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My Lady and How She Treats Me - Part Three

L strikes again and makes me listen.

Those who read my earlier confessions know by now how my relationship with L works. That you have read them, probably, means you have an interest in the so-called “cuck” lifestyle. Even if not, I am sure you know a large amount of porn with this theme is available on the internet.

As you can imagine, I have a rather double feeling about these flicks. They excite me, but also remind me that L will sometimes make it painfully clear she fucks other men and enjoys it. I let L do as she pleases, but there remains a sense of discomfort.

Somehow, despite getting off on her indiscretions, I have a nagging sense of wounded pride. Perhaps it is exactly that conflict of emotions which makes L so irresistible. Anyway, I digress, as all of this is a long introduction to tell you that L caught me watching cuck-porn.

In another marriage, being caught perving porn may lead to a fight and shouting. With L it is different. Once she saw what I was watching, she laughed. Never one to waste an opportunity to show her superiority, L improvised and humiliated me.

She took my iPad, made me follow her down the stairs and told me to get underdressed. Embarrassed and lost for words, I could not think of anything else than taking off my clothes.

“Sit down on the couch with your hands behind your back,” L told me in a voice that was sweet and commanding at the same time.

I sat down and folded my hands like a schoolboy in detention. L connected my iPad to the widescreen and played the video I had been watching. It was generic in its kind. Girl finds out boy has lost money gambling but pretends not to know.

She suggests kinky sex, convinces her boyfriend to let her tie his hands and fucks one of his friends right before his eyes. Less usual was L’s whispered commentary in my ear.

“Honey, do you really enjoy this?”

I nodded.

“Does it excite you? Wait, you don’t have to tell me. Your cock is getting hard already.”

I blushed.

“She is such an amateur. It is all so fake. I am disappointed.”

I nodded again.

“But look at your cock, my dear. It has jumped up like an eager puppy. It is all hard and drooling after two minutes of this crappy porn.”

I did not need to check to know she was right. We watched the clip to the end. My penis stayed hard even though my head felt like a balloon on fire.

After the clip, L’s hand stroked my erection. “It is what you long for is it not? You want to be in a room with me while one of my boys fucks me.”

“I, I am not sure…”

I felt L’s nails dig into my erection. Not too hard, but hard enough to convey it would be easy to cause pain.

“Be honest now, honey. This is not a game.” Her cold, steely stare made it clear she was serious.

“I honestly don’t know L... Really, I don’t know.”

“I know you want it. Imagine it. You are with me and one of my lovers. You are in a seat; free to leave, but you cannot. You watch how he touches me as if in a trance. His fingers open my wet pussy. You sit motionless in the chair while I moan loud as his big cock slides between my lips.”

I swallow, squirm and almost cum while she spells out my darkest fantasy.

“You want that,” L continues, “but I am not sure I do. Maybe someday I will let you be present. For now, it seems wrong. I think there should be a little more mystique, more drama and finesse.”

I nod again. I am not convinced I really want to be in the room while L gets fucked. To fantasize is one thing, but sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

L looks me straight in the eyes again. “I won’t let you attend, but I have an idea…”

“What is your idea?”

L smiles and kisses me on the lips. “You will find out soon enough.”

That was two weeks ago. Now I am tied to the bed in the guest room. I am naked and have soft leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles. My arms and legs spread in four directions, I can’t move more than half a foot to any side. Close to my head, but out of reach, is a little speaker. It is transmitted from a microphone in the bedroom. I can hear with perfect clarity what is going on.

A car arrives, and L opens the door. I hear her talk with a man, but I can’t hear well enough to understand. They walk up the stairs and enter the bedroom.

“I am so glad you could come,” my wife says.

I think I can hear her kissing him.

“We have to be quick today; in less than one hour he will be back.”

I groan. She is such a devious one. Her lover will never know that I hear everything they do. I am an involuntary audio-voyeur to their tryst.

“Less than an hour, I was hoping for an afternoon,” I hear the guy’s voice. It is deep, and I imagine he is well built.

“Sometimes a quick, hard fuck is the best,” L’s voice is soft as if she is whispering in his ear.

I am not sure she is always so vocal with her lovers or if is putting on a show for me. There is the sound of a zip. I remember the skimpy black dress L wore when she tied me down, and imagine hearing it slide down her body and on to the ground. A body lands on the bed. It must be hers.

“Strip down for me. Take your clothes off before you join me on the bed.”

I hear the sounds of a man taking off his clothes. A belt buckle, a zip, trousers falling and a shirt pulled over a head. I notice my penis is slowly growing. It is not hard yet, but there is a tingle of excitement. Then it strikes me. Shit, this is real. A man is about to fuck my wife, and I will hear it in excruciating detail. In a reflex, I try to get off the bed, but the ropes do not give. For two seconds I panic.  Damn, I really am stuck.  

“All of them, including those lovely blue shorts,” L’s voice continues. “I want to see that hard cock, and I want you to play with it. I want to see the head pop out from your fist while you stroke yourself.”

Hearing L talk like a cheap whore makes me horny, and my penis swells. I want to touch myself, but the leather cuffs keep me in place. I squirm on the bed, pulling the ropes, trying to free myself. It is no use.

“Yeah, that is right,” L goads on her lover. “Show me how big and hard you are for me.”

I can only imagine how the guy looks. In my mind, he is fit and tall like a stud from a gay magazine; his hard cock pointing straight at L.

“Now come here, be a good boy and take off my string. I want you to eat me.”

There are faint sounds and creaks as the guy gets onto the bed. In my mind, I watch him pull L’s panties along her legs. Imagining her wet, swollen sex, I can almost smell it and almost feel her hair on my tongue. I need to touch myself. I need release, but the cuffs have no mercy.

L moans and groans. The bed makes noises. I picture how she is writhing on the sheets.

 “Oh yeah, right on that spot. Keep going.

That is enough for now,” L says. There are noises as they shift position. “On your back, I want to suck that hard shaft of yours.”

L’s lover groans. She must have his cock in her mouth now. There are wet, sloppy sounds. The bitch. She is extra noisy sucking his cock just to make sure I hear it well.

“Like this?” L asks, “Talk, tell me how good I am sucking you.”

“You are doing great. This is the best blowjob I have had for a long time. You are such an excellent slut.”

My hips thrust into the empty air while I hear L’s lover talk so impudently. Never have I experienced frustration like this. I need to cum. I want to shout, but realize I cannot without ending everything.

“Oh you are so hard and big,” my wife compliments her stud. “I will try how deep I can take it.” She gags, and he groans.

She never does that for me.

I hear them change position again. “Take me, take me like a bitch. Do me with your hard cock; fuck me doggy style.”

L must be on all fours; her wet sex open and hungry, pointing at her man. They both moan while he slides inside without pause. Are they not using a condom?

He must be taking her hard.

 L gasps, the bed groans and the stud moans.

“Harder, faster,” L says between breaths. “Fuck me like you have not had pussy in a year.”

My hands shake with frustration. I want to be free. I need to either get to the bedroom or touch myself. The lover’s noises suggest he will cum soon. I want to cum with him. It would be perfect to shoot my load at the same time as fills L’s vagina.

“Cum for me, baby. Shoot your hot load deep inside me. I want to feel your seed,” L begs her lover.

There is a long, low groan that can only mean the stud fulfils L’s demands. I hear their bodies collapse onto the bed. They are both panting. Their kisses are wet and breathless.

“That was great,” L says.

“You were great too. I love how eager you are.”

“You have such a great cock, how can I not love it.”

“You are such a sweet slut.”

There is more kissing before L tells her lover that it is time for him to leave. He protests, but L knows how to make men do her bidding. The guy is told to let himself out. I can hear L is still in the bedroom. Both of us listen to her lover walking down the stairs, getting out of the door and starting his car. Once the house is silent again, I hear L move. The microphone is switched off. She opens the bedroom door and her footsteps are coming my way.

The door swings open, and L steps into the room. She is still wearing suspenders and nylons. That must be how he took her. She has a big grin on her face, which is still flushed from the intense mating.

“Did you like that?”

“It was hard, my love. I am happy for you, but it was very frustrating,” I answer in truth.

“I can see that. Your cock is all slimy. You have spilt a gallon of pre-cum.  Too bad for you that you could not play with yourself,” L teases.

She gets on to the bed. She plants one knee on either side of my head. I look straight up at her sex. It is wet and swollen. The hairs around her lips matted down with cum and her juices. There is a glimmering trail of semen leaking from her vagina down her thigh. His cum!

 “Yes babe, that is real bull-cum. In your porn movies, they call it a cream-pie, don’t they?”

“Yes,” I say meekly.

“Well eat your pie then my love,” L says while she lowers her body. “Don’t worry. I had the guy test himself. Otherwise, he would never have been allowed to fuck me without a condom.”

Her sex is now inches from my face. Seed oozes from between her lips. I swallow. Mind over matter, I tell myself. It helps I am still as horny as a teenager on a first date. I close my eyes and will my head up. I kiss the inside of L’s thigh right on the trail of sperm. It is not too bad, and I lap up the lot.

L tastes familiar, but I am sure I can detect the flavor of semen. Maybe it is my imagination, maybe not. Anyhow, before long I am licking L’s wide open vagina like nothing special happened.

“Good cuck,” she encourages me.

 L moves her crotch away from my face and slips two fingers between her labia. They come out covered in a mixture of cum and her juices. It forms a big wad that slides down her fingers towards me.      


I obey and open my mouth. L sticks her sperm covered fingers between my teeth.


My mind has gone blank. My penis is hard, and my brain soft. Without question, I suck her lover’s cum of L’s fingers and swallow. She seems impressed and happy with my thoughtless obedience.

L moves back. She is now squatting over my erection. She grabs it with one hand and teases her sex with the tip. I do what I can to relax and not cum too fast.

“You have heard how much a good fuck pleases me?”

“Yes, I heard everything.”

“Well then, let’s see what you can do.” L  lowers herself down on my penis.

It feels great. This is what I have been craving for what seems like an eternity. I am still tied down, but L would have taken full control anyway. She rides me hard and fast while squeezing her own breasts. Her sex is stretched and lubricated from her earlier entanglement. When the thought of the stranger shagging my wife floats through my brain, I can’t control my orgasm anymore. I yelp and cum deep inside L.

“That was quick,” she says sarcastically. “This way you will never please me.”

My penis shrinks insides her. I am spent.

“Sorry, L. Please untie me now.”

“Not before I have had my orgasm.”

L moves her crotch back over my face. This time it is my own semen I am cleaning up. I don’t mind. L’s orgasm is now top priority. She grinds her pussy down on my face. I have trouble breathing but lick her as well as I can. Soon L cums. It is a big, loud orgasm. I have not seen her cum in such an uncontrolled, all-out explosion in quite some time. It makes me happy and proud.

L unties me and kisses my lips. “Go wash all of that sperm of your face, and I will kiss you properly.”

I squeeze her hand before going to the wash basin to clean myself.

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