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My Reluctant Lactating Wife at the School Bazaar

My reluctant, lactating wife has her breast milk sucked and is fucked at a school bazaar.

The following story took place about fifteen years ago, when I was thirty-five years old and my wife Joan was thirty-two. We met as teachers ten years earlier at the same parochial high school, where I teach math and science, and Joan teaches special education for students with learning disabilities

Joan is a lovely, petite woman at five feet and four inches tall, weighing one hundred and fifteen pounds,  and with perky-cut brunette hair and a very pretty face. She also has the nicest C-cup breasts, which grow to a full D-cup when she's nursing, and the nicest heart-shaped ass I have ever seen. I'm a pretty average guy at six feet tall and weighing one hundred and eighty-five pounds. My only real short coming is my small dick, which is about four and a half inches long on hard, and thin.

I'm one of only a couple of lovers that Joan ever had, so she didn’t really know enough to complain about my little dick. The only problem is that I have a hard time making her cum while fucking her, and I usually have to bring her to orgasm orally after I ejaculate in her. I don’t think of myself as weird or anything for sucking her cum-filled pussy because, in my mind, I'm just helping her achieve her orgasm, and my cum is kind of bland and just has a salty taste.

At the time of this story, Joan was still breast feeding our second child, who was then six months old, and our lives at school and home were going pretty well. One day after school the principal, Jack Larson, called Joan and me to his office to discuss some issue that affected us. We arrived at the appointed time, which was late in the day after school was out and let ourselves into his office since his assistant had already left for the day.

Jack said, “Please, Joan and Ed, come on in and sit down. As you both know, our school has been having financial difficulties for the last year, and we are in danger of having to cut some of our extra curricular programs. We are planning a school bazaar to help raise enough money to get us back on budget.”

Joan looked puzzled and asked, “Yes, we know about the bazaar, but what could that possibly have to do with us?”

Jack said, “Well, I was hoping that with your willingness to participate, we could make some extra money for the school. We are planning to have thirty different booths at the bazaar, and one of them is going to be a kissing booth. We hope to get a few of our prettiest teachers to work the boot, and kiss the attendees for five dollars for each kiss. I know that will raise a lot of money, and since Joan is one of the prettiest ladies on campus, I was going to ask you to participate in that booth, or possibly another one that I’ll mention in a moment.”

I said, “Wait a minute, I can’t have Joan shamelessly kissing every horny guy that wants to get a taste of her! There has to be a better way."

Jack then said, “Wait, there is more to this. Although the kissing booth and the other booths will raise a lot of money, it won’t be nearly enough to fix our budget. I was thinking of having a special booth behind the kissing booth where we could have some additional, let’s say, higher value activities.”

Jack let that sink in for a few seconds and continued, “Joan, you are a very beautiful woman, and right now, with you nursing your baby, you have a gorgeous, full figure. Just hear me out. We all know that men have a special attraction to lactating women, and I wanted to see if Joan would agree to sit on a sofa in the home economics room behind the kissing booth, wearing a tight t-shirt which would show the size of her full breasts."

"Maybe we could let the men have a little longer kiss than in the booth, while leaning over and hugging you. I am planning to charge twenty dollars for that longer kiss and the hug. Ed can be there in a closet to be sure that things don’t get out of hand. What do you think of that idea?”

Joan was absolutely livid as she shouted, “Jack, how on earth could you ask this of Ed and me? We have known you for ten years and have always had a good, professional relationship with you! And now, you're asking me to prostitute myself for the sake of a little money! Hell, you don’t even know if that longer kiss and hug would be all that popular. I have a good mind to report you to the school board for asking me to do this!”

Jack tried to ignore how upset Joan was and said, “I have already talked to several of the board members about this, and they thought it would be okay, so long as you two agreed with it. In fact, the board members thought it even made more sense because the extra money would help to fund Ed’s science club activities and your outreach program for the disabled students. Why don’t you two go home, and talk it over, and let me know your answer tomorrow after school.”

Joan and I agreed to at least think about it and left Jack’s office for home. We were both a little upset that Jack would ask her to do something like that, but I have to admit that the idea of other men giving Joan a long kiss and hugging her swollen breasts was somehow appealing to me. We traveled home, mostly in silence, and then fed the kids and put them to bed when we got home. Later that night we started discussing the situation with the kissing booth.

I started the conversation by asking, “What the hell are we going to do? I know that we both want to see our after-school programs prosper, and I’m just trying to think of another way. A short kiss in the booth is one thing, but I don’t think that I could stand for all those men to be giving you a long kiss and hugging you, and I’m also worried about something else."

"Those men will undoubtedly think they are entitled to a full tongue kiss for twenty bucks, and you know how turned on you get when I kiss you like that, especially when I'm hugging your big tits. You almost always want me to suck the milk from your breasts after that, which then gets you so turned on that you want to fuck. What would happen if you got turned on like that with those other men?”

Joan seemed a little surprised and asked, “What do you mean? Are you actually considering the possibility that I’ll do this?”

I said, “I don’t know, honey, I’m just trying to think this through. The decision is yours, but what you decide will have a big impact on our programs. I just want you to know that I’ll support your decision, whatever it is.”

Joan started to calm down now, realizing that we really did want to see our favorite programs supported. She said, “Ed, I guess that I’ll have to go through with this, but I do have a few conditions. First, I will have to wear a mask so none of those men, except Jack and the board members, will know who I am. Secondly, I will need to be drinking heavily so I can numb my mind to what I’ll be doing. And thirdly, you do need to be nearby in the closet to protect me and keep things from getting out of hand. Does that work for you?”

I was quite frankly a little stunned that Joan agreed to it so quickly, and I must admit that it was beginning to excite me just a little. I had read some cuckold stories about men who wanted to see their wives with other men, and my dick was getting hard just thinking about it.

I didn’t tell Joan about my fantasies, but said, “Okay, Joan, I will go along with this, and I’ll need to wear a mask and be a little drunk myself for this to happen. I guess we just need to let Jack know tomorrow afternoon.”

The next day at school passed very slowly, until it was time to meet with Jack again. We stepped into his office and Joan said, “Well, Jack, we have made a decision about your booth idea.”

“Good," Jack said, “tell me what you have decided.”

Joan did the talking and explained, “We'll go along with this plan, but I want you to know that we’re only doing this to support our programs. I will need to be wearing a full-face mask and I plan on being drunk in the booth, to numb me to what is happening. Also, Ed will be wearing a mask, just in case someone sees him in the closet and then realizes that it's me on the sofa.”

Jack was so happy at hearing Joan’s decision that he was almost jumping out of his chair. He said, “I know that you don’t like this situation, but the school really is in bad financial shape, and your sacrifice will help us keep many programs that are important to our students."

"Here are my plans for the booth. All the booths will be set up in the big school courtyard, which as you know is surrounded by classrooms. The kissing booth will be in front of the hallway leading to the home economics room and hiding the door to the hallway. Mike Chambers, one of our board members, will be standing by the kissing booth, watching for men who don’t have their wives with them then."

"He’ll quietly pull those men aside a let them know about your special booth, and if they show interest, he’ll let them in the hall door. I’ll be standing in the hall to keep order, collect the money, and will let the men into the home economics room one at a time. By using the hall, we can keep the line hidden from the other bazaar attendees. It's hard to estimate something like this, but we hope to get at least one hundred men to pay the fee, so the school will make two thousand dollars from your booth alone!”

There was not much else to say, so we returned to our normal lives for the three weeks leading up to the Saturday night bazaar. Joan and I resolved to make the best of the situation, and of course I couldn’t let her know that I was actually a little excited at the thought of seeing one hundred men kissing her and hugging her beautiful breasts.

I was still a little concerned about what might happen if she got too aroused while being kissed and hugged but decided I would just deal with it if it happened. Joan found a Little Bo Peep mask that she had used for a Halloween party many years before, and I had an old Richard Nixon president’s mask that I planned to wear.

On the day of the bazaar, Joan and I both began drinking in the early afternoon, preparing ourselves for the evening at the booth. We took a cab to the school, because we lived pretty close anyway, and snuck in the back entrance to the classrooms. By the time we got there we were both pretty drunk, which helped Joan cope with the situation.

Joan made herself comfortable on the sofa in the home economics room and I hid in the closet, sitting on a chair, with the door partially open. Joan was wearing a short skirt with thong panties, and a tight t-shirt with no bra that left nothing to the imagination.

We waited in the room for about ten minutes until Jack opened the door and let in our first customer. His name is Jeff and he's the father of one of the kids in my class. I was really glad that Joan had her mask on to hide her identity. Jeff came over and sat down next to Joan on the sofa, and he leaned across her lap to give her a hug as they began a long, soulful kiss.

It was an amazing sight to see my wife kissing another man, and I saw that they were definitely tongue-kissing. He was also pressing himself against her breasts, and I could see Joan start to squirm a little at their kissing and his movements. They continued kissing for about five minutes, and Joan was really getting aroused. She wrapped her arms around Jeff and pulled him closer to her, and I saw that she was moving her torso in such a way as to rub her tits on Jeff’s chest.

Jeff was also getting turned on and he moved his hand to her breast and began rubbing her. I knew that I should have stepped out of the closet and stopped him from rubbing her breast, but I was getting aroused just watching it all.

Joan began to moan and I heard her say, “Suck my breasts, baby. They are swollen with milk and they hurt.”

Hearing that, Jeff didn't hesitate to lean away from Joan and grip her t-shirt, and in one swift move pulled it over her head. Joan’s swollen breasts swung into view, and Jeff wasted no time taking her big nipple into his mouth. I could tell that it only took a few strong sucks before Jeff got a taste of Joan’s sweet milk, and I saw a little dribble out of the corner of his mouth.

Joan was kind of out of it, and started to moan more loudly, and I saw a lump begin to appear in Jeff’s jeans. There was no doubt that it was turning both of them on, and Jeff was just the first guy to kiss her and suck her tits! I could see Jack peeking through the door as Jeff sucked Joan’s tits, and after Jeff finished and left the room, Jack stepped in before that next customer came in.

“Damn, Joan,” Jack said, “I have always known that you are a beautiful woman, but your full, round breasts are simply amazing, and they hang and sway there so seductively! I have wanted to see you like this since the first time I met you ten years ago! I'm going to go out and let the men know that they can suck your milk-swollen breasts for an additional fifty dollars. I'll let a few more men in, but then I’ll need to taste you for myself!”

Joan was too subdued by the alcohol to make any comments to Jack, but she just smiled at him in her stupor as he let in ten more men. That is a small school, so we knew all the men that came in to kiss Joan and to suck her breasts. Most of them are fathers of our students, but a few faculty members also came in to suck those gorgeous breasts and to taste that sweet milk. I was really getting excited then, sitting in the closet rubbing my dick, mostly because Joan seemed to get more aroused as each man sucked her.

She probably didn’t realize it, but she had slid her hand under her skirt and was rubbing her pussy over the thong as the men sucked her, and she was beginning to moan more loudly after each man sucked her. I should have been concerned that the situation could get out of hand, but I was getting so aroused myself that I was about to cum in my pants. I almost didn’t care if a problem did develop.

There must have been a break in the line outside, because Jack came into the room, locked the door behind him, and looked ready to take his turn. When he walked in, Joan was still rubbing her pussy, with milk dripping from her nipples, and Jack was also rubbing his swollen crotch. He must have been watching Joan through the door as she became more and more aroused, and I should have known that he was looking for more than just an opportunity to suck her breasts.

Jack said, “Oh, baby, I have been waiting for this for so long!”

Then he sat down next to Joan and lay across her lap as he began sucking her still-swollen breasts. Jack was sucking very hard and he continued past the time that the other men had taken, and had by then sucked her for about ten minutes. Joan was squirming on the sofa and still rubbing her cunt as the skirt rose up high on her thighs. Jack was also rubbing a very large bulge in his jeans as he continued to suck those tasty tits, and then it happened.

Joan was moaning more-loudly, and I clearly heard her as she said, “Fuck me, Jack, I need your cock!”

I was totally shocked that Joan would be so aroused that she would tell Jack to fuck her. I guess that his continued sucking on her breasts had pushed her over the edge, and she was ready to be fucked.

Jack could hardly believe his ears when Joan said that she wanted him to fuck her. He said, “Okay, baby, get ready for a great fucking by my big cock. I’ve seen Ed’s little dick at the urinals in the restroom, and you're in for a real treat! Just stay in the closet and watch this, Ed!”

Jack stood up and removed his jeans and underwear, and I was surprised at the size of his cock and balls. His cock must have been nine inches long and very thick, probably being seven inches around, and he has a huge cock head. His balls are also large, about the size of eggs, and they hung heavily in his hairy scrotum.

I sat in stunned silence as Jack pushed Joan onto her back on the sofa and removed her skirt and pulled her thong off. I know that I should have stopped that from happening, but I was so aroused myself that I just sat on the chair and stroked my dick. Jack then lay on top of Joan and pushed his huge cock into her very wet pussy. Joan has a beautiful pussy, with fat labia lips and a light covering of well trimmed dark hair, and it was amazing to see Jack’s fat cock push into her welcoming cunt.

Jack fucked her with long and strong strokes for about five minutes, and then took one last push and held himself in Joan’s adulterous pussy, as he pumped her full of his cum. I saw Jack’s ass flexing as he emptied his balls into her, and his cock is so large that he had to be shooting his seed right into her cervix.

Jack then got off of the sofa and said, “Thanks, baby, that's one sweet little cunt. I’ve wanted to do that for so long, and I like seeing my cock cream dripping out of your pussy! And I have another idea. Since you were so receptive to my fucking you, why don’t we add your sweet pussy to the breast sucking, and really make some money? I’ll bet we can get three hundred dollars from the men for a chance at your pussy. What do you say, will you fuck those other men for me?”

Joan was still in a daze from the alcohol and the good fucking she just received, but I was surprised to see her nod her head in agreement. Jack was elated and left the room to round up some more customers.

Joan then looked at the closet door where I was sitting and said, “Sorry, honey, but it just felt so good being fucked by Jack’s big cock, and I want more. Come over here and clean me up, honey. You know what I like after I’ve been fucked.”

Joan held out her arms to beckon me to her, and although the idea of eating another man’s cum was new and distasteful to me, I just couldn’t say no to her. I got down on my knees between her legs and was shocked at the amount of cum oozing from Joan’s pussy. Jack must have pumped a lot more cum into her than I normally produce, and I was starting to get excited at the thought of tasting his thick cream.

I took off my mask and leaned forward and got a good smell of their combined juices, and then dove right in to suck Joan’s pussy and swallowed all their juices. The taste was amazing, and Jack’s cum was salty like my own, but also a little bitter. I didn’t mind though, and my cock was getting hard all over again, just from eating Jack’s cream. I was really getting into sucking her pussy, with her legs around my head, pulling me farther into her cunt, when the door to the room opened and Jack stepped in.

Jack said, “Holy shit, Ed, you must either like Joan’s pussy so much that you don’t mind my cum being in there, or maybe you also like the taste of my cum! Hell, I’ll bet that if a guy will eat another man’s cream, that he’d probably suck his cock too. Do you want to try that sometime, Ed?”

I was really embarrassed then, and as I pulled my face away from Joan’s pussy, Jack saw remnants of his cum on my cheeks. I said, “Jack, this is the first time I’ve tasted another man’s cum, and I only did it because Joan asked me to. I don’t have any intention of sucking a cock.”

Jack smiled and said, “Well, if you say so, Ed, but it sure will be nice to have you clean Joan’s pussy up after each guy fucks her. If she asked you to do that after I fucked her, I’m guessing that she’ll want you to do it for the rest of the men. The word has spread on how sweet Joan’s breasts and milk are, and I have another line outside to suck her. Most of those men would also want to fuck that sweet pussy. So, Ed, you’ll have plenty of cum to eat tonight!”

Jack left the room and I put my mask back on and returned to the closet, and Joan loosely draped her skirt over her legs and thighs. When the door opened again, a big black man stepped in, and I recognized him as Leon Webster, the father of one of my math student’s. Joan and I both know him pretty well from years of activities at the school, and I was a little apprehensive about how that session would go.

Leon must be six feet and five inches tall and weighed about two hundred ans seventy pounds, and he looked huge sitting next to Joan on the sofa. He leaned across to suck Joan’s leaking breasts, and it was oddly exciting to me to see his black mouth enveloping Joan’s nipples. Leon sucked her breasts for only a couple of minutes before I saw a huge bulge growing in his pants, and Joan was beginning to rub her pussy again.

Leon stood up and dropped his pants and underwear and said, “Man, you are the sweetest little white pussy that I've ever seen, and I’m going to really enjoy sinking my big, black meat into your wet hole.”

When Leon took off his pants I was shocked at the size of his cock. His cock has to be at least eleven inches long and is as thick as a beer can. I could already see pre-cum on the massive head of his cock. His balls hung down about eight inches, and his nuts are so big that it was almost obscene. I was worried that Joan wouldn'tt be able to take such a huge cock, and just hoped that she was still wet enough to be lubricated for him.

He pulled the skirt off her lap and pushed her back on the sofa, and started pushing that huge black snake into her. Joan’s cunt was stretched to the limit to accommodate that huge piece of black meat, but Leon finally got a good rhythm, and was pushing about eight inches of that monster into her. As Leon continued his onslaught of Joan’s little pussy, she was moaning loudly, and then said something she shouldn’t have.

Joan was writhing under Leon’s hard fucking and said, “Fuck me Leon, you big black stud. Feed me that thick meat and shoot me full of your black seed!

At hearing this Leon said, “Hey, I recognize that voice, even through your mask. You're Joan Langston, and I have wanted a piece of your sweet ass ever since the first time we met three years ago. Does Ed know that you are in here fucking me and these other guys?”

Joan said, “Leon, please don’t tell anyone that this is me in here. Just fuck me with that black cock and fill me with your thick cum!”

Leon continued fucking Joan and finally stiffened up, and I saw his balls tighten up and his legs flex as he pushed himself into her and pumped his seed into her womb.

Leon got up and was getting dressed when he said, “Okay, Joan, I won’t tell anyone that it is you in here, but you have to promise me some more of that sweet, white pussy and those big, milky breasts, any time I want it.”

Joan said, “Leon, you are the best fuck that I have ever had, and I will let you fuck me whenever you want to. Don’t worry about Ed. He’ll do as I say and will probably even enjoy watching you fuck me with that big, black cock.”

This story could go on and on, describing all the men who sucked and fucked Joan that night. Twenty men fucked Joan that evening and ninety men sucked her milky tits, which meant that Joan had single-handedly made over ten thousand dollars for the school.

It was a little hard to believe how much cum I swallowed, and I hate to admit that I have become a cum slut for Joan. She has continued to see Leon , Jack and a couple of the board members for sex, so I get a steady diet of their sperm.

One other thing happened that might be of interest to you.

At the end of the evening, after Joan had been sucked and fucked for the last time, and I had cleaned her up, Jack came back into the room to discuss all that had happened. He thanked Joan and me for raising so much money for the school, and said how surprised he was that we both let this thing go so far.

I admitted to Jack that I had been sucking Joan’s pussy for our entire marriage, since my dick was too small to make her orgasm, so it wasn’t a huge leap for me to be sucking other men’s cum from her. As for Joan, once she got a taste of bigger cocks, she was enjoying it so much that it was hard to stop.

While we were talking, Jack was rubbing his cock in his pants and said, “Ed, you know I’d still like to see if you would suck my cock. I’m also sure that Joan would like to see that, given all of her service to those men today. What do you say, Ed, will you give me a little suck?”

I was getting embarrassed again but said, “Okay, Jack, after all of the cum I’ve swallowed, it probably wouldn’t hurt to suck your cock and take one more load. What do you think about this Joan?”

Joan got a big smile on her face and said, “Yes, I would love to see you suck Jack’s big cock. And besides, now that I’ve gotten a taste of bigger cocks, I plan to have a few men over from time to time to fuck me. It only seems fair that you could suck them to make them hard for me, and then you can drink their juice after they cum in me.”

Jack pulled down his pants and I sucked my first, but definitely not my last cock. I really enjoyed the feeling of him thrusting that big piece of meat into my mouth, and I especially liked the feeling of his throbbing and pulsing cock as he filled my mouth with his semen.

That was the beginning of a whole new phase of my sex life with Joan. She had become a cock-hungry, hot wife and I was her cuckold husband, who really enjoyed sucking cock and swallowing cum.

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