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My Wife Continues Her Slutty Ways

As my sexy wife Jen's affair continues, it becomes clear that she loves huge cocks (plural).

The love of my life unintentionally got involved with a shady guy with a huge cock and can’t stop fooling around with him. At first, I had a hard time with it – a guy with a twelve-inch dick is screwing the hell out of my beautiful, petite wife – but ultimately, if it makes Jen happy, I’m ok with it. If I’m being completely honest, I’m turned-on by the whole thing, even the nasty pictures and videos he sends out of their fuck & suck sessions. I could do without everyone knowing and seeing the pictures and video, though. Each episode is raunchier than the previous. So the question is this: How far will Jen go?


Jen heads out early to meet Jeff at the beach. She says he has a surprise for her. My heart races. That could mean anything.

The first videos arrive 2 hours later. They’re at the public beach, in the parking lot, at the back of Jeff’s truck. He has a smug look on his face as he addresses me directly into the camera:

“Hey, dude. We’re at the beach! I’m having Jen try on some swimwear and model it around for everyone to see. It’s going to be so hot! I have ten bikinis for her to model. Some are very skimpy, some are sheer and see-through, and some are practically non-existent. As you know, Jen’s petite but she has really big tits, and I’m sure she’s typically a size medium or large top, and probably a size small for the bottoms. But those sizes are no fun! So I got size XXS for her tops and bottoms! She’s not going to be able to cover much of anything! I don’t think any of the suits have more than just a string up the backside, so her sweet ass will be wiggling on the beach for everybody to see. But, let’s be serious, the main attraction are those big tits, right babe?”

He swings the camera to show Jen standing there in the smallest bikini I’ve ever seen. The first thing you notice is that her tits are spilling out of the XXS top and you can clearly see her stiff nipples protruding from the thin fabric that clearly has no liner whatsoever. She’s a busty girl, so this is particularly sexy. Luckily, you can’t really see her pussy, but the XXS patch of fabric rides up her little pussy, clearly showing the contours of her box.

Jeff motions for her to turn around and show her ass. She spins around. There’s only a string up her ass. Unprompted, my beautiful little slut wife bends over and sticks her luscious ass out and you can see the thin string bisect her asshole and disappear into her open pussy lips. Jeff loves the view so he woofs loudly, drawing attention in the parking lot. She looks horrified and nervous and turned-on all at once.

Jeff, laughing, puts the camera back on himself. “I’m going to make her walk up and down the beach in these skimpy bikinis!”

“You’re an asshole.”

“This is as good as it gets, babe. I have sheer, transparent bikinis to try on, too. First thing we do with those is get you wet in the ocean so people can see thru the fabric. I also have what they call ‘no coverage’ bikinis. Those are just strings and won’t cover you at all. I’m going to make you change out here in the open, and if people see the good stuff that’s okay with me.”


“Babe, they’ll see everything on the beach anyway. Let’s get going. Hit the beach. And when you walk, I want that sexy stuff you do, where you stick your titties out and they’re bouncing, your hips swinging and that gorgeous ass is wiggling. Like you do to get me all charged up before I fuck you.”

He turns the phone on Jen as she pivots and heads to the beach, titties bouncing, ass twitching. She walks thru the crowded beach. Heads turn, there are a few catcalls. But mostly stunned silence. She walks up and down the beach and even gets wet in the ocean, only making her sexy suits look hotter.

Jeff gets video footage of Jen trying on and modeling all ten slutty bikinis. I cannot believe she is walking around the beach in these revealing bikinis! He loves it. You can tell from his admiration of her suits that he is increasingly turned-on. He pans down to reveal a massive bulge in his board shorts. Jen’s perfectly manicured little hand enters frame and rubs his crotch, her wedding ring quite visible.

The sheer, white one-piece is the most outrageous suit! Even more so when it’s wet. You can see her dark areolas thru the sheer fabric. The no coverage bikinis are obscene. Jen’s nipples and pussy are unobstructed. Everyone can see everything.

Jeff narrates each suit, noting her jiggling tits, her delicious ass, or her exposed, shaved pussy. He instructs her to bend over, get on all fours in the sand, anything to expose her more. Crowds gather, but Jen continues the show.

The beach clips end.

Two hours later, PING, another video arrives on my phone. I open it and immediately notice the locale has changed. They’re not at the beach anymore. They’re in Jeff’s bedroom. He is massive, on top of Jen, pinning her down. It is clear that they have been fucking for a while. From the look on her face, you can tell he is deep, deep inside her with that giant cock. They are dripping sweat and clearly grinding, gyrating. Jen alternates between moaning loudly and grunting. As he digs his swollen dick into her, she starts to cum.

Jeff turns the camera on himself to address me: “Dude, Jen looked so hot on the beach in those suits that I couldn’t control myself. Tell your husband, babe.”

He turns the camera back on her, but she’s in mid-orgasm, writhing and screaming. He laughs. “Okay I’ll stop for a second so you can tell your husband.” He stops pumping, but she’s still cumming pretty hard all over his dick.

She tries to catch her breath and collect herself, but he presses her to address me now, so she does it and every other word is a groan or a moan. “Hi, baby. Ugh, Jeff got so turned on that, fuck, he drove me back, ugh, to his hooooouse, and, ugh, fuck, he buried his huge fucking cock in me as soon as we got out of his, fuck, his truck, his truck. For the past, ugh, two hours, he’s been fucking me really hard and, ugh, really deep.“

Jeff decides at this moment to grind his twelve-inch cock in as deep as it will go, so she screams in surprise and ecstasy. She juts her big tits out, which only turns him on more.

“Ugh, fuck! He has me pinned-down and he won’t stop screwing me! He keeps cumming in me, but, ugh, he never loses his erection! Fuck! He’s so fucking big, baby!” She is cumming again all over him, her moans more pronounced.

Jeff turns his camera to address me. “Fuck, she’s hot. I’m gonna shoot in her again.” He grunts, groans, pans the camera down at his massive cock slamming in and out of my wife’s tight little pussy. He tenses, starts shooting inside her, then pulls out, thick ropes of cum spurting everywhere. All over Jen’s tummy and pussy. He gets between her legs for a few shots of her wide-open, fucked pussy. Cum is everywhere!

“I love fucking you, Jen. I love shooting inside you.”

She’s exhausted and sweaty, panting and breathing hard. He moves up and puts his swollen dick to her lips. Her tongue darts around the massive, pulsing head, coaxing the last bit of cum out of the big dick.

The clip ends with Jen looking straight into the camera with the head of Jeff’s twelve-inch cock in her mouth and cum dribbling off her chin.


Jen leaves at nine pm, headed to her stud. Jeff said she won’t be back until midnight Saturday night but that he won’t be fucking her tonite, so I’m intrigued about what his plans are for her. He said he needs twenty-four hours with her.

An hour later I get a call from Jen. She’s whispering. “Baby, I’m calling from the bathroom at a motel. Turns out one of Jeff’s friends is a gorgeous lesbian, Jasmine. He showed her some pictures and video of me and him fucking and sucking and she really wants to do me. She’s really hot, brunette, small perky titties and a really nice, curvy ass. She’s really pretty. He told me that he’s locking us in the room together for twenty-four hours and I’m going to have my first lesbian experience with her."

"Babe, I’ve never been with a girl before! Jeff took me aside and asked me what I’m going to do to her. I was at a loss for words, so I shrugged. He laughed and then told me that Jasmine said she’s going to ‘devour’ me. There are dildos and vibrators. He said she’s planning to twist my nipples and then bury her tongue in my ass and my pussy. He said she plans to lick and chew my clit and fuck me with a dildo while she uses the vibrator on my clitty. She wants to see how many times she can make me cum in twenty-four hours. And Jeff is going to watch. I’m sure he’ll take videos and pictures.”

Stunned silence from me. It sounds so hot that I’m almost paralyzed and slow to respond. My cock gets hard immediately.

Jen’s exasperated. “Babe. Did you hear what I said?”

“Yes, I did.”

“What do I do?”

“Have fun!”

“This is so embarrassing. How do I get into these situations? My pussy is dripping. There’s a ten-inch dildo for me to use on her. And there’s a huge twelve-inch dildo that Jasmine’s going to use on me. Somehow, I never get less than twelve inches. Jeff introduced me to Jasmine by saying that I love big cocks.”

“You do.”

PING. The first video is a forty-eight minute sixty-nine where Jeff captures all the nasty angles. Jasmine, who is smoking hot as advertised, pulls Jen on top of her so a lot of the video Jen’s sexy, exposed ass in the air. Jasmine expertly spreads my wife’s pussy lips, eating and sucking her clit. Every once in a while, she slides a finger or two in Jen’s ass, which only turns Jen on further. My wife cums a lot, enjoying her foray into hot, lezzy action. True to her word, this beauty is devouring my wife.

Jeff gets close-up action of Jen eating pussy for the first time. She’s reluctant at first, but Jasmine is eating her slit so thoroughly that Jen is moaning and writhing and compelled to eat back. Jasmine’s pussy is smooth and wet. The more Jasmine eats Jen, the more into it my wife gets. Jen laps at the lesbian’s sweet pussy. Jasmine bucks wildly, has her first orgasm on my wife’s mouth. After forty-eight minutes, my wife has cum fourteen times and Jasmine has tallied six orgasms.

PING. In the next video, Jen is on her back on the bed, her arms and legs tied to the bedposts. Jasmine is between her legs, eating Jen’s pussy. She sits up, reaches for the vibrator and the twelve inch black dildo. Jeff urges her to not be gentle, says Jen likes it big and rough.

Jen says, “No I don’t!”

Jasmine retorts, “Jen, I’ve seen the videos.”

So Jasmine lubes up the giant black cock and jams it into Jen’s pussy. Her wet lips part immediately and she gasps. Jasmine steadies the vibrator right on Jen’s button. She tries to squirm, but the restraints hold her in place. She squeals as Jasmine shoves the whole dildo inside. It doesn’t take my wife long before she is wiggling and writhing, cumming all over that rubber cock. Jeff is on the bed, iPhone poised, getting some nasty pictures.

Jeff gets Jen’s attention in mid-orgasm. “Jen, look into the camera. I want to get a nasty picture of you cumming all over this black dildo.”

Jen does as she’s told and Jeff gets several shots of her spread, the glistening black dildo cleaving her tight, little white pussy while she gyrates in an extended screaming orgasm. Jasmine presses the vibe onto her button, intensifying Jen’s O.

“I’m switching to video.” He does and my wife’s still screaming, writhing. “Now tell your husband that you are cumming on a big black cock.”

Jen turns her head from side to side, disobeying him.

“Jaz, fuck her harder with the black dildo.” Jasmine does it harder, as deep as it will go, pulls it all the way out and jams it in hard again. Jen starts cumming at a new level, screaming. Jasmine love it!

“Tell your hubby, Jen.”

She looks into the camera, gritting her teeth. “I’m cumming all over this big, black cock, babyyy! Fuck!”

It takes about three minutes for Jen to come down. She does eventually stop cumming, panting and breathing hard into the camera. Jeff snickers diabolically.

“Well, Jen, you little slut. We found out two things about you today: you’re a born pussy-eating lezzy. And, you love big black cocks. That’s good to know.”

Jen nods her head no, but her eyes say yes and her impaled pussy drips with cum.

PING. Jen and Jasmine stand watching, as Jeff records video. He sticks the big, black twelve-inch dildo against the headboard of the bed using the suction cup. He hands the white ten-incher to Jen, motions for her to hop up on the bed.

“Go on, Jen, get on all fours facing us and stick that sweet ass out. I want you to back up on that big, black cock. Make it hot. And suck the other cock while you fuck the black one.”

Jen does as she’s told, gets into position.

“Now I want to see you go all the way back on that black dildo, Jen, balls deep. And I want you to wiggle around on it while you look me and Jaz in the eyes and tell us how big it is. You can’t move towards us until I say so.”

Jen gets the big head in from behind, and eases slowly back onto it. She’s got about three fat inches inside and stops.

“C’mon, baby, get down on that thing. Why are you so shy now? When I do you from behind, you make sure to get all of me inside you. Jaz, twist her nipples. Make her want to fuck.”

Jen slams back on the big cock, but then moves towards them again on it, so only the head is inside. Jasmine twists Jen’s nipples harder, and my wife squeals. She goes back on the big black dildo again, all the way inside, and grinds on it, moaning loudly. It’s all buried in her little pussy now. She sucks the other dildo while looking into Jeff’s eyes. Jen is grunting and groaning, taking on the two big cocks. In no time, she is cumming and putting on quite a show.

Jeff is impressed. “Wow, Jen, you really love that big, black cock. And I really like you sucking one, too. I wonder how hot it would look if two real black studs fucked you while I watched?”

Jasmine loves that idea. “Oh, I bet that would be so hot. I bet Jen would love that. Since she likes it big, you should try to find a couple studs bigger than twelve and ten inches.”

Jen groans no, but she isn’t very convincing because she’s cumming so hard. She’s in a frenzy now, ramming back hard against the headboard, her screams muffled by the big ten-incher in her mouth. She looks right into the camera as she cums.


Jen struts into Jeff’s office around lunchtime in a tight, sexy black dress. She closes the blinds, locks the door. She lifts up her dress, revealing that she’s wearing no panties. Jen unzips and takes off Jeff’s slacks, jacks him till he’s hard. His enormous rod sticks straight up at full attention. She pushes him down into a sitting position on his desk chair. She gets in position to ride him.

He stops her. “Where’s your phone, babe?”


“Call your hubby and talk to him while you fuck me.”


“Do it, babe. It’ll be fun. I’ll bet it’ll get you off,” he insists.

She dials and I pick up, all cheery and unsuspecting: “Hey, sweetie! How’s it going?”

“Hi, babe!” She straddles Jeff’s lap, easing his enormous cockhead into her glistening little pussy. She sinks down on his manhood, engulfing the giant head with a grunt. She tries to play it off on the phone with me. “Oh my god! Uh, what are you up to, baby?”

She slides all the way down on Jeff’s cock with a groan. Through gritted teeth, “Oh fuck, you’re so big!”

I quickly figure out what’s happening and keep her talking. It’s both humiliating and an incredible turn-on to talk to my wife as she rides Jeff’s twelve-inch cock. I never thought it would make me so hot, but it does. Somehow, I am okay with all of this…

Jeff finds a way to one-up each fuck session with Jen. I’ve gotta hand it to him, he gets really creative. I’m sure he’s inspired by her curves. She’s beautiful and he loves her big tits. I still don’t know how he fits that cock all the way inside her, she’s so petite. It seems physically impossible, but he manages. And she screams and cums like a banshee, loving every inch.

Friday night

Jeff picks Jen up from our house at eight o’clock Friday night and drives to a photo studio near the airport. He has arranged for a “boudoir photo shoot”. Jen brings a variety of sexy outfits.

About an hour later, she texts me: “Seedy photo studio by the airport. Photog is a big black guy. Says he’s a porn photographer. Jeff wants explicit nude pics. I’m already naked. I’m going to do whatever sexy photos Jeff wants, I guess. C u in a few hours.”

My mind races, wondering what is happening as the hours pass. The anticipation is killing me. This part of the whole affair situation is an unbelievable turn-on and build-up.

PING, a text from Jeff. “Your wife is such a hot slut, dude! She’s fucking & sucking two big black guys right now!” And a fire emoji.

I don’t want to believe him, but their sexual escapades keep getting more and more raunchy.

Finally, just before three am, Jeff drops Jen off at home, but he idles in the driveway for twenty minutes before she gets out of his Range Rover. She walks in, tired and disheveled. I didn’t notice at first because she’s hiding her face, then I notice that her face and hair are dripping with cum.

She looks at the floor. “Sorry, babe, but he wanted a blow job before he left and he shoots so much.”

“Fuck, Jen.”

“I thought this whole thing makes you hot?”

“It does, but he keeps finding a way to make it dirtier. I just get shocked every time.”

She nods, grinning. “Well, he topped himself tonight. Again.”

“He texted me that you fucked two black guys?” She looks at the ground, embarrassed.

“Jeff wanted nude pictures. There were no clothes, only red stilettos. It was a porn studio, that’s what the photographer told me. He was a big black guy. And there were two other black guys there, too. They were just watching, though, which made me very nervous. They were really handsome. I did my hair and makeup and wobbled out nude in front of them in my eight-inch red heels. Everything was jiggling, and they loved it. I was totally nude in front of Jeff and three strangers. They didn’t waste any time. Jeff called out the nasty poses and I did them and the photographer snapped away. The other two guys just gawked at me.”

“What kind of nasty poses, Jen? Did you make it hot?”

“Yeah. Jeff loves my ass, so we started with me on all fours, ass in the air, spread wide open. Well, that’s not true. I was wet, but my pussy wasn’t open yet because we had just started. So the photographer reaches out and with his two fingers and spreads my wet pussy lips. I couldn’t believe it.”

“What the fuck?”

“It sent a jolt through my whole body. He said he was just getting the shots Jeff wanted, but he also grazed my asshole, too.”


“He took a lot of pictures. Jeff kept telling me to stick my ass out. I was instructed to roll onto my back and spread my legs. I did and they took a ton of nasty pictures of my spread pussy. Jeff said he wanted my pussy wetter, so the photographer, who’s already between my legs and so close I can smell his breath, he reached out with his free hand and started rubbing my clit.”

“What the fuck? And you let him?”

“It happened so fast. I wasn’t expecting it. But I got really turned-on and wet. Babe, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself. Then I did something dirty that escalated things.”

“What did you do?”

I looked him deep in the eyes and...”

“What did you do?”

“I had on a lot of red lipstick, so I licked my lips and told him I was really turned-on and I started cumming on his fingers.”


“I know, it felt so slutty. It made me even more turned-on that I did that. The pictures after that were even hotter. Let’s just say that they got plenty of shots of my ass, my pussy and my titties. The photographer got really close, nasty shots. I felt so exposed. Jeff loved it. I was so wet.”

“I’ll bet.”

“After the shoot was over, Jeff instructed the two handsome black guys watching to fuck me while the photographer took pictures. Before I could say anything, they were stripped down. They were already rock-hard from watching me for an hour. Their cocks were huge, bigger than Jeff’s even.

Jeff pulled me close, French-kissed me hard. He said he wanted these two big, black guys to fuck the shit out of me and the other guy will take pictures. Jeff told me I had to make it really hot. He was fingering me when he told me this. I looked over at the two naked studs with their massive dicks. Jeff told me that I had to talk nasty and say slutty things to them. He said we weren’t leaving until I fucked them hard and screamed really dirty, slutty things. He told me he’d make me fuck for six hours if that’s what it took to get me to say hot things.”

I shake my head. “Fuck, Jen.”

“Turns out, they were porn studs. I cannot believe Jeff paid two black porn studs to fuck me. It was a total setup. One guy had a thickly-veined, massive thirteen-inch cock and the other was twelve-inches and thicker than Jeff. His cockhead was gigantic, like the size of a baseball. For the next two hours, they fucked me in every possible position imaginable. I always had one gigantic cock in my mouth and another in my pussy. It was crazy. They were really, really big, baby.”

“Did you like it?”

“Eventually, yes. I loved it. It was overwhelming at first.”

“Did you cum?”

“Yeah, a lot. Almost non-stop. And the studs loved that. They think I should get into porn.”

I can’t believe she did this. I’m stunned.

“Did you deliver on the dirty talk?”

“Yeah, but that didn’t make them stop. It only made them hotter and wilder and want to fuck me more and harder.”

I was in disbelief, but raging-hard imagining that scene at the photo studio. I fucked Jen like crazy that night even though she was tired and worn out from the black studs. As I was pumping away, it became clear to me that she still had their cum in her pussy from the photo shoot. That humiliated me, but made me hotter. Right before I came, Jen blurts out: “They took five-thousand pictures, baby. I’m afraid of what you will think when you see how big they were and how hard they fucked me. Jeff said he’s sending the pictures in the morning.”

Saturday morning

Over a thousand explicit nude photos hit my inbox. Jen is unbelievably sexy and looks like a porn starlet. She’s never looked more gorgeous. This guy’s a talented photographer. Dozens of exposed ass shots, spread pussy shots, big tits, erect nipples. My girl is so hot.

But there are only six hardcore sex pictures with the black studs. I ask Jen where are all the sex pictures.

She says, “The photographer told me there were over five thousand hardcore sex pictures.”

I text Jeff: “I would have thought five hundred pictures was a lot. Where are the other five thousand sex pictures of my wife fucking the black guys?”

Immediate response: “You only get six.”


“Beg me to see them. They’re really hot. She loved it! Turns out your wife loves big, black cocks!”

I turn to Jen, “He wants me to beg to see them!”

She’s confused. “I would think he’d want you to see those photos. It was crazy action.”

PING. A very short video clips comes in: Jen, totally nude and clad in only high heels, walks across the photo studio set towards the staged bed under the lights, heels clicking against the concrete floor. She grasps each stud by their massive, erect cocks, leads the across the room to the fucking and sucking area. They are literally twice her size. Each stud is looking at my wife like they want to tear her up. She’s about to get the fucking of a lifetime and the look on her face shows it.

I study the six sex pictures, memorizing every detail:

1. Their first threesome pic is Jen on her back, with each black bull grabbing an ankle and spreading her legs. One bull rubs her clit and the other stud has two long fingers in Jen’s pussy. She snarls, looking right into the camera lens, in heat.

2. Jen, grimacing, on her knees, grabbing the thirteen-inch cock by the base, sucking him, but he’s so big she can only get the head in her mouth. You can practically see the huge head pulsing. Jen’s wedding ring is featured, sparkling while she grips the big black cock. The other guy is kneeling behind Jen, fucking her pussy hard from behind.

3. The biggest black stud, dripping sweat, tries to cram all thirteen inches in my beautiful, petite wife, but he can’t seem to get that last inch in, and as hard as he pushes and squeezes, he can’t get it all inside. Of course, his efforts have Jen screaming and cumming all over him. His cock glistens with gobs of her white cum. The other stud woofs at the efforts, his cartoonish twelve-inch dick standing at attention, the monster head just outside of Jen’s little mouth.

4. The view is from behind, the muscular stud on top of Jen in the missionary position, dominating her. She’s caught underneath him, you can almost see her wiggling, unable to move. They’re both dripping with sweat. Her legs are in the air, wrapped around the stud, her red heels making the scene even sluttier. The black bull with the thirteen-inch cock buries his manhood in her little pussy, his big balls hanging down waiting to unload their seed. My wife’s pussy is wide open, being jammed full of big, black cock. The other stud leans in, his magnificent cock head in her mouth. Her eyes are closed in ecstasy.

5. Jen is on her back in the missionary position, the black stud with the thick cock and the mushroom head, is doing a pushup on top of her, slamming his giant cock into her little pussy. The angle is from just above Jen’s head. Sweat flies from all the fucking. Jen’s head is turned to the side. She’s screaming, the look on her face desperate. She looks the stud in the eye and is yelling something at him (I imagine all the slutty things she might say in that situation). You can’t believe that thing fits inside her. She jacks the other stud’s erect cock, all thirteen inches. She has a cumshot splashed across her cheek, cum dripping out of her mouth. The stud’s huge cock in profile in the frame.

6. Jen rides the biggest stud in the cowgirl position, screaming, his massive hard cock is covered in her cum. He splits her little pussy in an explicit way. She sucks the other stud at the same time.

PING. A video clip arrives. It’s only ten seconds. The opening frozen frame is Jen’s sexy arched back and backside, nude and sweaty, and a gigantic black cock, piercing her tight pussy. The black stud’s cock is dripping with Jen’s cum. I open the clip. I press play. Ten seconds of sexual chaos. Jen is screaming, “Oh fuck you’re so fucking big! Ugh! I’m cumming on your big fucking cock!” The stud is grunting hard while he furiously pumps his huge cock in and out of my wife’s sweet little pussy. Each time he fills her up he groans like an animal. Jen is blowing the other stud while getting fucked. He is yelling, “Suck it, baby, suck it! I’m gonna cum!” He shoots so much cum, Jen can’t get it all, so he spurts in her hair, up in the air, landing on her sweaty, sexy, writhing back. Jeff yells off camera, encouraging them to fuck her harder. Ten seconds of sexual chaos.

The clip ends. We sit in stunned silence. I run it another five times, noticing some new sexy detail. I turn to Jen and she has a wry smile on her face.

She confides, “Jeff made sure I heard him promise the photographer we would come back and shoot a porno with the two guys, but he wants to recruit three more black guys and make it a gangbang.”

“Jen! What the fuck?”

The End.



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