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My lady and how she treats me

Painful confession of a cuck.

In many ways, I have a great situation. My wife has money, so I can indulge in my hobbies without worrying about getting a job. I can save some of the allowance she gives me, and occasionally buy the services of the Asian “masseuses” in town. The downside is her sadistic streak. It is not a physical pain type of sadism, but a ruthless twisting of emotions. She has a way of letting me know how much she enjoys sex with other men. For me, it causes a strange mixture of pride, arousal, and agony. The following story is a good case in point and illustrates our situation well.

I came back from a weekend away on Sunday evening, and I fully expected my lady to be home. Instead, her car was away, and the house empty. Clothes were on the floor, marking a path to our bedroom. I followed the trail and found a scene that was clearly intended to let me know she had fucked someone there. The bed was a mess of rumpled sheets, lingerie, and a man’s boxers. A cruel display of her power and there was more. In her infinite harshness she had left a note next to a used condom:

“We are out for dinner. It would be lovely if you could tidy up. I can’t be bothered right now. Love L.”

I collapsed onto a chair, feeling the dull ache of self-pity and jealousy in my stomach. The joy of my weekend’s fishing trip erased from memory. But, loath as I am to admit it, there was a growing admiration. This was so cruel, so well thought out and so well executed. Who else but L could have come up with this? It hurt, yet part of my likes to be humiliated by her.

I set to work; meticulously piecing details together in my mind like a crime scene investigator. The man’s boxers were a medium size, so he was probably quite fit. She had worn fishnet stockings, open crotch lace panties, and a matching bra. Knowing her preferences, she had probably kept most of it on while he mounted her. I could not help but push the knickers in my face to sniff them. I felt the start of an erection in my pants. Between the pillows, I found the condom's wrapper: size XXL. I picked up the soiled rubber, and noticed that it was well filled; a silent testimony to his virility and my wife’s skill. I folded the lingerie and threw the boxers in the bin. I took the sheets off the bed. The sweat stains were further evidence of passionate sex. I made the bed with fresh sheets, went back downstairs and suffered my loneliness on the couch.

She came back two long hours later, looking gorgeous in her high boots and black dress. Thank god she was alone; even L knows where to draw the line. Standing right in front of me, she smiled and looked me in the eye without a trace of hesitation. I struggled to match her calm gaze.

“How was it?” I asked

“Dinner was fine.”

“You know what I mean.”

“The sex was great of course. You saw the evidence. Did you clean?”

“Yes, I did.”

She smiled, pulled me off the couch and hugged me. She kissed me passionately, probing her tongue deep in my mouth. “I love you. You are so sweet.”

I smiled. My heart molten, but my penis erect.

She loosened her embrace. “Come to the bedroom in ten minutes.”

After ten interminable minutes, I walked into the bedroom. She was ready on the bed, wearing the same lingerie I found earlier. Her legs spread wide, and her swollen pussy peeking out of her panties.

“Did you wear that with him earlier?” I could not help asking.

She smiled. “Yes, I did. Now undress, and give me some good head.”

I took off my clothes. She noticed my erection.

“You like me being a slut, don’t you? Don’t answer; it is clear from your hard on. You know I wore this lingerie earlier when my young stud fucked me right here in this bed. But still, you are lusting for me.”

I blushed. There was no denying she was completely right. I knelt down and stuck my tongue into her wet slit. Did I imagine it, or could I still taste the rubber and citrus flavor of the condom? Never mind, this was the time to give her my best. Taunt me as she may, years of practice have made me confident that none of her instant-lovers can orally serve her as well as I can. Soon she was grinding her crotch against my face. My tongue easily reached deep into her, since her vagina had been opened by a large cock only hours before.

She pulled me onto the bed and pressed me down on my back. In an instant, she was on top of me. Expertly, she guided my erection into her pussy. There was almost no sensation while penetrating her. She was wet and wide like never before. Maybe it was better that way. I might have come like a teenager if there had been any friction. L rode me like a woman possessed. I did all I could to not come before her. I guess there was part of me that needed to prove that I could give her the same satisfaction as her stud.  In minutes, she came with a loud scream. In all her meanness, she slid off my cock before I could orgasm.

All satisfied, L cuddled up to me. My cock was twitching for release. She grabbed it with a fist and yanked the foreskin down. She held it down firmly for the five seconds it took me to come. I shot a large load all over her hand. To humiliate me further, she carefully spread my cum all over my face.

“There is a good little cuck-boy,” she said.

“I don’t like it when you call me that.”

“Well, a cuck is what you are, and what I like. Remember, I can cut your allowance. Then you can’t afford the parlor harlots anymore. Imagine what would happen if you actually had to seduce girls.”

Silenced and ashamed I went to wash the semen of my face while her merry laughter filled the room.

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