have a party, please come."

Lianne quickly adding, "Well you can't say no to those big tits or we'll think you're gay haha.” Ben agreed respectfully but added that he'd need to swing by his first.

As we left the Pub the air hit us, and we were all feeling the effects of the booze, Lianne and Asha, in particular, were stumbling and holding on to each other for support. The evening was cooler now, so we went as quickly as we could to Ben's before heading to Rob and Lianne's. Ben had grabbed a small bag and informed me and Rob as we walked back that he had some, "dessert," for the evening. The dessert he was referring to was some weed, pills and a bit of coke.

It was going to be a long night. Once back at the house the music went on as Lianne and Asha poured us some drinks. And we all sat in the living room, Asha was being very affectionate and sat on my lap kissing me on the cheek and telling me she loved me. I could tell she was feeling frisky as I stroked the small of her back and bum in full view of everyone and she didn't seem to mind whereas normally she would be too shy.

We were talking on one couch and the others were seated adjacent on the other couch. Lianne was clearly enjoying being the focus of the attention now as Ben and Rob sat either side of her telling filthy jokes and commenting on her legs and belly top. I could see her eyes dropping to Ben's crotch as they spoke as he was slouching on their couch and his bulge was clearly noticeable.

I had seen a similar look in her eyes in the Amsterdam video. Ben brought up the subject of doing some pills and while me and Rob were kind of into it the girls weren't sure. Lianne had done drugs previously many times but not for a few years now with having kids and Asha had no experience at all really except smoking weed once or twice in school.

Ben and Rob talked Lianne round easily enough, but Asha wasn't sure, I told her to just try a half and Ben reminded her she had promised him a party and that he would look after her, she giggled and surprisingly agreed. I split one with her as did Rob and Lianne while Ben took a whole. We talked more as we waited to come up and Lianne joked to Ben about getting his cards for a game of strip poker.

We all got up to dance as we started to feel the pills kick in and the girls started alternating between us all and encouraging some very close grinding. Ben looked over at me and Rob a couple of times as the girls danced with him not quite sure if he was stepping on our toes but we both nodded and smiled and were getting the same treatment ourselves anyway.

Lianne started to dance with Asha who I could see was feeling the rush of the chemicals in her brain as the pill kicked in, her eyes were closed and she was running her hands through her hair and down her neck and chest. Lianne too now was clearly feeling it and moved in closer to kiss Asha on the cheek and started to run her hands over her body. Asha still hadn't opened her eyes and she may have thought this was me, but I was happier it wasn't as were Rob and Ben who were also standing watching the scene unfolding.

Asha finally opened her eyes when Lianne cupped the bottom of her tits and pushed them up causing the straps of her dress to slacken as the material cups rose with them. The effect being that the straps fell off her shoulders and came down to her elbows and took the material covering her tits with them.

There was an audible gasp from Lianne as her full 34F tits came spilling out and into full view. With her big nipples sticking out despite the heat in the room. I immediately looked at the boys who were both open-mouthed with Rob stammering, "holy fuck they're nice".

Ben added, "Shit, they look even bigger than I imagined."

Asha was clearly a little embarrassed and trying to put them away but struggling to get them back in quickly in her inebriated state as us boys all implored her to leave them out. Lianne also tried to help, and both started to laugh at the comedy of it, "Jesus they're like two bouncy footballs ha ha," she cackled as they tucked the last one in, meanwhile, I could feel my cock hardening. Asha was feeling woozy and asked me to go to the kitchen with her to get some water.

Lianne joined us to check on her and apologised for accidentally making her tits fall out. I said everybody wanted to see them anyway as she had been advertising them all night. Asha laughed and went for a pee, came back and joined us all in the living room mentioning she was hot and had to take her tights off. We were all feeling hot due to the pills, but Lianne didn't want to open any windows and risk the neighbours hearing us and calling the police. Ben was made a joint for us and we were all sat on the floor passing it around and Ben broke the slight silence that had occurred.

"How you feeling Asha, enjoying the pill?"

Asha responded, “I feel good thanks, and you? Enjoying the party?"

"I definitely am," and with a cheeky grin he added, "thanks for taking your party balloons!"

Everybody cracked up laughing including her, and it helped temper the sexual tension that had followed the Boob flashing.

Lianne then added, "They are unbelievable seeing as you've had kids, mine don't look that good."

Rob saw his chance and said, "why don’t you let us be the judge babe, plus you owe Asha for making hers fall out!"

Lianne laughed and said everybody has seen them anyway, but Ben said he hadn't. She sighed half-jokingly and lifted her top to reveal her nice 36C tits with lovely pink nipples.

"Very nice Lianne," said Ben, and me and Rob both agreed.

"Not as nice as Asha's though," Lianne said, "Are they Double D's?"

Asha smiled, looking down at them and said, "Thanks they're not too bad I suppose, and they're 34F actually."

"Biggest ones I've ever seen in real life," said Ben.

"Me too," added Rob, "any chance of a picture? haha."

Lianne playfully slapped him on the arm and said, "I should be annoyed but it might stop him drooling over them every time he sees you."

Asha laughed, "Maybe later, it's so hot in here I might have to take the whole dress off next time!"

Ben offered everyone another pill Asha wasn't sure, she whispered to me it was making her horny and we might have to go and fuck soon, but I was having a better idea. She agreed to do another half as did the rest of us. "It's fucking boiling in here," said Ben, we were all feeling the effects of the second half and had already taken off our shoes and socks.

"Take your t-shirt off then," said Lianne.

"I will if you will Lianne!" he replied with a wink.

"Only if everyone else does!" she countered.

I was pishing sweat so was happy to take mine off right after Ben, both hoping to start a chain reaction.

"Wow what a hairy chest you have!" Lianne said to me, "It's nice!"

Asha said she liked it too, "It's really manly I think, but it tickles my back haha."

"Oh really, is that when he's taking you from behind ha ha ha," Rob chimed in.

"Haha yes sometimes, but it's only for a few minutes so it's ok haha." Everyone laughed and I wasn't bothered as this was normal humour between us all.

Rob quickly followed suit calling Lianne's bluff, we were all looking at her waiting for her to honour her part of the deal and she shrugged and said, "I guess this means I'm getting my tits out again then.” She pulled off her top completely and threw it on the floor then squeezed her boobs together and with a chuckle said, "Sorry Asha I just realised you have to get them out now too. Again!".

"Ha Ha thanks Lianne!" replied Asha who was clearly nervous but the endorphins and sexually charged mood carried her through.

"I hope you won't mind," she said to me with a nervous laugh as she got to her feet from sitting on the floor.

"Not for a second,” I said, “get those big fuckers out haha," to a chorus of approval from Ben and Rob who I'm sure were getting as hard as me. She faced the group and pulled one strap down, then the other before pausing and slowly letting her entire dress fall to the floor. She put her arms up and twirled her hands' cabaret style as she did it showing off the full weight of her magnificent breasts.

"Fuuuuuck me!" Ben stammered as he tried to drink it all in.

Lianne shouted, "WOWZERS!!!" and Rob just said, "I'm going to cum."

It took a few seconds for anyone to realise that not only had Asha joined everyone in being topless but had upped the ante as she was now only wearing a pair of small lacy lilac knickers.

"So I guess we are all stripping to our underwear then yeah?" I said to Asha who had just realised herself what she had done.

"Oh my god I didn't realise haha," she replied before sitting down next to me and kissing me on the cheek.

"You are a lucky, lucky bastard,” said Ben who couldn't take his eyes off Asha's tits,

"Sorry mate but I would love to have a feel of them," he added.

"No need to apologise, pal, have a feel if you want!" I said.

Asha smiled and said, "Yeah it’s fine you can touch them, I don’t mind." She then got up onto her knees, straightened her back and pushed them out towards Ben as he joined us on the floor. They looked even bigger and she started to breathe more heavily as he cupped them both, gently at first on the bottom of each before lifting then grasping and massaging them slowly.

Even his hands weren’t big enough to hold them as her tits spilled over the sides as he played with them. He started to stimulate her nipples with his thumbs, something I know she loves, Asha let out a soft moan before saying, "Mmmm That's nice, you know what you are doing I see."

He continued for another few moments then maybe thinking he was overstepping the mark got up to sit back down. As he got to his feet the effect of Asha's magnificent tits was obvious as his shorts struggled to contain a very large bulge.

"Wow, I think you enjoyed that as much as me Ben!" said Asha with a horny grin. "It looks like it will rip your shorts haha."

Lianne and Rob who had both been watching the scene and touching each other were not wanting to be left out. "I think we should get a feel too, Asha," said Lianne, Rob adding "Definitely."

Asha said that was fine by her and got up to kneel next to them, Rob went first having a good squeeze and feel of them commenting that they felt as good as they looked before Lianne took over, playing with them and giggling, "they are just so nice. Sometimes massive ones can look really saggy, but these hang just perfectly." She then went further and said, "Can I kiss them?"

Asha wasn't into girls as far as I knew but was clearly horny so said she could if she wanted, at which point Lianne leaned over and took a nipple into her mouth, sucking gently before switching to the other one and swirling her tongue around them. It was only for about ten seconds, but it felt like longer and my cock grew to fully erect as I watched. Asha seemed to enjoy her touch too, after which Lianne let them go and said they were yummy. We agreed it was only fair for Asha to get a shot of Lianne's too, Rob also mentioned Asha was the only one who had stripped to her pants.

Lianne said she was waiting for us to go first so both me and Rob took our jeans off and were both flying at near full mast it seemed. Asha was between Rob and Lianne kneeling on the floor and had a good look at Rob's bulging boxer shorts smiling to him and Lianne, "Ooh Rob has a big hardon too I see Lianne haha, I wonder if it’s as big as Ben’s."

“I doubt it, but he has a very nice cock, we’ll just have to compare when they are all out!” Lianne replied. Ben said he was happy to take his shorts off too but wasn't wearing underwear. The girls both turned to him and whooped, Asha saying that he would just have to be naked then. "Exactly," said Lianne, "Me and Asha are dying to see your cock aren't we Asha?"

Me and Rob both told him to show them it as they were both obviously dripping for it. Asha looked at me when Lianne confessed this, but I was also waiting to see it or rather Asha's reaction to it, as I said she only had two guys before me and neither very big apparently.

"Well in that case," Ben said as he stood up and stepped towards the girls, Lianne sitting on the couch and Asha kneeling in front of her, both wide-eyed in anticipation as he undid his buttons (which was proving difficult with his cock straining against them). He finally let his shorts fall to the floor and his massive tool sprang out and pointed out mere inches from their faces.

"Oh my god!" Asha said, "What a monster!"

Lianne was open-mouthed stammering, "That is a fucking cock and a half," and, "It's thicker than my arm."

Ben started to pull at it gently, "Want to see it fully hard?" they both nodded grinning, he pulled it a few more times and it started to rise even more before he let it go so they could both get a good look.

"It's enormous, no way would that fit inside me," said Asha.

"The helmet is as big as an apple! Nice big balls too," added Lianne.

Me and Rob had been watching our wives being mesmerised by Ben's huge schlong and were clearly wanting them both to go further, Rob leaned over and started to unzip Lianne's miniskirt, she looked at him briefly and realised what was about to happen and let it slide off her legs. Asha was still staring at Ben who had sat down on the edge of the couch cock sticking up like a baseball bat and was looking at Asha too.

"Do you want to hold it, Asha, seeing as I got a feel of your tits?" Ben turned to me adding, "if you don't mind buddy?"

She turned to me and seemed worried I might be angry (in her innocence still not realising what I was really thinking).

"Can I?" she softly asked.

I smiled and said, "Do you want to touch it?"

She nodded and said, "I do, it's so big."

I told her to go on then and she moved to sit between his legs on the floor, leaning slightly forward, her big tits hanging down. Rob and Lianne had removed each other’s underwear and I followed suit. Lianne was pulling on Rob's stiffening cock and he was playing with her tits as they watched Asha reach out and wrap her delicate fingers around Ben's thick shaft.

"Wow, it’s like a pornstar dick, it's too big for my hand haha," Asha said smiling as she held it. Ben moved forward slightly on the couch so his large balls could hang off the edge.

“It looks rock hard,” said Lianne as she bore her eyes into it.

“It is,” said Asha, “Harder than concrete haha.”

I was pulling myself off now as Asha shuffled closer, Ben closed his hand over hers and started to move it back and forth before removing his, so we could all see her pulling his big cock, her nipples were rock hard, and she was cupping one tit and playing with it as she pulled him off. She started to get faster and was looking at him to see if he was enjoying it, unsure of herself having never handled such a big one before, she rolled the foreskin back over the head about half way and some pre-cum oozed out.

Ben was clearly loving it and I moved forward to get a closer look. Lianne too was leaning on to one side now as Rob worked his hand under her bum to her pussy and was dipping his fingers in and out while she worked his cock from behind her. I realised Asha was still wearing her panties and started to move them down and worked them off her legs before playing with her pussy from behind which was already wet.

She was still enjoying the feel of the cock in her hand but I could tell Ben and the rest of us wanted her to go further so I pushed her head down towards his fat member, she didn't resist in the slightest and wrapped her lips around the tip before sucking gently then licking all around it, she adjusted her position and opened her mouth as wide as it would go engulfing the whole head and sucking on it.

Lianne clearly wanted to get involved too and reached forward to grab Ben's shaft as he leaned back and moaned in ecstasy both girls now working his dick as me and Rob fingered the girls and got them even wetter. Asha was trying her best to get as much as she could down her throat but struggled with the sheer girth, she managed about four or five inches of it before gagging and coming back up for air.

Lianne moved on to the floor next to her and started sucking on his balls and licking the bottom half of his dick as Asha worked the top, then they switched with Asha taking each ball into her mouth in turn and sucking them. Lianne being a vastly more experienced cock sucker stood up and over it, lowering her mouth right down and getting about six inches in all in one go, Asha watched and said: "Wow you have to teach me how to do that."

Lianne was too busy getting it down her throat to reply but I told her to start practising on me now. She turned and smiled then she pushed me back on the floor before grabbing my cock and putting almost all of it in her mouth, no problem now after warming up on Ben. Rob had been playing with himself and videoing on his phone unbeknownst to us, but this was a night to be remembered. I motioned him to come down on the floor with us and he did, Asha was still sucking me like a demon and was clearly hungry for more, so Rob presented his rock-hard prick to her too she looked at it and smiled, "Mmm another one for me? Is it ok Lianne?"

Lianne said, "Well I’m sucking Ben right now so you better or he'll be jealous haha," before going back to Ben's cock and balls.

Asha leaned over me and I was now flat on my back with her tits hanging down in my face as she opened her mouth to engulf Rob's dick. I took his phone of him and started recording as Asha went to town on him slurping and slobbering like a whore, I had the perfect angle from underneath of her going back and forth, her huge boobs swinging as she sucked. She was clearly enjoying a good sized and more manageable dick in her mouth as she went back and forth with ease on it, her saliva dribbling down her chin and on to his balls as they swung to and fro.

I was feeling her tits as I filmed, and she reached back with her free hand to pull my hard cock, she was really getting into this I thought and from between her and Rob I could see Ben was eyeing up her wet pussy as Lianne noshed his member hungrily. I moved out from under her and went around to lick her cunt which was soaking and primed for a length of meat, she turned back and told me to fuck her now, I lined my dick up and pushed it into her with ease before rapidly building up speed.

She was moaning noisily as she sucked off Rob and started to groan too as I diddled her clit with my fingers. I looked up at Rob to see him looking over at Ben and Lianne, I turned around to see her attempting to straddle him, he was lying back hands behind his head smiling as she squatted over him with her foot on the armrest of the chair gripping his cock from between her legs and trying to work the fat head into her moist cunt.

"Oh my god, it's fucking massive!" she was saying as she slowly inched it in, she managed to take about half of it at first and was holding the base of the shaft as she lowered herself up and down on it. After a minute or two, her pussy had stretched enough for her to build up a rhythm and she began to bounce up and down as Ben held her hips and tits.

She was starting to moan and shout too as her orgasm was building and Rob and I had almost forgotten we were supposed to be spit roasting Asha as we watched Lianne screaming and moaning as she fucked herself on Ben's dick. I was ready to cum after seeing that, so I pumped Asha for all I was worth. Rob too was getting close as Asha (moaning and groaning as I fucked her) had managed to swallow most of his meat and he was holding her tits as she did.

I took my cock out and spunked up her back unable to contain it any longer then slipped it out and sat back down to get my breath, Rob took this as his queue and took Asha over to the couch, putting her on all fours next to Ben and started to nudge his cock into her from behind. Asha moaned, "Oh fuck that’s good Rob," as he slid his member into her wet cunt and started pounding her. I could see perfectly from where I was sitting my best friend's hard cock sliding in and out of my normally shy and reserved wife's cunt, his balls slapping off her as he did so.

I could also see Lianne dripping with sweat jumping on Ben's dick as if it was the last fuck she would ever get. Ben was enjoying the riding he was getting and was now next to Asha and close enough that he could reach under her and squeeze her big hanging tits as they swung about from the fucking she was getting.

It is, without doubt, the horniest thing I've seen, Lianne was getting close and within about 30 seconds she had gone from groaning loudly to shouting, "Fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck!" before she bucked and nearly fell backward off Ben and the couch. He grabbed her and held her as she shuddered five or six times as the waves of her orgasm hit her.

Meanwhile Rob was still fucking the shit out of Asha who was close to cumming herself and was looking backwards at Lianne cumming on Ben which had put her on the edge, as Lianne Raised herself up off Ben's still hard (but now glistening with Lianne’s cum) shaft her eyes rolled back and she came loudly. Ben was still working her nipples, and Rob sped up as she was cumming which made her come again quickly her pussy always tenses tight when she cums and this must have squeezed Rob which had him ready to cum. He held her hips tight and pushed it in as far as it would go before gasping loudly and emptying his balls into her.

Rob withdrew his softening slippery penis from my wife and fell back down on the other couch panting loudly, Lianne joined him and after getting her breath back began to lick Asha's cum off his dick. Asha was still on all fours head down in the seat with eyes closed breathing heavily and Ben was next to her and still playing with her tits. Ben hadn't come yet at this point which is not unusual on ecstasy as he had taken more than the rest of us, but his dick was still hard and red from the rodeo Lianne had had on him.

He looked at me as I was taking a drink and still recovering as if waiting for approval, I just nodded in Asha's direction. He got up and rolled her on to her back on the sofa, her tits were rising and falling deeply as she breathed and were glistening with sweat. She opened her eyes as she was put on her back and saw it was Ben opening her legs and climbing between them.

"Oh my god," she smiled, "I'm not sure my little pussy can take it, please be gentle with me.”

Ben smiled and said, “I will be, for the first minute or two, then you’re getting smashed…”

She laughed and said, “Oh shit, you will kill me with this dick!"

He pushed her legs back and she opened them wide, Rob's cum still oozing out of her, and rubbed his helmet against her opening, going back and forth a few times teasing her before he started to push it into her. "Wow, you are so fucking hot," he said as she lay legs apart holding her giant tits together. He knew he was a very lucky guy to be in this position with such a beautiful girl, and everybody watched as he slowly entered her.

Her eyes closed, she said, "Oh fuck take it out, it's too big," he withdrew slightly and then pushed back ignoring her pleas. "Please take it out Ben, I can't take it, it's ripping my pussy!"

I moved round to watch as his cock which seemed to be getting thicker and now seemed like a Pringles can in girth slowly going in and out trying to loosen her, she was now moaning and had her eyes clamped shut as he got a little faster. He took it out almost all the way to the tip to tease her as he bent down to suck a nipple, she opened her eyes, looked straight at him, smiling, then grabbed his hips and pulled him all the way back letting out a deafening scream (which the neighbours must have heard) as he finally buried all nine inches inside her wet pussy.

He must have only given her a few more thrusts when she grabbed his neck and wrapped her legs around him shouting, “Oh shit, Oh shit,” and cumming hard on his cock for the first time. I had been engrossed by the show and was nearly back to full hardness, I looked over at Rob and Lianne who were also glued to the scene unfolding, Rob still flaccid but filming the whole thing and Lianne gently rubbing her nipples and stroking her battered pussy still red from fucking Ben.

I got up and went over to her realising we hadn't touched yet and stood next to her putting my hard cock right next to her face and watched as Ben let Asha recover for a moment (still impaled on him of course). Lianne smiled, "is this for me? haha.”

Rob turned the camera on us and watched as his wife returned the favour he had gotten earlier. She took my hard cock and without batting an eye put it straight to the back of her throat. I have to say her skills were exceptional and she knew her way around a dick. Rob was starting to get the horn again too and started fingering Lianne as she sucked me off. Lianne stopped briefly to say, "this is awesome, I don't think I've ever had this many dicks to play with at once before haha."

She took me again deep in her throat and even managed to stick a tongue out and lick my balls. I couldn't help myself and grabbed a handful of hair then started rag dolling her head just like I’d seen Rob do to her in the video. She was slobbering and gagging like a pro, Rob told me to swap with him as he wanted to see me shagging her, I switched seats as he sat on the edge of the couch and put her on her side before I stuck it straight in all the way up to the balls making her yelp loudly.

I'd not long started when I looked over at the other couch to see Ben going back into Asha's pussy, they were kissing deeply Asha's tongue pushing right up into his mouth and moaning as he buried inch after inch inside her. Once up to the balls he pulled back and started going in faster and harder, her pussy was now able to accommodate him, and he started hammering it like a piston. She looked like she didn't know where she was as her eyes were rolling back in her head and she was screaming louder and louder, so loud in fact that we all slowed down our liaison and Rob turned the camera on them.

Ben was really pounding her, and was doing it so hard she had half slid off the couch so that her head was hanging down, and her hair was hitting the floor, her tits too were falling back towards her face and after another few minutes she grabbed the corner unit next to the couch and let out another almighty moan as she came again. Not giving her a second to recover this time Ben took her by one arm, turned himself and her so they were side on to us now Asha still half off the couch hair hitting the floor and started pounding her again even harder.

Sweat dripping off them both now she was yelling loudly and looking at him in a mix of fear and lust she grabbed his head to pull him in for a kiss but he broke off to hook his arms under her knees and pushed her even further back as he lifted himself up and began to piledrive his cock straight down into her pussy.

She started to scream, "oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! OHMYGOD!!!!" then cried out, "FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!" as she came harder than ever before.

I could see her eyes bulging from where I was and she was juddering like she was being electrocuted as Ben said, "Woah! we got a gusher!" Asha was squirting cum everywhere something she had never done before to my knowledge and judging by the look in her eyes it was her first time for sure. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck," she kept saying as Ben leaned back still inside her and the spray shot up out of her pussy, some going over Ben but most going straight up before coming back down and landing on her belly and tits. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," she continued as more and more cum gushed out of her, maybe a dozen or so heavy squirts in total.

"Holy shit!" Rob said now trying to catch it on video as Lianne watched in amazement.

Ben looked down at Asha lying half on half off the couch, head nearly on the floor, legs spread, tits hanging down covered in sweat and cum and eyes closed as she held her head softly saying, "fuck, fuck, oh fuck," over and over.

Lianne said, "Ben you better stop before you kill her, the poor girl looks destroyed."

He laughed and started to slowly push it in again but Asha begged him to stop, he pulled her up and laid her back on the couch before taking his still hard cock out and wrapped her slippery soaked tits around it, "you still need to finish me off then, as you've had all the fun."

She was completely spaced out still with her eyes closed and I’m not sure if she knew where she was so just held her tits for him as he ran his cock between them for a few minutes before she came around and looked at him fucking her sopping tits, she took his cock in her hands, kissed the end and softly said, "cum in my mouth if you want." Ben finally started to buckle and let out a huge gasp as he emptied his giant balls right into my slutty wife's mouth and put a couple of squirts on her tits too. She swallowed the lot and put her head back closing her eyes and trying to get her bearings back.

I had seen enough too and started piling into Lianne's cunt like a steam train as I felt my spunk rising in my balls. "Oh fuck you're hitting the spot by the way," Lianne said looking back at me as I fucked her. Rob went back to fucking her mouth too and told me to stick a finger up her arse as she liked it.

She was unable to confirm either way with a cock in her throat anyway, so I licked a finger and shoved it in and diddled her clit with my other hand as she took over thrusting back onto me. This had the desired effect and she started to moan and yelp before cumming on my dick I had two or three more thrusts and came right inside her before Rob took a few more thrusts at her throat then pulled out and spunked right on her face and neck.

We all sat back down where we were, completely shattered and still a bit wasted from the booze and pills I was just stroking Lianne's ass and thighs as she curled up between me and Rob and watched as Ben and Asha also gathered themselves. Asha was still breathing heavily and was looking down at her tits which were covered in all sorts. Her pussy was still open and dripping and looked like it had been hit by a bus.

"Well Asha, how was the party?" Ben said laughing.

She smiled and said, "Oh my god best party ever haha I can’t feel my legs yet."

He sat up to roll a joint, Asha's legs resting on his lap.

"I don't think I have ever seen anyone orgasm like that, even in a porno!" said Lianne, "it went everywhere!"

"I know Lianne," replied Asha, "I couldn't control it, I never knew I could cum so much, it was amazing."

Ben just smiled a triumphant smile and patted her legs, "you are welcome," before he sparked the joint and started to pass it around.

Lianne maybe sensing I might be feeling jealous about Asha enjoying sex with Ben so much said, "by the way, you might not have noticed but your husband made me cum pretty hard too."

"I'm sure he did he's not too bad when he tries haha," Asha replied.

Not wanting to seem too cuckolded I just laughed and said, "I'm here for you Lianne, any time Rob's away working haha.”

Rob laughed along, "same goes for you, Asha! happy to fill in any time!"

Asha laughed, "I'm not sure I can actually have sex again my pussy is wrecked from Big Ben haha.”

Lianne got up and went to make everyone a drink as we carried on smoking the joint and getting our legs back. Asha asked for wet wipes and started to clean the various juices of herself and then tried to get up to put her clothes on but was still feeling the effects of Ben's pounding. She stumbled to the toilet in just her knickers and we all put our pants back on and had a beer.

"Can’t thank you boys enough," Ben said, "Ain't had it in 3 months."

"You could tell," Rob laughed, "I think Asha might need a hip replacement haha."

"She's a fucking great ride though, so is Lianne, you're both very lucky," said Ben.

"Yeah, we are, to be honest.” I said, “but we both kinda like watching them get fucked too so it's win-win."

"Guess I'm moving back up here full time then haha." was Ben’s response.

I went to the toilet to check on Asha and she was sitting with her head down looking like a broken soul. "Are you ok my little sex machine?"

She looked up and smiled, "I hope you are not angry I feel bad for being such a slut."

"Don't be daft I said, I loved watching you get fucked," adding, "was it good?"

"The best fuck I have ever had, sorry to say it but it was, I still love you, but his dick is amazing." She was looking down at her tits and pussy, no doubt replaying what had just happened.

"It's fine,” I said, “we may do it again sometime."

She smiled and got up to kiss me, rubbing my cock and said, "I love you."

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