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My visit with Christie and her Boy Toy

My visit for many firsts

I had been trying and wanting to see Mistress for quite some time. Our schedules simply did not match, and while they did on two occasions, Mistress was incapacitated with her monthly cycle. Though finally, our schedules melded.

I had scheduled a time with her several weeks in advance; it had been a very pleasant yet torturous anticipation. Mistress had promised me several scenarios that would be new to me. She had promised to be dressed in a very sophisticated manner, boy did she every live up to my expectations. Not only in her dress for the evening, but with everything that had been discussed for the menu of the evening.

I did have the presence of mind to pick up red roses for the beautiful woman. She was so appreciative of the roses; the red of the roses coincidentally matched the red lipstick she was wearing when I arrived.

I was very pleasantly surprised, almost frightened, when I knocked on her door and a man greeted me. I thought for a moment that I had knocked on the wrong door. He was dressed in a black silk robe, and I do not believe anything else. He was very much a man, as he opened the door he greeted me by name. I then knew I was at the right place, just a little taken aback by his presence at the door. After all, I had come to visit Mistress, not this man. I was concerned that the evening would not go as had been previously planned.

However, I went in and was soon in the presence of Mistress. With the usual pleasantries addressed, and Mistress expressing her gratitude for the red roses my fears were relieved.

Mistress stated that she had decided to change up the evenings plans, for the better. My intentions or should I say understanding of the evening, was to be Mistress and me. She reminded me of my previously expressed desires, which had included her and a man, a bi man, I might add.

The three of us sat and exchanged chitchat ever so briefly. Mistress informed me that this male in our presence was her boy toy, and he helped her occasionally with just such requests. I was quite pleasantly surprised with this change of events.

I had previously expressed to Mistress that I had searched for a couple to play with. Yes, I have been in threesomes and moresomes before, but they were pretty vanilla in comparison to what I had expressed to Mistress. In previous threesomes, I had played with one woman and multiple men, but the focus was always on the woman, all straight, just for her pleasure, no male-to-male contact at all.

I had previously expressed the desire, to Mistress, where I would love to play with a male and female couple, where it did not matter who did what to who, who was touching who, or doing what to who. I do mean no holds barred. I wanted to do a daisy chain, I wanted to fuck and be fucked. I wanted to suck and be sucked. I had told Mistress I was jealous of the things she could do, especially with her mouth. I told her I loved the idea of wet, messy and sloppy sex. The more the merrier.

After the introductions were out of the way, Mistress then said she needed to powder her nose, you know how women are. However, she surprised me and told me to follow her as she rose to excuse herself.

I would gladly follow her anywhere. She led me to the bathroom with her. All I could do was to follow her lead and wonder what she had in mind in the long term for the evening ahead. As I followed her, I could not help but to look at and admire the way this woman was dressed.

In front of me stood a woman so well healed that I truly felt I was not worthy to be in her presence, much less accompanying her to the bathroom to assist her with powdering he nose. She wore a beautiful simple black dress; this dress did nothing to hide her beautiful figure; especially her beautiful ass. As I watched her steps she led me to the bathroom, I then noticed her beautiful legs and the fact that she had on seamed black hosiery. Silently, I prayed that they were stockings and not thigh highs or worse yet, the dreaded panty hose of my youth. Stockings and garters have been my weakness all of my adult Life. Seems so few women even know what they are let alone wear them. Not to mention it is hard to find nice lingerie.

Before we arrived in the bathroom, it also occurred to me that Mistress had on a very striking pair of black fuck me pumps, absolutely one of the sexiest things a woman can wear, at least in public. This observation fueled my desires even more, so for the hope of stockings and garters under her beautiful black dress.

It truly would be a terrible shame to have to see Mistress take off those shoes and hose, leave them in the bathroom, and not include them in the evening’s activities ahead.

Even though I did not know what those activities might be. I just knew that I wanted to see all of her legs encased in those black stocking and hoped to see her fuck me pumps heels up.

Upon entering the bathroom Mistress turned to me and instructed me to strip, as she watched, I removed my clothes and neatly folded them in a pile on the floor. She then laughed at my shriveled pecker. She has told me before that it is quite small.

Then the attention turned to her. As she turned her back to me, she instructed me to unzip her dress for her. My hands were shaking as I reached for her zipper and gentle slid it down past her waist. Mistress then told me to slide it off her shoulders. Did she or did she not have on a garter belt? I closed my eyes and prayed as the dress slid down her arms. I did not go too fast with the dress removal, as I did not want to be disappointed as to what was under that dress.

Finally, she shook her hips ever so slightly and the dress finished removing itself. Still there was no answer to my provocative question. She truly was dressed as a very sophisticated Lady. She wore a half-slip, which was shrouding my vision, and her beauty. I helped her steady herself as she stepped out of the dress; I picked the dress up from the floor and folded it very neatly. I then placed it very neatly on the dressing table.

After Mistress turned her back to me, she then instructed me to remove her half-slip. Now my hands were almost trembling as I reached for the waistband of the garment. This really was the decisive moment. I managed to get my fingertips into the waistband of her slip, if she noticed the trembling she did not comment. I closed my eyes and ever so gently began to work the half-slip down over her hips and then down her beautiful legs, once the slip was near the floor I extended my right had to Mistress to allow her to balance as she stepped out of the half-slip. I finally opened my eyes and kept them focused on her feet to make certain that she was able to safely step out of the slip.

As I arose with the slip, I finally looked at her backside and was very pleasantly pleased to see her bare buttocks with a G-string between them. The provocative question finally answered, no pantyhose for this woman tonight, and upon further observation, there was a garter going down each cheek. My prayers were answered. Mistress was dressed in stockings and garters. I then very neatly folded the half-slip and placed it on top of her dress on the dressing table.

I then turned my attention back to Mistress to await further instructions.

I did not have to wait long before Mistress slowly turned to me and stated that tonight was going to a night filled with firsts. With that, she instructed me to gently remove her panties, or should I say G-string. Upon this instruction, I knelt at her feet and reached for the waistband of her panties, only to discover they were over her garter belt. You see a proper woman always wears her panties over her garter belt when anticipating intimacy. Mistress truly is a woman.

As I removed Mistresses panties, I again focused my eyes downward to insure her safety. Once her panties cleared her hips they headed to the floor of their own fruition and I again extended my right hand to her to allow her to be steady as she stepped out of her panties. I arose, folded what little of her panties there were, and placed them on the top of the other clothing on the dressing table. Yes, they were slightly damp but I proceeded without comment.

I once again turned to face Mistress. She instructed me to help her to sit on the front edge of the vanity, not too far back. Seems she wanted her full vulva just over the edge of the dressing table. I was then instructed to kneel in front of her on the floor.

Once I was on my knees mistress parted her knees, not far, enough to allow any more than a good look at her stocking covered thighs. I was than instructed to move forward a bit. Mistress reached down for my chin and raised it to her eye level. She looked in to my eyes and said this will be the first of tonight’s firsts. As she continued to spread her thighs, she pulled my face to her pussy. As she did this, she also raised her thighs and rested them on my shoulders with her ankles crossed behind my back. Almost sitting like an Indian. Because of the positioning, I rested my arms on the counter top of the vanity and in doing so; I ended up cupping Mistress’s ass in my hands, which only helped me to stay latched to Mistresses womanhood.

This is just one of the many thrills associated with a woman in stockings; I simply love the feel of the sensuous silk on my skin as the woman in the throes of passion moves around it. I could even feel the tops of her stockings and bare inner thighs on my cheeks as Mistress proceeded to commence the process to cleanse my palette for me.

I knew better than to make any moves or motions on my own. Her pussy being shaved clean and smooth. As I neared her pussy, which smelled heavenly, Mistress instructed me to open my mouth and place it over her womanhood, her entire womanhood. She then said no licking just remain opened mouth and to swallow as needed, and with that she began to let her golden nectar flow directly into my mouth, this both surprised me and thrilled me at the same time. I had not done this for Mistress before. I had wanted to do this for a woman for many years, and here I was doing it for this beautiful goddess, my Mistress.

As I continued to consume her nectar, Mistress stated this was to cleanse my palette for what was to come. I was delighted to do this for Mistress and remained latched until she was empty. When Mistress finished she instructed to use my tongue to clean her completely so that she did not have to wipe or wash herself.

I had previously discussed this with Mistress, but I was not too certain she was thrilled with, or even liked the idea of, much less would follow through with it. I was very happy that she had and was very proud to have done so for my Mistress. I did not miss a drop.

With the first first of the evening behind us, I was instructed to stand and help her down from bathroom vanity.

We then headed back to where her boy toy was. He was sitting on the couch watching television, what I do not know.

Mistress led me to in front of her boy toy and told me to kneel at his feet. When I was situated, Mistress instructed me to open his robe, and as I had suspected he had nothing under it except a very nice cock. Mistress then knelt down beside me and spoke into my ear saying that she wanted me to fluff her boy toy’s cock and get him nice and hard so that he could pleasure her.

She then said this is the second first of tonight. Mistress then instructed me to keep my teeth covered with my lips and use lots of tongue action and lots of saliva. She said I know you want to experience a cock exploding on your tongue and tonsils, but the first eruption tonight is mine, just fluff for now.

I did as I was told; this was something I had wanted to do for a woman for many years. It was awkward at first but as he began to arise to the occasion, it became a quest to get him completely fluffed; I thought to myself that I would do this anytime for my Mistress.

I began to detect his precum beginning to flow from the tip, just as Mistress asked in my ear is he leaking yet. I did not stop fluffing. but I did nod my head in a positive motion, with that Mistress said that was enough for now. I raised my head and looked in her direction for further instruction.

Mistress instructed me to stand and in turn, she led me to the bedroom where she reclined on her bed on her back. I was instructed to get a pillow and help her get it situated under her hips. At that point Mistress spread her stocking clad thighs, this also brought about her bending her knees to allow me full access, and her fuck me pumps were still on and raised her knees even higher, I also got my first complete unobstructed view of her womanhood. She then instructed me to crawl between her thighs and to get her ready to accept her boy toy.

I gladly crawled up between these goddess’s thighs and proceeded to lick her to orgasm and her excitement created quite a swamp in her crotch. I thought to myself, if this pussy is not ready for boy toy it never will be, she must have had the same thought, because at about the same time she called Giovanni to come to her side.

With her instructions, I removed the pillow from below her hips.

I thought to myself, fantastic she will have to turn the heels of her fuck me pumps up to attain full penetration and pleasure.

Once Giovanni arrived, she instructed me to have a seat in the chair beside the bed and to keep my hands off my cock. She further stated just keep your mouth shut and watch.

Once seated, Mistress said there is one more task to complete before I could sit and watch the show. I was instructed to kneel in front of the standing Giovanni and make sure, he was still hard and ready to put on the show. Mistress instructed me to raise my hand when he began to leak. I knelt and once again took his manhood in my mouth and lick and sucked until he began to leak again. I raised my hand, and Mistress said, "Okay cuckold, you be seated to observe this show."

Mistress had me come back to the bed one more time as Giovanni struggled to find her womanhood. Mistress instructed me to stroke Giovanni and guide him into her heavenly body.

Mistress said to be seated and to remain so for the entire performance, she also again reminded me to keep my hands off my inferior peepee.

Once coupled Giovanni began to slowly stroke in and out of Mistress, within minutes he stated that he was very near exploding from all of the cock sucking during the fluffing. I smiled to myself on the inside. Made me proud, I have always wanted to do with my mouth what a woman is encouraged, if not expected, to do with her mouth.

Just seems women are allowed to, but if a man wants to or does he is labeled… just like the old joke, build a million bridges and you’re a hero but suck one cock and … I want more than one and I want to do more than suck.

To slow things a bit and prolong the moment Mistress told boy toy, just let it soak for a few minutes. They laid face to face motionless and stared into one another’s eyes as they gently kissed with open mouths and tongues dancing like I knew Mistress would not ever kiss me. Yet I hoped she would in the near future, to sometime soon deliver a snowball to me.

Slowly the two lovers commenced with the thrashing and I do believe Mistress had two more orgasms while Giovanni managed to hang on and keep from cumming into Mistresses superior being.

I knew I would have cum almost on first contact with her opening.

I sat silently observing the beautiful sight in front of me. Mistress raised her legs momentarily to the heavens. Which in turn made the heels of her fuck me pumps turn up, being supported by her beautiful stocking encased legs, those legs were so beautiful and they lead all the way up, or was it down, to her ass and made an ass out of themselves. A perfect ass I might add.

I truly would have liked to have gone to the foot of the bed and observed Giovanni’s cock going deep into Mistress's body. However, I remained seated in the chair to the side and just languished to the image in front of me from the side.

Mistress was beautiful as she received the pleasure being offered by Giovanni. She moaned, groaned and writhed as she received all of the pleasure he had to give.

In a few minutes, Mistress said she wanted Giovanni to do her from behind, what with her legs so high in the air, they were able to switch position without even disconnecting, the motion, the energy and the force increased with each stroke by Giovanni. I could now hear each deep thrust of their coupling, Mistress must have been excited and fully lubricated as I could not only hear the slurping sound of each in and out stroke. I could smell their sexual scents in the room. I would truly have loved to been allowed to crawl on my back under Mistress to place my mouth on their union and lick her clit and feel his balls smack the top of my head, yet I remained seated as instructed.

Before long, the two of them once again changed positions with Giovanni flat on his back and Mistress straddling him cowgirl style. Mistress did so many rapid knee bends to take him into her core. I do believe Mistress had at least three orgasms in this position, judging from her facial expressions and the way her body reacted to these activities.

With Mistress wanting to change the angle of the dangle, she spun around and got to a reverse cowgirl position. The tempo increased once more and I was truly amazed to see the vigor the two of them displayed. By now, it seemed Mistress was experiencing a roller coast of orgasm after orgasm. Her knees finally gave out and she once again expressed the desire to change up the way she received.

Mistress turned onto her back and Giovanni once again mounted her, this time he got up on his knees and placed her beautiful legs right straight up the front of his body. As Giovanni continued to stroke, thrust, and poke their union, he leaned forward bending her legs and hips so much so that her kneecaps almost touched her nipples, had she not had on a bra. This so changed the angle of her hips and subsequently the angle of her pussy that Giovanni was now balanced on his toes, his rigid cock rapidly going in and out of her body and his hands on the bed beside her head just above her shoulders. With his hands just above her shoulders, she did not get the top of her head banged into the headboard. Subsequently, Mistress received a very substantial pussy pounding as they both reached a very noisy screaming orgasm. This position allowed Giovanni penetration to the hilt in her pussy when he finally could take no more and erupted full force into Mistresses pussy. His entire body pulsed as he pumped his cum into her superior being.

They both slowly came back to earth, allowing his cock to soak still inside her in their combined juices. They held this posture for quite some time, until I saw mistress wince, and almost frown. It became apparent that Giovanni had completely wilted and slipped from her beautiful being. Giovanni rolled to the opposite side of Mistress from me and landed on his back. He looked completely spent but I could see that he had brought quite a large quantity of cum out with him. I could see this on his cock as his cock rested on his abdomen, still quite engorged just not firm now.

Mistress remained folded up as she had been when Giovanni had been pounding her earlier, she had only changed the position of her arms, and she now had her arms crossed behind her knees, with each hand holding the opposite elbow. Mistress was still breathing very deeply.

By this time, I did not know what might be next, so I patiently awaited my next instruction from Mistress. I was praying for some oral action by me on them both. However, I patiently awaited further instruction. Even though my heart was racing and my tongue was hard and tangled with my eyeteeth, making sight blurry.

Mistress brought me back from my dreams when she snapped her fingers and gruffly said cuckold, this will be first number three, I truly was startled back to reality as I dreamed and wondered what my next duty would be.

I did not have to wait long for Mistress to instruct me to clean up the mess from Giovanni’s cock and abdomen. I did as instructed, arose from my chair beside the bed and made my way to the foot of the bed.

On the way to the foot of the bed on Giovanni’s side, I glanced at Mistresses cum filled, red, and swollen pussy, that did look scrumptious, but I had other marching orders to fulfill now.

Once I arrived at the foot of the bed on his side, I knelt on the bed and made my way to his cum covered cock. I took it into my mouth savoring their combined sex juices as I proceeded to clean every last drop, even pausing to lick the drippings from his abdomen.

Mistress was watching me with great intensity. She even went so far as to point out the one little spot that I had missed higher up his torso.

Upon completion of my cock cleaning duties, Mistress snapped her fingers and pointed to her cum filled pussy. She stated this is to be first number four. Mistress instructed me to position myself face first into her crotch. I was instructed to clean the cum that had run down to her asshole first and then to place my tongue deep inside her and remove every drop from within.

This is where I would have loved my Mistress to have a full natural bush. I simply love the wet messy sloppy sex, which is generated by a full natural bush. It has more of a tendency to leave my face and mouth to look like a glazed donut when complete.

As I continued my labor of love for my Mistress I could feel Mistress bearing down to expel all she could expel for my consumption, considering the position she was in. I graciously savored and consumed all I could get. I was truly honored that my Mistress would afford me such duties, such intimate involvement in her personal life.

It soon became apparent that Mistress wanted more because she finally instructed me to roll over onto my back. As I did so Mistress got up on her knees and with her head facing me, riding my face cowgirl fashion, Mistress slowly straddled my face and agonizingly, slowly lowered her inflamed and swollen dripping pussy to my face. She instructed me to finish what I had previously started.

I just thought I had cleaned her up. When she finally completely settled in over my mouth she once again bore down with her internal muscles and my god there was quite a flood of cum. I had difficulty swallowing all of it because it was so copious. Once again, I continued the task and consumed all that her superior body had to offer.

Once Mistress felt that I had completely cleansed her, she instructed me to stick out my tongue and lick for all I was worth, as she rode and fucked my face to several more orgasms.

Mistress then instructed me to turn my attention to Giovanni, with specific instructions to fluff him for action once again. I truly did not believe Mistress could take another pounding as she had just had. Yet I did as instructed.

I was lying on the bed face down, between his legs with Giovanni in my mouth doing all I could to bring him back to full attention. As I did this Mistress arose from the bed and went into the other room momentarily.

She was not gone too long, when she returned I was still fluffing Giovanni, and enjoying my task. I could not see Mistress return, but I did hear her walk back into the room.

Upon Mistresses return, I felt her kneel on the bed between my spread thighs. Ever so gently, Mistress touched and stroked my ass cheeks for a few minutes. This felt so sensual to me. She then quit stroking me and leaned to one side to get something, and then with one hand I felt Mistress spread my ass cheeks, and then wither other hand I felt Mistress apply a cool substance on my anus. She once again pulled her hands away only to reapply her hands to my backside.

Mistress then stated this would be first number five of the evening as she once again started to rub the cool substance on my anus, but this time she inserted a finger into me, and then she inserted a second finger into me, with even more cool substance on the second digit.

The first thought that went through my head was perhaps Mistress was lubricating and preparing me to receive a prostate massage. I continued the fluffing duties just the same. I had presented myself to Mistress to do as she pleased. Moreover, I fully intended to live up to my promise, besides, I completely trusted my Mistress.

I then felt Mistress change her position to what seemed to be a sitting position on her knees. I did feel the bed shake just a little with whatever ministrations Mistress was doing behind me.

I then sensed even more motion as Mistress moved and adjusted her position behind me once again. She moved like a cat over me and I sensed her hands on the bed beside me. Mistress then began to lie on my back; I could feel her cheeks between my shoulder blades, not to mention her warm breath and her supple breasts make for pressure on my back.

Mistress continued to work her way up my body until I felt her raise her body up on her extended arms. Slowly she eased forward until I felt some cool and supple poking around between my cheeks, my ass cheeks.

It was then that I realized Mistress had a strap-on. That she intended to use it, on me.

This truly was going to be a first, even if it was number five. I braced myself for what was to come. I could not help but to wonder what was to come, I had no idea what size Mistress had decided for my initiation to this way of life.

Once she was properly poised to make her grand entrance, Mistress leaned over to my ear, as I continued to fluff Giovanni, and said this was something she was elated to present to and or give to me, as I had expressed a vague interest in being on the receiving end of.

With that said, Mistress exerted a slight pressure as she told me to relax and not to resist the entry.

From previous reading, I had learned if your bear down as though you are having a bowel movement, entry can be much easier.

Mistress then rose up on her extended for arms and my journey into anal sex with a strap-on began. Mistress continued her entry and I remembered my readings and together we were able to attain full entry by her and I was able to accept her complete length in a few strokes.

Mistress continued to stroke me with her strap-on for quite some time, gradually increasing the tempo. Ultimately, the tempo increased to a full pounding into the depths of my bowels.

I absolutely was now addicted to this type of activity, it was something I had sought for many years, as I would sit dreaming of this day, my asshole would pucker and throb almost to the point of aching as I imagined the joy of being penetrated.

I felt Mistress tense up and I do believe she came as she slumped on my body and rested with her strap-on fully extended into me.

All this time I have been sucking on Giovanni, quite a short circuit overload for my brain. Much less my now opened ass.

Mistress then stirred and said we still have first number six to come.

I had told Mistress so many things I wanted to experience and I truly did not know what to expect next. Yet, I still put my faith in the woman.

As my mind was reeling with all I had experienced this evening I felt Mistress begin to rise and then I felt her begin to extract her strap-on from my ass, this made me sad, as I did not want this feeling to end quite so soon.

Mistress exited the room leaving me to continue sucking Giovanni’s cock while she was out of the room.

Upon her return she asked if I had his cock hard yet and I said I did. She reached down, removed his cock from my mouth, and told me to move to the other side of the bed, but to remain face down and look to the other side of the room.

I heard the two of them discussing the situation quietly and then I once again felt them get off the bed, but someone again knelt between my spread thighs. Someone put a cool substance on and in my gaping ass. I feel certain my ass had to be gaping open after the pounding my Mistress had just given me with her strap-on.

Then I felt someone shifting around behind me once again and I then felt what I thought was the familiar sound of Mistress about to straddle me as she had earlier. I looked back ever so slightly to see what I thought would be her hands working their way up the bed beside my body in a crawling fashion, only to discover it was Giovanni’s hands as opposed to Mistresses hands. I could only hope that I was about to receive the proper fucking I had always wanted, from a real man.

However, there was just a bit of panic in my head; I had no idea how large the strap-on used by my Mistress had been. All I could hope was that if Giovanni was larger, he was quite well endowed by the way, and that the phallus used by Mistress had been sufficient to get my ass properly dilated to receive Giovanni’s live manhood.

I did not have to wonder too long as Giovanni’s journey up my body and the target of my backside were now properly aligned, I felt Mistress spread my cheeks, and apply a bit more cool substance around my opening.

I then felt the beginning or my first man going into my ass, Giovanni was definitely larger than the phallus I had received earlier, but due to Mistresses, proper preparations’ I was able to accept him in short order with minimal discomfort.

I was absolutely in heaven; here I was with my Mistress by my side as I accepted a full-grown man’s cock into my body.

This was quite an experience, and I knew immediately I wanted more experiences like this.

Giovanni built the tempo just as I had seen him do with Mistress earlier. In short, order he was pounding me to the mattress, and I was on the verge of having a climax.

Mistress was behind the both of use cupping and holding our balls, ever so tenderly. All too soon, I felt Giovanni beginning to bring on the end. I could feel the head of his cock beginning to expand and shortly thereafter I felt his cock, buried so deep in my ass, begin to pulse as his cum made it way to the head of his cock and pulse some more as he scalded my bowels with his cum. In the end, he pushed extra hard and deep as his cock expressed the last of his cum deep into my bowels.

Giovanni collapsed on top of me and I continued to experience the last pulses of his powerful ejaculation, as he caught his breath. It took a few minutes for Giovanni to come back to earth. As he landed, his cock shriveled and we became disconnected.

What an experience this evening has been.

After Giovanni got to his feet, Mistress looked me in the eye and said here is your underwear, explaining this being my first time I would probably have a little difficulty keep things where they were. As I took them from Mistress they felt a bit odd to me, but on closer observation, I notice Mistress had installed a panty liner for me. This truly was going to be a first for me, both needing a panty liner and wearing one.

However, it was a thrill to know that I did not have to expel what had been so lovingly injected. I had always been jealous of a woman’s ability to receive an injection and then have it leak as she went about her day. I was about to experience the same on my three hour drive home.

Mistress felt the need to give me a drink before I departed, so she instructed me to follow her to the bathroom to assist her with powdering her nose once again. I truly hoped I knew what Mistress had in store for me.

Mistress led the way and I observed her posterior with the garter belt around her waist and the stockings, plus the fuck me pumps she was still perched upon.

Upon entering the bathroom, Mistress instructed me to assist her up on to the vanity top for a second time this evening. Once I positioned her properly on the vanity top with here vulva just over the edge I was instructed to assume the position, which I eagerly did, once again placing my arms on the counter top to allow my hands to cup her ass cheeks, and latching my mouth on her pleased and pleasured womanhood. All of this after Mistress squirmed around, got her legs over my shoulders, and crossed her ankles behind my back the refreshment began once again. This time Mistress had much more golden nectar for me. I was thirsty, so the combination and volume were perfect.

Once again, I did not let a drop escape. I cleaned her completely and looked into her eyes with my sad eyes, only sad because I knew the evening was over.

This had been a long anticipated evening that I truly do hope to repeat in the very near future, I would not change a thing of the evening, unless of course amongst ourselves, we could figure out how to make the whole scenario any wetter, sloppier or messier for me.

Thank you Mistress

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