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My Lady and How She Treats Me - Part two

More confessions of a weak man

For those who have read my confession in part one, it should not come as a surprise that L has once again sprung a trap on me. This is not a complaint. As you know, I admire her deviousness and see my suffering as a tribute to her superiority. I know I cannot hold a candle to her bright sadistic mind. I write these confessions as a way to honor L, and to masochistically relive them.

It was Saturday. L had left in the morning to spend the weekend with her sister, or so she told me. As soon as she had left the house, I checked my little cash-box. There was just enough money for a “massage”. I called and made an appointment with Joy. She is a very pretty Chinese girl, who knows exactly what I need. Some very pleasant hours, and two orgasms, later I arrived back at our house. I was completely relaxed and ready to spend the rest of the day reading a book. But, I was in for a shock. L’s car was parked on the driveway. My palms started to sweat, and my heart rate jumped as panic set in. I knew she could see my car from the living room, so I had no other option than going into the house.

I entered with trepidation. L was comfortable on the couch reading a book. It was obvious from her outfit that she had something in mind. She was wearing a black corset like top. And, below that a garter belt, stockings and pumps.  Without panties, her proud, curly bush was on full display. She smiled like a tiger sizing her prey. I knew I was in trouble.

She put down her book and looked me straight in the eye.

“And, how was it?’ L asked friendly.

I could not manage an answer. L got up, and walked towards me. Hips swaying, her demeanor emanated sex and power. She stopped right in front of me, locked her gaze to my eyes and grabbed my crotch.

“I know where you have been.”

My face turned red. L hugged me, pushed her face in my neck and took a deep breath.

“I smell cheap shower gel from a cheap harlot.”

My tongue was tied. I stood frozen in the middle of the room. L loosened her embrace, turned around and sat back down on the couch. I thought it best to keep my mouth shut. No doubt she would tell me what to do next.


I sighed inwardly. This was going to be painful. My balls had been professionally drained by Joy. L was well aware of that, and would be merciless. Clumsily, I started to take of my clothes. There was no comment from her side, but I knew my awkwardness was a source of mirth to L. Once naked, I looked at her for new instructions.

“Kneel down here in front of me.”

I went down on my knees on the soft fur rug. L turned towards me, spread her legs and offered me a view of her sex.

“Now, tell me, in detail, about your little adventure in town.”

I took a deep breath. L enjoys sharing lurid detail of her sexual escapades, but I am more restrained. Writing this is one thing, sitting in front of your wife confessing a trip to a prostitute another. Stumbling like a child caught stealing cookies, I started my narration from the moment I entered the parlor. How I had paid at the counter and met Joy in her tiny blue bikini.

“Describe her, what is her body like,” L interrupted.

Blushing, I described Joy’s young Asian body. Her small, pert breasts, cute butt and kind smile. To my dismay, I saw L’s hand move towards her crotch while I recounted getting naked, and into the shower. L slowly started rubbing herself, as I told her how Joy covered my body in soap. I tried to relive and describe the moment Joy took off her bikini top but was too distracted by the view in front of me. Though L was obviously encouraging me, I felt ashamed. My voice faltered.

“Go on,” L said, “I need detail. Was your cock hard by then?”

“I... Yes, my penis was hard. Joy has a way of grinding her small butt against it that...”

“That what?”

“That is incredibly erotic.”

My face was red, and I was feeling utterly helpless and ashamed. L, meanwhile, started to probe herself with one finger.

“Go on, what did she do next?” she demanded.

“She went down on her knees, took a lot of shower gel and started to massage my penis with two hands. Her hands, she is so good with them. She made me cum.”

“That fast?”

“Yes, I prefer to come once before the massage. It’s more relaxing for me.”

L flashed her superior, knowing smile.

“You should just see yourself now: a pathetic little man with a red head sitting on his knees. You are describing a hot scene with your favorite prostitute, but your cock stays soft and limp. I want you to start stroking it while you continue your story. Show me that you are a man.”

I started playing with my flaccid penis, but it refused to come to life. I continued the story, describing the slippery full body treatment joy had given me. L fingered herself and looked me straight in the eye. There was no way, no amount of tugging that would make my penis grow hard under these circumstances. In the back of my mind, I was praying for her to take mercy. She did, in a way.

“This is obviously not going anywhere with you,” L said. “Turn around and look at the telly. Put your hands behind your back, and I will show you how it is done.”

She walked over to the wide screen television and stuck a memory stick into the USB slot. The screen came alive, and there was L. She was in a hotel room, wearing black lingerie and looking at the camera. I did a double take on my breath. L walked back to the couch, made herself comfortable and pressed play.

My wife’s image on the screen started to speak. “Hello dear. I hope you will enjoy the little video I am about to tape for you. See this nice little outfit? I am sure you remember when you bought it for me.”

The movie L stretched her body, and let her hands slide all over the red lace I once gave her. She reclined and made herself comfortable on the bed. There was a gentle knocking sound. L smiled at the camera. “Enter”. A man walked in. Stopped short of the bed, and looked at her.

 “Hi Jim,” L said. “You like what you are seeing?”

“Yes, very much,” the stranger answered.

“Then undress, but keep on your boxers. I want to take them off later.”

Jim started to undress while my wife massaged her herself. The man was near naked in no time. I saw a distinct bulge in his sorts. It made me happy somehow. I know not many of you will understand, but the thought that my wife can make any man loose his head excites me. I must also confess that I did approve of L’s taste in lovers. I am not into men, but Jim was clearly hot property. At least ten yours younger than L, he was fit and lean. It makes me proud she can get men like that with ease.

I watched how Jim joined L on the hotel bed, how they started to kiss and how she guided his hands to her breasts. Their kisses were passionate, hungry. His hands squeezed L’s tits hard and tried to free them from the cups of her bra. She simply unclipped it behind her back, and those beautiful drop shaped breasts fell free. L pushed Jim’s head between them and looked straight in the camera. She winked suggestively at the lens, and at me.

I felt a tingle in my balls. It was unmistakable. I was getting aroused. I wanted to touch my cock and make it hard, but realized I had better keep my hands on my back. The woman on the screen was sitting just beside me in reality. And, she had told me clearly what to do.

On screen, L moved her lover around. I am not sure he knew he was being taped. He ended up sitting on his knees. The camera captured him in profile. His big chest muscles, flat stomach, and the big bulge in his black boxers all clear in the frame. L went down on her elbows for him and pushed her face against Jim’s groin. She nuzzled his cock through the fabric. Rubbed her face against it, and bit playfully. The guy’s chest heaved. He was taking deep breaths to pace himself. L pulled down his shorts, and the cock jumped forward. Eager to please, L took it deep in her mouth. Jim moaned, and I almost groaned with him. My wife can be such a good slut if she wants to. I sneaked a quick glance down and saw my penis was more than half erect.

L, obviously, had noticed too. “Yes, you are getting quite hard again my little cuck. Is it so exciting to see your wife worshipping that beautiful dick?”

“Yes, it is. It makes me horny and proud.”

“I knew it would. I bet you want to touch yourself now. But, you are not allowed. Let’s see how hard that dick of yours is going to get from watching me and Jim.”

I watched with a mixture of pleasure and envy how L sucked Jim’s dick. When was the last time she played such a submissive tart for me? I admired Jim’s stamina. I would have shot my load in less than half the time L sucked him. She let his erection slip out of her mouth the last time, and got back up. She hugged Jim and kissed him passionately. She dropped down on the bed and rolled onto her back. Head on the pillow, legs spread towards the camera, she winked again. Jim took off his boxers and pulled L’s panties down her long legs. He need not have bothered; they were crotchless. All her favorite underwear is. His cock still hard, Jim was ready to lower himself down on my wife, but she pushed his head down towards her sex.

By now, my penis was hard and twitching impatiently. I stole a quick glance at the real L sitting on the couch. She smiled while her hand slowly rubbed her vagina. When she caught my eye, she stuck out her tongue. It was a tease, and a funny way to comfort me. To tell me that she loves me and that she was pleased to see me at her feet with an erection.

The lower half of the screen was filled with Jim’s body framed by L’s legs. I focused on the upper part, on L’s face. Her features expressed pleasure, satisfaction, lust and greed. Her mouth was slightly open. Her lips moving as if reciting dirty thoughts like a silent prayer. She opened her eyes, and stared dreamily into the camera. I started leaking pre-cum onto the rug.

On screen, L pulled Jim’s head out of her crotch. She pushed him over onto his back and gave him a quick kiss while she took a condom from underneath the pillow. She rolled the rubber down his shaft with deft, practiced movements. L positioned herself on all fours, and at right angle to the camera. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” she begged. Jim did not need encouragement. He kneeled over her and thrust his hard cock deep into to L’s pussy. She moaned. He fucked her with primal energy, like an animal. It was a wild, primitive mating captured perfectly in profile. I stared at L’s wildly swinging breasts but was brought back to reality by her voice.

“Come here! Turn around and eat my pussy. You can see the rest of the movie later.”

I turned around and stuck my head between her wide open legs. Her pussy was swollen, dark and wet. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick. I love that taste. She put her hands on the back of my head and pushed me down. My face was pressed hard against her wet slit. I wanted to see the movie. I could hear the moans and groans of Jim and L getting closer to climax. I wanted to glance, but L’s hands forcefully kept me down between her legs. I started to lick her clit. L started to groan. I noticed she adjusted her rhythm to the sounds she made in the film. The sounds from the screen were getting more urgent. I increased the pace and pressure of my tongue. With a loud cry, L came at the same moment her digital self did. The movie stopped right after her orgasm. The room went silent except for L’s post-orgasmic heavy breathing. She groaned. I wanted more. I needed release too. It was not to be.

“That was good,” L said. “I am sure you feel all inspired now.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Too bad, you already had your fun for the day. If you are a good servant for me tonight I will show you the movie again tomorrow. And, even better, I will let you wank as much as you want then. But, you have to be good, and refrain from playing with yourself today.”

“Yes,” I said meekly.

“Good boy. Then get me a glass of water and some white wine.”

I swallowed my pride, and walked to the kitchen.


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