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My Reluctant Wife on the Appalachian Trial

My unprotected wife and I are on a hike, and I am cuckolded by two black men in a cabin.

Many years ago, when I was thirty-five years old and my wife Joan was thirty-two, we decided to hike a section of the Appalachian Trial; starting in Hot Springs, North Carolina, and heading north. We lived in Knoxville, Tennessee at the time, so it was only a short drive to our Hot Springs starting point. It was the beginning of the summer, and our two kids, ages eight and six were at summer camp, and we were both able to take two weeks off from work for this adventure.

We had done some camping with the family, so we already had a little of the gear and clothing that we needed for the hike. We just needed to buy some back packs and other, lighter-weight equipment for the long hike. We were also planning on having another child, so Joan had stopped taking her birth-control pills before our t

We were both in pretty good shape, and Joan is five feet and six inches tall, weighed and one hundred and thirty pounds at the time, and she was very fit from her workouts at the gym. She also has shoulder-length, natural blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very pretty face. Her best features though, are her firm D-cup breasts, which didn’t sag much, even though she had breast-fed our two children, and she had the most beautiful, heart-shaped ass I have ever seen on a woman her age.

My name is Jim, and I am six feet and one inch tall, weighed one hundred and eighty pounds at the time, and also fit from regular exercise.

We had a pretty normal sex life at the time, having sex about four times a week on average, but because I have a small cock, I usually had to bring Joan to orgasm orally after I ejaculated in her. Some years prior, and probably because of feelings of inadequacy about my small dick, I had begun reading porn stories on the internet, and my favorite stories were about small-cocked husbands who were cuckolded by other, well-hung men.

In those stories, the husband would suck his wife’s cum-filled pussy and swallow the combined fuck juices after the other man shot his load into her pussy. Joan was aware that I read some of those cuckold stories, and even though she didn’t approve, she didn’t object so long as I kept it hidden from her. She just couldn’t understand how a man could let another man fuck his wife like that, especially since so many of the stories were about black men. Although I had those fantasies, I never thought I’d be able to act on them.

Our plan was to hike about ten to fifteen miles a day, depending on the roughness of the terrain and any side hikes we took to points of interest along the way. We were going to take a bus back to Hot Springs, from where ever we ended up. We started the hike on a bright, warm Saturday morning, and were lucky to have gorgeous weather for the first four days. We were both wearing khaki cargo shorts and t-shirts, along with our hiking boots. Joan’s ass looked very tasty in her tight shorts, and since she wasn’t wearing a bra, I saw her breasts move and jiggle in her t-shirt as we walked.

We were becoming accustomed to hiking with the heavy back packs, and experienced at setting up camp, cooking, and packing up the next morning. We also enjoyed our cuddle time in the tent at night. We tried our best to wash-up when we had the opportunity on the trail, because we both practiced good hygiene. But I must admit that it was arousing to fuck her and suck her pussy when we weren’t able to clean up and things got a little aromatic. 

On the morning of the fifth day, we were looking at the map to plan our hike for the day, and noticed a small side-trail leading to a little lake, maybe about five miles off the main path. We decided to go the lake, and it was mid-morning before we reached the trail junction. That little trail is not well-defined, and was partially overgrown, but we thought it would be fun to go to the lake and go swimming and to clean up a little.

The trail ended up being even rougher than we anticipated, and it was about mid-afternoon when I estimated that we still had about a mile to go to get to the lake. It was also starting to cloud up, and we were getting worried about the weather and the long hike back to the main trail to find a camp site before dark.

We were discussing our predicament and trying to decide what to do, when we saw two men coming towards us from the other direction on the trail. As they got closer I saw that they were black men. One of the men was older, and looked to be about fifty years old, and the other man was about thirty.

They finally reached our location, and the older man spoke, “Howdy, hikers. What are you guys doing this far off the main trail? We just heard on the radio that a huge thunderstorm with heavy rains is coming our way, and it will be dangerous for you two out here.”

I said, “We saw this side trail on the map, and thought it would be fun to go to the lake and swim and wash up. But the trail has been more difficult than we thought and we lost track of time. Now we’re trying to decide what to do.”

The older man spoke again and said, “Well, you’ll never make it back to the main trail before dark, especially with that weather coming in. You also should have known that is a private lake. That’s why we don’t get many hikers back this way, and why the trail is so overgrown. We have a small cabin on the lake and were just out exploring the area a little before we head back home for dinner.”

Those men saw that Joan and I were starting to panic at the prospect of being caught out in the dark, on an ill-defined trail, and with a storm coming. The older man looked at the younger man with a questioning look on his face, and after the young man seemed to nod his okay, the older man spoke, saying, “Look, my name is William, and this is my son, Jamal. Our family has owned our little cabin on the lake for decades, and we were just out here for the week together to help Jamal recover from a bad divorce."

"My wife couldn’t join us due to her job situation, so it’s just us guys out here for a little relaxation. You’re welcome to come back to the cabin and spend the night there, and although the cabin is very small and rustic, we do have a separate area with a double bed that you could sleep on.”

That was a very generous offer from those men, and although I saw a little apprehension on Joan’s face at the prospect of staying in a small cabin with total strangers, and black men at that, I responded saying, “That’s a very kind offer, William. My name is Ed, and this is my wife, Joan, and we live in Knoxville. We were just taking a vacation to hike the Appalachian Trail and have a little over a week to go. We’d like to take you up on your generous offer to stay with you tonight, and I promise that we won’t be any trouble.” 

William and Jamal were very pleased at our decision to join them for the night, and we followed them down the trail. We arrived at the lake and cabin in an hour or so. That is a quaint log cabin with a tin roof and is only about twenty feet by thirty feet in size, but with an additional covered porch facing the lake. The inside of the cabin is also simple, and the lake side of the cabin has a bathroom in one corner and a kitchen area in the other, with a wood-burning stove in the middle.

The other side has two small bedroom areas, blocked off from the rest of the room by curtains hanging from rods near the ceiling, and each side has a double bed. There is also a round kitchen table near the kitchen area, with chairs to seat six, and a small upholstered couch and two chairs, separated by a coffee table, on the other side between the bedroom areas. The cabin has electricity for lights and power for the well water pump and a hot water heater.

We reached the cabin just in time, and the rain and lightening started just after we went inside. We placed our back packs on one of the beds, and then William said, “You two must be anxious to clean up after what must be several days on the trail, so go ahead and take a shower if you want to. Just be careful to use the hot water sparingly, since the water heater is small."

"The towels are in the cabinet under the sink. We were planning on having hamburgers and beans for dinner and there is plenty for everyone. I’ll get the grill started and cook while you guys get cleaned up.”

Joan and I really enjoyed the shower, especially since we took one together to conserve the hot water. I just loved soaping up her lovely breasts and ass, and feeling my hands run over her silky, smooth skin. Joan also made sure that my cock was nice and clean, and she played with my dick so much that I almost ejaculated.

I just loved seeing the water run down her smooth, tight belly to her neatly-trimmed blond pubic hair that covers her nice, full-lipped set of pussy lips. She was also getting a little turned on because I was finger-fucking her cunt, but we knew that we needed to complete our shower quickly and return to the room with our hosts, so we ended our foreplay.

We sat down to an early dinner with William and Jamal, and the hamburgers and beans tasted great after a long day of strenuous hiking. They also provided salad and chips, as well as soft drinks and beer. We made small talk during dinner, and just talked about our hike and their family homestead there on the lake. It was really raining heavily then, and at times, the sound of the rain hitting the tin roof was almost deafening. Following dinner, Joan excused herself to go to the bathroom, and I continued to sit at the dinner table, chatting with our hosts.

After Joan left the table, William spoke up and said, “You know, Ed, you and Joan are not like a lot of white people we’ve met. Most folks around here would not even want to be seen talking to black people, much less stay at a cabin in the woods with them.”

I then replied, “Joan and I were both raised in a different part of the country, and we were taught growing up that everyone should be treated with courtesy and respect, no matter their race, ethnic origin or background. We’ve tried to raise our kids the same way.”

Then William continued, “The funny thing about the way some white people treat black people is that even though they act outwardly indifferent or even hostile towards us, many of those same people harbor fantasies about having sex with black men. Some couples even have sex with black men and the husbands clean up the black man’s cum with his mouth, or even sucks his big, black cock. Ed, have you ever heard about that kind of stuff?”

It was pretty obvious where the conversation was headed, and while I was getting nervous with the discussion, I was also getting aroused, especially after the teasing in the shower. My dick was rock hard. It might have been that all those cuckold stories I had read were preparing me for that moment, and I just decided to be truthful with them. I said, “Yeah, I have read a little about those white cuckold couples, but I have never known anyone that actually participated in sex with black men.”

I could tell that William was pleased that I had at least read about cuckolds, and he continued, “What about Joan, has she read about any of that? She is a very beautiful woman, and I got a sense that she was apprehensive when we asked you two to stay with us in the cabin. I wasn’t sure whether it might be because we're black men.”

I answered, “Joan is not prejudiced against anyone, but I think she hesitated a little because she knows that I have been reading some cuckold stories, and that some of them are about black men fucking white women. She doesn’t approve of my reading habits but has not complained too much about it.”

You could see William’s and Jamal’s faces brighten when they heard that Joan was at least aware of those stories, even though she really didn’t approve of any of it. Then William said, “Tell us more about how you feel about the cuckold stories, especially those featuring big, black cocks. Does it turn you on, or is it just a passing fancy?”

I was getting a little embarrassed then at the thought of baring my sole to two strangers, and black men at that, but it was also somehow exciting to tell them. Maybe I had a desire in the back of my mind to live out those cuckold fantasies, but I wasn’t aware of it at the time.

I said, “I have been reading those cuckold stories for years now, and sometimes I fantasize about Joan being with another man. I usually suck her pussy after we fuck, so I also think about it being another man’s cum that I'm sucking out of her pussy. But, all of that is just a fantasy for me, and nothing more.”

William was really getting excited and asked, “Do you think you could ever do anything like that if the opportunity presented itself? How do you feel about having two big-cocked black men with you right now, who would be more than happy to fuck your beautiful wife and your face as well? What do you say; can we make this happen tonight for you and Joan?”

I was really getting nervous and said, “My fantasies are one thing, but I know that Joan would never do anything like that, and I’m not sure that I could either. And besides, she stopped taking her birth-control pills because we’re trying to have another child, and we wouldn’t want to risk her getting pregnant with another man.”

William said, “Okay, I respect that, but what if we could get things to happen that would get Joan interested? Would you allow it then? Maybe we could just keep everyone drinking beer, and at the right time I could 'accidentally' expose my big cock to her, to see if it got her excited. And as far as getting pregnant is concerned, we could just pull out before we nut and shoot our cum onto her belly or ass.”

I was so turned on that I could hardly stand it and said, “Okay, you can try if you want to, and I’ll cooperate if she is receptive. But remember that I warned you that she won’t go for it.”

All that conversation occurred while Joan was in the bathroom and I thought she was out of hearing range, so when she returned to the table we just acted like nothing had happened. We continued to drink beer and chat, but we moved to the couch and chairs instead of staying at the table. Joan and I were sitting on the couch, and William and Jamal sat across from us in the chairs. They made sure that we always had a full bottle of cold beer in front of us.

Joan isn't a big drinker, so after four beers she was getting pretty drunk and silly. William then excused himself to go to the bathroom and then to his bedroom area to change into something more comfortable. He returned wearing a flannel robe, and returned to the chair across from the couch. We continued drinking, and after Joan had another beer and was really drunk, William made his move.

William shifted his weight slightly in the chair, and the front of the robe parted, exposing his large, and yet-still-soft-cock to our view. It is about seven inches long and very thick, and was just lying across his thigh. His balls are huge and hung heavily on the chair in his black scrotum.

I noticed his move and that big cock right away, but Joan was just talking away and had not yet noticed. Eventually, Joan looked down towards the coffee table when she was setting her beer down, and she got a shocked and amazed look on her face when she saw Williams’s huge cock. That cock was already two inches longer than mine, and three times as thick, and she had to be comparing us in her drunken mind.

Joan looked over at me and tried to whisper, but we all heard her ask, “Ed, do you see that? I’ve never seen a cock that big! My goodness, how could any woman take that much inside her pussy?”

I didn’t say a thing as William seized the moment and asked, “Why thank you, Joan, would you like to see it a little closer?” 

Without waiting for an answer from Joan, William stood up and moved over in front of her. I was surprised that she didn’t protest him standing in front of her with his hardening cock almost touching her mouth, but it must have been because of all of the beer she had, and maybe because she was still a little aroused from me fingering her pussy in the shower. William stepped in a little closer and softly put his hands on the sides of her head, gently guiding her mouth to his then-fully-hard, ten inch cock. 

That big cut cock head entered her lips and I saw her tongue move to taste the precum on the tip. He then pushed another couple of inches of that black monster into her mouth. She was obviously very taken with his manliness, undoubtedly comparing his cock to mine, and she willingly took his meat in her mouth. Joan doesn't normally suck my cock, so I could tell that she was very excited by his big cock. William was shoving more and more of his cock into her mouth, and then he stopped abruptly and pulled out of her.

He said, “Come on, you beautiful white bitch, let’s go to the bed and give your tight, white pussy a taste of my big, black cock!”

Joan was in a dream-like state as William guided her toward the bedroom and pulled back the curtain, and he pushed her back onto the bed. Then he said, “Ed, come on over here and sit beside us. I want you to see what a good fucking a big, black cock can give your wife. And Jamal, come on over here and stand in front of Ed, and let him suck you like Joan just sucked me. Let’s make this a family affair and give both white folks a real taste of black cock.”

Joan seemed to come to her senses at all of Williams talk about fucking her, and began to realize that no matter how big that cock was and how good it would feel in her pussy, she was unprotected and could get pregnant. She said, “Please stop, William! We can’t do this. I’m not on my birth-control pills anymore and you could get me pregnant!”

William was very aroused at the prospect of fucking Joan’s sweet pussy, and at first, I didn’t think he would pay any attention to her pleas for him to stop. But then he said, “Yeah, I know, baby, but I’ll pull out before I cum if you want me to.”

Joan must have also been very aroused at the thought of fucking that big cock, and she said, “Okay, William, but you have to pull out before you shoot your sperm into me.”

I did as William said, having an unexpected desire to be submissive to his wishes, and I sat next to them on the bed. Jamal stood in front of me and lowered his pants and briefs, and I was treated to the sight of a cock every bit as big as William’s, and hard as a rock. He also has a big set of balls, that were swinging below my chin, and I was surprised that I would so willingly taste my first cock.

I glanced down and saw William’s big cock spread Joan’s blond pussy lips, and at the same time I felt Jamal’s wet cock head pressing at my lips. I felt Jamal's cock moving into my mouth and also saw Williams’s big cock push farther into Joan’s white pussy. That was a truly amazing feeling having both of us being fucked by those huge cocks at the same time.

I pulled away from Jamal’s cock for a second and had him sit on the bed while I got on my knees in front of him. I wanted to be able to see William’s big meat push fully into Joan’s little pussy. Joan briefly complained that his big cock was hurting her, but the pain quickly turned to joy as he continued fucking her.

Jamal must have been close to orgasm because he pushed me away from his cock, not wanting to waste his first load of cum in my mouth, and he held his huge nut sack to my lips for me to suck and lick. Jamal could tell that his father would soon be shooting his cum into Joan, and he wanted to save his cum for her sweet pussy.

His scrotum and those big balls had a strong, musky taste, but it was also very exciting to suck them. Joan was writhing on the bed and she locked her legs around William’s ass, to pull him fully into her cunt. William then started using faster and shorter strokes into Joan’s pussy, and I could tell by his heavy breathing that he was close to ejaculating. 

William was breathing heavily and said, “Okay, baby, I need to pull out now if you don’t want me to flood your womb with my Negro seed.”

Joan must been overcome with lust because she locked her legs more tightly around William’s ass and said, “Fuck me harder with that big cock! Don’t you dare pull out of me now! I want to feel your cum shooting into my cervix!”

I couldn’t believe that Joan would want William to shoot his load into her unprotected pussy, but I was so turned on by watching them fucking and with the feeling of sucking on my first cock, that I didn't protest. I was on my knees on the floor, with my face only inches from Joan’s pussy as William made one last thrust, and then held himself firmly in my wife’s pussy as his cock spewed his potent seed. His ass cheeks continued to flex, and I saw the base of his cock throbbing as he pumped my wife’s cunt full of his sperm.

William then pulled out of Joan’s pussy and sat on the bed in front of me saying, “Okay, Ed, you cock sucker, suck my big dick clean of our fuck juices. You’ve already sucked Jamal’s cock, so that won’t be all that new to you. Then, I want you to cover Joan’s cunt with your white, pussy mouth, and taste and swallow my cum and her juices.”

I did as William said, and was sucking his cock and balls clean of their juices, I was very excited to taste his cum for the first time. It was a little bitter, probably because of all the beer we had been drinking, but tasting it was such a turn on. I then dove between Joan’s legs and covered her full, sweet pussy lips with my mouth, and was flooded with all of their cum and pussy juice. I never realized that a man could cum that heavily, based on the little bit that I produced, and it was also thick and white, and with enough texture that I felt it sliding into my mouth and down my hungry throat.

Joan was looking down at me with a smile on her face while I was sucking her pussy and cleaning out all of that cum, and I could only imagine what she thought of her cock-sucking, cum-swilling husband then. Jamal then pulled me out of the way and pushed me back onto the bed, and he pushed his big cock into Joan’s then-stretched, blonde pussy, and she was being fucked all over again.

William lay on top of me while I was on the bed, and he began to fuck my mouth with his hardening cock. We were both being fucked by those big, strong black men, and somehow, I think we both loved being used that way. William then pulled out of my mouth and straddled me with his knees on either side of my head, and he lowered his big balls to my lips to suck for him.

His scrotum is smooth and soft, and musky like Jamal’s is, even though it did have a leathery appearance. I was able to take his testicles into my mouth one at a time and swirl them around with my tongue. William then started fucking my face again, and even though he had already cum once in Joan’s pussy, he unleashed another hot load of his cum into my throat. He held his cock in my mouth until it softened, and then pulled it out at the same time Jamal was filling Joan’s pussy with her second load of cum for the evening. I cleaned Jamal’s cock, as I had done before for William, and then sucked the rest of Jamal’s thick cum from Joan’s well-fucked pussy.

Joan and I were then allowed to sit back on the couch, and William began to ask us questions about our prior experiences. He asked, “Is this your first experience at black sex? Was it as good as you might have imagined? How did you feel being fucked by two strong black men?”

I answered for both of us and said, “That was a great experience for us, and I never in my wildest dreams thought that we would ever do this. It's Joan’s first time being fucked so hard by any other man, and you two being black made it just that much more exciting, at least for me. What made you think we would be receptive to this?”

William answered, “When you agreed to come with us to our cabin, I knew that you were at least not bigoted, but I was also hoping that you might have some latent desires to be submissive to two black men. We knew we had struck gold when you were so receptive when Joan was in the bathroom. Then, it was just a matter of getting you drunk to lower your inhibitions, and showing you both my big cock to get you hungry for some black love."

"We've had this experience before with white couples that come down that small trail. It’s amazing to us that so many white people want to suck and fuck black cock; and while we don’t fully understand those strong desires, we are sure willing to help you folks out with your fantasies.”

Joan then replied, “I was angry at Ed at first for getting us into this situation by telling you so much about us. Yes, I heard you talking when I was in the bathroom, but I had already had a lot to drink, and was still horny from being finger-fucked in the shower. The more you talked the hornier I got. I decided to just go with it and see for myself how realistic all of those cuckold stories are. Ed never knew that I sometimes read those stories when he's not around, and I have to admit that many of those stories got me excited and made my pussy wet."

"Now that I’ve felt what a big, black cock feels like fucking my pussy, I think that I’ll want more black cock in the future. But I am worried now about getting pregnant. Now that I’m not quite as drunk and the arousal at being fucked so hard has diminished, I'm really concerned about all the sperm you two pumped into me. The only saving grace might be that I’m not in the most fertile part of my cycle.”

Joan and I stayed at the cabin with William and Jamal for two more days, until they had to go back home. The weather had cleared up and we were able to return to the main trail and finish our hike. But in those two days at the cabin, Joan’s pussy and our mouths were fucked no less than ten times each, and I swallowed more thick, black cum than I could have ever thought possible.

That experience began a new phase in our lives together, and we both became black cock and cum sluts. We also found out that William and Jamal live in a small town between Knoxville and Hot Springs, so we often visited each other for some more of that great black sexing. Sometimes we would meet the black men together, and other times Joan would go out on her own to find a black cock. She always brings me home a big load of tasty, thick black semen in her well-fucked, blonde pussy.

We were fortunate that Joan didn't get pregnant from William and Jamal, and as soon as we got back home Joan started taking her birth-control pills again. We decided to enjoy the sex with black men for a while before trying to have another child.

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