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My Reluctant Wife and the New Client

A new client and my bosses fuck my reluctant wife while we were out of town at a convention.

I am the Midwest Regional Marketing Manager for a large industrial equipment company, and my wife and I took a business trip to New Orleans about fifteen years ago that changed our lives. I was forty-three years old at the time, and my wife Joan was forty.

Joan is five feet and six inches tall and weighed about one hundred and twenty-five pounds at the time of this story. She’s a beautiful brunette with sparkling green eyes, and has a slim waist and gorgeous 36D breasts, which are still rather firm, given that she breastfed our two kids.

We had a fairly good sex life, but because my cock is small and I cum very quickly, it had become routine for me to orally bring Joan to orgasm after I shot my load. I don't mind the taste of my own cum since I also had my mouth on Joan’s beautiful and tasty pussy. 

I was a very successful, up-and-coming marketing manager at the time, and had a reputation for being able to land new clients for the company. My bosses, the President, Bill, and COO, Phil, invited Joan and me to the annual trade show being held that year in New Orleans. We had been to many company functions with Bill and Phil over the years, and we seemed to be invited to events that some of the other marketing managers weren't invited to. I’d like to think that was because of my professional abilities, but I know that Bill and Phil were both quite taken with Joan.

Many of the company events provided dinner, drinks, and dancing, and my bosses almost always danced with Joan, but only later in the evening after everyone was loosened up from the drinking. Joan was a very conservative, church-going wife, and she usually became quite upset if anyone made any sexual advances towards her.

However, at those events, she told me that Bill and Phil would sometimes 'accidentally' rub her gorgeous ass or the side of her tits, or even push their bulging crotches into her as they held her close. But given that she usually had been drinking quite a bit by that time, she let her guard down a bit. She told me about their rubbing her, but she did not want me to make an issue of it, writing it off to their inebriation.

My bosses wanted us to join them at this trade show because they had made plans to meet a new, potential client there, and wanted me to help socialize with him and try to get his business. Joan’s beauty would also be an attraction. The client’s name is Jim, but most people called him 'Tex',and he is the CEO of a manufacturing company in Texas, which was in the market for industrial equipment to start a new product line.

Bill told me before we arrived in New Orleans that Tex had made it clear that he wanted to be 'entertained' while he was at the convention, and Bill had arrangemented for an escort to be available to keep Tex happy for the three days of the trade show. Tex also wanted to have pictures taken of him with the escort, to provide proof to his friends in Texas that he was truly entertained at the trade show.

Tex is a big man, probably about six feet and four inches tall with a very large build, although he wasn't stocky. He looked like he could have been a football linebacker. We all met Tex at the trade show reception, and after shaking my hand (his hand was huge), he leaned down and gave Joan a hug as a greeting, which somehow seemed appropriate since he was so personable.

I quietly asked Bill where the escort was, and he nervously said that she should be along in a few minutes. We all had several drinks at the reception, which lasted about an hour, and then it was time to move to the ballroom for dinner.

Tex had been flirting with Joan at the reception, but since she had a few drinks, it was not upsetting to her. At this point, Bill and Phil were starting to get worried because the escort had not yet shown up, and they wanted her to be there to sit with Tex at dinner. Just then Bill’s cell phone rang, and his expression seemed to change from worry to panic. He said that the escort had fallen ill and would not be joining us at the trade show. What was even worse was that the escort agency couldn't find a replacement on such short notice.

Bill pulled Joan and me aside to discuss the problem of the escort not showing up. He asked if Joan and I would be kind enough to sit with Tex during dinner, with Joan between us and at his side. He sheepishly admitted that the escort was going to provide much more than just company at dinner for Tex, and that he was definitely not asking Joan to step into that roll.

He just hoped that by having Joan at Tex’s side that would help to calm some of his disappointment at not having the escort, especially since he was obviously quite impressed with Joan’s appearance and demeanor at the reception. Under normal circumstances, just the thought of stepping into even part of the escort’s role would have angered Joan, but after having a few drinks, and considering that she would be helping the company and my career, she agreed.

We took our seats at the table, and Tex seemed appreciative that Joan was at his side. Dinner was uneventful, except that Tex made sure that Joan’s wine glass was full and that she also had a fresh mixed drink in front of her at all times. As you might expect from someone in his position, he was very charming at dinner and paid a lot of attention to Joan, by including her in all of the conversations. Joan was also enjoying herself, and I noticed that she would sometimes rest her hand on his arm when making a point, and they laughed together at the light conversation. At the end of dinner the tables were cleared, the orchestra began playing, and the dance floor was opened to the guests.

I danced with Joan a couple of times, but Tex spent most of the time on the dance floor with her, and Bill and Phil also took a few turns. I thought it seemed like a natural result of Joan helping to entertain Tex. I started to notice that on the slow dances Tex was holding Joan very close, and I thought that I saw his hand drop to her ass a couple of times. It also looked like he might have been pushing his crotch into her stomach, due to their closeness and difference in height.

In the past Joan would always let me know if someone was making sexual advances, like in the case of Bill and Phil, but she didn’t say anything about it when she periodically returned to the table. I also noticed that Bill and Phil were dancing very close to her, and it looked like they were rubbing her as well. I also couldn’t help but notice that Bill and Phil had noticeable lumps in their pants when they left the dance floor.

The evening wore on for three hours, and Bill made sure that the drinks kept coming. He was openly encouraging Joan and me to drink more, under the pretext of entertaining our guest. Finally, at midnight, the dance was over, and the orchestra finished their last song. Tex then invited all of us to continue the evening in the suite that our company was providing him. I was thinking that it was getting very late and knew that Joan and I had much more to drink than we should have, but Bill insisted that we join the group.

When we got to Tex’s suite he turned on the sound system and played slow dance music, and the three men continued dancing with Joan, who seemed to have gained new energy. I was becoming very sleepy, due to the lateness of the hour and the amount I had to drink, and I just sat quietly on the couch as they took turns dancing with Joan.

I know that it wasn’t my imagination, though as I watched them continue to fondle Joan, in a more obvious way than before. They were openly rubbing her tits and at one point Tex placed both of his hands on her ass and pulled her close to him. Joan seemed to struggle a little at his aggressive move, but then kind of resigned herself to it. In the spirit of making the client happy, and given that Joan wasn't protesting, I didn’t do anything to spoil their fun.

After dancing that way for another hour or so, Tex announced that he wanted to take some innocent pictures with Joan to show his friends how pretty she is. At that point Bill called the photographer that he had arranged for earlier when he thought the escort would be with Tex, and he was still able to come to Tex’s room. His ready availability seemed a little odd to me at the time.

The pictures began innocently enough, with Joan standing next to Tex while he placed his arm around her. Then he had her sit on his knee, and he placed his hand on Joan’s knee, while the photographer snapped away. Joan was obviously very drunk at that point, and willingly followed all the photographer’s instructions.

The pictures became more and more explicit, until Joan was asked to lower her blouse from her shoulders and show her cleavage, which is plentiful. I was surprised when she didn’t object, and then just before the next picture was snapped, Tex cupped her tit with the bra still on. I started to get up from the couch to protest Tex’s actions, but Bill and Phil sat down on either side of me on the couch and held me there. From there Joan removed her blouse and bra completely. She was sitting there with her beautiful breasts exposed for everyone to see.

The next set of pictures was even more brazen as Tex positioned himself with his mouth on one breast, while fondling the other one. Tex then took off his shirt and they took a few more pictures of both of them with bare tops in various positions. Bill and Phil were holding me in place with one hand and openly rubbing their obvious hard dicks through their pants. I was also getting a little aroused and didn’t struggle further against them. I was afraid of angering them and losing my job.

Tex is very well built and Joan seemed to be impressed with his physique. During this sequence the photographer also posed Joan’s hand on Tex’s thigh, and then kept moving it ever closer to Tex’s crotch. The next series of photos took the session to a whole new level, when Joan was asked to remover her skirt, and Tex removed his trousers.

They were then posing in just their underwear, with bare tops, and Joan’s thong panties did little to hide her trimmed bush and the wetness that was developing there. The sight of Tex was even more amazing, as the biggest cock that I had ever seen was starting to swell in his briefs. His cock looked long and thick, and I was also impressed with the size of his balls. They looked to be the size of plums. I tried to struggle further to stop the picture session at this time, but I was being held by my bosses and I couldn’t intercede.

While I was paying attention to the photo shoot, Bill and Phil had removed their pants, and I looked down to see their stiff cocks pressing against their underwear. I was very shocked by what they did next. They lessened the holding pressure on my arms, and pulled my hands across their thighs, and placed them on their stiff bulges.

They held my hands in place on their dicks until I relaxed my arms, and I then actually started rubbing their throbbing cocks. I don’t know what possessed me to do that, but I guess that I was so turned on by watching Tex and Joan undress, that I didn’t resist further. 

The photographer then asked Joan and Tex to remove their underwear, and after Tex sat on the couch, Joan was positioned in his lap, with his hardened cock standing up in front of her and up against her pussy and stomach. I noticed that Joan almost imperceptibly began to move against that huge cock in front of her. At that point Tex turned Joan’s head a little and began to kiss her deeply, and I saw their tongues moving as they lustfully kissed. Then the photographer wanted to try one more pose.

He laid a soft blanket down on the floor in front of the couch and had Tex lay down on his back. He then positioned Joan standing over Tex with her back to his face and had her squat until her pussy was just a few inches above his cock. The photographer said that he didn’t intend for there to any insertion, and that this picture was just supposed to portray Tex fucking Joan.

I couldn’t believe the size of his cock. It was fully hard and must have been eleven inches long and it's almost as thick as a beer can. Joan was almost drooling looking at it, and I know that she had to be mentally comparing it to my little cock. His balls are huge and hung down heavily in the sack, and I could only imagine the amount of cum that they could produce.

The photographer then had Joan take hold of Tex’s cock with one hand, pretending to hold it in place for insertion, and her hand looked tiny on that massive organ. As she stood there, kind of half squatting over Tex’s cock, the photographer told her to hold that position while he put more film in his camera. It seemed to be taking him a long time to locate and load the film, and I saw Joan’s legs quivering from trying to hold that position.

She was sinking down further until the massive cock head was now touching the lips of her pussy. Then a few moments later she sank more, and the head of his cock was inserted into her pussy, and I saw a mixed look of both horror and delight on her face. I tried to get up and stop this assault, but Bill and Phil held my hands firmly on their cocks and I couldn’t make a move to stop it.

I looked over at the photographer because I couldn’t understand what was taking so long, and when I looked back there were three more inches of that monster dick in her pussy. At that point Bill and Phil took off their underwear, and I was holding their bare, throbbing cocks in my hands.

They told me to start stroking them, and I could hardly believe myself when I started to stroke them, and was actually enjoying it. Bill’s cock is about nine inches long and is very thick, and he also has large, hanging balls which were resting on the seat of the couch. Phil’s cock is about eight and one-half inches long, and a little thinner than Bill’s, but he also has big hairy balls, and his precum was flowing heavily.

From that point on there was no more pretense of posing to take pictures. Joan sank down farther on his cock and began to move up and down on it, taking at least eight inches of his meat inside her. The expression of pain on her face at taking such a large piece of meat was quickly turning to lust and desire. In all our years of marriage, I had never seen her in such bliss.

Joan quickened the pace moving up and down on that cock, and Tex began to swivel his hips to meet her thrusts. They were both in a fit of animalistic passion, and Joan seemed to be coming constantly, as I could tell from the moaning that she had never done with me. Finally, I saw Tex begin to thrust more quickly, and the look on his face told me that he was about to pump his enormous load of seed into Joan’s welcoming pussy.

When he began shooting his cum into her, I saw his massive balls pull up and the veins at the base of his cock throbbing as he pumped squirt after squirt of semen into her. Following his massive orgasm, Joan kind of laid back onto Tex’s torso, with his softening cock still inserted in her cunt. As she lay back, Tex reached around to rub her tits, and he continued to slowly thrust his dick into her.

Due to his cock softening, he could fully insert it into Joan, and it was still hard and thick enough to give her continued orgasms. Joan looked over at me for the first time since their fucking began, as if remembering our long-established pattern of me eating her pussy after we fucked. She told me to come over and suck her pussy.

I still couldn’t force myself to move, and I was concerned about sucking her pussy full of Tex’s cum, but I wasn't going to be able to avoid it. Bill and Phil took hold of my arms again, and they both lifted me up and placed me between Tex’s and Joan’s legs, with my mouth on her pussy and my chin on Tex’s still thrusting cock.

Joan encouraged me to start sucking her pussy, and there was a large amount of cum pouring out of her as Tex’s still-huge cock kept stroking in and out of her well-fucked cunt. I put all my inhibitions aside and began sucking Joan’s pussy, and couldn’t help but also lick his cock at the same time.

That was my first time tasting another man’s cum and licking a cock, and while it was revolting at first, I soon came to enjoy his thick cream with its bitter-sweet and salty taste. The flow of his semen was continuous and plentiful, and as his cock deflated further, more cum seemed to flow out. At one point, as Joan adjusted her position on Tex, his cum-covered cock pulled out of her pussy and flopped against my face.

Joan looked down at me as if in a daze and told me to suck his cock. I was very reluctant to do that, especially with Bill and Phil kneeling on either side of me and watching me orally service Joan and Tex, but I finally obeyed Joan and took the softened cock into my mouth. I cleaned the remnants of his cum and her pussy juice from his cock, and he began to harden again. I soon found myself barely able to fit even half of that thick cock in my mouth.

While I continued sucking Tex’s thick cock, Bill and Phil lifted Joan off Tex and placed her on the blanket next to us, and then I saw what they had in mind. Both still had huge erections, and while Bill began to fuck her pussy, Phil offered his cock to her to suck, which she gladly did.

I had been sucking Tex for about fifteen minutes while Bill and Phil were fucking Joan’s mouth and cunt, and Tex finally stiffened and shot another huge load of cum into my mouth. At this point I was enjoying the taste of his cum, and I gladly swallowed it all. Bill and Phil commented that it was going to be nice having a cocksucker like me in the company so they could get relief on some of our business trips.

The evening continued with Bill and Phil shooting their loads into Joan, and then Tex fucked her two more times. From that point on I became the clean up man, and I also sucked all their cocks several times before morning. Joan’s new attitude of having me clean the cum of these three men from her pussy was painful for me at first, but then I really started enjoying sucking and swallowing their combined fluids. I guess that I was becoming a cuckold to three big-cocked men, as well as a confirmed cocksucker.

I found out later from Bill on one of our business trips, as I kneeled between his legs sucking his big cock and balls, that there never was going to be an escort for Tex at the convention. He and Phil set the whole thing up knowing the Joan would fill the role of escort if they got her drunk enough, especially since they knew that I have a small cock.

He told me that several years prior to the convention; Joan had confided to Bill’s wife about my small cock and that I mainly satisfied Joan by sucking her pussy, with my own cum in her. Bill and Phil then thought that I might be a willing cuckold and cocksucker if they could just arrange a suitable setting for it to occur. They also thought that Joan would really enjoy their huge cocks, after so many years of being fucked by my little dick.

Tex being a new client, and wanting to be entertained was the perfect situation they were looking for to finally make it happen. As Bill’s cock stiffened and fed me his load of cum that I had come to love, I somehow couldn’t hold the trickery against him and Phil. I’m now a confirmed cocksucker, and Bill and Phil now fuck Joan regularly, with me always being the clean up man.


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