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My Reluctant Lactating Wife at the Halloween Party

My reluctant wife and I are hypnotized at a party and I am cuckolded by my boss and two customers.

At the time of this story, I was the sales director for a specialty-chemical manufacturing company located in Houston, Texas. That is a customer-focused business, and we were competing with six other companies that provided similar products and services. So, we often sponsored parties for our current and prospective customers. It was approaching the end of October, and my boss, Max Jensen, had planned a large Halloween costume party that would be held at his country club on Halloween night.

Max is our sales vice president, and was only thirty-eight years old, having risen very quickly in the company due to his aggressive sales tactics. He sometimes encouraged employees and their spouses to take extraordinary measures to “entertain” our customers, and my wife, Eva, and I had always found an excuse not to participate in those events.

My name is Ed, and I was thirty-two years old at the time and Eva was twenty-eight. She is a strikingly beautiful woman, and petite at five feet and three inches tall and weighing only one hundred and fifteen pounds. Her Nordic heritage had given her beautiful, straight blonde hair, which she keeps long to the middle of her back, and large, bright, deep-blue eyes. She has the look of child-like innocence that most men find very attractive and alluring. It is mesmerizing to look into her eyes.

Eva also has round and full D-cup breasts, which look large on her petite body, and they grow to a luscious DD-cup when she's breast feeding our children. Eva’s ass is also perfect, with prominent and perfectly separated globes of ass flesh. Her ass and breasts have a natural and seductive movement to them when she walks, and men can't keep from staring at her. I'm a pretty normal guy at six feet and one inch tall and weighing one hundred and ninety pounds and considered myself very lucky to have Eva for my wife.

We had our second child in April of the year this story occurred, and Eva was still nursing our daughter at the time of the Halloween party. But even with our two children, who took a lot of our time and energy, Eva and I had a good sex life, and we fucked an average of five times per week. My cock is small, so I also love to suck her beautiful pussy, both before and after we fuck, and she usually has her orgasms with me sucking her.

She also has prominent, full labia lips that are covered with neatly-trimmed, blonde pubic hair, and you can see her prominent camel toe when she wears tight shorts or a bathing suit. I just love to have her sit on my face and move back and forth, filling my mouth with our combined fuck juices.

One other thing is that her breasts are very sensitive when she's nursing, and I often sucked milk from her, which would turn her on and make her want to fuck me for hours. We also sometimes did role play in bed, usually about white and black men fucking her while I played the part of the cuckold husband, but we never had a desire to take it any farther than just fantasy. 

Max called me into his office one week before the big Halloween party, and said, “Ed, this will be an important party for us. We obviously need to keep our current customers happy, but we'll also be entertaining some prospective customers from an American-owned company in Mexico. Closing their deal would mean a significant and profitable increase in our sales, and we're going all out to impress them at the party."

"You know that, in the past, we have asked some of our sales associates to entertain our customers, and I usually make those assignments based on what I determine to be the best compatibility factors. You and Eva have never accepted any of those assignments, but we really need your help this time. This account could also do a lot for your career, and your commissions from those sales would be larger than those from any of your other customers. If you do this for me, they will be your account.”

I said, “I have just never felt comfortable putting Eva in the position of entertaining strange men, even if there would be no requirement to get too cozy with them. I am aware that some of our junior sales associates and their wives have made big sacrifices for the company to get certain accounts, even to the point of having sex with those customers. Is that what you’re talking about here?”

Then Max said, “Hold on, Ed, nobody said anything about having sex. We just know that the President of the Mexican company, Marcus Saunders, and the chief operating officer, David Walsh, will be expecting to be entertained while they're here. They are both mature African-American men in their forties, and they are really attracted to petite, blonde-haired women with nice bodies."

"I don’t know of any woman, either an employee or spouse, more beautiful than Eva, and I know that if you will just be their hosts at the party, that might be enough to seal the deal with them. I also found out from one of Marcus’ assistants that he has an especially strong attraction to women who are breast feeding and have swollen breasts, and I happen to know from my wife that Eva is still breast feeding your baby.”

“What the hell, Max,” I said, “That's sure starting to sound sexual to me. Just what do you expect Eva and me to do with them?”

Max continued, “I would just like you and Eva to sit with them at dinner and maybe let Eva dance with them a few times. It will make them feel important knowing that we have our most handsome couple entertaining them, and that we went out of our way to find the best companions for them. I’m sure that both men will be paying a lot of attention to Eva’s milk-swollen breasts, but you must know that most men can’t keep their eyes off her anyway.”

I said, “I think you know that Eva has resisted these types of assignments in the past because she has heard the stories about the other wives who have prostituted themselves for the company. This will be a hard sell for me, but if it is that important to the company, then I’ll at least give it a try. We could also use those extra commissions right now.”

Max was pleased that we would at least consider being the hosts for those men, and then he mentioned one other thing, saying, “Maybe there is something we could do to get you and Eva more relaxed about this. We are having a hypnotist at the party, just as a novelty to entertain our employees and guests, and maybe we could get her to hypnotize Eva, and make the suggestion that everything would work out fine, and not to be distressed. She could even hypnotize you if you wanted her to.”

I said, “Okay, Max, I will discuss this with Eva and let you know tomorrow. And regarding the hypnotist, I have never believed in that stuff anyway, but if it makes Eva feel better, then we’ll both do it if she agrees to this. But first, let me see how Eva feels about doing it at all.”

That night, I spoke with Eva about what Max said and she was at first very angry. But as I continued to explain that they didn’t expect her to have sex with them, and that the commissions could really help us with our bills, she slowly started to agree with our being the hosts for those two black men. She also mentioned that it could be fun to think about some of those cuckold fantasies we had, but in a safe environment where nothing could happen.

We also talked about the hypnotist, and while we thought it might help to relieve our stress, neither of us believed it would work. I had also read somewhere that even if someone could be hypnotized; they couldn’t be made to do anything that they wouldn’t otherwise do if they weren’t hypnotized. In other words, no one could be made to go against their basic moral beliefs.

That was important for us because we didn’t trust Max completely, knowing the things he had expected some of his other employees to do in the past, and we at least felt confident that we would not be forced to do anything against our wills. So, Eva and I agreed to be hosts for Marcus and David, and we went about finding costumes for the evening.

Eva decided that she wanted to dress as a cat woman, and she found a black, one-piece spandex body suit that covers her body all the way from her neck to the sock-ends covering her feet. It is very tight and accentuates her figure perfectly, and it leaves little to the imagination. The body suit has a thin, concealed, and barely-noticeable zipper that runs down the center of the front of the suit. It extends from the top of her neck, down between her breasts, through her crotch and up to the top of her ass crack. It was designed to allow her to unzip when she needed to go to the bathroom, instead of having to remove the whole suit.

The slight line that the zipper mades helps to define the separation of her big breasts and  accentuates her prominent camel toe that is quite noticeable with her full pussy lips being so tightly contained in that tight spandex suit. It is so tight that we can also see just a hint of the soft, blonde pubic hair covering her pussy, and it also helps to visually separate the cheeks of her ass.

One other visually pleasing aspect of the suit is that her nipples are also prominently displayed as those big breasts press against the suit. To finish off the costume, she has little mittens and slippers that look just like cat paws, as well as a mask with little cat ears and whiskers that cover most of her face but leaves her mouth and eyes open. I chose to dress in a similar costume that is designed to look more like a lion, and it isn't as tight as hers and is light brown in color. 

Max asked us to arrive at the party an hour early, so we could go see the hypnotist before she got busy with the other guests. As we arrived at the small game room where we were to be hypnotized, Max could not keep his eyes off Eva. Her large, milk-swollen breasts were stretching the spandex suit to the limit and the suit was so tight that he saw every contour of her body.

He finally seemed to recover and said, “Ed, please go to the lobby and wait for Marcus and David. I expect them to arrive early, and someone needs to be there to greet them. I will stay here with Eva to supervise the hypnotist, and you can return to be hypnotized after you've greeted our guests.”

It sounded a little suspicious to me that Max would be separating Eva and me like that, but since I didn’t really think that hypnosis would work anyway, I went to the lobby to wait for Marcus and David. I didn’t find out until much later that night how Eva’s hypnosis session went, but since I do know now, I can tell you what happened.

Eva went into the game room with Max and met the hypnotist, Esmeralda, who is a very attractive and exotic-looking woman in her early forties, and who seemed to be good friends with Max, in addition to working at the party. We just assumed that the name Esmeralda was a gypsy stage name to add a little mystery for the guests, and we never did learn her real name.

The hypnotism proceeded normally with Esmeralda helping to relax Eva before she slowly brought her into a deep trance. When Eva was fully under Esmeralda’s spell, she told Eva that everything would work out fine and that she should just relax and have a good time entertaining her special guests from Mexico. Then things took a dramatically different turn when Esmeralda told Eva that she would obey any commands given to her in the Spanish language by Max, Marcus or David.

Max knew that Eva and I speak Spanish, even if not fluently, and he reasoned that if the commands were in Spanish, there would be less risk that someone else at the party would accidentally say something to cause Eva to react inappropriately. Esmeralda continued to instruct Eva that some of the suggestions she received would be sexual in nature, but that she was to obey them anyway, and to remember that her sole purpose for the evening was to satisfy those men in any way she could, and to feel a genuine attraction to them. Esmeralda then brought Eva out of her trance, and Eva told me later that she had no recollection of the directions that Esmeralda had given her.

Just one note for the reader: I am not fluent in Spanish, so I have done the best I can to show accurate translations for the Spanish phrases that you will see below. In addition, I was unable to show the inflections needed for proper pronunciation of the words. So please bear with me on any inaccuracies, and I would appreciate your letting me know about any glaring errors that I should correct.

Max has a limited Spanish vocabulary, but he could not resist testing the hypnotic spell. Before I came back into the room, he looked at Eva saying, “Beseme (kiss me),” and Eva leaned into Max and gave him a sexy open-mouthed kiss. Eva could only remember feeling an attraction to Max at that moment, and she couldn’t resist her desire to kiss him. Max and Esmeralda were delighted that the trance seemed to be working, and they were anxious to hypnotize me as well.

By that time, Marcus and David arrived at the club; and I brought them back to the game room to meet Eva. I’m guessing that Marcus was about forty-five years old, six feet and two inches tall, and about two hundred and ten pounds, and he looked to be very muscular. He is also handsome, but he was made even more attractive by his engaging and assertive personality, as you would expect for someone in his position. David was about forty-three years old, and just a little shorter than Marcus. But they were otherwise very similar in appearance.

They seemed to be stunned by Eva’s beauty when they first saw her, and both men were undressing her with their eyes. But of course, with that tight and revealing costume, they didn’t have to use too much imagination to see her full breasts and gorgeous ass as they jiggled and moved seductively under the spandex. Eva’s blonde hair flowing down her back and her radiant blue eyes also make alluring contrasts to the black spandex suit. Eva then escorted Marcus and David to the reception area, and Max stayed in the game room with Esmeralda and me to supervise my hypnosis.

My hypnosis went pretty much the same as Eva’s, up to the point that I was fully in the trance and they were starting to give me suggestions. I was also told to obey any commands given in Spanish by the three men but was further instructed not to interfere with any activities that I saw happening with Eva and the men. I was told to stay calm and to do everything I could to enhance their pleasure.

I was also specifically told to play the part of the cuckold husband, since that would enhance everyone’s pleasure. I found out later that one time when Eva and Max’s wife, Cindy, were out for lunch together, and had a little too much wine, that Eva told Cindy about our cuckold role play, and Cindy had of course told Max about it. Leave it to Max to take every advantage.

Max also wanted to test my spell, so after I was brought out of the trance he said, “Ed, frote el pene (rub my penis).”

It felt surreal to me as I reached down and rubbed the front of Max’s crotch, and I felt his soft, but very thick cock with my hand. I had never in my life touched another man’s cock like that, but I was somehow drawn to rub him, and it was as if I was out of my body watching the whole thing happen. Esmeralda and Max were pleased with my submission to him, so we left the game room and joined Eva and our guests at the reception.

The reception lasted an hour, and Max made sure that our guests, Eva and I always had a full drink in our hands. He must have felt that the drinks would help to keep us in a receptive mood and help to amplify the effects of our being hypnotized. Marcus and David were constantly at Eva’s side, and I saw that she was gaining an attraction to them, partially due to her instructions from Esmeralda. But it also seemed that the alcohol and their charm were having an effect on loosening her inhibitions.

I was also feeling very receptive to Eva entertaining those men, and it must have had a lot to do with my spell. We then sat down to dinner together, with Marcus and David sitting on either side of Eva. With me sitting across the table from them next to Max, it seemed that their conversations were becoming increasingly intimate. It also became obvious that Max had informed Marcus and David about giving Eva commands in Spanish.

At one point I overheard Marcus say to Eva, “Eva, frote el pene,” and then I saw Eva’s hand drop under the table, and her arm moving as she was apparently rubbing his cock.

With dinner over, it was time for the band to play, and Marcus, David and Max took turns dancing with Eva in a darkened corner of the room. I saw all of them passionately kissing her and knew that they must have given her the command “beseme”. While they were kissing, the men all took liberties at rubbing her ass and the sides of her full, milk-swollen breasts. After an hour of dancing, Max apparently felt that it was time to take the evening to the next level, as he looked at Eva and me and said, “sigame (follow me).”

We followed Max and our guests back to the game room, and upon entering, Max, Marcus and David began removing their clothes. In just a couple of minutes Eva and I were looking at three naked and well-hung men. It must have been the hypnotic spell that kept us standing there watching those men, but there was also something about seeing their big cocks, that seemed to be exciting to Eva.

Marcus has a muscular physique and what looked to be an eight-inch-long and very thick cock that was still soft. He also has huge, low-hanging balls that almost seemed too big to be on a man. David was built much like Marcus, and it was amazing seeing both of those big cocks. Max is also well-hung, maybe not quite as large as the black men, but still impressive.

Marcus then stood in front of Eva and said, “Mas bajo su ziper (lower your zipper).” Eva immediately started to pull down the zipper on her tight spandex costume, and as the zipper moved down past the middle of her stomach, her huge milk-laden breasts strained against the material as her lovely cleavage came into view. We all watched as Eva continued to pull the zipper down past her pussy and then up to the top of her ass crack, and her fat labia lips, covered in blonde hair, came into view when the costume parted at the front.

We were all amazed at Eva’s sensual beauty, and I was so proud of her for looking so lovely. Then Marcus sat down on a chair at one of the game tables and said to Eva, “Venga aqui y sientese en el regazo (come here and sit on my lap).”

Eva straddled Marcus’ legs facing him on the chair, and it was very erotic seeing his large, but still-soft-cock lying between his legs and almost touching Eva’s pussy. Her costume was spread wide at her crotch, and her nipples were partially showing as the spandex pulled apart at the top. Then he leaned in and kissed Eva passionately once again, and I noticed that he didn't even need to tell her to kiss him. It was almost as if Eva was responding to Marcus of her own free will, at least for something as innocuous as a kiss.

As their lips parted, Marcus looked into Eva’s eyes and said, “Alimenteme su leche de madres (feed me your mothers milk)."

Eva obediently pulled the spandex to the sides, finally exposing to him the fullness of her breasts. Marcus leaned forward and covered Eva’s nipple with his mouth, and he began to suck her breast with a passionate hunger. I saw little dribbles of milk appear at the sides of his mouth, and knew that he was swallowing her sweet milk.

As Marcus continued sucking Eva’s breasts, David sat down on a couch in the room and said to me, “Venga aqui y chupe el pene (come here and suck my penis).”

I moved in front of David and got on my knees, and although I was vaguely aware of what he was telling me to do, I was unable to resist his command. I leaned down and took the massive head of his hardening cock into my mouth, and then David held my head with his hands and shoved more of that big fuck meat into my mouth.

His big, black cock seemed to be fully hard at about ten inches long, and it is very thick, being a little smaller in circumference than a beer can. His precum was flowing heavily, and I was getting my first taste ever of another man’s cum. I had sucked plenty of my own cum from Eva’s pussy, but that was a new experience, and I remember being amazed at myself for giving into David so willingly.

I looked over at Marcus and Eva and saw that he was  sucking on her other breast, and his cock was fully hard at about eleven inches long and standing up just in front of Eva’s pussy. I saw smears of his precum on her belly as she bounced against him in rhythm to his sucking, and I also saw from the look on her face that she was very aroused, just like she got when I sucked and swallowed her mother’s milk. As they began moving their hips against each other as he sucked her breasts, I knew that it would not be long before he'd be fucking her.

And sure enough, after a few more minutes of him draining her milky breasts, Marcus pulled away for a moment and said, “Eva, joda el pene negro grande (fuck my big black penis).”

Without any hesitation, Eva stood and lifted her hips, trying to get that big, black cock head into her little blonde pussy. She took his cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy, and then began to slide down on that massive hunk of fuck meat. I saw a look of pain and panic on her face as his cock slid into her wet hole, but that was soon replaced by a smile of pure pleasure as she felt the fullness of him in her cunt.

Eva then began to rhythmically move up and down on his cock, and he also began to pivot his hips, thrusting into that tight, white, wet blonde pussy, as Marcus leaned down and continued to suck her breasts as he fucked her. I was mesmerized watching that massive black cock fuck my wife’s pretty little pussy, but then my I returned my attention to sucking David’s cock.

David had been fucking my face for about fifteen minutes, and I could tell by his quickening strokes that he was close to his orgasm. And just as I was starting to panic at the thought of him ejaculating into my mouth, he pulled away and said, “Ed, chupe los testiculos (suck my testicles).”

Then he tilted his hips up little and took his large balls into his hand and fed them to my sucking mouth. That was another new experience for me, but I again felt a desire to please David in any way that I could, and I was actually starting to enjoy the taste and feel of his big scrotum and those plum-sized testicles in my mouth.

I continued sucking David’s nuts for a few more minutes, and he finally pulled away from me and said, “Look, Ed, Marcus is close to shooting his nut into your wife’s pretty little white pussy. Stop sucking me now so we can watch him press his big cock against her cervix and fill her womb with his sperm. I sure hope that she is on birth-control, or she will definitely have his baby. I want to save my first load of seed for her sweet pussy. But don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time for me to fuck your mouth, again and again, and fill you with my thick cock cream.”

David moved over to sit on the game table to watch as Marcus continued to pound Eva’s little cunt. I went over and sat next to him for a moment, but then Max sat next to me and said, “Come on, Ed, venga aqui y chupe el pene (come here and suck my penis) while we are watching Eva take her first load of fuck juice."

"Now that you're a cock sucker, I’ll want you to suck my cock whenever my wife is on the rag and I can’t find another bitch to fuck. I’ll also be enjoying Eva’s sweet pussy when Marcus and David are through with her, and any other time I want to, but for now, my balls are aching for release, and I’ll cum quickly for you.”

I got on my knees in front of Max and began sucking his cock. His dick isn’t as big as Marcus and David's, but it's still very thick and has a large head. I enjoyed being there on my knees sucking him, and it only took a couple of minutes before I felt his cock stiffen further in my mouth and begin to throb. He held my head in place with both hands as he pushed into me and I felt his hot cum spray into my cunt mouth. That was my first full load of cum from any of those men, and I really enjoyed the taste and texture as it slid down my throat.

Just as I swallowed the last of Max’s cum, and felt him pull away from my mouth, I heard Marcus and Eva both moaning loudly as he shot his load of Negro cum into her pussy. Eva was pushing down on him to get every last inch of his big, black cock into her pussy, and I saw the base of Marcus’ cock throbbing as he shot his potent seed into her womb.

It was very erotic seeing Eva sitting on Marcus like that, with her legs spread across his hips and the spandex suit opened widely, exposing Eva’s breasts, pussy and ass. Marcus had his cock in Eva’s pussy for a few more minutes until his cock started to soften, and then he pulled out of her then-swollen pussy, and immediately lifted her onto the game table on her back.

Then he said to me, “Ed, chupe cono blanco dulce de Eva (suck Eva’s sweet white pussy) and trague mi esperma (swallow my sperm).”

I covered Eva’s well-fucked and swollen pussy with my mouth and sucked Marcus’ sweet cum from her, and she placed her legs on my shoulders to give me better access to her cum-filled hole. Her blonde pubic hair was matted with his cum, and I cleaned that as well. I was used to sucking Eva’s sweet pussy, but it was a totally new experience to suck another man’s cum from her. Surprisingly, I was starting to get comfortable in my role as the cock-sucking, cum-swilling cuckold to my beautiful wife.

And I could tell by the way she was enjoying the fucking that Marcus gave her and the sucking I was then giving her pussy, that she also liked her role as the black-cock slut that she was becoming. Marcus must have shot a massive load of cock juice into Eva, because it seemed like the more I sucked the more that came out. Finally, though, the flow subsided, and I sat back on a chair at the table.

I had no sooner moved away from Eva’s pussy, when David moved up to the table and pushed his massive cock into her pussy. He fucked Eva with a passion, partially because I had previously sucked him to the edge of ejaculation, and he also leaned down over her and sucked her tits, feasting on her sweet milk. There was no longer any need to give Eva and me directions in Spanish, because we were well past the need for the hypnotic trance for us to do what they wanted.

It seemed now that Eva and I always had a latent desire to be used by other men, and maybe the evidence of that was our role play in bed of being a cuckold couple. I also had a new respect for hypnotism, because after the events of that night, it was clear that we had been encouraged to sexually service those men, but at the same time we were ready for it.

The evening was just beginning for us, and those men had their way with us many times over the next several hours. That started by Max feeding his cock to Eva’s mouth while David was fucking her on the table, and at the same time I was sucking Marcus’ cock clean of his cum and Eva’s pussy juice.

At the end of the evening, after we had sobered up and were sitting around talking to Marcus, David and Max, we learned a little more about why that all happened. It seems that Marcus and David were very active with other married couples in Mexico, sometimes with Mexican couples and at other times with white and black American couples living in Mexico working for their company.

They enjoyed being dominant and especially liked having white couples being submissive to them sexually. They also loved to find lactating mothers and drink their tasty milk, which is one of the many things that attracted them to Eva. They were a cuckold couple’s dream, and had the equipment and stamina to provide great pleasure to cum-slut couples. When Max learned of their sexual habits in Mexico, he thought of that conversation that Eva had with Cindy, and correctly reasoned that we could be convinced to become a cuckold couple.

As for Max, I always knew that he wanted to fuck Eva, and that new contract opportunity gave him his chance to get her into bed. We also found out that Esmeralda was indeed Max’s friend, but he also fucked her regularly, and she was nasty enough to help him set us up to be fucked by those men.

We did get the new contract, and our company’s profits increased dramatically. That eventually became my only account, and Eva and I often traveled to Mexico to keep Marcus and David happy. And thankfully, Eva was on her birth-control pills, so we didn't have a black baby to show for the adventure.

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