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My Reluctant Wife the Actress in a Black Church

My wife and I become a cuckold couple in a black church.

The events in this story occurred in the 1980s, when I was twenty-eight years old and my wife, Pamela, was twenty-seven. I was a production manager for a manufacturing company headquartered in North Carolina , and the company had just given me a promotion and transferred Pam and me to Biloxi , Mississippi. I was assigned to make improvements in their operations.

We had not tried to have any children up until then and were hoping to start our family since I was making a better income following my promotion. Pam had stopped taking her birth-control pills, and we were anxious for her to get pregnant with our first child.

Pam and I were born and raised in Charlotte , North Carolina , and had been together since we started dating in high school. We also went to the same college, and since I was one year ahead of her in school, we got married after her college graduation. My degree is in business management, and although Pam majored in education, she is also a thespian and has acted in many plays in high school and college.

We had both been raised in the Baptist church and adhered to their teachings of not having sex until marriage, so the first time we fucked was on our honeymoon night. My cock is smaller than average in length and girth, but since Pam had not been with any other men, she didn’t realize that my dick is so small. Our sex life was good, but also vanilla, and we usually just did the missionary position, and no oral sex.

Pam is a pretty, petite little thing, at five feet and three inches tall and weighing one hundred and ten pounds.  Her short blonde hair and large, sparkling green eyes are gorgeous, and gives her a kind of pixyish appearance. She also has nice D-cup breasts, which look very large on her small frame, and her ass is perfect with nicely-separated, protruding globes of ass flesh.

The most amazing thing about Pam, though, is that she didn’t seem to realize how beautiful she is, despite how often I tell her, and she has a very sweet and unassuming personality. I'm a normal guy at six feet and one inch tall and weighing one hundred and ninety pounds, and although some people tell me that I'm also nice looking, I still felt lucky to have Pam as my wife.

When we arrived in Biloxi , the first thing we did was rent a small apartment, so we would be able to search for a home without so much time pressure. Then we started our search for a church. There is a Baptist church from our conference in the greater Biloxi area, but it is a long way from where we were renting and would also be pretty far from the area where we’d be searching for a home. So, over the first few weeks in Biloxi , we visited the Sunday services of several other churches that were closer to home for us. We finally chose an evangelical church with similar teachings to our old church.

That is a largely black congregation, with only a few white families, and we liked the spirituality, energy and the music in their services. The pastor of that church is Brother Cecil Buford.  He is very charismatic, and looks to be about forty-five years old. Even though Pam and I were raised in the south, and knew a lot of prejudiced people, we believed that everyone should be treated equally, and we weren't the least bit bigoted against black people, or anyone else for that matter.

Some of the people I worked with said they had heard of some unusual sexual happenings at that church, but they couldn’t give us any specifics about it.  Since we really liked the people there, we just ignored the comments. And besides, I just assumed that they were bigoted and didn’t like seeing us go to a predominately black church.

We started to attend that church regularly and were welcomed with open arms by the rest of the congregation. Pam has a beautiful voice and was also welcomed to join the choir.  I really enjoyed their uplifting and entertaining performances during our church services and on other special occasions. They also have a small band that plays every time the choir sings, and it was exciting to see some of the members dancing in the aisles during our services.

We had been members of the congregation for only about two months, when Brother Cecil had an important and disturbing message for the congregation at the end of his sermon. He dismissed the children about ten minutes early to go to Sunday school, since he only wanted to talk with the adults about the issue.

Brother Cecil began by saying, “My dear, brothers and sisters, over the past month we have had four instances where good brothers with families in our congregation have been caught having sex with mostly white couples, but also two black couples. It seems that these otherwise good men were surfing the internet and came across some websites dedicated to mostly white couples in search of black men with big genitalia, because they wanted to have sex with them."

"In case you don’t already know, those people are called cuckold couples, and the husband is the cuckold.  That means that he wants to watch his wife having sex with another man, and especially a black man, and he also wants to participate in other vile acts with his wife and the black man. The man having sex with the wife is often called a bull."

"Some of these websites even have stories that describe every detail of those disgusting acts, and I have read a few of them so I can better understand the problems we face. I don’t like seeing those good brothers enticed into that sinful activity; so, I have asked Brother Thomas to help me find a way to discourage it. As you know, Brother Thomas is a deacon in our church and he is also a professional writer, so I’ll let him describe our plan.”

Brother Thomas looked to be a man of about fifty years old, and he was very distinguished looking as he stepped up to the lectern and said, “Brothers and sisters, I have written a short play to help dramatize the damage that is being done to our members, and also the cuckold couples, by participating in this sinful activity. Brother Cecil will play the part of the bull, so no other members will need to be embarrassed, and we will be looking for a few other people to take key parts in the play."

"I will warn you now that we intend to show full nudity and depict harsh circumstances and language in the play, because we want to sufficiently dramatize those disgusting acts. My hope is that if we are realistic enough in our presentation, and show how lives are being ruined, then maybe we can prevent others from falling into this trap."

"Please let Brother Cecil know if you would like to be in the play, and he will decide if you're right for one of the parts. We plan to put the play on during our adult night, three weeks from now, and rehearsals will start on this next Wednesday night.”

The congregation was shocked at those revelations, and Pam and I were especially traumatized because we had never even heard of cuckolds before and could hardly imagine that some of our members could do things like that. We went home and did a Google search on 'cuckold', and went to about a dozen different sites describing this activity.

We were also led to a few websites that had stories about cuckolds, and Pam and I read a few of them together. I could tell that Pam was really disgusted by the stories, but I must admit that some of them were arousing to me. There were all kinds of descriptions of big, black cocks and balls, and also about the thick, white cum that the cuckold husband sucked from his wife’s pussy, or straight from the big cock.

Pam had finally read enough and said, “Ed, as terrible as this cuckold stuff is, I would really like to take a lead role in the play if there is a part for someone like me. It’s been five years since I’ve been able to be in any kind of production, so I am anxious to act again. I think I could help add to the realism of it all.”

I responded, “Pam, did you hear what Brother Thomas said? They intend for there to be nude scenes, and the dialogue could be very raunchy. Are you sure you want to be put in that position?”

Pam replied, “I just know that I am a good actress, and I think I can handle the nudity and other stuff, just knowing it is for a good cause. And besides, if there is a part for you, then we could do this together.”

I said, “Okay, if you’re sure honey. I’ll make an appointment for us to see Brother Cecil tomorrow night, and we can let him know about your acting skills and that we are available for the play.”

We met with Brother Cecil on the next night, which was Monday, and he was very pleased that we were willing to be in the play. He said, “Two of the most important parts are the cuckold couple, and no one else has stepped up to play those parts. You will both be perfect for it, partially because you're white, but also because Pamela is so beautiful, with her blonde hair and a gorgeous figure, just like a lot of those cuckold stories depict. And, Ed, because Pam is really your wife, we can expect that you will show genuine emotions as the scenes unfold."

"Thanks again for being willing to participate, and we’ll see you at the first rehearsal on Wednesday evening at the church. Oh, and, Pamela, please be sure to wear a bikini bathing suit under your clothes on Wednesday; a white one if you have it. We won’t show full nudity until the night of the performance, but I want us to kind of warm up to it in rehearsal. I’ll be wearing a brief black bathing suit that is very revealing, and if you have a skimpy white bikini, that might add a touch of realism to the rehearsals.”

Pam and I knew that she didn't have a skimpy white bikini; so, on Tuesday while I was at work, Pam stopped by a discount department store to try to find something that would work for the rehearsals. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money just for the rehearsals, when she didn’t think she would ever wear it again. She finally found a white bikini that is a lot skimpier than she wanted. It was the only one they had, so she bought it.

The bottom is not much more than a thong, with a small white patch to cover her pussy, and the material is so thin that we could see her nipples through the fabric. We were concerned about it, but since Brother Cecil said that his bathing suit would also be revealing, we figured that it would be okay, and it would make the rehearsals more like the play night would be.

We showed up at the church for rehearsal on Wednesday and were surprised that only a few people were there. Brother Cecil and Brother Thomas were there and one other black lady from the church who would play Brother Cecil’s wife. Brother Cecil’s wife was out of town for the week, so she wouldn’t have been able to make all the rehearsals. There were also two of the church elders there, to help with the props and lighting.

We were all a little nervous, even though Pam and Brother Cecil were still fully clothed, but we felt more comfortable after Brother Thomas handed out the scripts, and we started practicing our lines. We finally got around to a run-through of the bedroom scene, so Brother Cecil and Pam needed to reveal their bathing suits. Pam removed her jeans and t-shirt first, and I heard a barely audible sigh from everyone when Pam’s body came into view.

Her full, round ass was perfectly framed, and her ass cheeks were separated by the thong, and a small amount of blonde hair was peeking out of the front pubic patch. Her breasts also looked enormous in the skimpy top, and as their fullness slowly swayed to her movements, we could all see her brown nipples through the fabric. She was truly a beautiful sight to behold.

Then Brother Cecil removed his slacks and shirt, and I could hardly believe how skimpy his bathing suit was. The suit was just a little darker than the color of his skin, and we saw what looked like an eight-inch piece of summer sausage nestled in the material and running towards his left thigh. There were also two large bulges in the area covering his balls.

I had never seen a cock that large, and it was still soft. I looked over at Pam and she was just staring at the sight of his huge cock and balls. It was probably especially surprising to her because she had only ever seen one other cock, and that was my little one. Somehow, we all recovered from that first, nearly-nude glimpse of Brother Cecil and Pam, and we soon ended the rehearsal for the night.

When we got home, Pam couldn't stop talking about Brother Cecil’s big cock and said, ‘Ed, I know that I shouldn’t be saying this, but that dick is huge, and simply amazing to me. I had no idea that a dick could be that big. Is it true what the cuckold stories say? Do all black men have cocks that large?”

I was a little embarrassed because of the size of my little dick, but I had to give her an answer, even if I didn’t really know much about other men’s cocks. I answered, “I think there are probably large white and black cocks, but it just so happens that we saw a very big black one tonight. It’ll probably be even longer and thicker when it gets hard. Does that scare you? Do you want to get out of doing the play?”

I saw a strange look on Pam’s face when she said, “No, that’s okay; I’ll go through with it. I hate to tell you this, Ed, but that big dick really gets me excited. I’ve never had a desire to be with another man, but heaven help me; I can’t help but wonder what that would feel like inside of me."

"But don’t worry, honey, there will be an audience full of people and you will be right beside me, so nothing could ever happen. And besides, I could never cheat on you like that. If I did, we would be no different than those cuckold couples that we despise so much.”

The rehearsals continued, and at the last rehearsal Brother Cecil made an announcement. He said, “Okay, everyone, we will be doing the play in a couple of days, and I just wanted to let everyone know a few things. Pamela and I will be fully nude for the first time during the bedroom scene, and I want everyone to be grown-up about it, and just remember that we are doing this for a good cause. You also need to know that there will be a few surprises in the dialogue and the way it is delivered, and a few other things that I will do."

"We want there to be a little shock at a few of things we say and do, because I want us to show genuine emotion so we can make the biggest impact on the congregation about the evils of being a cuckold couple or a bull. And finally, even though it will look very realistic when we simulate having sex, and Pamela and I are both completely nude, remember that she will have a protective pad covering herself so there will be no actual contact. We will also be surprising Ed with a few things, so just react naturally to your emotions. Does anyone have any questions? If not, then we’ll see you on play night.”

Pam and I were very nervous for the next two days leading up to the play, especially since she would be seen fully nude by all the adults in the congregation. We just had to keep telling ourselves that it was for a worthy cause, and Pam’s desire to act again also helped her to push the nudity to the back of her mind. The play has four acts, and the nudity won't happen until the last act. The play will begin showing a view of family life for the white cuckold couple and the black man, before there are any temptations.

The next scene will show the cuckold on the internet trying to contact a black man to fuck his wife, and the black man will at first seem innocent at receiving an inquiry from the cuckold. But after the black man receives naked pictures of the cuckold’s wife, he becomes sexually aroused, and agrees to meet with the white couple for coffee, just to see if there is an attraction to each other.

Then, the cuckold couple and the black man will be seen meeting at a coffee shop to discuss the possibility of meeting for sex. The last scene will involve the white cuckold husband and his wife in the bedroom with the black bull, and that is where the nudity and simulated sex will occur.

On the night of the play, Brother Cecil made an announcement to the congregation reminding them that the play will have some full nudity, and the depiction of sinful, sexual acts. He also cautioned that some of the dialogue will be crude and the action will look very realistic, but that there would be no actual sexual contact. He also said that we would use our real names in the dialogue, just to give it a little more touch of realism.

The play then began, and it was interesting to me to see the reactions from the congregation and the looks on their faces as the acts progressed from showing a happy home life, through the meeting in the coffee shop to make the arrangements to have sex. It did seem to me that the women in the audience were more shocked than many of the men, and I even saw some men rubbing their crotches, being careful not to be seen doing that by their wives.

Then it was time for the last act, and Brother Cecil, Pam and I took our places on stage behind the curtain. The bed was positioned sideways and near the front of the stage, and the plan was for Brother Cecil to tell Pam to take off her clothes, and then she will briefly expose her full nudity to the audience as she sits down on the bed and pulls up the covers.

Then Brother Cecil wil quickly undress and fully expose himself, before slipping under the covers with Pam. Then they will proceed with the sex scene. During all of that, I will be sitting on the edge of the bed facing the audience, fully clothed and rubbing my crotch, playing the cuckold husband who wants to watch his wife being fucked by a black man, and then participating in cleaning them both with my tongue and mouth.

The curtain opened, and I was already sitting on the bed as Brother Cecil and Pam entered the stage. Then he briefly hugged Pam and kissed her full on the lips and said, “Okay, Pamela, you and Ed said that you wanted to be fucked by a big, black cock, and I have a really big one for you. Go ahead and undress and get in bed, and then I'll make your dream come true.”

Pam started to undress and said, “We have been waiting a long time for me to have sex with a strong, black man, and I can hardly wait to feel your big cock inside my little blonde pussy, and your big balls swinging against my ass. Ed’s little dick is too small to give me the kind of pleasure that you can with that big piece of black meat, and I just hope that I can still feel him inside of me after you’ve fucked me.”

Pam stepped out of her skirt and opened her blouse, and slowly removed all her clothes. You could hear a gasp from the congregation as her full, smooth breasts came into view and were gently swaying as she leaned down to pull off her thong underwear. Then there was another gasp when the congregation got their first view of Pam’s full, puffy vulva lips covered with her neatly-trimmed blond hair.

She stood there for just a moment facing the audience, and then slowly turned to bend over a little and pull back the covers. Her ass was just beautiful as she bent over, and everyone saw her pouting pussy lips from behind, covered with blonde hair, and she then slipped under the covers.

Brother Cecil was standing by the bed facing Pam, and Pam held out her hand to him and said, “Come on, baby, get undressed and get in bed with me. I need that big, black cock right now.”

Brother Cecil first removed his shirt, and then unfastened his belt and the button on his pants, before slowly sliding down his zipper. He dropped his pants and his tight, white briefs came into view, bulging obscenely with his big, black cock and huge balls. He slid his briefs down and off his legs, and when he stood up, his fully-hard, heavy cock came into view, and swayed with his movements. His cock is uncircumcised and looked to be eleven inches long and nearly as thick as a coke can, and his cock head is also huge.

His balls are as large as plums and hung heavily in his black scrotum. The congregation gave an even louder gasp at seeing his massive cock and balls, and Pam and I could only stare with our mouths wide open at his huge genitals. Brother Cecil then pulled back the covers and slid into bed with Pam. I know that Pam was supposed to have put the protective pad in place after getting into the bed, but I was a little concerned that she might have forgotten it, after being so distracted by seeing that large cock.

Once he was under the covers, Brother Cecil lay on top of Pam, and the contrasts of his size and black skin against Pam’s petite body and alabaster skin were very arousing. Iit was no longer an act for me to be rubbing my stiffening dick. He pulled back the covers a little, to expose the sides of Pam’s breasts as he pressed his chest down on her, and then he covered her mouth with his lips and gave her a long and soulful kiss. The kiss was not in the script and wasn’t something we had rehearsed. I saw Pam starting to react to his kiss by moaning and squirming in the bed.

I started to protest saying, “Wait a minute, Brother Cecil, you were just supposed to fuck Pam, not make romantic love to her.”

Then he said, “What’s the matter, cuckold boy, you don’t like seeing Pam made love to by a black man? We are just beginning, so sit and watch me fuck your pretty wife.”

Brother Cecil broke the kiss and slid farther down in the bed, exposing Pam’s beautiful breasts. Then he began to suck them with an aggressiveness that I had never seen, and he raised himself up and pressed her tits with his hands to force even more of them into his mouth. The congregation was then on the edge of their seats watching Pam’s breasts being sucked so forcefully, and they had no way of knowing that this wasn’t in the script.

I was starting to get concerned about what else might happen that wasn’t in the script, but Brother Cecil’s aggressive manner convinced me to keep quiet and just play my part as the cuckold husband. I think that was part of his plan to cause discomfort and true emotion in me, and I saw that the audience was reacting strongly to his passions.

Brother Cecil moved forward on the bed and looking at me said, “Those are some beautiful and tasty white tits, but my cock is aching to get a taste of Pam’s little blonde pussy. She will soon know what it feels like to take a huge, horse-cock into that little hole. I know she hasn’t felt anything like this before, especially since your little dick is the only one she has ever felt in her.”

I didn’t remember any of Brother Cecil’s dialogue from the script, and it looked to me like he was adlibbing and working himself into a frenzy of lust. I just hoped that Pam had put that protective pad in place, especially since she was no longer taking her birth-control pills. He then reached down to his cock with one hand under the covers, as if he was going to place his cock head into Pam’s pussy. He shoved forward a little, and I saw a look of fear and pain on Pam’s face. I didn’t know whether she was acting, or if Brother Cecil had really pushed his big meat into her fertile pussy.

Pam screamed, “Brother Cecil, take that big cock out of me. I’m in my fertile time and not on my pills anymore.  Your big cock is hurting me.”

The he said, “This is what you and Ed wanted, Pam, to be fucked by a big, black cock, and that’s exactly what you’re getting. It’s not my fault if you’re fertile. But I can tell you that I will fill your cunt to overflowing with my cum, and if you’re really fertile, you will soon be having my black baby.”

Pam seemed frantic, and continued to struggle under him, and I assumed that he was pushing his big cock farther into her little blonde pussy. However, after a few more moments of being fucked, her expression changed from anger and fear to absolute lust.

She screamed out, “Fuck me harder with that big, black cock. I can feel your massive cock head pressing against my cervix, and I want to be flooded with your potent Negro sperm. That big piece of black meat feels so good in me, and it is almost like this is the first time I have ever been fucked. Ed has never touched the places you’re fucking.”

The congregation was clapping and cheering, and I’m sure that they must have been acknowledging what they thought was some great acting by Pam and Brother Cecil. However, I knew that they had gone away from the script long before, and I was almost certain that he was really fucking her and intended to get her pregnant with his massive load of seed. I was beginning to smell the aroma of her pussy and didn’t think that would happen if she was wearing the protective pad and he wasn’t fucking her.

He continued to aggressively push his huge cock into Pam’s fertile little pussy, and eventually he reached the point of ejaculation. He said, “Oh, Pam, your little blonde pussy is so tight on my big cock, and now I can’t hold back any longer. I’m going to hold myself in you and pump your little cunt full of my black cum.”

I saw the look of bliss and fulfillment on Pam’s face, and I knew that she was being flooded with his potent seed. I had never seen her so lustful, and I got the idea that she might not even care if Brother Cecil got her pregnant. Brother Cecil must have finally fully-emptied himself into my wife’s little pussy, because he rolled off her and sat on the edge of the bed, with the sheet covering his spent cock from view.

Then Brother Cecil ordered, “Ed, get over here and clean my cock. I’ve just given Pam my baby, and I want you to clean me up and worship my big cock as a way of saying thanks to me.”

We had rehearsed me kneeling in front of him and pretending to clean his cock, but that did not adequately prepare me for what I saw when I moved in front of him, with my back to the audience, and blocking their view. Brother Cecil pulled back the sheet and displayed his softened cock, which was then eight inches long and still very thick. His cock was also covered with Pam’s pussy juice and globs of thick, white cum. There was no question that Brother Cecil had fucked Pam and filled her with his sperm.

The smell of his messy cock was musky and strong, and when I tried to pull away, he held my head with his strong hands, and shoved his slimy meat into my mouth. He then started pushing and pulling my head up and down, and it felt like he was fucking my mouth. It's hard for me to explain how that could happen, but I was starting to enjoy sucking his cock and tasting the combined fluids from him and Pam.

That was very surprising since I had never even thought about sucking a cock before this, much less sucking one that had been fucking my wife. One disturbing thing was that I saw Pam looking at me sucking his cock, and she had and amused look on her face, that told me things would never be the same between us again. I felt Brother Cecil’s cock hardening in my mouth, and then he pushed me away.

Brother Cecil then said, “Now that you’ve cleaned Pam’s juices and my cum from my nasty cock, you need to complete your cuckold fantasies by sucking my cum from Pam’s pussy.”

He stood up, pulled back the covers, and pushed my face down between Pam’s legs and into her pussy. If I wondered before, there could be no doubt then that Pam had been fucked by him. Her blonde pussy hair was matted with thick, white cum, and much more of his nut was running out of her swollen lips.

I’d never even thought about sucking Pam’s pussy, and there I was sucking another man’s cum from her. The congregation was standing and cheering as I slid my arms under Pam’s legs and lifted them to my shoulders, which allowed me to push my face all the way into her well-fucked hole. I stayed there, sucking their combined juices until Brother Cecil pulled me away from her.

Then he said to the still cheering congregation, “Quiet down, brothers and sisters. I hope that you can see the dangers of this cuckold activity. This young couple thought they wanted to have sex with a black man, but never expected to have their lives changed so much. The black bull took over the action, and made them submit to him, and now her pussy will never be the same again; especially if she is pregnant with his black child."

"Pam now knows that Ed is a cock sucking cuckold who is hungry for black-men’s cum, and she will never feel the same about him again. And although we didn’t portray this in the play, just assume that my wife finds my emails and learns that I was meeting with this couple to fuck them, and it has ruined my marriage. The temporary cheap thrill of this sex is far overshadowed by the shame, guilt and destruction that results from it."

The congregation was still cheering when the curtain fell, and Pam and I were sitting on the bed stunned by all that had happened. And then something happened that was totally unscripted.

Brother Thomas approached the bed and said, “Spread those sweet thighs for me, Pam, I need to feel that tight, white cunt on my big, black cock too.”

As he was talking, Brother Thomas dropped his pants and briefs and revealed a cock not quite as long and thick as Brother Cecil’s is, but still a very impressive piece of black cock. Pam got a pleased and lustful look on her face as he pushed his meat into her already-well-fucked pussy, and she was more than ready for another good fucking. And while Pam was being fucked again, one of the elders who had been helping with the props stood in front of me and dropped his pants.

He said, “Come on now, cuckold boy, wrap those white lips around my cock and get me hard to fuck Pam after Brother Thomas has pumped her full of his seed, and you have cleaned it up with your cum-slut mouth."

That continued for another hour, with the deacon, pastor and elders taking turns fucking Pam’s pussy and my mouth. And of course, I always cleaned up Pam’s pussy after each load was pumped into her. By the end of the evening I had swallowed ten loads of thick, black cum. After the other elder filled my mouth with his cum for the last time, Brother Cecil told Pam and me to get dressed and to come with him to his office to discuss what had just happened.

After getting settled in his office, Brother Cecil began by saying, “Wel,l Pam and Ed, I know that was a rough experience for you, but somehow I don’t think that you mind it so much now that it’s over. How are you feeling right now?”

I spoke up first and said, “We did things this evening that I would never have even thought of, much less think that we would participate in. And I have to say that as disgusting and frightening as it was at first, I now find myself strangely attracted to seeing Pam fucked by big, black cocks, and I have even begun to enjoy the taste and smell of cum.”

Then Pam spoke up saying, “Like Ed, I was terrified when you started being so assertive and going off-script with your actions and dialogue, and I could never have imagined what it would be like to be fucked like that. But now, after feeling what it is like to have my pussy stretched to the limit with thick cock-meat, I’m afraid that I’ll want it all the time. One thing is for sure, with the amount of cum that I had forced into my womb tonight, I’m certain that I’ll be pregnant with a black baby.”

Brother Cecil spoke again saying, ‘I’m so pleased that you two have come to enjoy black love, and I do have to apologize for tricking you. When you joined our church, we thought you were like a lot of the other white couples who joined our congregation, just so they could meet black men to fuck their wives and cuckold the husbands. As time passed, we found out that you not only had no interest in sex with black men, but you had never even thought about it. I would have let it pass but, Pam, you are such a beautiful woman with such a sexy body, that I just had to have you.”

Then I asked, “Do you mean that you set this whole thing up just to fuck Pam?”

He continued, “Sorry, but I just had to have her. When the choir director told me that she had a lot of thespian experience but had not acted in many years, I knew that I could get her excited by a chance to be in a play. When you both agreed to let Pam be in a nude scene, and then at the first rehearsal, when Pam let herself parade around in that skimpy bikini, I knew that we could entice you two to be a cuckold couple for black men."

"The thing that sealed the deal, though, was the look on both of your faces the first time you saw my cock in that bathing suit. You didn’t realize it then, but the hungry look on your faces told me all I needed to know. I don’t really understand it, but there are a lot of white people who just love being submissive to black men and taking their cum.”

Pam said, “You mentioned other white couples who also wanted sex with black men. Are any of them members now?”

Brother Cecil said, “Of course they are. All our white couples, and even a few black couples, are cuckolds for many of the black men in our congregation. Most of them are regularly fucked by me, the deacons, and choir members. Our wives are getting a little older and don’t want as much sex now, and they don’t mind if we fuck a few other pussies every now and then, just to keep us happy."

"Some of the other black wives who have husbands with small cocks also like a taste of our big cocks every now and then. We even have a few of our big, beautiful, black wives who love to have white couples be submissive to them. I know that my wife would be happy to have both of you sucking her big pussy. She just loves to sit on a white face and fuck it to orgasm, especially if I’ve just filled her with my cum. If you two would like to be a part of our cuckold family, then we would sure love to have you.”

Pam and I went home and thought about all that had happened and all that we heard from Brother Cecil and decided that we wanted to be their fuck toys. Pam really loved the feeling of big, black cocks filling her tight pussy, and she liked the feeling of those big cock heads pressing against her cervix when they pumped her full of cum. I also liked being a part of it, mostly at first to make Pam happy.

But I soon started to crave the taste, smell and texture of that thick, black semen and sperm in my mouth, and I also enjoyed sucking those big, black cocks to get them hard and to clean them. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Pam did have a beautiful, black baby boy nine months after the night of the play, and we continue to enjoy our lives as a cuckold family in that church.



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